Glee Exclusive: Chris Colfer Gifts Us With Scoop on Klaine's Christmas Reunion

Glee's Darren Criss and Chris Colfer at Bryant Park in NYC“Klaine” fans will have a special something waiting for them under the tree when Glee unwraps its Christmas episode, “Glee, Actually,” on Dec. 13.

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Glee bossman Ryan Murphy started the Twitterverse buzzing by promising a holiday duet for the estranged Kurt and Blaine. Chris Colfer added fuel to fans’ fire this week by tweeting a photo of him and castmate Darren Criss (at right) laced up for skating at the Bryant Park rink in midtown Manhattan.

So, what exactly is going on? “We were skating to ‘(I’m Dreaming of a) White Christmas’ — because I don’t know about you, but I definitely skate with my exes and sing Christmas carols all the time!” Colfer told TVLine when we visited a book-signing for Struck By Lightning, an adaptation of his screenplay for the same-named indie film hitting iTunes and VOD Dec. 19 (and theaters on Jan. 11).

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Colfer also teased that during this intrinsically romantic reunion, Kurt and Blaine arrive at a certain “realization” that will set the course for whatever lies ahead for the onetime couple.

Lastly, does Blaine surprise Kurt with this latest visit to the Big Apple? “There’s a reason he’s there…,” Colfer allowed, “but it’s kind of a secret.”

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What “realization” do you think the boys make? And what brings Blaine to NYC?

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  1. Stannn says:

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool these comments. bless you all.

  2. Pan says:

    So pumped to see how Kurt deals with moving on after the breakup. I can’t believe that, in the three episodes following the breakup, Kurt is only in ONE of them, and only gets a few lines in a few scenes to express how he’s dealing with getting his heart broken. Meanwhile, Blaine is getting lots of songs — in a (mostly unsuccessful) attempt to boost the show’s slumping iTunes sales and a (much more successful) attempt to make fans feel more sorry for him. Not of interest to me at all.

    I’m excited for the Kiki and Paul. And I’m aware that Kurt will eventually go running back to Blaine, so I will (foolishly) hope that Kurt will get a fair shot to explore his feelings before that happens.

    • Free Blaine. says:

      I hope Blaine comes to his senses and stops being so hung up on Kurt.
      Kurt was bad for him in every way.

    • moo. says:

      If Kurt comes running back. Blaine shouldn’t take him back.

      • Blaine stans continue to be delusional says:

        Why are Blaine fans so idiotic in every way? Hint: the person who gets cheated on is not the one who comes running back. I’m sorry you stan for such a weak-willed character, but LOLOLOL forever if you think Blaine is the one who gets to decide if they get back together after he cheated on his boyfriend after three weeks.

      • RachelA says:

        Yes, because BLAINE is the person who has been wronged in this situation. JFC, what are you people smoking? I am seriously concerned that you all have some hereditary inability to process basic narrative information because that is the only way you could construe Blaine to be the victim/better person in all of this. In aggregate Blaine has been a terrible boyfriend to Kurt; he is selfish, childish and annoying as all get out. And *he* is the one who wronged Kurt here, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! What about that is so difficult to understand?

      • Yeah....right says:

        I don’t know what show you’ve been watching, but it was BLAINE that cheated on KURT. I’m pretty sure it would be Blaine running back to Kurt in any case, and Kurt shouldn’t take him back then. I don’t have a problem with Klaine, but you cannot just say that Blaine shouldn’t take him back because there would be absolutely no reason for him to do that. If anything Blaine should be begging for Kurt back (as he has been) if Kurt tried to go back to him.

  3. Nancy says:

    I will love Kurt & blaine exploring others options b4 coming back together 4ever.No relationship is perfect.what matters is realising ur mistakes n learning from them. if tired of Glee storylines quit watching.

  4. done says:

    Can Blaine date someone else now.

    Kurt fans keep calling Blaine a rapist.

    Kind of takes the sheen off of shipping them. ugh.

  5. doneforthelasttime says:

    Blaine should date Ryder.
    Ryder should be Bi.

    Love square/pentagon right there. You know how glee likes those.

  6. PP says:

    Why not break Klaine forever?
    By the comments, no one is happy with Klaine together.
    They separated:
      – Kurt stans would be happy to see Kurt being Kurt Hummel again.
    – Blaine stans would be happy because … the reason, whatever it’s, that makes Blaine being worshiped by his stans (I don’t understand how Blaine is interesting, but okay.)

  7. Holly says:

    See, I’m okay with Klaine, it’s been cute and fun for a while, but I don’t understand why they “have” to be an endgame couple. Honestly, they both deserve chances with other people, and they need to branch out and explore other relationships. It’s just not that realistic for them to break up, have some distance, and then decide “aw I still love you though, so let’s get back together and live happily eve after.” That is not how the real world works (most of the time). I think It would be amazing for Kurt to have Paul as his new love interest for a while. He could gain more experience, as in dating wise and learning what he likes. And honestly, Kurt deserves it.

  8. Emmett says:

    STOP the insanity!!

    Chris and Darren both have insane stans. And both also have normal, healthy, balanced fans.

    There are people that love Kurt more. There are people that love Blaine more. There are people that love them equally.

    Some hate Kurt. Some hate Blaine.

    It is what it is. So enjoy what you enjoy and SHUT UP!

    Unless you’re Ryan Murphy, no one has any say on what happens to their story line(s). And even he is clueless and flapping in the wind.

  9. Bell says:

    Good lord I never realised just how freaking loopy the Kurt and Blaine fans can be o.O

    Oh and for the record I love Klaine, adore them as a couple but I’m happy if they look elsewhere, learn what they are and what they want because these things do change as we grow. As long as they are happy ultimately that’s all that should matter be it together or apart.

    • Kay says:

      That is all I want for them as well. To be happy and fulfilled. Whether that be together or apart, as lovers or just as friends. We all want to be loved and respected, and if it’s meant to be it will happen. It is all up to the writers and how the the future for these characters. That goes for all the characters, not just Kurt and Blaine. I watch the show to be entertained and for the musical performances.

  10. Gabriella Montez says:

    Well I am and always will be a Klaine fan…From what I read…a lot of you don’t like Blaine/Darren. Well..to each their own..I never knew about Darren b4 glee so I’m not too hung up on him…but I do love his character…Kurt needed someone to give him courage and the strength to stand up for himself…thats what Blaine did…Everyone knows that what Blaine did to Kurt was the most horrible and unforgiveable thing he could have done. He himself told Kurt when kurt was sexting chandler “If you have a problem, talk to me..but don’t cheat on me.” I think Blaine should’ve also taken note of his own advice. As much as I hate cheating…and as much as I thought if someone ever cheats on me I would never forgive them…i do say that this Klaine relationship has slightly changed my views. Blaine and Kurt had such a loving and understanding relationship because it first started with friendship. No one understands Kurt more than Blain and no one understands Blaine more than Kurt. Blaine broke his promise to Kurt and destroyed the trust that they had in their relationship. That is going to take a while to rebuild. But everyone, don’t forget that since Blaine and Kurt were best friends before they started dating they had told each other everything. Atleast give Blaine the respect for telling Kurt what happened instead of pretending he didn;t cheat and thinking ‘what’s the harm, Kurt will never find out anyway”. It’s bc they promised to tell each other everything that Blaine gathered the courage to tell Kurt that he cheated. I love Kurt more that Blaine. Kurt is my favorite character in the show and he deserves to be happy. Both Kurt and Blaine have done selfish things during the relationship. For one, Kurt made Blaine transfer from Dalton and leave all his friends bedind because he didn’t want to be without him for his senior year. As romantic as that may be, it’s also selfish. Also, It’s true…Blaine always had the spotlight in Dalton, and Kurt hasn’t had much of any bc of Rachel but when they were both auditionig for the musical…Kurt didn’t want Blaine to audition for tony. That wasn’t nice on his part. But Blaine respected Kurt enough to not audition for the part. On Blaine’s side, he got angry with Kurt for not wanting to make love in the backseat of his car. Blaine was wrong, though he was drunk he should’ve had more self control. He humiliated Kurt but when he was sober again, he realised how wrong he was and apologised to Kurt. Kurt and Blaine need to get back together and as much as I may want then to do so immediately, I know it’s not realistic. The only person Kurt’s been in a relationship with is Blaine and he needs more experience. It’s not to say that your first love can’t ever be the only love of your life, they can, but in Kurt’s case, he needs more time to forgive Blaine and get himself together. A lot of you are pretty harsh on Blaine. Even if i wasn’t a Klaine fan…it’s quite evident that Blaine has been beating himself up for what he did. That’s why he’s not rushing Kurt to forgive him because he can’t even forgive himself yet for what he did. What they both need is time. I don’t want Kurt to date this Paul guy, but he will be a good experience for Kurt. Hopefully in time, he will realise that he still love’s Blaine and he could never love anyone else the same. But it’s good that Kurt is talking to Blaine again and rebuilding their relationship how it first started. Through friendship.

  11. Nell says:

    I don’t normally comment on these things due the squabbling that tends to happen amongst the fans of the show. But I decided (and I may regret it) to share my two cents. I for one love the Blaine and Kurt relationship and I do hope that in the end they are together.

    That being said, they needed something to shake things up. As much as I love them together they were getting boring. Their relationship has been for the most part problem free and the problems they did have were relatively minor compared to the other characters. It was getting a bit too sugary sweet and unrealistic. They needed to have a real conflict that caused their characters to grow. It’s interesting to watch them deal with a real adult situation for the first time.

    I’ll also admit I’m curious about Paul and how he and Kurt will play off each other. I won’t even try to predict what the writers will do. My fangirl heart hopes that Blaine and Kurt will get back together but I am willing to accept that they might not. That’s the way real life works sometimes.

  12. Saz says:

    Wow, some Klaine/Blaine fans are really OTT…therapy? depression? lol. Anyhow, I’m just hoping the actor cast for Paul has great acting chops. Chris Colfer has had to carry so many Klaine scenes due to the limited ability Darren brings that I have my fingers crossed now for good things for the character of Kurt.

  13. Kathy says:

    I think they should just realise that they’re young, life’s too short and sleep around a little before getting back together for one last fling. That would make interesting TV.

  14. OMG, all the Klaine haters… Why are you so angry at us? It’s a Klaine article. That means that there will be Klainers. Just what is in your mind? Why everyone is so against Blaine? Both Kurt and Blaine was at folt. Kurt didn’t talk with Blaine, because of work and Blaine cheated. It was stupid from Blaine’s part, but not EVERYONE ship Klaine just because they are pretty couple. Come on! They have good chemestry then they are together, they have same hobbies, interests… Cheating is bad, but it doesn’t mean that no one deserves a second chance. Alot of couple cheats these days, because they doesn’t talk about stuff that was important to etch other. The same was with Klaine. Both Kurt and Blaine have gone through some big stuff in their lifes. Kurt have had Rachel, his father… Blaine even thought have had friends at school, he didn’t have a good relationship with his father, someone to talk about problems in his relationship, because only Brittany have gone through the same stuff, but lets be honest, she isn’t the best person to talk about problems like that, because she is too innocent, always goes wild with her mind to other stuff.

  15. ELISHA says: