The Voice Top 20 Results Recap: Did the Right Singers Advance?

This just in: The flagrant sadist who’s been styling Christina Aguilera this season on The Voice has apparently taken control of the pop star’s major decisions on the show.

How else to explain the “Dirrty” singer’s ridiculous choice to send home her most entertaining team member on Thursday’s Season 3 Playoffs results telecast? The troweled-on makeup and see-through Lycra we can tolerate, but this latest blunder simply will not stand.

Part of me wants to believe the elimination of uni-monikered De’Borah was pure theater — that next Monday Carson Daly will announce that the coaches pow-wowed over the weekend and decided that Season 3 couldn’t proceed without the fabulous soul sister, and therefore had changed the Top 12 into a Top 13. But no, this is not The X Factor. (You can tell because the stage lighting is not set to “seizure-inducing,” and the requisite tattered t-shirt is worn by an American hottie, not a cranky Brit with a baffling haircut.)

Anyhow, enough of my griping…let’s talk results:

Voted Through by America
Amanda Brown (Adam’s right — if we had to declare the Season 3 champ today, it’d be her)
Bryan Keith

Adam’s Save
Melanie Martinez (lose the hair bow, girl!)

Loren Allred
Joeslyn Rivera

Voted Through by America
Terry McDermott
Cassadee Pope (what is America buying that I’m not seeing, aside from an empty bottle of Hype?)

Blake’s Save
Michaela Page (YES!!!!)

Liz Davis
Julio Cesar Castillo

Voted Through by America
Dez Duron (way to choose the “cute” guy with the average voice, teen robots!)
Sylvia Yacoub (did her side cornrows look super painful or what?)

Xtina’s Save
Adriana Louise (over Dez, sure! over De’Borah, blasphemy!)

De’Borah (noooooooo!!!!!)
Devyn Deloera

Voted Through by America
Trevin Hunte (of course!)
Nicholas David

Cee Lo’s Save
Cody Belew (YESSS!)

Mackenzie Bourg
Diego Val (I hope he got paid enough that he can afford socks now)

Interspersed among the results we had a pair of “too many contestants spoil the music” group perofrmances, a Maroon 5 jam, and a visit from Season 2 champ Jermaine Paul, there to plug his not-very-memorable debut single “I Believe in This Life.” (Still better than “I Believe I Can Fly”, though). I could talk about them at length, or you could go to NBC’s Voice web site and watch them again. (Why would either of us want to do those things?)

And now it’s your turn: What did you think of this week’s results? Whose ouster made you maddest? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

p.s. Due to Hurricane Sandy leaving me without cable and internet for six days, there’ll be no new Reality Check till next Monday. Last week’s kick-awesome episode, however, is embedded below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jss0058 says:

    First of all, Deborah gave a pretty weak performance on Wednesday so I’m not super suprises she didn’t make it. I really enjoyed her audition and battle round…but her knockout and first live performance weren’t that great. I’m not too suprises she wasn’t voted thru…I am a little suprises she wasn’t a coaches pick.

    However, they have states multiple times in interviews this season that they know they need to have a contestant that has some commercial success to really establish itself in the long term. So I think they are looking for more commercial artists…someone like Dez might not have the type of voice that can blast power ballads but he can definitely sing and is as commercial as they come. So I kinda get why Christina would choose Adrianna

  2. David says:

    I predict that Amanda, Trevyn, Cody, and Terry end up in the finals. I also predict that Xtina throws a fit and walks off the show.

  3. Slatina Whorinova says:

    Ecstatic that De’borah got kicked out! I just wish that stupid Minnie Mouse girl Melanie joined her!

  4. Golfchicknyc says:

    De’borah????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Big fat mistake!!!!! I had hope for the voice (and xtina) this season with the likes of some unconventional and quirky yet supremely talented singers like De’borah and Nicholas David in serious contention. NICHOLAS DAVID ALL THE WAY (but no more Barry white please )!!

  5. dj says:

    I can’t believe De’Borah is gone! Last year Christina got rid of Jesse, and this year De’Borah. I think she is an idiot. I hope De’Borah gets some kind of career out of this–at least playing clubs, at best making albums.

  6. Paula says:

    Am I the only one mad about Mackenzie not getting through?! I honestly don’t think Cody has a chance of winning but Mackenzie does. I also though Xtina should have picked De’borah. I was okay with all the other choices though.

  7. p says:

    i’m really happy amanda is still in (not that i had any doubts about her because, had voters been absolutely crazy and not saved her, adam would have). flabbergasted that adam picked melanie (i loved her initially but i’m so over her weak vocals of recent weeks and her cry-baby routine) though, really, i’d have been annoyed if he’d picked loren (i’m still holding a grudge because i lost nicole to her) and joselyn didn’t have a good night this week. i was so annoyed that, because voters (for some reason i’m not listening) saved cassadee, liz isn’t in the show anymore. irate that voters didn’t save de’borah (she was without a doubt the best vocalist in christina’s team) and then more irate that christina didn’t fix that mistake. very pleased that nicholas got saved by the public! and relieved that cee lo picked cody instead of squeaky boy (i never thought he’d really save diego).

  8. Shannon says:

    Yay for Terry. He is definitely my favorite. He and Nicholas David are by far the two I am cheering for in this competition. I just love everything about them.

  9. Oogruk says:

    A scattering of thoughts:

    If Amanda goes on to win, isn’t it ironic that she would do so for a coach that would have eliminated her in the audition, when he didn’t turn a chair (only Ceelo did)? Wouldn’t it be double ironic if Trevin and Amanda are the top two … neither one of which Adam even turned a chair for? That would have to be some kind of record.

    My how a single performance can completely change things. Let’s be honest, Sylvia was probably the very least noticed of the 20 that made the playoffs. The choice of she over Aquile seemed like one of the most outlandish of the season. One simple piano performance (which was different but a little mediocre) changed the entire perception of her.

    Adriana a Christina clone? She hasn’t performed a single song in the Christina genre. Where do people come up with their comments? I’m looking for a Sylvia-like turnaround for Adriana this week.

  10. Denise says:

    Christina messed up two years in a row!!!! With Jesse and now D’borah……she sucks!!!!!! She needs to stick with her day job!

  11. Anna says:

    Furious about De’Borah being eliminated and even more furious Diego went through instead of Mackenzie. Past that I am very pleased with the top 12. Who agrees though that now Christina’s only hope in winning lies with Sylvia?

    • Anna says:

      Ugh ignore that part about Mackenzie. I screwed up.

    • Oogruk says:

      Have to disagree. Prior to the piano performance on Wednesday night, Sylvia had no memorable performances through the audition, battle and knockout. She was probably rated last among Xtina’s final five … heck, I had her tenth of that team’s final ten. I don’t think one mediocre piano performance changes things much. She could make it to the top ten, but certainly not to the final eight. Amanda and Trevin own this competition and have since their duet.

      P.S. Apologies if you are Sylvia’s personal friend or family member.

  12. Abril says:

    My comment is a little too late now but your opinions of some but I’m betting you suck.