Report: AMC Poised to Un-Cancel The Killing

This story is taking on more twists and turns than the Rosie Larsen murder mystery.

Three months after TVLine first broke the news that Netflix was in early talks to resurrect AMC’s cancelled serial thriller The Killing, the ink on the deal is nearly dry.

But in a surprising twist, the new season would actually air on AMC first, per our sister site Deadline.

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The pact would call for AMC to share the cost of a third season with Netflix, with the cabler getting first crack at airing the new episodes. This mirrors the similar (and successful) split-window arrangement NBC and DirecTV had with Friday Night Lights.

In an interview over the summer, leading man Joel Kinnaman (who, like co-star Mireille Enos, is already signed on for Season 3) told TVLine that he believed that there was life in the show beyond the Rosie Larsen whodunit that dominated the first two seasons. “We’ve invested a lot in these characters and want to see how they continue their journey,” he said. “I feel like Linden and Holder [are] just [getting] started.”

Would you watch a third season of The Killing?

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  1. joe says:

    AMC bigwigs are getting way too excited about the numbers for TWD. No one’s gonna watch this.

  2. Superhero says:

    The only way this is good news is if Veena Sud has nothing to do with it.

  3. jimbo says:

    This made my day. Fantastic news.

    • Leo says:

      A whodunit mystery series is just the thing lacking from my watchlist. Now, I hope they don’t drag it into two seasons with people staring at walls, sobbing in the corner, or abandoning children here and there.

  4. Bobbi says:

    What fantastic news! Hope it actually happens this way.

  5. MrMank says:

    Yeah, this was a fantastic show! Perfect, no. Was it handled perfectly? No. Is it a show for the impatient? Absolutely not. But it had great story and amazing performances! So glad to see it back!

  6. Kenneth says:

    This is great news, Kinnaman and Enos have incredible chemistry as Holder and Linden. I hope the show stays on for a long while and explores these characters, new cases and takes through even more chilling cases. I enjoy this show immensely and I hope it does come back.

  7. Mari says:

    YAY Great news! Season 2 was brilliant.

  8. Teag says:

    Netflix should revive The River and Jericho.

  9. Joe says:

    awesome news! now, they can get away for damn Larsen case and move onto another – learn from their damn mistakes. too much potential.

  10. Erin says:

    I would ABSOLUTELY watch! I was so disappointed when the show was canceled! This is very exciting news!

  11. I for one liked the first two seasons and liked the format. I don’t know why people expected the killer to be revealed in the 13th episode of the first season. That makes no sense. Had it been a 26 episode season, then the 13th would have just been a cliffhanger between blocks.

  12. nguber says:

    Reblogged this on iwatch2much and commented:
    Why are they trying to bring back this show? The first season was good, the second not so much. Why do we need a 3rd?

  13. What the hell? This is an M. Night Shylamalon level twist. Looking forward to the show going on, though.

  14. Christie says:

    I would love for The Killing to return. Linden & Holder are a great team. This show is magic.

  15. Lisa says:

    if it’s on AMC, I’m watching!

  16. Britta Unfiltered says:


  17. adam says:

    hell yeah!

  18. Sam says:

    This made my night (as well as a killer episode of American Horror Story!). I really hope it gets brought back to life, the show and talent involved deserves it. Hell, I deserve it!

  19. Goat Girl says:

    BEST NEWS EVER! I love this show!

  20. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    I enjoyed this show and would definitely watch. They are airing the third season of the Danish version now.

  21. Sareeta says:

    I’ll only watch it if it is either a reboot (i,e, same main characters but completely new approach) or at least an vast improvement.

  22. Graf says:

    In the words of Holder, I’d definitely watch a 3rd season, “nahm sayin?'” haha He and Jessie, from Breaking Bad, would be a great combo to watch have an ‘intellectual’ conversation ;-)

  23. cj says:

    Yes! Bring everyone and everything back. Stupid people expecting a resolution at the end of the season because that’s what tv shows do how dare this one be different be damned.

  24. Please be true. Really liked this show alot.

  25. Emily says:

    I support this only for Joel Kinnaman. He ended up carrying the show. Mireille Enos was great too, but Holder is the only reason I’d even consider tuning back in.

  26. Kat says:

    Yeah…..I’ll watch. Now, if only they renew Hell on Wheels for a 3rd season. It was renewed and then AMC backtracked because the “show runner” quit.

  27. gary says:

    Never seen a show have so much Hype the first season and bottom out so fast in the 2nd. It was incredible to watch the rise and fall of The Killing

  28. Linderella says:

    I’m in. And still holding out hope Netflix will make the same kind of deal for Awake with Jason Isaacs. I know – some dreams die hard.

  29. Carrie says:

    Yes! Happy about this .

  30. Mike says:

    Would rather have had them revive Terriers.

  31. Holly says:

    I’ll watch too. Love Linden and Holder!

  32. First Unforgettable, now this. Any chance Syfy ight uncancel Caprica or Stargate Universe? :(

  33. NaboCane says:

    Hell yes!

  34. Mina says:

    This is more exciting than the show itself.

  35. Midori004 says:

    Of all the great hsows for Netflix to bring back this is not one of them I would have hoped for.

  36. JamandaFan says:

    Now can someone un-cancel AMC (All My Children)?

  37. Deeda says:

    I will definitely watch. Especially if Joel Kinnaman is still on it. He made the show in my opinion. Nothing like the Linden & Holder duo!

  38. Danielle says:

    I’m so shocked and happy to hear that this show will be back. I miss the Linden and Holder dynamic. I just hope the storyline really goes somewhere shocking.

  39. Jay says:

    Pumped…AMC knows whats up

  40. Annika says:

    Yes! I do hope they pick up the pace a bit (and I’m a patient person, not everything has to happen in an episode… but a 13 episode season more like it)

  41. Olive says:


  42. Lisa. says:

    I loved The Killing! It might not have been as fast paced as some other drama’s, but I liked the fact they took there time in discovering who the killer was, as I’m sure in real life not all killers are unmasked in under an hour!!

  43. Truth says:

    If your going to un-cancel a show, it should be Rubicon, not this boring CSI knock off.

  44. Nancy says:

    I’ll watch it I was upset that they cancelled it

  45. Claudia says:

    I’ll definitely watch!

  46. JKR says:


  47. Luvmygreys says:

    I’m in, love this show. Been missing Linden and Holder.

  48. jane simpson says:

    hell yes – we’ll watch it here in the uk! brilliant series – love holder & linden. veena sud needs to go tho’.joel and mireille are brilliant together!

  49. ElsieM says:

    I *adore* The Killing! So happy to hear this. :)