The X Factor Top 10 Results: Did the Right Acts Get Sent to the Chopping Block? [Updated]

beatrice miller cece frey x factorPresident Obama pardoned not one, but two turkeys. (Congrats, Cobbler and Gobbler!) Most major networks scheduled repeat programming so families and friends could gather around the Thanksgiving table (or plot Black Friday ops with military-style precision). But Simon Cowell, dastardly Brit, scheduled an X Factor results-show telecast.

Wait, what is this? A non-animated airing of How the Grinch Stole Thanksgiving? I mean, Wednesday’s performance show was stuffed to the point of bursting (sorry if that phrase made you reach for the Tums) with haunting and harrowing tales from the Season 2 Top 10’s past. (Read the recap here, if you missed it.) How can you make people spill their tears in front of 10 million viewers, then 24 hours later, crush their dreams of a major-label recording contract on America’s favorite eating holiday?

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I dunno. Maybe Simon will get in the spirit of the holiday and hold off on the double-elimination till next week. Maybe he won’t, and we’ll lose Arin and Paige, or Arin and CeCe, or Arin and (God, please, no) Beatrice. Could even be the week to say goodbye to Arin and Tate. (Hello, holiday shock boot!) But since my in-laws’ Thanksgiving meal begins at 6pm sharp, I won’t be home in time to watch and recap the proceedings. So please let this post be your place to sound off on The X Factor‘s Thanksgiving telecast.

UPDATE: Good thing for Cobbler and Gobbler that Simon isn’t President. After a brief Best Buy-sponsored interlude where the Top 10 acts visited a middle school that had been given a new, tricked-out music room, Thursday night’s results-show telecast quickly got to eliminating the week’s lowest vote-getter, Arin Ray. “We’ve all loved you here,” said Khole Kardashian, but we knew and Arin knew she didn’t really mean it.

Then it was time for a sing-off between the second- and third-lowest vote getters. I was sure one of ’em would be Paige Thomas, seeing as how the show’s producers chose to play her jaw-dropping response to the judges’ tough critiques from Wednesday night: “I didn’t sing it to sound good. I sang it to show what I felt.” Dial 1-866-Honey-Pleeeease! I’m not trying to hear this nonsense, and I’m not trying to hear her off-key strangulations of recent pop hits!

But nope, the at-risk singers were CeCe Frey and a trembly-lipped Beatrice Miller. CeCe made a terrible mistake in choosing to cover Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You.” That would be like me entering a heavyweight boxing match: I haven’t got the size or the skills or the training. And from a vocal perspective, CeCe staggered through the number, getting in a punch here or there, but mostly just trying to maintain some semblence of correct notes and not end up face down on the matt. Beatrice, meanwhile, covered Dido’s “White Flag,” and despite being on the brink of emotional collapse, sounded pretty great doing it. Sure, there were the occasional flat notes, and yeah, you could hear the strain in her voice from the cold Mario Lopez said she had, but there’s a rawness to her delivery and a distinctiveness to her tone that make her a better bet for stardom than plucky but middling CeCe.

Then it was time to vote, and because deep down, Simon and L.A. Reid must know CeCe doesn’t pose a real threat to their front-runners, they chose to oust Beatrice from the competition. So did Demi Lovato, selfishly backing her own horse. Only Britney Spears made the right decision, but it obviously wasn’t enough to save Beatrice, who wept and wept and said “I’m sorry” to her little twin sisters. (At least she had CeCe there to hug her and shield her from Mario Lopez’s robotic “you were great, sweetie.”) (Also: This was not in any way enjoyable holiday viewing.)

I don’t believe for a second that Simon eliminated Bea because, at 13, the competition was “all getting too much” for her, but nevetheless there’s a little part of me that thinks from a mental health and development standpoint, leaving the zoological trappings of Fox’s secondary singing competition might not be the worst thing that ever happens to her.

“That was seriously so heart-wrenching for me!” announced Khloe, back from the break. Boy, I hope Khloe is okay!

And finally, it was time to reveal the week’s voting order.

8. CeCe Frey
7. Fifth Harmony
6. Paige Thomas
5. Diamond White
4. Emblem3
3. Vino Alan
2. Tate Stevens
1. Carly Rose Sonenclar

And with that, let’s get your thoughts. Did the right decisions get made this week? Are you still longing for the return of Lyric145? Is elimination the best thing that could’ve happened to Beatrice? Inquiring minds want to know!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ????? says:

    Sorry bout it but Bea was God awful from the beginning. She needs more time to grow into her voice. I was with Simon on this one.

  2. Domenico Venezia says:

    Slezak I don’t know if you lost your audition from all the drama or because of Khloe’s voice, but Beatrice sing off was awfull, if she was pitch on a part of the song it was a miracle. I was a big fan of CeCe at the beginning of the show, but someone convinced her that playing the part of an insecure victim girl would make her famous, she has lost all her Cece power. I would like her to sing a Kesha song with her leopard print back on her head. I did an essay on highscool about mind games and James Lacan said that the way you pretend to be is the way people will see you, if Cece keeps being the insecure girl who seems to be the victim of everything then we will see her as pathetic as she thinks she is.

    I agreed with Simon, everyweek Beatrice told us all the pressure she had, how she was the hope of her family, how she HAD to win this, how she wasn’t doing this anymore for herself but for the money to help her family, that is a lot of pressure to a kid. So yes, I believe she’s not ready for stardom.

  3. db says:

    I quit watching wednesdays show….i could not take the sappy bs in all of the intro packages before they sang. Kind of kills off any good vibe you might get by watching the show. If I wanted to watch novellas (soap operas), I would. I changed the channel twice before coming back to give up completely. Everbody has a story….Mike I feel bad for you having to watch the crap…. On another note, this week was my first time acting on the N. Rating systems. I wrote Simon a nice note….lol….

  4. Louis says:

    You can say this for CeCe. If she doesn’t make it in the music industry, she’d make a great nanny. I thought it was touching the way she embraced and tried to calm down emotional-wreck Beatrice. That was CeCe’s best performance all year…

  5. FreeHaley says:

    Well I got to see it go down online now. Man LA is just cold and calculating. Don’t care for him at all. He always tosses out some fake words right before he lies like mad. Simon looked only a touch less cold, at least he seemed to look like he felt a touch bad for his cheap move. Demi looked fairly upset about it all and didn’t seem to want to have send Beatrice home. Britney and Khloe seemed to care and even Mario seemed to care for real this time and not like it was just a script. I actually believed CeCe too, I don’t think she was faking caring (even Willie and I saw have said that behind the scenes she was actually nothing but nice to them the whole time). But LA man he just seemed plain cold and Simon just became everything he claimed to have hated in judges last season.

    I see that on the video poll, that LA and Simon are getting slammed by a 6:1 ratio.

    Anyway show jumped the shark this week (I know some say earlier) and so it is finally time for me to tune out.

    Bottom 6 or 7 are so close any little thing made the difference. And I can see a few that would have gone Paige’s way this week and sadly I can see a few that definitely took a few votes from Beatrice and that was that. Except it wasn’t actually until LA and Simon tossed the show.

  6. Mari says:

    Bea was my #1. My only hope now is for 5H.

  7. Hannah says:

    I missed CeCe’s performance on Wednesday. I don’t care for her, but I didn’t mind her being saved. She will be voted off sooner or later, just like Arin. I was surprised Paige wasn’t in the bottom. Her performance was terrible. The judges just inspired her fans to vote harder with their blunt critiques. I felt bad for Beatrice, but I don’t think she was emotionally ready for a national singing competition. I like her voice, appearance, and general stage presence. She just couldn’t take the criticism and was utterly terrified of being voted off every week. She is going to need a thicker skin to make it in the recording industry. I wish her the best.

    Right now, I don’t have a favorite. I can’t see myself buying any of the contestants future albums. Maybe when I hear their original music I will have a different tune.

  8. Kathy V. says:

    Diamond returned to form this week and reminded me why I liked her so much at the beginning. Carly is a prodigy. It reminds me of when Leann Rimes burst on the scene at 14. Carly has control, tone, and color in her voice plus she’s always on pitch. She’s 13 so she needs time to grow into that voice of hers but she never fails to delight with her incredible musicality. I really miss Lyric 145. They were so much fun. I hope they go far. I hope Beatrice gives herself a couple of years to grow up and then we see her again. The back stories this week reminded me of “Queen for a Day” – which most won’t remember – but the person with the saddest story won each day and got a prize of a new stove or fridge or something domestic like that. The more pathetic the story the better for the show. I felt kind of embarrassed watching all those stories.

  9. Aly says:

    I don’t understand why people hate CeCe. She has such a great voice, and deserved to stay. Beatrice is good at singing, but not great like CeCe. It was her time to go.

  10. racquel says:

    Reading all the posts makes me feel so much better..I thought I was the only one who loved Beatrice and could not understand who in the world would vote for Cece??

  11. boobytrapped says:

    I am surprised Beatrice didn’t handle herself better. She is almost a voiceover veteran (Toy Story 3, one of the Ice Age movies, etc.) but obviously the pressures on a live show is much, much different. I hope she does well.

  12. Northern Guy says:

    The bottom line is the top three are the right three. Emblem3 may not be 100% X-Factor but they have Disney factor in Spades – they could be the next “Hanson” with no trouble at all. Carly’s performance was the best to get her into first and Simon nailed it – he rescinded his earlier comment about Tate and said Carly was the star of the night. That said, tate has genre power in his corner – country has a HUGE fan base. Vino is my favorite only because I can see myself bying an album of his. I like his almost-scary intensity and his bada$$ demeanor – plus I like how he unapologetically stood up for the USA and their servicemen in the military. It could have ended up being too contrived, but the guy is 200% genuine. Not like CeCe. She’s not this big emotional empathetic creature, she’s still the opportunist and egomaniac she was from day one – the only difference being she found out that this attitude would get her nowhere with the public. So she fronts emotion and empathy and does a tragic job at it. I liked her more when she was an egomaniac, becase at least then she was genuine. Now she’s just a bad actor with a mediocre singing voice – I hope she’s next to go – seriously.

    If Vino does not win, I think he should pursue a career in acting. His look and intensity would be perfect for the big screen. I just wish they would stop dressing him like a pimp and let him do his own thing fashion wise – the man is GENUINE – he does not NEED a catchy costume. They’re not pimping out Tate… why Vino?

  13. syb says:

    I think I watch this show because it is such trainwreck TV. It’s hard to believe that the NBC product is better than Cowell’s.

    At least in the first season there were a couple of interesting acts. This season, I have been only mildly entertained by a handful of performance, and one of the last singers left that held any sort of interest for me was Beatrice. I liked the rap group for entertainment value, and Carly can sing beautifully, but yikes her song choices leave me cold–and its all just very calculated and mechanical. The rest of them are at best forgettable. The staging so cheesy, the judges comments– stupid to have them obviously partisan for their own teams–waste of time.