Army Wives Exclusive: Major Character Getting Killed Off Amid Season 7 Shake-Up

Army Wives Season 7 Kim Delaney LeavingArmy Wives‘ classified Season 7 battle plan has leaked, and if you’re a fan of the show, believe me when I tell you it will have you standing at attention.

Not only does it include (at least!) one major casualty, it also includes a handful of new recruits and contains a dozen other bits of top-secret intel. So proceed with caution…

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First, the big news: Leading lady Kim Delaney, who has played Claudia Joy Holden since the Lifetime drama launched six years ago, will not be returning — like, ever. Exec producer Jeff Melvoin confirms to TVLine that her character (who is currently travelling overseas) will be killed off in the season premiere — a tragedy that will serve as a launching pad for an almost rebooted program.

“The first two [episodes] will be very emotional, and it will confirm that Claudia Joy is no longer among the living,” he says. “It’s been very wrenching for us to write, and I think it will be very wrenching for the audience to go through.

“Kim and Claudia Joy have been the rock upon which we based the show,” the EP continues. “But we [have to] continue to move forward and keep the show fresh and unpredictable.”

Below, Melvoin explains how he and his fellow generals will be doing exactly that:

WHAT ABOUT ROXY? | Original cast member Sally Pressman (Roxy) will be back — but not as a series regular. “Sally, just like Kim, has been a huge part of the show’s success,” notes Wives‘ boss, adding that Pressman’s real-life pregnancy will likely limit her participation to the first couple of episodes.

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WHO’S STICKING AROUND? | Melvoin confirms that Catherine Bell (Denise), Wendy Davis (Joan), Alyssa Diaz (Gloria), Kelli Williams (Jackie), J.J. Soria (Hector) and Terry Serpico (Frank) are all back as series regulars. Additionally, Claudia Joy’s widower — Michael, played by Brian McNamara — will also remain a full-timer. Beyond that, Melvoin is staying mum, in part to maintain some suspense, considering Season 6 ended with a plane carrying practically half the cast possibly crashing. “Who survives the cliffhanger and who doesn’t is going to provide a lot of the juice of the first two hours.”

NEW BLOOD | Three new female characters will be introduced, including an “18-year-old farm girl from Illinois,” an African-American mother of three who “runs the kind of house that kids and adults want to hang out in,” and a drop-dead gorgeous bad girl named Maggie who is a member of the Airborne Division. She’s also on her second marriage. “It’s the first time where we’ve done a blended marriage,” notes Melvoin. “Her second husband, who is a soldier, has a 14-year-old daughter who resents Maggie. And she’s got an 11-year-old son who’s trying to fit in.”

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NEW SETTING | The common thread tying the new (and some of the existing) wives together is that their “husbands all serve in the same platoon that’s stationed in an outpost in Afghanistan,” explains Melvoin, who drew inspiration for the new setting from the acclaimed 2010 war documentary Restrepo. “The war is winding down, but that doesn’t mean what they’re doing is any less dangerous or risky.”

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE… | “We’re trying to return to the show’s roots,” Melvoin says. “The central conceit of the show is friendship that transcends rank [featuring] women from different walks of life and with very different outlooks. But it’s not going to be like you just flip the page and suddenly you’re looking at a different show… It’s the same show with some fresh new colors.”

Army Wives is slated to return in mid-2013. In the meantime, hit the comments with your insta-reaction to the show’s mini-reboot and your eulogies for poor Claudia Joy.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Crystal lee says:

    I have loved this show since day 1. I honestly do not know what i would do if this show went off the air. When i started watching my husband (now my ex) and i were both new to the army, i felt like the show was very relatable. This show like any other has to change, just as real life does! Nothing stays the exact same or viewers would get bored. I do love roxys character and i am happy that she will be returning at least part time! I will continue being a fan until the very last day! The producers and actors in this show have captivated me! As u can see i am a HUGE fan! So excited to see what they have in store :)

  2. Marie says:

    I loved this show. But it has changed to much. They should have canceled it last season .

  3. lisa says:

    Army wives, has been the best show ever, it keeps you wondering, I didn’t see the last episode because I had no electric, but I will miss Claudia Joy and Roxie, the show won’t be the same. I will continue to watch and see how it go’s.

  4. Michelle says:

    When watching the season finale for last season, I thought maybe Michael got a call about Claudia Joy but I figured they had already kicked that family while it was down, no way they would actually kill Claudia Joy. Guess I was wrong! I kind of lost a bit of interest when Pamela left the show, now with Roxy leaving too, I’m not sure how much I’ll watch this season. The only reasons I’ll tune in is to see Roland/Joan and Denise/Frank. If either couple ends up jetting out of town, I’ll probably stop watching. It’s just not the same show it used to be. :(

  5. Aria Rogers says:

    It’s really sad how so many people won’t give a change a chance. They’re putting down all the changes that will happen and they have no idea how it’s going to be handled. I’ve watched Army Wives since Season 1, episode 1 and ordered each season on DVD before they were released. I’m looking forward to the new season and do wish they would set it up to have 2 seasons a year. Use to be all shows would have 2 seasons a year and it helped to keep your interest going so you wouldn’t end up liking another show better and decide to not watch Army Wives again. That won’t happen with me as long as I have Tivo. Thanks for the update and also for letting us know about Sally and her husband expecting.

    • Larissa says:

      It’s not change in general, at least not for me. It’s the fact that a lot of us have not liked a lot of the changes they have made so far, so we can guess that we will not like these new changes. For instance, I have not liked any of the new characters that they have added, I can take a guess and say that I will not like the new characters of the upcoming season. Also, Roxy has seemed like the main character to me, and you don’t remove the main character from a show (unless the show is Doctor Who). Think of another show that you like… Now imagine the main character of that show being virtually removed from the show.

  6. I just hope that they either make use of Drew Fuller or he finds a new awesome show to showcase him because he is awesome (not to mention hot).

  7. Linda says:

    I liked Claudia Joy but Roxy and Pamela are my favorites and I was really sad when Pamela left and if Roxy isn’t in in much I may lose interest but we will see. I will watch some of it before giving up. I haven’t missed an episode yet. I hope Roland stays too.

  8. I started watching it because Catherine Bell was on it. I loved her when she played in JAG. I knew something was up when Micheal was seen with anther woman in one of the shows.

  9. dc says:

    I hate that she is leaving the show. I think she was a strong character, and she helped bond a lot of the characters together. I am sorry that she has a problem with alcohol. Many people have that problem. (Probably a lot of them will make a comment about Kim!) Best of luck to her. What if we wrote off everyone that had an alcohol or drug problem? Just saying………..

  10. Tiff says:

    Army wives is doing just like Grey’s killing beloved character. Grey’s killed Lexie (Chyler Leigh) now Army wives is killiing Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) Why couldn’t they just let them walk out the door so their fans could see them again later like the series finale. Instead they stab us in the heart by killing their character. So sad. Army wives and Grey do share the same EP Mark Gordon. I do love that Joan and Denise will be back and Roxy part time. Also i Love they made Gloria a regular. I love that character. So I continue to watch Army wives till the end.

  11. Roni says:

    What about Nicole and Charlie? Any news about them?

    • Liz says:

      I bet that Nicole is killed in the crash, preparing for Charlie’s exit. Notice how the article mentioned Joan, but not Roland? Roland & Charlie are married in real life… so if Roland leaves, I’d bet Charlie will, too.

  12. maejsmom says:

    Sorry to hear that CJ is leaving the show, but it seems as if her character had done as much as and suffered more than anyone should in a lifetime! The show had SO much tragedy it was borderline comical. I’ll miss Roxy and hubby for sure. But they should get out before the show jumps the shark! I used to look forward to the show and last year watched it and groaned most weeks cause it was so melodramatic and poorly written! Those actors and the audience deserve more. The Gloria character is so stereotypical Hollywood “fiery Latina” it’s laughable! The saving grace for that show were Nicole and Charlie- Roxy and Trevor. Spin them off in their own show! Please!

    • Sadie says:

      AMEN to that! Gloria dragged the story (and the show) down. Her character reminded me of a character in a bad horror flick (Final Destination). Nicole, Charlie, Trevor and Roxy would make an amazing spin-off!

  13. MyReligionIsWhovian says:

    Well. I’m done with this show. Claudia Joy is my favorite. They’ve already lost their daughter and now the matriarch? No. Buh-bye.

  14. WandaE says:

    Regardless of the reasons she is leaving, Kim Delaney WAS/IS Claudia Joy. I will miss this character very much, I loved the way she interacted with the others as well as her husband. SHE was the backbone of the group. I wish her well, and if she is drinking then she;s sick and needs our prayers and not this bashing.

  15. Yvonne says:

    Michael will just have to get him a hot new wife to add some spice. The show is my favorite and I am so glad it did not leave us. I know the writers will keep us entertained and that’s what it is about!!

  16. Shelly says:

    I worked with Kim Delaney and I have to say she is one of the nicest people on set. My first year there she stopped and asked how we were all doing. She is a beautiful person inside and out and i wish her the best. We sure will miss her on set.

  17. Sandy says:

    I really hate to see Claudia Joy go but I will still watch the show! Gloria will be a great character sub for Roxy who is NOT slated to be a regular on the show. I have watched the show since the 1st episode and life & characters go on. I think whatever happens will make the show just as good as always.

    • Sadie says:

      Gloria is a stereotypical, flat character being portrayed by a juvenille and extremely untalented actress. I really REALLY don’t see any appeal to watch with her in any commanding role.

  18. showfan says:

    Love this show. One of the best on television. I was never a Kim Delaney fan until “Army Wives”, but I’m not surprised she’s being written out of the show. Her personal problems aside, the character has gotten stale and boring. Glad to hear that Catherine Bell will be back, as well as Joan Davis. I hope that means that Sterling Brown will also continue. Shifting characters and adding new people makes it more true to life. Can’t wait for the new season!

  19. Mary says:

    While I can’t say I’m surprised that CJ is leaving, I will miss her character. I’m just glad that Denise, Frank and Joan will be back next season. I do wonder about Charlie/Nicole – are they coming back too? How will everyone, especially Michael, Emmaline, Denise & Frank deal with the loss of CJ? Will Pamela & Roxy come back for the funeral (assuming they show one)? How will the fact that the spouses are separated during their grief impact upon the characters? Just lots of questions – can’t wait for the new season!

  20. Janet Warren says:

    I am sad that C..J. will not be back. I love Denise and Frank. I will miss Roxy after she goes. She and Pamela made the show for me. I’ll watch, but not sure how long.

  21. BigKate2 says:

    Executive Producers of Army Wives have made a big mistake with the changes. Kim Delaney and Catherine Bell were the reason I watched this show. Killing off Claudia Joy’s character is the last straw. Your new additions last season were aweful. Most of them couldn’t even act. This show no longer has my viewership!!

  22. Paula Ford says:

    First they kill Jenny Gardner on a stupid jet ski, and now she gets killed on this show too. I love Kim Delaney. She is beautiful and brilliant, too bad Hollywood messed with her. Love you Kim!

    • Aria says:

      Hollywood didn’t mess with her. She messed with the bottle and it has ruined her life. We need to pray that she’ll be able to give up the bottle once and for all. She is a great actress and I’m sure she’d even be magnificent if she’d get totally dry once and for all. I’d love to see her in another show once she has come clean. Other wise she’ll lose all her fans. It’s hard to get into a character only to have it killed off the show. From what I understand this is the second time they’ve had to do it to her. I know I would be cautious to get into another show where she was one of the primary characters.

  23. Sadie says:

    I stopped watching regularly midway through last season, and this news just confirms that this show is trying to extend past its time. I loved the stories created involving Claudia Joy, Pamela, Denise, Roxy, Joan and Roland. These characters (and their families) were enjoyable to see every week. The character of Gloria and the actress who portrays her is like a bad day in Acting 101 that never seems to end. The new direction the show has taken is so unrelatable. They had an oportunity to show Pamela and family adjusting to civilian life, Roxy balancing her growing role as an Army wife, etc. I will no longer watch and will treasure the characters and stories that I have enjoyed until now.

  24. tsacal says:

    Michael Holden has to get a new girlfriend. I know JUST the person to play her. ME! ; )

  25. dallas says:

    I have been a big fan of this show since it started. My son has learned a lot from it also about racism, bullying, interracial relationships, same sex marriages and being a son with no father that wants him.We watch the show together so I can explain everything to him. I am really hoping that with Kim Delaney departing :(, they bring back Brigid Brannagh (Pam) & Jeremy Davidson (Chase) since Sally Pressman & Drew Fuller wont be regulars on the show. They need to have the kid interactions again for David. Colonel Joan’s son. Change some but leave the main story alone. Us true fans depend on it. I go with the flow, but hate dramatic change.

  26. BRIAN says:


  27. Sean says:

    I watch Army Wives, and having been in the military enjoy it. Sure there are moments that are corny and not realistic, but this show has made me tear up more than once. Yes, I miss Pam, and Roxy will be missed. But overall, I am glad the show was renewed, especially after last season’s finale. I wish this show was following Roxy to Fort Lewis in Washington, as that would be more realistic than focusing on a show at the same base where nobody ever leaves. But it seems, the show is focusing on Catherine Bell as the main Army Wife. With the shake up in cast (some are calling reboot, which is an egregious abuse of the term (was ER rebooted every time they changed the cast?)) this show has legs, and as long as Lifetime thinks its profitable they will make it. Expect a lot of cast changes. The creative team could take a page out of American Horror Story’s playbook and attract A-List talent to star for a season or two as wives or husbands and then write them out. The future could be bright for this show.

    On another note: Spinoff time. Navy Wives!

  28. Rosemary says:

    A m delighted about the ‘re-up’ of Army Wives and can’t wait for reveille. Love the story line and characters and new characters will add life to the series. Hope Roland re-ups too. Good Luck.

  29. I’ve watched every single episode, but am not happy with losing first Pamela, then Roxy and now Claudia Joy. While I understand the latters issue with alcohol are disruptive to the show, why couldn’t they replace the part of Claudia Joy with another actress ? – they do this in TV series all the time. I’d rather get used to a new actress than watch Michael & Emlin lose their wife / mother after losing their daughter / sister already. If this is really what happens I will no longer be watching :(

  30. helen says:

    What a great show never missed a show even in australia the show is popular

  31. Shirley Weeks says:

    This was my favorite Show. I am relocating to Texas and don’t know if I will ever be able to watch it again. I just love the program and have watch it for from the beginning. There is no one I dislike. I hope to be able to catch it in TX.

  32. Becky says:

    I can’t believe that! Well I love the show but they should have ended it last season or the year before. It’s definitely not the same and not in a good way.

  33. Andrea says:

    Love the show. Can’t wait to see the reboot.

  34. JG says:

    So “Roxy” and “Trevor” are off the show for good??????

  35. This is so sad. This show will not be the same without Kim Delany. Michael and Emmalin loose Amanda and now Claudia Joy. Why do all the good shows and the characters have to leave

  36. drhenning says:

    Maybe Gen Clark will get knocked off somehow and they’ll hook up Jackie and Michael??? I noticed Kelli Williams is still in the show… Maybe she’ll comfort him and one thing will lead to another…

  37. Christie says:

    Really? Pamela and her whole family is gone, since roxy won’t be a regular I’m sure her family won’t either, and they’re killing off Claudia joy? I am absolutely not looking forward to the new season, since last season was the worst one yet. I mean I understand people really do move on and get stationed far away in the army, but these characters have been on 6 seasons and now like over half of the cast is gone? Very disappointing, this was my favorite show ever, guess ill need to find a new one.

  38. sherry loika says:

    i am a true army wives fan and it will be sad to see claudia joy go seeing what the family has been through in the show but if she’s unreliable it may be worth it dont rate the show based on what characters do outside the show though army wives was produced to show what army families deal with in times of war and in everyday life. i cant wait until the new season starts!!!

  39. Jeannine says:

    So happy to hear Army Wives will be returning for another season. Last seasons cliff hanger would have been a terrible way to end the series. Roxy and Claudia Joy will be missed same as Pam was last season.

    Addiction is tough but recovery is possible so I hope that Kim Delany can find her peace with it. People are dying every day from this disease so I wish her success in her recovery!

  40. DE says:

    This is an easy one….I am a guy and can see this coming……Jackie and Michael will eventually be an item……if the show last that long….de

  41. Emma says:

    I’m pissed! Like REALLY pissed! I swear I’m tempted to stop watching this show! This show has changed tremendously…and not for the good. Even the scritping seems different. I’m sorry but just end the show if your going to take off Pamela and Chase, Roxy and Trevor, and then Claudia Joy??? Just end it. You guys have had a good run…but if your taking off all these MAIN characters then season 7 should be the last. Lifetime is holding onto a show that has no reason to go on. As for Kim Delaney, her personal life should come first of course. I don’t know what have happened to this show. It has lost its spark and true meaning. For six years I have watched this show, but I do not think I will continue to watch this show. For me this isn’t the actual Army Wives that I have watched for 6 years.
    Sorry if this seemed really long and serious,..I loved this show so much. It’s just kind of sad to see this show lose its true meaning which was friendship and family.

  42. Cynthia M says:

    I love this show and hope it never ends….the story-lines keep me interested season to season….it bothers me to hear on this thread that some of you hate the show…I don’t get it, the actors are fantastic and play their character outstanding!! If this is a thread to comment on while being a fan of the show, then don’t comment anymore and leave this site and never watch the show again!! I will not care if you do!! Anyway…I am going to miss Claudia Joy in the next season and I’m hoping nobody else dies….I have become too attached! ;)

  43. belle says:

    wow, the only thing really hated about the show was that this family of spouses “a tribe us born” stuck together through so much. Been a military wife now for 10 years. Never had a “tribe” like this. Or even a few friends that close for that matter. What a crock.

    • armywife1980 says:

      I am an Army Wife & over the course of 20+ years I had the pleasure of having a great group of friends like that at each of our duty stations. We still keep in touch on Facebook, emails, letters and/or phone. A few of them that we were closest to we have visited back & forth over the years. (Our husbands are retired now.) I guess it depends on how sociable a person is to begin with. We even keep up w/ Army Wives together & disgust what’s real & what ain’t on the show.

  44. ANNIE says:


  45. Nikki says:

    Well in the book michael gets killed like 2 seasons ago

  46. Tabbetha says:

    so what happened to the Roland character???

  47. Mara Hagood says:

    What about Roland????? Not happy love the show but I’m finish. Roxy and Trevor is must bring back Pam and her husband. No one can be as professional as Claudia joy. Change that’s too much…… My opinion

  48. Cathy Viviano says:

    Army Wives will not be the same without Roxy and Claudia Joy. :(

  49. Emm says:

    Ugh! I’m pissed. This is stupid. They just need to end the show. I’ll watch the first couple episodes when Claudia joy dies but then, bye army wives. It’s not worth watching anymore. They should’ve just ended the show when all the wives were together. Including Pamela. I’m so sad and angry at what they decided to turn an amazing show into a show that’s just trying to drag on.

  50. Kathy says:

    I love this show and it will be interesting to see fresh faces along with the old keepsakes! Honestly, I’ll be glad to not have to hear the name Claudia Joy again… One of my least favorites of the group. Will have sympathy for her husband who is a vital part of the show along with Frank and the other spouses.