Glee Sneak Peeks: Artie Comes to Finn's Rescue With Some Help From Mercedes and Mike

When Glee returns this Thursday (Fox, 9/8c), Finn’s life will look a lot like it did before graduation, and that is not a good thing. But as you can see in the following sneak peeks, Artie is determined to help his former New Directions cohort.

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With no college or career plans, and no girlfriend in NYC, Finn is back to working at the tire shop — until Artie rolls in to get him out of his funk by asking him to co-direct the school musical. And he’s brought reinforcements to help make a success of the big production of Grease: Mercedes and Mike!

Meanwhile, Sue’s venom finds a new target in “Unique,” but you might be surprised at the nickname she comes up with for sweet Marley.

Press PLAY to watch the previews and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Arn says:

    Did…did Finn seriously wish to be crushed by a car in front of Artie?

    • Ana says:

      He didn’t wish to be crushed by a car. He said that with his “lucky” he could be crushed by a car, since everything that he tried didn’t work out. Two things totally different.

      • Katie says:

        Dude you dont say something like that when your wheelchair bound friend is right there its just not cool

        • Zak says:

          Not saying it because he is in a wheel chair is more offensive.

        • Pri says:

          Finn said that out of frustration and apologized right after. And Artie was comprehensive on Finn’s situation and didn’t get mad at him. You’re trying to make look worse than really is.
          I’m sure if were another character saying something like that in front of Artie (he had listened worse things from other characters without even apologized), some people would be more comprehensive and wouldn’t be all “OMG!!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!”

      • Arn says:

        What the hell? Are you seriously trying to fudge what he said to make it seem ok? It’s not ok. It’s another one of Finn’s endless gross comments.

        • Tess says:

          apparently anti-finn commenters don’t understand context. I’m pretty sure the akward pause and the “i’m sorry Artie” was exactly why it was there. because he knew it was wrong to say. do most Glee fans actually watch the whole scene? or do the pick out what they want and ignore the rest? quite franky that humanized Finn for me. he’s still the most relatable character they have on this crap show.

          • Karen says:

            Thank you, the WHOLE POINT of the awkward pause was to point out the comment as wrong. good lord Glee fans are idiots sometimes.

          • Arn says:

            Duh. If you knew how to read and parse comments, you’d realize the problem is that Finn keeps doing that, keeps making idiotic and hurtful comments. Apologies don’t help if he then turns around and just does it again. You people are as stupid as the character you idolize.

  2. Katie says:

    Yes Arn…..yes he did smh

  3. Katie says:

    I think the real question is when will Molly take off those ridiculous hats?

  4. Jon says:

    Yeah it is kinda insensitive to say you wish you were crushed by a car while talking to your friend who’s in a wheelchair. Also I know Finn has a lot of fans but is anyone really looking forward to this storyline they’re giving him?

  5. Shy says:

    This whole season is just so depressing. In true Glee style it is often boring or over the top. But the main thing is that it is depressing with all those other kids departure to adult happy life. And we miss them because we used to them and because those new glee members are so empty and uninteresting.

    And then they (producers) will throw a bone to viewers by bringing old cast member to 5 minutes and then show another 30 minutes of those boring new characters that no one cares about…. Like bringing Puck for completely idiotic reason and then never show him again. Or poor Santana. And now Mercedes and Mike? They have no real reason to be here. So producers will just create idiotic reason, show them for 10 minutes and then will send them back to garbage dumpster again… And when will they show Quinn?

    It’s so depressing to watch that I will probably quit. I want to watch our characters in their new life. I want to see them like with Kurt and Rachel. Show me Santana in college and her problems there every second episode. Show me Puck in his new life after school. And Quinn. And Mercedes. I don’r care about Mike. You can live him in the dumpster.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I can’t wait to see Mike! I’ve missed him!

  7. Edie says:

    I am so glad Finn is back and I can’t wait to see Mercedes and Mike too! Finn has helped out Artie a lot so it is nice that Artie is now helping him. The guy is depressed so sorry that he doesn’t always say the right things! I can’t wait to see Finn’s storyline this season.

  8. Dee says:

    Nice acting from Finn and Artie! Friends understand that no one monitors each and every word that comes out of their mouths. Must everyone be so judgmental? How ‘holier than thou…’

  9. GleekedOut says:

    I sure hope this season turns out better than the spoilers we are hearing. It’s all too freakin’ depressing and I’m just not enjoying Glee like I used to. I’m putting a whole lot of faith in the Finn SL turning around to keep me watching. The next few episodes are really important for Glee to keep their viewers interested. Please don’t let us down RIB!
    BTW, can’t wait to hear Juke Box Hero … Cory presence has been seriously lacking so far, this is a step in the right direction to help make up for it! Amazing vocals :)

  10. Sara says:

    Doooo good to see cory monteith in this episode, season 4 has been sorely lacking until his star turn in the break -up. And singing a rock song?!!!!! Please do a good job with his story writers, thanks.

  11. Finny so cute, LOVE HIM!

  12. sandra says:

    Finn, my poor bb <3