TVLine Mixtape

TVLine Mixtape: Your Favorite Songs from Grey's Anatomy, Good Wife, Vampire Diaries and More

When the turkey’s been tasted, the football tossed and the Black Friday sales conquered, you’re going to want a sweet respite from the Thanksgiving nuttiness.

So here it is, complete with its own soundtrack. (You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging on a holiday weekend, did ya?)

Consider this TVLine Mixtape your own personal feast of great songs from recent TV episodes, complete with artist and album information in case you want to add them to your permanent collection. As always, spoilers abound, and we chose songs we liked – but we definitely want to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

So peruse our playlist, and then hit the comments with your favorite TV jams!

SERIES AND EPISODE | The Vampire Diaries, “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes”
TITLE | “Walking Blind”
ARTIST | Aidan Hawken and Carina Round
ALBUM | n/a – we included this one because it’s awesome and we got reader mail about it, but the YouTube link below is the only place you can hear it. (If you find it available for download somewhere, shout it out in the comments!).
WHY IT ROCKED | Even though Elena and Stefan’s honest conversation about you-know-who is long overdue, it still feels like a nip at the jugular after everything they’ve been through. “I can’t do this, Elena. Not anymore,” Damon’s brother states, the song echoing his pain. Oof. Love sucks, doesn’t it?
LINER NOTES | Hawken’s version of “Little Boxes” was used as the opening theme for a Weeds Season 2 episode.

SERIES AND EPISODE | Grey’s Anatomy, “Second Opinion”
TITLE | “And Still, the Darkness Comes”
ARTIST | Aron Wright
ALBUM | n/a; the single is available on iTunes
WHY IT ROCKED | We wanted Cristina to end the episode in Owen’s arms, with everything forgiven and forgotten. Instead, she wound up as Alex’s new roomie. At least we got this pretty song in the background.

SERIES AND EPISODE | Sons of Anarchy, “To Thine Own Self”
TITLE | “Heaven”
ARTIST | John Moreland
ALBUM | Earthbound Blues (2011)
WHY IT ROCKED | How long before Jax and Tara officially turn into Clay and Gemma? Discuss. (Preferably with this gorgeous bluesy number, which backed Jax’s talk with Bobby and Chibbs, playing in the background.)

SERIES AND EPISODE | The Good Wife, “Here Comes the Judge”
TITLE | “Come Alive”
ARTIST | Hanni El Khatib
ALBUM | Will the Guns Come Out (2011)
WHY IT ROCKED | Will. Kalinda. Shots. This line: “I’m narcissistic enough to believe women should give up sex altogether after me.” What more do you really need?

SERIES AND EPISODE | How I Met Your Mother, “The Autumn of Break-Ups”
TITLE | “Low Rising”
ARTIST | The Swell Season
ALBUM | Strict Joy (2009)
WHY IT ROCKED | The second relationship-ending song of the column comes courtesy of Ted realizing that though he’s not currently with Robin, he can’t just cut her out of his life. And Victoria knows that, which is why her “I really hope you get her some day” parting makes us ache. Cue Hansard and Irglova, and let the melancholy flow!

SERIES AND EPISODE | Suburgatory, “Ryan’s Song”
TITLE | “Cutty Love”
ARTIST | Milo Greene
ALBUM | Milo Greene (2012)
WHY IT ROCKED | Who needs a life coach when you’ve got George telling you that your bedraggled, soaked, mascara-running self is the prettiest you’ve looked all night?

SERIES AND EPISODE | Parenthood, “One More Weekend With You”
TITLE | “Being Alone”
ARTIST | Love on a Real Train (Joachim Cooder feat. Robert Francis)
ALBUM | Love on a Real Train (2012)
WHY IT ROCKED | Nothing comes easy on this show, does it? Sure, new lovebirds Ryan and Amber frolicked in the waves to this ethereal jam, but only after living through a weekend of tough memories, fisticuffs and a funeral. Where’s that medical marijuana when you need it?

SERIES AND EPISODE | Nashville, “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)”
TITLE | “Kiss”
ARTIST | Avery Barkley (Jonathan Jackson)
ALBUM | The song is available on iTunes.
WHY IT ROCKED | After watching Avery and his band rock out at The 5 Spot, we’re starting to see why Scarlett finds it so hard to leave her slippery significant other. The dude is sexy on stage, and this song kills.
LINER NOTES | Hit up for the full episode; Jackson’s performance begins around the 6:25 mark.

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  1. dude says:

    That scene between Dallas and George was probably my favourite television moment of the season and my favourite moment for her character.

    • Leo says:

      That. And also I want to give shout-out to Hawaii Five-0’s “Criminal” by Ringside. It’s just a great and awesome tune for Lil Sis and Momma McGarrett’s family reunion. May teared up a little bit.

  2. J says:

    Perhaps you should’ve also added In My Veins by Andrew Belle during Castle’s s4 Finale “Always”. Beckett’s epiphany to go after Castle after being in a brink of death, is like a blow to the chest to us fans. A mixture of bliss & pain seeing her on that swing set, finally realizing she shouldn’t wait anymore

  3. mar says:

    This blog should have started during ‘Chuck’ – that show had the best music!

    • Mandy says:

      Agreed! Whenever I hear “Once in a Lifetime” by Talking Heads, I think of Chuck. I’ve never seen a show with music that fit so well into the episodes, like it was on Chuck,

  4. Pia says:

    Aidan Hawken’s “Crush” that played on an episode of Kyle XY way back when is another great one.

  5. Sam says:

    The music from GA has always been spot on since the start. Part of its appeal. Is there an EMMY nod for this? There should be.

  6. Ally Oop says:

    The song that still gives me goosebumps when I here it is that one when Damon and Elena were dancing together at that party. Wow.

  7. Liz says:

    In theory “walking Blind” is supposed to be on Aidan Hawken’s new album. Which I believe it supposed to be released in the new year. So I presume it will hit itunes then.

  8. Alooottt says:

    My list :

    1.chuck, africa by toto
    2.the oc ,hallelujah by jeff buckley tree hill, dont take your love away by vast
    4.greys anatomy, the quest by bryan greenberg
    5.supernatural, carry on my wayward son by kansas
    6.the oc, hide and seek by imogen heap
    7.true blood, 9 crimes by damien rice
    8. Skins, wild world by cat stevens

    And many more im forgetting right now

  9. Rai says:

    My list is full (basically all) the music in Supernatural -hello, hard rock! ;) -, Person of Interest -Sinnerman by Nina Simone, Intro by The XX, those moments, wow!-, Nikita and Friday Night Lights. Thanks, great shows!

    • Sara says:

      oh the name Nina Simone was familiar to me, but I never actually listened to any of her songs before. Sinnerman is one of the best songs ever

  10. Marco says:

    Cold Case; all of the ending songs. ALL of them. Lullaby by Sia from the Big C Season 1 Finale, Breathe Me by Sia from the Six Feet Under series finale. I Don’t Want To Be by Gavin DeGraw from One Tree Hill. Carry On My Wayward Son from Supernatural. Tonight You Belong To Me by Patience and Prudence and Aquarius from Hair from AHS. We Used To Be Friends by the Dandy Warhols from either the OC or Veronica Mars. Brainwashed by Ultraviolet Sound from Castle. All the songs from ‘Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas’, especially ‘Britta Bot, Programmed Badly’ and ‘That’s What Christmas Is For’.

  11. Andreas says:

    How about Arrow and the prison themed party (ep 1×05)? Deadmau5 – Professional Griefers!
    Even tho you didn’t hear much of the song, it was quite easy to figure out which one it was :)

  12. champmav says:

    Reading this article and remembering the first time an unfamiliar song played over a TV love scene and incited fervor to find out who it was. Show: Due South Song: Possession, Sarah McLachlan
    Few may remember the Canadian import, I’ll always be grateful for whoever selected the music for it because it exposed me to many great (mostly Canadian I suspect) songs.

  13. Candy says:

    Poison and wine by civil wars Damon Stefan and alana love triangle.