Vampire Diaries Recap: Saving Elena Gilbert...?

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder Nina DobrevThis Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries featured a frat party, mysterious tattoos and flashbacks. But when it came down to it, the episode was really about two brothers trying to save the girl they both love, in very different ways.

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First, there’s Damon’s approach: He takes it upon himself to teach Elena the snatch, eat and erase method of eating while crashing Bonnie’s college trip. It doesn’t make Stefan too happy, even though Elena reassures him, “You’re the one who’s getting me through this no matter who teaches me how to feed.” He doesn’t protest too much, perhaps feeling that he can’t really help her in this situation. So while Bonnie is bonding with her the hot new professor who’s taken over her Grams’ class, Damon gives Elena a crash course on choosing a victim. Too bad he forgot to mention: “Don’t get distracted by sweet pictures of your prey and their adorable little sister.”

A Murder House-themed frat party later provides the perfect setting for a second try. Damon dresses as Jack the Ripper, and Elena and Bonnie are his victims. (Did they grab those costumes from the same awesome shop that provides Masquerade ballgowns at the last minute?) The newbie vamp picks one particularly despicable douchebag, who’s roofying a coed, and takes a bite out of him.

“I feel good,” she exclaims euphorically, hugging Damon. “I want more.” And she takes it, feeding on a female party-goer, then dancing with the elder Salvatore in a blissed-out state – that is until Bonnie arrives, leaves Elena horrified at herself and scolds Damon.

“She’s not out of control. She’s having fun,” he responds. As for the changes in her behavior, “She is a different person. She’s a vampire.” And the thing that keeps him from going Ripper crazy like his brother, which he’s trying to teach her: “I can revel in it. I can make it fun.”

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Stefan, meanwhile, charged with taking care of Connor, inadvertently discovers another way to save Elena. After teaming up with Klaus and manipulating Rebekah to get intel, he learns that Connor is part of The Five, a group of highly skilled vampire hunters from the 12th century that has a history with the Originals. Rebekah fell in love with one of them, Alexander, and even was ready to leave her family behind after he revealed to her the ultimate weapon against the vampires – a cure!

Now Stefan has a possible way to free Elena from her suffering, but he doesn’t divulge this info when she comes home. For one, they still have to decipher the tattoos on Connor’s body, which are the map to the cure, and they grow with every vamp he kills. They also need the key to reading his ink: The sword that Rebekah buried with Vampire Diaries Joseph Morgan Daniel GilliesAlexander after Klaus killed him in retaliation for daggering their whole family. Then there’s the little problem of the fact that Connor pulled a Mike Tyson on the hybrid’s minion to get his ear piercing and escaped – to meet up with Professor Shane! Turns out he sent him to Mystic Falls. Hmm, if he’s a member of The Five, too, will he persuade Bonnie to tap into her magic and turn against her vampire pals?

Finally, if Elena is cured of her vampirism – would the show really do that after everything? – she becomes a source of hybrid blood for Klaus again. But it might be worth risking all that for Stefan, who fears that if his girlfriend ever shuts off her humanity, she’ll never return.

As for Rebekah, the poor girl lets herself be fooled again and gets daggered by her own brother — and just when Stefan promises to give her a clean slate with Matt. Darn.

Vampire Diaries fans, would it feel like a cheat if the show were to unmake Elena’s vampire state? Does Damon have a point about letting loose to stay sane? And is Rebekah’s picker, as they say, totally off when it comes to guys?

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  1. sara says:

    I also don’t get how the Delena shippers could want those two together when all they do is rag on elena?! Plus, I could never fully get behind them as a couple, and don’t get how anyone else could either, based on the fact that he KILLED her brother, yes thankfully Jeremy had the ring on but Damon didn’t know that he was pissed off b/c Katherine rejected him and acted out! I know she forgave him, she did so b/c she thought he was gonna die, but he didn’t so the forgiving is null and void. Plus the fact that Jeremy hates Damon would make it a little awkward at family get togethers. Oh and not to mention all the other ppl he killed or tried to kill that elena knew and/or loved….like…Lexi, tanner, bonnie, Caroline, vickie (i know stefan staked her but he wouldn’t have had to if Damon hadn’t killed her), he killed and turned elena’s mom, and I am sure there are more but I hope you get my drift. Oh and I know stefan killed a bunch in his ripper days but those werent ppl elena knew or loved, except for the reporter chick gf of Damon. The point is I could never fully root for them as a couple b/c no one could forgive all of that unless they were truly evil and that elena is not….so let’s let her have stefan and bring back Katherine for damon!!! Or someone else who is just as badass as he is, someone who wants to be with him and likes him for all that he is and doesn’t want to change him into Stefan 2.0

  2. Will says:

    My prediction: Cure will be found but it will be used on Klaus to make him only a werewolf, then they are going to kill him.

  3. Michelle says:

    I hated the episode too. I hate this cure thing. But you know what would be HILARIOUS? Elena gets cured and DAMON gets cured, not Stefan. I’d laugh really, really hard. Because if Stefan thinks that getting cured absolves him of being a Ripper then he’s more delusional than I thought!

  4. corey says:

    how many times can they dagger Rebekka anyway

  5. Dominique says:

    I thought it was a really good episode, tho I feel cheated by how they said this was a big Delena episode, an dinstead we got Elena berating Damon AGAIN.

    I also find it hilarious that Rebekah, a 1000 year old ORIGINAL supposedly keeps getting fooled by everyone, especially the young vampires like Stefan. Really Julie? I don’t even like Rebekah, but this is just ridiculous.
    And would it have killed them to just show us ALL the Originals? I loved having Elijah back (for whatever little screentime that he got), but it’s a cheap way to just have Klaus mention Finn and Kol, and not have them present during the dinner party with the hunter.

  6. Janneke says:

    Don’t like where this season is going! Finding a cure, seriously? Elena has to quit feeling sorry for herself all the time and be a “normal” vampire… if Caroline could do it so can she, but apparently all she can think of is cry and pout about it to Stefan, who, in addition, gets mad at Damon for wanting to teach Elena how to feed and not kill, while Stefan told Caroline he won’t be able to that himself last week!

    I just hope that when they find the cure it won’t work on Elena for some reason, because I just can’t see where they would go after that, back to her being a blood bag for Klaus and pulling supernatural creatures towards Mystic Falls?

  7. ADC says:

    I liked the second episode of this season, but I haven’t felt any forward momentum since then. I am sick of the Originals and I don’t really care about The Five. Of course a cure is being brought up now that Elena is a vampire (I know it was in the books but they could have started dropping hints all along the way). I am mostly just sick of the repetitiveness of the story arcs. I can’t think of one episode of this show where there isn’t a party, a road-trip, or a scene of someone being tortured. This show used to regularly surprise me in the first two seasons, but I haven’t felt that feeling in a long time.

  8. mac says:

    Not enough Elijah =(

  9. wassita says:

    These comments really surprise me. I do feel like Elena is whiny sometimes, BUT I think the writing is well done. They are sticking with the rules they have established, which is that when someone turns, their most prominent emotions are heightened. It would be cheating to not do that with Elena. If she didn’t go through a period of grieving, mourning, having a hard time reconciling who she is with this vampire being she has become, then I think THAT would be sloppy writing. But what shocks me about what people are saying is that she she “let loose” and “have fun”. There is nothing fun about being a vampire for her. That is the point. I personally am liking seeing this journey for her. I think it has already brought her to some realizations about herself (like she is more like Damon than Stefan) and it will keep going that way until she grows into herself (like Caroline did), and figures out who she is REALLY. That is what I have always felt is missing for her. She has always been a lost soul. Now they have a chance to make her into her own person and make her strong. What has to be shown now is how she goes about reconciling in her mind who she is with who she has become. I don’t really ship either, I would prefer for her to be on her own for awhile until she DOES figure out who she really is instead of relying on others to always tell her. I want her to be able to defend herself, think for herself, figure things out for herself… and I want her to tell both brothers off for thinking that they know what is best for her.
    Also, I like Stefan’s character, but thought what a hypocrite he is being… he got mad at Elena for her “not telling him the whole truth” in the last episode, and now he is going to do the same thing. Also he is always trying to “save” Elena, which is annoying to me. I thought he got over that, but there he goes again…
    And they have all been so miserable and had so much loss and sadness… but I would like for Damon especially to have a bit of happiness. And that does not mean with Elena. I want him to be able to love someone and have it reciprocated.
    And for me, the whole show is not about the triangle, or love, but more about how this group of people struggles to remains “good” and keep their “humanity” in the face of all these morally ambiguous things they are continuously having to do. It is about the different paths that they all take to do this and how those paths largely diverge but still greatly effect each other. If you think about it, that holds true for each and every character (my favorite being Elijah, who I think is the farthest along in this process).
    All in all, I am still being entertained by the show, and I am willing to continue to take the journey and see where we end up.

  10. liliana says:

    You Delena fans only hate Elena because she is not with Damon, how can you ship a character that you love with a character that you hate? I don’t get it, you only say she is a whinny and boring, that’s your only argument, but whinny are you DE fans! Because you are always complaining about everything! I actually liked this episode, i find the plots interesting again, Stefan is awesome in every episode, trying to save everyone! About the cure, i think it’s an interesting idea, but i don’t think it’s gonna happen in this season, maybe next! I think Damon was trying to make Elena in to Katherine. I want Kat back and maybe seeing her with Damon, they are much more alike! Stefan and Elena belong together!

  11. Lorraine says:

    Good episode as a whole but by the end of it I wanted Damon to stop trailing around after Elana and leave her to sort out her own messes. He took her to the party to help her to feed without killing – he succeeded. She fed more than once and managed to stop. She was around all those people and controlled herself. Maybe she got a bit carried away and enjoyed herself A LOT but the evening from the point of view of control was a success. She is a Vampire now – she is different. Then she went home to Stefan and they had a boring, boring, boring, whiney conversation on the porch and I could have shot her myself. Elena as a Vampire is a big disappointment.

  12. Lorraine says:

    Forgot to say – is it only me but does anyone else think Stefan got off really lightly from his little ripper stint last season. He left “a trail of bodies along the eastern seaboard” last year. That seems to have been forgiven and forgotten awfully quickly. I think I have only seen Damon kill about ten people (could be wrong) in the whole three seasons but he is constantly being called a murderous pschopath. How come Stefan never gets called that. Just saying.

    • J says:

      You are so right. Damon’s the one who seems to have an actual moral compass that MOVES. He knows what’s right but he either chooses to do or not do it and then he lives with the consequences of his conscious choice. Stephan, on the other hand, has one rigid, blind devotion to his version of right and he refuses to acknowledge that there are grey areas. I think that’s why I dislike Stephan so much–he can’t be well-rounded, because when he is, he becomes the worst serial killer in history. When Damon vascillates, his choices are truly CHOICES, and it makes it that much more heartbreaking when he chooses to do wrong and it has lasting repercussions. For all those that have listed Damon’s kills, none of you have acknowledged that he’s always paid for his crimes in one way or another, whether its added conflict or Elena’s censure (which is more than he can bear in most circumstances.) And every time Elena is with Damon she’s challenged in a way she won’t allow herself to experience on her own. She’s grown because of her closeness with Damon, not in spite of it.

      • Dev says:

        Wow, how can you disagree with that? It’s funny how Elena will forgive Stefan so easily after he goes on a killing spree, but Damon kills one person and in order to forgive him, she makes him do more good to make up for it. REALLY?

    • Dev says:

      OH MY GOODNESS!! You’re right! Caroline wants Elena to be with Stefan in season three even though he’s killed so many people. But Damon is bad when he’s hardly killed anyone throughout the whole series? I just don’t get it…

      • liliana says:

        Well at least Stefan didn’t ” murder” her brother, or almost killed Caroline, Bonnie, Basically every friend she has!! And for me Damon was the cause of death of Alaric too! He is arrogant, and always treats his brother like crap, not to speak he is always trying to steal his girlfriend since season 1! I never would date anyone who did so terrible things to my family, friends and boyfriend! Just to mention, that thing he did to feed Elena in the third episode was gross!
        Before season 3, i gave him a slack, but not now! And i always gonna be team Stefan! He for you may be boring, but he is not, he is a complex character and i like it!

  13. Boo says:

    Why are some fans shipping Damon with Katherine. She doesn’t love him, too because she also loves Stefan. Give Damon another love interest, not doppelgangers who loves his brother.

    • Dev says:

      Or put Elena with Damon and Katherine with Stefan.

      • J says:

        That’s what I’d like to see…

        • Dev says:

          It just makes sense, right? Poor Damon needs to be SOMEONE’S first choice, and I’d like to see it be Elena. And just to appease people, Stefan should be with Katherine. It could honestly also be Caroline and Stefan, but I like Klaroline.

    • Lorraine says:

      I agree. Give Damon another love interest. I understood why he wanted her in the first season. She made him want his human side again – she engaged with him and helped him “be the better man”. Now she is just dragging him down. She has chosen Stefan – she should leave Damon alone so he can move on. I used to be a Delana shipper but not anymore – now I am a Damon shipper – find him someone who loves him. Let Elena and Stefan be together and bore the pants off each other. Wait a minute – this isn’t real is it? Why am I getting soo uptight?

  14. Tale Fed says:

    i think elena has to stop complaining about everything happening in her life , yeah i know that she is a good personn and she get through tough problems and becoming a vampire has taken her more, but did we forget how caroline was!! but she struglled a lot and look how she becomes .. so i think if elena take the cure by next ..this season will be the last :/

  15. Dev says:

    It just makes sense, right? Poor Damon needs to be SOMEONE’S first choice, and I’d like to see it be Elena. And just to appease people, Stefan should be with Katherine. It could honestly also be Caroline and Stefan, but I like Klaroline. :)

  16. Kat says:

    Damon has always been the best choice for Elena though the show from the beginning has set Damon up to be the bad guy/brother. Damon has always been and will always be what Elena needs. What I love about the show is that it took a few seasons for me to realize it. Though Damon acts like an idiot /killer when he is hurting, when it comes to Elena he is selfless. Having read so many posts, I can agree that Stefan can appear sloppy, however my sibling and I are opposites so I think the story line is fair. The one issue I have is with Vamp Elena. I don’t like her and I want the cure, even as predictable as it may appear. I think the show has done well with human Elena because she is the Elena we have grown to love. The show needs more humans, right? Lastly, I like the show’s writers spin on the books so much more than Smith though I am thankful for the original story. And in closing, isn’t Matt hotter this year ? I love tension between sexy Becks and Matt. Thanks for the opportunity to vent and for giving me a reason to look forward to something that’s simply “fun ” on TV.

  17. D says:

    Ok, people are getting really vicious here! I just want to say that Stefan is insanely boring and if the writers are insistent on a Stevens relationship, then they need to give him more personality. I get that he is supposed to be the good brother and all that, but there is a difference between good and boring. I will admit that I prefer Damon because he does seem to take care of Elena a lot more than Stefan does. Yes, I know he is supposed to be the “bad brother” but honestly, who wouldn’t be like he is after always being the second choice and constantly helping the person you love just to be ignored in the end? And I used to like Elena, but she does need to grow up and realize that she made the choice to transition. She is now a “creature of darkness” and she can’t be the same person she was. There is no point in wallowing in self pity. She needs to buck up and figure SOMETHING out. Just saying…

  18. D says:

    Stelana** not Stevens. Stupid autocorrect.

  19. Ashley says:

    This is the problem with the show. People complain that they are tired of Elena’s indecisions & whining. Yet, majority of these comments are whining for what they think the injustice Damon apparently receives. Majority of these comments are exactly what the show has become. A tug-of-war as to whom Elena shall be with forever.
    I, for one, would like the well paced, mysterious, actual real danger for our characters again. To achieve that again the comments on the theory of having Klaus take the cure. Hence, making him mortal again leading to his death. I would love to endorse that theory. The show has fallen into a limbo with our antagonists leaving them useless. In order to “progress”/put emphasis on Elena’s love triangle. The problem is nothing new is bringing brought to that storyline to explore. We know how she feels and how they feel and those same prospectives will be brought to any new “dilemma”. Either they do something with it or better yet make her single for a while. I want the supernatural show that had humanity, morals, and ethical decisions with not a clear right or wrong with dealing with their obstacles.
    Lastly, some of the comments on how Damon was trying to teach her and did not see an issue with it. Yes, his initial intention was to teach her how to feed (I agree that it seems more logically for her to learn how control her cravings for blood instead of allowing the blood to control her(I.e. Stefan). That being said, once they were dancing as individuals induced with drugs that’s essentially what happened. The blood had taken control and she wasn’t learning anything about control or self-discipline. The blood was controlling them. Taking people’s blood for the hell of it not for feeding proposes. I’m not sure how one would classified this as being “fun” and “letting go”. They were being greedy, superior, dominant, and monsters at this point although, they were not killing them. However, they technically were manipulating and using these people for their personal blood bags (Elena doing those to others as what she didn’t want to be done to her).
    Take this analogue; you are trying to lose weight and you know to get the quickest results, instill discipline, a healthier you, & prove to others/yourself you could accomplish your goal you would deprive yourself of all the foods you love(Stefan). Of course, learning to control and incorporate these foods into your lifestyle through moderation. Allowing yourself a “cheat” day once a week or once every two weeks will help you achieve the long term goal than a fad diet(Damon). However, indulging or extending your cheat day into every meal(s) the entire day(s) is the equivalent of the Frat party incident. Overall, neither of the latter is ideal. Stefan allows the blood to control him which, allows him to enjoy vampires’ initial instinct. Whereas, Damon allows his emotions to control him which allows him to indulge in his vampirism without the guilt. Elena is going to have to do this on her own like Caroline. Speaking of Caroline I think it is annoying that her and Tyler haven’t had much backlash with their transition into vampirism. It makes their characters seem less realistic and contrived on the writers’ behalf. It’s the curse of being a vampire. More than two vampires through this show should struggle periodically. They will forever struggle with the cravings no matter how much they can control it. So, I would like to see them struggle every once in a while. If Elena wants to survive this (I’m sure the writers would love for her to). The girl is going to need to find the will power to play the cards life has dealt her at the moment like anybody else.

    • Shaun says:

      I have no problem with the love triangle dragging on and on. It is the backbone of the show and to be honest I think it would be dumb to make Elena suddenly choose one and stick to them at this point. Think about it Elena has been miss indecisive for the past few seasons about how she feels about both brothers. She delayed until the very last moment of season 3 before even making a decision and even there she opened the door to that not being her final decision when Damon repeated her line from much earlier in the show “It’s Stefan it’s always going to be Stefan.” To which Elena replied that she wasn’t thinking about always just right now. The girl was obviously still torn but she made her decision, in large because she thought she met Stefan first and he was the one she was in love with from the start. Then you need to remember that Mystic falls time progresses much slower then time in real life, Not even a week has past since the season 3 finale while it’s been months for us. So even if there were no other circumstances she would need some time to fully get over Damon. When you throw in her memories of his compulsions, which must have been a big deal to her or the show would not have taking the time to have us relive the scene from Rose. That was the first time they ever replayed a scene in 4 seasons. Plus Elena having to try and figure out these feeling with the complication of now being a vampire and having all these feeling intensified, into the “hunger,” which I’m sure makes it hard to differentiate between love, lust, and just caring intensly for someone. Remeber that Bonnies mom caring deeply for Jamie and Caroline’s love for Matt when she first changed, resulted in both of them taking a bite out of there respective targets, having the same responce to two different feelings, because of the “hunger.” And to top it all off Elena’s emotions and personality is heightened which includes her indecisiveness over the brothers. It would make no sense for her to all of a sudden know who/what she wanted and pick one. Logic would state that it is even harder now for her to figure it out. Even though she is attempting to honor the choice she made in the season 3 finale despite the obvious conflicting emotions she experiences going through the transition.

      The other aspect about Elena’s feeding habits I don’t get your analogie. At this point the writers for what ever reason have made it so Elena can only drink from the vein. So at this point she can’t just have a cheat day on occasion as it is the only thing she can eat. I don’t think her starving herself and then trying to eat when she is starving would be the best course of action. Thats just asking for her to drain someone completely. I don’t find Damon to be ruled by his emotions with this either, he just can enjoy being a vamp which protects him from the guilt which we have seen can be devastating.

      I’m not even sure that I agree when you say they were going overboard at the party. I thought part of point of the trip was even when you were afflicted by the bloodlust controling yourself so you don’t kill your victim. Do you really think if they went and Elena just ate from the one frat guy and left that she really would have learned any control at all? That would be no different from when she was eating from Matt. The problem was when the bloodlust kicked in when she was with Matt she was no doubt going to kill him. However when the bloodlust hit her at the party she was just enjoying it and could drink from various people without ever putting there lives in any danger.

      I think your descriptions that Damon lets his emotions control him is not true. Damon IS in control and thats why he can feed with out killing. This is just considering the Vamps that feed on people not the bloodbag vamps because Elena has to feed on people at this point. The vampires that can’t control there emotions are the ones that end up killing. Remember when Stefan described the emotions like Love, Rage, etc all blending together to form Hunger. Think of the vamps who got taken over by there emotions. Logan Fell was angry at everyone causing him to kill all his victims, Vicki overcome with lust/love and was going to kill Jeremy, then there is Stefan who gets overcome with guilt and kills. Then there are all the ones who enjoy the feed, the Originals, Katherine, Damon all of whom have the ability to feed on people and leave them alive.

      Remember the episode in season 3 when Damon met Sage. The first time we see him feed in that episode he kills the girl, and is visably miserable “I was hungry now I am not”. Stefans depiction of him in his diary was something along the line of “Damon is nothing but bitterness and bile.” Sage tells him he is doing it wrong, and she teaches him how to pick a victim and “relish in it.” Thats when he follows her instructions and instantly becomes much a much less miserable person. He even tries to rekindle his relationship with his brother and help him. Yet Stefan doesn’t enjoy it and then can’t control his guilt, yellind at Damon that he didn’t need his help and we all know that sends him into his 1920’s ripper phase.

      So every vamp on the show thus far has either learned to enjoy the feed and control themselves or has been overcome by there emotions. When it comes to feeding on people.

  20. I think she needs to have a major fling with Damon, but in the end needs to end up with Stefan. All of us girls had those bad boys, but eventually you marry the nice guy, because the bad boy isn’t all that great in the end; however, since Damon can leave forever he won’t lose that sexy charm. I feel like Damon honestly loves her more then Stefan, but who knows. Anyways, to the point, yes, I feel like if they take Elena back to human it will be a complete mistake. I’m willing to bet most of us wanted her to become one, and really how would it be to end it with her and Stefan together mortal. Happily ever after…..? Lame. I almost flipped when I thought in the first episode she may not change. Like really? Out of all the vamps in the world Elena is the first one to not die or change… How ridiculous, just as it would be to cure her. Also, I agree make her kick ass not whiny. I almost prefer vamps that sparkle at least their main vampire girl didn’t cry every moment. Seriously though I won’t continue watching if they cure her. I bet they will lose viewers, we already know what human Elena is like, now it is time to explore the change, not go back to safe.

  21. BB says:

    If tis the final season, Elena may go on whining and the writers may continue to trash Damon as no one will be watching anyway. It’s really pushing too hard and trying too damn hard on viewers’ patience. It’s making no sense and becoming ridiculous. It’s disappointing as the writers nearly nailed it with the finale of season 3.

  22. B says:

    I stopped watching it. Plz turn the damn gul human again. This show sucks now. And We all now she is not gonna choose damon . It’s just not gonna happen whether u want it to or not. until she is human again and the over used originals storyline is out I am not watching this show anymore