Exclusive Supernatural Trailer: Dean and Sam Attack Each Other, Cas Returns and Much More!

On The CW’s Supernatural (airing Wednesdays at 9/8c), Dean and Sam’s issues aren’t going anywhere, especially now that the younger Winchester knows about his brother’s vampire pal, Benny. In fact, in the following exclusive trailer for November sweeps — yes, the video covers multiple episodes, including the returns of Castiel, Garth and Crowley! — the two leave nothing unsaid (and even pick up some weapons) when it comes to their personal problems.

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After Sam confronts him about his new monstrous ally, Dean makes it clear that Benny is the reason he’s alive, and that they’re friends. But the brothers? Oh, they’re on very shaky ground. Case in point: “You should have looked for me when I was in purgatory,” Dean says angrily while pointing a gun at Sam!

Then there’s Cas’ mysterious re-entrance into life back on Earth and his rather interesting new pursuit. But Dean is dubious about his angel buddy’s inexplicably lost memories of purgatory.

Press PLAY to watch the preview and then hit the comments with your thoughts! Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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  1. Anna says:

    OMG this looks srsly awesome. I didn’t like S7 and I’m not 100% into S8 just yet, but this looks really good!

  2. Gaia says:

    Holy Moly! This episode is gonna be friggin’ AWESOME! Can’t wait to watch it!

  3. Kreshan says:


  4. Fran says:

    Wow this season just keeps getting better and better! Maybe I’m in the minority but I love it when Sam and Dean are in conflict with each other. It keeps the show fresh and their dynamic interesting. Awesome to see Garth, Castiel and Crowley back as well. I’m also really intrigued by the glimpse at Amanda Tapping’s character.

    • Val says:

      hey you r not in the minority! This season is really on target! I’m thrilled with what Jeremy Carver is doing with it an Ben Edlund is one of the best writers around!

    • Lucky says:

      I agree with you, Fran. This is season gr8 for me.

    • Alan says:

      im glad to see there is someone else who likes to see the brothers fight, it creates great drama and thats what i watch this show for. honestly sometimes i think people want episodes of just sam and dean staring longingly into each others eyes based one how the comments go on this site and how boring would that be?

      • Besides when they fight that means they get to make up which is what we all live for!!!!! So you have to have the drama to get the good ending!!!!

        • Melody Paris says:

          There is nothing like watching the Winchesters make up and start clicking again. We can only really appreciate them in sync by having times of stress on their relationship. Do the fights get old, sure, but that’s reality. I fight with my family all time time, but we eventually get past it and in no time we are fighting again. That’s just family. Bobby said it best, “You think family’s supposed to make you feel good? Bake you an apple pie? They’re supposed to make you miserable! That’s why they’re family!”

      • ChicagoGrrl says:

        Season 8 is great!

  5. Fédra says:

    I’m so freaking happy about Castiel and Misha being back! Can’t wait to see this ep.

    • Ella says:

      AWESOME to see Cas back and badass as ever. I just hope that after everything they’ve been through, after they’ve begun to rebuild their friendship and Dean has come to trust Castiel again the way he did in season 5 when they were besties, he doesn’t end up distrusting him all over again. We’ve got enough of that drama with Sammy right now and I’d prefer for Dean to talk about it to Cas, rather than Benny. And hugs! Now that I have a taste of what a Dean/Cas hug looks like, I’m horribly greedy for more!

  6. oppar says:

    holy poop i’m excited for this episode. like full on flaily exitcted.
    i haven’t been this pumped for a new episode since… damn since like season 5.

  7. WOW, no words, this looks like the best episode so far!

  8. skepticalinquirer says:

    I really like this clip and am glad that Dean is wary of how Castiel came back. I’m glad Castiel is back but yes, Dean is right to wonder HOW he got back.

    Also, I find Sam’s handwaving his not searching for Dean pretty gross especially when Dean got him out of the cage. I think that Dean should pass on getting Sam out of anywhere anytime soon. You don’t throw good money after bad.

    Also, I find Sam’s objection silly when Benny earned some mercy from Dean like Lenore and that anti-christ kid. Just because he can’t get have sex with Benny doesn’t mean he should be immediately killed.

    • Lori says:

      It’s funny how Dean is right to be wary of what might be going on with Cas and how he got back, but Sam has no right to be wary of what might be going on with Dean and the fact a vampire helped him get back. You EDGs’ double standards are laughable at this point.

      • strangeworld says:

        Double standards? Why not try looking in a mirror Sam fan, since that’s where the double standards are the worst. And Dean should be wary, since yes, he has all the purgatory memories and it’s funny that Cas has none.

        A vampire helped Dean out! Wow! Who does Sam think Dean would have come across in monster haven? Really give Dean a break for once instead of always judging him and coming up short Sam. Dean’s given you and your monster friends enough of a chance and the one time Dean asks for a chance from Sam, Sam acts like he’s never heard of a friendly monster before. Try Lenore Sam, incase you memory falls short when it comes to Dean.

        • Erica says:

          LOL. If this was happening in reverse and it was Sam who had a vampire friend he was keeping secret from Dean you would be tearing into him everywhere.

          • Jodes says:

            I’m not a Dean girl or a Sam girl, I just love the show, but I agree that if the situation were reversed Dean would be jumping down Sam’s throat. Sam just seems more confused, since it was Dean who has always said if it’s a monster, we kill it, end of story and the only time Dean has not killed monsters is when Sam points out they aren’t evil, but since Dean has been through a lot in purgatory, we don’t know exactly how his mind is working at the moment.

            I also think Sam not looking for Dean was completely out of character. I hope they show he had a good reason, other than the “I met a girl and fell in love and YOU told me not to look for you” bull they have been feeding us.

            I don’t like inconsistency, so they better have explanations for some things that are happening.

          • Blackmagicwoman says:

            LoL…Let’s face it, Dean is a bit of a drama queen and Sam always gets the short end of the stick, so yeah… I think it’s a change to see Dean in the “dogbox”… but that’s what makes SUPERNATURAL so yummylicious… I do love all my SUPERNATURAL boys!!!

        • Maeleene says:

          He didn’t say Cas had no memories of Purgatory, just that he had none of getting *out*. Frankly, we don’t *know* what Castiel knows. We do know from interviews with Misha Collins that he’s being manipulated and doesn’t realize it, but that doesn’t mean he’s lying to or intentionally causing harm to Dean.
          On top of that, there has been ample evidence thus far that Dean isn’t being honest and/or doesn’t quite remember properly his own escape from Purgatory. From what we have seen, Cas *slips* or is *dropped*. From what Dean says, he “let go”. So how can we assume Dean’s own perspective is to be trusted? Between Benny in his arm, PTSD from a year on the battlefield, and his own stress and exhaustion, he’s what folks would call an ‘unreliable narrator’. (Again, this also doesn’t mean his intentions are to explicitly mislead Sam, just that it’s possible.)

          Dean has every reason to be wary of Castiel.
          Sam has every reason to be wary of Dean and Benny. (Especially Benny, given Dean’s reluctance to share info about him and his nature as a ‘friendly’ monster, something Sam knows all too well can end the world. Literally.)
          Castiel… well, I don’t really see any wariness from him except that directed at Crowley, and we all know that’s deserved.

          So why are we arguing again??

      • Erica says:

        This. +1

      • Sara says:

        Sam is letting his emotions and personal experiences interfere with things too much, IMO. Dean has always been better at seeing to the heart of the matter where it concerns the hunt and whether to trust any kind of being, for that matter, and IMO. Since S4 Sam has not trusted Dean’s instincts in this, and it’s never turned out well. Dean had to learn to trust Sam’s choices in S5, and while I absolutely hated the execution of that, if Carver returns the favor for Dean this season, it will go a long way towards washing the bad taste of S5-7 out of my mouth.

      • Melody Paris says:

        Sorry, I’m totally on Dean’s side here. Sam should be buying Benny drinks and singing his praises. The man helped bring his brother back from purgatory. That’s a good thing! Heck, last week he helped Dean clear a vampire’s nest. Again, a good thing. He isn’t the first monster they’ve let run around so get over it and give the man a hug!

    • jessica says:

      sam’s not completely in the wrong here – especially not when it comes to benny. dean’s the one that has always said that a monster is still a monster, no matter what way you try to spin it. remember what happened to amy in 7×03? if benny had been sam’s friend, benny probably would have been dead by now.

      also, dean’s not the one that got sam out of the cage. it was castiel. i’m not entirely happy about the writers’ choice not to make sam look for dean, but somehow, i get it. every single time one of them died, the other brother moved heaven and earth to bring them back. and it usually resulted in end of the world-scenarios. i get that sam was afraid to cause something like that again, because it always costs them a lot. looking at it like that, i understand that sam would just try and keep the promises he and dean made each other about trying to lead a normal life. and really, if sam had found a way to get dean back (making a deal, or indebting himself with crowley or god knows what other monster), you bet your ass dean would’ve been just as angry as he is now. so dean’s not being fair to him, either (and he hasn’t been for the last two seasons, i feel).

    • katy917 says:

      Dean did NOT get Sam out of the cage!! Sam was out for a whole year before Dean even knew about it! I do not take sides in these pathetic arguments about who is the better brother, I watc the show for ALL of the characters, Sam, Dean, Bobby, Cas, even Crowly and Kevin etc, but if you’re gonna insist on bitching about who should have done what and when, at least get your facts right!

      • Sara says:

        Dean “died” to treat with Death about getting Sam’s soul(the part of Sam that made him human)out of hell. The body was just a shell w/o morals or scruples and was dangerous to innocents-he would have killed Bobby, too, if Dean hadn’t returned in time. Death pulled Sam’s soul from the cage, but he wouldn’t have done it if not for Dean. So Dean DID play the largest part in saving the real Sam from the cage IMO, too.

        • Jodes says:

          I think the point people are trying to make is Dean would not have been trying to get Sam’s soul back if Sam would not have dragged him back into hunting. Dean was with Lisa and Ben. He wasn’t looking for Sam. Soulless Sam found Dean and dragged him back into hunting. It was after Dean discovered Sam had no soul that he decided to get his soul back.

    • Alan says:

      dean didnt get him out of the cage, stop with the revisionist history to just bash sam. he did what dean asked him to do, not to look

    • anotherlucy says:

      You are so right, mobiusklein. Sam and Benny should learn to become good friends. Kumbaya.

  9. Mo says:

    This trailer covers multiple episodes, people, but whoa. Seriously. I can’t wait.

  10. Mel says:

    Everything looks good, everything looks pretty good. Loving the 8th season. xD

  11. I am reduced to incoherent screaming of excitement. Sam and Dean conflict, with the implication that they’re going to eventually talk (yell) their problems out! Kevin covered in blood! Crowley! Cas!! I can’t breathe, can it be the end of the season like now so I can just marathon ALL the episodes?

  12. Kate says:

    I’m so excited about Cas being back I can hardly breathe. AT LAST.

  13. Elis says:

    OMG! Castiel! I’m so happy! Can’t wait to see the episode he comes back! I love you so much, and you deserve so much more S7 gave you!

  14. Eva says:

    I love it! It seems Sam and Dean are going to finally talk about their issues. Or so I hope. I love the brothers conflict and angst but not a whole season of it. Glad Garth is back.

  15. mike says:

    probley one of the best trailers ive seen form supernatural i cant friggin wait!

  16. strangeworld says:

    I’m really liking this season and I’m liking Dean who isn’t angsty and worried about what’s wrong with Sam this time. I hope Carver keeps this Dean and I hope Benny is good and Dean has a right to trust him. Sam doesn’t have to trust Benny.. Heck, Sam is so eager to go back to being Normal! let him go live with Amelia. Give me a hunting team with Dean, Cas and Benny and I’m happy.

    • Robin says:

      Ah…no. I like the gritty, down and dirty Dean, too. I am on the fence about Benny…not enough info yet. But Benny is a supporting character; Castiel is a supporting character. The Winchesters are the core, the heart and the soul of the show, and the reason I watch. There’s a lot of back story yet to be revealed here, and until the agonizing details are revealed, we should hold our judgments. Each of the brothers got a year of “normal”…with Lisa and with Amelia… and in the end, they always end up back together. That’s the way it should be.

    • There is no show without Sam. (You have to understand, I say that as a Team Free Will fan, and Castiel is my favorite character in the series — but there is no show without Sam.) I am looking forward to how /all/ the points of tension get resolved this season — including Sam’s PTSD and desire for safety.

    • Chris says:

      Why Castiel in the hunting team? He’s useless and Dean doesn’t need a wet nose angel to constantly monitor. Dean needs someone that knows him and has his back no matter what conflict is going on, no matter how mad they are at each other and what differences they have, thats Sam and would only be Sam which is the reason they know they make each other better people and better hunters and are alive today. They fight for each other.

      • Laura says:

        “thats Sam and would only be Sam”

        Do you mean the Sam who didn’t even bother trying to find a way to get Dean back? Oh right.

        • ruby says:

          She means the Castiel who lied and betrayed both Dean and Sam. The one who caused Dean to go to purgatory in the first place. That one.

      • lol, so funny. “Cas is useless” — that’s why they keep needing to handicap the deus ex machina. Fact is, he’s so incredibly useful, the writers have repeatedly expressed their frustration with wanting him around but recognizing that having such a powerful an ally means the boys will face no challenges. Huh. Wow, and guess what? Cas knows Dean, inside and out (a sometimes uncomfortable familiarity — Dean’s not so used to people seeing into his soul and reading his mind, much less appearing in his dreams and planting themselves in his heart) and always chooses Dean. Over heaven, over fate, over his own life. Sam will always be his brother, and the show would not exist without both Winchesters — but is definitely a reason Castiel is the third brother, now (a la Jensen Ackles).

      • BennyFan says:

        I’d love to see Dean hunt with someone that knows him and has his back no matter matter what. Right now, that character would be Benny.

        I still love Cas, though and would love to see a top side hunt with Team Purgatory. Sam can go hang out with Amelia.

        • oppar says:

          i want to see more of benny and dean together simply because that dynamic is so different from dean/sam and dean/cas. i think benny brings out the best and the worst in dean when it comes to the hunter in him.
          with sam dean always functions in big brother mode so while he knows that sam can handle his own he will always have one eye and ear out of the fight and focused on sam.
          and cas is more likely to function as dean does with sam towards dean. meaning he will always be in protect dean mode. plus now as cas seems to be slowly breaking apart dean is taking on a protective role there as well.
          it’s only with benny that you see him fighting as an equal beside someone who sees him as the same. so neither of them are protecting each other by more watching for the blind spots. so that’s when you get to see dean let loose. cause benny is, while seemingly good for now, a monster. he isn’t gonna say anything when dean gets feral and lets it all out.
          so you have this truly interesting story of dean going dark all on his own. yes purgatory was bad but dean… dean thrived there. he pulled in and got to use what he was good at and there were no rules. he had the monsters running from him more often than not. he made a name for himself there. the human. and benny was along for the ride. he saw it in action and just jumped right in.
          then you’ve got the all that comes with this butting heads with the dean/sam, dean/cas, and dean/sam/cas dynamics and i am like bring it!

          • Melody Paris says:

            Very interesting analysis and I completely agree. Dean is always in protective mode, but as we saw last week, he let Benny do his thing and went off and decapitated four vamps on his own. With Benny he can let loose in a way he could never be with anyone else because of the fear of both judgment and the fear of losing control which could result in losing his family. If you think about it, it’s when Dean isn’t in control that he does lose people. He was a child with no control when is mom died, he was in a hospital bed when his dad died, and he’d just been hopped up on icky turducken sandwich meat and of course unbelievably depressed when Bobby died. He recognizes the need to stay in constant control. If Benny dies, well he’s a vampire who’s lived many years, sad but acceptable, but he can’t afford the loss of his family.

  17. kaya says:

    OMG! I’m so excited I’m screaming now! CAS!!! He’s back and all BAMF and “Hello Dean” and “I’m gonna become a hunter” and I just can’t! I love the conflict between the brothers, there’s finally some action! This season is so AWESOME.

  18. lOR says:


  19. Tina says:

    I’m so excited for these episodes! Cas! Sam! Dean! All my favorite people are back. Speaking of being back, I wonder how Castiel got out of Purgatory.

  20. Mel says:

    This looks freaking awesome! SPN is really great this season and although I don’t agree with Carver on everything (mainly the whole brother conflict), he’s done a good job so far and has brought the excitment back to the show. I especially loved the last episode and from the looks of it, this one is going to be great as well. Season gr8!

  21. Spikenalabama says:

    This is gonna be SO GOOD!!!! I love Supernatural. Always have, always will.

  22. Ari says:

    My favorite thing about this season is that it feels like old school SPN. There is no poorly written big bad that they are fighting. It’s just an old school quest to close the gates of hell. Love it. Can’t wait.

  23. This trailer is amazing, holy crap. Really excited to see what happens with the brothers, delighted Castiel back, and to have Team Free Will together. \o/ While I’d developed fatigue from the brother conflict in recent seasons, for S8 it doesn’t feel manufactured or forced, it seems to arise from who Sam and Dean are, as different people. There’s conflict, but I also feel like they’re growing closer–no, it’s not like they were in early seasons, but I don’t think it should be. The bond grows and develops along with the characters and changes into something else equally as strong. Glad to see the Dean and Cas friendship will get more development too. I love Sam and Dean and Castiel, can’t wait to see what these episodes bring for them all.

  24. eaksoy says:

    holy crapadoodle this is exciting beyond words

  25. kyra says:

    God, I can’t wait to see this. Cas trying to be a hunter, Sam and Dean dealing with their pent-up issues, old characters (CHARLIE!) returning, Crowley being suave as ever…how could this season get any better? Love it!

  26. This looks fudgin awesome,the anticipation is killing me!!!!!

  27. Carrie says:

    Looks good. Great season so far.

  28. letmefall says:

    This is so exciting. I love that there’s some tension back in Sam and Dean’s relationship, I think it’s boring without it (unpopular opinion I know). And I think I’m also in the minority in that I find Sam’s position to be very relate-able? Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing how that pans out.

    And it is SO. DAMN. GOOD. to see Castiel back again.

    • ravelqueen says:

      you are so not alone re:sam. I can totally understand him deciding to stop hunting, after all he never actively choose hunting at all, he always did it for other things/people not himself, so after being completely alone to decide to stop doing what has killed everyone he has ever loved….how is that not relatable after all

  29. Mikaylah says:

    I am so excited!! This season is seriously great, and I can’t wait for Misha Collins to be back for more than an episode at a time.

  30. Linda says:

    What’s that black thing hooked up to Dean’s ear when Sam pushes Dean up against the glass (around the :54 mark) and when he pulls the gun on Sam? Earbuds? Eargoop? Earmonster?

  31. fdkjh says:


  32. Sal says:

    Great season so far…good, exciting storylines. I’m enjoying the new character, Benny, and am soooo happy that for once, Dean is standing up to Sam. I do not find Sam’s issues relatable at all. He wants to hunt, he doesn’t want to hunt…he’s changed his mind on this particular subject before. What I find interesting is that apparently it’s great for him to give up hunting, but when Dean questioned his career choice last season because everyone he loved was dying…everyone pretty much treated him like he was the world’s biggest wus. Now, I wouldn’t blame either brother for wanting to give up hunting, but it just seems strange to me that only one brother gets berated for considering it. Another problem that I have with Sam is that he has no business squawking about secrets, because he has kept some doozies. Hopefully, the brothers resolve their issues soon…I prefer them getting along.

  33. Chris says:

    As long as they keep it Team Winchester and the focus on the brothers this looks good. About time for a little more Crowley. Mark S just brings it every time. More bro time please!

    • Melody Paris says:

      I love Mark Sheppard. I am desperately hoping that some very smart TV exec is going to pair him with Mark Pellegrino in some show – any show, heck they could read the dictionary and I’d be captivated. They are both amazing and would blow our minds if thrown together!

  34. Hali says:

    I’ll say it again, thank you Jeremy Carver!

  35. Jude says:

    Whoa can’t wait for Jensen and Jared to go as Sam and Dean. I love when they bring the angst for each other. It always ramps up the scene when the two of them fight, because they are actually essentially fighting for the same thing, each other.

  36. Dreamrose says:

    Shouldn’t Jimmy Novak at least have been able to make it out of Purgatory? He’s human, too, after all. He just happens to be a meatsuit for an angel.

    And why is anyone (i.e., Sam and Dean) surprised at all that Castiel mysteriously made it out of Purgatory, too? Considering the number of times he’s been brought back from the *dead*, this should have been expected. God would not leave his (apparently?) favorite angel marooned there, after all.

    By the way, Garth as the new Bobby? Awesome.

    • I don’t know. I feel like, at the core of it, Dean always expects to lose the ones he loves. So he keeps expecting Cas to die, because of him. It’s one part of his enormous guilt complex.
      On the other hand, there’s the audience, who have watched the show kill off Cas too many times to be sanguine about his safety. (Especially after Bobby! No secondary character is safe, whether or not they’ve become main players in our minds.)
      As for Jimmy, I’m of the opinion he’s been gone since Lucifer Rising. Cas was smote in Chuck’s kitchen, I like to think Jimmy’s soul went to heaven. I hope so, because I’d love for the poor man to have some peace and reward for his sacrifices. :'(

    • oppar says:

      i think them making such a big deal about humans can only pass through the door was their way of saying that jimmy is gone and jimmy’s body is now an empty shell. so it’s the humanity that gets them a pass.
      the whole “you take away the fangs and the fun, i was born human.” bit was to say that there was nothing human left in castiel to allow him passage. imo of course lol.

  37. Laura says:


  38. tvaddict says:

    After 2 uneven seasons, I think Carver is bringing Supernatural back to being a GREAT show!

  39. Chris says:

    Wow, this looks great. This season is really fantastic so far! I’m pretty sure Dean is infected with something when he’s pointing the gun at Sam because we can see the black goo coming out of his ear (similar to the episode where Bobby was infected). Castiel’s return is very suspicious, I agree with Dean.

    One thing I really don’t like is Sam berating Dean for being hurt about Sam not even trying to find him in Purgatory. Sam is acting like Dean met Benny while he was away at… summer camp or something, and Dean was gleefully keeping his new friend Benny secret just to piss Sam off. And why does Sam keep bringing up Dean and “friends”? First he makes a point of telling Dean “All your friends are dead!” And now he’s pissed that Dean’s keeping his “friend” Benny a secret from him.

    Does Sam even comprehend that Dean was trapped in Purgatory and that the ONLY reason he is out is because of Benny? Monster or not, it doesn’t matter. Cas had run away and Dean was fighting for his life. It’s not like he had a lot of – or ANY – choices. Dean deserves the respect to make the decision about someone who saved his life. If Dean trusts Benny then he should be entitled to do so.

    Speaking of trusting vampires, does Sam even remember the time he berated Dean because he automatically wanted to kill the vamp Lenore? Sam told Dean that he needed to STOP taking a black or white only view of monsters. And Dean agreed. But now, when the tables are turned, Sam isn’t willing to trust a vamp even though Dean is asking him to? IDGI. I understand Sam is itching to get on with his “normal” life, as he keeps telling Dean, so maybe that would be best.

  40. mark says:

    is Supernatural finally back to their old ways? bless them bless them bless them! ONE WORD: JOY!

  41. Melody Paris says:

    I’m so excited – YAY!!!

  42. kate says:

    this looks pretty awesome. Supernatural is still kicking ass and taking names :D

  43. bo garcia says:

    I really thought purgatory would be awesome but all it did was turn dean into a whiny girl and soooo out of character… DO NOT WANT. the angel’s story should have ended a couple seasons ago… he is ruining the show in my opinion.

  44. roman b says:

    No more Cas pls… the brothers can’t work on their issues because they keep having to deal with that angel and whatever he has done. i’m surprised dean has forgiven him that quickly for releasing the leviathans and messing with sam’s wall! that’s so not dean at all!

  45. erb says:

    Great promo! YAY, CAS!!!!

    I can’t wait to see more of Cas! And looking forward to Amanda Tapping as Naomi (though she’s likely an antagonist) and getting to know more about Amelia. This looks good. Hope it lives up to the preview.

  46. I LOVE the promo! Season 8 is turning out to be GREAT so far. I especially loved the Castiel parts. The way he said how he wants to be a hunter, and the way Misha delivered the “Hello, Dean” line melted my heart. I’m VERY curious how he got out of purgatory, and I’m enjoying the juicy conflict between Sam and Dean. I hated Garth last season but I’m even finding him more tolerable this season, and Benny is an interesting character. I love that we’ll get to see Crowley again and the whole quest to close the gates of hell forever is just working really great for me. I hope the show keeps up this momentum!

    • Robin says:

      I,too, am VERY impressed with the level of tension and the quality of the eps so far this season. I’m sure it gets more difficult every season to keep it fresh and keep us hungry fans satisfied.

  47. Cas says:

    Season 8 doesn’t completely suck. Good job.