Castle Recap: What Made You Geek Out Most?

This week, ABC’s Castle served up a crime as well as a bit of a love letter to sci-fi fans, with an episode set in and around a Comic-Con-like fan convention.

The murder vic: Annabelle, a fan of the mythical Nebula-9 series who ran a lucrative “fan experience” event at SuperNovaCon. The murder weapon: a working “Thorian blaster.”

The suspects: Gabe Winters (Eureka‘s Ed Quinn), the former lead of Nebula-9 who stood to lose his only income if Annabelle kicked his drunken, carousing ass out of the Fan Experience; Audrey, Annabelle’s bestie who sold the rights to Nebula-9 for $2.5 million after the murder; David, Audrey’s beau who made an unsuccessful pass at Annabelle the night she died; Simon, Annabelle’s “same time, next year” hook-up from the Con; and Stephanie, another Nebula-9 alum who was seen with the vic before she died.

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The outcome: Though David, and then Audrey, were looking good for the murder to the very end, a superficial hand burn left by the Thorian blaster prop outed Stephanie as the killer. The motive: If Annabelle sold the Nebula-9 rights, a TV reboot or movie would dredge up that cheesy role from the now “serious” actress’ past. But just as Steph pulled a blaster on Gabe, the erstwhile captain flipped her and disarmed her. With Castle, he recited the show’s motto — “May fortune guide your journey” — as the pretty perp was led away.

But really, “The Final Frontier” was more about the sci-fi nods (including but not limited to Beckett’s secret fandom for Nebula-9, though over the course of the hour she developed a distaste for some of its stars). Among the winks, and feel free to add your own observations:

* Castle director/Star Trek TNG alum Jonathan Frakes, as a Richard Castle superfan, collecting the author’s autograph — and Rick sighing, “How the mighty have fallen” as he walked away.

* Castle meeting the news of a murder at the ‘Con with “shiny”

* Castle declaring himself a fan of “good sci-fi” such as “Star Trek, Battlestar… that Joss Whedon show…”

* Apparently Castle has a life-size Boba Fett in his bathroom?

* Castle mimicking two Enterprise captains, Kirk and Picard.

* Alexis touring the ‘Con in an elaborate costume — much as her portrayer, Molly Quinn does, in real life.

* Deep Space 9‘s Armin Shimmerman as the designer of sci-fi replicas.

* Esposito responding to a Beckett request with “As you wish” (since The Princess Bride falls within the sci-fi/fantasy realm).

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The hour closed with Beckett not disillusioned by Stephanie’s arrest, saying, “She was never my idol; Lieutenant Chloe was,” as a woman who taught co-ed Kate that she “could be anything.” (Plus, she notes, “It doesn’t hurt that my legs looked great in that outfit.”) Then, with the promise that Rick would sit through a Nebula-9 marathon with her, Kate fulfilled his request for a bit of sexy cosplay fun… though Beckett capped the knockout Chloe outfit with an alien creature mask, unsettling Castle.

“Are we going to make out…?” she fretted, as William Shatner’s “Ideal Woman” played over the closing credits.

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What was your favorite part of “the Final Frontier”?

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  1. Daniel says:

    uhhh bring back the drama? Last week’s episode was seriously dramatic, it was very dramatic, and all the future episodes coming up look dramatic like next week’s and episode 8 as well. So it hasn’t lost its edge at all. I wasn’t a fan of last night’s episode because I love the affection and the real Caskett moments compared to just the joking, I want the joking and the romance together in one scene just like the Hamptons episode, that was perfect! And this stuff about Stana being pregnant, ha ha no way! she is married to the show, she has no time for a personal life! And yeah i did notice that she didn’t react much to the “infertility” comment from Castle. It almost seemed like she figured he didn’t want anymore kids and was okay with it. So I guess she could care less if she has kids because all she wants is Castle….Seemed like it to me, although he probably will want some in the future and she’ll want it too…The ratings from here on out will be better, just this week people on the east coast were without power, but a 1.9 is only two tenths off the average for this season so i guess it’s still holding alright, same viewership!

  2. Cassy says:

    I also caught a reference to Star Trek 2009, when Beckett talks about how Nebula-9 was cheesy and about a bunch of cadets fresh out of the academy on a mission to save humanity a after the planet was destroyed…

    • kath says:

      I thought it referred to Spaces Cases, a 1996 show about 5 students and their principal who sneak about a space ship. Along with the captain, the spaceship gets sucked into a hole and their on their own.

      A 14 year old Jewel Staite (KayleE) played one of the students.

  3. Bit of a stretch, I know, but I also thought that the guy who made the webisodes looked very Alan Tudyk, and was the leaf bikini a Firefly gag too?
    Maybe I just wanted it to be.
    Brilliant episode, it’s nice that they can do episodes like these to break up some of the more drama heavy ones (and as someone else said, not be condescending to fans like Supernatural is).

    Let’s just hope they never step over the line & do a cartoon episode, again, like Supernatural is.
    Sorry, had to get that off my chest!

  4. kath says:

    Loved everything! It was an amazing episode, and deserved much higher ratings.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I caught the “as you wish” line, that squealing you heard was me. One of my favorite lines, however, was Castle wanting to know how he was going “to get that out of my head?” after seeing Alexis in costume. Such a dad moment. I love those Firefly reference that get sprinkled into the show. I really wish they could have gotten some of the Firefly cast on the show but seeing Armin was brilliant. I also loved that Javier seemed to be a closet sci-fi fan as well.

  6. Kathy says:

    Perlmutter and Beckett refusing to say phaser. Enjoyed the whole episode.

  7. MW says:

    The victim this week was also a victim last season. I don’t remember the specific episode, but it was a political themed one and she was killed by one of the revolving interns on Bones.

  8. Legna says:

    Sorry if someone has already commented on this.

    Lone Justice (from the Heroes & Villains episode) walks across screen – in front of Ryan, after he’s just been called a hobbit by Esposito- at the party.