Grey's Anatomy Scoop: Constance Zimmer Scrubs In as... New Love Interest For [Spoiler]?

Grey's Anatomy Constance ZimmerEntourage grad Constance Zimmer has booked a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy, TVLine has learned.

The actress will play Dr. Cahill, a super-confident, self-possessed, laser-focused professional with a wicked sense of humor.

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Might Dr. Cahill be the mysterious new love interest series creator Shonda Rhimes confirmed Alex (Justin Chambers) would be getting later this season? “We’re going to watch Alex really grow up and step up this season,” Rhimes said, “and find real love with somebody who doesn’t leave him for once.”

In addition to Entourage, Zimmer’s tube credits include Royal Pains, Boston Legal and, most recently, The New Normal. She’s also set to appear in Netflix’s upcoming original series House of Cards.


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  1. They. Just. Keep. Coming.

  2. Jessica says:

    Ughh another character, why not focus on the many characters there is on the show. Last episode was all over the place with the amount of people there is even if they got rid of some.

    • Carrie says:

      I’ve never understood this anti new character stance. This is how story moves forward – whether its patients, love interests, family members…the show still revolves around the key characters of Meredith, Derek, Christina, Alex, Bailey etc. Keep in mind Callie was once a new character, as was Arizona and they have become a beloved part of the show. Some would say the same about April and Jackson. The new interns are needed to tell the story of our leads as attendings.I hope Constance is coming on board for Alexz and we get to see him grow into this man he is trying to be.

      • Ximena says:

        I agree… I actually liked last episode because it remind me what it used to be: newcomers finding the amazing world of medicine… (Sorry if my english is bad i’m writting from Peru)

  3. Mike says:

    best. news. ever. this is who Karev needs, not that intern Jo (though i was warming up to her this week). PLEASE let her be for Alex! Constance is awesome

    • rod says:

      I think she will be for Owen

    • gwen says:

      This. I’m so, so sick of the male attending with female intern dynamic, and Alex needs an adult woman. Why are the Grey’s writers obsessed with saddling grown men like Avery and Alex with these whiny, annoying little girls?

  4. Mike says:

    Ppl complain every year, but this is a medical drama, since the FIRST season there has been recurring nurses, doctors, ext. The hospital doesn’t live on our doctors alone, and it’d be boring if it did. Constance is super talented, I’m excited for this arc

    • Matt says:

      Thank you! I’m glad someone pointed this out. I, for one, am also excited for Constance to start her Grey’s arc. She’s fantastic, and with most of the regular cast members attached (Mere with Derek, April with Jackson, etc.) it makes sense to bring in someone new to be Karev’s love interest, if that is what her character ends up being. Can’t wait for her arc!

      • MDEP says:

        Also, if they just focused on the main characters, who would be Alex’s love interest? Love Alex and if it gets him more story lines, I am all for it :) I am glad it is not an intern.

        • Sophie says:

          I would see Alex with that intern jo. She has something about her that reminds me of Izzie, but she will not run from him. With the last episode, it really seems that the show is heading towards this.

  5. emy26 says:

    no! i don’t want her to be alex’s new love interest! i want the intern, jo to be his new love interest!!!

  6. Smdh says:

    *eye roll* Yet another new character to add to an over bloated cast that the writers can’t seem to write for anyway.

  7. marge says:

    Yes please! An adult for Alex (much preferred over the interns).

  8. Tia says:

    I read that she’s only for 4 episodes arc, so I doubt she’s a long term love interest for Alex.

  9. shuayb says:

    Haters gonna hate but Constance Zimmer is good at being a no nonsense person. She’ll be great her so just keep yÔur eye rolls to urself.

  10. Kat says:

    Yahoo TV said at least 4 episodes… there are also speculations on the other website that she may be for Owen. I think I like this idea better, because it would help Christina realize that her and Owen are far from begin over. Plus I love Jo for Alex since she seems to be the only one who is not OMG over him

  11. J says:

    Get rid of Kepner and there’s room for this character

  12. Joe says:

    You guys like to use spoiler a lot ( I noticed )

  13. Billie says:

    I think she’s for Avery. Aus said he would be sleeping with someone other than April come Xmas. But we all know that that’s going to be temporary. So a four episode arc or so would work.
    Or maybe Owen. To make Cristina jealous. To help push them back together (even though I’d rather that not happen).
    Then again, you never know what might happen. Jessica Capshaw was originally brought in for a 3 episode arc, meant only to show Bailey considering a move to pediatrics. She didn’t even interact with Callie for her original arc.

  14. I am still laughing at the thought that Alex, and Cristina are living in the same house.

  15. billy says:

    I just want for Alex to come out as gay . I know it’s stupid and probably never gonna happen , but It would so good to watch him struggling with his feeling /denial phase etc . I don’t think Shonda has ever written a coming out story line (men ).
    This said ,I don’t think she’ll be her new love interest ,I think she might be one for Owen , she could get in the middle of the Christina/Owen and heating up their relationship , seeing Christina gets jealous is priceless .
    Alex’s love interest is definitely that new intern , who failed in the Appendectomy surgery (can’t remember her name ).

    • jennifer says:

      I guess the new female character is for Owen, Shonda loves to make 3rd party drama in each one season, S5- Alex/Glost Denny/Izi, S6- Owen/Teddy/Cristina, S7- Mark/ Lex/Jackson, S8 Baily/Ellie/Ben,

    • That's what I thought says:

      His love interest could be Shane. I like that guy ;)

  16. Kristy says:

    Please let her be a love interest for Owen!

  17. grace says:

    Wasn’t Arizona going to get help from someone new? Tall, dark, and sassy is her type. Perhaps this new doctor is someone who can help Arizona get her mojo back?

    • Tigger says:

      Doubtful a female McSteamy sounds more like a manizer than a womanizer and besides Arizona has Callie to help her get her mojo back. I’m guessing Alex.

      • chris says:

        The summary for9x08 sounds like Alex and Jo the intern are hooking up. so – If this character is coming on board for feb sweeps, then sides for episode 12 include a new surgeon as well as a maternity case. If april or mer are preggers then they will need an OB – so I’m guessing this new doc is an OB, who is going to handle Mer/Aprils pregnancy and since OB and Peds work together, I’m guessing she and AZ will become friends. AZ’s last step in her recovery would be getting her “I’m sexie – self image” back, so I’d guess this new doc becomes friends with AZ (and makes callie jeaolous much like mark made AZ previous, which gives AZ’s ego a boost) and is involved in a major characters pregnancy

  18. Alex says:

    It’s a recurring role, so why is Rhimes saying that Alex will “find real love with somebody who doesn’t leave him for once”? Unless the character becomes a regular, this claim is a bit dubious. Or will Alex have a long-term, mostly offscreen “real love”?

    • Alex says:

      Or maybe Rhimes isn’t talking about this character. Alex has had crap stories since Izzie left. I would like to see that change very soon, but seeing that it hasn’t yet… I’m not too optimistic.

  19. J says:

    How about bringing Izzie back for Alex?Heigl said she’d be willing to come back to reprise the role whether it be for a few episodes or whatever who knows? But still Shonda Rhimes is never going to find a love interest for Alex that will compare at all to the Alex/Izzie pairing no matter how hard she tries to make it happen with new crappy female characters.This show has enough new characters that no one cares about.Alex and Izzie fans got a horrible ending and I’d like to see the storyline revisited and lets face it it would give Alex a good storyline he truly deserves.

    • NOIZZIEBACK says:

      Can you all shut up about Izzie coming back? I love Alex and I want him to find a happy ending not a crappy ending! Let’s face it: Alex and Izzie are done because Izzie became from a beloved and kind girl in season 5 to a selfish bitch in season 6. She left Alex after all he had done for her, she CHEATED on him with the ghost of her dead fiancee and she came back with the audacity to want him back! Do you remember the gallery scene is season 6? When Izzie said that she had only her job left and he got her fired? ( when she had ALEX and A TON OF OTHER FRIENDS and Alex wasn’t the reason she got fired )… Of course, Alex hurt her too in the past ( cheating on her with Olivia ONCE, putting pictures of her Bethany Whisper photos in the locker room, offended her a couple of times ) but that’s not compared with what Izzie did to Alex. And when people like Reed Adamson come to help and comfort Alex, Lexzie fans call them “bitch”, “slut” and “idiot”. Seriously, the poor girl didn’t deserve getting shot because she stayed with Alex to help him take care of a little baby. Neither because she took George’s cubby. She didn’t freakin’ know the back story of the damn locker.I’m getting a little bit off topic, so i’m coming back to normal: I don’t see the “magic” and the “romance” of Lexzie anywhere but their marriage ( where, for the record, Izzie didn’t even bother to say anything ). If Izzie came back the only thing she would bring with her was hurt for Alex. The only good thing coming of that is that he would get a big story line that actually involves HIM. So, Izzie PLEASE STAY WHERE YOU ARE AND DON’T BOTHER COME BACK.

      P.S. Lexzie fans please stop commenting on videos of romantic pairings like: Alexie, Lucy/Alex, Ava/Alex, Morgan/Alex, Reed/Alex, April/Alex e.t.c, saying how “bad” they look together and about their “zero” chemistry. It’s not cool for the fans of those pairings and it get’s annoying. None of them came to comment on your videos.Ugh!

    • Kakapicka says:

      Enough characters that no one cares about? I care about all the characters ( EVEN Jackson and April )and I’m not the only one. And for the record Lexzie was a crappy pairing. Not that much chemistry. Maybe Alex turns out to be gay in the end…

      • J says:

        My comment about characters that no one cares about isn’t about any main characters currently on the show.It’s more about adding more new people when they are barely giving storylines to it’s core cast to explore deeper.That’s who I don’t care about.Honestly do I care about the new interns?No not really .Would I rather see Burke show back up out of the blue?Sure.It’d be interesting.But everything is just my opinion.I’ve been a viewer from the beginning and yes Lexzie was my pairing of choice mainly because of the first 2 seasons and part of season 5(I can’t stomach the dead Denny sex storyline) but I also liked Addison and Alex.I wouldn’t mind Addison showing back up either.It could be argued for any couple on this show that they have hurt each other.

        Look I’m all for what will give Alex a better storyline that’s what I think he “truly deserves”.I think there is just so much backstory to explore with the character.Yes I wouldn’t mind a meet up with Izzie because I think it would be a dramatic storyline.Do I honestly ever think it will happen? No.Doesn’t mean they’re still not up there as my favorite pairing to come out of this show along with Mark and Lexie.

        • Kakapicka says:

          I don’t care about the new interns either, but I really don’t want a dramatic storyline for Alex. I think fate wasn’t really good to him. You know with the shooting and stuff.. I would like him to find a love interest who does not leave him in the end. I liked Izzie too, but I think they ruined her character in season 6 and I really didn’t like the ghost sex in season 5. It wasn’t okay for Alex to sleep with Olivia but it was okay for Izzie to sleep a plenty of times with a ghost. Anyway, Lexzie started out as a funny, sexy, cute pairing and ended up a drama mess. I agree with you with Alex getting a storyline. I love him and while the focus is on stupid interns it should be on him. I heard he’d get a bigger storyline this season but I haven’t seen anything yet. I hope he does in the end. ( Not necessarily a dramatic one ;)

    • Maya says:

      I only agree with the last thing you wrote… Bringing Izzie back would give Alex a storyline. But do you think he “truly deserves” being hurt again?

    • susela says:

      No one associated with this show wants Katherine Heigl back in their midst. It’s just not going to happen.

  20. susela says:

    Not a likely long-term love interest if she’s appearing in an upcoming Netflix series…..

  21. Marissa says:

    I think she is head plastic since Jackson is a fellow we didn’t meet head of cardio . And maybe Jackson fling?

  22. christiana says:

    Greys anatomy is the best imitator of medical profession i have ever watched the actors are superb and should be given international award each. whoever directs that film is a genius. well done all. i did not believe the actors are not doctors until i checked their profile on the internet. more success in your career.

  23. Remy says:

    Intern Jo is his love intrest and i like her alot, i think she is perrrrrfect for our Alex!!

  24. C says:

    I actually think Alex’s love interest is gonna be the intern he has now, they work great together and i think there is something there. I prefer it, than someone new