Exclusive American Horror Story First Look: Frances Conroy Returns as the 'Ultimate [Spoiler]'

American Horror Story: Asylum is getting a little divine intervention this Wednesday (FX, 10/9c) when Season 1’s Frances Conroy guest stars as a character exec producer Ryan Murphy previously dubbed “the ultimate angel.”

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But does Conroy’s spiritual being enter Briarcliff with good or bad intentions? Two key pieces of evidence suggest it’s the latter.

Exhibit A: The logline for the episode refers to her as a “dark angel” and notes that Sister Mary Eunice is “petrified” of her.

Exhibit B: The following ominous looking image from the outing.

Check out the photo below and hit the comments with your own findings.

American Horror Story Asylum Frances Conroy Angel

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  1. nikki says:

    F*cking A! I love this show!

  2. Rrrrrr says:

    Um, the promos gave away the fact that she’s playing the Angel of Death.

    Also, if sister Mary Eunice is afraid of her, that means that she’s GOOD- as Sister Mary Eunice is currently possessed by Satan.

    I think she’ll be neutral. No good or evil. Just in between, sticking to the rules.

    • Doug Micklewright says:

      I’m not so sure about the nuetral thing? And Satan does not fear what is good, so I have to believe she is more evil than Sister M.E. All i know for sure is, my nose will be stuck to the TV tonight! CAN’T WAIT!

  3. She better be a ‘good’ angel and….. save Lana!!

  4. Mellie says:

    Can’t wait. I agree with “Rrrrrr”! An angel of death wouldn’t be “evil”, more… dutiful. And probably not in favour of the chaos Satan would like to cause.

  5. Nate says:

    Can’t wait!..i love this stupid show!

  6. Joe says:

    Cromwell + Conroy = small Six Feet Under reunion!

  7. annie says:

    Pardon me but if Sister Satan is afraid of her then isn’t she one of the good guys? Or are we pretending Satan is the hero(ine) of this tale?

  8. She looks GOOD. Someone finally gave her a chance to play a character with some makeup.

  9. Britta Unfiltered says:

    She does look like the Angel of Death in this photo. The Angel of Death doesn’t necessarily have to be evil. With her Six Feet Under background, it’s kind of a good joke to have her be the Angel of Death.

  10. Reblogged this on HORROR BOOM and commented:
    They may not be great about showing anything but a 20-second long promo for the next episode while we’re waiting (I’ve been spoiled by AMC shows that release actual clips, even short ones, and American Horror Story season one would send exclusive short clips to Dread Central last year)but you need to see this photo FX released from Episode 7, “Dark Cousins”, airing this Wednesday! Does she look like an angel to you? If I woke up and saw this standing in my bedroom, especially between me and the door, I’d better be wearing Depends (which we don’t exactly have in the house), or we’d need new sheets. At best.

  11. Cyd says:

    Look behind her.. there is Mary Eunice spying on her :)

  12. Reward says:

    BAD ASS :P

  13. Most likelly a Death Angel

  14. Entity says:

    She’s the Angel of Death.

  15. Tara says:

    I LOVE Frances Conroy! SUCH a talent. She looks amazing!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Consider this: Sister Mary is possessed-perhaps by a demon and not satan himself, satan comes as this “angel of death”, stronger than the demon, and the demon (Sister Mary) is scared because she knows the angel of death is more powerful than her. Silly, but just a thought!

    • nikki says:

      danngg wowwww…i hadnt thought about thattt!!! now im wondering!!! but mary eunice claims she is THE devil, so i assumed she is, cuz shes pretty powerful.. i assumed mary eunice is frightened of her because she IS more powerful, but in a good way….cuz in the preview lana tells the angel shes not ready to die, and looks to be fighting with thredson…i think this dark angel is threatening mary eunices little plans and mary eunice knows she cant overpower the angel…but man now im thinkin bout what u said! cant wait for tonight!

  17. helen baldaini says:

    Omg can’t wait I’m sooo loving this ahs season 2 it seems to be getting better and better can’t wait for tonight. i think bringing the angel of death will be just fantastic I would love to see sone Devine entity in the show because everyone else is evil

  18. stacy says:

    I thought angels were just angels. Neither entirely good nor bad, but creations of G-d.
    I am looking forward to her performance-even the short bits on the trailer were outstanding!!

  19. Felz says:

    Oh Goody! She was my favorite in season1. So excited! I hope she is a good character.

  20. Ashley says:

    My favorite show on television by far. I look forward to it before the one I happen to be watching is over. And that was a good detail to catch, “Sister Mary Eunice watching behind her”. I like the darkness it reveals in every show. I finally have the first season on DVD !!! And I am just waiting for this one to be released! So exciting. So thrilling.. And absolutely terrifying in the best ways. Eat your heart out Tom Savini !!!

  21. Keith says:

    I love this show, great concept, looking forward to making some buttery popcorn and watching tonights show… bring it on…:-)

  22. Mitch says:

    I’m thinking the old West! I like the idea of a frontier family confronted with an unspeakable evil that haunts their very existence in No Man’s Land. The American Indian spirit is angry & vengeful.

  23. Doug Micklewright says:

    If Sister Mary Eunice is frightened by her, then she must be one BAAAAAAD ASS ANGEL…. Sister M.E. does’nt seem to show any fear for what is “good”

  24. AHS_Fan says:

    Biblicaly speaking the Angel of Death is not evil, the angel works for God such as in the Hebrew bible the Angel of Death came and killed all the first born of Egypt. That’s the type of angel I see in this episode. What a great episode it was!

  25. Kim says:

    I found this amazing twist to the story absolutely beautiful. Death with the face and voice of Frances Conroy would soothe any tortured soul. It brought God back into the realm of this horrible place, which is what makes the show so amazing. Sweet relief.

  26. Ethan says:

    I loved Frances Conroy in season one, and this new role of hers is just fantastic. She looks perfect for the role, and her voice has both power and a mask of peace in it. Good move from AHS:Asylum.

  27. Cathy Reydel says:

    I believe she is there to carry out the process of death. She is an angel of mercy to the tormented. She is a dreaded demon to those not ready to die. She is dressed appropriately for a women of mourning for the time Period. Like every old Aunt who keeps the black dress in the closet, secretly predicting who’s wake she will grace next. The black dress, ever ready in its dry cleaner bag for the next morbid affair. Nothing like a good wake for a lonely lady. Hehe.