The Voice Recap (Live Playoffs -- Part 1): Dream Until Your Dreams Come True [Updated]

You’d have to be living under the sewer grate where Adam Levine buys his heavily distressed t-shirts to not be aware that Tuesday is the time to “Vote, baby, vote.” And what better way to warm up your civic trigger finger than by casting a ballot (or 10) for your favorite members of Team Adam and Team Blake after Part 1 of The Voice‘s “Live Playoff” round?

The difficulty, of course, is figuring out which issues matter the most. Do you vote along party lines (in other words, root for the contestants who’ve been not-so-subtly labeled as “fan favorites” by their coaches and/or Carson Daly)? Do you reward consistency over the last eight weeks of competition? Or should you be swayed by what the nervous hopefuls managed to do their first time in front of the live TV cameras?

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While you ponder those important questions, I’m going to lobby on behalf of my faves:

Absolutely should advance:
* Is it too early in the season to drop a word like “revelatory”? Because that’s the word that sprang to mind as Amanda Brown finished her rendition of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” (embedded below for your listening pleasure) with a banshee wail that could make Steven Tyler’s granny scarves stand on end. I know that commercially, it’s been a tough road for black female rockers (do check out Res, Nicole Renee, Janice Robinson, and Kina on iTunes if you’ve got a minute today), but when you can make Christina Aguilera shout “get it, girl!” after breathing new life into a classic rock anthem, then you might have the power to change the hearts and mind of the music-buying public. Okay, or at least win Season 3 of The Voice.

* Bryan Keith‘s cover of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris” wasn’t as pitch perfect as his teammate Amanda, but as Xtina pointed out, he really built the midtempo rocker to a scintillating crescendo, and unlike a lot of the vocalists who were merely trying on their songs this week, Bryan actually owned his. Dude definitely needs to work a little harder to not fade into the wallpaper when he’s down in his lower register, but Bryan’s tone is so rich, it’s spending the afternoon calling Ohio voters on behalf of Mitt Romney.

Absolutely should go home:
* I adored the total authority Melanie Martinez displayed on her blind audition to Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” the way she reinvented that great pop melody into a breathy acoustic gem. But she’s been on a downward spiral ever since, and “Hit the Road Jack” turned her into the proverbial little girl lost, wandering around the stage halfheartedly trying to bring a sense of coyness to a Ray Charles jam that requires some serious starch. I don’t have a problem with a breathy, stylized vocalist on a reality singing competition — I certainly dug Season 1’s Dia Frampton and Season 2’s Lindsay Pavao — but with her silly hair bow and her witlle gurl body language, Melanie seems to have invested too heavily in her artifice, and not spent enough time on her artistry. It’s nothing a few years of living in a college dorm can’t fix, so let’s check in with the kid and see what kind of music she’s producing in five or six years, shall we?

Could go either way:
* How is it that Joselyn Rivera was almost flawless on Beyonce’s insanely difficult “Love on Top,” yet struggled with intermittent pitch problems on Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart a Break”? I liked the R&B phrasing Joselyn brought to the pop ditty, and she strutted the stage with the kind of confidence that would make a major-label exec get on the horn to the contracts department, but the end product was slightly less interesting than the sum of its commercially relevant parts, no?

* I’ve got to give Loren Allred props for tackling Lisa Stansfield’s nifty “All Around the World” (even though the lesser-known “This Is the Right Time” is a better vocal showcase), but is it crazy that I’m not crazy about the wedding singer’s tone when her voice opens up and she starts belting? I found the latter half of the performance to be ever so slightly strident, even though Loren was consistently on pitch. Discuss!

Absolutely should advance:
* I’m not a huge fan of Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks,” or maybe I should say I wasn’t a huge fan of it until Michaela Paige strutted out on stage in her post-riot-grrrl uniform (black bustier, flared tulle shirt, knee-high boots, giant Mohawk) and delivered one of the easiest, breeziest vocals I’ve heard on a reality singing competition this year. I loved the way Michaela’s voice slid through the chorus, and the way she attacked the final refrain with equal parts aggression and delight. As Blake begged in his assessment of the performance, “America, vote for this girl! Do it, please!”

Also should advance:
* Yeah, Liz Davis transported us right back to 1994 with her straightforward cover of “Independence Day” — that oddly draped white-and-silver floor-length dress served as the time machine — but Season 3’s sole country crooner has such a strong, meaty voice that I can’t really be mad at her for it. On the flip side, though, I’m not sure that by the time The Voice hits Season 4, that any part of this performance will be left in my memory bank. If Liz manages to survive into the Top 12 — and it seems likely, given Blake’s allegiance to the country genre — she’s going to have to be a little more daring with her song selection, a little edgier in her delivery, to capture the public’s vote.

* I’m rooting for Terry McDermott to stay in the competition on the basis of his fantastic Knockout Round rendition of “Maybe I’m Amazed” moreso than his surprisingly
pedestrian Live Playoffs cover of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Xtina had a good point that Terry’s voice has a “precise cleanness” that’s “so easy on the ears,” but unlike his prior performances, it felt like the mullet-sporting Scottish dude was faking his way through Journey’s famous ballad. There wasn’t a whole lot of conviction — and not a shred of originality — to the cover, which left me feeling like I’d just watched a pretty good karaoke-bar performance, not the coming-out party for radio’s next big thing.

Absolutely should go home:
* I know Blake keeps trying to drive home the idea that Cassadee Pope is already a music superstar and America simply hasn’t figured it out yet, but I feel like that overhype might be starting to hurt the former Hey Monday frontwoman’s chances in the competition. I mean, after such a trumped-up intro, Cassadee’s paint-by-numbers take on Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending” left even Blake’s good pal Adam Levine asking “Who is Cassadee Pope?” Surely, she has to be more than a pretty gal with nice hair whose voice disappears into the ether on her lower register, doesn’t she? Blake? Anyone?

* I know the studio audience gave Julio Cesar Castillo a standing ovation for his cover of “El Rey,” but I heard more vocal strain than emotional heartbreak in the former restaurant singer’s Spanish-language ballad. On the plus side, Julio’s white shirt and black tie would be just the right look if he lands a singing waiter gig after he’s booted from the competition.

And with that, let me turn things over to you:

Who were your favorites from The Voice‘s first round of Live Playoffs? Who totally blew their big shot? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

p.s. Due to Hurricane Sandy leaving me without cable and internet for six days, there’ll be no new Reality Check till next Monday. Last week’s kick-awesome episode, however, is embedded below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Karrah says:

    I love that you just said “kick-awesome.” Kris Allen fan foreva!

  2. Tiff says:

    Amanda was ridiculously good. I’m calling her the frontrunner, fan-favorite, whatever. Michaela surprised me – really boring song, but she totally brought it. Her confidence is really impressive.

    Julio was amazing, I don’t know what you’re thinking, Michael.

    My biggest disappointment tonight was that Nicole Nelson wasn’t there. Loren Allred pretty much proved that she just had one moment, and no consistency. I’m never going to forgive Adam for that.

    • Tiff says:

      Also, I’m going to go on the record in saying that Bryan Keith is boring – AND he didn’t hit half of his low notes. I’d much rather have Melanie than him.

    • ET says:

      Amanda and Michaela ran away with it last night; no one else was even close. Not even Julio (who is a forgettable one-trick pony, IMO)

    • Clifford Alverez says:

      Amanda was ahhhmahzing. Also, I almost feel like Adam picked Loren over Nicole because he didn’t want it to be Amanda vs. Nicole in the end (both great, but for different reasons), and letting amurica get rid of Loren would be an easier decision.

    • JenR says:

      Those are the same three I voted for! I admit there is no way Julio will win, but I really want to see what he does next.

    • GIL says:

      Agree 100% with this comments: Amanda, Michaela and Julio were great!

  3. saytadas says:

    your view that melanie should absolutely go home is a proof of your being a music traditionalist. you are essentially an american idol viewer.

    • kes says:

      Good, I’m glad he is. After tonight, I have a whole lot more respect for AI11.

    • VCI says:

      Melanie does deserve to go home! she has such a limited range which gets old fast. Proven in the fact that Slezak was a big fan of Melanie the first few weeks and now thinks she she be gone. But Adam will save her over Joselyn or Loren.

      • David says:

        I both agree and disagree. Melanie was the weakest of the night, IMHO. That said, I think Adam would save Loren. She has the potential to be number two on his team if Bryan isn’t careful.

      • Laura says:

        Well, may i remind you that Slezak hated Haley Reinhart the first 5-7 weeks of AI?

    • STM says:

      Oh please! as a Zappa fan (Is that non-traditionalist enough?), I here by declare that (a) I am an idol viewer and (b) Melanie is OK but not much more. I actually liked parts of her thing, didn’t like her knockout audition.

  4. saytadas says:

    bryan is really really boring. and I agree with Tiff. the biggest disappointment of the night is that Nicole Nelson isnt there to perform. totally the biggest mistake of the show this season. 2nd is Suzanne Choffel’s elimination last week.

    • Yo' says:

      I agree with everyone: I missed Nicole tonight. She brought something really special to this show.

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        yeah…as Loren was singing I was imagining just how incredibly much better Nicole would have done with that same Lisa Stansfield song…I think Nicole would have outshone Amanda and been the best of the night (instead of Loren probably heading home)

  5. Niko says:

    Melanie going home is the easiest one on team Adam. While Cassadee and Julio on team Blake is a no-brainer.

    • FreeHaley says:

      No way. Melanie is totally the sort Adam will save and since Amanda is getting the votes and, considering the demo, Bryan is 100% without doubt that means Melanie gets the save. Christina tried to push Adam away since you could tell she saw the same thing brewing but I just don’t see it. Maybe if Joselyn had gotten last week’s song she may have forced him to change, but….

  6. Davey says:

    Love Amanda Brown.

  7. Lea says:

    Glad you are back and okay Michael !

    My favorites tonight were Amanda, Michaela and… I never expected to say that, but I really enjoyed Julio (even though there is no chance he’s going forward).

  8. Sam says:

    Terry’s song was no good for him!! But I still I looove him and think he’s A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
    Also Amanda is crazzzy good. Can’t wait for Team CeeLo and Xtina. CeeLo has some of my faves this season (like Cody <3)

  9. Aria says:

    Loved Joselyn and Amanda. Don’t care too much about the others, although Terry and Cassadee could be amazing with the right song.

  10. Tom says:

    Okay, first thing’s first: AMANDA BROWN. SING IT, GURL. She is SO going to the finals. It’d be an utter travesty if she didn’t.

    As to who should/shouldn’t go home… well, Amanda and Bryan were clearly the best on Team Adam. You can stone me if you’d like, but I enjoyed Melanie more than Joseyln, whose performance was flatter than a roadkill pancake, and Loren, whose song choice let her down immensely. No, Melanie’s song choice wasn’t great either, but she is far more interesting than the other two. I do like Joselyn, especially after “Love on Top” last week, but she hit far too many bum notes on “Give Your Heart a Break.” Way too many.

    Team Blake was decent, I guess. Michaela did a very serviceable take on that Neon Trees song, but I still have the Glee version stuck in my head, and I find Jacob Artist and Becca Tobin’s cover superior. If I hadn’t heard it before hearing Michaela, I’d probably have liked it more, but whatever. She’s good, so she deserves to advance. I do like Terry’s voice a lot, but his “Don’t Stop Believin'” cover was a tad underwhelming. I’m still rooting for him, though. Liz was solid, but slightly forgettable. I kind of miss Gracia’s yodeling. Julio… well, I guess he sang his mariachi song well enough. I’m not familiar with mariachi, so I can’t judge. I just don’t think he’s marketable. Cassadee was so-so. She’s just not a strong live singer, I reckon. She’s got a legion of fans, however, so she’s not going anywhere just yet.

    Overall, yeah, it’s pretty clear that Adam’s team was stronger, even if Amanda and Bryan carried the rest on their shoulders. I’m hoping Cee Lo and Christina’s teams are a little more evenly matched. Anyone else excited for De’Borah? Do you know how awesome a De’Borah vs. Amanda final two would be? At that point they should just be the season’s joint-winners and make everyone happy.

  11. StupidPeopleShutUp says:

    You’re dumb.

  12. Snsetblaze says:

    I don’t know what the audience in the theater was hearing but over my speakers, Julio sounded really strained. Amanda was amazing. Terry was really good. I thought he reminded me of Steve perry but I think he’s more like the lead singer of Boston or Dennis DeYoung from Styx (but I also realized that hecalso looks like either Chip or Dale (the chipmunks). I also loved Micheala and liked Melanie (though her phrasing on that song was a bit off).

    • Daniel says:

      If you think Try sounded like Steve Perry, you’re the one who needs new speakers. Not even close. Steve Perry alone is the entirety of that song, and Terry didn’t even come close.

  13. jenn says:

    Amanda was amazing. Seriously she only gets better! Bryan is not boring, I absolutely love his tone and he’s the best with Amanda. Melanie will stay believe me. I don’t like her, but she has hipsters in love with her voice even though it’s breathy. Loren is good, but her song choice was underwhelming. Joselyn.. eech. I like her but she failed to make a good impression on Give your heart a break. Terry is the best on team Blake, but Don’t stop believing is overplayed now. Michaela really suprised me ! Liz is country so honestly i didn’t care much, though she can sing. Julio is well out place. Cassadee is not nearly as good as her fans want her to be. She can get squeeky.

  14. Alex says:

    What’s with the Cassadee dislike? While I’ll admit she kind of usually just sings pretty boringly, I think she occasionally does really cool little riffs, I’d like to see her really do something out-of-the-box

  15. John says:

    With all due respect, Julio was amazing. Not sure why he’s a must-go. Performance of the night went to Amanda. Un-freakin-believable!

  16. Pat says:

    1. Bryan Keith
    2. Amanda Brown
    3. Terry McDermott
    4. Michaela Paige
    5. Cassadee Pope
    6. Loren Allred
    7. Liz Davis
    8. Julio Cesar Castilo
    9. Joselyn Rivera
    10. Melanie Martinez

  17. Xandra says:

    I think Cassadee has a built in fan base that will give her the votes, at least for this week. Julio did himself a huge favor and sounded great, and I think Blake will put through Michaela. Amanda and Bryan are the biggest shoo-ins for Adam and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t save Melanie.

  18. teatime says:

    Song choice was the most important element for me tonight. I think everyone sang well.
    Smart song choices IMHO (in order of performance):
    Melanie. If she keeps changing genres she might make it to the end of this. She always sings the same but she kept it interesting by singing a much older song.
    Cassidy. It was well done and enjoyable. She showed how she can be a current artist.
    Bryan. Excellent song. He sang it well. I like his voice. I like his style. I think he is unique.
    Michaela. This song really highlighted her voice. Plus it is an odd quirky song which suits her image. She could perform on stage with Neon Trees and fit right in.
    Amanda. Bravo!

    Not so good song choices IMHO (in order of performance):
    Joslyn. She sang well but it was just not a memorable performance.
    Terry. He always sings classic rock. He should have surprised us with something from the past couple of years.
    Liz. She had a good voice on the opening group rock number. Her predictable country-ish performance song was not memorable.
    Julio. The TV crowd loved it for some reason. Maybe the lyrics were moving? I wouldn’t know. It did nothing for me.
    Loren. Too old fashioned. She got thru last week because she sang something interesting. That advantage just flew out the window with this bad song choice.

  19. George R says:

    Amanda was amazing, Michaela was great fun to watch, Terry was really really good, Bryan was very good the rest eh though Julio was very powerful

  20. dj says:

    I really only liked Melanie and Amanda. I wanted to like everybody, but I thought a lot of them were shouty and so-so.

    I’m glad you’re back online, Michael. I was going through recap withdrawals.

    • kavyn says:

      Ditto. I also liked Liz, but otherwise those were the only three I enjoyed. Melanie Martinez was no where close to the worst performance of the night.

      Melanie has a soft voice that works so nicely, kind of like Ellie Goulding in a sense. I personally thought Hit The Road Jack was her second best performance so far (the top being Toxic).

  21. kavyn says:

    I think this will be Amanda and Trevon’s season. Those two are powerhouses, but personally I think Amanda has the personality, confidence and charisma that it takes to win it all. Trevon is such a phenomenal singer but his personality is not that great.

    I also hope to see De’borah, Melanie, Michaela and Liz make it far. I think those 6 are the ones to bear. I know many seem to hate Melanie, but she has a style that’s different that a lot of people love. I agree that her songs do get very breathy though but I thought she controlled it quite nicely for Hit The Road Jack.

  22. Malia says:

    So dissapointed in Adam. Poor song choices for Loren and Joselyn. Well, it will get Melanie through to the top 12.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Part of me almost thinks the games already began and he wanted an easy way to try to justify picking Melanie perhaps. I think Melanie will start seeming predictable and boring and be stuck without the vocals to do anything else but she is for sure going through now, when things are close he always give the favor to someone like her and he loves to win and he probably sees nothing but split votes for Joselyn in the finale and maybe even for Loren whereas if Melanie didn’t manage to totally wear out her welcome she’d be splitting no votes at all in a finale. He should have made sure Joselyn had another last week as he had talked about weeks ago before the live rounds.
      But who knows really.

  23. Portia says:

    I disagree about Julio. I’d actually rank him higher than Liz and Jocelyn tonight…didn’t see that one coming. His El Rey made me dust off the Chingon version of Maleguena Salerosa from Kill Bill Vol. II. How awesome would be awesome on the show? Please google it, Michael, and add to wish list? I’d rather hear something fresh than another soundalike pop wannabe. Honestly, I can’t tell Jocelyn apart from all those pop girls on Xtina’s team. Same sound, different dress. Zzzzzz…

  24. Ronnie says:

    Amanda shut it down. No one was even close to her in vocals and performance. Looking forward to Wednesday’s performances to see if anyone else has her stage presence.

  25. VCI says:

    1. Amanda (ADAM)
    2. Bryan (ADAM)
    3. Michaela(BLAKE)

    4. Terry (BLAKE)

    5. Joselyn (ADAM)
    6. Liz(BLAKE).
    7. Loren (ADAM)

    8. Julio (BLAKE) (had his best performance but still way weaker than the others)
    9. Melanie (ADAM)
    10. Casadee (BLAKE)

  26. Eli says:

    Im going to rank them based on team since Blakes aren’t competing directly with Adams

    BLAKE (least favorite to favorite)

    Brian (I can’t place it but there is something about him I just don’t like)

  27. dan says:

    I hope Adam keeps Amanda, Loren and … one other. But I’m sure it will be Amanda, Brian and Melanie. Melanie is such a one trick pony, and Hit the Road Jack was underwhelming. Brian sounded off.

  28. IraiaG says:

    1. Amanda Brown
    2. Terry McDermott
    3. Michaela Paige
    4. Bryan Keith
    5. Liz Davis
    6. Joselyn Rivera
    7. Loren Allred
    8. Cassadee Pope

    Then I would call a tie because between Julio and Melanie I could never choose who annoys me more.

    • Rain says:

      Wow, no need for me to comment, my list is identical to yours! The only difference being Melanie annoys me way more than Julio!

  29. Eric says:

    Amanda was flawless, I got chills at the end of her song. Michaela was also excellent. I bought the studio versions of their songs (which I don’t normally do) and they’re, if possible, even better than the live performances.

    I also liked Bryan, Cassadee and Melanie quite a bit (in that order). Terry is a great singer and I’ve been a fan of his this season, but his rendition of that song fell flat for me. He’s pretty much guaranteed to make it through anyway, though, I’d wager.

    Julio was actually surprisingly good (even though I don’t care for his style of singing). Liz was forgettable. Loren had a couple of great glory notes at the end, but otherwise she was meh for me. Joselyn was atrocious. By far the worst performance this time around, and it’s too bad because I like that song a lot.

  30. C.C. says:

    Not sure if the TV viewers here tend to lean more on being more interested in TV or in music, since I feel like a lot of the comments are coming from traditionalists who don’t buy records. Stylistically, it’s easy to sell alt-rock voices such as Melanie Martinez and Lindsey Pavao from last season because of the rise of the popularity of artists like Lana del Rey and Florence Welch (though that is to discount the fact that Florence is known for both her range and vocal quality.) Melanie and Mackenzie Bourg cover a large chunk of the 18-49 demographic with the sort of quirky style the polarizes (obviously on the negative end around these parts. Can I get another music geek in on this?)

    I can remember explicitly that last season, the predictions here were rarely right, if ever accurate. That is not to say that this is bad thing. I just feel like we should try to get a much more objective analysis of the music based on the online sphere outside of the site and of TV pundits? You can diss on kids like Melanie all you want and that’s totally fine, but I think a shift in musical perspective would be nice. (Or maybe I should just refer to Rolling Stone for my recaps. Heh.)

    • TV Lover says:

      It’s funny, hubs & I said something along these same lines last night (and we’re in that dreaded over 35 catagory)… First, let me start by saying that we loved Amanda last night and normally we love Terry (last night’s song choice wasn’t a great one for him) and like a few others on Team Ceelo (like Nicholas) BUT the performances that we have loved the most and are the most memorable have been those that do something different like Mackenzie’s Call Me Maybe and last night Melanie’s Hit the Road Jack (and there have been some good ones in past seasons like Tony’s Baby One More Time, Lindsey’s Say Aah, Dia’s Heartless). Does memorable means good music or good TV? We’re not sure, but it does lead to revenue from this house, because that ‘s what we go and buy.

    • teatime says:

      Personally, I could not care less what hipsters are listening to. It does not impact what performances I like and what artists I think are original and interesting.

  31. BTM says:

    My two favorites were Amanda (hands down) and Melanie.

    Melanie’s choice of Hit the Road, Jack kind of reminded me of Peggy Lee, if not for actual voice than for style. She interested me.

  32. igoreli says:

    Right now in Top 100 on iTunes

    14. Dream On (The Voice Performance) – Amanda Brown
    44. My Happy Ending (The Voice Performance) – Cassadee Pope
    66. Hit the Road Jack (The Voice Performance) – Melanie Martinez
    77. Don’t Stop Believin’ (The Voice Performance) – Terry McDermott

    • VCI says:

      Guess Cassadee Pope’s Hey Monday fan base will carry her through, but luckily I have no strong favorites on Blake’s team.

  33. Yo' says:

    NIce to see you back safe and sound, Michael. We missed you. Amanda for the win!

  34. Kathy says:

    They saved best for last with Amanda. Thank goodness for the steal. Her and Trevin were amazing in the battleround and it must pain Ceelo that Amanda is no longer on his team.

  35. EL says:

    Loren’s performance showed the soul side of her very well, she was on perfect pitch indeed! But sadly I think she and joselyn will be the two that will be eliminated on results show even though loren’s performance was good. Its quite unfair as nbc didnt showw her full blind auditions and battle round. She did pop in her blind audition, country pop in battle round, soul in knockout, which shows her versatility

  36. Slatina Whorinova says:

    Michael Slezak, what is “aristry”?

  37. Debbie says:

    I loved Terry, for some reason, he reminds me of the Bay City Rollers. Yep, showing my age and not upset about it.
    But what the heck is up with Ceelo? It is good that I like his music, otherwise I would just think he was weird.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      You hit it on the head with Terry. Plus I think he looks a lot like Chip or Dale (the Chipmunks from the Warner Bros. Cartoons.)

  38. Slatina Whorinova says:

    I wish Joslyn Rivera and her caked on makeup and stank face and bum notes get kicked off. Melanie Martinez is an affected little twit who should have never advanced to this round. Wow is Loren Allred boring. I thought Julio did well, but I still think he shouldn’t have beaten MarissaAnn in the knockouts. Michaela always sounds great but I can’t stand to look at her. Her outfits make her look like a no-neck monster. Cassadee can stop singing through her nose now. I love Bryan’s voice, but he has no stage presence at all. He is so laid back, he makes me fall asleep. I do wish he performs shirtless next since I am very curious of his tattoos.

  39. Lori says:

    I thought it was hysterical that both Cristina and Cee Lo thought Independence Day was somehow patriotic and had something to do with Election Day. It’s about a woman who kills her husband because he beats her.

  40. bjp says:

    Amanda Brown blew me away!

    • Eli says:

      Amanda blew everyone away, but it was so typical that Christina was the only coach not getting up for a (deserved) standing ovation. Once a diva bitch, always a diva bitch I guess.

      • MamaLis says:

        You noticed??!! You know what that was? That was a case of “Women Against Sexual Women.” “WASW.” LoL I had to rewind my DVR like, “Were you really the only one who would not stand up for her, Xtina?” Too often you’ll see an alpha female – like Xtina – who becomes threatened by another woman showing her sexuality. Amanda is sophisticated and VERY sexy, and as women we should applaud her for that. But Xtina… while she appeared to give her kudos, she clearly could not fully ‘give it up’ for all that Amanda delivered.

  41. verver says:

    While I like Michaela Paige; she has a great voice–she does not enunciate–whether that’s because she’s out of breath because she’s active on stage (which is nice) or some other reason, this detracts from her performance.

    I liked Cassadee Pope, but last night Amanda Brown was my favorite.

    I wasn’t crazy about Loren Allred or Terry McDermott last night.

  42. MamaLis says:

    I can’t believe Michael actually said those things about Melanie and Julio!!!
    Ahhhh… feel the fresh air blowing across the pages.

  43. Rick says:

    Why do the judges think “Independence Day” is all about how great America is? Isn’t it about an abusive man whose wife has finally had enough and burns down their house with both parents inside?

  44. Delon says:

    Even though Amanda’s vocal acrobatics were pretty darn awesome the real star amongst last night’s contestants was Michaela. She is like a perfect amalgamation of Pat Benatar, Madonna, Pink and Juliette Lewis. She has immense potential and i believe should be the next teen sensation. I am so impressed by her.

  45. Leon says:

    Julio sounds just like Ali Campbell the former singer of UB40. So maybe he should try a reggae cover. It keeps working for Ali.

  46. Laura says:

    Agreeing with a few selections… others, not as much. Amanda Brown was premium, yeah. But i also enjoyed Melanie’s. You said went down on a spiral, while i noticed some improvement: she kept her mic close at all times, allowing everything to be heard. She sang some interesting notes, half-jazzy. I just think you’re biased because you dislike her hair so much!! lol. For me, Team Adam keepers: Amanda, Melanie and Bryan (yes, in that order). I had trouble chosing 3 out of Blake’s team… no one hits my chords sort of speaking. Everyone is good but they just don’t…excite me? With the exception of my fellow mexican Julio Castillo… KEY INFO TO KNOW: the song he sang wasn’t about a heartache at all… i was puzzled as to why Blake thought that and wasn’t corrected. It is about pride and dignity, that despite life’s ups and downs, one can still thrive… Michael, i have have to say that i resent that you always compare Julio with some Flautas Joint or a waiter gig… it is disrespectful, unnecesary and a bit racist perhaps???? I love you but this time with those comments you are losing me, honestly. It is just bad manners. BTW that is a tough song to sing and he sang it brilliantly. Maybe is not your cup of tea but for us latins, he was excellent. If you do not appreciate traditional mexican music at least do not clasify it under a chain restaurant category would you????

  47. Chris says:

    I’m not a fan of anyone covering Aerosmith songs because honestly no one can do them justice (with the only exception of Train’s cover of Dream On). I’ve always felt that way. She did OK but fell short really with styling and conviction. She could have picked another song to sway votes with, but I definitely think she should go ahead.

    My picks from the night to hopefully move forward:

    Michaela Paige
    Terry McDermott
    Liz Davis

    Amanda Brown
    Bryan Keith
    Joselyn Rivera

    I do think Melanie has a very talented and artistic soul so I’m giving her an honorable mention, but she gets lost with the rest of the competition.

  48. FreeHaley says:

    Wow, Amanda was beyond insane! She is going through for sure.

  49. FreeHaley says:

    Dang, it really stinks but I think Joselyn is sunk. I wish she had last week’s song this week and not sure why Adam made a big deal about where he wanted to take her and take her so far…. and man going first was not the best for her either. She needed to blow you away ballad or something like last week. I almost wonder if the games did not begin since having her in the finale might mean vote splitting against team Christina??

    Amanda is going through for sure and 100% deservedly. Bryan had one of his better nights and consider the voting demo he is guaranteed the other vote through. Loren kinda of fell back, she was cool at the very end but most of it wasn’t as amazing this week so perhaps Joselyn can still get the save over her despite Joselyn not really having been given or giving quite what she needed to navigate the team Adam minefield only the thing is you just know Adam will go for Melanie even though I’m pretty sure she is going to get old fast.

    Christina definitely tried to give Joselyn a bit of a boost in her comments and knock Melanie down to Earth in Adam’s eyes but man I fear Joselyn is gone and before she really got a chance. Man I hate the 20 down to 12! Just awful. Why could they not do the 2 from any team go home starting week 16? Or at least Go four and four 20 to 16 and then 16 to 12 so you get an extra chance to showcase on the live stage? I hate that.

    I just hope Adam doesn’t get caught up in the whole he needs someone really different for the third spot and support the indy singer thing.

  50. FreeHaley says:

    Terry was awesome. Liz seemed a little boring today. Cassadee was good.
    Michaela did a lot better than I expected.