Exclusive Glee First Look: Quinn Comes 'Home'

Gleeks will have a lot to be thankful for next week when Dianna Agron makes her first Season 4 appearance as Quinn — and we’ve got an exclusive first look at her Thanksgiving ‘Home’-coming.

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The following image from Glee‘s Nov. 29 episode (yes, T-giving arrives a week late in Lima) captures Lady Fabray performing a mash-up of “Homeward Bound” and “Home” alongside Finn (Cory Monteith) and Puck (Mark Salling). Also featured in the number but not pictured are fellow McKinley alums Mercedes, Mike and Santana.

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Immerse yourself in the photo below and then hit the comments with an answer to these questions: Happy to see Quinn again? Excited the ND Originals (sans Rachel and Kurt) are back together? If you were planning this reunion, who else would be joining them?

Dianna Agron Returns to Glee as Quinn

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  1. Amber says:

    if i could plan this Rachel would definitely be there. i want them to see each other because i want to know how they would react to each other. And remember that ticket to Yale Quinn gave her? she’s gotta use it soon lol
    I just really love Dianna’s spirit. I get all derpy when i think about her and Lea b/c offstage they were really close. It was cute <3

  2. A. says:

    super excited because of Quinn Fabray

  3. danielle smith says:

    i was hoping rachel and kurt would be at the reunion to and i have a feeling that quinn and puck will get together but i want puckleberry instead

    • JackyKay says:

      I know right. It’s not a real reunion without Rachel and Kurt there too. I too think in the end it will end up being Quick though. Not this episode maybe but like when Glee ends or these actors choose to make their final appearances on the show, Quick will be endgame.

  4. Mafer says:

    If we could lose the NY storyline this episode probably would be more awesome if we judge by the songs.. I didn’t know how much I missed the old gang all back togteher ’til the promos! I can’t wait!! :)

  5. Mystique says:

    I really enjoy Quinn’s character and I’m glad she’s back. In my opinion Dianna Agron has the most acting talent I. The show since they’ve given her so many crazy story lines. I would like to see more visits between her and Rachel since there was the while metro pass gift and all. I feel like Quinn steals all the scenes she’s in and is hard not to watch!

  6. Wanda Fraser says:

    I’m excited to see Puck return. I love Mark Salling.

  7. randy says:

    Could there be hope for Quinn and Finn? Wouldn’t that be interesting

    • JackyKay says:

      Again though? I mean they’ve tried that like twice and let’s not forget at the end of last season Quinn was dead set against Finn and her being anything remember her talk with Rachel in the bathroom during the Michael episode.

    • Andy says:

      ohh no please no LOL. I want Finn far far away from Quinn, she deserves better than him.

  8. af11 says:

    finally quinn, the only reason I didn’t stop watching glee, I can’t stand the just rachel and kurt glee.

  9. JackyKay says:

    Lima is just far too boring and repetitive. Everything we’re seeing in Lima from the characters has been done before including the characters themselves. The “new Quinn”, “new Rachel”, “new Puck”, and “new Finn” are just annoying. And while NYC can be drab at times, at least it’s not seeing the same thing we saw in Lima all over again. Finn as the “new Shue” is also terrible, strangely though he is really just as bad a teacher as Shue so that was a great choice. I mean the super hero assignment was so bad. I can say for Shue though, that he would never do anything as stupid as choosing Gangman Style for a competition number. I love what their doing with Rachel, she’s finally growing up and not being the girl that let Cheerios and a terrible boyfriend walk all over her. I feel so bad for Santana, she should be in NYC where she wanted to be, not at some university in Ohio and continuously going back to revisit her glory days in Lima. She’s better then that, she should be singing on real stages, not the McKinley stage. Plus I think her, Rachel, and Kurt would be really fun to see in NYC. As for Quinn, while Dianna’s acting and singing has never been phenomenal I was excited for her return and do genuinely love the character BUT when I found out that the girl who realized it was okay to be single and she didn’t need a man to be happy was gonna come back sleeping with her Yale professor, I desperately just wanted her to stay away. This is the one thing I hate most about the writers, how they ruin so many characters. Dianna is better off trying to make a name for herself rather then going back to Glee and letting the writers continue to write awful stories for her. I do hope to see her visiting Rachel in NYC though, I mean, that relationship or friendship was such a critical element to both those characters and I’d love to see it continued. Honestly I’m kind of upset that Quinn has more scenes with Brittany and Santana then Rachel. I know their best friends and all and their “The Unholy Trinity” but Quinn and Rachel had so many more significant moments then Quinn and Brittana.

  10. Shannen says:

    She needs to stay I love her

  11. natalie says:

    Y is her hair long in the pic? Any who i would want anyone who has ever been on the show to make an apperance. It doesnt matter how long. I would just like to see all of them.

  12. Brbu says:

    why Quinn would like to be back with Puck?? Quick was nothing more than a one night stand. Didnt he tell her last season that he only cared about Beth and not her, meanwhile he was sleeping with Shelby? I rather have a new guy in Quinn’s life than puck. And she is a YALE student he is a loser.

    • JackyKay says:

      Make no mistake I do NOT want Quinn back with Puck, but when Rachel said that line to Quinn in the finale about how she always thought Quinn and Puck would end up together, it immediately make me think that that’s what the writers plan to do. They were more then a one night stand though, the scene confirming it got deleted though. In the first ep after sectionals during season 1 there was a scene where they confirm to the glee club that they are in fact a couple. I also don’t think he is anywhere nearly as much of a loser as Finn is, I mean Puck had a plan (not a great one but still) and he did try to make something of himself and seeing as how its only a few months later of course he’s struggling at it. BUT at least he didn’t return home like Finn, who shot himself like an idiot. I’m not happy though about Quinn’s new boyfriend being her professor though, I mean what a way to ruin the strong and independent young woman she was becoming.

  13. Dani says:

    I love Quinn! Just yesterday I was telling my sister that I miss her on Glee. This is great news!

  14. I really am surprised by the di-hate. I was SO excited to see dianna back. So many feels. Always loved her acting. And her intro in ‘homeward bound/home’ gave me chills. Love her voice. Soothing. I think the writers wrote Q terribly terrible storylines, and yet I still loved watching her ‘character transformation’. They really did do every effing thing they could to her.

    – started out as HBIC, the beautiful-bully noone is supposed to care about (but how can you not love dianna)
    – teen mom / cheater
    – finally got w/ a good guy (sam) – and made her chase finn for no reason other than to cause finchel drama. and then he yells at her & breaks up w/ her after a funeral
    – crazy-phase (skank-quinn) trying to get her baby back
    – car crash / temporary paraplegic
    – crazy-prom-queen-obsessed chick

    I really am glad Quinn had her happy-ending in Yale. But good. ness. It is so SO good to see dianna back on glee. Always a fave. I miss the old cast so much. I pretty much only keep watching waiting for an oldie to return (for whatever reason… even if it makes absolutely no sense).

    • Anna says:

      My problem with Quinn’s “happy ending” is that she did nothing to deserve it/facilitate it. You can’t mess up that much in life, decide one day to apply to Yale, and have everything work out. I just can’t root for someone like that. I realize this is completely the fault of the writers, not Dianna. But still…

    • Anna says:

      And yes, all the things you’ve listed suck. But those things don’t HAPPEN TO someone. They do that to themselves. Quinn could have made better choices and avoided everything on that list. It’s not as though she was delt a s*** hand in life. It’s not as though one of her parents passed away/committed suicide when she was a child (a la Kurt and Finn) or she was rejected by her grandmother after coming out (a la Santana). See the difference?

  15. Kim says:

    All I know is Glee right now isn’t working cause they are giving us the series lowest ratings.

    I want Naya to be in every episode. I don’t watch Glee in the ones she is not in. Clearly going back and forth between Lima and NY is not working. Rachel and Kurt alone can’t carry this show. The newbies can’t carry the show.

    The show is dying before our eyes and its so sad.

  16. Sydney says:

    I am SO happy that Quinn is finally back!! But like everyone else on here is saying…. I hope they so something interesting with her storyline… I also do agree, it seems like after season 2 of Glee, they kind of just stopped trying! Don’t get me wrong I love Glee and still watch it, but I do hope the show picks up a bit! They should do more with Blaine’s character!

  17. samuel says:

    Quinn is very amazing,talented and beautiful she needs one to belive in her, she’s is really hot and nicely build like a woman