Grey's Anatomy Recap: Prodigal Yang Returns

Life at Seattle Grace settled into a kind of new normal this week on Grey’s Anatomy as Cristina accepted her old job back, Arizona resumed walking on her own two feet*, and Derek inched closer to reclaiming his title as the world’s McDreamiest super surgeon.

Herewith are the key takeaways from “Second Opinion.”

* Jackson didn’t take kindly to April comparing her sexual relationship with him to a dessert tray. Both are irresistible. Both are amazing for a moment. And both have the potential to leave you feeling “tired and bloated and gassy and guilty.” That led to an episode-ending heart-to-heart, during which McBabyBlues stopped just short of confessing his love for her. Epic Kepner freakout in 3…2…1…

* The plane crash survivors met with their legal team (which included Bones baddie Andrew Leeds) in an effort to monetize the damages they suffered in the accident. Easier said than done. After initially giving the ambulance chasers the smoking gun they so craved — i.e., a sworn statement that Derek would never step foot in an operating room again — Callie peeled away the thick layer of fear and denial enveloping her and promptly recanted her testimony. The fact is, the procedure she performed on Derek’s hand may yield a positive result… eventually. Nonetheless, the lawyers felt they had a strong enough case to go after not the pilot… not the airline… not the manufacturer… but the big fish: the hospital that put them on the plane in the first place — Seattle freakin’ Grace! Twist!

* The old Arizona’s returned! Dangling an unsolved medical case in front of her, a sneaky Bailey coaxed Callie’s bitter half — holed up at home refusing to walk around on her prosthetic leg — out of the house and back to Seattle Grace where she belongs. Welcome back, A.

* Alarmed that he was becoming “the kind of guy who graduated from high school and hangs out in his El Camino looking to nail the freshman,” Karev stopped schtupping the interns and started growing up. That included buying Mer’s old crib and taking Cristina in as a tenant! Speaking of “Worse than Medusa” (Heather’s words, not mine)…

* An all-business Owen re-hired Cristina at Seattle Grace and proceeded to act like the boss from hell to her. Passive aggressive much, Chief H? But Cris was wise to his heartbreak-fueled mood swings. In fact, I daresay she was sympathetic. (Somewhere, Dr. Thomas is smiling.)

What did you think of this week’s Grey’s? Hit the comments with your snappy judgements!

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  1. Courtney says:

    Pretty upset that when Arizona takes such a big step, Callie isn’t a part of it.

    • Ash says:

      I actually loved that Bailey lured her into it. It’s so classic Bailey and it’s just what Arizona needed to get the ball rolling a little more. Plus, getting Arizona back in the surgery game might be what she needs to start alleviate the tension and anger she has against Callie.

    • chris says:

      Rhimes cut AZ’s leg off, and warehoused her in the apt for 5 episodes with little or no screen time (note to shonda – if your actor is on leave you don’t give them this kind of heavy material – you send them back to Africa for a while to heal sick kids); Then its Bailey who tricks her back to SGMD/the hell mouth with NO interaction with Callie. Seriously, this storyline blows chunks.

      Over the past six episodes we’ve seen Callie run to Mark (in coma). sleep at his bedside, and show him more concern than her bed ridden wife whose leg she was suppose to save.

      Even in death Callie is still running to Mark/Marks bed. Callie is out flirting with Owen in a bar one ep and now she is showing more concern and putting more effort into saving Ders hand than we ever saw her put into saving AZ’s leg.

      Unlike all the others Callie didn’t go to Boise to meet the survivors, why?
      the first words we saw her say to AZ were get the hell out of bed,
      She proceeded to care more about $ than what her wife was going through, throwing what Mark would want/do in AZ’s face,
      and when her wife was totally humiliated sitting in pee in a bath room she picked AZ up, threw her into a wall and screamed she stunk
      Yet shonda says these two are MFEO – really?

      I’m supposed to care about .C/A why exactly when they are written like two strangers rather than lovers. The only thing I feel about these two is that AZ should pack her bags and leave Callie for good. There is no way I would want to see these two back together. AZ needs a real gf – and that is not Callie.

      • Dolphin says:

        They can’t show every minute of what goes on in their “lives”…this IS a TV show.
        Sometimes you have to fill in the gaps with your own mind.
        Obviously AZ is really mad about loosing her leg, and is blaming Callie for it. Many times in life we take things out on the people we love the most, and since AZ was behaving this way toward Callie, what is Callie supposed to do? She has obviously (obvious to me anyway) been trying hard to help AZ in any way she can (in those scenes we don’t see), but AZ wouldn’t budge.
        It makes perfect sense that Bailey could get AZ to get started.
        You ask why Callie didn’t go to Boise…maybe the hospital needed SOME doctors to remain there, and maybe she needed to take care of her baby (maybe even Mer’s baby too).
        It also makes perfect sense that Callie would be at Mark’s bedside, they were BEST friends after all, and since AZ didn’t seem to want anything to do with Callie during that time anyway, why not be with Mark? (Mark was the one that put those two together, remember?)
        And the bathroom incident, maybe Callie was using “tough love”…or maybe that was the only way she could handle the situation (Callie is only human after all too, and is trying the best she can).
        I don’t think that they are written “like two strangers” at all…this is exactly how some people behave when there is crisis in their lives. They still love each other, and they are the moms of their baby. I don’t see why either of them should want to leave the other. This is why so many people get divorced, because they can’t deal with problems that come along, instead of sticking together and working things out “through thick and thin.”
        “Flirting” with Owen???? Maybe just two people connecting because both of them are hurting because of what their significant other suffered, and are both getting the brunt of it (as I said before, this happens a lot in real life…the people we love the most are the ones we tend to beat up the most because we know that – as unfair as this may seem – they will love us anyway).
        And btw, I understood that they tried everything to save AZ’s leg, until it became a life threatening situation, and the leg had to come off. Also, great special effects with that leg!!!

        • grace says:

          Baily went to Boise with Mer/Der’s kid. Marks GF went to Boise. Owen went to Boise. Yet Callie who had her best friend/kids dad and her wife in Boise – didn’t go? Sorry but that needs explaining. TV is a visual media, if its not on screen then its not important to the story. The show not filling in the gaping holes in such a heavy (amputation) story line, (that Shonda claimed had to be done/done right) is just ridiculously lazy/bad story telling.

          AZ certainly wanted Callie at her bedside – AND DOING SOMETHING about her leg. AZ Wanted A Plan to fix her leg Not Cut it Off. It was Bailey who had to bring Sofia in to see Arizona, why wasn’t it Callie who was bringing her? Because Callie was way to busy running to spend time with Mark than caring about her wife, she was sleeping at his bed (and now in his apt) rather than at her wifes. Her WIFE should have come first! Now Callie is putting all this effort into coming up with a way to fix Der? Sorry but that seems misplaced effort. Perhaps she should be getting herself and her wife some counciling so as to deal with the life changing issues they are both going through, rather than throwing her wife into walls

          We never saw Callie provide love and support after the amputation, JUST Tough Love (get the hell out of bed; you stink/this is my life too) so going to that well twice with no tendernous in the balance just makes Callie look like a self centered bully who is feeling sorry for herself and unfeeling towards her partner.

          Callies MO is to run to a bar and drink/flirt with a guy when times get tough. She did just that with Owen (ugly tie/have another drink/giving him a big ol smile – even while Owen was subdued, sad) , yah I read it as Callie was regressing to old ways and flirting as well.

          The trouble I have with the amputation is that I don’t buy it had to happen. AZ was preped for surgery so had to have just had blood work. If the infection was about to rage it would have been picked up in the pre op labs as a rise in white cell count. After all they had been waiting to operate until it was safe so the fact they were going forward says her count was normal. Likewise sepsis caught early is managable. Something like three fours or more of those who go septic get better if its caught early and obviously they caught AZ’s illness early. So to me that says Callie “gave up on her” and took the easy/safe way out, which was to cut the leg off and be done with it even though she new it was NOT what AZ would want. AZ was quite clear in her choices, she knew what could happen but would take her chances and remain whole even if it cost her her life. (JCap also mentioned this in an interview). Callie however went against AZ’s wishes (when AZ blacked out Alex came to get Callies permission to supercede AZ’s orders, and cut the leg off). When the roles were reversed after the car crash, AZ stayed true to Callies wishes to save the baby even while Mark called her/AZ Nothing and wanted to end the pregnancy to give Callie a better shot at life. AZ honored Callies wishes, Callie failed to return the favor. So I too do not see Callie and Arizona’s relationship as viable at this point. AZ had to walk away from her dream of working in Africa, she had to accept raising Callies kid with Mark (rather than she and Callie raising a kid together), she had to accept Mark in their kitchen every morning, and the constant reminder of how Sofia came about. Callie never put AZ first. The one time she did send Mark home was because she/Callie wanted sex. Callies shortness with AZ (to the point of being bruital with her and smashing her up against a wall) seems symptamatic of a one sided relationship where AZ always gave in and Callie always took. I don’t see Callie as really being able to sacrifice for AZ and hoestly don’t see love there. So I also think AZ should break it off with Callie. I just don’t see MFEO with these two. But then I also don’t think C/O should be together and sometimes wonder if DER/MER are really MFEO.

      • Beth says:

        Have you even been watching the show Chris?!? Seriously! Callie went to EXTREME measures to save AZ’s leg. Despite every other doctor on the show telling her she needed to remove the leg Callie said no and tried all kinds of new treatments to save it. (they showed this in the second episode.) The only reason she agreed to let them take the leg is because AZ was DYING!!! As for not being by her side….she kept trying but everytime she die AZ yelled at her and said she hated her and told her to leave. So, yeah…eventually she did leave. But she also came back every day to make sure AZ was OK eventhough she knew She was just going to get yelled at again. As for the shower scene, it was Arizona’s own fault she was on the floor in her own pee because she fired the home nurse (for like the fith time by the way) so maybe Callie thought it was time to let AZ suffer the consequences. You sleep in the bed you made so to speak. It’s called tough love and it has been used in every TV show since the beginning of time (as well as in real life.) Arizona is the one who has been acting like the total A-hole here (understandable because of what she went through but still…) I think Callie has been great all things considered. I think you need to go back and rewatch the first couple of episodes because clearly you weren’t paying attention

        • chris says:

          When callie was on the table they flew addison in, the whole team made a plan and discussed options and when AZ was treating sofia she called experts, was ready fly in the best. With AZ, callie didn’t bring in any outside experts. The only person she talked to about “a plan” for her wifes leg was Owen – who is NOT an orthopedic let alone a bone expert. So for my money Callie didn’t go to any extremes. She had weeks to develop a plan, bring in experts and she did nothing but wait for antibiotics to knock down an infection. AZ had to tell her to change them and go more agressive with them. Even then they didn’t go IV with them as they should have and even with an open wound they didn’t have AZ in isolation (people were coming in ungowned, and they brought in her kid. AZ’s care was nil as far as I could see. AZ went septic but given it was caught so early she had a great chance to recover if treated properly, but Callie gave up on saving the leg (much like she told Alex that he had to throw in the towel on the kids from africa – AZ’s dream). AZ was suffering from PTSD, not to mention the fact that her wife failed to honor her wishes and fight to keep her leg damned the consequences. Callie took her home when AZ should have gone to rehab (callie was kept in SGMW through her rehab). AZ should have been getting couseling for her loss – instead she was warehoused in an apt where the only thing she could control was the firing of her aide. Tough love needs to be preceeded by LOVE – the only love I have seen CAllie express on screen this year was her love for Mark — the first three episodes were show out of order. While Mark and AZ were both in hospital and prior to mark going into coma and AZ losing her leg, CAllie was shown sleeping at Marks bedside, running to Mark’s room, holding Marks hand, etc while we got no sign of her care for her wife. Callie showed more care for Mark than her wife and showing her screaming at AZ to get up or slamming her into walls says bully and abuser -not lover. Callie FAILED to get outside experts in to save her wifes leg, FAILED to fight to remain true to her wifes wishes when things went south in her treatment and FAILED to get her wife proper rehab and couseling. If this were Mer who had lost a limb and Der treated her like Callie has AZ, the boards would be skewering him. I don’t see why Callie should get a pass

      • JJ says:

        Wow Chris. I couldn’t disagree with you more.

        • Simon says:

          Agreed! U have to think about the time that’s passed between last season’s finale and this season. As far as i’m concerned, tims is running there as fast as it is in reality so we have like 2-3 months in between. I think Dolphin put it correctly. Imagine what this time was like for Callie before we got to see them. I think this twist with Bailey was pure genius because characterwise, that’s exactly and 100% Bailey. I loved the fact that she took the pressure from Callie.

          On another note, this puky girl is the only intern i like this season, but please do NOT make her a love interest for Alex!!! I don’t think there is much chemnistry. Loved the idea of Christina and Alex moving in together, though.

      • Luca says:

        OK Chris. So you are telling me if your best friend in all the world was laying in a hospital bed dying and your significant other was stuck at home because of an injury you would diss your friend and not sit by their side and offer them comfort while they died just so you could be with your spouse whom you know will heal and be OK. Wow! I am sooooooooooooooooooo very thankful that I am not your friend.

        • hope says:

          How old are you? This is making my night.. lol. “Imagine if you had sum1 in your bed with one leg..” I bet you pretend your on the showor create drama and cry in front of the mirror after putting a ton of eye make up just so you can see I rolling it down your cheeks if your under 15 these posts are fun ..anything over 15….hmmmm well then your crazy. Tip- its a television show with all good looking docs (; n fake blood… Being so wrapped up I’m a show is weird n always ends bad

        • chris says:

          The eps were shown out of chronological order. I’m talking about the time prior to amputation/marks coma for 30days/Ders nerve/hand surgury by callie – at that point Mark and AZ were both in hospital and recovering while Callie was shown spending her time with Mark (who then awakend) rather than her wife. AZ is Callies wife not her significant other – her wife. Callie should be with her spouse, that is who she owes her time.

          We don’t know when AZ went home after the amputation other than it was sometime within the 30 days since surg/mark going into coma. So she couldn’t have been home more than a couple weeks and was obviously suffering from the toxic effects of sepsis, plus amputation plus having been bed ridden after rescue for weeks. and again – Callie should have been tending her wife. She could do and needs to do for her wife. There was nothing she could do for Mark. He was a corpse on machines for 30 days. Sure she could drop in on Mark and show up for them turning the machines off/his passing but Callies focus should have been on her wife. I saw no concern by callie for AZ – only resentment. Its no wonder AZ would have made the statement that she did not consent to having her leg removed even when she knew what that meant if things went south. Always being second fiddle to your wifes best friend, not a cool way to live.

          • loquesea says:

            Sooooo you don’t have to be an orthopedist or a “bone specialist” (whatever that is) to know what an infection is… In real life with real doctors, that leg would have come off the day they were rescued. AND as a doctor, AZ would be thanking them for doing so. Her wife is an orthopedic surgeon… They do amputations all the time (not like 2 or 3 a year, I’m talking 2 or 3 a week). So in all honesty, yeah AZ is being ridiculous and should have been thrown in the shower a long time ago. Saying she wants to keep her leg means she wants to die and that’s just crazy… Like psych consult crazy. Go Callie go, keep on w the tough love!!!

      • DarkDefender says:

        @chris.. You totally don’t get this show… or what people would go through in a similar situation..

    • Jesse R. says:

      Great episode Grey’s! Chandra did an awesome job, y’all. Sara made me cry. Loved seeing Andrew Leeds from Bones on here. He’s not nearly as scary when he’s in a suit. Hopefully he’ll be back. Maybe he’ll have a love story with Cristina? How did they do Arizona’s leg? Looked so real.

  2. Lydia says:

    I loved Cristina with her interns.

  3. Sara says:

    I am curious as to why they are letting these lawyers lead them around so much. They do have the power to tell them who to sue. I will be super disappointed in them if they sue the hospital. What an awful twist.

    • chris says:

      I’m confused about who hired these lawyers. I thought at first they were from the hospital? It would however make sense to me that the docs would sue the hospital because it was the hospital that chartered the plane and they were working for the hospital when they were on that plane. I could also see the hospital then sueing the charter company who provided the plane.

    • It seems ridiculous they’d sue the hospital. They were all doing their jobs and were in that plane with their full consent. It could have been human flaw or mechanical flaw that the plane crashed, but it makes no sense to shed the blame on the “because they were” on the plane angle. Seriously.

  4. Heather says:

    First thought I had after they said big fish was “omg, they’re setting up for the inevitable end of Grey’s.”

  5. Juan says:

    I love grey’s

  6. cheslea says:

    Alex and Cristina as roomies = comedy gold! Seriously can’t wait to watch how it develops, as long as Shonda keeps things light and fun. Greys is too dark right now and this modern-day Felix and Oscar story could be just the remedy for that.

  7. Brenda says:

    Have the feeling they are slowly giving the neebies the reins. It was okay. Sly Bailey….she is still the smartest one around getting AR off her butt. Derek/Callie scenes were good and I loved the Mer/Alex when she explained why the house was in the condition it was. Actually redeemed the episode for me. Alex/Cris as room mates will be golden. Cris/Owen cold and frosty but see some slight hope. But wanted a Mer/Der scene to finish it off, and as usual, was left wanting. Have a feeling that all the conference shots this episode were shot all together in the same day.

  8. Rawr says:

    I love how Alex and Cristina are going to be room mates! Intern house + Evil Spawn + Robot = GOLD! :D
    In my opinion. why Alex was so insistent on buying Mer’s old house was the fact it was the place where he spent time with his one true love: Izzie! (Glad that they mentioned christmas tree from Season 2 when they brought in a Christmas tree to please izzie!)

    • Coocoo says:

      I agree with you about Alex and Cristina as roommates :). But I don’t think Karev’s true love was Izzie. Well. maybe from Alex’s part she was but Izzie never really loved him the way he loved her. I liked Izzie with Denny and I think that he was her true love. Till now, I haven’t seen Alex with a girl that seems right for him ( everyone gets crazy, leaves him, betrays him, dies )

  9. madbengalsfan85 says:

    In my headcannon, Pelant is back in the states and now seems to be hiding in Seattle moonlighting as a lawyer…I have too much free time

  10. Dolphin says:

    Does anyone know what the song is that is playing at the end of this episode (11/15/12)?

    And btw, I thought that the look on their faces in the conference room made them look like they may think twice about suing the hospital…although, hospitals DO have insurance for these sorts of things….I just wonder how much their insurance costs are by now…they have been sued so many times throughout the seasons. And if Callie is a “victim” because of AZ (I know, she is also a proxy), isn’t Owen a victim because of Cristina too? I know their marriage was already on the rocks, but this made things worse, not to mention that he probably DOES feel somewhat responsible.

    I LOVE GREY’S ANATOMY!!! (although they do make me mad with many mistakes they make as to how hospitals are run, but this isn’t really a medical show, it is more of a night-time soap…they DO get SOME of the medical stuff right :D )


    • Grace says:

      I think Callie is a victim in Mark’s place as his daughter’s mother, not because of Arizona. For Arizona she’s probably JUST a proxy.

    • Beth says:

      Hospitals have insurance for malpractice. I’m quite positive they don’t have anything that covers plane crashes. Personally I think trying to sue the hopsital is absure. Shonda is really reaching here. So, if a person rents a car and then gets in a crash because the car has a mechanical flaw they are saying it’s the person’s because they are the ones who rented the car? That makes absolutly NO sense.

      • Beth says:

        Oops! That was suppose to say “absurd”

        • Heidi says:

          No — what they’re saying is that if you’re injured while performing your job your employer bears some responsibility for your injury.

          • grace says:

            but that would be workmans comp. and that has limits. Suing your boss because you got hurt on the job would require showing will full negligence wouldn’t it? Even then it would still most likely fall under workmens compensation. So I don’t get this suing the boss thing. They should bring their suit against the airline

      • Shannon says:

        I agree, Shonda is definitely reaching. Why on earth would they sue the hospital? That makes absolutely no sense. On what planet is that their best option? What are they at fault for? Lack of psychic abilities? Go after the company if the plane malfunctioned. If they are trying to highlight the absurdity of the litigious society we are living in it’s working.

        • Kate says:

          Because the it was the hospital’s plane (or a plane the hospital chartered) that they were riding in to do their job. This would absolutely be a lawsuit in the real world, well sue happy America.

  11. Ana says:

    I think this might be my favorite epi this season. Cristina is back!!! All is right again. Well, maybe not all…and living with Karev???? Omg! It will be like Felix and Oscar. Cannot wait to see how this goes. I just hope we get some home time so we can see the dynamics between them. It feels so right for Alex to buy the house where his life changed. And Arizona is finally acting like a doctor again. I think that Callie should have gone to Idaho. There’s no explanation for that. Just like when she missed George’s funeral, it made no sense. Sure I would have like to see Callie be the one to bring her wife back to her senses but it actually makes a lot of sense for Bailey to be the one. Arizona is still mourning her loss and she doesn’t seem ready to forgive Callie yet, who, BTW, is walking around in eggshells trying to be patient with her wife. So any gesture from Callie will be shot down. So this is actually more realistic. I’m enjoying the interns. They all play extremely well off the attendings. Did I mention Cristina is back? Woo hoo!!!!

    • Beth says:

      I agree with you about Callie and Arizona. Remember, it’s not just that AZ lost a leg, she went through the plane crash and is suffering PTSD just like everyone else. It is not uncommon for people with PTSD to get angry and take it out on other people for no reason. AZ is trying to deal with a significant MENTAL as well as physical trama and she is unfortunately lashing out at the person who is closest to her…Callie. I think AZ needs to work through things and heal herself (OK, with a little push from Bailey) and then she will realize what she’s done and start mending things with Callie.

  12. Russ says:

    I don’t like them sueing the hospital, it just seems wrong.
    Loved Cristina and the interns.

  13. Allie says:

    I thought this ep was great. Christina’s back and her interation with the interns was so much fun and awesome. I like them, these new guys are really growing on me. I esp like happy/dopey and mousey lol and the girl with santa, so far. Christina and Alex room mates? I agree with everyone this is gonna be an entertaining combo and even sweet. Callie/derek scenes were great also. A just enjoyed the whole ep. Can avery get a new love interest please? I don’t hate him and kepner or anything but I’d jus really prefer him with someone else.

  14. greysfan says:

    Great episode. Loved it and Grey’s is really hitting its straps again this season. The guy from Bones threw me a bit at first as he is creepy. I loved how it was Bailey who connected with Arizona. She always knows how to bring the best out of people. Loved the whole episode. The ending with Karev and Cristina was great too.

    • JJ says:

      Exactly!! Bailey has always been the “Yoda” of the group so to speak. Of course she is the one who would know what to do with Arizona. I’m so glad they have her doing something more important than getting it on in the on-call room and moping that nobody needs her anymore. THIS is the Bailey we know and love.

  15. kimberly says:

    dumbest twist about suing hospital – and shonda didn’t do her research – you can’t sue your employer in washington state bc of workers’ comp unless an intentional act meaning employer knew injury would occur and disregarded that knowledge. how is that even possible to show here? the hospital did nothing wrong- dumb, dumb, dumb.

    liked how yang was in this episode.

  16. Casry says:

    As soon as I saw Andrew Leeds from Bones, it sent chills through my bones. But, he was very believable as an attorney. Very sexy!

  17. Lauren says:

    I don’t understand why the hospital would get sued – maybe it went over my head, but how would they be responsible for a plane crashing? Also, Ariziona could barely get to the front door of her apartment – but she made it all the way to the hospital? How did she get there?

    • Isaac says:

      I was thinking the same thing about the hospital being sued. How was it SGMW’s fault? The only reason I can come up with is that Owen didn’t check his phone messages that day of the crash until that evening. That looks bad.
      Also regarding Arizona, you saw her stumble around the first time getting to the door, but then when she was on the phone with Bailey in the middle of the episode you saw her getting use to walking around her apartment (blink and you’ll miss it). She must have been pacing around all day getting use to walking around looking for the chart.

  18. Emma says:

    Finally we find out what happened to the pilot, I’ve been wondering about him ever since the season started.

    • chris says:

      I was wondering what happened to the pilot as well. Now if they would just tell us why callie didn’t go to boise given her wife and baby daddy were in the crash.

      • Naya says:

        well for all we know Sofia could have had a cold or something. Fact is, it’s a TV show, the have 43 minutes every week to tell us about the lives of what? 12 people (main cast) plus patients… there will be a lot of things you’ll have to imagine happening off screen…

  19. Naya says:

    I do thing in a weird twist it does makes sense to sue the hospital. I wish they didn’t because the hospital is still their employer and it always creates tension when you sue the people that pay your check at the end of the month, but they were insured while doing their job. A plane crash is a bit out there, but in general the same principal applies as if they’d been hurt within the four walls of the hospital while working. Also, it was the hospital who chartered the place. Also, it’s a TV show, it creates drama to sue the employer

  20. gary says:

    Alex and Cristina living together could be the greatest thing Grey’s has ever done if they want it to be. Should be fun to watch

  21. Not sure about the plot here says:

    The only way I can see them reasonably suing the hospital is because no one realized they were missing/not in Boise for a while. In the season finale Boise kept calling Seattle Grace (and Owen) and never got a response. So that, to me, is on SGMW/Owen.
    I still don’t stand by that storyline, though, because you don’t keep calling ONLY one number when an entire plane of surgeons is missing- the Boise hospital would have been calling EVERY number at SGMW, but we only saw Owen ignoring call after call.
    But yeah, I’m not crazy about them suing the hospital.

    I do love the Bailey plot, though- I miss feisty, clever Bailey!!

  22. lauren says:

    Kepner is horrible. I hate her relationship with Jackson. I just want to mute the tv any time she comes on screen. Would gladly take back any deceased character over her. Ugh.

  23. gwen says:

    Cristina and Alex living together could revive my interest in this show. I love these two, and they’re the only two I consistently care about. I’m thrilled Meredith’s house is still in the family. Looks like Alex is finally getting a love interest, too, which is long over-due.
    Hate, hate, hate April. Why are they wasting so much time on her? She needs to STFU.
    Loved the rest of this episode, though. I’d even take focusing on the new interns over anything involving April, Arizona or Callie. Seeing Meredith, Cristina and Alex as teachers is more interesting this time. Wish this would get more focus than April’s perpetual melt downs.

  24. Mark says:

    I don’t understand the Kepner hate. I really like her relationship with Jackson. I think it’s believable too that this girl has all these temptations (Jackson’s hot, can you blame her) but then still does have her religious beliefs that have been instilled in her for a long time. I like her character a lot and was really happy she was brought back.
    Loved Bailey this eppy.
    Thought the boy’s statement about girls only wanting guys with muscular bodies as so true.
    I’ve seriously been blown away with this season of Grey’s. I think it’s unbelievably strong for a show this old. KUDOS.

    • Ann says:

      IA, I really like the April & Jackson scenes. I’ve known some religious types and IMO Grey’s is giving us a reasonable portrayal here. April’s ‘why do I keep disappointing Jesus?’ rantings might have been getting to be a little too much perhaps, but the character has always been a bit too tightly-wound, so it makes sense for her. (We’ve probably moved on from those rants anyway now that Jackson has admitted to having feelings, lots of them!) Now that I think back on it, the Jackson and April characters have always played well off one another. Plus they’re just plain hot. :-) I want to see more of them.