How I Met Your Mother Recaplet: Did Ted Save the Right Relationship? When Does Robin Find Out?

On Monday night’s How I Met Your Mother, one couple took a big step forward – and a giant leap backwards.

After consulting with Marshall and Lily, Ted realizes that Victoria has been dropping hints about their future with talk of a job offer in Denver and wondering if she’ll ever use her wedding dress again. It quickly becomes clear that time didn’t reset on their relationship; it paused six years ago, then resumed. In Victoria’s eyes, they’re much further along than her boyfriend thinks, and so she wants a commitment. But something is holding them back: Robin.

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After Ted finally pops the big question, Victoria quickly accepts – and sets a caveat. “There’s just one thing – you can’t be friends with Robin,” she says.

Victoria makes the demand because she’s worried about Ted’s history with his ex, which she describes as the “deep, dark pit where our relationship goes to die.” And even though the Canuck is currently happy with her squeeze Nick, ruling out any chance of a reconciliation between Ted and Robin, “I’ll always be wondering,” Victoria tells Ted, leaving him with a big choice.

While chatting with Marshall and Lily, he seems willing to let go of Robin for a future with Victoria. Yes, he can’t imagine his life without his friend, “but she’ll never be in love with me,” he says. “She’ll never be my wife. She’ll never be the person that I grow old with. But Victoria could be.”

Robin gets an urgent text from Ted asking her to meet him at the bar, but in a classic HIMYM fake-out, he tells Victoria that Robin is family and he hopes that she can get past that. Unfortunately, she can’t.

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“I really hope you get her some day,” are Victoria’s last words to Ted.

While he makes his pals promise never to tell Robin that he gave up his relationship for her, future Ted reveals that she does find out eventually. We know something goes awry on her wedding day to Barney. Could that be when she learns the truth? Or is it just her — or Ted? — acting on that info for the first time?

HIMYM fans, what did you think of Ted’s choice? Even if it was the right one (take notice, Ross Gellar), are you still hoping that the show doesn’t venture into Robin/Ted territory again? And will you miss Victoria? (Her final scene set to that The Swell Season song was heartbreaking despite the fact we all knew the romance was doomed.) Hit the comments!

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  1. justsomegirl says:

    I enjoyed last night’s episode, of course I’m a huge dog lover so that played a role into it as well as Brover looking EXACTLY like my own dog, Chloe. I should probably try being Chloe’s wing-woman and hook her up with Brover, he was such a little cutie. Anyways, dog gushing aside, there are few parts in this episode that nearly ruined it for me.

    The Marshall acting like a sassy black woman was funny to a degree. I thought the part where he was all possessed by his inner goddess then passed out was rather strange. I thought Jason Segal was hilarious doing that scene, but it just didn’t feel like the character of Marshall. And how can Lily be tired of giving out advice? I thought she loved doing that and helping her friends along. Though I guess with a baby, it’s hard to keep up with her friends’ love lives and so she enlists Marshall to help out. I like how Lily understood Victoria’s side of things instead of getting all defensive. It makes sense that Marshall would say Victoria was being completely unreasonable and then he thinks Lily would just back him up and she realizes that Victoria’s fears are justified. That felt like the good old Lily.

    Victoria has every right to feel insecure about Robin. Ted did cheat on Victoria with Robin in season 1 an even then when she found out Ted was in love with Robin and what Ted did to win her over, she felt insecure then. I was all for bringing Victoria back (she was my fave love interest of Ted’s in season 1) and the idea of Ted needing closure on all of his relationships before he can meet the mother, I understood that. But they really wasted Victoria’s character this season. I liked her so much more in season 1, she feels like a different person. I kind of feel sorry for Ashley Williams who went from a fan fave to a completely different and ridiculous character. She deserved better.

    I think Ted made the right choice in choosing Robin, and I like how he tells Victoria that she is family. I like how he acknowledged that a future with him married to Robin is impossible, but damn Victoria ruined that train of thought when she said: “I really hope you get her someday.” Then he got that look in his eye, that look which clearly says, “There’s still hope! I’ll get Robin to fall madly in love with me and we’ll get married and adopt a hundred kids from Africa and we’ll live happily ever after.” Then that scene where Robin and Ted looked at each other and smiled almost lovingly, it made me sick. Clearly, they’re going to bring up this Ted/Robin fiasco again and it’ll be just as tiring as all the other times. I still believe No Pressure finalized the Ted/Robin not being endgame, but whatever. I just hope this is completely one-sided on Ted’s part and doesn’t make Robin doubt her feelings for Barney. If Robin feels even an inkling of romantic feelings for Ted, I’ll be soooooo mad. I don’t want to see a kiss or a longing glance or even an almost moment between Ted/Robin. They’re done. Please, please, please don’t make these characters hook up again. I’m begging you writers!!! NO MORE TED/ROBIN!!!!!

    On the plus side, I loved how Robin went with Barney to give Brover back to his owner. Then, we find out he went with her when she had to give up her own dogs, my heart just melted. They are so adorable together. And clearly, Nick is getting that Barney is much more important to Robin than him, this could be the catalyst to his and Robin’s break up and the start of some Robin/Barney romance. Come on Season 8, don’t fail me now!

    • robertkrasser, dirk says:

      I agree that now it becomes too much on and off feelings between Ted and Robin. It seems the writers dont have any creative ideas. On the other hand I am more and more sure Ted and Robin will end up toghether.

      – “I really hope you get her someday” and the smile in S08E05
      – The “Not yet” from Marshall in season 7
      – And the “Loves in the time of the Cholera Book” on the Platform after the wedding
      – The “Not go threw” the wedding from Robin
      – And I think in the last Episode of the 2nd or 3rd season we could see Ted as a groom the camera makes a pan and stops before you see the bride. In the Background cou can see Barney (without Robin) So why Barney would not bring his wife to Teds wedding?

      So my last theory is still a double wedding or a big trick of Barney & Marshall to join Ted and Robin at wedding. Barney knows he cant compeete with Ted over Robin.

      The only thing I am still not know is how C&C solve the yellow umbrella storyline. Maybe there will be another Carracter withe the name Robin itroduced, and the Children think tis is out Robin and in the final episode Ted tells the kids: “To make the story moré exciting i swiched the names of your mother fron xxx to Robin.

  2. Rachel Hartlebury says:

    Ok when will people get this into their heads Robin and Barney are going to get married ,this has already been confirmed by the writers and in the very first episode it was made clear that she is NOT the mother ,there have always been signs pointing to robin and barney and it makes perfect sense to me and other fans of theirs,they belong together,if you no longer like the show don’t watch its that simple

  3. Rachel says:

    I hated the Robin/Barney angle ! They made each other fat and miserable ! What I feel is, the sort of b**** Robin has been acting like lately, she deserves to be with no one. And I also know the Robin/Ted thing is never happening, no matter what Victoria’s parting words were !

  4. D says:

    From the point of view of what happens next, its important to keep Ted friends with Robin so that he will be invited to the wedding where he meets his future wife.

    Throughout the series it showed how both Robin and Barney are key players in helping Ted end up with his wife. He needs them both, either separately or together.

    There have been a lot of speculation about Barney’s younger half sister being the mother. At first, I hated that idea. It feels sort of like a cop out after all these years of Ted having Barney as a friend. In a sort of sit-com-y Friends way that sort of works out though.

    I don’t get why they had to get rid of Victoria so soon. And change her character. She was so sweet in Season 1. She could have stuck around for a bit, even if this season is about Robin and Barney getting back together.

  5. We already Robin will end up with Barney and Ted with The Mother, I don’t see why we need to keep going back to Robin/Ted, we have ALWAYS know its not meant to be. I hope it’s not Robin finding out about the reason for the Victoria Break up what goes off on the wedding day. We have been down that road before , I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before and not just in Friends.

    Also, why continue to make Marshall and Lily more and more unlikable each episode? they need to be more than this.

  6. sam1o1 says:

    i dont want ted to end up with robin.. i want him to end up with a new character that we havent met yet!!!bt den abt barney and robin i hope they dont end up together as well..mostly becausei think barney and quinn made a perfect couple and abt the wedding there’s more to it..coz they have shown us the prenup and the befor- wedding – not the actual wedding…. so i m hopin for the best ..lots of drama and sth that makes us say oh :::she’s the one::::why didnt we ever connect the pieces!!! :)

  7. Natalie says:

    I didn’t hate this episode, but I did feel that the moment when Victoria said Ted couldn’t be friends with Robin if they got married just made me cringe! I felt like I was watching my favourite sitcom turn into a (very) bad version of friends….
    Hopefully they ditch Nick very soon and get Barney with her without messing about too much….

  8. Sabhya says:

    seriously speaking, i just can’t imagine this show go on, and end subsequently, without robin being the mother due to the fact tht she is just so perfect in fitting with Ted. And Barney should marry Nora, I felt the existence of a greater chemistry there rather than between him and robin…. fingers crossed!

    • Robert Krassr says:

      Honestly Nora would be the best mach for barney, more fun in his life he would have with Qunn, those two have the same coolness and jokes,

  9. Brosforlife says:

    A lot of people are blabbing about Ted leaving Victoria for Robin and how great Ted is for doing that for Robin and how great Ted and Robin are. Umm, maybe you forgot how much Barney has given up for Robin. He left Nora for her. He was willing to make a complete fool of himself just for Robin. And unlike Ted, Barney wasn’t just going back to Robin when he isn’t dating someone. Barney has always loved Robin more than anyone in his life. I think that Ted only goes back to Robin when he isn’t dating any possible “future Mrs. Mosby”. So for me, it’s BrOTP all the way! No more Ted/Robin please. It’s just too tiring.. Robin doesn’t really love him that way anymore. They’re done. Time to move one from this. I love Ted too and I think he deserves to be truly happy. So bring on the mother! Let’s just end this happily with Marsmallow/Lilypad, Barman/Robin, and Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Mosby.

  10. angel says:

    HIMYM started went downhill when the Robin/Ted “ends up together” thought becomes zero, I mean they have great chemistry(reason why i loved HIMYM) but then Robin ends up with Barney, what a bummer.

    Ted should’ve chosen Victoria over Robin…If he really loved V then he should not have think twice about it, Ted chosing Robin’s FRIENDSHIP over Victoria is Unrealistic.

    • justsomegirl says:

      Then you’re basically saying the show went downhill since the pilot because that’s when the Ted/Robin possibility was shot down.

  11. Haley says:

    Ted and Victoria should be together. No more Ted and Robin! Robin should definitely be with Barney.

  12. Laura says:

    Ok, to sum up the Ted and Robin thing: When future Ted tells his stories to his kids he always refers to her as their Aunt Robin. You wouldn’t refer to your kids mother as their Aunt so, I say Ted/Robin is a no go. Plus their relationship is more like bro/sister now and their story line is played out imo. AND we also know that Ted’s ex college( student) girlfriend was Teds future wife’s roommate which Robin never was. Plus I like the Barney / Robin relationship. Oh, and Robin doesn’t play guitar, which the Yellow umbrella woman carries with her at the Farhampton train station.

  13. Mario says:

    I dont know if its just me, but has someone noticed we never see future Barney and Robin together. Through out the series we see Future Marshall, Lily and Ted. But no Barney and Robin. I might be mistaken but has somebody else noticed this?

    • Mario says:

      with this im not saying that i support the ted/robin theory, but …. maybe just maybe neither barney and robin end up together … could it be we could be getting another twist to this barney – robin story. At one point in the series (when robin thoughts she is pregnant) i was left with the impression she ends up alone traveling dedicated to her career. I dont know but this makes me wonder.

      • justsomegirl says:

        It’s possible that Barney and Robin travel the world together. Robin’s career is taking her places and you can bet Barney would go with her. Future Ted did say at the end of No Pressure that Robin was never alone, that imo, implies wherever Robin goes, Barney is there with her.

        • Mario says:

          Now the only question I have left in the Robin/Barney love story is what exactly happens at the wedding? I forget the exact line, but at the Farhampton train station in the Season 8 premiere Ted expresses his exasperation with the wedding day to an older woman sitting near him. Hmmm I don’t know but I think he haven’t seen the last of that robin barney story. i have a gut feeling, can’t wait to see how this weeding ends next year. :D

          • justsomegirl says:

            Yeah, that’s the only mystery thus far. We don’t know yet what those two freak out about on their wedding day. There was an interview with the cast that was released a few weeks before the S8 premiere aired that also had little snippets of the Barney/Robin wedding that we didn’t see in the premiere. In the snippet, you see Cobie and Josh rehearsing their lines in the wedding chapel and in their wedding costumes and Robin is saying, “When I think about Barney and what I want out of life…” Then it goes back to another cast member talking about the show. So, I really think it’s nothing too major that causes them to freak out, it’s just that marriage is not just a huge step for them, but a huge leap. They went from S1 “Don’t want to settle down or get married” and now, they actually are. But CB and CT have confirmed that there will be a wedding, so I’m not too panicky over it. The only thing that worries me are the ppl who have come to hate Robin for all the things she’s done last season, if they make it where Robin doubts her love for Barney, that’s just more fuel for the haters.

          • justsomegirl says:

            Also, it’s possible it’s just laughable hijinks that happens (and knowing the gang’s superstitions about the universe, maybe Barney and Robin take it as a sign they shouldn’t get married), similar to Marshall/Lily wedding. If you notice in the premiere, Ted has a bandage around his hand. Maybe he gets in a fight with someone?

    • anon says:

      We see future Marshall and Lily together because they’re constants, they’re never not going to be together..Having future Barney and Robin together would destroy any sort of suspense about what’s going to happen in the future, whatever happens to Robin is definitely key to the overall plot and ending of the show, whether Ted ends up with her (which I highly doubt) or not.

  14. monkeyboy says:

    I just think its awesome that so many people are saying they are so so so over the Ted/Robin mess and don’t want to go back there anymore but they’re not saying they don’t wish that love at first sight thing is real and possible like Ted our main character and hopeless romantic envisions it to be… when in actuality his hopeless love for robin is what made us fall in love with this show and most importantly fall in love with Ted.. so for me anything less than Ted pulling off the impossible would strip me of all hope I put in love finding a way and conquering all adversaries… so saying you can’t handle it anymore would mean you have watched 7 plus seasons of hoping he gets her as said by Victoria only to see him end up with a new character out of seemingly no where. As for the person who envisions the show being about Barney and Robin love triumphing is like saying you watched the Karate Kid hoping that the punk kid beats Daniel Larusso at the end as Barney has said he always does…no offense intended just how I feel… still seeing how much other people care about these characters is very comforting. I Enjoy all other theories and hopes as well..

    • Robert Krasser says:

      First of all I think Barneys proposal to Quinn was much more creative and gun than the one to Robin…
      I liked the episode yesterday and the more and more I think about the end I am confident that Ted will end up with Robin.
      12 episodes Robin and Barney acting like Lilly and Marschall will be boring so there will be ups and downs. My guess of the plot is following:

      1) We will meet the girl wirh the yellow umbrella soon- we will have time to getting her to know but maybe Ted did not know that she is cindys roommate
      2) a few episodes. Untill to the end it will look like that TGWTYU will become the mother
      3) at the wedding day exactly the same happens to ted than to barney “barney will let Robin go he will tell robin to chase Ted” and she changes places with TGWTYU …..

      • Mario says:

        the one thing I agree with you totally is ” Robin and Barney acting like Lilly and Marschall will be boring” and I will add, lame as heck. But also I don’t know about robin ending with ted, I think they have been pulling apart from long time ago in the series. Watching robin choose ted all of the sudden with no story support would also be lame as heck too. just my 2c.

        • Robert Krasser says:

          Do you have a scenario? do you belive in another big twist? And do you think Barney and Robin will definatly say yes to each other and remain together?
          I am quite sure Carter and Craig will keep the story open untill the ultimate end….

      • justsomegirl says:

        Ok, done challenging you on your theories. Believe what you want, I just hope the outcome of Barney/Robin together forever and Ted with TGWTYU won’t make you hate and complain about the show like other complainers do.

        I just want to talk to you about the proposals. The one Barney gave to Quinn was more showy than romantic like the one he gave Robin. Sure the magic trick was entertaining, but it wasn’t at all romantic. He pulls a ring out of the flower, kneels before Quinn and yells, “Will you marry me!” Kind of like it was all a big joke. Then, they hug. Not kiss, hug. With Robin, the play was elaborate, and cleverly executed. He made it a point that this was the woman he wants to be with and he even burned the playbook for her. If he was so in love and invested in Quinn, why didn’t he burn the playbook for her? As he’s down on one knee, you see the seriousness and hope in his eyes as he uses his sincere voice, “Robin Scherbatsky, will you marry me?” Then, there’s lots of kissing and smiling. When Barney proposed to Quinn, it didn’t feel at all sincere to me, but that may be because I’m looking at it thru B/R glasses, but I never felt that Barney and Quinn were truly in love. Watching B/R all happy and snuggly at the end of the episode, they have true love. Any thoughts?

  15. anon says:

    Idk about anyone I hate Robin so much…Look at Ted and Victoria’s first relationship. He finally gives up on Robin, and the moment him and Victoria start dating she’s suddenly in love with him again. Then look at her and Barney. When they have that affair they both agree to break up with their partners, and robin doesn’t follow through, leaving Barney heartbroken and alone. Then again the moment he gets engaged to Quinn, she seems to be in love with him again. It just feels to me like she’s a person that exists to ruin things for everyone else.

    • justsomegirl says:

      I think you’re being a little too hard on Robin, and obviously, you don’t understand her character very well. Robin liked Ted as more than a friend in the first season, but he was looking for marriage and commitment, something Robin was not. As the season progressed, Robin’s feelings for Ted grew, but she kept them hidden until he dated Victoria, and that’s when she couldn’t deny it anymore. As she sat crying on the toilet she’s questioning herself why she’s even crying. And it’s not like she set out to destroy Victoria and Ted’s relationship, she even helps him during the long distance thing with the care package. She called Ted that night because she was feeling lonely and he was the only one who could make her feel better, and she didn’t make a move on him until he said that he and Victoria broke up.

      As for Barney, think back to when Kevin was her creepy therapist and he says, “the idea of finding happiness terrifies you.” That’s true for Robin. She’s scared of being happy, and being with Barney is what makes her happy. Also, she didn’t really have any reason to believe that Barney would break up with Nora. When she confronted Barney and told him that she didn’t have the chance to break up with Kevin because he hit his head and is now in the hospital, Barney’s reasoning was because Nora got a little stain on her shirt. And if you really want to get inside the mind of Robin, it seems she is “happy” in a relationship with someone who puts her on a pedestal and calls her perfect, amazing, hot, beautiful, etc like Ted, Don, and Kevin. They don’t see just how messed up she is, and that makes her feel safe with guys like that. With Barney, he understands her in a way none of her exes do, and he hits it hard when he says, “you’re as messed up as I am.” She’s scared of being with someone who knows how screwed up she is and she’s scared of being happy.

      And it wasn’t the “moment he gets engaged to Quinn” that she was in love with him again. She was still in love with him, but she forced her feelings down. Robin isn’t one who wears her heart on her sleeve. It’s not like we’ll see obvious moments of her pining over him, because she buries her feelings really well. When he says they’re engaged, that’s when it becomes too hard to handle and she lets her feelings seep out a little bit, but she doesn’t try to ruin his relationship with her. She lets him go, she lets him be happy.

      “It just feels to me like she’s a person that exists to ruin things for everyone else.”

      How? It’s actually Ted who ruined his own relationship with Victoria when he lied to Robin and said that he and Victoria broke up when they didn’t. Barney ruined his relationship with Nora when he kissed Robin (and yes, he is the one who initiated the kiss). And, Barney ruined his relationship with Quinn when he wrote up that offensive prenup. So, it’s not Robin who ruins things for everyone, it’s Barney and Ted who ruin their own relationships for Robin.

  16. lindy says:

    I don’t think it’s Robin because he often refers to her when talking to the kids as ‘Aunt Robin’ plus never really liked those two together as a couple. Want to see the yellow umbrella play out… it’s been a fun tie-in. And Marshall can just simply lose the ‘not yet’ bet…

    • justsomegirl says:

      I believe it was Carter who said in an interview, “Marshall will lose that bet with Lily.” So, I think it’s safe to say that Marshall’s “not yet” in No Pressure is completely meaningless.

  17. Bob says:

    Go metro news 1 robin for da win🔦🔦🔆🔆🔦🔅🔅🔌🔌👰💏💏💏💑💑💑👰👰👰👰👰

  18. Mario says:

    one more week .. and counting for the resume of S8

    • justsomegirl says:

      This waiting is KILLING me! I need new episodes right now!

      • Robert Krasser says:

        After watching S08E13 Band or DJ I am even more convinced Ted and Robin will end up together. Because there is something inconsistent on the plot. It must be two weddings because ted cant meet TGWTYU twice. First at the wedding Where she playes the bass ( we saw it in e13) and also on the platform! So what I think is that the wedding we saw where Robin and her father is dancing is the final wedding between Robin and Ted,. The mother of the children is attending the wedding and plays the bass.

        • justsomegirl says:

          Wow. Really? He didn’t meet her at the wedding, he watched her perform. Its after the wedding where he actually meets her at the train staton. If it is a different wedding, then why does Robin LOOK EXACTLY the same as she does in her wedding to Barney? And why does Ted look upset while watching Robin and her dad dance before looking up at the mother? Sorry dude, but T/R definitely don’t end up together.

          • Mario says:

            Yeah i agree with you justsomegirl, i think Robert got it wrong. Ted saw her perform but he hasn’t meet her yet. Now I’m understanding why Ted seems somewhat sad at that trainstation. He does love Robin very much, and from what we saw in episode 13 it has been pretty tough on him acepting everything. Still I don’t know why, I still feel there is going to be a twist, I dont know maybe its just me and my facination with big story twists ha ha.

  19. robertkrasser says:

    ´There is something wired. Ted meets Cindy in the train and knows about her roommates Band.
    – so he did not call her to order the Band?
    – He did not meet her before to discuss the performance
    – He did not talk to here before and during a one days wedding (hey you are cindys roommate)… actually very strange
    – so they go seperatly to the train platform Farhampton where she is standing 6 meters away in the rain with a yellow umbrella and do not recognise Ted???

    Is this acting is normal and logic ??? If yes it is a very bad script. so I belive in a two wedding theorie and a big twist like Mario

    So Mario if you belive in a big twist, Which twist might it be, this Forum is about crazy ideas meanings and rumors so plese be more creative and write me your theory.

    To justsomegirl: Now HIMYM is extendet, and there will be 35 more episodes, do you realy thin B+R can be a couple for the rest of episodes? Remember The wedding that went horrible wrong…..

    • justsomegirl says:

      What’s so weird about it? Since Cindy personally knows the mother’s band, she’s probably the one who made the phone call to ask if she and her band could play at B/R’s wedding. She did say in “Big Days” that if he ever needed her to do something for him, she would do it. Barney and Robin, since they are the bride and the groom, went to see her perform and go over the details with her. Why would Ted need to talk to her at all? He’s not the one getting married, Barney and Robin are. It makes most sense for the bride and groom see the band and determine if that’s what they want at their wedding. So yes, it is perfectly normal and logic and not a bad script, you’re only seeing what you want to see.

      And I for one do think they can pull off B/R being a couple for another 35 episodes. They had a full season of Ted and Robin together, why can’t they do the same for the endgame couple? It would be a fresh new dynamic for the group. We have M/L who have been married for a long time and have a kid, B/R who are newlyweds and adjusting to married life, and T/TGWTYU who barely know each other but they end up falling in love. And I don’t get the big deal of “the wedding that went horribly wrong”. They said the same exact thing about Punchy’s wedding, and the only thing that went wrong was an all out feud between the couple’s parents. We see in the reception that Robin is happy dancing with her dad, if something went so wrong to where B/R backed out of the wedding, then what is Robin doing at the reception?

      I just have to ask you this Robert. You seem so passionate about T/R that I don’t understand how you can possibly be happy that the series is dragging on with Barney and Robin, and then at the very end, it’s revealed Ted and Robin end up together. Would you really be happy with that kind of ending? You don’t see how Robin falls back in love with Ted (let’s face it, she is NOT in love with him), you don’t see what it is that brings them together, you just see another year and a half of coupley B/R and then the series finale that reveals in the end T/R end up together with no build up, and no reasonable explanation. I know that if the tables were turned and Ted and Robin were engaged and it looks like they will end up together, but then it’s said in the finale that she ends up with Barney, I would be PISSED that I didn’t get to see them get back together. And I’m just as much a B/R fan as you are a T/R fan, and I would absolutely not be happy if I didn’t get to see my favorite endgame couple find their way back to each other.

      • robertkrasser says:

        Like Ted confesses to Lilly on the roof “Robin schould not be with Barney Robin schuld be with me”……. I think so too.
        You are right I also believe Robin and Barney make now a good couple and they love each other: But in order to create a big drama – like Love in the Times in Cholera – I still belive that Ted and Robin must end up together.

        And ones again the wedding day: THIS IS STRANGE if you are attending the same wedding for one day you ordered/choose a band and not spoke to the band members even when you have same friends (Cindy) and have been at the flat? So what is going on I am asking??? And than meeting at a train platform? There are three options: 1) the script will be verry very bad. 2) there is a big twist and turn (two weddings etc.) 3) sutch unnatural, unlogic and shy behaviour is normal in US.

        • justsomegirl says:

          You didn’t really answer my question. Would you really be happy about an ending where you don’t see T/R build up and see the path that brings them together in the end? If I was on your side, I wouldn’t be happy. I would want to see what brings them together. Don’t you? That’s why we love shipping our couples because the reward isn’t the destination (in this case, probably a five minute “shocking” reveal that T/R end up together) but the journey, watching our favorite couple have feelings for each other, watch them kiss, watch them say “I love you”. T/R have been dragged through the mud since season 5, don’t you want that payoff of seeing how they get together?

          I do not understand your logic and I really don’t understand why you’re confused. Cindy is the one who knows the mother personally, not Ted. Cindy would be the one to call up the mother and ask for her to play at a friend’s wedding. Robin and Barney, the bride and groom, would go watch her perform, discuss the details of THEIR wedding with her. Why would Ted need to be involved in this? It’s not his wedding! It’s Barney and Robin’s! Why would Ted need to see the band? His only involvment, if at all, would be telling Barney and Robin he’s got another band for them and then it would be Barney and Robin, the bride and the groom, who go see the mother and her band perform. Then, at the reception, Ted watches her. WATCHING does not mean actually meet. It means he’s watching her perform. Then, on the platform, is where he officially meets her. This is not unnatural, unlogical, and shy. This is how weddings are run in the US. The wedding decisions are left to the bride and groom, not the best man.

          • Robert Krasser says:

            I am happy wirh a B/R ending as well, I think they perfectly match. I will not be disapointed at all if Ted is “only” getting TGWTYU. If CBCT will do it perfect it might be a very happy ending I also can live with. But one thing is sure then HIMYM will not be epic and will not be remembered in 10 yesrs anymore. Really good dramas have something very georgous meaningful and beyond love and temporarely lovesickness. Have you ever read The great Gatsby? Thats my understanding of endless love and not just a sweet engagement on a rooftop. Anyway I think Ted will deserve Robin more than Barney

            Back to the wedding: It would be simply stupid if Ted is at the wedding fore a day and do not speak to a girl which is in a band and he has common friends. At least they must be itroduced to each other. . Sorry I can not imagine this how something would work out in real life because he is the key person that this Band is on the wedding! Because if he dud not met Cindy the Band would not be here.

        • Mario says:

          I agree with justsomegirl, It makes perfect sense to me to watch the bass performer at the wedding and not meet her until later. I don’t see the 2 wedding theory all that well, it perfectly clear that this wedding B/R takes place, we can see her on the same outfit perfectly dancing with her father. I do belive the twist might come later, maybe they don’t do it as a couple and they divorce we dont know, but the wedding seems clear to me it takes place. Robin has spaced out from Ted romantically a long long time ago in the series, it would definitely be lame to see them end up together at the end. Besides they don’t make a good couple, Ted is an idealist romantic sweet guy, Robin seems to me like the opposite. Unless they show how she matures with time but, i don’t know. To tell you the truth the ending that will leave satisfied is where , Ted really finds the girl that appreciates him (well we know he will find her) but that is not and has not been robin, its never been here since the series started, i think she has never valued Ted, And Robin ends up focusing on having a successful career, for me Robin is not the type of person that ends up happily ever married with someone (like lily) . those are my 2c , oh well I guess only time will tell. What im glad is that the series are building up again, because for a long time they stated felling very dull. I don’t know if I support the very long extension, I think the series should really start wrapping up, i hope they don’t stretch them more than necessary.

          • robertkrasser says:

            Mario, come on; Mario – come on! Lets be realistic and just focus on the facts first:
            Where is exactly is the proove that in S07E24 we see just one wedding? And when sombody says something about Barney and Robin? Robin says: “How is Barney freaking out?” but before Ted wets in he talked to Lilly about “how strange life is with all those twists and turns”
            If Barney is finally maerrys Robin stright away THERE IS NO TWIST and NO TURN? So what?

            Justsomegirl is an HIMYM lover and expert, she knows everything about it and all the feelings between the caracters. I think more of the “dramaturgy” the storyline. CBCT like to fool the viewers all the time (Ted Mosby Architect, or the episode marschall applys as Judge, Jankins). So they like to fool the viewers in small things so why schuld they not do it in the big masterplan of the series. Robin Marries Barney and Ted TGWTYU this is already obvious! No tension no nothing no twist no turn so Mario THERE MUST BE MORE!

            Even if you dont like it Mario please think for a moment completly out of the Box and develop a scenario that Ted will end up with Robin under the given circumstances.

        • justsomegirl says:

          Why are people so insistent on this stupid double wedding theory? Carter and Craig, the actual writers of the show, stated over and over that Barney would get married that day and they would show us to who in the season seven finale. Who was the one in the wedding dress at the finale? Robin. How can you need more proof than that? It’s not a double wedding. And Ted was referring to the twists and turns that led to them to this day like Barney being engaged to Quinn, Robin dating Nick, Barney pretending to date Patrice as part of an elaborate scheme to propose to Robin. He could even be referring to the twists and turns before all of that, like how he met Robin and thought she was the one, only for her to marry Barney in the end. If Robin was marrying someone else, why would she ask how BARNEY is doing, instead of the man she’s marrying? That doesn’t make sense to me.

          What makes HIMYM unique is that it sets iself apart in terms of the main guy getting the first girl he sees. If they do go with a “shocking” ending and it’s revealed that Ted and Robin end up together, HIMYM would be remembered as a bad copy of FRIENDS. I haven’t watched the show, seen like a few episodes and read up some of it on wikipedia. Robin is Rachael, Ted is Ross, Barney is Joey, and arguably Lily is Monica and Marshall is Chandler, that is if CTCB decide to go for the lame, cliche, ending and make Ted and Robin the endgame couple. But what makes HIMYM different from FRIENDS is that Robin does not end up with Ted, she ends up with Barney. HIMYM would not be remembered for it’s “dramatically shocking” finale, it would be remembered as a bad copy of Friends if T/R end up together. HIMYM is so much different because it separates itself from this common TV trope that the guy always gets the first girl he sees in the end. The audience have been conditioned to believe that the main guy always gets the girl, and it’s hard for people to accept that Ted and Robin don’t end up together, she ends up with Barney and Ted ends up with a woman more perfect for him than Robin could ever be. CTCB have been building up to this moment, they are not stupid enough to throw away a unique storyline and have T/R be endgame. Carter has said before that they wanted to be different. Meeting Robin in the pilot and then Ted getting her in the end is not the story they wanted to tell.

          You wanna know why CTCB keep dragging on T/R? With the “not yet” thing and Victoria saying, “I really hope you get her someday” and Ted’s resurfacing feelings? It’s because they want to keep baiting the T/R shippers. They want to keep you guys watching. Yeah it’s cruel, dangling your couple in front of you even when it’s made clear they don’t end up together, but they want you to keep watching, keep waiting until the very finale where you think some big twist is going to happen and your couple are together, but they’re not. That’s sort of like their playbook. They throw you guys these little bones, just like they threw B/R shippers these little bones post season 5 break up, so that we will keep watching and keep hoping that we will eventually see Barney and Robin get back together. They entice every fanbase like the T/R shippers, B/R shippers, and the womanizer Barney fans just to keep you guys watching and guessing.

          • Robert Krasser says:

            Well justsomegirl, I am done! I am done trying that you are thinking out of the box for one second. Instad you are repeating over and over like a mantra these already broadly accepted mother theorie wirh B/R and Ted/GWTYU and trying to justify it.
            We can make a slap bet over this issue!

  20. justsomegirl says:

    Wow, are you mad? Lol. Look, the show at times do their little twists, but I have faith in the writers that they won’t pull a fast one in the end and turn their unique show into a lame, cliche ending like Ted/Robin ending up together. And what do you mean I’m repeating myself? You’re the one who continuously repeats yourself using the same old arguments that I’m sorry to say, are not strong enough to guarantee a T/R ending. At least I see what the writers are doing. They’re trying to bait you, throwing in these little T/R bones for you to chew on so you will keep watching with the expectation of some big dramatic twist. You should’ve known when it was stated in the pilot that T/R are not endgame and sure let’s have a cyber slap bet. Hey Mario, if you’re still following this conversation, will you be our cyber slap bet commissioner? Too bad we have to wait a full year, maybe even more, to reach the end.

  21. Jacki says:

    I thought Robin ended up with Don. I believe this was said in one of the episodes.

    • justsomegirl says:

      Ugh, not this again. It was never said in any episode that Robin ends up with Don. There was never any episode where Future Ted refers to Don as “Uncle Don” . If you’re so sure that it was stated in an episode, please tell me the name of the episode.

  22. Mario says:

    YEAH I’ll be the cyber clap bet commissioner hahaha lol, Bet is ON then. ;)

    • justsomegirl says:

      Lol sweet! You’re on Robert! And remember Mario, this is an honor you will take to your grave. Your tombstone will read, “Mario, frequent tvline commenter, cyber slap bet comissioner.” ;-)

  23. Elissa Martin says:

    Clearly in the recent epidoes Robin does marry Barney. When Ted is looking at his future wife (the mother) you can see Robin dancing at her reception. Happily! Therefore T/R are not going to end up together. Case closed!
    But seriously what is up with Lily and Marshall? They’re really annoying now.

    • robertkrasser says:

      Hi Elissa Martin, Where is the “hard evidence” “the proof” that we see Barney and Robins wedding. On a Ted-Robin wedding we would see Robin also with her dad dancing!

      • tedandrobinwontbetogether says:

        Then why does Ted look sad until he looks up at bass player and smiles at her? Why would Robin wear the same exact dress with the same exact hairstyle with the same exact jewelery that she wore on her wedding to Barney? On the bus, while he is talking to Cindy, the subtitles say “four months later” and Ted is saying the wedding is next week. Sorry Robert, but your theory above, actually all of your theories make no sense and you’re over thinking this a little too much. This is coming from a former T/R shipper until I saw Ring Up where Barney and Robin stare across the table at each other and they are all they see, that struck me and made me realize that B/R are true soul mates.

        • Mario says:

          tedandrobinwontbetogether, I thought the exact thing after I saw this last episode. Its beginning to make more sense, and they are showing that this two (B/R) are really in love for real. I’m beginning to think this 2 might have a future, and might make it together.

  24. Robert Krasser says:

    As I said already hundred times it is by fare more likely that B/R will get married. But you have to accept that up to now there is a lot “presumtive evidence” but no single “conclusive evidence” for B/R gettong married!
    If there is one tell me!

    • justsomegirl says:

      Why don’t you count CTCB’s interviews as “conclusive evidence”? Over and over, they state and confirm that it is Barney and Robin who are getting married AND that they will go through with the wedding. There’s a recent interview with Craig Thomas who confirms that B/R’s wedding will be in four months. There is no ambiguity or anything that is open to discussion that both CT and CB have said about B/R’s future. This wedding is Barney and Robin’s wedding and they will go through with it despite the jitters.

    • Mario says:

      get ready to be cyber slapped Robert hahaha j/k. Why was there no new episode this week? :(

      • justsomegirl says:

        Lol that won’t be for another year since season 9 is pretty much official. I don’t know why there wasn’t a new episode, and based on what I’ve heard about it, it’s going to be interesting. But we’ll definitely get it this coming up Monday.

        • Robert Krasser says:

          Hi justsomegirl, have you read this interview?

          While wedding bells are ringing for Barney and Robin, there’s still the matter of Ted’s unresolved feelings for Robin, which we’ve seen peppered throughout Season 8. When asked if this issue will be dealt with again, Thomas replied, “I don’t want to say exactly how or when, but yeah. How I Met Your Mother started with a guy who spots a girl from across a crowded bar, and that’s Ted and Robin… It’s so built into the DNA of the show, and we’re heading towards this huge finish for the series. Whether sooner or later, of course, that dynamic has to be addressed again. So yes, I would say that there’s definitely going to be more that comes from that.”

          For me there is still hope fot T/Rbut maybe I am wrong

  25. Lisa Ryan says:

    Hi. I didn’t read through everything above, but wasn’t there an episode where Ted tells the kids that Aunt Robin never has kids, but has a successful career and is very content?

    • justsomegirl says:

      Yes, I believe you’re talking about “Symphony of Illumination”. In that episode, Robin finds out she’s infertile after a pregnancy scare with Barney. She’s really upset about it and when Lily questioned her, she decided to not tell her about the infertility and instead told her that Canada refused to let her be a pole vaulter because she was too tall. So, at the end of the episode when Robin is crying in Ted’s arms, Future Ted’s voice over says, “Kids, you’re Aunt Robin never became a pole vaulter (metaphor for “mother”), but she did become a successful business woman… but there was one thing you’re Aunt Robin never was. She was never alone.” We also know from “Little Boys” that Future Ted confirms Robin never has kids of her own because the first time she ever makes peace with kids, is with Ted’s children. Hope this helps!

  26. robertkrasser says:

    Hey justsomegirl, one question which 10 episodes out of all you would choose to show to people who are himym strangers. Not the most funny ones but these episodes so that tey will see the big plot? Robert

    • Mario says:

      My all time fav is: “Right Place, Right Time” is the 22nd episode of the fourth season. What future ted narrates at the beginning of the episode is just ….. beautiful. It is with this words that I became an all time fan of the series:

      “he great moments of your life wont necessary be the things you do.
      They will also be the things that happen to you.
      Im not saying you cant take action to affect the outcome of your life. You have to take action, and you will.
      But never forget, that on any day you could step on the fron door and your whole life can change forever.
      You see, the Universe has a plan … and that plan is always in motion.
      A butterfly flaps its wings, and it starts to rain.
      It’s a scary though, but its also kind of wonderful.
      All these little parts of the machine constantly working, making sure that you end up exactly where you supposed to be, exactly when you’re suppose to be there.
      The right place, at the right time.”

      • justsomegirl says:

        I agree Mario, that was like one of the best HIMYM episodes ever. I always get chills when I hear that. I also get chills when I watch the ending of The Leap. Marshall takes the leap first because he’s the one who popped the question to Lily and had no jitters about marrying her. Lily had some doubts and ran away, so that’s why she didn’t take the leap next. Robin instead, takes the leap next because she had finally given into her feelings for Ted and tried a relationship with him. Barney jumps on there and kind of wobbles, like he’s uncertain until he looks at Robin who’s saying with her eyes, “it’s ok, we’re going to be ok.” Then he takes the leap to be with her. Lily finally takes the leap, representing the length of time it took for her to come back to New York and face everyone again. Then, Ted, the very last person gets up there and then we hear this beautiful monologue and relive all the flashbacks:

        “That was the year I got left at the alter. The year I got fired. The year I got beat up by a goat. And a girl goat at that. And damn it all if it wasn’t the best year of my life.” Then, he takes the leap, surrounded by his friends who are all hugging and laughing. That scene along with that line gives me chills every time I watch it.

        • Mario says:

          wow true you are right, never seen this episode like that, but you are right. Thanks for the input. What about the ‘Bad News’ episode? I think that should also be a recommendable one.

          • justsomegirl says:

            Bad News was an excellent episode too. Did you notice there was a countdown in the episode that started from 50 to 1? I didn’t notice it the first time I watched it, but I did the second time.

        • Mario says:

          Yeah, I did not watch that episode live, i was watching it on netflix when half way through i noticed … i was like wait a minute … so i re winded and start looking for the numbers. I thought it was very creative.

          • justsomegirl says:

            I haven’t seen any of the episodes live until season 8. I’ve been watching them all on netflix. I love how almost every episode is structured so differently. Another structure they did which I thought was pretty smart and eloquently executed was “The Burning Beekeeper”. For some reason, most people hated this episode, but I loved it. Sure it wasn’t the funniest episode out there and yeah, it was definitely filler, but the way they set up this episode made it extremely unique. I also loved “The Mermaid Theory” how Future Ted just couldn’t remember what the fight was about between Barney and Lily then he finally realized he was in the wrong year. And then the ending of “Miracles” when he’s like, “Oh yeah, so funny story about the goat. The goat was eating one of Robin’s washcloths and… wait, Robin wasn’t living with me then. When did this happen? Oh yeah, this happened on my 31st birthday, not 30th. Sorry, completely got that wrong.” LOL, way to keep the audience watching next season CTCB. Man, what am I going to do with myself next year when this show is finally over? This is like the most unique piece of storytelling ever.

        • Mario says:

          I agree with you on all those episodes, even the The Burning Beekeeper. Just one thing, although I love the series too, I think its time to wrap them up. I thought season 8 was it, but ok I can live with a 9nth. Not a 10th though, I mean even this last episode where Ted desperately meets yet another girl (even though Ted’s theory about destiny (dobler vs something) was pretty funny) its getting mmmm a little mmm I don’t know .. tiring. They should use all this season and the next to build on the plot and on a good ending. Just my opinion.

          • justsomegirl says:

            I thought last episode was one of the freshest of the season. I loved how they finally ended the Robin Sparkles story. Robin is my favorite character because of her past, so it’s nice to get a little closure. I agree that season 8 isn’t the best season, but this show has been running for a long time and it’s only natural for such a long running show to lose some of that spark, that oomph that made it so popular. Especially now since the main draw, womanizer Barney, has fallen in love and is going to be a married man next season. It is time to wrap up the series, and I would’ve been happy for it to end at 8, but I’m still excited to see a season that I hope would serve as an epilogue to the series. But, I’m still going to be really sad about it next year.

    • justsomegirl says:

      Interesting question. Obviously since the mother and the road leading to her is the plot of the show, I guess I would choose the episodes that have Ted take steps towards meeting her, whether those are the actions he takes, or others take. And I’m sorry, but there are too many important plot moments in the series to narrow it down to just 10.

      1) Pilot- Obviously because it introduces M/L’s engagement which spurs Ted into this mindset that he wants to fall in love and get married. Also introduces Robin, who would play a key role in helping Ted meet the mother.

      2) The Platinum Rule- This is when he meets Stella, who becomes important later on.

      3) No Tomorrow- This is when Ted takes the Mother’s yellow umbrella and also establishes why he’s not the man he needs to be at the moment in order to be ready to meet her. She wouldn’t like him very much.

      4) Sandcastles in the Sand- Because of the B/R hookup which was a major game changer on the show. Whether fans like them together or not, B/R’s love story is what leads Ted to finding his.

      5) Miracles- Ted proposes to Stella and Barney realizes he’s in love with Robin.

      6) Shelter Island- Stella leaves Ted at the alter to run away with Tony, who would later feel guilty.

      7) Right Place Right Time and As Fast as She Can- I know these are two episodes, but both of them are really important and have a direct correlation to each other. Ted mentions all the little things that happened to him which influences his decisions like going left instead of right because his usual go-to bagel shop gave Robin food poisoning, giving Mil his daily dollar because he promised to pay him that way in exchange for Marshall’s charts, and checking out the newsstands for a look at Barney’s 200th woman, and because of all that, he ran into Stella and Tony. Tony thinks Ted is broken over Stella, so in guilty conscious, he sets Ted up with a job as a professor teaching architecture. Which, he turns down.

      8) The Leap- Ted finally takes the job and B/R finally take that leap to be together.

      9) Definitions- We see Ted teaching in the wrong classroom and the mother thinks he’s a complete idiot, I’m sure this experience is what starts a conversation between them at the wedding.

      10) Girls Vs Suits- This one’s a no brainer. He meets Cindy, who becomes important later on. Ted leaves behind the yellow umbrella.

      11) Big Days- Ted runs into Cindy again who wants to make up to Ted for being so rude to him and as a thank you for helping her realize what it is she really wants. That favor will become important later on.

      12) Challenge Accepted- Because Barney is revealed to be the groom at the wedding where Ted will meet his future wife.

      13) The Magician’s Code part 2- Because Robin is revealed to be the bride at the wedding where Ted will meet his future wife.

      14) The Final Page part 2- Barney and Robin get engaged, setting the wheels in motion to the inevitable wedding day where Ted will meet the mother. I guess in this spot we would have to include: Splitsville (when Barney probably made The Robin) Stamp Tramp, Twelve Horny Women, Lobster Crawl, The Over Correction, The Final Page part 1, since these were all the events that led him to proposing to her.

      15) Band or DJ- B/R really want a band to play at their wedding, and Ted, as their best man, makes that happen for them. He runs into Cindy who tells him about the mother’s band and they book her to play at B/R’s wedding.

  27. robertkrasser says:

    Hi justsomegirl and Mario

    thanks a lot for your recomendations you helped me a lot as I said I will hoast a HIMYM evening soon and some friends of mine dont wach it regularly so i want to explaine them the plot with these episodes.
    Justsomegirl, I just saw your all time fav, “right place right time” and I like it a lot the only thing I dont understand is the end when he saw “stella” again and the connection to the GWTYU is very week – I always think there might be a more direct connection than (job given by stellas boyfriend -lecture with GWTYU)

    anyway I really like the list I might change “shelter island” to “no preassure” because I think is importand for ending T/R (so far)

    actually I dont want to find the funniest or the most crazy episodes only that waht are important for the plot.

    if I would choose the most funny one I would say : JENKINS
    …….the most creative one: lucky penny
    …….the most important: pilot
    …….worst: exploding meetball

    one more question: I can not find the episode where you can see ted on his wedding and the camera stops before we can see the bride (and barney stands in the backgröund at the wall)

    thanks Robert

    • justsomegirl says:

      Actually, “Right Place, Right Time” is Mario’s favorite episode. I don’t have a favorite, it’s way too hard to pick. I would end up making a list of favorites if someone asked me lol. The connection is made obvious by Future Ted. In his voice over, he keeps saying how he wouldn’t have met up with Stella if he had done things different. He even uses, at the end of his side stories, “you kids may have never been born.” So obviously, this job and teaching in the wrong class has to play some part in his meeting the mother. I really think she’s going to turn to sit down with Ted and the old Lady, look at him and recognize him and they make a conversation about it. Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t have given him the time of day. I don’t know, maybe we’ll see it all play out in the season finale.

      I was going to include “No Pressure” as it was a symbolic ending for T/R, but with Ted bringing up his feelings for Robin again in “Band or DJ”, I no longer consider that episode important. It’s lost all of its deeper meaning thanks to stupid Ted and his creepy obsession with Robin. “Shelter Island” is WAY more important to him meeting the mother, than “No Pressure”.

    • justsomegirl says:

      Forgot to write before, the episode you’re talking about at the end, where you see Ted at his wedding and Barney is there in the background, that is “Lucky Penny”. I’m 100% sure.

      • robertkrasser says:

        thanks justsomegirl….Lucky Penny is my favourite episode but I cant remember the end … so I was checking all episodes on my harddrive looking vor the wedding but I was alway skiping Lucky Penny because I thought I konow this episode very well.

        thanks again for the list as I said I will organise a “HIMYM evening”, – you are invitet as well !! – just ckeck the flights to Salzburg or Munic I will set the date when your flight is cheap haha! And we can officialy sign the “slap bet contract” I can pick you up at the airport with a Fierro and a yellow umbrella if there is suneshine, snow or rain! Dont worry about the “strange food” here in Austria food I will cook the real amarican national food: Chineese, Pizza and the best Burger,s like in NY.

        Still thinking of the list actually you suggested 16 episodes x 20 minutes = 320 minutes this is more than 5 hours…this might be to much fo a evening.

        just thought how much time I spent with HIMYM actually I saw at least every episode twice =

        2 x 176 episodes x 22 minutes = 7744 minutes / 60 = 129 hours = 5,3 days based on not sleeping at all

        so we and I can realy say HIMYM is a big part of our life! And dont worry justsomegirl what to do after the end of HIMYM next year – we can still develope alternative endings eg. What would have happened if Barney would have had married Robin LOL!


  28. angie says:

    I know this is an old article and I happen to read it today,I loved reading all ur comments and see how passionate you guys are abt BR/TR.I watched the pilot episode in Netflix last summer and I totally loved the show and I finished all 7 seasons in the next 4 months and I am following season 8 now.The pilot episode made me fall in love with Ted & robin and I still think they are meant to be together.Its just my opinion and I could be wrong too.Over the last 8 seasons tgere are numerous signs that they will end up together whether they want it or not.Hete are my observation
    -in season 1 in,the Halloween episode Ted dressed up to mery slutty pumpkin and robin was with her date.but at the end of the night Ted didnt get his pumpkin and Robin brokeup with her date and they ended up on rooftop.
    -the limo episode where they both started the night out with diff dates,ended up kissing each other
    -they dated for a year and even after breakup and a year later Robin became teds rommate.destiny took her back to ted.
    -in season 4 front porch episode after lily and teds fight lily set up a dinner date for Ted and Karen, but Robin and Ted ended up having the dinner and made the 40year old pact
    -akso during the same episode they shiwed Robin was helping a pregnant woman deliver a baby and I think its symbolic to say she will be the one raising teds kids with him not the “mother”.
    -in season 5 after Robin and don broke up she came crying back to Ted ,ted comforted her and they almost kissed.
    -in season 7 when Robin found out she was infertile and was heart broken,she wanted to spend Christmas alone but Ted ended up cheering her
    -when she broke up with kevin,she came back to Ted for support,Ted proposed ,they kissed and they almost got together if not for Russia trip.I still strongly believe she rejected Ted not because she didnt love him but because she didn’t/cant have kids and Ted would have lived/married her with no kids for life and Robin didnt want Ted to sacrifice his kids dream.

    Ted and robins friendship is much stronger now than when they dated.

    Robin has moved on but Ted still hasn’t.I am sure he will too soon may be in BRs wedding.
    As victoris said Robin/Ted/Barneys friendship cum relationahip will not work out,they have a weird thing going in there. Robins emotional relationship has always been with Ted.i think there is a huge drama in store on BRs wedding which will ultimately lead to Ted and robins friendship breakup.unless they are out of each others lives I dont see Robin marrying Barney ir Ted marrying “mother”.I am sure br wedding eill happen and Ted will get together with “mother” ,marry and gave kids ,but I am not sure either of this marriage will last.Robin will come back to Ted and tgey will end up on the front porch.
    In season one Ted wanted Robin do much but tge moment he moved on to Victoria,Robin wanted him.
    again during Ted and stellas wedding,Robin came back to him
    I am sure Ted will move on with mothet, have kuds but Robin will be back to him.Ted gas always Bern her support and she always termed it as friendship and when becomes unavailable ,ribin will realize that.
    Though I like Ted and Robin,I have to say Robin doesnt deserve Ted.ted always put robin before him, during the first date he let her go for a news cast, on their wedding date on Stewart and claudias marriage ,he again let her out her xareer first.also “no pressure” episode,”symohony of illumination” episode.he always cared for Robin more .
    These are just my thoughts and again I havent read the million articles abt himym in the last8 years,just started following last fall and after watching all seasons u,am confident Ted and Robin are meant for each other even uf they dont want it.Barney and mother are just the distractions in their life and they will end up on front porch

    • in response to angie, mario and cc to justsomegirl,

      angie I think you are right. Actually I have a cyber slap bet running with “justsomegirl” I say Robin will finally end up with Ted. She things ob BR

      My theory is and was always based not on the small things you mentioned. I see the big plot. I know “Love in the times of the Cholera” in tis novel there is something special everlasting and powerful. A guy is chasing after “The love of his life” ofer 50 years and finally get her. Also a typical American deam is “The Great Gatsby”

      So why is Ted reading “Love in the times of Cholera” on the platform?
      Why keep the mother secret? If it is a unknow carracter CBCT could say the mothers name (eg. Susi Bimbo)
      Why the name “Robin” was not spoken in the Pilot untill the end? Actually I belive in a Name mix Robin is not Robin or maybe a 2nd Robin will appear. A friend of mine gave me another hint. “Usually” he siad “usually this is not a storry you tell your kids” With how many woman you had sex etc. So I think weather the narrator is not the older Ted or the narrator swiched the names of x to robin so that the kids dont belive thire mother is a bitch.

      So and the next thing is that I believe that there will be a final big twist/switch Do you think CBCT will build in a small twist / lie / trick / or to fool the viewer in each episode (eg. Marshall apply for judgementship, or “the ashrty”) but they will end the total HIMYM with a wedding of Barney and Robin wich will end 30 episodes befor the ultimative end?

      So at least what we see in the forwards are two weddings! Why Ted would not talk to TGWTYU right at the wedding but later on the platform?


      • angie says:

        I am not sure abt 2 weddings, I still think its BR wedding. The way they have shown BR after engmt doesnt look like its gonna last.somehow I still cant buy BR as a couple.after last week Robin is coming across a caution tale for gals dating bad boys.BR is not forever whether they get married or not.
        My guess is some big drama happens on the wedding and the group will break.if Ted meets the mother and starts a new life ,I dont think its possible with Robin around.and Robin still has to travel lot of places they mentioned before.
        Robin and Ted will part diff ways in life but destiny will bring them together.

        • 1. a band for the wedding is missing
          2. Ted meets Cindy in the train and she suggests her ex-roommate (obvously the mother GWTYU) as the band
          3. ted barney or robin are booking the band for the wedding
          4. The wedding leasts at least 6 hours
          during all this time
          -Ted is not saying “hi” to the band but he was organising the band
          – Ted is not talking to the Girl but he is cinies frien
          – Ted starring at her while Robin dancing with her dad

          How plausible is THIS???

          That after a 6 hours wedding NOT talking to you dream girl and afterwards meeting her again on the platform in the rain???? strange

          So my Theory is again: What we saw when Robin is dancing with her dad it is already robin and Teds wedding!


          • angie says:

            I am confused,Ted meeting the mother at Robin and teds wedding???????
            Its totally possible that Ted wont meet the girl at BRs wedding coz of Ted,Robin,Barney drama.I like Ted and Robin but its totally possible that coz of the huge drama which unfolds on that wedding day Ted misses the bass player and later meets her at the station.

  29. angie says:

    Guys sorry for my spelling errors.I was typing in my phone and stupid spell check.I hope you get my thoughts

    • Mario says:

      I used to think something similar will happen, the mother is not necessarily the one Ted will be at the end. But after a while I don’t know, yes Robin has been Ted’s platonic love but I just don’t feel them as a couple anymore, they have separated love wise a long time in the series. Even watching them together as a love couple would not feel right at this point. Ending the series with Ted n Robin … meh, in my opinion would be a little corny, cheesy and somehow predictable. But we’ll all see, we have 1 full season and some episodes to know. One thing I agree though that Barney / Robin wedding has a twist (even if the wedding takes place).. i don’t know what it is but I think they are not going to end up together.

      • angie says:

        Yeah Robin and teds love story is so old now coz they stretched this show beyond its life and made them date million others,but they are also not building a cute love story for BR to convince this point it looks like a story warning gals who are attracted to bad boys.barney keep lieing all his life and Robin will love that coz of ring and roses..nope cant buy that story.

        • I think Barney will bang Cindys Friend (the bass player in the band, GWTYU) right before the wedding. And finally Barnye will recognise that he will never love Robin like Ted and he will release Robin to Ted. And as Angie said Robin just dont want to have a relation wis Ted because of her infantillity. So deep in her hart se loves Ted. By nw Ted dont know that Robin cant have babies.

          • angie says:

            Ted knows abt robins infertility.
            I dont think Barney will cheat on Robin coz it will piss off BR shippers and carter and Craig knows that.quinn is coming back and bachelor party,that will create some drama and Barney doesnt abt robins infertility and Robin doesnt abt Victoria-Ted breakup..hmm lots to explore before season finale wedding.

          • Robert Krasser says:

            Where is the proof that Ted knows about Robins infertillaty? I know all episodes, dhe ehere talking anout poule vaulting but never about zhis issue to ted

    • 1st wedding May 2003 – Barney+Robin wich will get terrible wrong somehow, afterwards Ted is meeting TGWTYU at the plattform

      2nd wedding 2004 – Robin+Ted and Robin the bride is ancing with her dad and TGWTYU is playing in the band again

      • angie says:

        If the bass player is the “mother” and teds ex, why will she come to teds wedding and play in the band?

      • angie says:

        I have to watch the “no pressure” episode again.
        I thought when Ted and Robin were talking in rooftop she told him she told abt her infertility to Kevin and what happened there after.I kind of remember she asked who would overlook this now and Ted replied “I would”.

        • robertkrasser says:

          Yes I know NO PRESSURE well, and maybe she told ted but maybe not. I persume NOT because after all this hes said “I LOVE YOU” to her If she wouldt heve told him about her infantillity he would have thought about his future more I think so

          But I think Lilly knows…at least in the german version Robin told Lilly

          • justsomegirl says:

            Wow, and I thought this post was dead lol. It’s not the “No Pressure” episode you should be watching. It’s actually the ending of “The Drunk Train”. Ted goes up on the roof and sees Robin smoking a cigarette. He asks her if she’s ok and she starts crying. Ted gives her his coat and then there’s music playing as Robin is sitting in the chair explaining to Ted about everything, unfortunately, we don’t hear what she is saying. Then afterwards, she said, “And he unproposed. We’re over. And I know it’s for the best. It’s just that I was finally ready to settle down and he seemed like the kind of guy to take that next step with. But he couldn’t look past this. I mean who could?” That should imply that their conversation was about her infertility. What else could it be? It could have also been that Robin told him she slept with Barney, but Ted didn’t know about it until Barney told him in the next episode. So therefore, it had to be the infertility Ted and Robin were talking about.

            Robin told Marshall and Lily earlier in “The Drunk Train” too. It was after Kevin proposed and she said she needed to think about it. M/L confront her later and ask her if she’s any closer to deciding and then Robin tells them that there’s a secret she’s been keeping from everyone for the past two months and then she tells them about her inability to have kids.

            The only one who we haven’t seen Robin talk to about her infertility is Barney. It’s possible she told him off screen and we just didn’t see it, but the writers never acknowledged if Barney knows or not. This could be the reason for Robin’s wedding jitters because she is unsure if Barney will be able to look past never having kids in his future.

          • Hi all esecially angie and justsomegirl,

            justsomegirl thanks for the summary of “who knows about Robin infantillity” totally correct..I will sum up:

            Who Knows:

            Name Yes/NO Episode Proof/Evidence

            Lilli YES Trunk Trian YES
            Marshall MAYBE ? most likly Lilly told him NO
            Ted MAYBE No Preasure NO
            Barney NO NO

            2 thoughts:

            why the writers try to avoid (you can not hear) and paraphrase (pole vaulting) always when it is about the issue of Robins infantillity? Therfore I believe in a major twist – finally it will turn out she might get kids or she is the mother.

          • justsomegirl says:

            Hello again Robert, how did your HIMYM evening go btw?

            Marshall does know about Robin’s infertility. After Kevin proposed, Marshall and Lily both corner her and ask her if she’s any closer to deciding what her answer is. She then tells both of them her secret, that she is infertile. Let me revise your list,

            Name/ Yes/No/Maybe/ Episode/ Proof/Evidence

            Ted/ Maybe, but most likely yes/ The Drunk Train/ Robin and Ted have a heartfelt talk about Kevin and why he left her. It strongly implies that they are talking about Robin’s infertility

            Lily/ Yes/ The Drunk Train/ Robin tells her and Marshall about her infertility

            Marshall/ Yes/ The Drunk Train/ Robin tells him and Lily about her infertility and her fears if it means the end of her relationship with Kevin. Marshall comforts her by telling her if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

            Barney/ Maybe, but most likely no. Robin and Barney were mostly apart following the ending of “Symphony of Illumination”. He had met Quinn and was in a relationship with her, so there really isn’t any reason for Robin to tell him about her infertility. In season 8, they began rebuilding their friendship and then got engaged. Robin probably told Barney off screen and he assured her that it’s no big deal, OR Robin is afraid to tell him because she doesn’t want to lose him and this could be the reason for her jitters at the wedding.

            As for the “pole vaulting”, I think the writers left it ambiguous on purpose. Robin used “pole vaulting” when explaining to Lily about why she was so upset, so that’s why it became a metaphor for mother. When Future Ted states that she never became a “pole vaulter”, the most logical thing he meant was that she never became a mother in any way, shape or form. Or the writers are leaving it open for a “miracle” pregnancy with Barney. At that time, they had high hopes for a season 9 so they could use a “miracle” pregnancy storyline in season 9 or maybe Barney and Robin do adopt kids.

  30. angie says:

    thanks justsomegirl for clear explanation, yes it was ‘drunk train’ episode.
    Robin clearly asked “who could look past this”she meant her infertility and eventhough kids are big part of teds plan he said i can..thats why robin said she didnt love him coz she knows how much ted wants a family and she didnt want ted to sacrifice that for her.

    • justsomegirl says:

      Your welcome :)

      It’s possible she only said that so Ted wouldn’t sacrifice his desires to have kids for her, but she sounded pretty genuine when she said no. And we know from previous episodes that Robin is a bad liar.

      Also, in “Symphony of Illumination” it was a future with Barney she pictured. She pictured a boy and a girl sitting on a couch with the stormtrooper in the background. That implies it’s Barney she wants to be with. The girl looks like her and the boy looks like Barney, he’s even wearing a suit. If she was in love with Ted, why wouldn’t she picture the boy looking more like Ted? If you decide to rewatch season 7, pay close attention to Robin’s facial features whenever Barney talks about having sex with Nora or in “The Broath” when Ted announces that Barney is having mind blowing sex with Quinn, you can see Robin sipping her beer with a very displeased face. She never has those kind of expressions when Ted talks about dating and having sex with women.

  31. angie says:

    We will see what we want to see when we are ready to connect withBR, I connect with Ted and Robin ,so we are seeing what we want to the end one of us will be right.lets wait and watch.
    I am looking foward to u and Roberts slap bet.haha

    • justsomegirl says:

      Haha me too, but it’s going to be another year before we get to the end, wonder if we can wait that long. Even if Barney and Robin marry at the end of the season and Ted meets the mother, I’ll still have to wait until next season. I also have to earn Mario’s permission too as he’s slap bet commissioner lol. I have no worries about Barney and Robin, this show has shown for eight years that these two are soul mates.

      • Robert Krasser says:

        Hi all, saw the “Pilot” yesrerday again and recognised someting wired again: Ted describes his perfect wedding to the “libanese” girl whos boyfriend is Carl the bartender and he says:
        Simple ceremony,
        Some fall day
        central park,
        Band no DJ !!!!!!!!

        So why is this so wired to me because in S08 Ted wants to have a DJ, so this gives me again more momentum that something is absolutely not matching. Actually the Pilot is not matching.

        1) the name Robin is not spoken to the ultimate end in the Pilot, actually even when Ted shoes the businesscard to Barney he had the finger over the Name.
        2) how ted is describing his future wife to marshall with the olive theory dosent fit to the later description (dogs, scotch, gothbusters etc)
        3) this Band or DJ thing

        So I believe in a big switch / twist / turn where we find out that sombody is not he seems to be

  32. angie says:

    The name is not spoken coz they wanna reveal the “aunt Robin” shocker at the end.its a pilot episode and they want to attract more viewers to start watching this.

    I dont understand ur second point

    They have changed Ted too much.its not a surprise they screwed up his taste any case he will have band for his wedding

    I still believe we have some surprise in the last few episodes of series.

    Just curious have they shown any glimpse of Ted and the “mother” wedding.
    He has talked abt how hesaid I love you..we are sure Ted is married in future(he has a ring in all future episodes).is he married to the mother

    • justsomegirl says:

      Thank you, that’s what I’ve been trying to say. The reason Robin’s name was not spoken in the pilot was to trick not just the audience, but the kids as well. Of course if Future Ted revealed Robin’s name, they would have been like, “Wait, that’s our aunt Robin!” It’s likely he wanted to hook them the same way the show hooked us. By making us believe that was the kids’ mother and then in the end, we get a twist that it was actually the kids’ Aunt Robin. This makes the viewers speculate why Future Ted started the show with his introduction of Robin. Why not just fast forward to the wedding day where he actually meets the mother?

      Robin is an integral part of Ted’s story. Not just for her eventually leading him to finding the true woman of his dreams, but also helping him grow as a character so he can be ready for his future wife. Everything that has progressed Ted’s life was influenced, sometimes inadvertently, by Robin. His love life is a prime example of that. Ted’s break up with women involved Robin in some way.

      Victoria- He cheated on her with Robin, then he chooses Robin’s friendship over her.
      Stella- He invites Robin to the wedding leading to Stella talking to Tony and running away with him.
      Karen- Lily puts Robin’s earring underneath Ted’s pillow, leading Karen to question him if he was cheating on her.
      Zoey- Robin was the one who talked Ted into giving up the Arcadian, telling him that he and Zoey will break up anyway.
      Jeanette- Robin doesn’t want Ted to bring her to hers and Barney’s wedding and they make Ted cross off Jeanette’s name.

      Even though Ted/Robin isn’t endgame, their relationship and sometimes Ted’s relapsing into near obsession with her is still important. Robin’s helping him grow, helping him become the man he needs to be in order to be ready to meet the mother, the true love of his life. And Barney is doing that too. It’s why Barney is also important and why the series will sometimes revolve around him for a period of time. Barney always says that he’s going to teach Ted how to live, but in reality, both of them are teaching each other how to live. Ted teaches Barney how even though he can still party and be crazy at times, he can also learn to settle down and really go for what makes him truly happy and content. Barney teaches Ted how to be more confident in himself and more bold to go after what he wants too.

      It’s a fun dynamic, these three characters have. They each influence each other in different ways and push each other against their limits. Marshall and Lily may be the core rock couple of this show, but the B/R/T friendship and everything they do for each other is the true heart and soul.

  33. Robert Krasser says:

    To angie, my 2nd point:
    In the pilot Ted is came home from his first date with Robin and says to Marshall: “I met Mrs. Ted Mosby, how did I say my wife has to be”
    – Must have a dog
    – Drinks scotch
    – Fvourite movie Gothbusters

    In the 100 episode Teds perfect girl:

    – plays bass
    – girl is playing in a band
    – dont have dogs

    So I know this are no evidences, but the taste of Ted in the first episode is contraire to thr rest episodes. And actually the discriptipn fits more to barneys dream girl.

    And again about the unspoken name in the Pilot. It would not have make a diffeent to the surprise the kids in the end if they would have sayd the name before. They could have sayd “this is how I met your….aunt Robin” and it would have be still a surprise to us viewer.
    Even the kids know who is theire Mother is so the thing is the Narrator is swiching up names in purpouse. One reason could be that the whole story is usually not a story you are telling your own kids. Telling them with how many girls you slept etc.

    Again and again somthing is wired

    • angie says:

      I got it Robert.
      They have thrown so much information all over the place, wondering how they r gonna tie it all together.
      that dialogue said it all “i found future Mrs.ted mosby”,tha said it all..he didnt say I met the future mother of my kids..

      if Robin and Ted r not end game, they wouldnt have spent a whole year on their dating.

      Justsomegal, Robin didnt make Ted in any way ready to meet the mother.its other way Ted made Robin mature and ready for a family life..Ted was with her on all her tough much as I want Ted to get Robin coz she is the one who can make him happy forever, Robin doesnt deserve someone as awesome as Ted.the season 1 &2 Ted was the best, only after their breakup, he got sucked into Barneys ways and is single 6 years later.
      My guess is Robin and Barney will get married and thats one marriage that will definitely end in a disaster, during that time Ted would have started dating the “mother”,robin doesnt have a backup to fall on and she will move out of the country and focus on her career,remember she becomes successful business woman and world traveller and sometime later in their life Robin will be back to Ted.i dont know what will they do with mother, but definitely mother and Ted is not the end game

      • justsomegirl says:

        I’m sorry angie, but if Ted and the mother are not endgame, then we would have wasted nine years of our lives trying to find out who this woman is. Why would she be so important if Ted doesn’t live out the rest of his days with her? This show is all about soul mates, not spending a portion of your life with one, only to end up with someone else. Marshall and Lily have been established as soul mates, same goes for Barney and Robin, and from what Future Ted tells us, he and the mother are soul mates. If Ted and Robin do end up together, then this show would have lost its originality and become a lame copycat of “Friends”. AND, we have wasted nine years of our lives watching this show. Craig and Carter have said that a guy decides he’s ready for marriage, goes down to the bar and sees a woman and they end up together, was not the story they wanted to tell. They ruled out Robin right away because they didn’t want her and Ted to end up together and they said from season five I believe, that they want Barney and Robin to be together.

        • Mario says:

          So what did you guys think about Time Travelers? So you still think its robin? One thing I notice at the end … I got the feeling he was acting as if …… the mother was dead or was dying in the future. hmmmm … naaa im probably just over thinking this ….

          • robertkrasser says:

            Mario, I think you think same way than me. Something is wired, dogy and absolute “unhappy” about Ted whenever he is dealing with the “Mum” or TGWTYU. Last night episode I donloadet it at 3am in the morning here in Europe and I was watching it twice, and I am still dont understanding the episode and I get more and more confused.

            Yes I had the same feeling about somthing that the mother is dad or a ghost. verry strange!

            Well fore sure they will introduce a girl in S08E24 the GIRL WITH THE YELLOW UMBRELLA! Thats fore sure! Also that Ted will date her during S09, maybe will get children with her..

            On the other hand I still belive ther must be a “big turn” finally to Robin. Somebody saw the old french Movie “The obcure Object of desire” from Luise Buenel? Where one Girl is representet by two diffrent actors?

            Something must happen because Barney marries Robin, Ted the GWTYU and Marshall and Lilliy together forever and all are happy?? This is TO MUCH SOAP OPEREA and TO less crative, to boring and will not get anny price of storytelling.


          • Mario says:

            I also read this interesting comment elsewhere in another forum that made sense to me … “They bring in future Ted and barney…. They pulled in all this to bring us to the end of the show. Why? Because we are seeing “story telling ted” hearing ted telling the kids what he would have done or should have done. When ted knocks on the mothers door is 20 yrs from the future ted and he’s crying because she has died probably, and he in a way is asking for more time. Future ted is trying to get them to meet sooner so they can have more time because of the love they end up having for each other…” Interesting it seems Im not the only one who got this impression.

  34. Mario, when Ted is “asking for more time” on the door of his future wife most likly TGWTYU maybe we missunderstand and it is simply because he was sitting allone in the bar instad he could have used his time better already dating her,
    On the other hand the voice of older Ted sounds very sad. And the acting of Ted was also very sad no real louging when he open the appartment 7A, everything so serious.

    • justsomegirl says:

      Hi Mario and Robert! Just saw “Time Travelers” and wow, what a freaking crazy episode that was. It was funny at first, then when Barney said to Ted, “look around Ted, you’re all alone.” My gut literally twisted inside. I almost cried for Ted, it was such a sad episode for him. But, I never got the impression that this meant the mother is dead. Instead, what this episode confirmed for me is that Ted/Mother are still happily married in 2030 when Ted is telling the kids the story of how he met their mother.

      If the mother was dead, then why would Ted only want the next 45 days with her? Why not the whole eight years when he started his search for her? My conclusion about the whole speech was this: this is the episode where Ted realizes he’s a lot more alone now than ever. In season 1, he still had M/L/R/B around and he also had Victoria. In season 2, he still had M/L/B and was in a relationship with Robin, in season 3 he had M/L/R/B and was with Stella, in season 4 he had M/L/R/B, in season 5 he had M/L/R/B, in season 6, he had M/L/R/B and Zoey, in season 7 he had B/R, in season 8 he had B/R and Victoria. Now though, he has no one. He’s not dating anyone else and life for the married couple who have a baby and the couple who are planning on getting married in a few short months, are much more busier now than ever. These next 45 days are going to be the most alone he’s ever felt and the one person who could have made him happy, he hasn’t met yet.

      To me, Future Ted’s monologue at the end was more like wishing he could have cherished what he had before it was gone. That night, he went to Robots vs Wrestlers alone. But, if he could have done that night over again, he would have gone home and enjoyed his apartment more, look at his drafting table where he designed his first building, and he would smell the Indian food cooking. He would have went over to M/L and played with his nephew, Marvin. He would’ve gone over to B/R and watch them argue about their caterer with a smile on his face. Because, these kind of things don’t last forever. He felt absolutely alone that night, but he had friends he could have visited. And now, as FT alluded to us in season 5, the group is a little more divided now and they hardly see each other anymore. Marshall and Lily are married with their kid, Robin and Barney will get married and most likely will travel the world together, and Ted will be married to the mother with their two children.

      On a similar note, this episode really focused on the friendship between T/B and how it’s changed over the years. At the beginning, Barney is the one who walks in with two tickets and attempts to convince Ted to go with him to Robots vs Wrestlers. Ted refuses at first (like he always does when Barney plans something like this) and then we get all of these different versions of Teds and Barneys who either try to convince him to go or dissuade him from going, similar to Ted’s internal battle when he fights with himself whether he should go do crazy things with Barney, or stay safe at home or at the bar.

      Throughout the episode, it’s like Ted is rather vehement towards Barney (in his mind). For example:

      The third/fourth wife joke at the beginning, like Ted is implying “you’ll never truly settle down” as he said in “Band or DJ”
      The callback to Barney grinding on his cousin
      Barney goes bald while Ted gets to keep all of his hair
      The meatball stain on Barney’s shirt and we know how precious Barney’s clothes are to him.

      It’s almost like Ted is lashing out at Barney for being engaged to Robin and having little to no time to spend with him. It’s a neat little parallel to season 2 when Barney felt he lost his best friend to Robin because he could hardly come and hang out with him. In the end, instead of there being two tickets, it turns out to be a single ticket. Perhaps he did buy two tickets so he and Barney could go and he was going to spring them on him as a surprise, but Barney flaked out. This just makes me even more upset for Ted. Just 45 more days, hang in there buddy :)

      • Mario says:

        @justsomegirl, so do you think we are going to actually see the face of the girl at the end of the season? Or do you think we are just going to see just another part of the body (maybe her back this time haha) and just introduce her until S9? Some people think its the girl she bumps into at the bar in St Patricks (S3EP12) … what do you think?

        • justsomegirl says:

          I think there’s a chance that we MIGHT see her face, but we won’t know how hers and Ted’s conversation go. CTCB issued out an interview that the season 8 finale is going to be more like, “end of series” type of thing, which would be a pilot for the new series that season 9 will become. I took that to mean that we will see the mother’s face in the finale (because that is supposed to be end-series material) but I doubt we will see the relationship between Ted and the mother. I read that the writers were interested in the idea of a whole season of flashbacks so they can do stories that they couldn’t do before. I won’t be happy if season 9 turns out to be this way, but the writers have said that season 9 is going to feel a lot different than the other 8 seasons so I’m a little worried.

          I really don’t think it’s going to be “bump” girl at the St Patricks party. I would be pleasantly surprised if it was, but that theory has gained some popularity and I believe the writers will stray from the most obvious pickings. I think it’s going to be someone we’ve never seen before on the show. We’ll see.

          What do you think Mario? Hey Robert, jump in with your thoughts on the finale too!

          • Mario says:

            Hmmm I guess we will see. One thing Im for sure, and this is my personal opinion, the show have been streched out a little bit and its starting to notice. From season 7 on up iI started noticing more filler episodes. I mean I can understand this with a series like Friends for example where there was no specific point to go to. In HIMYM though there’s a specific goal, a point where the series need to conclude. For this season there is just a few episodes I would stick to, that have to do with the plot. So ok season 9 its the final, I am really happy with that, I hope they bring up the series to how they used to be, fun and very creative. I was not very satisfied with season 8, that I might not even get the full DVD series (and i have em all so far (1-7)) :P , because I only like some few episodes, like I said this is just me. Anyways Im looking forward to this few last episodes, and looking forward to S9 we’ll see. Its fun talking with u guys, hope we keep comenting on how this develops. Can’t wait for that cyber slap bet to come to a conclusion .. haha you guys ready?

  35. angie says:

    Hello all,
    Time travelers episode was heart breaking.that speech showed how much Ted loves the mother, they have shown Ted sad and heart broken many times,but never saw tears in his eyes.I have a feeling Ted and mother story doesnt have a happy ending…please let mebe wrong, I cant see Ted heart broken another time but
    I am more and more certain that “mother” and Ted are not together @ 2030.if they are divorced, he wont be spending all this time to talk abt her,she is most likely dead.CB/CT loves to make Ted sad, they never made any other character go thru so much one of the early season interview CB/CT mentioned that things are not perfect in 2030.
    If Ted and mother are still together,there is no way in this world ,robin will be so close to teds kids.It took Ted 8 years to get over robin and knowing their history no wife will be happy to have an ex gf around so much.
    Also creators havent sold BR romance convincingly.every thing abt their relationship is trick,magic and no way they are happily ever after.
    BR may get married but once it falls thru, robin may become world traveller,business woman and Ted marries mother, has 2 kids, but after she dies Ted and robin will end up together.

    • Mario says:

      I do support your theory angie, something is going on. I did felt it that way too with Ted’s speech. Yeah its going to be sad for Ted if mother dies or something, but … this way Teddy can finally b with his true love. I think this would also satisfied some of both viewers, OK he met the mother, it was not robin, but then later after that event they reconnect (T/R) and guess what, Ted already has kids so … no problemo for Robin this time. I don’t see B/R romance holding on either, i dont see them together happily ever after. We’ll see

    • justsomegirl says:

      Hey angie, could you provide the source for that interview of CB/CT mentioning things are not perfect in 2030? This is a comedy, I strongly doubt they would just kill off the mother. Sure this show likes to tackle life’s darkest moments, but I really don’t think they would go this far. As I’ve said before, if the mom is dead, why don’t the kids look more somber? Even if she died when they were very young and they have no memories of her, their mom would still be a very sore subject to talk about. They also wouldn’t want to hear about how their father engaged in many flings with other women and how “so in love” he was with Robin. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Then the other scenario, Ted/Mother are divorced, doesn’t make sense to me either because future Ted talks very fondly and lovingly about her. The speech at the end of “Time Travelers” confirmed it for me. Ted/Mother ARE still happily married together in 2030.

      CB/CT don’t love to make Ted sad, they want to make him happy. Carter Bays is especially a Ted fan because Ted is based off of him while Marshall is based off of Craig Thomas and Lily is based off of his wife. Robin and Barney are just the extra characters, there’s nobody in real life they’re based off of. And what do you mean they don’t put the other characters thru so much trouble? I think all of them had problems much worse than Ted. Marshall had broken up with Lily in late season 1 and throughout he had career and money problems AND he lost his dad. Lily suffered through her break up with Marshall, been disappointed by her dad throughout most of the series, and mourned over her lost dreams of becoming an artist. Robin experienced numerous disappointments with her dad throughout the series, discovered she was infertile, had heartbreaks when Don left her for the job in Chicago she turned down for him, when Barney started dating Nora again, and when he got engaged to Quinn later on. Barney felt as though he was broken, he almost got fired from his job, he experienced great heartbreak when Robin chose Kevin over him, and he encountered his own daddy issues.

      The only problem Ted has had throughout the series, was that he couldn’t find the right girl to settle down with. He has his dream job, he lives in a great apartment, he has no money issues. This past episode highlighted that his friends are finally happy and moving on with their lives, but he’s still stuck. But in 45 days, that will all change for him because he will finally find his one. If anything, Carter and Craig want to ASSURE that no matter how bad things look now for Ted, things will get better for him.

      If this interview of CT/CB mentioning that things aren’t perfect in 2030 exists as you say, (and I will doubt its existence until you provide me a source because I’ve tried looking for it.) it doesn’t necessarily have to mean a bad ending for Ted. Future Ted had alluded to the gang splitting up and doing their own thing in the future and they hardly ever see each other. “Bad Crazy” rather proved that in the flash forwards of Lily and Robin when they talk about how they need to do this more often, meaning getting together more often but they can’t because they’re both married and have their careers and (in Lily’s case) have their own family to attend to. Robin also consistently says how she can’t believe Marvin is in high school, is driving etc, because that’s something a person would say if they haven’t been around to see it. So, that’s what I think CT/CB meant about things not being perfect in 2030.

      You mentioned there’s no way Robin could be so close to Ted’s kids and that his wife would not tolerate his ex girlfriend hanging around all the time, and I have to ask, why not? Robin would be married to Barney, and as I said before, the group would become estranged a little. Robin and Barney would be living their married life together and would most likely travel the world together, Marshall and Lily would be living their own lives, and Ted and the mother would be living their own lives together. I’m sure the mother would also see how very much in love Robin is with Barney, so I don’t see her having any kind of trouble allowing Robin around her children and Ted. On the contrary, I think she and Robin could become best friends.

      I don’t understand what you mean about how B/R’s relationships are only tricks and magic. The Final Page part 2 and Weekend at Barney’s are the only instances where tricks/magic is involved, but that’s it. The writers have consistently compared B/R to M/L, who are established as the endgame couple.

      1. Ring Up: M/L and B/R only see each other and everyone and everything else is invisible.
      2: P.S. I Love You: Robin and Lily were keeping something from their significant others. Robin was keeping secrets about a guy she used to be obsessed with and Lily keeping the secret that she kind of stalked Marshall so that she could meet him. Both couples make up with a kiss and little snuggling time at the end of the episode.
      3. The Ashtray: Barney and Marshall use the same exact line when talking about their significant other’s approval, “I don’t think she would mind.” and then Robin and Lily using the same exact line when expressing their disapproval. “You gave the captain my number!?” and then Barney and Marshall mirroring the same expression and echoing the same words. “She minds.”
      4. The Fortress: In “Okay Awesome”, M/L both ditch their snobby company by escaping through the window in the bathroom. In this episode, Barney and Robin escape from watching a show with their rather pretentious company by going down the chute together.
      5: M/L’s wedding episodes were entitled “Something Borrowed” and “Something Blue”. B/R’s wedding episodes are entitled, “Something Old” and “Something New”, which is a continuance of the wedding phrase, “Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.”
      6. It seems bad weddings are symbolic for good marriages. Stuart/Claudia called off their wedding because of Ted, but then got married in the end. They are still together. M/L endured numerous mishaps at their wedding, but are still together. Punchy and Kelly’s wedding was ruined, but they’re still together. B/R’s wedding is going to go terribly wrong, but we’ll see if they’re still together.
      7. If you watch “Zip Zip Zip”, again, pay attention to all the parallels of M/L to B/R. Just to give an example, when M/L are talking about how they used to stare into each other’s eyes and they try again but fail, the scene immediately switches to Barney and Robin looking into each other’s eyes.

      • I dont know the interview as well, but I am also courious if it is true. On the one hand I can undestand Angie, I think sort of the same way than her because L+M, B+R and T+TGWTYU will be to conventional, and will be to standard and to “Unfunny”, So something must happen.
        I still belive somhow, Robin will end up with Ted. In all future scenes eg you never see Robin with Barney or Barney with another wife. Starting with “Lucky Penny” wher you can see Barney at the back of the wedding without Robin aso..So the “endgame” Robin must be somhow involved..

        Angie, Mario and Justsomegirl I invite you to add me on Facebook, just in case the forum closes. I wrote more to all of you in the last year than to my ex-girlfriends so I am quite curious how you are lookung like…
        Justsomegirl I think I am not a stranger anymore…

      • angie says:

        4 of the 7 examples you gave are from this year, they showed to prove why robin will marry Barney inspite of him still nit given up the old ways, that doesnt prove they will be together forever.pls dont compare br and ml ,they are million miles apart.I see u r passionate abt br, but if they r end game they wudnt gave gotten together already, they wud have stretched it till last episode.
        Also they r trying to build up a character growth for Barney from season 6 ,but in season 8 he hasnt still changed much.its okay we have diff view points.
        Also last 2 episodes if this season are not br wedding, its titled similar to MLswedding, but v r not gonna see the marriage yet.
        Also u mentioned in other post how in teds imagination he is lashing out at Barney(3rd wife , hair loss), but Ted also imagines BR still in love and Barney will have a wedding ring 20 years from now.this is in line with what v r seeing this season.inspite of Ted thinking that Barney is not suitable for robin, he wishes they eill be still married in 20 years.

        • justsomegirl says:

          You ask me to please not compare M/L to B/R and I have to say, the similarities ARE there. You don’t want to see it because you’re not a B/R fan and that’s fine. If this was season 5, I would totally agree that M/L and B/R are million miles apart. But now, B/R are becoming a little like M/L while still staying true to themselves. They are much more affectionate together whether alone or in front of their friends, they don’t have sex or walk out when a fight is beginning to brew, AND they each let go of their prides. M/L told them in “Bagpipes” that when a fight comes up, just know that the love you have for that other person is much more important than winning. In “The Fortress”, even though they technically didn’t fight, they resolved their issues by apologizing to each other and reaffirming their love for each other. Robin became defensive of Barney when those buyers implied he wasn’t a human being and realized she accepts and appreciates everything about him and Barney decided he didn’t want to go back to a life without Robin.

          So, I will continue to compare B/R to M/L because that’s what the writers have been showing us this season. Don’t ask me not to, please.

          You said that if they were endgame, that B/R wouldn’t have gotten together until the last episode. Huh??? Marshall and Lily are endgame and they got back together in season 2. Not sure what you mean by this. B/R are part of Ted’s endgame, their wedding is where he will meet the mother. They couldn’t just have B/R get back together in the last episode and then have a wedding where Ted meets the mother, that would be too rushed. The writers could have brought them back together in season 7, but didn’t because it was too soon. It makes sense they get back together in season 8 and will still be endgame. Also, the audience (BR fans included) were rather tired of the push and pull between the couple, it was time for them to get back together, especially since they revealed that fact in the season 7 finale.

          I say season 8 Barney is much more changed than early seasons Barney. But if you’re talking about his “open marriage” comments in 8.17, I say that’s him lashing out at the idea that Robin and the captain might have had a thing for each other. His facial expressions when Robin went on about the captain hitting on her was the same exact expression in 8.15 when Robin was talking about a guy she used to stalk in her teenage years. It was pure jealousy. He lashed out at her in 8.15 by calling her crazy and a total nutbag, and then in 8.17 he lased out at her with his open marriage comments. And now if you’re also including 8.18 where Barney lied to Robin about the Playbook, in the end, he still burned it for her. Ted had stopped Jeanette from destroying it, but Barney in the end gave her his permission to blow it up. And when it was done, he shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal and sat down next to his fiancee, even putting his arm around her. I do wish the writers would scale back on the womanizer Barney jokes, but for some reason, they think it’s funny so they’ll keep putting those jokes in there.

          Last two episodes ARE the wedding episodes. It’s why they’re entitled “Something Old” and “Something New”. Carter Bays may have said he won’t promise a wedding, but c’mon. This is the same guy who said Robin and Barney will be dating other people on the premiere night of “The Final Page” part 1 and 2 and all that turned out to be was Ted asking Robin to be his date at the GNB celebration and Barney fake dating Patrice. Carter likes to bend and twist the truth in his interview. Craig has promised there will be a wedding, we will see Barney and Robin tie the knot in this season’s finale. If I’m wrong, then feel free to cyber slap me, but there’s just no way they can get out of Barney and Robin not getting married in this season’s finale.

          My point of Ted lashing out at Barney with the whole 3rd and 4th wife joke, hair loss, the stain on his shirt, and the callback to Barney grinding with his cousin was because he felt as though Barney abandoned him. Barney and Robin’s affections were a little exaggerated in that episode. The kiss at the beginning when they greeted each other with a loud, lip smacking kiss. And then the way Robin leaned down to kiss Barney’s cheek before going off with Marshall and Lily. My point here is that Ted is over exaggerating them in his mind because what he sees everyday is B/R affectionate together and it’s getting to him. He may have lost Robin, but he also lost a piece of Barney too.

          • Mario says:

            I don’ know justsomegirl, I think I am with angie on this one. I just don’t feel as pasionate as you are for B/R. I know you are a bigger fan than I am, love reading your knowledge on the series. But I don’t see B/R and an endgame. They will get married, yeah i give u that, maybe Ted wont reunite with Robin, yep i might give u that too. But 3 perfect couples living together happily ever after … mmm I don’t feel it, it would be to cheesy. I do see Robin in the future being dedicated to her carreer single than with barney.

            should we keep posting in this thread? Or find other ways or other forum to comunicate, i do want to keep reading your comments as the series come to an end prob. a year from now. I dont know if this thread will still be alive by them.


          • angie says:

            I wanna discuss with u guys as the show progresses.will they keep this thread alive or should we move onto a newer one.what abt my thought on we will never see the mother.I dont think they are yet to cast the mother, if they have cast is she still waiting every year hoping it doesnt get renewed and she get to play her part finally..haha..
            Justsomegal,I know u r passionate abt br, I am opposite.he is a misogynist and I dont wish any gal to be Barneys wife unless he gives up all his tricks.even in fortress episode when robin started arguing abt apartment he pushed her out on the train wheels.robin has been giving up everything to be with Barney, I dont know how long she can do that.
            Yes MLs wedding had many problems, but neither of them had a second thought if they r marrying the right person.they are a perfect couple and br remotely cant be compared to them.

          • Mario says:

            So what do you think justsomegirl and Robert, about finding another thread, or another way of keep the comunication going. That’s if you guys want.

  36. angie says:

    Also I have a feeling we are never gonn.a see mothers face ever.I dont think they havent cast the mother for 8 seasons ,if she is alive in 2030
    . Just my guess and feeling, I cud be wrong too

    • Hi Justsomegirl, Angie and Mario! I was quite busy these days aso I hope you are still following this thread. Actually I think nobody will swich off this forum/blog. I just would like to know more of you and your backround and place where you are from. As I said I am quite curious and I dont think we schould exchange these details here so just find me under my name on FB. Actually I would like to know more about HIMYM fans and their backround. And as I habe cyber slap bets with justsomegirl … I dont wand to loose you!

      I printed our conversation the other day and bound it this is already 50 pages and there are iteresting theories and statements and a lot of creativity. So we schould think of toing a collective and publish them one day (after removing my spelling and grammar errors)

      I am realy looking forward to the S08 final and I am sure we will not see progress in E21 because the writers are not CBCT, so might be a filler. And I think we will not see the Mothere in the final, but we will have the solution of B+R what went wrong at the wedding. I am qte sure B+R will not get married.

      I read a lot of blogs in german, (they are quite innovative as well) and the most dont see a future in B+R but on the other hand nobody has a option.

      I am also very confused with “time travellers” but I hope we will ahve a solution soon. I agree to Mario that a siple end B+R, T+GWTYU, and M+L is to cheesy..

      My latest thoughts are about:

      Barney made a lot of caracter development, from playboy to a “almost” serious family guy with Quinn and now Robin. Barney developed a lot but he is still quite egoistic, and is just seeing his advantage. He is giving free advises but he never refrainfrom something. So my final toughts are that Barney will “release” Robin finaly for Ted.

      Robert Krasser


      • justsomegirl says:

        I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand what’s so cheesy about B/R, L/M, and T/TGWYU all ending up together. If you all are so opposed to cheesy endings, then I don’t think you would want T/R to end up together. No matter what kind of crazy twist CTCB throws at us, it would still be a cliche and cheesy ending for Ted and Robin to end up together. It’s the main guy getting the first girl he sees, it’s a commonly used trope for sitcoms. FRIENDS went the same way with Ross/Rachel and HIMYM would be the same if they ended the show with Ted and Robin.

        • Mario says:

          so what did you guys think about that Ted / Barney conversation at the end of the episode … interesting interesting.

          • angie says:

            All I can say abt todays episode is just to make shippers happy and to make Barney and robin pair up,they have dragged robin down instead of Barney becoming more mature.
            Good luck robin if you want to be in this emotional abusive relationship.

  37. Robert Krasser says:

    Just saw s21. Well I totally believe Ted is right that Barney is not mature enough getting married. Even when Robin likes this “games” now we can clearly see why Robin has big doughts at her wedding day. Wich brings us to a question “if” Robin will not get married with Barney what is the logical option for Robin?
    A) not getting married at all
    B) merrys a guy we dont know kow by now
    C) Ted

    And I tell you if B/R are not getting it now. They will never getting married.

    Another thing: it seems to me that they will try to write “Marshall” and Lilly out thats why they will go to Rome, ans Jayson might not play in every episode

    • Mario says:

      I dont know about you guys but I think B/R wont end together .. (sorry justsomegirl hehe) I don’t care if Ted does not end up with Robin, but neither will Barney. I just dont see that couple happily married. I see Robin having a successful career overseas or something, thats more convincing. All while Ted meets the mother have kids etc, then later at somepoint …. well maybe .. maybe not.

      • justsomegirl says:

        I’m sure this comes as no big surprise, but to me, I thought Ted was the one who was in the wrong. Barney and Robin’s relationship is THEIR business, not his. I think Barney was just telling Ted that it is what it is. Marshall and Lily coddle Ted, they don’t give him that tough love that he needs. In “The Final Page” part 2, Marshall should have told Ted to just give up, she doesn’t love you and that it’s time to move on. Instead, he told him to be selfish even though Robin has made it ABUNDANTLY clear that she has no desire whatsoever to rekindle a relationship with Ted. I think deep down, Marshall knows they aren’t meant to be, but he WANTS them to be together because he knows it would make Ted happy. Lily on the other hand is more insightful. She says she’s positive that Ted and Robin won’t end up together, and she’s usually right about things like that. She gives Ted a reality check from time to time (unlike Marshall) like in “No Pressure” when she told him straight up that she just knows he’s not going to marry Robin, and she’s even giving him ideas like going to Russia with thousands of roses in his hot air balloon so that he could “woo” her, but in reality, it would just drive Robin in the opposite direction. Then there’s that rooftop scene in “Band or DJ” when she told him that he needs to let Robin go and let her marry Barney, because he is who she wants, not Ted. Still, that wasn’t tough enough. As I said before, Lily and Marshall coddle Ted like he’s their own baby Marvin when it comes to Robin and it’s about time Ted gets a harsh dose of reality.

        Barney was just giving him that harsh dose. Barney IS the one marrying Robin, not Ted. Remember in “Band or DJ” when Ted went on the wedding details like, “we’re having it at the spot where Victoria almost got married and we’re having the colors cream and lilac.”? It’s like Ted was inserting himself in there as the groom, and it’s his wedding to Robin, not Barney’s. That scene irritated me a bit, and when I looked at Robin’s face, you can just see she was uncomfortable with it too, but she let him have it his way so as not to hurt his feelings. Robin sometimes gives Ted a dose of reality, but she also coddles him at the same time. There’s that instance in “The Magician’s Code” part 2 where she tells him that he is actually afraid of commitment and that’s why he’s been choosing the wrong girls, and then she forces him into calling Victoria like, “yeah your other relationships didn’t work out, but here’s Victoria, you should give her a call and see if it’s meant to be with her.” I think it’s also worth noting that the only wedding detail Robin actively fought Ted on with, was the band or DJ debate. It’s no secret that when Ted was advocating a DJ, he was advocating himself as Robin’s husband and a lying, cheating, undeserving band symbolized Barney in Ted’s eyes. So when Robin firmly put her foot down and said no, she wanted a band, she’s also essentially reaffirming her love for Barney and that it’s him she wants to marry, not Ted. Future Ted explained that in the end, she didn’t want a DJ (Ted), she wanted a band (Barney).

        In this episode, Barney was just being truthful. Robin and the others have tried to get Ted to understand B/R are getting married and it’s time to let go, but he still doesn’t get it. Barney wasn’t being a douche, he was actually defending his relationship with Robin. The entire reason why B/R broke up in “The Rough Patch” was because they were miserable together. Why do you think that is? What do you think made them so miserable together? Answer is: Ted, Marshall, and Lily interfering in their relationship. In “Do I Know You” Robin just wants Barney to be Barney, and he was kind of freaking her out by being weirdly nice to her and not even checking out the waitress with giant jugs when she leaned over to refill their drinks. In “Definitions” B/R were perfectly happy together just hooking up whenever they wanted, but Lily forced them into putting a more serious and permanent title on their status, boyfriend and girlfriend. Now if Lily hadn’t interfered, they probably would have came to that point all on their own. They both loved each other, they both had feelings for one another, sooner or later they would have just found out all by themselves that they wanted to be together permanently and find ways to make their relationship work. In “Robin 101” Ted made big changes in their relationship, and it made Robin think that Barney was cheating on her because he wasn’t acting like Barney. If she wanted a guy who would bring her breakfast in bed and flowers, then she would still be with Ted. But she doesn’t, she loves inappropriate, crazy, Barney. Barney and Robin changed themselves and each other to better fit the mold that is M/L’s “perfect” relationship and Ted’s perception of how they should behave as a couple, and it made them both miserable. Now, here’s Ted trying to butt in and telling Barney how he should behave (like in Robin 101), and if Barney heeded that advice, then he and Robin would just revert back to being miserable together because then Barney would change and Robin would not appreciate that change and Barney wouldn’t either.

        I also think Barney’s insecurities come into play as well. We know he’s done with the womanizing and the sleeping around. He said as much in “Hopeless” and “The Final Page part 1” where he said that he felt broken from all the sleeping around and that he wants to settle down. I’m also noticing a trend, whenever Barney does say something inappropriate, it always begins with Ted. In “Ring Up”, Barney’s one night stand withdrawals begin when Ted talks about how he ran a play on a 20 year old that he was a general in the Vietnam war to get her to sleep with him, which used to be Barney’s role. In “Bad Crazy”, Ted talks about his crazy relationship with Jeanette, which prompts Barney into sharing his own experiences with crazy girls to make him still feel like a member of the group. In “The Ashtray”, Ted said the last time he saw the Captain was a crazy story, and Barney tried to say he was there because crazy stories are HIS thing. That was his identity, that was the role he played within the group. However, Ted kept telling him he wasn’t there and shot down any add-on’s that Barney threw in, and by doing that, he was essentially rejecting Barney’s presence. I think that’s why Barney laid it thick with his external debate of if the Captain can sleep with Robin, then he can hook up with someone else too and it even culminated into him slapping himself, a trademark Barney move. But Marshall and Ted just ignored his antics and went back to talking about the captain. It also worsens when Robin shuts him down too and when she talks about how the Captain tried to sleep with her, which actually made Barney jealous. He was jealous that the Captain tried to sleep with Robin and he was jealous that she penned an obsessive, stalker-ish song for a guy in her teenage years before they were ever together. That’s not a guy who would actually be okay with an open marriage. We also know he’s staunchly against cheating because he’s been on the opposite side of that with Shannon, so I’m sure he doesn’t really want a threesome with Robin and whoever else. The only time he’s ever cheated was with Robin and even then, he felt absolutely guilty about it. “Weekend at Barney’s”, the playbook is brought up (another classic Barney trademark) when Ted laments over Jeanette and Barney pulls him out of his funk by telling him he’s going to get him a new girl to get over Jeanette. I think it’s also worth noting that he says he’s finding him a date to take to B/R’s wedding, not just some girl to sleep with for a night. In “The Fortress”, Barney was okay with leaving his bachelor pad to Ted. He’s lost the role as the eternal womanizer and crazy storyteller, so the apartment was like the last shred of his identity. He would have been okay giving it over to Ted, because at least he could still visit the place, but Ted turned it down, which made Barney a little fearful that his identity is now gone. And now in this episode, Barney was ready to go home and be with Robin, but Ted was the one who piqued his interest in Liddy. Also notice that there was a beautiful girl at the bar in a tight sweater in the background and she looked to have amazing breasts too. He was only curious about Liddy, and that was only because Ted told him she has an amazing body.

        Angie, you said “Good luck Robin if you want to be in this emotionally abusive relationship” What emotional abuse are you referring to? If Robin was upset about something, she would speak up. She’s not the kind of woman who would let Barney walk all over her and not tell him if something was bothering her. If she was, then she wouldn’t have stormed out of the apartment when she found out about Barney’s playbook still existing. “The Ashtray” comments aside, Robin has been shown to be okay with Barney’s behavior, and if she’s okay, then what gives us the right to say she’s in an abusive relationship? She hasn’t been shown to be depressed and we would know if she was depressed, her telltale behavior of being depressed is not caring for her personal hygiene. We saw that in “Rough Patch” and “Big Days” how she just let herself go because she was depressed. We saw a hint of it too in “Farhampton” when she picks at her teeth with her finger to get out a poppy seed that was stuck in her mouth, which is not what we would call attractive behavior for a woman, and in that episode, she found out Quinn and Barney were engaged. So even if Robin wasn’t speaking up if Barney was hurting her emotionally for some reason, then we would definitely notice a shift in her appearance. But, she still looks great, so I think we should take it that she is genuinely happy with Barney and their relationship.

        • Mario says:

          3 more episodes guys .. so sit tight. :)

        • Robert Krasser says:

          Justsomegirl you think B&R are made for each other mainly because Robin is the “cool girl” drinking scotch hand have a gun. So if you just see this surface of Robin you sre right that she fit to Barney. If you look a bit deeper in her personality she is a “normal” romantic woman you can see it in the episode where she got told about her infantillity – she was sad and sehe has to reorder her life – and what is interesting she try to compensate – the warm inside- with some cool phrases eg. “I never wanted kids anyway” So Robin deep inside is more fragile and more “classical woman” and warmharted than she predents to be! This is again the why I think in the first place Robin needs to do a character development ( or just say what she wants from her deep inside) rather try to fulfill guys dreams ( wearing only a coat when fiance comes home.
          Ted knows about the fragile inside of Robin, Barney dont accept it at all he just want to have a awsome girl to have to play and he thinks is the right one.
          One day Robin will desperatly regret that she was not saying “I love you too” in the very first episode to Ted! Onthe other hand we would not have this incredible lovestory over 9 years!

          • justsomegirl says:

            You think I’m a fan of Barney/Robin mainly because she’s and I quote, “the cool girl drinking scotch and have a gun” Um, no. Sure part of the reason why I support them is because they do have fun together. But the main reason why I support them is because they understand each other much better than anyone else. Both grew up with daddy issues with Barney never knowing his father and Robin being estranged from hers. I think it’s also safe to say they had mother issues as well since Barney’s mom talks constantly about the guys she used to “date” and we learn in “P.S. I Love You” that there were horrible secrets on Robin’s mom’s side of the family, which granted Barney doesn’t know about. They can also be themselves around each other, they accept each other in ways no one else ever did. Another big reason why I love them is because of what Future Ted says in “Big Days”: “There are two big days in a man’s life, the day he meets the woman of his dreams, and the day he marries her.” The series began with B/R meeting and season 8 will end with their wedding, starting Ted’s love story who will meet the woman of his dreams the day Barney marries Robin, and hopefully, the series will end with Ted marrying her. It just feels like everything wraps up neatly and I love those kind of endings, where everything that happened in the story had a purpose.

            Sure, Robin was upset about her infertility. As she said to Lily, “It’s one thing to say you don’t want something, it’s another to be told you can’t have it. All of a sudden that door is closed.” That’s understandable. She may have been adamantly against having kids for all the years we’ve known her, but it is devastating that now that choice is no longer hers to make. This does not mean that deep down she wants to get married and start having kids. Robin always pegged me as the type of woman who would never actively try to have kids, but if it happened, then she would take care of it. Barney to me is the same way. Remember in “Not a Father’s Day”, he got a call from one of his “exes” who told him she could be pregnant. Now this guy could have just gotten himself a new phone, or disappear off the face of the earth, but instead, he asked the girl to keep him updated and readily answered whenever she called.

            To answer your question below, I don’t believe Barney knows about Robin’s infertility and I have a feeling it will be brought up before season 8 closes. Remember in “The Fortress” when B/R are in bed and it looks like they’re having a serious discussion, and Future Ted’s voiceover was, “… but there were some things they haven’t quite discussed yet.” and then we hear Robin say, “adoption.” Turned out, they were only doing the crossword. Now this could be a cruel joke from the writers who think they have wrapped up the infertility story line and there’s no reason to revisit it, or it was a sign of things to come.

  38. angie says:

    i cannot argue or drive my points to you.You are trying to find fault in teds every single word.i appreciate your loyalty or obsession.

    3 weeks before the wedding , fiance talking abt 3 way with bride and another women is emotional abuse.Groom-to-be wondering what hot stuff wedding planner will wear is emotional abuse.i can go on..let me stop here..

    Also robin has been taking too much of crap from barney this season than anytime before…whats the reason?you will say its love, i dont agree, theres more than meets the eye, robin is doing it for some reason, we may have to wait until season 9 finale/series finale to find out.Robin has been dragged down too much, she is not robin anymore, she is female version of barney.

    And to barneys question, does ted know more/understand more Robin than

    I am not sure if Robin will end up with Ted or not, but i am sure robin is not gonna end up with barney, even if they get married or whatever they call they r doing it.

    what do u think will happen in season finale?i read somewhere, ted will make a big decision that will be like a pilot for next season.With marshall and lily moving to rome and ted & barneys lil spat, i think ted may move away from BR.

    • justsomegirl says:


      It sounds to me like you are grasping at straws. A fiance talking about having a threeway is not emotional abuse. In that scene, to me, it was more like trying to reclaim his identity in front of Ted (who’s become the new Barney), but he didn’t seem all that excited about the possibility of a threeway with him, Robin, and Liddy. His excitement seemed really, really fake. Also, he’s met Liddy before and didn’t even remember her. The man wasn’t even interested in Liddy until Ted told him that she has not a great body, or a beautiful body, but a redonkulous body, that would catch an interest of any man. Barney told Lily that there are one set of balls Robin can’t tie up, which are his eyeballs. His other set of balls, his masculinity, belongs to Robin, but he’s free to look around. What’s wrong with that? It’s human nature that even if you are deeply committed to someone, your eyes will wander. It’s natural to feel attraction to other people even if you are attached. It’s only what you do with that attraction that could become a problem. Barney could have easily approached Liddy at the bar and flirt his way into getting her to take the coat off, but instead, he kept his distance. Instead of charming her, he slipped Carl some money to get him to turn up the heat so she would take it off. Also, that thing at the end when Barney was talking to ONLY Ted about how he can’t wait to see what Liddy’s wearing could have been emotional abuse if Robin was sitting there, but she wasn’t. Therefore, not emotional abuse, it’s just two guys being guys.

      While we’re on the subject of emotional abuse, here’s the real definition of it: “any act including confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, infantilization, or any other treatment which may diminish the sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth.”

      Barney’s not confining Robin in his apartment. Robin isn’t isolated from her friends. Barney never puts her down with insults, instead, he’s always complimenting on how cool of a girl she is and in almost every episode, he tells her he loves her. He’s never humiliated her or intimidate her. As I said before, Robin would not let Barney walk all over her. If she did, then she wouldn’t have made a big issue about the Playbook or hold an open house at his apartment, even snapping at him saying that she refuses to live in his bangpad where he was with a bunch of skanks, which definitely would have led to a fight. When the couple said they wanted to buy the apartment, Barney could have just said no and kicked them out, but he didn’t. He went down to the bar and let Robin sign away his apartment and then he did some thinking of his own and realized he just wants to be with her, he doesn’t want to feel alone again, and he tells her so when she comes back down to apologize. He doesn’t treat her like a baby either. As I said before, he’s always praising her, telling her he loves her, and in this episode, he called her the coolest fiance ever and “lovely lady”, which isn’t diminishing her dignity or self-worth. So where’s the emotional abuse? I feel you used too strong of a term only because you hate B/R that much, which I find to be a little immature.

      I wouldn’t exactly say Ted and Robin’s relationship was emotional abuse, but it’s closer to it than Barney and Robin. Ted didn’t like a lot of things about Robin like her smoking and her guns, both of which he influenced her to get rid of. He didn’t like her independence as evidenced in “Baby Talk” and it sent her straight to Barney and asking him if she ever made him feel needed, which he said no to, but that was one of the things that made her awesome. Ted went on about dates with other women that he’s been on, forgetting that it wasn’t Robin that he was with. What kind of guy does that? He also made her get rid of her dogs just because they reminded him of her ex-boyfriends. Oh let’s also not forget that Ted bought those hideous red cowboy boots because a salesgirl told him he looked hot in them, actively flirting with her. But hey, Robin doesn’t get off scotch free either, she was flirting with Nick about the shirt and seemed like she forgot she was dating Ted at that time. I don’t see Barney or Robin flirting with other people now that they are together. Sure Barney looks at other women, but at least he’s not flirting with them. Looking is harmless, actively talking to another woman in a flirtatious manner is problematic, and would be considered emotional abuse if Robin witnessed that.

      Does Ted know Robin better? No. Robin even said so herself in “Robin 101” that he’s not some kind of expert on her. She even said that most of the things Barney wrote down in the notebook that came from Ted’s teaching was false. Another example comes in “Big Days” when Robin is absolutely crushed about Don and even though Ted tried to make her feel better, he never quite pulled her out of her funk. Who did? Barney. He was the one that got Robin to stop feeling sorry for herself, go home, take a shower, and get all dressed up and pretty again. Need more proof that Barney knows Robin better? Who’s ring is it she’s wearing on her finger, who is it she’s marrying in 3 weeks? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Ted. Barney got Robin to commit to him, whereas Ted had been trying for a year to get her to marry him.

      Again, if Robin did not appreciate Barney’s comments, she would tell him. And if there was some reason she’s keeping quiet, we would see her losing her physical appeal. She would let herself go, let her hair get all messed up and dirty, and she wouldn’t want to have sex. Yet, she was all ready for Barney when he came home that day, wearing nothing but a big coat, that’s not the behavior of a woman who is having second thoughts about marrying this man and who’s feeling worthless.

      • Dear Angie, Fear Justsomegirl,
        I think everybody of us sees only that in HIMYM just those parts which is supporting his personal view. You can find arguments which support B+R and arguments against it.

        In general I believe there will be big twists and turns coming up (as Marshall sid to Ted before he was entering to the bride room) wich will make sense. And I cant believe of a forever cuple Barney and Robin.

        I dont think we will see the Mother in S08E24 maybe in S09E01 they might keep the tension, A lot of people will stop watching if the Mther is reveald at the end of E24. Not all the viewers are that passionate than us and dont get the story behind so fore sure this people will stop to watch.

        I also guess Barney will cheat on Robin before the wedding.. somehow. This might be the issue why robbinwill have not just have jitters but serious doughts on her wedding day.

        Another thing who of you will be the first to add me at Facebook?


      • Robert Krasser says:

        Justsomegirl, just one question: is Barney knowing about Robins infantillity?

  39. angie says:

    I dont hate BR, robin used to be one of my fav char, but last episode made me very a woman I was upset that robin had to hear her fiances three way fantasy in front of wedding planner and her 2 best friends.also at the end of episode robin had to enact Barneys fantasy so that his eyes dont roam around other NY women.enough of BR I am not interested in their story as its doomed.
    I am interested only in mother and ted but increasingly it looks like we are not gonna see the mother in this season or ever and losing interest to the filler episodes.
    Also I dont want robin to come back to Ted, I want Ted to be happy with the mother, but I sense thats not the case

    • justsomegirl says:

      Oh come on, he wasn’t talking about a three way fantasy, and as I said before, he was laying on that excitement pretty thick like it was fake all for Ted’s benefit. Liddy and Robin didn’t even know what he was talking about anyway. Also, Barney wasn’t even into the fantasy of a woman in a puffy coat, he was disinterested in the beginning until TED said she had a redonkulous body, then he was curious and so was Robin. I really don’t see the problem here.

      At this point, I’m feeling very bad for the writers. This is like a lose-lose situation they’re playing with here. People are always complaining about Barney one way or the other. They can’t make him the same crazy Barney that everyone adored for years even though he’s engaged to Robin. However, they can’t make him dote on Robin and say cheesy Ted like things, otherwise, he’s OOC. Unbelievable how quickly people jump down the writer’s throats.

      • robertkrasser says:

        I can tell you guys what would be the absolute most interesting thing to me of HIMYM. Not the Mother! I would like to know about the developing process of Bays and Thomas. When they developed the story when they changed, where there changes in the plot? When they had a Idea of the actor of the mother? I hope they will give a long interview after the end of HIMYM

        • justsomegirl says:

          Yes, this is one thing I agree with you on. I’ve been a lurker at the because those people over there who talk about the show are so insightful. They analyze the crap out of the show and it’s making me think the writers are true geniuses. There are many theories over there, but, it’s definitely not a place for Ted/Robin shippers, that’s for sure. Anyways, there have been mind blowing things they’ve been talking about like the episode “Third Wheel” being a drawn out metaphor/foreshadowing the B/R/T love triangle and “the belt” which oddly enough was brought up in 8.21, being a metaphor for Robin that Ted/Barney fight over. There was another theory there that Barney is the robot in all of Robin Sparkles’ videos. Also, that the ongoing slap bet is like a conflict-resolution-setup for the B/R/T triangle, among many other well thought out theories.

          When I read those kind of posts over there, it makes me just think that the writers are true geniuses that they thought so far ahead and makes me think they had the idea in mind to make B/R endgame from the very start. I would absolutely love to see if all of the theories and insights and analysis I’ve read over at the barneyrobin livejournal are what the writers intentions were. I would love for them to spell out everything, every reason why they did what they did, and explain all the symbolism and metaphors in the show. It would be a very interesting interview.

          • Mario says:

            Thanks for the info justsomegirl … very interesting theories in there indeed :). see ya until the next new episode so we can comment.

  40. justsomegirl says:

    Angie, I really hate to say this, but I think you’re right about one thing. We won’t be seeing Barney and Robin’s wedding in the season 8 finale. I don’t know if you guys keep up with all the spoilers that come out so I won’t say what happens, but I will say there is A LOT going on in 8.23 and 8.24 and one of the sites that released photos for 8.24 said that the season 8 finale will be a cliffhanger. However, Craig Thomas did promise that we will see the wedding, but maybe he meant they would go back to where they left off in 8.01, possibly reveal the reason behind Robin’s jitters and leave it there as a dramatic cliffhanger. Although, if they go this route it’s really anti climatic since 8.13 already revealed (and the writers have confirmed on numerous occasions) that Barney and Robin will go through with the wedding. It’s just so weird and what’s really making me miffed is that they titled these last two episodes as “Something Old” and “Something New” a continuance of M/L’s wedding episodes, “Something Borrowed” and “Something Blue”.

    If they leave 8.24 as a cliffhanger, then are they going to revisit the wedding and finish it in the season 9 premiere? If so, how does that become a new series? Carter said that in the finale Ted will make a big decision that will end the series as we know it and then 9.01 becomes like a pilot for the new series that season 9 will become. He also said that season 9, although it will be the same show, it will be an extreme version of it. I took that meaning they were going to go with the season of flashbacks idea, but now I’m not so sure. Is it possible that all of season 9 will be the wedding? I don’t know how that would work, but it might. I’m just so confused.

    What do you guys think? Have you all been catching up with the spoilers?

    • Mario says:

      Catching up with the spoilers not really, but I don’t mind reading them. Although I agree with you S8 needs to conclude what has started, it needs to resolved what started this season. I am not please how some of the series are doing this, thinking it will build up the suspense of a series and make it better (Walking dead Season 3 finale which by the way i hated it) I hope they don’t do this for HIMYM or I am really going to be really disappointed. As a fan I want to see the conclusion of the weeding, I can understand if we don’t meet the mother and the end .. OK. If this happen (and this is my very personal opinion) this would be indeed the worst season of them all. Anyways I’m still going to watch see what happens we have aprox 3 weeks to see how all this turns out.

    • Hi Justsomegirl, may you tell us where you saw the photos from 8×24 and read the spoilers? please send us the link!

    • once more: even this episode had a big twist in itselve, the viewers where tricked. So that is one reason I believe in a big twist by the finale and BR will not end up together. Everything will be upside down. Remember how fast they brake uup Barney/Quinn and ted Vic? one episode … done!

  41. justsomegirl says: is where I go for HIMYM spoilers and they include sources for those spoilers too.

    I agree Mario, they need to end this season with B/R’s wedding. They’ve teased it for so long now that they need to deliver. I’m fine with not meeting the mother either, I can live with that until season 9. However, it makes no sense to leave B/R’s wedding as a cliffhanger since we already know they go through with it.

  42. angie says:

    justsomegal, thanks for the website, I just caught up on spoilers.
    I guess teds big decision will be to move into new house and be away from br for a while coz he wants them to be happy and from last episode he got that Barney is now robins fiance more than teds bro. ML will move to Italy, no idea what will happen to br, thus the gang finally breaks.
    if br wedding happens, Ted meets the mother then its end if series,so it wont happen for a while.
    Episode 22 seems to be fun bachelor party, 23 is ML packing to Rome and 24 is teds big decision with lots of drama in all 3 episodes.
    I wish this didnt get renewed for season 9, the last 3 episodes seems to he just fillers with no big story movement

  43. justsomegirl says:

    Wow. All I can say about “The Bro Mitzvah” was that it solidified that Barney and Robin were completely and totally made for each other and those who still don’t believe it probably never will.

    • Mario says:

      Gotta’ hand it to you somegirl, you are probably right. They have solidified that relationship that now breaking them up would just be ridicolous. To tell you the truth I’m not a huge B/R fan, but I’m not T/R fan either. But if robin has to be with someone I prefer Barney to be with Robin than with Ted. But in my personal opinion I would have prefer Robin to be traveling single dedicated to her carreer, and Barney the same way. I don’t know, I used to like the couple B/R and I do agree with you they where set up to be together since the begining of the series no doubt.

      Now we wait to see why Robin has jitters. I think is because of her infertility, that she hasnt told barney but we’ll see. But breaking them up at this point when they have shown all this in the past episodes would be just contradictory , would be a twist just for the heck of it, and that would be plain lame I think.

      Well the good news is that we dont have to wait 2+ weeks for a new episode hehe, I did not like how they did that for this seaon, I dont know if they did that on the past seasons (since i watched them all in net flix)

      Well guys this is it, hold on to your seats, hope its an Incre …… wait for it ….. dible ! Season Finale ( hahaha Ralph Macchio Style )

      • angie says:

        Last night was funnier than any of the episodes this season.

        Season 1 – Ted, Robin, Marshall, lily are normal characters and barney the breakout, conning, funny one.Fast forward to season 8 – All of them have turned into somewhat barney.I wished they would have shown barney mature and change into one of them.

        Season 2 bachelor party – Barney threw a bachelore party he wanted not the one marshall wanted(though it was lil redeemed with lilys reveal).
        Season 8 bachelor party – All his friends including his ex girl friend pulled out all the stops to give the bachelor party he wanted and to make his night memorable.
        Barney is one lucky guy to have such friends, specially quinn(they were engaged not so long ago) and ted (he hurt him badly not long ago), thats what set ted apart from barney.(Ted is genuinely happy for Robin and Barney though he may have been hurt in this).

        If they decided to pair Barney and Robin, i would have preferred Barney tto be more mature(they had 8 seasons) and become normal human being than Robin regress and turn into female barney.
        Well if Robin is happy, thats good.

        Lets talk abt robin now, she is doing every thing possible to make barney happy since thieir engagement, she changed herself a lot to make this relationship work.Hope barney reciprocates some not just saying i love you but i still wants to be barney.

        Barney and robin relationship is all fun but unless she becomes original robin again and barney get more mature i still dont see it lasting ever after( Remember quinn and barney are shown made for each other in “BROATH” episode, how they both like playing tricks on friends, well we knew how it ended)

      • justsomegirl says:

        I know you’ve expressed your dislike of a cliche ending with all three couples living happily ever after (B/R, T/M, L/M/M), but I think I dislike your ending more mainly because it’s a sad ending for two characters I care about the most. Robin has expressed her desire throughout the series to settle down one day. She told Ted as much in “Atlantic City” that she never said never when referring to getting married. Barney even hit a chord in her on “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap” when he taunted her about how deep down, she really does want to have an old fashioned wedding and she wants a man by her side. She agreed to Kevin’s proposal because he seemed like the kind of guy she could settle down with. Robin hates to be alone and your scenario for her, is what she would be. Now your ending probably would have been okay with me if the series hadn’t thrown in those hints, but now it seems like it would be a depressing ending for Robin.

        As for Barney, he has shown to question his lifestyle over the years. It goes back to season 1’s “Game Night” when he’s sitting there alone drinking scotch and observing a couple so in love. You can see the pain on his face before he finally gets up to hit on another woman. He’s also said that he isn’t sure he likes that he loves his lifestyle and that he feels broken. It would be a horrible ending for Barney to just continue with his womanizing and never falling in love again or never be happy. As much as I hated Quinn, I would prefer Barney end up with her than him dying alone if the writers had decided to not put him back together with Robin. At least I can see some common ground with Quinn and why he was attracted to her in the first place, Nora… I didn’t feel the connection at all, they felt way too forced.

        As for Robin, if she didn’t end up with Barney, I would prefer Don making a comeback. Out of all of Robin’s love interests (except Barney), I felt Robin clicked the most with Don. I saw common ground with them and there was a hint of chemistry there too.

        Anyway, that’s just my opinion. If the series hadn’t shown Robin and Barney secretly wanting a commitment someday, I could live with your ending. But now, I would just be upset for them if the series ended that way.

        And yes, thank GOD all of the waiting is over. From what I’ve heard, they did these breaks to keep in line with the May sweeps period where ratings really pick up or something like that.

    • The Bro Mitzvah was not written by CB&CT so this was simple a “filler” episode the writers might even not know who the Mother is. There task was to write a extreme funny episode. To be a bit provocative I see that BR are matching perfectly same perfectly as Quinn Barney in “The Bro Code” So justsomegirl I am happy for you that you are happy now but remember our slap bet…I just say: Its not over and “Not yet”

  44. angie says:

    i am not very much looking forward for the next episodes.I am dreading to watch the next few ones.The spoilers make it look like a regular episode but i have been hearing “earth shattering drama” , dont know whats in store.I dont care ab BR wedding anymore, i am okay if it happens or not, but i would very much dislike if ted goes after robin again, it would definitely end up ted heart broken all over again and at this point i dont want Ted and robin, but the producers are not letting ted getting some closure on robin.Until season 8 i was all for ted and robin, but i dislike season 8 robin , she doesnt deserve ted anymore.
    If the big decision is ted moving away from BR i would really appreciate as ted has to focus on his life and get it back together.Ted has been my favorite always and i hope he gets happiness soon.

    • Robert Krasser says:

      Angie, yes I totally agree, I dont care about TR anymore I just want that it is getting more Ted-centric. I also agree is that Robin is developing from a hilarious- romantic girl (pilot, e.g olives) to a female barney! But maybe it is just because of the diffrent writers of the episodes. Episode 23 and 24 will be written by CBCT so I am looking forward to a big progress

      • Mario says:

        I don’ know but I’ve always seen Robin as strong girl, not exactly a female version of barney, but messed up relationship wise. Incapable of being truly intimate, but she has mature a little bit thought out. I really don’t understand why people have always wanted to mate her with ted. I mean probably I understand that is the ilusion of the “love at first sight” but come on Robin is nothing like Ted, and Ted does not need a girl like Robin they are totally opposites. The only thing Im kind of against is having B/R long happily married (ala L/R style) but thats what the writers have been showing so far. I was expecting a big twist on that relationship that ended up breaking them up (B/R) but I guess I won’t see that in this remainder season .. nor on S9 so .. oh well.

  45. angie says:

    Hey all, This thought came to my mind last week, i could be wrong.justsomegal, dont jump on my long post and let me know what you all think.

    Last monday when there was no new HIMYM episode, i saw a tweet from himyn_cbs, just a general tweet, it read – rewatch the episode “autumn of breakups” which led to where ted, robin and barney are today.i wondered that episode was ted and victorias breakup, it led to teds lonely life today but i didnt lead to where BR are today.i watched that episode that night, ted calls robin to bar, but make some lame excuse and next day tells robin that they broke up without giving big reason.

    I am one of the few who believe Ted and Robins friendship grew stronger over the years, their friendship is deep and robin looked up to ted during any crisis, also robin said “no” to ted in “no pressure” coz ted was ready to give up his kids dreams for her and she doesnt want to owe him that dream.
    also robin was the one who pushed ted to go after victoria in season 7 finale, when lily said victoria is freaking out abt her wedding and she may regret running away from wedding, robins exact words “she is going after ted mosby, thats the best decision she could make”.okay so when ted broke up with victoria, will she leave it without probing much?also future ted mentioned in that episode that robin eventually found out.

    My theory is robin found out shortly thereafter, ted and the gang doesnt know that yet.
    Robin is the reason ted and victoria broke up both times and she recently said no to ted when he proposed.Like us viewers robin would have known by now that unless and until robin completely go away from ted or get married to somebody else and become unavailable, ted is not gonna get over robin, also any woman will have second thoughts abt their deep friendship, it is impossible for ted to settle down.

    Well during that time barney started having feelings for her and robin is also comfortable abt relationship and marriage by now, so when barney proposed, she went from being mad to “yes” so quickly, coz if BR gets married, ted has to move on.I am not saying she doesnt love barney but she took this big decision coz of ted.

    Everybody knows and may agree that robin is not behaving like herself after BRs engagement, she is doing everything barney likes and has changed her to barneys like and doing everything possible in the world to make tis relationship work.justsomegal, you shud agree that she is not cheering barneys inappropriate ways, she is just tolerating hoping he would change slowly, you can see her reaction in many episodes.

    also she hasnt discussed with barney abt her infertility, is she worried that barney may have second thoughts abt wedding?

    robins infertility and ted/victoria breakup are the 2 issues they haven touched since.

    i dont know what will happen in BR wedding, they may or may not get married but the most horrible thing future ted mentioned which happened in that wedding will be ted and robins friendship breakup.

    Ted will move on, meet the yellow umbrella gal, get married, have kids, later in future ted and robin may patch up and remain best friends ther after.

    okay i got what was in my mind…if you had patience to read my long post, tell me your thoughts

    • Angie, I love you! You said in your last post exactly what I think and what I want to express in this conversation since beginning. I would like to add that there is no evidence that Roin told Ted about her infertillity in “No Pressure” We all persume so, but maybe Robin told another excuse about the brakeup with her doctor.
      So the “crucial” passages in HIMYM are those parts where the viewers get sort of exempted, where the narrator does not know or like in “no pressure” the viewer cant hear what Robin tells Ted on the rooftop.

      Therefore I still belive in a double wedding remembering the wording in S07e24

      In the beginning: of Magicans code e24 we hear following…
      Lilly says: “The bride wants to see you” – Why saying “bride” not “Robin”

      And in the verry end:
      Ted to Marshall in front of the Brides room: “The road of this days has some twists and turns last days”
      Marshall: “Just a few” – On a wired way it does make sense”

      So my question is:
      Twists and Turns IN THE LAST DAYS!! Which make sense?

      I still belive when Ted is in the bridesroom Robin say: “How bad is Braney freaking out right now?”

      She is asking not because she assumes he (barney) has just some jitters she is asking because She is going to marry someone else………….. most likely Ted.

      So ther will be twists and turns which make sense….

      And I am sorry justsomegirl since 24episodes we “assume” now that BR will get married since 12 episodes they are engaged. If there are just “some jitters” at Robin and Barney before there wedding it is like a cheap soap opera.

      So I am sure we are heading terrible trouble and a big Cliffhanger not only to S09E01 but untill S09E24 We will see the final wedding in S09E24

      • Mario says:

        I agree with angie, I do believe there are still 2 unresolved big issues to be discussed Robin’s infertility (hence she get the jitters) and Ted telling robin about why he broke up with Vicky. I thought the same thing when i watch the same re-run. As to the 2 weddings and Robin marrying ted … I’m sorry robert that seems to far fetched IMO. I used to believe this B/R was not going to take place, is still kind of have a hunch .. but know I dont know. I guess i’ll wait, watch and enjoy the show … cheers guys. 4 more days …

        • justsomegirl says:

          The writers have answered tweets from fans who inquire about the infertility issue and Craig replied, “we will handle that delicately. It’s a very real issue” and Carter replied with, “it has to come up” so the writers have expressed their desire to return to that topic. My guess though is that won’t come up until either at the wedding or some point during season 9. As for Robin finding out about Ted breaking up with Victoria for her, I really don’t think anything huge is going to come out of it. This may lead to a T/R confrontation where Robin tells him once and for all that she loves Barney and is marrying him and it changes nothing, which spurs Ted into moving into his newly furnished house and keep distance away from B/R. This could be the thing that goes horribly wrong at the wedding, B/R have a fallout with Ted.

          These last couple of episodes, “Romeward Bound” and “Bro Mitzvah” show that Ted doesn’t really know B/R like they know each other. In 8.21, Ted tells Barney that Robin isn’t as cool as he thinks she is and that deep down she’s really hurting, but when Barney gets home, he sees Robin in a big puffy coat, showing that she’s completely fine. In 8.22, as Robin is explaining her scheme, Ted questions if “this is all a little too mean to Barney?” We see at the end, that Barney thoroughly enjoyed being tricked and manipulated and thought it was awesome, and was even more impressed that Robin was the mastermind behind the grand play. Ted doesn’t understand B/R as well as he thinks he does, and I think something could happen at the wedding that makes him realize B/R are better suited for each other after all and finally lets go of her for real.

  46. Hi Justsomegirl, we all know you are a big BR fan, I hope you will be the happy one and finally win our slap bet! But the more I read about S08 e23 and e24 and season 9 the more unlikely it is BR will finally end up.

    You are way much read out of those episodes they where not written by CBCT, so for me the last episodes beside “Time travellers” are irrelevant. Ths writers got just the task to write a funny storry and they dont have a clue about the future and who will be the mother.

    • justsomegirl says:

      I don’t think so. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are the bosses, and what they say goes. I’m sure the writers had to show them the scripts for approval before they went on shooting the episode. Carter Bays has said in an interview, “There’s a few really lovely moments ahead that remind us how and why Robin and Barney are kind of perfect for each other. So it’s not all challenges!” I’m sure one of those few lovely moments was Barney being impressed with Robin for taking a page out of his Playbook and running a play on him. If the writers didn’t want to show B/R as that perfectly suited for each other, they could have said no. Also, even thought they didn’t write the entire script, I’m sure some of those ideas came from them.

      8.23 is confusing to me. I’m not dreading it, I still think the episode will end on a positive note for B/R since they seem so happy together in 8.24. I just want to know what happened to Robin that made her so bitter towards marriage. If you watched the sneak peek, 14 year old came to Central Park with her dad and goes to bury this locket, that she will dig up again to wear to her wedding to some “big city man with a mullet that he’ll let her brush every night”. So at 14, she had dreams of getting married, so what happened to cause her to stand firmly against it ten years later? I always thought it was because of her mom and dad divorcing, but didn’t they divorce when she was 12? Maybe it’s a combination of all of her horrible boyfriends that turn her against marriage? So many questions. 8.24 is puzzling to me too as it’s revealed that Lily has her locket. Did Robin dig it back up for some reason and then went to bury it again, but Lily thought she would change her mind and so stole it and kept it all these years later? If you looked at the pic of Robin and Lily on the couch in a 8.24 photo, you see Lily’s hair is the dark brown that it was in seasons 3-4 and Robin is wearing the same exact vest as she did in the season 4 episode, “Not a Father’s Day”. We know in season 4, that Lily knew about Barney being in love with Robin, so maybe Lily had this intuition that Robin and Barney would be getting married and so, saved the locket for when the time came. I don’t know, it’s all very confusing.

      • Mario says:

        Counting the hours for what i think it would be a great part 1 of the season finale. Are you guys as exited as I am … : ) enjoy, can’t wait to read your comments tonight or tomorrow : ) cheers. Mario.

        • Robert Krasser says:

          Mario, I hope I can download it early in the morning somewhere, and will write you aboutmy thoughts. But I will be happy if you could write what happened in E23 asap thanks!

        • justsomegirl says:

          I am totally excited, but sad at the same time that season 8 is almost over and then we only have 24 episodes left :( But, I’ll ward off those ominous thoughts and think about this episode. I’m really curious about that locket and where it came from. I know Robin had a girly side she tried to suppress when around her father, but a locket feels too much of a girly-girl thing for Robin and now to have her want to find it again years later, it feels like the locket has sentimental value to her. I hope we get to know the origins of that locket.

          Also, not sure if you guys have seen the video, but back when 8.01 was being filmed, there was a line that was completely cut in the actual airing of 8.01. Robin says she can’t go through with the wedding, Ted tries to calm her down, Robin says it’s a serious crisis (that part we all saw) but then, there was this line from Robin, “When I about me and Barney and what I want out of life… and the carousel” to which Ted replies, “Woah” like he knows what the “carousel” is and that it does lend reasoning to Robin’s freak out. I have always been wondering about that since 8.01 actually aired, but then thought that maybe they decided to scrap the carousel incident. But I noticed in the 8.23 sneak peek that there is a carousel and it looks similar to the carousel in 7.09 where we see these various signs because of what someone in the group did. The “Absolutely no boogie-boarding” sign originated because of Marshall boogie boarding and crashing through the window of Maclarens, and then there was the “No riding motorcycles on the casino floor” which came about because of Barney stealing the motorcycle and riding it through the casino. There are two other signs that haven’t happened yet, the “No punching the lama” and “No smoking on the carousel”. I’m starting to think that sign may come into play in this episode, in that we’ll probably see Robin and Ted smoking on this carousel as she tells him something that leads to her jitters on her wedding day. My theory has always been and still is, that she hasn’t told Barney about her infertility and it seems like the most likely option now.

          Barney and Robin’s dad are playing laser tag, surrounded by kids and Barney is bribing the kids with candy and the other kids talk about him being more fun. Maybe Robin hears from her dad that Barney is good with kids and will make an excellent father someday or maybe both Robin’s dad and Barney meet up with her at Central Park and talk about how much fun they had at laser tag and playing with the kids that makes Robin think that Barney does want kids. She sits alone on the carousel and is later joined by Ted, probably after being rebuffed by Marshall and Lily, and they talk and smoke on the carousel, which could start a fire, and lead to that sign being put up, “No smoking on the carousel.”

          Or maybe I’m reading way too much into it, I mean it’s possible the writers have probably forgotten all about those signs.

          • Mario says:

            Hi justsomegirl, I saw that behind the scenes video las week, where they talk about the carousell. I have got to tell you, im intrited as you are. I don’t think the writers have forgotten about the sings, they have been pretty consistent haven’t they? I’m sure we are going to see that carousell thing in todays episode, something will definitely happen there and agree with you it will have more to do with Robins wedding day jitters (her infertility)

            I still wonder why that frase did not air, oh well.

            Sit thight guys and Enjoy tonights show … talk to you guys in the aftermath later today.

          • justsomegirl says:

            Just wanted to say real quick Mario, that you’re sort of right in that they have been consistent but they have made little continuity mistakes this season. A glaring example was in “Band or DJ” where Robin tells Barney it’s been three since she said “yes” to his proposal and then Lily makes a comment that she hasn’t slept in January, then in the next episode Robin talks about having dinner with Barney’s family and arguing with his little sister because of the engagement ring over Christmas. But they have been kind of consistent with wrapping up loose ends like in “Three Days of Snow” where Future Ted says there are three five word sentences a guy will say in his life and later regret.

            1) I can trust you guys- Carl in Three Days of Snow
            2) I can jump that far- Marshall in The Leap
            3) I’m gonna win her back- Ted in Weekend At Barney’s

            Thing is though, in the flashback, Ted is wearing a different shirt and the couch is a different color too. So not all the time can they stay consistent, but I guess we’ll see. I would definitely like to know which person in the group punched a llama lol. Also, can we PLEASE get to Robin’s bullfighter story? Sure hope the writers haven’t forgotten about that.

          • Mario says:

            Hmmm … I don’t know what to thinks about tonights episode. Even though I personally think this is not a game changer for T/R, I don’t like “twists” just for the heck of them without supportive story that to back them up. If they were going to pull this off they should have at least show some supporting story. Now, how long is the final episode going to be? Also 20 min? because I don’t see how in such a little time they are going to show a conclusion to what S8 started with, B/R wedding (or if they dont end up getting married, but conclude that). I personally haven’t like the show that much since S7 to tell you the truth, and S8 has been worst IMO. I still watch the show because Its “close” to a conclusion but come on. Have CB/CT lost it? I’m not a B/R fan to tell you the truth, but Im not a T/R fan either, that relationship has been on the friendzone since ages, besides they being so different. I thought that relationship was done when Ted let her go in the limousine, I thought that was a terrific episode to end it all, I thought it was perfect and I was satisfied with it, now bring back T/R feelings again …. meh, don’t like it and think is lame, creating drama and tension just for the heck of it. Are they going to leave us hanging on ep 24 and not conclude everything? Like somebody said in the barneyrobin journal, the episode should have conclude the weeding and the final episode could have been the recepcion where we finally meet the mom. So … what are your thoughts ?

          • what is intresting in episode 23 that it seems that Robin has some feelings for Ted. She is putting the hand on his legs whil sitting in the rain. This is a “sign” and Ted does not kiss her … so he have lot learnd since the pilot where he did those mistake at least 3 times…
            Barney would say……….”There are no signs!…. but this was one….”

  47. Hi all, I just saw episode 23 and has to confirm that it is a very bad episode in terms of script, dramaturgy and actors performance. I also find those digged locket story stupid and completly not fitting to HIMYM nor to Robin. But CBCT hopefully told what need to be told that Ted is simply better understanding Robin as anyone else in this world. And also what I even liked more that Ted is mostly right wen it comes to “sentimental” stuff like this red-bean-chair. When I saw the flashback all three sleeping on there only piece of furniture I recognised why Ted is the most important person in HIMYM. Without him almost everything would be gone – al friendships, all items….
    one thing is sure ther will be new conflicts between Barney and Robin (infertillity etc.) and we will start in episode 9 with a cliffhanger and another “Pilot” where everyting is wide open even a Ted Robin ending…

  48. angie says:

    can i say i officially dislike robin?the most selfish character on HIMYM.she uses ted when she needs him and throw him away when done.
    why why why are you doing this to ted?he proposed u last year and u rejected him on his face.u dated him for a year and u lived with him for more than 3 yrs.u should know he is emotional and he is not completely over you.why should robin call him to central park and confess her doubts abt barney, hold his hands, longing look and rekindle teds feelings again.
    after this if barney makes one more play or one more magic robin will completely forget ted and go after barney, but ted is not that way, he is the most selfless and awesome friend anybody can ever have.he is gonna be upset abt this for a long time.

    the most sad part abt this episode is not ted – robin scene.its the scene where ted throws the rain coat and next second its gone.did u guys notice, rain coat was yellow?is it a metaphor for “mother”…will robin come between mother and ted again?will ted throw her away for robin?

    i really hope ted’s big decision in finale is moving away from barney & robin especially he needs to run away from robin forever.she is the reason ted is single after 8 years, agreed ted is too emotional but robin is too selfish.

    well 2 things this episode proved.
    Robin is not as cool as barney thinks her to be.
    Ted knows robin more.
    both questions barney asked in romeward bound is answered today.
    aslo robins father told barney he is wrong abt robin..i know BR is doomed, but if robin comes between mother and ted, i am gonna be so upset.

    • Robert Krasser says:

      Angie, I would not search for a reason why Robin is in some episodes cool and fitting perfect to Barney ( whith all this plays) because the most scrips are simply not written by CBCT . All episodes after “farhampton” not written by CBCT are irrelevant in the first place and after the descition to make a season 9 they are putting another loop wirh Barney and Robin to extend the series.

      I agree that is now prooved that Robin is not that cool as she pretends and Ted know her better than Barney. But Ted is not chasing after her anymore. So I predict now again – what I have predected already ten times – in the ultimate end Barney will “release” Robin somehow because he cant compete with Ted over Robin and he will see that “romance” is the higher value than magic tricks and a sum of small gestures . Robin herself will make a fool of herself by chasing after Ted and will terrible regret that she did not say “I love you too, Ted” in the “Pilot” episode.
      Angie I dont think the rain coat is a metapher, but I agree something have to happen with TGWTYU soon

      • Mario says:

        On the contrary, the yellow raincoat is an obvious metaphor of the mother, very clear I saw it the same way. I agree with angie on this one.

        It’s somewhat sad they have to return to this T/R thing to create tension and release, I personally think is a little bit overdone. I mean yesterday’s episode was not even on the same level as previous season finales. Oh well, we’ll see what happens but I still think barney has something up his sleeve … he might indeed have the locket already (gets it from lily or finds out about it from lily). CB/CT .. just let the 2 guys marry , and move on to Ted’s story for godsake.

  49. angie says:

    i watched the episode again today.
    I am happy abt one thing, ted has almost moved on from robin or atleast trying really hard, he was defending barney through out and was mad at her for waiting signs form universe(hmm..until the last minute).
    Ted and robin has deep emotional relationship, its gonna be very hard for barney or the mother to match up to it.I think its really good that ted will move away from BR(i am hoping thats the big twist in the finale).ted really needs to be away from robin to have any meaningful relationship with mother.
    i am glad finally today ted acted not like ted.robin is the one who had feelings not him.

    having said that i think finale is gonna be positive for BR, barney will do some magic/trick and robin is gonna be happy with him, coz finale is the cliffhanger, if the creators upset BR fans they know its not good.they make the big demographic viewership of himym and creators wouldnt wanna make them upset coz they need ratings for next season.

    last nights episode confirm my suspicion, ted and mother are not end game, robin will be back with ted , either as best friends or a couple, but we wont see this until series finale.

    • Robert Krasser says:

      Correct angie! Exactly my thoughts. Remembering in the Pilot when all 4 sit in the Taxi and Ted is about to leave the Taxi for Robins flat and he says to Marshall that he as his Best men schould tell the story with the blue Horn at Robins and Teds wedding …. This is the finale….

    • Thats a contradicton, to move away from Barney and Robin and being the best men of Barney is at his wedding sort of insane. Remembering “never bring a ex to a wedding…

  50. Robert Krasser says:

    Hi Guys, I have a comment and a mini question, I just saw the 22 second cbs promo video from the season finale two things 1) Ted and Robin are sitting still in the grass during rain in central park maybe we will see a kiss?
    2) what is Lilly saying when she is sitting in Teds house on the floor “Ted we cannt “fart” or “f**k” or “fake”?

    • Mario says:

      Link Link Robert.

    • Mario says:

      Oh found it, nevermind.

    • Mario says:

      I don’t think we are going to see a T/R kiss robert, don’t bet on it. I rewatched the scene and its a comforting look from Robin to Ted as a friend I did not see nothing more, on the other hand Ted stare was different, more on the romantic side. Maybe that’s why lily says in the preview “be careful Ted”. We don’t know. 2 things i am sure: We are not going to see the mother, we are not going to see a conclusion to the weeding. I think I agree with angie 99% on everything she said.

      • angie says:

        Did u guys see the sneak peeks.I am so scared now.what is Ted gonna do?
        Lily says be careful ted. I am dreading this finale.