Army Wives Exclusive: Major Character Getting Killed Off Amid Season 7 Shake-Up

Army Wives Season 7 Kim Delaney LeavingArmy Wives‘ classified Season 7 battle plan has leaked, and if you’re a fan of the show, believe me when I tell you it will have you standing at attention.

Not only does it include (at least!) one major casualty, it also includes a handful of new recruits and contains a dozen other bits of top-secret intel. So proceed with caution…

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First, the big news: Leading lady Kim Delaney, who has played Claudia Joy Holden since the Lifetime drama launched six years ago, will not be returning — like, ever. Exec producer Jeff Melvoin confirms to TVLine that her character (who is currently travelling overseas) will be killed off in the season premiere — a tragedy that will serve as a launching pad for an almost rebooted program.

“The first two [episodes] will be very emotional, and it will confirm that Claudia Joy is no longer among the living,” he says. “It’s been very wrenching for us to write, and I think it will be very wrenching for the audience to go through.

“Kim and Claudia Joy have been the rock upon which we based the show,” the EP continues. “But we [have to] continue to move forward and keep the show fresh and unpredictable.”

Below, Melvoin explains how he and his fellow generals will be doing exactly that:

WHAT ABOUT ROXY? | Original cast member Sally Pressman (Roxy) will be back — but not as a series regular. “Sally, just like Kim, has been a huge part of the show’s success,” notes Wives‘ boss, adding that Pressman’s real-life pregnancy will likely limit her participation to the first couple of episodes.

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WHO’S STICKING AROUND? | Melvoin confirms that Catherine Bell (Denise), Wendy Davis (Joan), Alyssa Diaz (Gloria), Kelli Williams (Jackie), J.J. Soria (Hector) and Terry Serpico (Frank) are all back as series regulars. Additionally, Claudia Joy’s widower — Michael, played by Brian McNamara — will also remain a full-timer. Beyond that, Melvoin is staying mum, in part to maintain some suspense, considering Season 6 ended with a plane carrying practically half the cast possibly crashing. “Who survives the cliffhanger and who doesn’t is going to provide a lot of the juice of the first two hours.”

NEW BLOOD | Three new female characters will be introduced, including an “18-year-old farm girl from Illinois,” an African-American mother of three who “runs the kind of house that kids and adults want to hang out in,” and a drop-dead gorgeous bad girl named Maggie who is a member of the Airborne Division. She’s also on her second marriage. “It’s the first time where we’ve done a blended marriage,” notes Melvoin. “Her second husband, who is a soldier, has a 14-year-old daughter who resents Maggie. And she’s got an 11-year-old son who’s trying to fit in.”

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NEW SETTING | The common thread tying the new (and some of the existing) wives together is that their “husbands all serve in the same platoon that’s stationed in an outpost in Afghanistan,” explains Melvoin, who drew inspiration for the new setting from the acclaimed 2010 war documentary Restrepo. “The war is winding down, but that doesn’t mean what they’re doing is any less dangerous or risky.”

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE… | “We’re trying to return to the show’s roots,” Melvoin says. “The central conceit of the show is friendship that transcends rank [featuring] women from different walks of life and with very different outlooks. But it’s not going to be like you just flip the page and suddenly you’re looking at a different show… It’s the same show with some fresh new colors.”

Army Wives is slated to return in mid-2013. In the meantime, hit the comments with your insta-reaction to the show’s mini-reboot and your eulogies for poor Claudia Joy.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Roses C says:

    Enjoy the show. Will continue to watch. I will miss CJ, but wish her well. I really miss Pam, so real! Denise and the new general’s wife should be enough to keep the show interesting, It is, after all is said and done, just a TV show. They come and they go. Enjoy them while they are here. You can always buy the DVD’s if you really need to see the show you love.

  2. Maggie says:

    What about Trevor and his family? If they aren’t in this season,are they going to return? And Roxy after her pregnancy will return? They’re by far my favourite characters.. I love Trevor,Roxy and also Tj and Finn..

  3. Theresa says:

    Claudia joy is a great actress and needs to be on the show she plays a strong female lead an anyone with half a brain can see that when she is acting. Lay off her and put her back on

  4. sniperjack says:

    Moving to new characters actually is keeping it real. Having spent 21 years in the military, I have had friends move on to other posts and the things are constantly changing. Commanders never stay more than two years in a job. Promotions and advancements come with changing locations. People move and people die in the Army.

    Although I too am a Kim Delaney fan, as my wife was an All My Children fan from its beginning, I am hopeful that the cast shakeup can help revitalize the show. I am a fan of the show and its concept more than a fan of any one character.

    I was very disappointed when I thought season 6 was the last. I will continue to watch this show til the end. I hope it lasts for a long time. Lifetime will have a difficult time finding anything as popular to replace it. It isn’t like they have a much more to offer worth watching except movies.

    Keep it real and fresh.

  5. ArmyWivesfan80 says:

    I’ll stop watching if/when they kill off Frank. He’s a “must keep” on the show. Amazing character.

  6. kailey says:

    Poor Holden family. But Claudia Joy was by far and away my least favorite character. I was sad when they took away Pamela, as she was one of my favorites, but now I am really upset that Roxy will be gone for a while. I LOVE her. I still love this show though and will definitely keep watching. There are some inaccuracies, but as an Army Wife in real life I still enjoy it and find lots to relate to.

  7. Tera says:

    Ugh…. This is my favorite show. I have never ever missed an episode since the show began! But with ALL the characters leaving? Idk!!! Claudia joy is the matriarch!!! She holds everyone together!!! Claudia joy and roxy are the show! You take them and its no longer the same show!!! Come on people!!!

    • Beth says:

      I agree with you! It WON’T be the same AT ALL! However it will hopefully still work as long as the don’t take Denise and Roland away too! If they change ALL the characters it is a spin- off and NOT the same show!

  8. Sheila says:


  9. al says:

    Love da show been a fan since season. 2 just wondering is Frank a real military Guy he seems like one

  10. Kktweetheart says:

    I love Gen.Holden, Col. Frank & Denise Burton.gonna miss Roxy&2nd lieutant Treavor LaBlanc. miss Pamela & Chase Moran.

  11. JayJay says:

    I have watched from the beginning and several reruns. I have every season on DVD however I will not be watching season 7. In the past couple seasons half the original cast is now gone…Chase, Pamela, the kids, Roxy, Trevor and the kids and Claudia Joy. Season 6 started going down hill. The once high rated series is losing lots of fans with all the cast departures. So what is the real reason Pamela & Chase are no longer on and what’s the real reason Claudia Joy is not returning. We know Roxy is cutting back since she is pregnant and has a spot on the pilot show Joe, Joe & Jane. Saying your going back to your roots is crap since the root of the show included all the above and the great writer Katherine Fugate. Pretty sure season 7 will be the final season for what use to be a fantastic show.

  12. Jimmy says:

    I’m going to miss Kim Delaney, Maybe it was time for a change but I’m sure going to miss the regulars, I loved watching them together they were great, I can’t wait for the show to return it is one of my favorites. Keep up the great work directors and producers.

  13. Sarah says:

    I really hope Joan will be back! To me, her character is the most aggressive and the most ‘Army’ like. She adds a lot of realism to the show.

    She is so military and by the book that it would be interesting to see her in more emotional story lines.

    Joan and Roxy are my favorites.

  14. jeanie says:

    Bring back pamela and chase! Hate to see cj go but its no surprise, they have changed the show so much now its ridiculous! But I guess ill watch the first episode and see what happens. Hope kim gets her life on track.

  15. Molly Harper says:

    Wow, bringing in a stepchild who resents the stepparent. That’s a plot point that has never been done before. Should be fascinating.

  16. Rena says:

    I will miss Roxy and Trevor and hope they will be back full time. It is sad that Kim is leaving but I do understand. The show has made many changes, some good some bad, sounds like life. I do hope the new characters will help the show to move in the right direction.

  17. Army Wives will not be the same. I will surely miss Claudia Joy and Roxey. Those two kept the show very interesting.

  18. Alberto Jusino-Terry says:

    Ok it sucks about Roxy and Claudia Joy but we have seen a lot of good characters leave. Amanda, Jeremy, Pamela and Chase…ect
    Just be glad that some of the original characters r coming back and better yet that some of the new characters already introduced in season 6 r fitting in like Gloria and hector and even Jackie. But Wut about Roland? No one has mentioned anything about him. He’s coming back right, I figured since Joan is he will to but I had to ask. His character is a huge part of the show and its only gotten better with their new son David.

    • Beth says:

      Yeah! If they have Joan back and Roland will only be on part time how will they get around that! Not show the home life as much?

  19. viola says:

    i love this show i cant wait when is 7 season come out

  20. Leigh says:

    Probably will not watch anymore. Without Claudia joy and Roxy plus Pam is gone already. Most of the wives are gone. What worked about this show, doesn’t work without the original wives and the original husbands. Not to say that SOME things shouldn’t happen cause things don’t stay the same. But the originals should be on there for the run of the series. The Holdens are soo vital to Army wives.

  21. Carol Slover says:

    I don’t know if I will be able to watch anymore. Pretty much told us this will be the last season. How do you revamp when 3 of the regular 5 are gone? Looks like they could have done something with Kim to where she could have finished this show out. But of course I don’t know the whole story. So I don’t want to judge. Just saying I will miss everybody.

  22. camy says:

    I realy wait for new series.I hope Claudia Joy go trough her personal problem

  23. joey says:

    I love this show! I am sorry for those who love CJ but I found her a little too perfect and boring. My favorite one is Denise. Does anyone know if Charlie and Nicole will be the in season 7? I love Kellie Martin since ER. I hope to see these characters. I can’t wait for the season premiere !!!

  24. Brian says:

    I will not be watching Army Wives any longer without Kim, Lifetime is Very Stupid and has already pissed off viewers with their cancelling of Drop Dead Diva, and now this.. Screw them! … i am done with Army Wives!

  25. shirley skillman says:

    I have also watched the show from the very beginning. I am so disappointed they are eliminating the original leading characters. How can they keep showing all five of the leading ladies when three of them are gone? Why get rid of Claudia Joy’s character? Why not replace her with another great actress? They do it on soap operas all the time. That is putting way too much loss and sadness on the Holden family. If Kim Delaney has a problem, why not be truthful about ending her character if it has to be done? Does she have a drinking problem or what does she have? It is not fair to her for everyone to speculate, just tell the truth. Bits and pieces of gossip is wrong. If she has an illness, then put it out there and tell the whole story. Why get rid of Roxy and her family? They just have darling twins and then they transfer them. What gives? This show is losing me, and I have loved it from the get go. Somehow they have to return to its roots and bring the original characters back. Bringing in all these new faces is not cutting it.

  26. Crossmilouff says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Thou sayest Claudia Joy was boring and it was always the same thing over and over, but on the other hand thou sayest thou will stop watching the show if she dies. Too much the same thing, but too different from before = no. Fan talk and expectation is thrilling but after a while it just becomes an endless contradictory loss of time. Why not wait and see, now that all this has been theorized to a ridiculous extent? And btw, Claudia Joy is not an actress on the show but a fictional character on the show. Funny how this unexact statement reminds us all so much about Delaney actually confusing real life with her own script, but at least she had an excuse (being drunk into a stupor) – what’s yours? ;)

  27. Me says:

    Probably wont watch anymore. Half of the original cast is gone so it won’t be the same.

  28. Lynn says:

    Change is good. Claude joy part was playing out since she was.gone all.the.time. Ok you cant have joan and hector and frank back and the plane crashed so thats the start already the call michael received had to be about claudia joy she was already gone thats her exist ticket. But when you bring the show back stop all the disrespecting kids roles, Jackie daughter always talking back. Micheal daughter always talking back. Looking forward to new changes. Good luck!!

    • Beth says:

      Emmeline grew out of the talking back though! And she was having issues cause of her sister dying! Jackie’s daughter was just a brat! Although Jackie had problems to which probably made her daughter confused and anxious!

  29. shannon griffin says:

    wow. Kim Delaney is a great actress. I really dont think why she let the show is important or relative to the fact Claudia Joy was the root of this show and she will sadly be missed. I think its terrible all the negative responses here. Dont judge her because you sin differently than she does. As for portraying a character or being a real life Army wife… That is immaterial she is someone who loyal fans have watched from day one when she lost her daughter and grieved and went on and lived the life of most as a military wife. She was a true spirit of Army Wives and Claudia Joy will be missed as well as Kim Delaney. Loyal fans will miss them both/ Shame on you Army Wives there are a few other characters w could do without she was not one of them. Sad day in the life of Army wives. RIP Claudia Joy, you can now be with your daughter in heaven

  30. Lynn says:

    Sorry to say claudie joy was the root but it started playing off In the end when she was away at the white house. Now its time for a new beginning. Lets see what the writers have for us. Once again good luck, but I can pretty much see where its going. Stay tuned. But if they want the show to be good they need to keep trevor and roxy full time remember she still has the bar how long you think she can keep gloria in charge cant wait.

  31. Leslie Keck says:

    I am devastated that Claudia Joy is going to be killed off. I have watched the show from the beginning and she is the reason I was so loyal and never missed an episode. I missed not seeing her most of last season :-( The change to this new format of the show I’m sure will lose viewers who have been committed to the original cast.

  32. DeVa Simmons says:

    OMG.. what a mess they are making of the series… can’t stand any of the new characters.
    Time for me to say Goodbye, along with Claudia Joy & Roxy. Thank God for Scandal!!!!

  33. rmcepp says:

    Forgive my my mispelling. Chemo brain will do that.

  34. Shari Garcia says:

    I love the she and just started watching out this week on Netflix. I watched all 6 seasons in a row in a week and love love love it. Can’t wait for season 7 and to the lady who asked where to rent season 7 before 8 starts, there isn’t a season 7 yet, that will be the new one. Netflix is up to date and has every episode

  35. Laura says:

    The writers suck. You could not leave well enough alone. I will not be watching anymore, thanks alot.

  36. Deva says:

    It’s time to say goodbye. Getting rid of Claudia joy and Roxy is certainly is a big mistake.

  37. Amanda says:

    I think killing of Claudia Joy and taking Roxy out of the show is completely ridicoulos. The original cast was the best! And I honestly do believe ratings will drop and I hope they do. I WILL NO LONGER WATCH THIS SHOW WHICH WAS MY ALL TIMY FAVORITE SHOW. LIKE EVER! I THINK TRUE TALENT WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO KEEP THE SAME CAST AND ALSO KEEP THE “SHOW FRESH”. ROXY AND TREVOR WERE MY FAVORITE!

    • shirley skillman says:

      I agree with you about getting rid of the original cast. The writers must be able to figure out something to keep them around. Bringing on all the new people is making me lose interest also. Now there are only two originals, who weren’t always in the limelight as much as Claudia Joy and Roxy (and Pamela was at times) Denise and Joan. My sister and I have loved this show from day one and never miss watching it, but all these new people and some of the story lines may cause us to quit watching. What a shame they can’t keep a good thing going.

  38. brianna says:

    I love this show through the laughs tears and some anger i watched it since season 1 and i dont want this show to ever end even though i dont like the changes too much but i the new members i never missed an episode even when i was in the hospital back in 2007 i still was watching my army wives its very addicting and i can never wait til the next episode or season is aired

  39. Ivelani says:

    I will miss CJ and Roxy. I’m looking forward for Season 7 next month!

  40. Beth says:

    I will still watch but if they get rid of Denise and Roland and Frank and Joan too THAT is when I will stop watching! I don’t think it will last past this season or at least it will only go on one more season since thier have been so MANY changes! Change is good but NOT SO MUCH at ONCE! I will miss CJ and Roxy and Pamela! It won’t be the same without the original tribe!

    • Lynn says:

      I agree with Beth, concerning roxy and trevor but they never said she was not coming back lets just wish her a speedy recovery from having her own real life children many blessing Ms Pressman aka Roxy…she will be returning on some episodes as I read on the tvline. The most important part we have to focus on was the end. I said it before on one of my comments how can they bring back joan and frank and hector and some of the other folks from the ending a few lighting strikes and they had everyone believing the plane crashed I believe The phone call had to be about claudia joy and its a shame the way they ended her part and then blast her personal business on the internet about a drinking problem come on lets all grow up and respect kimberly as the great actress she was on the show. but if you are a true fan of the show we must give it a chance in the beginning if it looks like it’s going to be a flop I know I will not waste my time recording and watching it but lets give it a chance. We all know if they do not bring back roxy and trevor and pamela and chase also joan and roland all my favorites, the show is going to be a complete joke… Lets just hope for the best. for these writers because we can always change the channels ladies and gentlemen….Lets make it happen 2013…ARMYWIVES!!!!!

  41. Beth says:

    All I can say is that if they do have to end the show after this season! they BETTER have an AWESOME series Finale!

    • Lynn says:

      I feel you 100% percent…. Beth lets just wait and watch in March its suppose to be a two hour show so they better bring it.

  42. Becky fox says:

    Show is over for me. Was my favorite.

  43. Robin says:

    Holy Jeebus! It’s just a (really terrible) TV show people. Calm down. It’s not like we’re talking about Doctor Who here.

  44. Diana says:

    I have watched the show from the beginning and was immediately hooked. Although Roxy’s character is one of my favorites, I love them all. I will miss Kim Dleaney and wish her all the best. Sunday night episodes won’t be the same but with the good cast of characters I’m sure we’ll all be pleased.

  45. 111 says:


  46. Brittany says:

    I honestly am really sad to see claudia joy go as a fan. I still am planning on watching future episodes to come! I happen to be a military wife and this show is pretty entertaining. Although, my life doesn’t have this much drama. It is still nice to slip away and get swept up in the show. My hubby even likes it (: can’t wait for the new season! (:

  47. Joseph says:

    Without Claudia Joy,and Roxy.I have watched this show since day one.After this season Premier .I will no longer be watching it.

  48. You can’t ‘return to the show’s roots’ without Claudia Joy. Sorry. I’m in S5 right now and I love the show, but without Kim and Sally I just might quit.

  49. crystal says:

    I love Kim Delaney,She is a great actress.I also loved her in nypd Blue.I will miss her on Army Wives.I wish her the best of luck in whatever she decides to do.

  50. Dave says:

    I’m from Charleston and last I heard Kim Delaney is still in rehab for drugs and alcohol at least that’s the talk around town.