Exclusive Vampire Diaries Video: Elena Gets a Disturbing Surprise in the Shower

Lather, rinse, recoil in horror?

Now that The Vampire Diaries‘ newest undead creature Elena has killed a hunter, she’s suffering from a serious case of hallucinations. She already got a taste of the crazy last week, but as you can see in our exclusive sneak peek, the troubles only intensify in this Thursday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) when Elena has a disturbing and bloody vision in the shower.

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“Killing a hunter comes with a price,” executive producer Julie Plec previously teased. “There’s a weird consequence to it all that she’s going to have to deal with that takes her to some dark, dark, dark places.”

Apparently, one of those consequences is not being able to feel safe in your own bathroom. Poor girl.

Press PLAY to watch the video, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. JKR says:

    I love TVD, but this while cure thing…. :side eye: Really?

    • mayiread says:

      It makes no sense. A cure for vampirism means you’re no longer undead, you’re dead dead. The organs have stopped working already, and if it was taken by Stefan he’d just disintegrate…
      This plot makes no sense!
      (I know, I’m talking about logic in a show about vampires…but still)

      • Whitney says:

        In Season 1 (the Episode where Elena & Damon go to Georgia), Damon explains that with a healthy diet of human blood, his body functions normally. For example, the characters eat food and drink and have functioning hearts. I think this liberty gives the writers a lot more freedom even if it is inconsistent with vampire folklore.

        Early on in the book series (which the show isn’t based on much at all, but still), Stefan says that if he were to become human again, he would turn to dust because he’s so old. But later in the books and in the show this doesn’t seem to be a concern so much. The ability to become human again is treated as a real possibility. Plus a lot of people are referring to Esther’s spell that would have made her children human again and that if that exists, why is a cure such a big deal. It’s probably just a detail that’s easy to overlook. haha

        I think it’s either a hoax or one of those things where the cost doesn’t outweigh the benefit. It’s way too early for it to be realistic.

  2. Reem says:

    Where’s the video

  3. Heatherjm says:

    I really hope this season gets better! This is my favorite show and I will keep watching but I’m so disappointed in this season. :( Let Elena explore being a vampire before bringing a cure into the mix. Oh well…..

    • Clifford Alverez says:

      The only reason I like the “cure” is that it brings back something that moves the plot along. And, if they do end up using the cure, I think that there is no way that Elena is going to be the one “cured.” I have a weird feeling it is going to be someone else…like Caroline or Stefan or someone that we won’t expect.

      • Hanna A. says:

        I agree, I don’t think they are going to cure Elena. There has been way to much anticipation built up to her becoming a vampire; I don’t think they would only make that last for one season. Wouldn’t it be epic if they bring back Katherine, and she’s the one who is cured, ultimately switching the roles in the series. Just a thought; I mean, we are talking about TVD, so anything can happen.

    • Tara says:

      I agree, I’m not happy with this season and it feels like they have new writers. I was so looking forward to Elena being a vampire but all she’s done so far is whine and feel guilty. I liked the scene she ”let go” with Damon in the fraternity, then killjoy Bonnie had to ruin things. I can’t get myself to stop watching it but I’m really hoping it improves.

  4. I love The vampire diaries – od prvního dílu, je to úžasně napsané, natočené i zahrané. Nynější sezona se vyvíjí veloce napínavě a každy čeký kdy to zcela propukne mezi Demonem a Elenou. Je to super a doufám, že to touhle serií nekončí a bude ještě alespon jedna pátá.

  5. Christina says:

    Keep in mind that whilst the t.v. show deviates substantially from the plot of L.J Smith’s novels, there are still consistent characters/plot twists. There is a cure for vampirism explored in the TVD books and more than one character undergoes the transition back to being completely human. There is also much more magic explored in the books, and thus there was more than one way to become human. However, we know that the show enjoys hoaxes (sun and moon curse!), and as a viewer, whilst I understand that this ‘cure’ seems so convenient now that Elena is a vampire, I’m still enjoying the dynamic reactions of the characters as to the reasons why they want the cure so desperately. Even if there is no cure, it brings out new shades in the characters which I always love.

  6. mac says:

    Why can’t we get our Elijah back =(

  7. Amelia says:

    UGH…This show really has gone down hill fast. The whole vampire Elena story, so not buying it. She’s just not believable as a vampire. Hope the season gets better.

  8. fox says:

    maybe damon will become HUMAN like in the books

  9. je says:

    Why CURE elena? would be to Predictable! And everyone would be ” o yes we knowed ” so i HOPE FOR THE SAKE OF THE SHOW and if the writers are SMART that if the use the cure..to be someone else that get it.
    And yes in the books damon is turned human.

  10. BrianR says:

    God I wish this was on cable.

  11. chris says:

    klaus killed 5 hunters in the flashback episode. so that would mean he went even more crazy than elena is currently going thru. why cant we see that? that would have been a great scene.

  12. Naazneen says:

    Elena’s going to “dark places”?! Cue MORE moaning :(

  13. Mosaad (saudi arabia) says:

    TVD a Best show in the world ♥♥
    I’m so sorry for Elena :(
    She’s VAMPIRE :(

  14. Sam says:

    If Elena’s as “selfless” as keeps being preached, I would imagine she’d let Caroline use the cure. For neatness’ sake, it makes sense that Tyler would use the cure to go back to being just a werewolf again.

  15. Lucie says:

    It makes perfect sense. This whole cure thing that now seems to be so tempting, will be something completely different ( like with the moon and sun curse) in the end. Like you said if you are not vampire (=undead) you are dead, but you’re no longer vampire so you’re cured:-) Or as I read somewhere it may not be a cure for vampires but something that will cure the world of vampirism.It is TVD, it won’t be so simple.