Glee Mystery: Who's Heading for a Wedding?

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has given fans food for thought — “Chicken, fish or vegetarian?” — as they head into the weekend, sharing a most curious wedding-themed photo.

“The Wedding Of The Year” Murphy teased, posting to Twitter this photo of Brittany and Sam in undeniably matrimonial garb. But are the young’uns, who admittedly have bonded some this season, the ones trading vows?

PHOTO | Glee Hot Shots: ‘Glease’ Is the Word!

Murphy recently hinted to The Hollywood Reporter that he has a Valentine’s Day wedding on tap for his Fox musical-dramedy, though the timing of this photo lands the scene most likely in the show’s Christmas episode.

VIDEO | Glee Exclusive: Mike and Mercedes Return! Plus: Marley and Jake’s ‘First Time’

This is where you come in, offering your best guesses as to what’s going on in this scene, and involving exactly whom. Also: How amaaaaaazing does Ms. Heather Morris look?

Glee Wedding

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  1. Santana Lopez says:


  2. Maggie says:

    we just don’t know

  3. Heather says:

    Isn’t that in the locker room? There are a whole bunch of strange pictures from the Christmas episode that look to be some sort of fantasy sequences (like Rachel as a teacher with Finn, Puck, and Artie–not in his wheelchair–in letter winner jackets).

  4. m says:

    Heather looks stunning & It’s for wemma so brittana fans chill till the next episode

  5. Mafer says:

    is this part of the glee xmas gone mad?

  6. Olivia says:

    It’s a fantasy sequence during their duet most likely.

  7. adc says:

    It’s just Ryan wanting to lose even more viewers. I’ve never seen a show runner more determined to turn away fans of a show.

    And isn’t it interesting that Brittany gets screentime and lines when she’s with a boy but when she was dating Santana the couple barely got to speak to each other? Yeah. Same old glee. No point watching anymore.

    • pirandello kruger says:

      Agree 100%. I’m quickly losing interest in the rest of Season 4 thanks to Mr. Murphy.

    • Anne says:

      Yup. play the sex card. It always works. I think that’s just ignorant and passive aggressive. Watch the episode first and then complain about it. We have no idea what the context is. All people do is react first before thinking.

      • adc says:

        I don’t need to watch the episode to know that glee at its very core is deeply misogynistic. If you haven’t been able to see that from the past 3+ seasons then I don’t know what to tell you.

        • O-town says:

          Santana and Zizes put the fear of God into everyone, boy or girl. Rachel, Quinn, Tina, Coach Beiste, and Coach Sylvester, all powerful and strong women. You have to look very hard and ignore these strong female characters to find misogyny in the context of the show. Stop trying so hard to not enjoy the show. Just stop watching and complaining just as a counterpoint to the people who still enjoy it, just ’cause you’re lonely being such a hater. Ill. Get emotional help already.

      • Josh says:

        I think you don’t know what passive aggressive means.

    • dude says:

      smh shippers. If the showrunner doesn’t bow down and give every fan exactly what they want forever, they’re trying to ruin their show. Finn and Rachel have to get married and be happy forever. Brittany and Santana have to get married and be happy forever. Kurt and Blaine have to get married and be happy forever. Puck and Quinn have to get married and re-adopt their baby and be happy forever. But Quinn also has to be happy forever with Rachel and Santana also has to be happy forever with Rachel and Karofsky has to get in there somewhere too. Geez that sounds like an interesting show. Just enjoy the actual quality episodes you’ve been given this year and stop holding your enjoyment entirely in whether your favourite couple is together at the moment. It will all work out, let it happen.

      • murley says:

        best comment i’ve read in a long time :)

      • adc says:

        “Just enjoy the actual quality episodes you’ve been given this year” – that would be zero then. Have to go back to the middle of season 2 to find one of those, which is kinda my point.

        • RAB says:

          Exactly!!!!! season 4 has not had anything to write home about. Nothing of quality in the least. the Break Up was the best of the 4 that are out. But it was like all Ryan Murphy episodes,a theme for all characters to go through and we knew what was going to happen before it ended. Glee is not gleeful anymore. It tries to be a drama and does not do it well. My opinion only. As a fan of Glee since the pilot, I have watched most episodes and have lost interest as many fans have. IMO, this season is the worst.

          • Haley says:

            Sometimes, I wish Glee didn’t get renewed for a second season. I would’ve been upset at the time, but at least I would’ve had fond memories.

        • O-town says:

          You can leave now. It’s like you hated high school and found a show about high school and everyone who shows any interest in it has to hate it too because you do. Waste of time much?

      • dilia says:

        * slow claps*

      • Sophia says:

        Even as a total Klaine Shipper, this comment made so much sense :)

      • Bumpo says:

        Glad someone finally said something intelligent. Why people still bother to watch/trash a show they don’t like is kinda silly and a waste of time. Find something more productive to do.

    • RAB says:

      I agree totally, Ryan Murphy is determined to stay the course of which is downhill. Season 4 is not as promised and is predictable with its rehash of old stories, boring with insipid New York and McKinley new characters, lackluster music and performances, continued dropped story lines, complaceny believing that their teenage soap opera will still be desirable after season 4 if any audience is under thirty, and not utilizing their best actors and singers to convey a story with song. New York is so slow where Rachel hasn’t sung much or did anything but go thru a makeover and questionif she is worthy or not. Kurt has only been a vehicle for Rachel’s makeover. McKinley is so boring and a real disappointment to place Tina, Artie and Sam in the background again. They are so much better at acting their characters than the new ones do. Marley is one note. Kitty is awful. I’d rather Puck be on screen than Jake. I miss the interaction of the choir room. I don’t want to see Unique on my TV. Sue will have Finn as a nemesis instead of Will. So been there done that. For me, season 4 is a struggle to stay with and keep watching. I really thought Kate Hudson and SJP would be great guests for NY Rachel and Kurt stories, but those great actresses don’t have much to work with for NY to be compelling. Lea and Chris by themselves cannot make NY interesting. Glee desperately needs a makeover.

  8. Heatherette says:

    Naya!-oops Santana! stop the wedding!

  9. Nicole says:

    This kind of nonsense is why I stopped watching…

  10. pkk says:

    i’m still hoping that quinn and santana pop up somewhere as the true braids

  11. keks says:

    Heather looks beautiful. I don’t care who Brittany dates as long as they don’t mute her character like they did in season 3.

  12. Jane says:

    Okay I am a Wemma shipper and I can tell you that there is NO WAY IN HELL Emma would ever get married in a locker room. Seriously think with your brains, EMMA in a LOCKER ROOM, getting married.

    Yeah not gonna happen.

    Will and Emma will be getting married in February on Valentines Day this is just a fantasy scene in the X-mas episode.

    • RAB says:

      Read somewhere that Jayma Mays has signed on to do a several episode arc for another show. Emma hasn’t been a part of the show much, nor has Will. I think that these 2 actors will find some other work to do, even though they have contracts with Glee. Will and Emma, especially, Emma have been wall art for so long. I still feel a Wemma wedding will be a long shot at the end of the season. Glee creators and the young fans of Glee have manipulated the show and its focus on which characters. Wemma are just background characters anymore.

  13. B says:

    I’m very Curious about this Episode

  14. Jon says:

    Yeah I’m pretty sure this is just a fantasy sequence. People don’t overact until you’ve seen the episode! I don’t mind Sam and Britanny being friends it’s nice that Glee actually has a boy and girl being JUST friends. Plus I really like when Glee gets more sillier(like in Props) instead of serious after-school special.

  15. Ing says:

    My thoughts? I’m thinking this Christmas episode is going to be like “It’s a Wonderful Life” where one of the characters see’s how life would be if they didn’t exist? Or something like it? That is my guess….

  16. cote says:

    Jesus… guess I have to wait to see what the hell is going on!

  17. Songbird says:

    It’s not even a real wedding just a dream! Sam will marry Quinn and Brittany will marry Santana! In the Pic Brittany gets ready for her Wedding with Santana and Sam is handing Brittany to Santana!!!

  18. AL says:

    Isn’t it obviously the Wemma wedding, finally??!?!?!

  19. Mary S. says:

    The lighting obviously implies fantasy sequence.

  20. Caro says:

    I have to admit this season of Glee has left me cold. I love seeing Rachel and Kurt in NYC but I miss seeing her with Finn. I truly think those two belong together! I I like SJP as Kurt’s boss but I’d rather he have a boss we could see as a series regular to see more of Kurt in NYC. I don’t see the point to Kate Hudson. I think it’s because it’s part of the whole been there, done that storyline that Ryan Murphy is working with. We have new kids who mirror the types of the original Glee clubbers, we have Sue mad at Finn instead of Will and Cassandra acting like Sue with Rachel, we have same Glee club love triangles forming…can’t RM come up with anything original? And can’t he see that no one cares about the newbies? Give us more of the original Glee club and more unique kids – isn’t that what made Glee such a success in the first place?

  21. Géraldine says:

    Well, according to some anons, the wedding celebration between Sam & Brittany could be real … If it is the case, Ryan Murphy & Cie take a big risk there, especially with Brittana fandom. . And then, what about Wemma’s wedding which is planned since last season?
    But whatever happens, aren’t Britanny & Sam too young to get married together or with their respective partners…even if Sam already wanted to marry Quinn in S2?!
    For my part, I still think that Brittana is an endgame like Finchel & Klaine but each couple will go across different experiences with some others partners before to come back together! …

  22. Maria Joseph says:

    Its getting really interesting to see the end results, I hope we see the amazing wedding this season. Enjoy Friends!

  23. noro says:

    they are just losing more fans as each episode comes they have broken up all the favourite couples & trying to bring new li’s in which i myself don’t want and i bet alot of other fans don’t want either they are pretty much replaying old storylines from other seasons

    • Kay says:

      I agree with your comment. The Break Up was a really good episode but it was too sad seeing the three couples split up. I know Rachel and Finn will probably be together again, but I’m not sure about Brittany/Santana or Blaine/Kurt. The most I can hope for is that they are friends by the end of the season. Not really expecting anything more so whatever happens I will have to accept. Looking forward to the Glease episode and see how that turns out. Just want new episodes after this long break.

  24. Vale rojas says:

    That’s not gonna happen even in my dreams!! Sam is only for Quinn and Quinn Is only for Sam!! Fabrevans fans are waiting for them to come back!! Ryan Murphy what are you hell doing? Do you wanna loose fans? But you are amazing because you have created the best serie ever!! Hope for Fabrevans!

  25. I have been watching glee since episode 1, and in my opinion the show is still great and awesome I still look forward to watching it each week. And of course things are going to change it would be boring and dull if they didn’t people change and grow as does characters lol they couldn’t stay in high school forever the show can’t progress without change.

  26. Lauren says:

    Santana is having trouble with her beloved Brittany getting closer to Sam. Therefore, she dreams about them getting married, and has to do something about it. She then finds Brittany the next day and confesses her love to her. Britt accepts her apology and says she feels the same way, and that she was only going to marry Sam because she thought she would make Santana jealous by being with ‘Trouty Mouth’. Britt takes Santana back as her girlfriend once she makes a nice comment about Lord Tubbington :) They are then together forever and become soul-mates, and they all lived happily ever after! The End :)

    (I hope it goes something along those lines because if there’s no more Brittana, then I’m gonna go all Lima Heights on their sorry asses!)

    ..Snix ;)

  27. noro says:

    i’ve lost interest in the show can’t watch it with the rate things are going for finchel at the moment goodbye glee finchel 4 eva

  28. Daryl Dixon says:

    Coach Beiste marries them when they want to make the most of the last few days before the Mayan apocalypse, but when they realize it wasn’t real, they stay married because Coach Beiste tells them that Dr. Indiana Jones said that the world really ends in September of 2014.