Ratings: Malibu Country Drops Again, Shark Tank and CSI: NY Top Night

ABC’s freshman series woes continues, as Malibu Country — which started off country strong — declined for a second consecutive week.

With lead-in Last Man Standing itself slipping 5 and 12 percent to 7.1 million total viewers and a 1.4 rating, the Reba-repped sitcom dropped 9 and 24 percent week-to-week to 6.7 mil/1.3. Versus its robust debut, Malibu has now shed 43 percent of its demo delivery.

Topping Friday in the demo was Shark Tank (6.7 mil/1.9), despite dipping two tenths, while CSI: NY (steady at 9.5 mil/1.4) drew the largest audience (with Blue Bloods on the bench).

Elsewhere on the night….

* Undercover Boss (9 mil/1.7) dipped two tenths. Capping CBS’ night, the Grammys’ tribute to Whitney Houston led the 10 o’clock hour in total viewers (with 7.1 mil) while matching 20/20 (6 mil/1.4) for the demo win.

* Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares was flat at 3.43 mil/1.2, while Fringe‘s terrific midseason installment (2.7 mil/0.9) rose 9 percent in total audience.

* The Top Model: College Edition finale was flat at 1.4 mil/0.6. No Nikita this week.

* Leading out of sitcom repeats, Grimm (5 mil/1.6) slipped a tenth in the demo.

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  1. Rawr says:

    Malibu Country is a nice show – but not for ABC Friday night comedy line.. to me, it’s more suitable for ABC family or Nick@nite.

  2. Eric says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Malibu Country belongs on Wednesday nights after The Middle. Its way more entertaining than The Neighbors. If The Neighbors can get a full season and Reba doesn’t, something is seriously wrong!!!

    • JC says:

      The fact that The Neighbors actually made it on the air tells me that there’s something wrong.

    • Wendy H says:

      I think that moving it to the Wednesday line up will certainly help the ratings but I think that the concept has too many similarities to the REBA show with the son character and the daughter and the neighbor being too much like Van, Kira and Barbara Jean the funniest parts of the original sitcom. and now that people have realized this and gave the show a chance it is having trouble

      • Susan says:

        I don’t understand how you’re drawing these comparisons. I watched Reba for years and I don’t see any similarities between Malibu County’s characters and Reba’s.

    • kavyn says:

      I’ve seen both The Neighbors and Malibu Country and there’s no doubt in my mind that the Neighbors is funnier. Despite the stupid trailer/pilot episode, I tuned in one night (like I did with MC last night) and was laughing quite a bit. Decided to watch the rest of the shows and don’t regret it.

      I’m pretty sure many of the people bashing The Neighbors have not seen it. The ratings (probably the most stable ratings on ABC for a new show) are consistent for a reason.

      • Wendy says:

        I agree. The Neighbors is very funny! Obviously you have to get past the unbelievability of the alien scenario, but the content of the relationships in families and the way the aliens interpret what being human is about is hilarious! I dare those who haven’t watched it all the way through an episode to do so and then say it wasn’t funny.

    • Debbie says:

      I agree. Bring back “Malibu Country”.

  3. Jenny says:

    Malibu Country is a lot like her old show Reba. It has it’s funny moments but if you’re gonna do something that’s been done before it has to be better. Good try though.

    • J. Norman says:

      I agree. Reba is good and – by herself – is an excellent draw.

      As you have noted, though, this show seems to be a poor extension of the earlier Reba show.

      1)The “Barbara Jean replacement” is not as good.
      2) The older son is a much weaker substitute for Van
      3) The daugther seems to be some type of composite Cheyenne and Kira. (i.e. Kira’s age, but with a more “Cheyenne” like personality).

      4) Reba playing the poor abandoned wife living in an excellent home.

      5) The addition of Lily Tomlin is good, but she also seems a bit of a replacement Brock in a sense.
      You know, the goofy , but occasional arbitrator and voice of reason when things threaten to explode. The one who will come through when it is necessary that they do so.

    • ChrisGa says:

      The show is amusing just like her previous series and Reba herself has said in interviews that she wasn’t done doing what she wanted to with that show when it was cancelled so it’s not a big surprise that it’s essentially a continuation of the previous series with slightly tweaked characters(well, and of course, actors).

  4. Barbie says:

    CSI:NY <3 They should just come out and order a whole season alrady!

  5. JeffDJ says:

    Last night’s CSI:NY was excellent, giving some great, albeit sad, backstory for Lindsay. Nice performance by Anna in that one.

  6. Mike says:

    Last man Standing was actually good last night, lots of Mandy and Eve, and very little Kristin, I hope they send her off to college if they get a back nine.

    • kavyn says:

      Really? I thought it was racist. I had to tune out 10 minutes in.

      • Mike says:

        I meant the Eve and Mandy storyline, I really think they need to move the focus back to the daughters again, and mikes relationship with the daughters, get rid of Mike an Vanessa’s relationship with anyone other than the daughters, get rid of Boyd and Ryan( and Kristin), and focus in Mandy and Eve they make the show. It was a bit racist, but I though had a Great Mandy-Eve storyline.

  7. Shazza says:

    Fringe was awesome last night. Both John Noble and Josh Jackson gave sterling performances, and Anna Torv’s suspicion of/concern for Peter was heartbreakingly realistic. My current theory? That Bell and/or Walter were the ones who devised the tech that is currently taking hold of Peter. Any thoughts?

  8. CJ says:

    THE NEIGHBORS is a horrible show. REBA would be a much better fit after THE MIDDLE. ABC just doesn’t know where to put its new shows. NASHVILLE should have been Sunday at 10 and 666 PARK AVENUE on Wednesday.

  9. I officially abandoned Last Man Standing half way through last week’s episode. Too bad they had to “fix” a perfectly good show by turning it into a half-witted All in the Family ripoff.

  10. mroshimaida says:

    Reba sucks put her on cmt

  11. Thilia says:

    It’s doing for a Friday night show. Outside of the X-Files not too many Friday shows have ever pulled huge numbers. The target demo is out during the time it’s on.

  12. Pamela Powers says:

    I agree with ‘onemovieeachday’….”Last Man Standing” was perfectly fine. Why they had to bring in this new show runner and make it ‘edgy’ is beyond me….and where was Hector Elizondo? They are losing the key elements that drew me to the show in the first place. I really like “Malibu Country”…..good people, good chemistry, good production values.

  13. Regina Davis says:

    Why isn’t Malibu Country getting a chance? So many negative comments. There are so many horrible shows on tv that go on forever. Give this show a chance.

    • Ryan says:

      I liked “Reba” so I gave this a chance. I also love Lily Tomlin but if they made one more “gay people exist?! in California?!” joke I was gonna scream. The “comedy” in the pilot really turned me off. I hope it improves because I’d like to see a decent family comedy on Friday.

    • Andie says:

      Sorry but watched two episodes and this show is unwatchable. I honestly can’t see how it even got on air. There are so many horrible shows on TV, but IMO, this is one of them. And this is from a fan of Reba’s. No chance here and shocked they are still getting the numbers that they got. Is Friday night for babysitters only?

      • Wendy says:

        I think the biggest reason Malibu Country is getting so many viewers is because they strategically slotted it after a well-liked Tim Allen sitcom & the gaining popularity of Shark Tank. However, now that Last Man Standing has changed its dynamic somewhat to where now we see Tim’s character as more of a bigot than a “Dad” living in a house full of women, (and the fact they recast Kristen,) both shows may tank as viewers such as myself will find “a better hour of tv” on another network!

  14. TheBeach says:

    The main reason I find Malibu Country unwatchable: Insanely Obnoxious Laugh Track

  15. Greg says:

    I personally find Malibu Country enjoyable. It’s not clever, innovative or new, but it’s a nice way to wile away a half hour at the end of the week.

    And, to be fair, 7 million viewers and a mid 1 in the demo on Friday night is far from a failure. The show holds its lead-in, and yet naysayers act like the sky is falling. It’s not. Yes, it has cooled from its lofty premiere, but did anybody expect ongoing results above 9 million viewers and a 2 in the demo? I didn’t, and if I were a betting man, I’d say ABC doesn’t expect it either.

  16. Nick says:

    WHAT HAPPENED TO GRIMM!? Its Fall Season Finale was just so awesome. Thought it would adjust up. :(

  17. c4 says:

    Last Man Standing did lousy job of replacing the Kristin character with a new actor. The previous one was way more likable. If she and her kid’s father keep figuring in the shows I will have to stop watching. Atrocious!

  18. JustJulie says:

    This season of Top Model was the worse yet. If those changes were supposed to bring in a new audience, then it failed miserably. The judges panel is ridiculous.

  19. Kristoffer says:

    I guess Shark Tank isn’t your typical reality show so not many people talk about it but it is one of my favorite shows! Every few weeks I see something on the show that gives me the ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moment.’ I have a concept for a product that I know would make me millions but I just don’t know where to start… so maybe that’s why I love the show so much.