The Walking Dead Recap: An Hour To Die For

The Walking Dead Season 3 Lori's DeathYou know how I always warn you West Coasters not to look at this Walking Dead recap until after you’ve seen this week’s episode? This time, I really mean it. No, seriously, West Coasters. Do. Not. Read. This. The rest of you, of course, can. Once you’ve composed yourselves, that is…

When you tune in to The Walking Dead, you expect blood and guts. But this week’s episode — “Killer Within” — delivers an additional (and quite possibly scarier) bodily fluid: tears. Once your eyes are dry enough to focus, read on:

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THE NO G8 CAMPAIGN | At the top of the hour, someone — we don’t see who, though it’s presumably the same someone who was spying on Carol two weeks ago — drags a deer carcass onto the prison grounds so as to draw away the walkers long enough for him to cut the chain on the gate. This, we know full well, is not good. But it isn’t until later that we learn just how very, very not good it is.

LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT | After that bit of dreadful foreshadowing, we pick up with our gang, who are still busy making the penitentiary habitable. Well, except for Glenn and Maggie. They’re up in the guard tower getting busy in a — nudge, nudge, wink, wink — altogether different way. Hershel — looking more like Santa Claus every week — proves to be a natural at walking with crutches. The only dark cloud that anyone can see on the horizon is Axel and Oscar, the inmates that Rick banished to their own cellblock. They still want to join the group — more so than ever. But Rick still won’t let them. Only T-Dog — getting lines at last! — is willing to give them a chance. Wait, T-Dog’s getting lines?! This can’t end well for him.

OUR TOWN | Meanwhile, in Woodbury, Michonne — without ever raising her voice — gets in the Governor’s face about the (yeah, right) zombie slaughter of those ill-fated soldiers. Noting the bullet holes in their vehicles, she wonders aloud when walkers learned how to shoot. For her part, Andrea still seems more interested in getting in the Governor’s pants. (And the feeling appears to be mutual.) Needless to say, she’s reluctant to stick to her and Michonne’s plan to leave town and head for the coast.

O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? | After Andrea gives Merle a map and directions to Hershel’s farm — and after he stops staring at her chest — he tells the Governor that he wants to go after Daryl. “Not a snowball’s chance in hell,” the Governor says by using words like, “Mm, maybe if you get some more concrete information.” So much for Merle’s idol!

AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS! | At the prison, all hell breaks loose when an alarm sounds — basically, a dinner bell for every walker within earshot! Plus, the place is suddenly overrun! (See also: that cut chain on the fence.) Since Oscar knows a little bit about the control room, Rick allows him to accompany him and Daryl to switch off the siren. There, they discover that the troublemaker is none other than Andrew — the inmate that Rick left to die outside! Rather than shoot Rick and take back the prison, Oscar shoots Andrew. But the chaos he’s unleashed hasn’t even begun to take its toll!

ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN | Separated from the group with Carol, T-Dog is bitten. Rather than call it a day, however, he insists on leading her to safety. It’s “God’s plan” for him, he says. And he believes it so much that — pass the tissues! — when they’re cornered by two walkers, he heroically tackles them, allowing himself to be eaten alive so that Carol can escape! (Mind you, our gang — upon finding Carol’s scarf with T-Dog’s remains — assumes that she’s also a goner.)

DEATH BECOMES HER | Holed up in the boiler room with Maggie and Carl, Lori goes into labor. Unfortunately — as we knew was a likelihood — she needs a C-section… which she is well aware will kill her. Maggie doesn’t want to perform the operation, of course, but Lori’s mind is made up. So, in what has to be the most harrowing scene this series has given us yet — Tissues! Dammit, we need more tissues! — she tries to say goodbye to her son. “It’s so easy to do the wrong thing in this world,” she tells him. (“And I’m sorry for all the wrong things I’ve done,” says the regret etched across her face.) The surgery itself is a gory affair, but when it’s over, Carl has a new sibling. And — oh, right — it’s not over. Because, to keep Lori from turning, Carl has to shoot her in the head. When Rick realizes what has happened, he collapses in a heap. And, frankly, that’s what I wanted to do, too. What. An. Episode.

Okay, your turn. How shocked were you that T-Dog died? And, for heaven’s sake, Lori?! Once your sobbing abates, hit the comments.

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  1. Rrrrrr says:


    • wow says:

      I knew it would happen, but I am messed up over it!

    • mark says:

      thank god callies was written out/died! worst actress ever!
      Why is it they cant employ American actors for the lead parts(Rick and Govenor both English)? I’m surprised more people aren’t pissed when unemployment is so high?

    • mark says:

      scott Wilson needs to be written out with his holyer than thou attitude. I was hoping the kid killed the goof with the shotgun in the last episode. he doesn’t drop the shotgun right away and if you watch his hand it is right near the grip and trigger the whole time . the kid made the right call. the old man is full of it. what were they supposed to do take prisoners and then have to feed them or watch them like the last idiot they saved and held prisoner? kill them all or be killed in this environment…

  2. Mike says:

    You knew they were going to die sooner or later, but it is still a shocker.

    • KevyB says:

      Exactly. T-Dog never got any lines, so they clearly had no clue what to do with him, so he was going to die. Lori was a little more shocking, which tells me the people in charge know how much we all hated her. This season, so far, seems like little more than a rushed attempt to get rid of everything horrible from last season: lack of zombies, rampant stupidity, horrendous parenting, boring/awful characters. Except now we have too many frigging zombies and the characters are still pretty stupid (isn’t it a little James-Bond-villain to walk away before your victim is actually dead?). But hitting half their marks has resulted in a far more watchable show.

  3. tlbrownlie says:

    Best episode so far. Tugged on all the right heartstrings. Andrew Lincoln’s performance Emmy worthy in the last three minutes. Can’t wait to see the dark turn Carl will take from here!

    • Alan says:

      the last 3 minutes alone are enough for him to win an emmy but this is a genre show so that will never happen. damn that was some episode, this is going to completely change the direction of carls character arc.

  4. jennytaz says:

    All I can say is OMG!!!!!

  5. Sherrie says:

    My God! Is no one safe?!?

  6. Mo says:

    OMG. I have never every cried during an episode of this show, no matter who died or how much I liked them or how sad the aftermath. But this just did me in. I need a minute to compose myself. Damn.

  7. Abby says:

    I didn’t like Lori at all until this episode. This episode truly redeemed her character for me; I was sad to see her go. The scene between her and Carl was heartbreaking. I’m also really going to miss T-Dog! I’m filled with so many emotions right now. Stellar episode!

    • B says:

      My sentiments exactly. I hated Lori from the start, in fact I’ve said aloud more than once that I wanted her dead. But they somehow managed to make it a painful loss, perhaps for no other reason then the abject horror and sorrow from Rick, Carl, and Maggie in the last scene. That hit me hard.

  8. Lm says:

    I’m still a blubbering mess.

  9. Beth says:

    It made sense but its not something I have to like!!! That speech she gave to Carl almost did me in. I have a feeling Rick will not want anything to do with the baby. I think that the Gov knows exactly where ricks group is and has a plan for them.

    • I actually think that Rick might be so guilt stricken about Lori’s death that he will raise the baby as his own, and insist that it is his. But if Lori made it out alive, he wouldn’t even go near the baby,

      • RickC says:

        Yah, agree with this. I think I read somewhere that Maggie and Glen raise the baby in the comics but maybe I misremember those details. But as of this moment, the way the show ended, I think Rick will protect the baby with his life.

  10. I had been dreaming of the day that Lori would leave the show and we could get rid of the nuisance. But the way they did it made me break down. I’ll be honest: I’m still sobbing.

  11. RickC says:

    Great drama and suspense in this episode and it did have me on the edge of my seat but….

    Come on!! That dude did not survive in the yard when he ran out when Rick was chasing him. Even if he did survive there, he did not survive out in the woods over a few nights or a week or however long it was. Even if he did survive that, he was not capable of killing a live deer and whatever else he killed. And even if he did that, he did not keep thw walkers away from those meals to be able to leave bread crumbs for the walkers to get inside the prison. And even if he did that, did every single prisoner in that prison know how to turn the generators/alarms off and on from the control room? And even if he knew that, he activated the alarms at the precise moment it would inflict the most hurt? And then, he just hid in wait there to attack and conquer the rest of the group to be free again and have the prison to himself? Oh wait, he didn’t do the last bit as that would’ve been a bit much I suppose.

    Come on!!!!

    And the other thing I dislike….we have fast moving walkers and slow moving walkers and walkers that are attracted to every single sound no matter how near or far and walkers who are deaf even if a gun is shot around the corner. But we don’t have consistent walker behavior – only what seems to fit in the moment to increase drama.

    Yes, it was an intense bloody episode but all of it was manufactured shoddily.

    • etmogul says:

      You need to find a new show to watch. It’s a show about ZOMBIES…how accurate and realistic do you expect it to be?

    • Christie says:

      You should start watching another show. It’s tv. It’s not real. If you can’t go in with an open mind, don’t bother watching.
      Also, I believe they’ve commented on the speed if the walkers. If they’ve turned fairly recently, they still move quickly because their bodies haven’t decomposed as badly yet. So that explains that.

      • RickC says:

        Its not real?? Thank god….glad to hear we’re all safe and I can go out back into the world. Been hunkered in here with canned goods and zombie survival guides for 2 years now.

        Thank you so much! Hope its not a trick you’re playing on me you devil you.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          I didnt find it unbelievable. He was small and thin so he could have been super fast on his feet when pushed out and avoided zombies, gotten to the Forrest, survived a few days (if that many). The deer was gutted already when he found it, so it had been killed and ripped open by Walkers, so he was dragging away the corpse of the deer, using it (2 pieces and its heart) for those other Walkers to find.

          • RickC says:

            I would’ve bought it if it was a few episodes down the road and some folks from Woodbury were the ones who were responsible for that chaos.

            I completely don’t buy it that a prisoner who hadn’t ever seen a zombie until few days before, had no survival instincts in this new world, was able to easily get a herd of zombies inside the perimeter without experienced zombie hunters even realizing it till it was too late, that this prisoner knew exactly what to do and had a fool proof plan to evade zombies for days…and fror that person who said the deer was already dead when he picked it up – ok fine, but you telling me that zombies just left a meal on the ground w/o ravaging it clean?

            I don’t buy this one idiot prisoner brought all that upon our survivors. Not when we see Dale die stupidly, Herschel get bit real stupidly, that a zombie was able to sneak up behind T Dog and bite him when T Dog himself said in the episode he sleeps with one eye always open but a slow moving loud walking zombie snuck up on him?? No, this idiot prisoner did not have better survival instincts than the folks we’ve already been watching for 3 years. But it made good drama and caused a whole lot of you to cry in the end. Guess tears overrides abd writing.

        • Malena says:

          I’m with you. It always amuses me when people shoot down perfectly valid questions about logic, continuity,etc. in fantasy or sci-fi. Those are narrative works too, just the same as so-called realistic or naturalistic shows/movies/books, etc. They need to make sense too. They don’t get a free pass to be illogical and/ or shoddily written just because “it’s a zombie show”.

  12. Rachel M says:


    • RickC says:

      Sure, why can’t this happen? They can write it anyway they want, much the same way they write out how certain characters survive a zombie attack and others get taken by a slow moving walker who somehow sneaks behind them?

      Carol can easily have a bunch of gauze with her along with some thread and needles she finds in that room. She stiches Lori up, stops the bleeding and they make a triumphant happy return to the group.

      They can make anything happen “plausibly” on the show should they choose to put it in the script.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        The quotes from the actresses, and how when talked about on The Talking Dead, she is done, dead. I find it interesting you want such a…romantic ending to that plot, considering they are horrible together as a couple, and i believe in the first few episodes it was implied she was a crap wife before the Zombie Outbreak. I could understand if it was Maggie and wanting her to survive to be back with Glen, but Lori?

        I have 99%-1% mixed feelings with Lori’s death. Cause i always hated her character on the show, and plainly disliked her character in the comics. (Big difference between the 2, starting with in the show she was banging Shane a ton, in the comics it was once, under extreme emotional disturbance, and she said never again). And i felt how Rick and Carl were treating her wasnt really wrong, she had messed up a LOT and was a crap wife/mother. But in the end she went out so classy and strong and all of a sudden was such a good person.

    • Deej says:

      I believe there are rules in that they can’t show a young actor actually shooting someone. The can allude to it, just not show.

  13. Babybop says:

    If Andrew Lincoln doesn’t get nominated for the performance… I don’t even know….

    • Alan says:

      its a show about a zombie apocalypse, he will never get nominated. in fact im already composing my angry comments about that fact

  14. cjeffery7 says:

    OOOH MYYYY GOOOOD. Lori’s goodbye speech plain and simple broke my heart. i mean, ***<<>>*** cause i swear by the end of that scene where she hugs Carl… she wasn’t acting anymore. masterclass. i haven’t cried so openly at a tv show in YEARS. Andrew Lincoln might also get performer of the week assist with his break down at the end. that is really what got my tears flowing. his agony was so raw.

  15. Becca says:

    I still can’t believe that actually happened!! Omg!!! It was such a great episode. And Andrew Lincoln was amazing. The whole scene with Lori and Carl had me tearing up, but I started sobbing when Rick broke down. Man I love this show!!

  16. Red Snapper says:

    I, like others, was never a fan of Lori but was crying at the end when she died. The actress who played her did an excellent job. I was more sad at the fact that Carl had to shoot his own mother and the reaction of Rick than that Lori was dead. I am way more sad that T-Dog is dead than Lori. T-Dog was always there when needed and sacrificed himself to a horrible death to save Carol who is most definitely still alive and most likely hiding somewhere. I found T-Dog’s sacrifice sadder than Lori’s, probably because I liked his character more. I cannot wait for the next episode.

    *On a side note: My friend is currently in Atlanta and is staying with his friend who knows the actor who plays Darryl. They were told that the cast would be at a bar tonight, I am now assuming to watch the episode or just to drink to the actors who died on the show since he told me this before I watched the episode. They did not go to the bar. When he told me this I yelled at him for missing the opportunity to meet or at least see these awesome actors. He also happens not to be a fan of the show and has never seen an episode. I told him that when he gets back we will start watching the show so he can understand why I hate him so much right now. He was also not interested in meeting the guy who plays Darryl until I told him he is from the Boondock Saints which is his favorite movie and now he wishes that he had since I think he had a chance to and might have another before he comes back. I said that I would hate him even more and never forgive him. He also got to see where they have filmed some of the show and sets which would be pretty cool.

    • ken1313 says:

      I met him at a Boston Comic Con type convention….all of the Boondock saints cast actually……they are good people…….one of the highlights of my life.

  17. Jing says:

    ThiS goes to show that u can’t get too attached to these characters. You just never know when ur fave character is going to get bitten.

  18. bethany says:

    Am I the only one who was hoping there was going to be a zombie baby??

    • Jen says:

      Honestly I thought a zombie baby at first would be beyond awesome, but in the moment the only thing i could think was PLEASE OH PLEASE don’t make that baby a zombie, not right this minute at least being held so close in Maggie’s arms and against her chest. I know a baby doesn’t have teeth, but they usually have super sharp little finger nails.

      • Alan says:

        i swear i was going to have a huge freak out if they had the baby die, i really didnt want that to happen in the middle of all the other disasters. and this is coming from someone who heard zombie baby and thought that is genius

  19. MLO says:

    And just how are they going to feed this darling little bundle of joy? Someone better start lactating – and soon.

  20. Sam says:

    Missed the episode but from what my friends told me and reading the recap it was a very emotional episode.

  21. Aljosa says:

    Probably one of the best episodes of the series. I cried and i rarely cry.

  22. Robro says:

    Am I the only one waiting on Maggie and Glenn to have their own “bundle of joy”.. hmmmmm …sad episode last night. I miss them already..

  23. When they first walked into the bolier room, all I could think is oh no this is going to be like the Drucilla/Conner birth scene.

  24. Ken says:

    I was a puddle…..for a good half hour…then I of course watched it again on the replay at 11….and it was even worse the 2nd time. Andrew Lincoln’s despair….was some awesome acting…….Emmy worthy

  25. lisa thoresen says:

    l dont understand ,we grown to loves these people and root for then and you keep getting rid of the main characters lori was one of my favorite and then you kill off the black after all he did in the begining like he was nothing you really screwd this show up and its going to hurt you,why dont you kill off the rest there just one or two left.very dissapointed

    • MLO says:

      Wow, great grasp of the English language honey.

      • Deb Lefler says:

        MLO – you don’t have to be rude. Perhaps she is a one-finger typist, in which case it takes a long time to type something and sometimes letters or whatever get left out, but as long as it’s understandable, give her a break!

        • will cowden says:

          no passes for people that are barely literate and refer to an essential character as “the black” even though his name is mentioned a dozen times within an hour block of television…she sounds like a nine year old if that nine year old is in special classes…lisa should do some homework on the show and realize that nobody is essential except for rick, carl and, to an extent, michonne…that means be ready for andrea, glen, herschel, maggie, carol, who should be dead already to all pass on in the next few seasons…this gives us actual fear that characters might not survive week to week, make us on the edge of our seats, insures that we don’t take a week off, and gives us fresh faces to be seen and later to watch get eaten…the walking dead stays hot because it is not afraid to make sacrifices that it’s fan base will not like because it knows that the story alone is good enough to keep evolving and make you care about the next characters that they will bring in…

    • Sneezy D says:

      I don’t think it’s realistic to expect in a zombie apocalypse, “everyone makes it out okay” all the time. True, it’s kind of unique to see a show where keeping the status quo is very “thrown to the wind”… but they are not hurting the show by offing characters… they’re making it amazing. If you wanted everyone to survive at the end, maybe you should watch the office or something. Where instead of surviving against zombies, they’re… i dunno, filing paperwork or something else completely not dangerous.

  26. charlie says:

    everyone wanted lori to die but now shes gone were all sad :(

  27. Cristhian says:

    Didn’t know it was going to be THAT emotional… sure, we fans of the comics saw that coming… but like that? and having Carl put a bullet to her brain? DAMN!! that’s something else right there… great way to put the light out on a great loved/hated character…

  28. Tiffany says:

    Not cool… Lori shouldn’t have died. I was a mess!… Still am and I’m not exactly sure if I want to continue on watching now… It affected me that much. :(

  29. Perlie says:

    I did not expect T-Dog’s death at this episode. I cried for Lori and Rick. It was very touching scene seeing Rick collapse on the floor. My heart also goes to Carl. He’s stronger than his father. I love Lori, why does she has to die? And T-Dog? Always have been on the background never a scene stealer, why does he has to go?

  30. Sneezy D says:

    all of these “Lori shouldn’t have died” comments… I don’t get it. If everyone’s safe, why the hell would we be watching this show? “Next week on The Walking Dead… a bunch of zombies show off, but none of them threaten anybody. The survivors find a locker room full of pizza, and eat it. the end.”


    • tripoli says:

      Thanks for the laugh! Really looking forward to the room full of pizza. Should be a thrilling episode. Maybe a group sing along around a camp fire as well :) Seriously, peiople are going to keep dying. Anyone who can’t grasp that is clearly watching the wrong show. Glee is 2 doors down. Enjoy the awful, zombie free crap.

  31. Michaela says:

    OMG I’ve just totally cried like a baby just wish the show was bigger in England totally got no one to vent to Andrews performance totally amazing on the edge of my seat now waiting for the next installment walking dead is so different too all other shows of it’s genre the emotion, the zombies, the survivors and now the governors mad take on “looking after people” is totally great

  32. Evan says:

    And for all of us who read the comics, because of how it happened (which is NOTHING like the comics) we got punched in the guts AGAIN because I’m sure most of us thought it would probably play out just like in the comics because its such an important moment.

    But no, we got to relive it in completely different context and conceivably feel even worse over the whole thing.

    Absolutely brilliant.

  33. Dani says:

    I just thought the same about TDog having linea … This is so weird…
    I’m not (was not) a fan of laurie of corse but i just cried.. I was in tears when rick found out she’s dead and CARL kILLED HER!!! I never thought i would cried watching this show but i also was like.. Come on rick, hug your son!! He’s lost his mother and had to kill her!!!! C’mon
    But anyway i think this was an excelent episode even ine of the best episodes in th show so far

  34. Chris says:

    Why did they feel the need to kill T-dog?

  35. Lisa says:

    After this episode I wondered if I had it in me to keep watching this series. Not only did I myself have a c-section, I have a son. This episode was dark and showed the bottom-barrel choices survivors of a world gone would have to make.

  36. Jamie Downes says:

    Only one word to describe this episode…. ‘Epic’ Screw Lori, But T-Dog.. Why!!!!??!

  37. Sheila says:

    Lori & T-Dog dying is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!

  38. Angela says:

    Most amazing episode to date. I was shattered after watching it. The emotions of Lori and Carl seemed so real it was almost too much to take.

  39. Debraevans says:

    Im hoping she did not die, no one saw her and it didn’t show her son shot her. So bring her back. It won’t be good with out her in it. I’m hoping she got up and is trying to live. I thank Carl is helping her.