How I Met Your Mother Recaplet: Did Ted Save the Right Relationship? When Does Robin Find Out?

On Monday night’s How I Met Your Mother, one couple took a big step forward – and a giant leap backwards.

After consulting with Marshall and Lily, Ted realizes that Victoria has been dropping hints about their future with talk of a job offer in Denver and wondering if she’ll ever use her wedding dress again. It quickly becomes clear that time didn’t reset on their relationship; it paused six years ago, then resumed. In Victoria’s eyes, they’re much further along than her boyfriend thinks, and so she wants a commitment. But something is holding them back: Robin.

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After Ted finally pops the big question, Victoria quickly accepts – and sets a caveat. “There’s just one thing – you can’t be friends with Robin,” she says.

Victoria makes the demand because she’s worried about Ted’s history with his ex, which she describes as the “deep, dark pit where our relationship goes to die.” And even though the Canuck is currently happy with her squeeze Nick, ruling out any chance of a reconciliation between Ted and Robin, “I’ll always be wondering,” Victoria tells Ted, leaving him with a big choice.

While chatting with Marshall and Lily, he seems willing to let go of Robin for a future with Victoria. Yes, he can’t imagine his life without his friend, “but she’ll never be in love with me,” he says. “She’ll never be my wife. She’ll never be the person that I grow old with. But Victoria could be.”

Robin gets an urgent text from Ted asking her to meet him at the bar, but in a classic HIMYM fake-out, he tells Victoria that Robin is family and he hopes that she can get past that. Unfortunately, she can’t.

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“I really hope you get her some day,” are Victoria’s last words to Ted.

While he makes his pals promise never to tell Robin that he gave up his relationship for her, future Ted reveals that she does find out eventually. We know something goes awry on her wedding day to Barney. Could that be when she learns the truth? Or is it just her — or Ted? — acting on that info for the first time?

HIMYM fans, what did you think of Ted’s choice? Even if it was the right one (take notice, Ross Gellar), are you still hoping that the show doesn’t venture into Robin/Ted territory again? And will you miss Victoria? (Her final scene set to that The Swell Season song was heartbreaking despite the fact we all knew the romance was doomed.) Hit the comments!

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  1. angie says:

    Can u guys post the link .
    I am sure there wont be a kiss, they “ll just make itas friends holding hands.
    Ted will never betray Barney,so no kiss for sure

  2. After the “signs of the universe” thing I would like to say that in my opinion the book “Love in the Times of Colera” must have an influence to the writers. I dont know which on? And maybe also the yellow raincoat – Mario believes so – I am not convinced but maybe it is a metapher but for what?
    One thing is clear for me, Barney and Robin are a perfect couple simmillar to Quinn and Barney they have the same way of appoach and seeing things, but in the end I think this is not enough for a deep and meaningful relation. For sure it is cool to be with Barney for one year or more but after a while it might be to much of “always” the same.
    So my guess is that Barney will bang another girl before the ceremony and this might be the start of all turbulences.

  3. robertkrasser says:

    Unsolved things, metaphers on HIMYM:

    – when do Robin find out that Ted left Victoria because of her?
    – Barney dont know about Robins infertillity
    – Ted (most likely) dont know about Robins infertillity (no spoken evidence)
    – The book “The Love in the Times of Cholera”
    – The trown away yellow raincoat of Ted in something old
    – Why is Bob Sarget spekating the narrator but older Ted in “The Front Porch” has the original teds voice
    – of course the pinapple
    – who is the girl with the yellow umbrella, might be the “bump girl”
    – is the mother also teds wife in 2030
    – where is robins locket?
    – what went horrible wrong at the wedding?
    – The bet between Marschall and Lilly – “Not yet”
    – What is Barney working?
    – Why Ted changed his favour of a band at a wedding (Pilot) to a DJ (Band or DJ)
    – Do not bring an ex to a wedding – Why Ted is than the best men of Barney?
    – same appyes for Robin
    – Why Ted is loking on the bass player at a wedding reception but do not speak to her? instad meet her at a platform in the rain – quite unlogic. Especially when he was the on organising the band because he konows Cindy and she knows him from the economics class.
    – May a wedding go horrible wrong and have a peacful reception party?
    – Why is Barney standing allone on the wall at teds wedding (see the Lucky Penny – Episode)
    – Why in Future Barney is never beside Robin?
    – Why ted says: “Barney is going 100% threw with THIS wedding” why this wedding schluld say with HIS wedding? Is there another one
    – and in the latest interview NPH says: Robin and Barney NOT ONLY GETTING married

    So there are so many unsolved things that leaves the door wide open for speculations


    • Mario says:

      And all probably to be answer until S9 … sigh. I don’t think a lot is going to be resolved on this S8 finale … sigh. Oh well its the logic thing to do, I probably do the same thing. I still think is going to be a good episode, but I don’t have high hopes on it.

      • angie says:

        The more previews and sneak peeks I am seeing the more I am sad.i have a feeling its gonna be sad & depressing for Ted.for gods sake why cant they let Ted and mother meet and let him be happy.I dont have any hopes of seeing mother until series finale.the more renewals this show got ,the more sadness and problem for Ted.Marshall & lily, Barney & Robin all r happy in their lives, why cant Ted?they will make the rest 45 days into another 25 episodes and Ted will find happiness in series finale.hate u CBS for renewing this show

        • Mario says:

          True Angie, I always said this show should have ended on S6 to end on a high note. I still enjoy it but it’s close to how it used to be. Oh well, lets see how this season goes .. we’ll be commenting in here soon

    • maxevans says:

      Ted already knows about Robins infertility, when she told him why she and kevin broke up. Season 7 episode 17 No Pressure

    • robertkrasser says:

      Unsolved things, metaphers on HIMYM:

      – when do Robin find out that Ted left Victoria because of her? SOLVED 9.17)
      – Barney dont know about Robins infertillity (SOLVED)
      – Ted (most likely) dont know about Robins infertillity (no spoken evidence)(NOT SOLVED)
      – The book “The Love in the Times of Cholera” (NOT SOLVED)
      – The trown away yellow raincoat of Ted in something old (NOT SOLVED)
      – Why is Bob Sarget spekating the narrator but older Ted in “The Front Porch” has the original teds voice (NOT SOLVED)
      – of course the pinapple (according to CBCT thetre is a chance of fifty/fiflythe chance we will get an answer
      – who is the girl with the yellow umbrella, might be the “bump girl” (SOLVED)
      – is the mother also teds wife in 2030 (NOT SOLVED)
      – where is robins locket? (SOLVED, but not absolutely SOLVED)
      – what went horrible wrong at the wedding? (NOT SOLVED)
      – The bet between Marschall and Lilly – “Not yet” (NOT SOLVED)
      – What is Barney working? (SOLVED)
      – Why Ted changed his favour of a band at a wedding (Pilot) to a DJ (Band or DJ) (NOT SOLVED)
      – Do not bring an ex to a wedding – Why Ted is than the best men of Barney? 8NOT SOLVED)
      – same appyes for Robin
      – Why Ted is loking on the bass player at a wedding reception but do not speak to her? instad meet her at a platform in the rain – quite unlogic. Especially when he was the on organising the band because he konows Cindy and she knows him from the economics class. (NOT SOLVED)
      – May a wedding go horrible wrong and have a peacful reception party? (NOT SOLVED)
      – Why is Barney standing allone on the wall at teds wedding (see the Lucky Penny – Episode)(NOT SOLVED)
      – Why in Future Barney is never beside Robin?
      – Why ted says: “Barney is going 100% threw with THIS wedding” why this wedding schluld say with HIS wedding? Is there another one (NOT SOLVED)
      – and in the latest interview NPH says: Robin and Barney NOT ONLY GETTING married

  4. Craig Thomas said: We’ve had the same underlying “Mother Plan” since the pilot (we’ve even shot a small part of it already!) and damnit, we’re stickin’ to it!

    If this is true dou you really think they planned already a Barney Robin marrage in the Pilot?

    • Mario says:

      Yup … the finale as I pretty much expected. No wedding, I thought it was either going to be a wedding or the meeting the mom not both (did not physically like the mother for ted … meh) thoughts?

      • Mario, and all….

        only one question I posted above was answered today. Who te Girl with the yellow umbrella is. Maybe it is a red herring maybe it is a girl play a key role in the next 56 hours before the wedding. Maybe she will dating Ted maybe she will be the mother of the kids. But one thing is sure – at least for me – Ted is gonna end up with Robin!

        Tonighs episode made it clear that Robin always wantet to marry Ted and she was in love with him even when he was on the way to the altar.

        So “if” Barney will really merry Robin and Ted marries Cristin Milioti TGWTYU, where are the news??? Where is the spice? Where are the “Twist and turns” like Marschall said? Where is the big plan? The next 24 episodes would be “zero” episodes maybe funny maybe hillarious but in terms of the plot “zero” episodes.

        I am also sorry for all the guys in barney robin livejournal they might see a wedding but if they will see a br wedding they will see a divorce soon.

        I am sure S09 will be a lot of fun, will be with a lot of twists an turns – more than all of us ever imagined – all above questions will be answered and it will end up like I always said….because it is the only logic option.

  5. Robert Krasser says:

    I just thougt about the restaurant thing, with the fake engagement ring in the glass of the annoying couple. Robin will remember the same scene she had with Ted and will question herself why she was reacting like that and regret it.

    • angie says:

      OMG, i am sooooo happy today.Its not just we met the mother but also ted finally moved on from robin, i am soooo happy for we have to wait another 4 more months to see the nxt episode…really sucks.I was dreading the last 2 episodes but these 2 episodes are the best.
      I really want to see ted and mother interaction and their love story.
      I agree with you robert, everything looks so positive now, BR, Ted and the mother, but there will be a twist in the finale series, i also think ted is gonna end up with robin.I dont want that at this point of time, ted really deserved better than robin.
      I have a feeling we wont see ted interacting with the mother atleast until winter finale of this year.

      They made the wole locket thing abt Ted and Robin and he has the locket now, there is surely gonna be twist and finale series is gonna be the 56 hrs before wedding and the wedding.

      BTW Cristin Milloti(Mother) looks cute, she will be good with ted.

      • Mario says:

        “ted finally moved on from robin” … hmm I don’t know about that .. there’s that locket thing, hes carrying with him to the wed. I don’t think he as moved on just yet, hence Lily telling him to be careful. I don’t know I have mixed feelings about the mother, doesn’t look like Ted’s (ex girls) , i guess she is cute, but in a more Lily kind of way. And also I mean who is she?, we do know somethings about her, but now that I see her I was like .. meh, its a stranger to me regarding the series, like another extra. Hmmm we’ll see how they integrate the mother into the series so we can know her. Maybe your right, she was always meant to be just a passing character … but who knows seems complicated, I’m interested how this is going to play out. But the T / R thing … its not over yet.

        I was also surprised when I saw that flashback about Robin being drunk and sad because of Ted marrying stella, “why is ten not marrying me?” or something like that. I was like What? where did that come from, but then I saw Shutter Island and thought … oh well she was kind sad and into ted at that moment, so i believed it.

        Overall IMO the finale was OK, not really like WOW like I have been in previous seasons (1-6) but fine I’m not disappointed either.

        • angie says:

          When i said ‘ted finally moved on from robin’, i meant ted still has feelings for her but will never make a move on her again.He is the one who ran away from the rain scene(it must have been hard since he is still into her).He is the one running to chicago now, coz she wants to get over robin.Even in the wedding he is trying to convince robin to go through the wedding.He is trying real hard to do the right thing, he has always been that way.

          Now the tables have turned, from the last 2 episodes it looks like robin will make a move on ted in those 56 hrs or atleast thinking abt that.Ted may leave the wedding after some big fight with robin.He has accepted BR now even though robin was his love of his life.

          Robin always has this issue, when her ex is getting married/engaged, she gets afraid that her safety net is gone.She told this to ted itself on shelter island and ted asked if he is her backup.
          also remember when barney got engaged to quinn, she suddenly started having feelings for him.
          And barney was checking out the waittress in this episode.Barney and robin – i still think they may not last forever.

          Next season is gonna be on those 56 hrs, they are gonna make these 56 hrs into 24episodes.
          Also “mother”, hope they give her some name.We have just seen her face, she may be a regular cast in next season , will get to know more abt her and know how she was the one who let ted got over robin.I am looking forward for that. From teds description, mother is awesome , she may not be as beautiful as robin but she will make ted much happier than robin ever did.
          I just hope they make ted and the mother ever after though i still feel somehow this will all comeback to ted and robin, though i dont want TR now.Robin doesnt deserve ted.

          One more thought – ted had the locket all along and he is gonna give her as a gift for good luck.When lily told abt the flashback, not once ted was happy or wondering if robin ever wanted to marry him, thats mature of ted.

  6. justsomegirl says:


  7. angie says:

    Where were you?
    Did u catch up on last 2 episodes?

    • justsomegirl says:

      Hey Angie, for some reason Tvline would not post any of my comments. The night after “Something Old” aired, I wrote a very lengthy comment, hit post, and my comment never showed up. It was like that for a couple of weeks and it was VERY agitating. Hopefully, it’ll let me post now.

      Anyway, here are my thoughts on 8.23:

      I may hate the T/R pairing, but I do love their friendship and this episode has become one of my favorite Ted/Robin friendship episodes, along with “Symphony of Illumination” and “False Positive”. It didn’t surprise me that Ted was the one who understood her code because the guy did live with her for almost four years. When you live with someone for that long and you’re good friends with them, you will pick up on their language. I think it’s interesting that Ted had to decipher a code from her rather than her telling him “it’s important”. I guess this shows she opens up to Barney more and tells him flat out what’s bothering her, but with Ted, she has to hide things from him. Also, it’s been established that Ted is very observant of his friends and he knows when something is wrong or there’s more than meets the eye. In that episode, Ted knew the locket was more than just a locket to Robin and he asked her about it, and by the way, I find this locket story very, very pointless and probably one of the most stupid storylines ever. I was curious about it in this episode and was willing to give it a chance, but now, I hate it. But, more on that later.

      I wasn’t too surprised that Robin was having doubts, and notice that she says she’s been having doubts about herself too, not just Barney. And notice that she never said those doubts were about loving Barney, just that she wasn’t sure if both of them were ready to be married. She was very desperate to find that locket so that she could have some kind of confirmation from the universe that everything between her and Barney will work out and when she found the box, she was ecstatic until she found the box to be empty and then she was devastated. That’s actually a testament to her love for Barney and how she wants to marry him and make their marriage work, but the universe (in her mind) is telling her it’s not going to work. I feel like we should have seen a flashback to when these doubts started creeping in her mind, because the show had portrayed her as being secure in her relationship and not at all having any doubts about Barney. We’ve had no hints at all except for in 8.17 where her facial expressions are telling that she wasn’t too pleased with Barney’s comments, but since then, she’s been portrayed as a woman who’s not having any serious doubts about her relationship with Barney, so I did feel all of that was a little sudden and that we should have known how long these doubts have been in her mind.

      The hand holding I thought was extremely platonic. There were no romantic feelings there, except maybe from Ted’s side who just can’t seem to let it go. On first watch, I thought it was two friends sharing an understanding with each other. Robin firmly resolved to follow her heart and marrying Barney despite all the signs from the universe and Ted resolved in finally letting her go and move on with his life. Robin putting her hand on Ted’s hand does not mean she has romantic feelings for him. Robin is a pretty affectionate person when trying to comfort her friends and I think, she was both comforting Ted (because he just told her he’s done believing in signs from the universe, a dramatically different guy from the one she met eight years ago) and thanking him for being there. That’s all.

      Now, for 8.24:

      Again, this locket story is serving no purpose except for creating trumped up drama between Ted/Robin. My curiosity about this locket nonsense was squashed in this episode and actually made me HATE it. I am talking about that flashback in 8.24 where a drunk Robin was telling Lily that she was leaving for Japan to get away from Ted and that she had kept this locket so she could marry him and was devastated that he’s marrying Stella and not her. This flashback INFURIATED me because if there’s something I stop watching tv shows for, it’s retcon and this flashback stunk of retcon. First of all, Robin did not go to Japan to get away from Ted. She tried getting her old job back then quit for good and then she got a call to do work in Japan and she took it. Robin’s speech to Ted in “Shelter Island” was her expressing her worries that she was losing her back up plan, and even Ted caught onto that he was only serving as her safety net. Robin at this point was homeless and hated her job in Japan and was coming back (so much for trying to get away from Ted) to live in New York. She felt Ted was her fallback plan, not because she was secretly in love with him and had plans to marry him. Didn’t they freaking break up because of that issue anyway? My God, what the hell was going through the writers minds when they made up this garbage? CT and CB are much, much better than a stupid locket story and retcon their show to the ground to fit their stupid soap drama storylines.

      Also, if Robin DID have residual feelings for Ted, she could’ve had him that day or anytime after that. If she truly wanted to marry him, she would have chased after him after Stella left him. But she didn’t. Instead, she became Barney’s girlfriend and even admitted to being in love with him in “Challenge Accepted”, so as far as I’m concerned, that flashback was just false, stupid, and utter retcon and I HATED it. It makes me extremely fearful about what else the writers will do, if they’ll reveal that T/R slept together again between seasons 6-7 or maybe that Barney actually did sleep with Quinn in 8.22. Anything is possible now from these writers who have stooped to retcon and I have never ever been this furious with them.

      I really hope there is more to this locket nonsense than what they’re telling. The ending of 8.24 didn’t show Ted taking the locket out, but showing the empty race car pencil box and a gift on his desk. I would be more intrigued if it’s revealed he didn’t find the locket in there and got her something else and he was staring down at it because he wished he could have found it. I really hope Barney or her dad have it somehow. I hate this locket nonsense, but I want there to be more to it than just Ted having the locket unknowingly for four years. Also, what is up with the box being reburied? That still doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.

      On a happier note, this episode made me fall in love with B/R all over again. They were fun to watch. And how cute was it that Barney remembered the first cigar they ever smoked together? I totally ship Barney Scherbatsky by the way and I LOVED the “I’m forgetting something” then the kiss, and “let’s go get married”. Both of them were just so happy to finally be on their way to the wedding.

      THE MOTHER!!! I was actually hoping for an ending where we first see her in 9.24, but this is okay too. It surprised me and I think Cristin and Josh would look very cute together.

      • justsomegirl says:

        Also, if anyone here thinks that the mother is ugly and was expecting some beautiful model to be the mother, please feel free to smack yourself upside your head since I can’t do it.

      • Robert Krasser says:

        Hey Justsomegirl, thanks for your nice and profound post about e23 and e24. It is always even better reading your summary than watch the episode again. And for the for the first time I totaly agree with you in one case that the story with the locket is extremly stupid. First I liked the Idea that Robing hiding something, after it went sentimental in E23 I found the conversation between Ted and Robin to slushy. The flashback drunken Robin was the worst CBCT where writing. Just the fact that Robin was that drunken so that she cant remember anything is stupid. I was drinking way to much maybe 10 times in my life but dont remember a long walk to central park midnight and digging for somethig – and than not remember?? Wired!

        I can also understand that you hate the Locket Story because it might cause trouble between Robin and Barney.

        Juststsomegirl there are 24episodes and one year left are you realy belive that there will be absolutely no change in the constellation Barney+Robin and Ted+Cristin(TGWTYU) I doubt that ther wount be a change. To fill 24 episodes with no major twist and turn will be B-movie like.

        Cristin Milioti is cute, maybe funny but for sure not powerful than Robin thats the reason I dont belive she is the one Ted is endig up with.

  8. justsomegirl says:

    Everything about this locket is stupid. I can buy 14 year old Robin burying it and wanting it as her something old for her wedding because back then, she did want to get married and Robin has expressed desires to get married someday throughout the series. I can’t buy however, that she was planning on using that locket for her wedding to Ted, because she did not want to marry Ted at all. I don’t just hate the locket because of all the possible problems it could cause between Barney/Robin, I also hate that there are just too many plot holes and I really, really want something more to it. It doesn’t make sense to reubury the box, it doesn’t make sense for it to be sitting in that pencil box for four years and nobody noticed it. It doesn’t make sense that Lily never gave it back to her. It doesn’t make sense that Lily and Robin went to Ted’s apartment because back then, Robin was not living with Ted and Lily and Marshall lived in “Dowsietrepla”. None of it is making sense so I really, really hope there is more to it because if this is it, then it’s just dumb.

    No, I don’t think there will be any changes. I think Ted and Cristin’s character will end up together, and Barney and Robin will stay happily married in 2030. This show is all about soul mates and this show has gone to great lengths to show B/R and T/M are soul mates. Next season I’m sure will have twists and turns, but I don’t think it’ll end with Ted and Robin ending up together. If they do, we have wasted nine years of our lives watching this show and the entire series would be redundant.

    Don’t be so quick to judge Cristin’s character based on looks and that one line she had. I’m willing to give her a shot. For sure, she wasn’t someone I pictured for Ted, but I really like her. The more I look at her, the more I can see her painting robots, making breakfast foods sing show tunes, and own that cute little yellow school bus and I can definitely see her and Ted together.

  9. angie says:

    First let me say cristin and josh will look good together and i really want ted to end up with the mother.Ted has waited 8 yrs for robin and she is really not worth it.I have to say season 8 has completely turned me against robin.Ted has always been very undertstanding and always there for robin, but robin never understood teds feelings(to her defense she hasnt still understood her feelings).”Mother” looks like the one who will be able to make ted happy.Ted has been robins strength for the last 8 years, she has always been very selfish , i was really upset that robin will forget the fact that ted proposed to her just last year and he is a very emotional person.She called him to central park and expressed her doubts abt barney.why in the world will u do it to your best friend who you know very well, but anyways it led to a good realization by ted that he needs to move away from robin.I dont know if he will ever move to chicago(or ML to rome).

    Lets talk abt BR briefly.Robin is the one who says “its stupid” for “very important”.She is really not gonna express her displeasure for barneys actions, i am wondering if they will later show how robin was not very happy with his actions but never expressed it to him.
    Barney will never be able to decipher her code, he is just not that person.If she wants to work this relationship, she needs to understand herself and express herself or if she is gonna remain this way, barney is the wrong person for her.
    Also how can robin quickly go from having such a freakout in central park to being blissfully happy with barney.In the last scene of finale she was shown really scared and unsure for a minute and next minute she goes and kisses barney.Let me tell you robin has million feelings hiding inside her and its gonna blowout on the wedding.I still cant picture BR ever after coz they are getting married in 2 days and hasnt still had a heart to heart talk abt anything important in their life.They both are hiding million things from each other.Good luck to them.I am okay if BR remains happily ever after or break up, but after all this if robin comes back to ted i am gonna be very very upset.

    Having said i have a feeling they are not gonna let ted be happy with the mother and robin will be back to ted.I want ted to be with mother happily ever after but it looks like we are heading towards ted and robin series finale(i cant believe i wrote this coz i rooted for TR so much now i dont want that)

    Locket story was not so unconvincing, coz robin never really expressed or understood her feelings.Her feelings was coming out when she got drunk.

    • Robert Krasser says:

      Angie, honestly if Barney and Robin are not ending up together ( like you predict ) it is clear that Robin will end up with Ted.

    • Mario says:

      Who is ready for S9 !!!!! haha this thread is prob dead by now :P

      • justsomegirl says:

        Watched the premiere and I totally called that Ted did not have the locket. I really hope Barney has it somehow. I have to get to bed, I’ll try to write a lengthier review on the episode tomorrow, but here’s a few thoughts I’ve had.

        1) Barney and Robin were undoubtedly the most heartwarming parts of the episodes. Barney’s “I don’t have to wait for it any more” was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard and gave me some chills too.

        2) I officially love Cristin. She’s such a cutie and I felt the sparks between her and Josh. I loved that flashforward of Ted and the mother, they are absolutely adorable together. Sadly though, I feel like present Ted does not deserve the mother. He’s going crazy over this whole locket business and I hate how freaking obsessed he is. The writers have a lot of work to make me believe that Ted is truly ready for the mother. I don’t mind T/R drama as long as it’s in small doses and it’s only one-sided as I firmly believe Robin has no feelings whatsoever for Ted.

        3) I thought I would find the Marshall and Daphne storyline annoying and ridiculous, but it was actually funny. I laughed out loud through some of those parts. Though I’m nervous that the storyline will begin to feel ridiculous after 8 episodes, but hopefully the writers will keep it fresh and funny.

        • Mario says:

          The monstrosity hahaha that made me laugh , I think the premiere was Good too. I do agree with you on Ted’s craziness and obsession for robin. The writers have degraded Ted’s character from a romantic idealistic good guy, to this codependent needy crazy dude. This is sad because like you said this subtracts value from Mother/Ted relationship. The scene with the mother was pretty sweet too. Overall I think is going to be a good season. Also all the speculation ended (although we already knew who the mother was but just in case) when he told her kids … “And thats how Lily met you Mother.” Loved the interaction between those two :)

          • robertkrasser says:

            Actually I am not that happy about the premiere. I am also very sad -like you Mario- that Ted is becoming more and more stupid (driving gloves, stupid conversations with the hotel portier) Where is the worldopen Ted who is the center and the secret leader of the gang?
            The Mother: I simply dont like her she dont have “class” at all! She is not realy beautiful, and for sure not worth to wait 8 years. She is funny! Thats good and somehow she fit to Ted…

            Also I am still confused: Lilly met her in the train they hug but they where not recognising thet they go for the same wedding? The same is that “the Mother” is part of the wedding band she knows Lilly from the Train and Ted from the Economics 301 but they are meeting for the first time at the Plattform? There is something wired!

            Again ( a lot of people will hit me now) now we know the Mother, but why the directors spend so much effort in the “last scene” on the platform, WE WILL HAVE ABSOLUT NO SURPRISE Any more…..

            Something is wrong. There must be a big twist!

          • Mario says:

            Oh by the way glad to hear back from you all, welcome back :)…. I dont know about a big twist but this is it lets sit back and enjoy the last season of this beautiful inspiring series. Hope they the writers dont mess this up. :P

          • robertkrasser says:

            Mario, the reason why I am writing in this Blog is because I dont want to sit back and relax. I would like the hear your opinions about strategies of the writers, who merry whom, twists and turns etc. Also I like to share my thoughts, sometimws thy are a bit extrem but I like controversal discussions….
            So one thing us clear 4 days before the wedding weekend Ted flew to LA getting the Locket? And after the leaked photos from “Broken code” I assume we will see a T-R kiss in central park….

          • justsomegirl says:

            Well, haven’t heard from you guys in quite a while, are we all still following this page? Anyways, here are my thoughts on 9.03.

            I think “Last Time in New York” is so far, my favorite episode of this season. Of course I loved the premiere episodes, but this one just wiped out the first two. This is my kind of episode where it’s funny, silly, crazy and then the end just hits you like a ton of bricks.

            Marshall and Daphne, while the least popular storyline according to most reviews, still amuses me. I loved the part where Marshall angrily rips off the cheese hat when he finds out that Lily and Robin broke their Glenn McKenna scotch and the Packer fans stop what they’re doing and stare at him until he puts it back on and then it’s like nothing ever happened. I’m still worried this Marshall/Daphne stoyline will lose its humor and start to feel old after a while, but hopefully the writers will prove me wrong on that note.

            Lily and Ted were just pure gold. Still loving the “thank you Linus” from drunk Lily. Also, Lily’s speech at the end about never saying goodbye to the good things and just say goodbye to the bad things really hit me hard. I was like Ted in that I would compile a list of things I want to say goodbye to before starting my new life, but I should be saying goodbye to the bad things in my life. It was also a nice touch how Ted’s last thing on his list was to get one last life lecture from Lily. Too sweet. I’ve always been a fan of the TL friendship, there have been times where I kind of sort of “shipped” them as a couple too. I know, I know it’ll never happen but I like to think that if Marshall wasn’t in the picture, then Ted and Lily would make a really cute couple.

            Barney and Robin…. I can’t gush enough about how much I love these two! You guys already know how hard I ship B/R so I’ll gloss over the gushing. I think it’s realistic that these two would worry if their flame would die out when they get older and I thought it was sweet at the end how they pictured themselves being that gross 60 year old couple who want to jump each other’s bones. Instead of having sex, they call for their relatives and bask in the moments leading up to their inevitable nuptials. I know these two are endgame, I seriously can’t stress that enough. These two are meant to be and the series will end with these two happily married in 2030.

            Now, let’s talk about that bombshell of Barney’s. Woah, that was intense. I want to talk about the carousel scene for just a minute. Let’s make one thing clear, there was no hint of romance during that scene. There was really no hand holding either. Robin basically just put her hand on his as a way of gratitude for him coming to her and comfort after he revealed that he’s no longer that guy who believes in the universe. There was nothing inappropriate physical wise in that scene. What was inappropriate was Ted’s feelings behind it and it’s what made him bolt so fast because I believe he would have tried to make a move on Robin. THAT is what I think Barney is going to be mad about in the next episode. He’s going to be mad that Ted is still obsessed over his fiancee. Let’s make one thing clear, Ted DOES NOT love Robin. He is obsessed with her, he wants her to be his because she is his idea of a perfect love story. She is not his real thing, but he refuses to see that. He still, after eight years, clings to that moment where they lock eyes from across the bar and it’s love at first sight for him. He can’t let that moment go and it’s even harder for him when she remains as one of his best friends.

            This notion is made clear in this episode. Maybe I’m reaching a little bit, but this metaphor came to me. Remember when Ted took a drink of the chocolate syrup-ketchup-hand sanitizer doctored drink and though he showed a bitter face, he proclaimed that it was “breath taking”. He didn’t love the drink (remember when he said “I KNEW IT!” after Robin revealed the April 26 events), but he doesn’t want to let on that he doesn’t because he thinks this is the way life is supposed to play out. Remember in season 1, “she can’t say it’s not meant to be… I mean it to be”. Ted still doesn’t know the difference between an approximation (Robin) and the real thing (the mother) but he’ll get that “I KNEW IT” moment when Robin marries Barney and he meets the mother. This metaphor is interestingly further played out when he goes out to the terrace with the real Glen McKenna (obtained not by him, but because Lily shoplifted it for him) and when Barney reveals he knows about T/R at the carousel, he drops the bottle and it’s shattered on the floor, because it’s not his real thing to have.

          • Mario says:

            Hi just some girl we are still reading your comments and opinions , and thank you very much for that (also robert I think put another comment above about the premiere). You have very interesting points, and I mostly agree on all of them. Including Ted’s obsession with Robin. Interesting methafor about the Glen Mckanan (or however is written … funny story to think It was a real wiskey that I once ask for it a the licor store … hahahahhaa dummy) Anyways the only thing I don’t agree is the B/R end game, I’m sorry but I am not a B/R shipper to tell you the truth I think they over doing this “perfect soulmate couple” thing a little to much. In my opinion they are just not the character for that kind of thing. I dunno its just my opinion, but I hope they end up on their separate ways .. happy in their own way but not together. We already have marshall and lily come on.

            And I do agree completely with you about the carrousel scene, I think barney knows that his best man has still feelings for her fiancee , but he’s clear and all we that robin does not feel the same way for ted. I hope they finally put that on the table and end with it … but I think the writers are going to stretch that conflict until the very end : /. In the next episode promo (which i am loving they are doing that now) we see they are taking the subject rather lightly in contrast to how last episode ended .. so I think they might not resolved it.

            Anyways I think it has been very good so far in 3 episodes , hope they keep it this way, I was somehow disappointed from last season.

            Anyways thank you very much again for your writing, i do enjoy reading your thoughts and hope you keep on doing it. cheers girl.

          • justsomegirl says:

            Oh cool, so you guys are still around. Seems like we lost Angie though :/

            Mario, I’m sorry, but I can not buy an ending where B/R are living happy, single, lives separate from each other. The show has shown us too much evidence that their deepest desires is to get married and settle down.

            -Atlantic City when Ted says, “Can’t believe you never want to get married” and Robin replies, “I never said never”
            – Slapsgiving 3 Revenge of the Slap when Barney clearly touched a nerve with Robin about how all she ever wanted was a white church wedding
            – Robin burying the locket as her “something old” for her wedding
            -Barney talking to his dad about how to settle down and claiming that his current life makes him feel broken

            It would be a sad ending if these two end up living the single life and I also can’t see them with anyone else but each other. The writers have gone out of their way to SHOW and PROVE to us that Barney and Robin are soul mates, and I don’t just mean the show, I also mean in their interviews too. Whether or not you ship them is irrelevant. They are soul mates and I’ll proudly believe in that until I’m proven wrong.

            I strongly believe they planned B/R from the start too. I think that maybe what the secret is that Lyndsey Fonseca and David Henrie knows about. There have been interviews where Neil admitted that the writers asked him to flirt with Cobie in the earlier seasons before B/R hooked up. And if you watch “Zip Zip Zip” there’s a lot of clues and parallels in that episode that sort of planted the seeds for a B/R endgame. I truly believe the secret the writers told Lyndsey and David was that Ted will meet the mother at Barney and Robin’s wedding.

          • robertkrasser says:

            Hi Justsomegirl, Hi Mario,

            I would like to thank also both of you for your profound and sensitive comments of HIMYM. I really enjoy reading your comments. Everything what you justsomegirl post is “simply correct observed” and also makes sense. In the BR-thing I agree more on Mario, not only because I am team Tedwards but I see more “the big picture” of HIMYM I dont care so much of details….so I am looking forward to read much of you and having controversal discussions untimm May 2014. once again I offer you to add me on FB i am sort of curious who is writing…

          • justsomegirl says:

            So I just got the season 8 dvd and I watched the commentary for 8.12 and it was between Neil, Cobie, and Craig Thomas. The scene where Ted is talking to Marshall about Robin, Neil says that Ted really needs to let go of Robin because it’s not ever going to happen for them. And Craig then said that he doesn’t understand why there are still people out there that believe Ted and Robin are going to end up together and that he and Carter made it clear from the very start that a T/R endgame was never going to happen. This is coming from the CREATOR of the show, so now I’m 1000 percent sure T/R are not ending up together.

          • justsomegirl says:

            Here’s the full quote with N: Neil Patrick Harris and CT: Craig Thomas. And actually, this quote came from the very first scene of 8.12 where Ted asks Robin to be his date.

            N: No Ted, she’s not going to be the mother.
            CT: Give it up buddy
            N: Can’t you hear the voiceover?
            CT: Future you could not have been clearer in the Pilot. People still ask us, they’ll still say “Is Robin the mother?” It’s like, what a bunch of dicks we’d be if we like completely subverted one of the last lines in the Pilot.

        • robertkrasser says:

          Angie,Justsomegirl Mario….
          what are your thoughts? After a bunch of stupid “filler” episodes and one absolutely desaster episode (slapmenia) we had now 3 very good episodes which brings us back to the core of HIMYM.

          In many things I predicted I was wrong but my main conclusion after seeing “Sunrise” is again Ted and Robin belong together and they will end up togther. For the first time in season 9 they had a “normal” conversation, it was funny emotional and intelligent. On the other hand I can’t imagine “the mother is dead theory”. Have anybody read the answers of CBCT yesterday and now one thing ist sure there will be a big TWIST in the end. But what will it be? For sure B+R, T+M, M+L is not a TWIST!


        • robertkrasser says:

          So Justsomegirl, now I persume you saw the finale of HIMYM. How we proced with our slap bet that I obvouslly won? Greetings from Austria

  10. RedFan says:

    Really want robin and ted together sooo bad and maybe its the big twist the show have led us on to! But tbh I can’t see that being the reality as it would take quite something with a lot of betrayal considering season 9 is filmed throughout a weekend!

  11. Robertkrasser says:

    Justsomegirl, if this is true what Carter Bays and Craig Thomas say I will be quite disapointed and the creators proof themself as non-crative and poor and simple soap-opera-writers!
    Trust the writers bahhh…so Ifor me there is always hope. I I will be Team Tedwards if it will not happen I will make my own HIMYM ending….and I will deserve the cyber slap

  12. angie says:

    Hey guys, i am back here after many months.I just remembered abt this thread.
    I read all your comments, its good that you guys are still passionate abt HIMYM.
    I dont know why but i am not that eager abt this anymore.

    Season 9 started out great, premiere was good, but there is nothing interesting after that, its just dragging its feet until may 2014.I am not really shipping ted/robin now, dont care if barney/robin is horrible or cute, i am just watching to see how it all ends, how finally ted gets his share of happiness in his life.Somewhere along the years they killed the true characters of ted, robin, marshall, lily. Barney has been cartoonish from start, there was some hope of redemption, but back to cartoonish now.

    If barney and robin are soulmates, start trying to prove atleast now, you are still showing how badly matched they are and trying to fix it.Till now they had tons of problems, how they try to fix each one and one day it will all add up and blow up in their face.If the end goal is breaking them up, then creators are going in right direction.and specially their “awwww” is irritating.creators have to show them in such a way that viewers go “awwwww” not BR themselves.

    And big question, where is the mother?why cant they add her someway in the episodes?
    there can be some story movement involving mother.Its just pure filler after filler.

    Sorry guys if i am sounding harsh, i cant believe how season 9 twhich had great promises turned out to be.

    • Mario says:

      Hi angie long time no read from you. welcome back. I’m a guy of short words so here we go haha: I’m not a Ted/Robing shipper anymore, but neither am I a B/R and yes those “aaaaw” moments when they say it are mmmm i don’t know not funny anymore maybe one time. But I have like the series so far, in my opinion they feel fresh again , and good comedy I have had some good laughs. Especially this last episode where they all try to get Lilys phone to delete the message. See my expectations regarding the story line have gone down too, maybe thats why I been able to relax and enjoy the comedy of the show, since i’m not expecting something major to go on, I mean we already know the mother and we know “how everything is going to end”. As a matter of fact I’ve been enjoying the beginning of this season better than I did with 8. Well thats my personal opinion.

      anyways have a good one angie n take care.

      • robertkrasser says:

        So Mario, what did you say?

        • Mario says:

          Hi robert, how are you holding off with the finale. To tell you the truth i did not like it, and see Sy comment bellow because this is exactly the same reason I did not. Am I glad T/R “ended together” (because we did not see that) yeah I was a T/R shipper, but like sy said the way they told the story was just awful in my opinion. Also I did not like how they regressed barneys character at all, maybe at the beginning of the series S1 that barney was funny, not after all this char. Development. Barney was pathetically sad at the end, and also imo it deserved a better ending. At the end I ended up shipping more Tracy/Ted than T/R … But oh well.

    • robertkrasser says:

      Hi Angie are you happy about the ending of HIMYM?

  13. Sy says:

    So…stumbled upon this thread after a while: now that we have all watched the finale…everything gets a new perspective, doesn’t it? In the early years I used to love Ted/Robin. I always thought it was a very romantic story. On the contrary, I could never quite adjust to the whole Barney/Robin idea. Something always seemed to be off about this pairing… Nevertheless, the caharacters EVOLVED over 9 years and I would have never wanted Ted and Robin going back together, because I don’t think they belonged to each other anymore! Also, after having spent the entire last season prepping up for Barney and Robin’s weeding, at the end of the episode “The end of the aisle” I was finally happy! I really thought that couple could work!!

    …but the finale ruined EVERYTHING! I hate how Carter and Bays just ignored the psychological and emotional growth that each character had over these years. This finale would have been perfect if the show would have ended after 2 seasons…maybe 3. But not after everything that happened in seasons 4-9!!

    So…going back to the subject of this post…now we can see that the whole revisiting the Ted/Victoria story was just a desperate attempt made by the authors in order to try to recreate the situation built in season 1…setting up the finale.

    I’m not saying I’m not ok with the general idea of Ted and Robin living their happily ever after…I always thought deep down that it was meant to be. I’m just saying…that if the authors had that plan from the beginning, they told the entire story in a completely wrong way!!

  14. robertkrasser says:

    Hi JennylovesBR, are you still reading this? If yes please see ny comment on 2nd of december where I predicted the end.

  15. angie says:

    Hi Robert/Mario/Sy,
    Yes i watched the finale, it was good and bad.I started watching this show in summer of 2012 when i found it on netflix and binge watched 7 seasons.I always thought ted and robin are gonna end up together.Earlier seasons clearly steered towards that and they never let Ted/robin scenario die even moments before BR wedding.
    My big complain abt the finale is not what happened but how they chose to show it.
    I am okay with BR divorce coz they never showed any proof of their happily everafter.Right from the proposal everything was some trick and they did plenty of compromises and i knew its gonna blow up one day and it did.They had to completely change robins character to pair with barney and in season 8 she became the female version of barney and i hated that.

    After seeing end of aisle, i told my friend, i am damn sure T/R will end up together in 2030 and i dont want that, coz tracy and ted are made for each other(this coming from me who was a T/R shipper thru 6 seasons), 7 & 8 made me not like robin anymore and season 9 made me fall in love with tracy.

    Good :
    Ted was happy through out the finale, We have seen ted more upset, broken and sad for 9 seasons.Finally Ted mosby got his share of happiness(a loving wife and kids) and Ted and Tracys chemistry stole the finale.

    Epic ted and tracy meeting, PERFECTION.

    Finale made sense on why ted starts the story of the mother but goes on and on and on(9 season) about robin and friends, coz after 6 years of tracys death he wants to be back with robin.

    Barney and his baby, the lil ellie did what no other girl cud do to barney(even robin), thats awesome.

    Bad :
    Finale had the potential to be a whole season, but they chose the stupid concept of wedding weekend to be a season and rushed the finale.It shud have been reverse, BR wedding shud have been 2 episodes and rest of the 22 episodes shud be devoted to the 2013-2030 timeline.

    Made me fall in love with tracy and root for T&T through the final season just to kill her off in the finale.Sad , but I understand thats life, couples divorce, partnesr die, but i needed closure for tracys death.We had one full episode devoted to Marshall’s dad death, but we didnt get closure for the titular mother’s sickness and death.

    Seeing ted and tracy together, robin removed herself from the group that made her very selfish, when ted put up with her and barneys drama for so long and he suppressed his feelings for their happiness.Robin should have never married barney after questioning herself all wedding weekend and even minutes before ceremony whether she shud end up with ted.

    • Mario says:

      Yep I pretty much agree with you angie, same thing was originally a T/R shipper, but after seen T/T i pretty much ended up shipping them better. Agree on the whole wedding season, and the ending felt rushed and out of place sometimes. as a matter of fact s8 and 9 dont agree a lot with the ending. I could have removed S7,S8,S9 and see the ending and it would have made more sense. I did not like how they ended barney, I think the show pretty cleared showed how barney had changed and mature already with robin. Its like they regressed his character to the very first season. Anyways the show is now over, and I’m not sure if I’m going to give HIMYD a chance (if that is ever produced). Also they said an alternate edited ending will be on the Complete series DVD box set. which pisses me off a little because I do own all the seasons already, and it feels like they want to squeeze out more money still to buy this dvd set. f*ck that. : /

      • Sy says:

        Hi Mario!
        Glad we’re on the same page! Well…glad…not so much, considering the delusion for the finale! :-(
        Anyway, don’t worry about the DVD because Carter Bays wrote on Twitter: [quote] Update for those who’ve been asking: Alt #himym ending will be on s9 DVD and also in the series box set [unquote]
        Having said that…I’m more interested in the deleted scenes, that apparently would have helped better adjust once again to the whole T/R idea.
        Speaking of things that disappointed me in the finale…didn’t sound strange to anyone else that in the end 2030 Ted speaking to his kids…didn’t have Bob Saget’s voice?!?!?! ^^