Who Should Be Walking to a Shrink? Good Wife Reunion Great? Miss Tim Russert? And More Qs

Fringe Season 5We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Fringe, Good Wife, Dexter, Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Arrow and Glee.

1 | Will part of Fringe‘s legacy be its resolve to forever find ways to keep Peter and Olivia emotionally distant from one another?

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2 | Did Grimm (squ)intern Michael Grant Terry’s arc have to come to an end so soon? Couldn’t the show have woven Ryan’s true nature into the rest of the season rather than limiting the reveal to a standalone hour?

3 | Wasn’t it nice to see a little parity among the cast members on this week’s Saturday Night Live, with newcomers and vets alike all getting some solid moments, instead of the juicy bits only going to a handful of players? That said, has SNL set a date for when they plan to sort out the audio issues? Louis C.K.’s monologue with the hand-held mic was just this side of audible.

4 | Why did The Good Wife dangle in front of Alicia (and us) a super-cool gal pal in Maura Tierney, only to promptly turn Maddie into an agenda-driven adversary? But at least we got to see recovering BFFs Alicia and Kalinda rekindle their after-work drink tradition!

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| How was Once Upon a Time‘s August able to send out the postcard to Neal if, once the curse was lifted, he was in a mostly petrified state? Magic? Oh, wait.

| Has Revenge cemented Conrad and Victoria’s status as TV’s most entertaining couple of the moment? On that note, why doesn’t Henry Czerny get more kudos for his portrayal of the malevolent patriarch? Also: Is Kara’s weirdness attributable to the fact that she’s off her meds or that she’s keeping a huge secret… or some combination of the two?

7 | Should The Walking Dead‘s dwindling band of survivors be seeking out a good child psychologist for li’l Carl? And when Lori’s baby didn’t come into the world kicking and screaming, did you have a fear-filled moment that the child was a stillborn and its mama’s sacrifice was for naught?

8 | Anyone else having trouble believing that Dexter came as close to killing Hannah as he did? And seriously: How does Harry not give his son a hive-five upon learning he scored a date with the likes of Yvonne Strahovski? Be proud of your boy!

9 | Where do we sign the petition to bring Colin Ford back to Revolution and the band of misfit orphan children?

10 | When will Gossip Girl get it, that unlike Chuck and Blair we don’t care about Bart’s secret?

11 | Did you find yourself missing NBC’s late election guru Tim Russert on Tuesday night?

12 | Really, General Hospital? *69? Is that even a thing these days?

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13 | So, not only have Dean and Cas spent time in Purgatory, but so did Arrow‘s Oliver?! And is there a quip to be made about Ollie’s isle being Purgatory while Dr. Jack Shepard’s wasn’t? One more: How nearby was Detective Lance that he busted in what could only have been moments after Well-Dressed Man’s hitman broke Oliver’s ankle monitor?

14 | Have Supernatural‘s Amelia/Sam flashbacks — the one weak spot in an otherwise strong season — made you better appreciate Ruby (1.0 and 2.0), Lisa, Jo and Bela? And is Jess rolling over in her grave somewhere?

15 | Can Nashville‘s Rayna and Juliette go on tour already?

16 | American Horror Story: Asylum‘s Chloe Sevigny wasn’t kidding when she said Shelley’s fate would get worse, was she? (Psst, can we tell you something? Next week? Even worse!) And did you know that was James Cromwell’s son John playing Hans Gruper in Anne Frank’s flashbacks? Lastly, didn’t the fact that both Sarah Paulson and Zachary Quinto are gay in real life make the aversion therapy sequence that much more disturbing to watch?

17 | Is Christina Aguilera simply not interested in making it to the finale of The Voice this season? Why else would she choose to save not-particularly-exciting Adriana Louise over the far more unique/unpredictable De’Borah? And while we’re kvetching, can someone please remind the director that when doing a wide shot of the massive stage, it’s not a good idea to pan out so far that finding the singer in question becomes a game of Where’s Waldo?

18 | On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade Grey’s Anatomy‘s depiction of a Minnesota snowstorm? Meanwhile, should we be concerned that Meredith was willing to pawn Zola off on interns she barely knew?

19 | Didn’t Glee‘s Tina and Mike warrant a bit more screen time this week, considering it was the first they had seen or spoken to one another since their split?

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20 | Can it be next week’s The Vampire Diaries already? Even if she is just a hallucination… Katherine!

21 | Isn’t it interesting that the highest vote getters on The X Factor were the ones who had the least aggressive stage production? Could it be that until these contestants actually become breakout stars, we’d rather focus on their singing than on the 147 backup dancers and planetarium-esque light shows?

22 | Should anyone who didn’t see Scandal‘s rape case twists coming turn in their remote controls? And just how scared should Abby be right about now? Girlfriend’s gonna get handled.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lindsey Lyons (@lindseylyons) says:

    Here’s my Q for you guys: why no Homeland or Scandal recap this week? I love your coverage of those shows.

  2. GeoDiva says:

    11: Miss Tim and his mini white board.
    15: When are Rayna & Juliette realize they need each other to make a comeback?
    22: Love Cyrus and Olivia being friends again and I can’t wait to see what happens to Abby! Also love the Milly smackdown!

    • Maggie says:

      YES to all 3 of yours!! Tim & his mini white board were always a highlight of election-time. I was actually kind of surprised about Cyrus showing up at Olivia’s door, but I like seeing them as friends, and the new wrinkle of James coming back to work at the White House has made Cyrus extra tightly wound. and his smackdown “you are an animal but I am a monster” was FANTASTIC!!

    • Mary says:

      Cyrus showing up at Olivia’s surprised me but it was a good surprise. Why are there not more scenes with these two?! And the Millie smackdown was awesome! I’m glad someone put her in her place instead of catering to her every whim.

  3. Emily says:

    I thought Lori’s baby would be a zombie baby like Dawn of the Dead . . .and that would have pushed me right over the shark.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I thought the same, I was convinced that baby was eating its way out of her when she said something was wrong and started screaming. Plus the title of the episode was “Killer Within”, I thought that had to also be a play on the baby being a killer inside her. Maybe in a way it still was, as she did die from having the baby.

  4. iMember says:

    #6 OMG! Conrad and Victoria have to be the most AMAZING couple on television today. Their whole relationship is insane, but it makes for such perfect television. I <3 Revenge so much.

  5. amzmiq says:

    3-Best SNL this season
    18-Lola? Love that Alex didn’t think twice or argue about taking her, and why didn’t Mer change her shirt after Zola peed on her?

    • elr says:

      You know what got me about this episode of Grays, was that not only is Christina miles away from Meredith but also in a different time of the year. Seattle looked like it was spring or summer time, whereas Minnesota was covered with snow. I know that northern winters are brutal, but I found that to be very distracting.

  6. chris says:

    #1 I think so i wish they wouldn’t though i’ve watched season 3 episode 16 10 times because you get to see them happy together, and then at the end she turns into bellivia

  7. Shellie says:

    Miss you Tim! I missed his excitement and his brilliant analysis of what was going on and cutting through all the political BS.

  8. Ed says:

    #16 I had no idea that it was James Cromwell’s son playing him. I thought they used lots and lots of makeup LOL Well done AHS!

  9. wordsmith says:

    20) My split-second reaction on seeing that Vampire Diaries teaser was “Oh, awesome! They finally got Katherine back for a guest spot.” And then I felt like a complete moron. I don’t think people give Nina Dobrev enough credit – she’s like a completely different person when she’s in that character.

    • lara says:

      HAHAH, that’s really funny. And, I agree – I didn’t think Nina Dobrev was that great of an actress until I saw her portrayal of Katherine.

    • kavyn says:

      I adore Nina’s portrayal of Katherine… Elena, not so much…

      I’d be fine with them killing off Elena and giving us Katherine 24/7 :)

      • Mary says:

        I blame the writers for how annoying, whiny, and selfish Elena is. Katherine might be selfish but she is loads more enertaining than Elena. I’d be fine with the show making Katherine the lead and Elenda just going away.

  10. CLNorman says:

    On the postcard in OUAT: I couldn’t figure out how the mail got out of Storybrooke. If everyone forgets themselves if they cross the line, how is the mail running? And if it didn’t get dropped in the mail in town, did August leave town and as he wasn’t affected by the curse originally he isn’t affected by the border now?

  11. Anon says:

    What did Vincent give Cat for her birthday? AND, was anyone else having Davis Bloome flashbacks when Vincent blacked out at the end? Souders did co-write the episode…

  12. AJ says:

    #16. Ever since American Horror aired this week I have been saying that the actor they had play James Cromwell in flashbacks was perfect casting. He looked exactly like a younger version of him. I said it must have been his son or something. And lo and behold I find out I was right! Thanks, tvline!

  13. Whatever says:

    11. Missed Tim and his white board on election night he was great.

  14. peacelight says:

    13 i kind of like Sam flashbacks, though they could be done in a better way, i think it is a cute relationship that Sam needed. But i do like Dean’s flashbacks more
    I miss Cas :(

  15. nick1372 says:

    5. lol. It was definitely magic.
    6. They are the most interesting and also the most complicated. They don’t love eachother, but they admire each other’s love for, ahem, stuff that gets them Revenge’d.

  16. pam says:

    11. Really missed Tim and his white board, but I think he would have gracefully adapted to a a smart board. I always looked forward to his thoughtful insight on election night and found his enthusiasm contagious. You know it was one of his favorite nights!

  17. Chris says:

    #1 definitely. A shame too since happy together both actors really shine. Wyman probably thinks he’s Very Serious About Love but really he’s just got a creepy pain fetish.

  18. Nicole says:

    For #13, Dectective Lance was downstairs at the party and saw the hitman go upstairs or something along those lines…. Remember he spoke to Oliver at the beginning of the party?

  19. Adrienne says:

    11. Overwhelmingly. It just isn’t an election night without him. Luke is doing a great job as a correspondent. I’m sure his dad would be proud!

  20. Marisa_once says:

    Actually the postcard was delivered by the bird we saw in Fairy Tale land. This bird must be special, because it was always able to deliver the message to the right person.

  21. Ines says:

    #14 Sam saying he never had anything like what he had with Amelia just sickens me. And yeah Jess is definitely spinning in her grave (he was going to marry her!). Apart from those (terrible) scenes, excellent episode!

  22. CJ says:

    13. Detective Lance was downstairs at the party, so he need only run upstairs. Still, it did seem quite a bit too quick…like…standing-just-outside-the-door quick.

    15. YES, please.

    16. As unsettling as that scene was, I do think it was made much more powerful with the knowledge that the two of them are gay in real life. Truly horrifying stuff.

  23. cjeffery7 says:

    18 – although not ALL minnesota snow storms are of that nature (those happen once every couple of years), i’d give it a 8 cause nobody was freaking out except christina. everyone was just getting on with their day, and yes, some people DO have to dig their car out in the morning. it’s the nature of the beast. i have my own question: since when is “buck up” a midwestern phrase? at the very least, how could meredith have never heard of it before? redonk.

  24. Mo says:

    9. Yes
    11. Yes :'(
    13. He had to have been lurking right outside the door. Like “I’m just gonna wait here to see if Ollie’s getting up to mischief again so maybe I can shoot him” kinda lurking.
    14. I’m still making up my mind about Amelia. The problem with Sam’s flashbacks is that they haven’t found a way to elegantly tie them into the story like they’ve done with Dean’s flashbacks. It winds up feeling forced.
    16. Yes, no what?, omg yes!

  25. Jon says:

    #22- go ahead and take my remote now, because when it turned out that the governor knew about the affair and shot the contractor not because he thought it was rape, but because he wanted revenge, I let out an expletive. God I love Scandal.

  26. Amy says:

    #15 YES Please. With Scarlett & Gunnar as opening act.
    #22 Yep, saw that one. Can’t wait to see Abby’s “handling”.

  27. tvdiva says:

    I miss Tim Russert every Sunday as well as every election. For 18 years he hosted Meet the Press and he treated his guests with honesty and integrity and expected the same from them. Russert now has the best seat (in heaven) to watch all things political which was his passion.

  28. DramaMomma says:

    #22 – Bummed to see that. It would have been a bigger twist for the Governor not to know since most of Liv’s clients lately haven’t been all that innocent. Loved the the mini Everwood reunion even if Tom Amandes and Debra Mooney didn’t share a scene.

  29. Sam says:

    19 – SO MUCH YES I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS IT. Not giving Tina and Mike any scenes may have been better than giving them one scene that set it up like they had a legitimate conflict that then magically vanished when he cast her in the musical against her will and she smiled at him. But why are we surprised after the way Glee has treated them for years and after Ryan Murphy had the balls to describe them as a “criminally neglected couple” when it’s entirely his fault.

  30. Britta Unfiltered says:

    8.The whole last scene was weird. I don’t buy that Dexter feels those kinds of emotions, especially for someone he barely knows. He had a really hard time feeling passion for Rita in the beginning and always held back from her. For him to feel this kind of sexual passion for another woman so quickly…eh, I don’t buy it.
    And I do miss Tim Russert. He was quite a class act compared to the pundits we have to deal with nowadays.

  31. Susan says:

    I was commenting before the election to my husband that I was going to miss Tim Russert. He was simply the best!

  32. Ella says:

    9. Colin Ford is AWESOME. And growing up to be quite the looker. I’m seriously hoping (though I doubt it will ever happen due to how many hours they film) that Kripke will bring his original boys, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and maybe even Misha Collins to Revolution for a guest spot.

    14. Ruby 1.0 was amazing because Katie Cassidy rocked it. The other young female character that was spectacular (both due to character and chemistry with the boys) was Sarah Blake from season 1, played by Taylor Cole. Unfortunately, I cannot appreciate any of the other women because Supernatural is truly terrible at casting chicks. Lisa sucked, Bela was more annoying than badass and Ruby 2.0 was, frankly, an insult to Cassidy’s wicked cool, snarky, 3-dimensional original portrayal. Amelia takes the cake though. Sam stopped looking for Dean because of THAT?!

  33. Jason says:

    As someone who has survived a Minnesota snowstorm 10/10.

  34. lcd says:

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