Vampire Diaries Recap: Saving Elena Gilbert...?

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder Nina DobrevThis Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries featured a frat party, mysterious tattoos and flashbacks. But when it came down to it, the episode was really about two brothers trying to save the girl they both love, in very different ways.

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First, there’s Damon’s approach: He takes it upon himself to teach Elena the snatch, eat and erase method of eating while crashing Bonnie’s college trip. It doesn’t make Stefan too happy, even though Elena reassures him, “You’re the one who’s getting me through this no matter who teaches me how to feed.” He doesn’t protest too much, perhaps feeling that he can’t really help her in this situation. So while Bonnie is bonding with her the hot new professor who’s taken over her Grams’ class, Damon gives Elena a crash course on choosing a victim. Too bad he forgot to mention: “Don’t get distracted by sweet pictures of your prey and their adorable little sister.”

A Murder House-themed frat party later provides the perfect setting for a second try. Damon dresses as Jack the Ripper, and Elena and Bonnie are his victims. (Did they grab those costumes from the same awesome shop that provides Masquerade ballgowns at the last minute?) The newbie vamp picks one particularly despicable douchebag, who’s roofying a coed, and takes a bite out of him.

“I feel good,” she exclaims euphorically, hugging Damon. “I want more.” And she takes it, feeding on a female party-goer, then dancing with the elder Salvatore in a blissed-out state – that is until Bonnie arrives, leaves Elena horrified at herself and scolds Damon.

“She’s not out of control. She’s having fun,” he responds. As for the changes in her behavior, “She is a different person. She’s a vampire.” And the thing that keeps him from going Ripper crazy like his brother, which he’s trying to teach her: “I can revel in it. I can make it fun.”

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Stefan, meanwhile, charged with taking care of Connor, inadvertently discovers another way to save Elena. After teaming up with Klaus and manipulating Rebekah to get intel, he learns that Connor is part of The Five, a group of highly skilled vampire hunters from the 12th century that has a history with the Originals. Rebekah fell in love with one of them, Alexander, and even was ready to leave her family behind after he revealed to her the ultimate weapon against the vampires – a cure!

Now Stefan has a possible way to free Elena from her suffering, but he doesn’t divulge this info when she comes home. For one, they still have to decipher the tattoos on Connor’s body, which are the map to the cure, and they grow with every vamp he kills. They also need the key to reading his ink: The sword that Rebekah buried with Vampire Diaries Joseph Morgan Daniel GilliesAlexander after Klaus killed him in retaliation for daggering their whole family. Then there’s the little problem of the fact that Connor pulled a Mike Tyson on the hybrid’s minion to get his ear piercing and escaped – to meet up with Professor Shane! Turns out he sent him to Mystic Falls. Hmm, if he’s a member of The Five, too, will he persuade Bonnie to tap into her magic and turn against her vampire pals?

Finally, if Elena is cured of her vampirism – would the show really do that after everything? – she becomes a source of hybrid blood for Klaus again. But it might be worth risking all that for Stefan, who fears that if his girlfriend ever shuts off her humanity, she’ll never return.

As for Rebekah, the poor girl lets herself be fooled again and gets daggered by her own brother — and just when Stefan promises to give her a clean slate with Matt. Darn.

Vampire Diaries fans, would it feel like a cheat if the show were to unmake Elena’s vampire state? Does Damon have a point about letting loose to stay sane? And is Rebekah’s picker, as they say, totally off when it comes to guys?

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  1. . says:

    Biggest let down ever! This episode was so hyped, but in the end all the D/E fans got was Elena treating Damon (who was helping her with something again) like crap and everybody cheering on Stefan.

    • Liz says:

      Agree. I love this show but man Stefen & Elena are unbearable. Yes Nina & Ian are dating that’s why they are so good. But I thought Elena being a vampire would be good but she is soooo whiny its annoying. And Damon is still getting treated like dirt. Ugh I hope it gets better

      • Kelly says:

        I think the problem is is that you guys all want Elena to act like Katherine. She’s not going to be Katherine…..we can’t have 2 of the same on the show. That would be ridiculous.

        • Jewels says:

          I don’t want Elena to act like Katherine…I want her to grow the hec up. I’d rather she channel her inner Caroline. After all…just a couple episodes ago she was transitioning because she didn’t want to leave Jeremy alone. Now she’s whining because she has to feed to survive? Elena is the Queen of Hypocracy…and the Queen of Worrying-About-What-Everyone-Thinks-And-Cutting-You-Down-To-Hide-I-Agree-With-You. Oh wait…that IS exactly like Katherine. My mistake. *rolls eyes*

          • liianee says:

            Totally agree for the super hypocrite-annoying elena part : everybody died because of her and her drama.
            She still plays the innocent I-don’t-want-to-hurt-anyone role even though the fact that she is weak is unconsciently (consciently?) used as a “weapon” to manipulate and cause harm to everyone, maybe the worst part is that every other character just sacrifice themselves willingly to protect Elena as if her life, her wants are more important than any others.

            I am not wishing that she become like kathrine because what’s the point then, but her attitude, her weakness just irritates me, why couldn’t she be stronger and more independant… I don’t know just don’t like how she is!

    • GS says:

      This!! I am so sick of Elena trying to be such a goody too shoes. She and Stefan are as boring as watching paint dry. I enjoyed the episode overall but I am so sick of whiny vampire Elena! Why couldn’t the writers make her a better person as a vampire like Caroline. I’m actually wishing she had drowned (although I know she’s to integral to the show). Get her over this NOW!

      • Dev says:

        I do like Elena… when she lets loose. She is always so uptight and I feel like Damon is really good for her if she would get over the fact that she’s a vampire and may actually have to act like one. She knew she would have to feed when she chose to transition, so she needs to stop denying it.

    • Ari says:

      Agreed. Elena has to be one of the worst written leads on television. If I didn’t love the Originals storyline so much I’d drop this show because every time Elena is on screen it’s like someone is stabbing me in the ears. I just want someone to tell her to shut up and it’s not always about you. When Caroline turned she learned to deal. When Bonnie’s mother, grams, etc. etc. were killed she learned to deal and moved on. I don’t know that we’ve ever once heard Bonnie whine about how unfortunate her life is. So why do we need to hear about how bad Elena has it every single week? If she cries one more time I’m going to lose it. She’s cried in EVERY episode this season. STOP CRYING ELENA! Embrace your new life, if you want to be with Stefan this is where you would have ended up anyway. STFU.

  2. Misty says:

    YES it would feel like a cheat! I’m so sick of Elena’s whining and boohooing “oh I can’t survive like this this sucks, waaaa waaaa poor me” Stefan used to be he annoying “poor me” but Elena surpasses him…get over it and accept it and listen to Damon because he’s right. And sexy.

    • reddevil93 says:

      Totally agree with you. Enough with the whole damsel in distress shenanigans already -.-

    • Cottage101 says:

      Very sexy. One must always listen to sexy people. No sarcasm. He really is sexy. As. Hell.

      • Ally says:

        Who are u talking about Stefan or Damon if Damon I totally agree with u

      • Emily says:

        Omg, this just made me giggle!! Hehehe. One must always listen to sexy people. Ah, truer words were never spoken. DELENA FTW! Damon is soooo much better (and more fun to watch) for Elena than Stefan. Stefan has an enormous vagina. He’s a d-bag.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Caroline handled it, and handled it really damn well overall. She’s grown into a strong, confident, powerful person who constantly puts her life on the line — willingly. Why can’t Elena stop being so whiny about it?

      • tripoli says:

        Exactly. I wasn’t a big fan of Caroline initially but she’s really grown on me over the years. She handled the transition well and continues to be pretty bad ass in the vampire way, but also seems so full of humanity at the same time. She straddles the fence very well. I could do without the pairing with Tyler. Kid drives me nuts.

        • Dev says:

          Sounds to me like the show should be more about Caroline (and Klaus)! Don’t get me wrong, Elena was great for a while but she is really beginning to kill me with this whole “humanity” thing. Stop whining and be like Damon!!

    • Kat says:

      I love vampire diaries, but have never been an Elena fan, shes always been a sad little hypocrite. Since becoming a vampire shes getting even worse, who’d have thought in possible. Kill her off, set everyone free and the story line should take off again.

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m confused. Who was that hot evil professor Bonnie was talking to?

  4. reddevil93 says:

    I don’t think that they should unmake Elena, at least not anytime soon. I find her transition into the kind of vampire she wants to be really interesting. I am sort of annoyed at her for asking for Damon’s help and then hurting his feelings again. Sighs my Delena shipper heart couldn’t handle all the rejection and cockblocking tonight (damn Bonnie and Stefan). And I totally agree with Damon’s method of being a vampire and as he said Elena is a lot more like Damon, when it comes to feeding and the kind of vampire she wants to be. The sooner she realizes that, the better for everyone.

  5. Danielle H. says:

    Great ep. Damon’s philosophy is the way to go. Elena needs to let loose. Wonder where they r going w the professor…

  6. Bender says:

    elena still hot even all bloody vampy

  7. Kat says:

    Ok, maybe I’m not remembering properly or am confusing something here, but wasn’t Katherine also a doppleganger turned vampire? Couldn’t she survive on animal blood? Why can’t Elena?

    • Serena says:

      I’m pretty sure Katherine never went the animal blood route.

      But my memory of previous seasons are also hazy.

      • Cheryl says:

        Yeah, somehow I don’t think she even tried animal blood! However, she HAS survived on blood bags in the past, so there are still some inconsistencies going on with the mythology…

        • Maybe Elena will be able to survive on blood bags latter, when she is more used to being a vampire.

          • Pearl says:

            Maybe it’s not that Elena can’t get blood bags down, but that she is more like Damon that she thinks, and she just DONT like it. When you eat something that you hate, even if you know it would be better, you have a nausea feeling, since her feelings are heightened… She pukes!

    • oohlala says:

      Katherine is also hundreds of years old, we have not heard about what her first years as vampire was like. Maybe she needs to growinto it.

    • Jj says:

      She is also a doppelganger. She could drink blood from a bag. When she was locked in that cave, she drank from blood bags with no problem.

    • Ally says:

      Ow ya and now is this the end of double hangers

    • Ally says:

      Hey so elana was a double ganger now is this the end of the line or is their another one somewhere
      And I feel terrine for Damon coz the reason I’m mostly watching this is for him and everyone including elana trees him like crap but he’s amazing to elana I hope she changes her mind 💋

  8. s says:

    Good Episode. I like vampire Elena when she loosens up and has fun but it never lasts for long. All Damon was trying to do was help her but no she and Bonnie had to go and judge him again. When are they going to accept him for who he is? So annoying. He can never do anything right for these morons.

  9. Ugh. This whole storyline seems stupid. I hate to say the show is jumping the shark already, but it doesn’t bode well for future seasons…

  10. Rrrrrr says:

    I fudging hate all the stelena catering the show is doing. It’s awful, an it’s beginning to feel like the Dan/Blair/chuck triangle on GG.

    And isn’t it totally obvious that the “cure” is going to be given to Klaus? Obviously he can’t die as a vampire, because then the Salvatore’s will die. So they’ll turn him back human to make him suffer as a human/kill him. Ugh. Lame.

    • vampers says:

      But if you kill and original their whole lineage dies. Don’t you think if you cure an original their whole lineage is cured as well??

    • Emily says:

      Even if they cure his vampirism, he’s still a 1000 year old werewolf. So he’ll never be human. If Klaus is killed off, it won’t be due to the cure. Duh.

  11. CS says:

    Liked the ep; interested to see where it goes with the five/the cure, but I’ll be truly upset if they undo Elena’s transition. One note I will say is that Elena conveyed such a look of freedom and happiness when dancing with Damon that it made last week’s motorcycle ride look ridiculously lame and forced. Again, not a shipper but I think the Damon/Elena chemistry was palpable tonight!

    • Kara says:

      Funny, I was just thinking Stefan/Elena’s bedroom scene 4×03 made Damon/Elena dance scene look lame and forced. At least Stefan and Elena’s chemistry came from wanting one another, not from some disturbing blood high.

      • subhadeep says:

        funny. you are the only one who ‘s saying that. I f comparisons are to be drawn then i can well and truly say that the make out session of Delena i n episode 19 season 3 has outstripped both the bed and the so called make out scene of stelena ( even though it ended with vomiting) i n season 4 by a million light years. go on stelena fans, have you laugh for now, but who’s reasoning is valid will be proven soon. Oh and by the way, even when making out with Stefan she imagined Damon. What unshakable commitment in part of stelena (irony i n case you are too thick to notice ). and also the the make out scene i n episode 19 as well as the kiss in episode 10 of season 3 happened due to the mutual love between them. the chemistry of Delena , as everybody is aware ( well except for you ) is the best and most sizzling in TVD which is why they command about 80-90 % of TVD fan base, so have a nice life living i n the land of denial.

        • Dawnmac says:

          What a rude and snarky comment that was. I realize in your world Elena and Damon are the ONLY thing that matters but are you saying with 2 million viewers the only one one that likes Stefan and Elena is her??? These comment boards get high jacked by the same people posting the same Damon is perfect crap. There are people who watch this show who believe that being a nice guy isn’t boring and forcing someone to do what you think is best for them is just being a bully. I don’t care who she ends up with as a matter of fact I hope they both dump her but comments like yours are petty and quite frankly mind of pathetic. So grow up and be respectful of others opinions.

          • Julia says:

            I agree with Dawnmac, I watch the show despite Damon and Damon/Elena, not for them. I tend to skip their episodes like 3×10 and 3×19.

            And Pearl, I think you must be wrong because Stefan and Elena are back together, we all knew they would have scenes together.

            But we shall see as the show moves into Damon/Elena territory later this season how they fair with the ratings, that will be the test IMHO.

          • Dev says:

            Being a nice guy shouldn’t be boring and forced. But I just think Stefan is. He acts all high and mighty and constantly acts tortured. Even when he was with Elena, he rarely smiled. I just think think Damon is more interesting with his history and all of it.

        • Dawnmac says:

          And as you seem to like to throw a lot of pseudo facts out ithere to prove your point. How is this one for you: episodes that focus on Damon and Elena the ratings actually go down especially in the second half if the hour snd the DVR play drops significanyly for thiose episodes. Proven and undisputed facts that can be pulled and viewed by anyone. Now that is irony at its best. You Delena shippers whine the loudest but the cold hard facts don’t back up your claim.

          • Pearl says:

            So why this episode, that had Stephan and Elena apart all time, rose from last week? Just saying.

          • J says:

            Care to cute your sources? Cuz I don’t believe you…

          • maria says:

            Season 4 Episode 4 was the highest rated episode ever, it even beat out nbc, and that was ,because it was heavily promoted ,as a delena and damon episode ,by the CW and by the director of that episode.

      • Dev says:

        It is true that she was on a blood high, but she didn’t dance with Damon just because of that. She always has those feelings, but she is just afraid to do something about it. The blood allowed her to do something about those feelings.

        • Ally says:

          No elana loves Damon but she never in loved Stefan and I just wish that Damon in the beginning didn’t compell her to fogey him aggggg I hate him for that

        • Karissa says:

          I can explain Elena’s feelings perfectly. She completely loves Damon and she herself knows that. She loves him….. Until she’s with Stefan again. Stefan makes her feel love and passion and a little ( I mean microscopic) lust. When she’s with Damon, all she wants to do is be in his arms, and his pants/bed. Damon makes her want to let loose and just have fun, until someone brings her back to reality, and she gets all pissed off at Damon. When she’s with Stefan, she feels safe, like she has someone to talk to, and she loved him first ( which is part of her reason she’s choosing him so far) but personally, I think that after all she’s been through, she deserves someone who will make her feel happy, and free, and in love…. Stefan just can’t give her that because he’s always focused on trying to fix everything and doesn’t have time for Elena. When Damon is with Elena yea he’s got some of the problems on his mind, but when the problems don’t need to be thought of, they’re not. He focuses himself on Elena and making her happy in whatever way he can. After reading this, who do you think is actually best for her?

          • Dev says:

            I definitely think Damon is best for her because e loves her no matter what. It seems like Stefan only loves a certain idea of her. I almost feel like he loved her because she was human and innocent, but once she was “tainted” he had to “fix her.” Which I just don’t agree with. If you love someone, you take them in whatever form they are.

  12. Babybop says:

    Oh PLEASE turn her human again. Vampire Elena is 1000 times more annoying than human Elena. I can’t take the whining anymore.

  13. Wrstlgirl says:

    This show needs a serious reboot. Same old same old. Save Elena and she whines even louder. Ugh.

  14. s says:

    I guess it doesn’t really matter if Elena is turned back into human since most times she’s still the same or worse imo. However it is old that everything is always about Elena and saving her precious pathetic life. She’s still the worst character on the show too.

    • Wrstlgirl says:


    • Dev says:

      If they wanted to make the show really good, they would make it more about Elena trying to save someone else. Like maybe Caroline is in trouble and Elena is forced to help her. Rather than everyone trying to save Elena, because that is how it has been for three freaking seasons.

  15. Kat says:

    If the show doesn’t change something it will be time to let it go. I can’t stand this whinny Elena crap and I am so over Stefan and Elena perfect goody relationship. It is so boring, enough of it already
    Loved her freedom when with Damon in the other hand. Bonnie annoying like always. The ark with new hunter seems interesting.
    To bad that main characters are the most annoying ones.

  16. Ella says:

    The Stefan/Elena chemistry is so forced IMHO. She has so much chemistry with Damon and he seems much better suited with Caroline. I wish the writers would stop trying to force the Stefan /Elena relationship. Elena should remain a vampire and come into her own. She seemed much stronger when she was human which is a let down.

  17. Jon says:

    I agree the whole turning Elena back into a human is a lame cop-out but I do like the theory of the cure being given to Klaus to turn him human so they can kill him off without the others dying. I felt so bad for Rebekah, she has a horrible and tragic love life and now she’s daggered again! Also I think it would be cool if the new professor guy turns Bonnie to using really dark magic.

  18. Jaime says:

    In the books, Elena does eventually get turned back into a human. So I like the idea of it being out there, but if it happens anytime during this season it will be a total cop-out.

  19. I wouldn’t be surprised if they change her back. I know they pick and choose what to include from the books, but in the books Elena becomes like 5 million things including human, vampire, spirit, etc.

  20. Lauren says:

    I’m just so frustrated by this show lately! I hate how Elena is constantly questioning herself! When is she going to grow up and stop feeling bad/guilty about everything she does?! I keep waiting for the day when she’s going to stop apologizing for the way she feels. I thought that once she became a vampire she was going to let loose, have fun, and actually crack a smile for more than 10 seconds but I’m constantly disappointed. I don’t care what anyone says, but to me, it’s obvious that with Damon she can embrace life a little bit more. Elena was actually having some fun tonight, but it’s like the minute somebody judges her for it she acts like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar! Just stop apologizing already! You had fun for 10 minutes, just own it! Stop whining about how you should have been with Stefan!

    • I completely agree. Elena needs to just let loose, and everyone needs to let her. Bonnie and everyone else needs to stop judging her and Elena needs to stops feeling guilty for having fun. It’s getting really annoying, so is Elena’s whinning

      • Dawnmac says:

        So feeding off people against there will is okay as long as Elena and Damon are having fun??? What the hell kind of logic is that???

        • Kristen says:

          Thank the Lord someone is finally pointing this out… It’s been made clear since the beginning of this series that Elena views Damon’s way of surviving as wrong. She always has. She no longer judges him or criticizes him for it, but she’s made it clear she doesn’t agree with it. Now that she’s a vampire she’s supposed to forget that and think it’s okay? Stefan is doing nothing but trying to keep Elena on track with what she has always believed in. He’s trying to protect her from losing it and doing something she’ll regret for the rest of eternity. Damon is in support of Elena losing it and binging and getting it out of her system, b/c he doesn’t believe she can stay strong and never slip-up. The only people that have really been there to help Elena remain as much of the human as she was before is Caroline and Stefan. I’m not saying Damon doesn’t love Elena, but he wants her to have the life that he lives, b/c it’s more fun. Unfortunately, that is never the person Elena has been. That’s who Damon wants her to be, but that’s not her. Those who are arguing that she should become that way is fair, but you can’t change people. Damon and Elena have great chemistry, but their story isn’t being written on the basis of an eternal love. That was the premise of Stefan and Elena’s love. Damon is exciting and dark and confronts Elena on everything. He pushes her to be stronger, but he never respects her beliefs, decisions, or reasons. He’s already admitted it’s for his own selfish reasons. That’s fine. Stefan wants to protect Elena, respect her and everything she wants in life, and support her. He’s not rough with her, and treats her like she is the most sacred thing in the world to him. I find that romantic, and everlasting (minus the fact they are vampires). Her love with Damon is reckless. Hot, steamy, and passionate, but at the end of the day… self destructive. Damon needs to find a better balance before I’ll ever believe their love is for the long haul.

          • Pearl says:

            Here is the problem. The reason they have to compelled and feed against human will, is beacuse the humans don’t know vampires, don’t know they can be innofensives, and that hey could co-habitate, all humans know is that vmpires suck people dry (or shine, since Damon quote Twilight). Anyway, they were humans, they DIED, they had a new chance on “life”, and they will die again without blood.
            Damon can drink from a bag, he has been drinking from bags the most part of the serie, but like he said, if the guilty gets him, the pain (that is intensified) will be impossible, and he’ll switch off his humanity. Once the humanity is gone, will be much more dangerous for humans, cause he wont be able to stop, or at least he wont want to.
            In elena’s case, SHE DOESN’T HAVE A CHOICE, FEED FROM VEIN OR DIE! So, she’ll feed, if she controls it, everything is going to be okay, but if she looses, and she kills, and she loses her humanity, she’ll kill much more.
            Not having guilty for being who they are, for having another life to live, it’s the only way to control their impulses, be alive AND KEEP HUMANS SAFE.
            And you know, drink the blood, with control, won’t kill them. They are feeding and let the human go, and nothing wrong will happen to him. Now, we feed from animals, and they don’t have a chance from keep living. We kill so many animals so we can feed, or have fun, or have it on the wall, have their fur, so we can party on Thanks Giving, Christma’s. Humans are killers, as much as vampires can be, but vampires can let their victims live, humans won’t. Vampires know how is to be on the other end, humans don’t.
            Now, just because we think we are better and more valuable, we can’t be the food? in their “society”, birds, fishs, cows, any animal,could think the same way. Only they know they are part of a food chain, the humans on the show only thought they were on the top of it, but they are not, they are just one more part of the chain.

          • Jewels says:

            Where on Earth has the notion that Damon wants Elena to be like him come from? Damon watched as Elena lost control with Matt…DAMON pulled her off of Matt – not Stefan. DAMON saw Elena’s fury and talked her down. Stefan excused her behavior, pacified her by saying the proverbial “it happens to everyone” nonsense. Stefan was attracted to a human Elena. Stefan wants a human Elena. Damon simply wants Elena. Good, bad, or indifferent. Damon is a realist. Elena is a vampire. Reality is that she must learn how to live as a vampire or she will not succeed. A world without Elena, to him, is bleak. Stefan has never accepted his life – yet he REVELLED in it. Yes, Katherine compelled him but HE wanted it. HIS choices are controlling. All masked by a pretty face and platitudes. Don’t get me wrong…I like Stefan. I loved Stefan/Elena in the beginning. As time went on I saw Stefan as an “enabler” and Damon much more comfortable with holding Elena “accountable.” Neither love…is particularly healthy. Of course I don’t think TVD knows the meaning of the word healthy.

            Damon wants Elena to survive. Stefan wants Elena to survive as a human.

    • Patty says:

      I agree! I thought that now she would be stronger and understanding of the need to feed. But she is just so anoying! I wish the writers would let her embrace the vampire she now is.
      And I am so sick of her treating Damon like trash! The writers said this season he wouldn´t care what others thought, but he hasn´t changed! If they are going to turn her human again, I would like it to be when she is good at being a vampire.

    • Dev says:

      Seriously, no one is THAT good. So she should stop trying.

  21. julia says:

    if they make her human it will feel like a cop-out to me. like the season they make her a vampire is also the season a mysterious cure appears

  22. smthkly says:

    I was really looking forward to this episode. It was okay, but not the best ever. I am a Delena shipper but with each episode I’m losing that feeling. Damon deserves better. All he is trying to do is help her, which she has asked for, but she continues to hurt him. She seems more carefree and fun with Damon (as evident in their dance) but she still lets other’s opinions affect how she acts towards him. Bonnie knew what they were going to do but still got all judgemental when she saw them dancing together (which I’m not sure how that constitutes Elena being “out of control.”) If the writers want her to be with Stefan, fine, but ease up on the Damon abuse.

    I don’t see them turning Elena back into a human but maybe they try to and that is what causes her hallucinations in future ep. Wonder what the deadly mistake will be? Maybe she becomes human but hallucinations cause her to die again somehow turning back into a vampire.

  23. oohlala says:

    So disapointed right now! I will be so mad if they turn elena human again! Elena is a vampire and should stay that way, maybe her character would actually become interesting, but i guess not, she has turned into an even lamer stefan. The stefan and elena crap is so effing boring. I dont care anymore who elena is with (diehard delena fan until an hour ago) anymore honestly just wish they would find someone for damon to get all sexy and bad-assy with. So tired of waiting for elena to be cool.

  24. katrina says:

    I miss the Carolina/Klaus dynamic. This season has been ho hum in my opinion!

  25. oohlala says:

    Elena sucks.

  26. Kara says:

    LOL at all these fuming Damon/Elena comments. What did you seriously expect while Elena is with Stefan? Elena may not be the best gf in the world, but she’s not a cheater. Of course she’s going to be faithful to him.

    And I don’t get why everyone is so upset about how Elena treated Damon. I actually found it a little disturbing she felt like she had to apologize to Damon towards the end, like why should she apologize for how she feels? She may say she shouldn’t this and she should that, but with Stefan Elena never seems to feel the need to apologize for herself. J/S

    And as someone who is not the target demographic for the show (not a tween), and as someone who has attended a few frat parties, I didn’t get what the big deal was with Damon and Elena here, so they were at a lame college party. I actually felt more disturbed at the smiling through the blood on their lips while they were dancing without a care in the world. Yay, Damon has is Katherine 2.0 for a moment. Maybe it’s just me but if Damon wanted Elena like this, he really should just admit he’s still hung up on Katherine.

    And I still say Caroline would be Elena’s best teacher.. So far Caroline’s transition beat’s Elena’s by far.

    • I agree! I think they have to do something about Elena´s attitude though, becouse she is not cheatting on Stef, but she is definitely in dangerous ground.. They are making us hate her..

    • subhadeep says:

      excuse me genius, but Damon’s trying to teach elena how to maintain her feeding habits and still stay in control like SHE REQUESTED HIM. He clearly said that as because he revels in it therefore he is able to stop before ripping anyone’s throat open like your darling Saint Aka ‘Ripper’ Stefan, whom all SE fans are all raising on a pedestal as high as mount Everest. I f she is so disgusted by this method let her figure out the solution on her own and with the help of saint Stefan, in the process leaving a wake of dead bodies on of which would have been Matt if not for Damon’s intervention. Oh and the comment about elena not being have to apologize to Stefan, open you damn eyes and watch the show properly instead of making your biased opinions, elena can never be real with Stefan, she pretended that she could keep the animal blood down and kept it all the while from Stefan while our knight i n shining Armour seemed too busy celebrating with champagne instead of trying to asses her hesitation o n the other hand she immediately came clean to Damon who had his suspicions from the very beginning. Why , because she knew that he would understand her and when Stefan found out about the blood sharing (which Damon only did because elena turned down his earlier suggestion of drinking from others ) he gave her hell, as apparently his feelings are more important than his girlfriend literally starving to death, till she cried and APOLOGIZED. Wake up and smell the coffee, stelena is built on a foundation of lies, obligation and compromise while Delena has been real from day one in every aspect of their relationship.
      That’s the problem with you stelena fans, you plug you ears and shut your eyes and only open them when it is convenient for you. Learn to watch the show with a clear mind before showering us with your wisdom.

      • Kara says:

        I’ve never felt the need to reply to someone like this, but I just have to say this, You are pathetic. You lurve your precious DE fine, take a moment to say so, but to take the time to stalk and bash every comment you don’t like? IT”S JUST A TV SHOW. Why don’t you I don’t know, get a life, open a book, open your front door, instead replying to EVERY OTHER COMMENT you don’t like in long run on sentences that go on and on. Oh and BTW, I stop reading after Excuse me genius.

        • Eliza says:

          Then maybe don’t try to distance yourself from the fan base by arrogantly claiming you aren’t a tween and that you’ve been to some frat parties. (Made me chuckle). There’s nothing wrong with tweens and teenagers watching this show. Unfortunately, teenagers are the target audience, so I do have to keep that in mind when I watch.
          In regards to your initial comment, I don’t see how Damon is hung up on Katherine. I think its been shown pretty clearly that he has taken his rose colored glasses off where she is concerned. Just watch that scene in the car where he kisses her then tosses her back saying she doesn’t do it for him anymore. I suppose it can be argued that maybe he didn’t mean it but I truly believe that he didn’t feel anything when he kissed her.
          Maybe we are fools to continue to watch Vampire Diaries as our guilty pleasure. I enjoy sticking around to see if she will end up with Damon. It’s a fun little escape from everyday life. I think I will have to find a new show though because these head writers seemingly enjoy alienating their fanbases with hype that they don’t deliver on. I’m just not into that crap. I think I’ll just stick with watching Supernatural.

      • Kate says:

        It’s just a show!!! Relax, watch the show the writers write, if you don’t like it stop watching. Letting your blood boil from people on the internet who don’t agree with you? That’s a bit much. I’m of the opinion that Damon is much better suited for Katherine than Elena, but I’m not raging at all the D/E comments and if the writers want to go that way awesome for them, I’ll watch til I get bored, but jeez you need to calm down.

    • Dawnmac says:

      Finally a voice of reason. Sometimes I think I may be too old for this show or maybe just the fan base.

  27. oohlala says:

    Almost starting to think its not the show im in love with but ian somerhalder<3 he is amazing and beautiful. I watch this show because of him im sure. I now am thinking ian should get casted in a better show with more sex scenes ;) vampire diaries has seriously let me down.

  28. Fabe says:

    Elena is just such a user. Why the heck does Damon stick around after being treated so horribly every day! I’m so sick of all these self-righteous characters: Bonnie, Elena, Stefan, Jeremy, basically everyone residing in Mystic Falls. The only people I like on the show anymore are the anti-hero/villains! Damon, Rebekah, and Katherine are the only reason I watch this show still!

  29. s says:

    Elena being cured would be so lame and predictable. What would be the point of her becoming a vampire if she’s cured? but either way it doesn’t matter because at the moment she’s still whiny, pathetic annoying character regardless human or vamp. I just think this crap of every season being about saving Elena is OLD! Why can’t someone else get the cure and be saved?

  30. Abby says:

    I think turning Elena human right now would be a poor story choice. They still have so many other places to go with her being a vampire. I am a Stefan/Elena fan… And I agree the stringing on of Damon is ridiculous. Pick one and commit! Arg!

  31. Russ says:

    I hope they undagger Rebekah soon. I keep hoping something good will happen to her and then it never does.

  32. Cassandra says:

    A cure SERIOUSLY!!! She just became a vampire and they’re already talking about curing her.

  33. s says:

    Free Damon! Just tell Elena where to go already! Quit helping her, rescuing her, being her go to guy, anything that involves Elena. Enough is enough! Obv this will never happen but it should lol.

    • Patty says:

      I agree! Damon should just stay away from Elena, and he should have a new interest.
      I think Elena needs to come to terms with who she is now, and then ask for help.

      • Dev says:

        I think if Elena insists on having help from Damon she shouldn’t complain about not liking it. He should go on his own for a while and she will realize how much she needs him.

  34. ollie says:

    i thought this was the better ep this season so far. i liked the frat party scenes between delena when they were having fun. i agree that no characters should be passing jugdement on others. loved this damon and klaus was actually meancing this ep. cant wait to see where the five plots going.

  35. Shaun says:

    A lack of Tyler and Caroline kinda sucked the fun out of it.

  36. In the book series where they adapted this series from, Elena does return to being human, and also Damon becomes human… I wonder if the TV series is going towards that direction… Would be interesting though TBH…

  37. g says:

    I would be mad if they unmake elena so soon. She should stay a vampire for a while. Like the whole season…. haha. and I don’t know why everyone is still so set on Delena. It’s obvious they are never going to end up together since in the book series Damon is with Bonnie and Elena and Stefan are supposed to be together. The whole series is supposed to be about Elena and Stefan and their love for each other. :)

    • I agree! I don´t understand why everybody hate Stefan so much..

    • subhadeep says:

      everyone is so set on Delena because they can clearly see the development between them for 3 seasons ( as opposed to you ) and can also see that genuine love and understanding exists between them. Also they have only taken an inspiration for the books they are not following them so do not look to them for support and NO this show is not about Stefan and elena this show is a love triangle , which it has been anything but with all this forced stelena crap being shoved down our throats. Open you eyes, take a deep breath and start watching again form seasons 1 -3 and maybe you SE fans will finally after long last see if not appreciate our point because we are certainly getting tired of you playing the broken record of stelena without giving any justification other fan epic’ love or ‘how its i n the books’. Oh , and by the way, LL smith got fired after writing the 7th book, do you know why, because she wanted a Delena endgame. the fact that the original writer wanted it should be a testament to the fact of how natural the Delena option is. But , somehow, because of you SE fans, the publishing house fired her as the strictly wanted a stelena endgame and the should give you an idea of how forced stelena is if the Ms. smith ( without whom the world of TVD would not exist ) was fired as because she wanted to show the only natural and logical choice that is Delena. Get your facts straight, before blindly starting to comment

  38. Maryam says:

    Why cant Elena and Stefan go off to far away island and and EVER never come back. I hate this boring epic love the writers are trying to sell between these two. I don’t understand why is one sided triangle is still going on. IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Julie Plec for the sake of all our sanity please let Damon MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!1111

  39. TristanV says:

    Whoever said Damon wouldn’t be pining away this season was full of crap. I do not ship Delena or Stelena – I honestly don’t care who she ends up with- but my favorite character has become nothing but a pathetic doormat thus far through season 4 while Stefan dances in between the black and white lines of morality in order to find a cure for his beloved. What happened to the Damon of season 1 returning? What happened to Damon moving on? I don’t know if it’s me, but it seems as though Damon is the most hated character by the writers of this series. Please, if you can, tell me what he’s actually gained in this whole series besides the death of those who actually treated him like a friend. Rose – dead. Andy – dead. Alaric – dead. I’d say Damon deserves an extended vacation, leaving Mystic Falls so people will finally understand how much they need him to make the tough decisions. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s have him tell Elena that her transition is no longer his problem. Afterall, she did make it abudantly clear that it should have been Stephan with her at that party. Jesus, can we please replace this broken record with one that works?

  40. Naazneen says:

    Im quite surprised by all the “Elena is irritating, whiny, annoying” comments. Not because i disagree, but simply because she has always been this way. I have always thought that killing Elena and making Catherine the main female lead might at least give us a heroine with a morally ambiguous/downright evil background who could redeem herself. There is still the triangle with Damon and Stefan. But most importantly we will have a heroine with a backbone, who knows what she wants and doesnt keep apologising for the choices she makes! Its the most infuriating thing about Elena. The minute Stefan raises his brow in disapproval. Or Matt. Or Bonnie weighs in with their take on something, Elena caves and goes into “im so sorry i did something that makes me happy for a change instead of worrying about everyone else”. So tired of this trope.

    In the last couple of years, Elena is the same one note. I am so tired of her wanting to sacrifice herself over and over and over again for the sake of everyone else and in so doing only manages to make everything ten times worse. Her character hasnt grown one darn bit!

    I had hope (slight as it was) for her improvement as a character when she turned. But she is just as irritating as always. Instead of making her human again, kill her, bring back Catherine. Nina Dobrev still has a job, Damon and Stefan can still fight over the girl.

  41. Jj says:

    This episode was not the worst. But not the best either. Why is Rebbekah suddenly fine, when she was also poisoned with werewolf venom? Who cured her? Not Klaus, because they clearly had not seen each other. Rebbekah even said that the last time they spoke Klaus said she was not his sister anymore…

    Also, if Rebbekah is an original, why can she not remember the tattoo from that other hunter? Both Klaus and Elijah have demonstrated long memories. Why would it not apply to her?

    I really do not want Elena to be cured. I want to see her live with the fact that she is a vampire and be forced to STOP WHINING!

  42. This ep was great except for the major let down of Delena. All of the story lines are great so far, except for the triangle. Stelena is just being forced at this point, the writers need to just let it go and move on to Delena.

  43. I liked the episode.. I think.. Anyway, I think they have to do something with Elena attitude, not about her complainings, but her dessitions when comes to these brothers. I am a Stefan fan (and a paul wesley fan, I think he is a great actor), but it really bothers me how she trats both of them, c´mon, she is playing with them like toys.. I am starting to hate her.. (Sorry for my english, I am from Argentina)

  44. Waitingsux says:

    I don’t care who you ship, this episode sucked.

    This perpetual woe is Elena routine is OLD. This show is getting stale and TBH if things don’t pick up, Julie Plec might be out of a job.

    Not sure if I’ll watch anymore this season… Too lame for me.

  45. Reward says:

    This season is SOOOOOOO boring -.-
    Stop with D/S/E .. really, stop it! until now, I don’t understand NOTHING about this season.
    Bring back Katherine! She is the only one I’ve been waiting for months!

  46. Adam says:

    Feel so bad for Rebekah! i even cried a little bit and I never cry. I hoped at the end that Stefan would’ve undaggered her, but no. Hope she gets undaggered soon and gets to be happy!

  47. Anjali says:

    I don’t know, I think the idea that by the end of the season Elena may be human again is kind of interesting. She would have to deal with how it was to be a vampire and then transitioning back, it could be an interesting journey. I am pretty sure in the books she gets brought back as a human at some point and that Damon gets made in to a human too, though I know doesnt follow the books really at all. Which is good as I read the first two and they were not a good read IMO.

  48. Ruby says:

    Delena fans are so annoying! really why you want DE to happen anyway if you dont like Elena? gosh this comments are so stupid! and i think this episode was actually great! i like the story of it! and people that say Stefan is boring? lol you say that because of Stelena! BTW, let me guess you only watch TVD because of DE? wow

    • Gem says:

      From the comments people are making they seem to be fed up with the story as a whole regardless of being on Team Damon or Team Stefan so aggressively assuming they are only Damon fans because they disagree with you about the quality of this season is a bit uncalled for. I agree with many people here that TVD has lost some of the magic it had in the beginning. Elena is a vampire now and should be able to take care of herself but somehow still acts like a child and needs the brothers to take care of her? I agree with people here that it is annoying, unrealistic and from the fact that there are 76 comments here, almost all of them negative, the writers/producers need to turn the tide soon or they are at risk of losing fans and their show.

      • Naazneen says:

        Totally agree 100%. While i am on more of a Team Damon than Stefan, my issue is mostly with Elena’s continuous characterisation. It lacks logic and smells of writers who are either drawing out the inevitable or they are afraid of doing something different. Either way, this show isnt what it once was.

        • tripoli says:

          Yes. I’m not in the habit of joining the relationship teams, so I could care less who gets the girl in the end, but just stop with the endless back and forth. I prefer Damon as a character so I suppose I would like him to pair with Elena, but she’s annoying and useless, so really, he should just toss her already. It’s clear to me, a more casual viewer, that the more dedicated fans feel like they are getting screwed with, time and again in regards to who Elena chooses and how her character is behaving and evolving. Must get pretty annoying to be lead one way and almost immediately be told that it isn’t really going to go the way you expected.

    • Waitingsux says:

      I don’t find DE fans annoying. What I find annoying is Stephan, well and Elena too. They are both sooo sooo one note. It’s boring. They are boring, both as individuals and amplified as a boring couple.

      Can’t watch their sad sorry excuse for romantic chemistry anymore, sorry just can’t do it.

    • D says:

      Well, I want DE to happen because Damon does and I love Damon.

  49. Rea says:

    Honestly? I think it would seriously suck for Elena to turn back… And I don’t see that happening!! Can I just point out how awful was Stefan this episode? What he did to Rebekah(his ex might I add) is just so terrible and don’t start comparisons to Elena and Damon in S3 because it’s totally different…. They didn’t have that kind of history between them. Plus, am I the only one here who thought Stefan was selfish idiot for going with Klaus and his plans? He wants Elena to turn back human for HIM not for HER plus how is he gonna be making all those babies with Elena when she is Klaus’ human blood bag? And how selfish is he to condemn his descendants to being a blood bags for Klaus(another doppelganger in a few hundred years)? I don’t like that show is making Elena having fun as a bad thing, it makes me so sad for the character that every time she lets loose she gets condemned or punished for it. I seriously don’t see what was she doing that was so wrong. If she killed someone or kissed Damon ok, that would be wrong but she didn’t hurt anyone and she was just having fun..

  50. Sparky says:

    I think Julie Plec needs to take some time and watch Dawson’s Creek the entire series. That’s how you do a love triangle that actually works. This really bad excuse for a triangle stinks. I see no reason why Damon should stick around and no reason how Elena can choose Damon after everything that has happened. I used to DVR this show without fail – I missed the first half of it last night and I doubt I would have been bothered if I had missed the entire thing… Same old…

    • Julia says:

      TVD is NOT Dawson’s Creek, and for JP to try and turn this show into DC 2.0 would be the worst thing they could do IMHO.

      • Sparky says:

        JP keeps saying that Damon hasn’t deserved Elena’s love yet ergo this is a love triangle. My point was that KW wrote a story about 3 people and he did it well. You would have thought that working on DC she would know first hand how to create a love story between 3 people that kept the fans happy and was true to the story that she is trying to tell. After 4 seasons she has either failed to tell Damon’s story very well or this triangle is just an epic fail. Judging from a lot of fans reactions lately I don’t think I am alone in saying that the show has lost direction…

        • Julia says:

          Just because Damon/Elena fans are frustrated with the progress of their relationship does not mean the show has not catered to that side of the triangle. Quite the contrary, I find that an enormous amount of time is spent catering to DE short of actually bringing them together.

          As someone who watches despite the triangle of doom, I can tell you it’s really annoying for the rest of us who could give a flick about DE. I for one wish the show would tone it down until they are ready to really go there.

          • J says:

            If you don’t watch it for the relationships or potential ones on the show, then what do you watch it for? I’m not saying this to be snarky, I’m just curious. When you take that part away, what’s left of the show but a revolving door of flat bad guys? Doesn’t seem like it would be enough to interest anybody for very long.