What TVLine Is Thankful For: Fringe Closure, Revived Dexter, Parenthood Tears and More

TVLine will be giving thanks for a very long time this Thanksgiving, between the creative comebacks, standout performers and abs (thanks, Arrow!) that have graced our TV sets this season. So which television delights and surprises made us so grateful that we simply had to give them props?

Here is what TVLine Founder and Editor-in-Chief Michael Ausiello, Editor-at-Large Matt Webb Mitovich, Senior Editors Michael Slezak and Kimberly Roots, West Coast Editor Meg Masters, West Coast Reporter Vlada Gelman and Contributing Editor Andy Patrick have singled out as deserving of acknowledgement. (Coming Thursday: What the readers of TVLine told us they are thankful for this TV season.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. xav says:

    loling hard at anyone being thankful for Once Upon a Time’s horrible graphics.

    • Julie says:

      That “thanks” is hilarious. I’m not thankful at at all for that! OUAT graphics are just horrible!

      Thankful for “Revolution”? Seriously??? I just can’t stand the main actors!

      What I’m most thankful for is FRINGE!

    • Gerald says:

      The special effects are the definition of hit and miss, I mean sometimes they can actually be quite good/decent (the Pinocchio episode comes to mind or the wraith episode). What people don’t seem to consider is that it’a a tv show not a movie and there’s always so much you can do with that kind of budget and they improved a lot all things considered.

      • Templar says:

        As a big fan of live theater, I have no problem with the CGI on Once. If it takes the story where it needs to go, it works for me.

      • sara says:

        I think Spartacus does the complete green screen far, far better than Once does. Legend of the Seeker also did fantastic special effects on just as regular a basis. Both on what I assume is a much smaller budget than a hit tv show on a popular network.

        • Sam says:

          On the contrary, shows like Spartacus on the premium channels get much, much larger budgets. That’s part of the reason why CGI-heavy shows like Spartacus and Boardwalk Empire get shopped to the paid channels – they can afford to funnel money into them in a way basic cable channels just can’t.

  2. tjj50 says:

    I gotta say I’m freaking out a little that FOX hasn’t renewed SYTYCD yet! That show is a big part of my summer!!

    • Yunike says:

      Me too. SYTYCD makes all singing competitions dull. You can get mp3s on iTunes without watching Live, but for dance routines.. They’re just different. We love the practice, the routines, the judges’ comment.. All in one package

  3. Amanda says:

    I’m thankful for the Parenthood love as well as Covert Affairs, Suits, Community and Cougartown!

  4. Patricia says:

    Thankful that Taylor Kinney has his own show where he is shirtless all the time.

  5. Kat says:

    I’m thankful for Nikita continuing to give as an amazing friendship between two women who are strong and powerful and who don’t start sniping at each other the second a boy comes into the picture. More of that, less Gossip Girl BS please, TV writers.

    • Alan says:

      im amazed not one of these was about the fact that they even have a third season to be thankful for, in fact i could have stretched that out to about 10 different pictures easily if they had asked

    • Angela says:

      I haven’t seen “Nikita”, but I can’t argue with your general sentiment about female characters. That IS cool to hear the show seems to know how to avoid that problem. May have to give this series a look at some point, then.

      • Alan says:

        please do you will not be disappointed. its got great story lines which dont assume the viewer is a moron, the acting is generally a least very good, the action is as good as you will see anywhere else on tv and is better than some movies and the aforementioned well written relationships between the characters

  6. spdavid says:

    Thankful for:
    Covert Affairs
    White Collar
    American Horror Story
    Person of Interest
    Once Upon A Time
    The Walking Dead
    Boardwalk Empire

  7. Danny says:

    “Homeland”. Brilliant television.

  8. Vivi says:

    For this guy to compare the awesomeness that is Brad and Jane to Whitney and some random is just wrong.

  9. spdavid says:

    Opps left out Strike Back

  10. Leila says:

    Out of all these shows I only watch Parenthood. I can’t wait for the show to come back from hiatus.

  11. Shannon Quinn says:

    I am thankful for Andrew Marlowe of Castle breaking the “Moonlighting Curse”!! He continues to give us great stories as well as some beautiful, realistic Caskett moments week after week! This show continues to amaze me and I look forward to many more years of story telling from the brilliant mind of Andrew Marlowe and team! Thank you ABC & Castle! <3

    • Alan says:

      there is no moonlightling curse, the reason why it died was because bruce willis and cybil shepherd grew to hate each other about the same time as the writers decided to put their characters together which naturally led to problems with their chemistry onscreen. many other shows put their leads together and continue to be as successful as before. you should be thankful for marlowe adding another show to that list

    • luli says:

      dittttoooo :)

  12. Margaret says:

    I’m thankful for Ian Somerhalder. Not only is he continuing to do fantastic work on The Vampire Diaries (welcome back snarky Damon!) but he’s used his celebrity to start the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, working to educate people about saving the planet.

  13. Steph says:

    I am thankful for Mr. Andrew W Marlowe who has given me Castle or more importantly Caskett. I am thankful that TBS believes in Cougar Town and that Community has nine lives. Lastly, I am thankful that Fringe gets a closing that it deserves.

  14. Yoni says:

    It’s fairly self-evident why the Annie Gasp is so awesome.

  15. omabin says:

    The Walking Dead, for continuously testing the ability of my heart to explode while watching a tv show

  16. VCI says:

    One: I had NO IDEA fox hasn’t renewed Dance, yet!!! I need Dance or my summer will be bleak.

    Two: Yes, I most thankful for Parenthood, but would be even more Thankful if it got a full season pick-up, next year instead of 13 episodes. (Granted there will be a next year)

    Three: I’m thankful for that the only new show I’m watching didn’t get cancelled (Go On)

  17. Hey, totally awesome that Rookie Blue made your list! I’m completely thankful for it, too. When I was alone and showless for the midseason, Rookie Blue came into my life to bring happiness, love and exactly what it had been missing! <3

  18. JJ says:

    SO thankful for TBS saving Cougar Town! Penny Caaaaan!

  19. Kristine says:

    I’m thankful for Castle! Thank you Andrew Marlowe who has given us Castle and Caskett.

  20. mia says:

    Grimm is not like Buffy; Buffy thrived on having strong female characters that were proactive in the storyline, had complexity and flaws, but were ultimately strong, capable women. The women on Grimm are treated so deplorably bad I can’t help but think that Joss Whedon is disappointed with David Greenwalt. After that many years working with Whedon, Greenwalt should know better.

  21. Carrie says:

    I’m thankful for the final season of “Fringe”, for “Supernatural” (always), “Suburgatory”, “The Walking Dead” and “Revolution” (It’s not perfect, but it sure keeps me tuning in every week).

  22. love tv says:

    C A S T L E…….A N D ……B E C K E T T….also that Hugh Laurie may return to my TV… but Castle more cause it proved that tv relationships and popcorn entertainment can go hand in hand

  23. sarah says:

    Too funny about Arrow.
    I am greatful for:
    Rokie Blue
    Covert Affairs
    White Collar
    Hawaii Five 0
    Ben and Kate
    Modern Family
    Chicago Fire
    Vampire Diaries
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Person of Interest
    CSI NY
    Blue Bloods
    How I met your Mother

    As for guys on tv:
    Alex O’Loughlin
    Stephen Ammell
    Michael C Hall
    Ian Somerholder
    Paul Wesley
    Matt Bomer

  24. Lisa says:

    how can you not be thankful for anything from homeland? the best drama, best actress in a drama, and best actor in a drama winners this year? im lost

  25. jill says:

    I am thankful for: NCIS

  26. KT8711 says:

    I am thankful for the lovely Wrenn Schmidt, who plays Julia Sagorsky, Richard Harrow (Jack Huston)’s love interest on Boardwalk Empire. Wrenn and Jack have amazing chemistry together, and the Richard/Julia storyline has been a welcome bright spot in a very dark season of Boardwalk Empire.

  27. Brigette says:

    Agree that I am thankful for The Office and especially Dexter! The Dexter/Deb scenes that have aired so far are some of the best scenes of the ENTIRE series. They deserve an Emmy for season 7.

  28. Lara says:

    I am thankful for:
    Supernatural ……….. Thank you very much Jeremy e CW <3
    Blue Bloods
    The Walking Dead
    The Big Bang Theory…….. <3

  29. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Thankful for 8 wonderful seasons of Bones

  30. b says:

    I’m thankful for Gossip Girl getting back on track before it’s too late, Victoria’s superiority complex on Revenge, Once Upon A Time for keeping me guessing.

  31. b says:

    And Jeremy Carver for returning Supernatural to it’s former glory.

  32. b says:

    I’m also thankful that Ed and Leighton have enough talent to elevate medicore material

  33. GeoDiva says:

    I am thankful for my 2 DVRs. They allow me to manage my life and not worry about missing my favorite shows!

  34. Fan says:

    I’m thankful for

    The Walking Dead
    Once Upon A Time
    Ben & Kate
    Raising Hope

  35. jenna says:

    I definitely agree with William Daniels and Sandra Oh. Brilliant.

  36. lily says:

    I agree about Dr. Thomas on Grey’s, it really brought out the “good” side of Christina and the Fringe finale. :)

    However, most importantly I am thankful for the TIVA moment on NCIS’ Shell Shock Part II, Tony was too sweet!! :)

  37. Niki says:

    I’m thankful for Caskett being Canon on Castle!

  38. Alex says:

    The best of Grimm isn’t a patch on the worst of Buffy! As for being grateful for Ryan Seacrest, that is just sad. He reeks.

    However, Revolution, Nashville, General Hospital, and Parenthood are all worthy of thanks. So are the other great serials out there.

  39. Renee says:

    Love the abs on Oliver Queen and Vincent Keller.
    I’ll give kudos to Ryan Seaquist and Kat Deeley.
    So happy one genre show (Revolution) is finally successful. So tired of them getting cancelled.
    And I’ve enjoyed the similarities between Grimm and Buffy since the beginning.

  40. luli says:

    i’m thankful for: Caskett, one of the best relationships on my tv; Nikita for having this great dynamic between Alex and Nikita, and that i get to enjoy at least one more season of this.

  41. Alan says:

    nikita somehow managing to get a third season and continuing to be one of, if not the best tv series out there.
    lyndsy fonseca being absolutely perfect in the role as someone who is smart, beautiful and can kick ass.
    castle being yet another tv show which proves the moonlighting curse is a load of crap and is only used by people to belittle shows they dont like.
    stana katic continuing to prove she looks amazing in anything the wardrobe department gives her (even that awful denim jacket) and being my biggest tv crush.
    the promise of more community and psych somewhere down the line is a thought that keeps me going.
    jeremy carver for making supernatural fun again.
    arrow for not being afraid to include as many comic book characters as they can right oor the bat rather than being afraid of its origins like smallville.
    the walking dead for fixing the issues we all had with season 2 and the ending of episode 4, that performance by andrew lincoln will haunt me for a while. and for giving lauren cohan something to do this season, more of her on my screen is always a good thing

  42. ben says:

    I’m thankful for the most gripping season of Survivor we have had in a while.

    I’m thankful that Fringe never stopped trying to be the best show it could be.

    I’m thankful for TV on DVD, so that at a time like Thanksgiving I can break out the West Wing, Chuck or Lost and remember some of the gifts that have moved on that television has brought us over the years.

  43. luli says:

    I’m thankful that Penny finally said ‘i love you’ to Leonard, it was about time!

  44. nick1372 says:

    I agree with thanks for
    Cougar Town
    Once Upon a Time!!!!!
    Rookie Blue

  45. Kathryn says:

    I’m thankful Vlada singled out my favorite show, Rookie Blue!!

    Also thankful for:
    Homeland being just as crazy good this year, ditto for Breaking Bad
    Castle laying to risk the “Moonlighting curse” that make writers so paranoid about letting couples get together.
    Fringe and Parenthood getting the chance to do excellent seasons this year
    Covert Affairs stepping things up a notch
    Leslie Knope’s adorableness and Ron Swanson’s hilarious retro manliness

    Most sad about:
    Last Resort not making it (but at least I can be grateful all the first episodes will air and that Shawn Ryan got the word in time to write a good ending)

  46. Jon says:

    Thankful for Arrow and Nikita( favorite shows on the CW)
    Cougar Town( Penny Can!)
    Happy Endings( especially Brad, Jane, and Alex)
    Once Upon a Time
    Suburgatory, Don’t trust the B– in apartment 23, Glee, TVD, and the Middle

  47. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Yes, October 19th is a good thing to be thankful for. I’ve also gotta be thankful for well-rounded Justified villains, some of my favorite stars getting some guest spots on my favorite shows (Ian McShane coming to AHS, Joseph Fiennes on AHS, Walton Goggins on SOA, Patton Oswalt coming to Justified, Parker Posey on Louie, and F. Murray Abraham all over the place), and finally I am thankful Carrie and Brody got to start banging again on Homeland. :) Even if it was in the most horrifyingly, awkward of circumstances. Pretty much just thankful for Homeland in general. I was pretty nervous they couldn’t beat season one’s great writing, but they smashed it to pieces.

  48. Heather says:

    And give SYTYCD two nights again, please!!!

  49. ChelsH says:

    SO much to be thankful for this year:
    – Supernatural – Hooray for Jeremy Carver, who has brought back some of the fun and humour so lacking in S7, and, well, Jensen Ackles :)
    – The Vampire Diaries – I still love the rollercoaster and am routing for Delena
    – Castle – Love all the characters and Caskett is so much fun to watch
    – Glee – The addition of NYC and the new characters have really revived my interest
    – Grimm – The FX are still a little hokey for my taste but its very entertaining
    – Grey’s Anatomy – This year has been so good so far though I cry far too much for my liking
    – Covert Affairs/Nikita – because every girl needs a badass heroine or 3 to look up to
    – New Girl – For being actually hilarious. Seriously funny Schmidt
    – Arrow – Because its fun and I’m interested to see where it goes
    – Revenge – I’m a forgiver but its a little fun to watch people get a bit of payback
    – Smash – As a theatre geek, I so loved seeing a peek of what goes into bringing a show together

    Generally, happy that scripted dramas have made TV really fun to watch again over the past few years and, apparently, I’m thankful for the CW :)

  50. Mari says:

    I am thankful for CASTLE having the BEST SEASON YET!