Ratings: The Voice and Dixie Rise, Happy Endings, Apt. 23 and Mindy Drop

The Knockout Rounds continued to raise The Voice, which this Tuesday drew 12.1 million total viewers and a 4.6 rating — up 7 percent week-to-week and topping the night in the demo.

NCIS (18.3 mil/3.4) led the night in total audience, as always, inching up 3 percent and two tenths.

Sharply on the down side this Tuesday were ABC’s Happy Endings (4.7 mil/1.4, off 15 and 22 percent from its premiere) and Apartment 23 (3.4 mil/1.2, slipping 20 and 29 percent), and Fox’s The Mindy Project (3.2 mil/1.5, down 21 percent in the demo).

Elsewhere on Tuesday:

8 pm | Dancing With the Stars‘ results show (11.8 mil/1.9) was down 9 and 17 percent. Raising Hope (4.1 mil/1.7) and Ben and Kate (3.1 mil/1.4) were steady. Hart of Dixie (1.38 mil/0.6) rose 5 percent and a tenth.

9 pm | NCIS: LA (16.1 mil/2.8) was flat, New Girl (4.8 mil/2.3) fell 7 and 15 percent and Emily Owens (1 mil/0.3) lost a few eyeballs.

10 pm | Opposite ABC and NBC hurricane specials, CBS’ Vegas (10.7 mil/1.7) rose a tenth in the demo.

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  1. Gerald says:

    Damn it, I don’t want DTTBIA23 to get cancelled!

    • Patrick says:

      I liked the Pilot, but it went down hill from there. Rather than make June more like the B, they are making the B more likeable. They are turning her into a Barney Stinson type, who is selfish but essentially a good person. The B needs to be a sociopath who probably isn’t worthy of being emulated or liked. She is way to likeable.

      Ditto Happy Endings. The writers seem to be aimlessly wandering at this point. They have no clear sense of where they are going. Both shows are still enjoyable, but they seem to be mere shadows of what they could have been.

      • ChrisGa says:

        Yep, gotta agree both shows aren’t as good as last season. …Apt. 23 especially seems to have lost a little of it’s edge from last season(though getting a foster child to be your “assistant” is admittedly a hard act to follow) though the performers remain appealing. As for HE, not sure what’s going on there but it’s lost something too; maybe it’s time for Penny’s pal Derrick to swoop back in and liven up the joint for an episode or two.

      • Mikael says:

        I agree. They’re toning Chloe down too much too quickly. They should be making June more like Chloe. Right now, I feel like James Van Der Beek is stealing the show. He makes me laugh more than the other two. I’m sad for Happy Endings, because it’s so hilarious. I hope ABC doesn’t start mistreating it like they did with Cougar Town.

  2. Janet Snakehole says:

    New Girl is gettin better and better each episode. Nick in the Haunted House had me CRYING from laughing.

    Mindy? Not that funny anymore. Something is missin’ there. I cant put my finger on it.

    • leah says:

      I actually gave up on it a few weeks ago. The only fox comedy I watch now is raising hope

    • gdv says:

      LOVE New Girl. I really like The Mindy Project a lot, too. I think the male nurse is especially funny. It definitely needs some room to grow, though, so hopefully it’ll get a second season.

      • filmex2000 says:

        Totally agree. I think “Mindy” is a scream. Hope FOX gives it a chance. It’s always murder when they put a new series on, then take it off for weeks because of the World Series, then bring it back to start all over again.

  3. vane says:

    What about the new normal that and mindy project are the only new shows I watch love them!

  4. sia says:

    This upsets me! Happy Endings was absolutely hysterical this week!

  5. VCI says:

    i’m surprised ratings are up given that half the east coast doesn’t have power so can’t watch tv.

    • Jk says:

      Offset by people with power staying in because there is nowhere to go?

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I was thinking it was a surprise that ratings went up for any shows too considering the loss of power for so many people, and I think a lot of people with power might have cable out. However, Netflix is reporting a humongous surge in streaming since the night Sandy hit, so you may be on to something there.

    • Kelly says:

      The storm affected people on Tuesday, not Monday.

  6. AMES says:

    Oh please let HOD get another season. Last night was such a great episode and I am not ready to give up my new favorite small town-Bluebell. I am really happy with the way they handled the love triangle. I know that the rating are not great but this show is so much better than 90210 and GG.

    • Ben says:

      The ratings of HOD are better than 90210 and Gossip Girl (that last one don’t count).

    • Alice says:

      Really liking HOD this season. I was ready to cringe when it looked like they were getting sucked back into the love triangle, but I was really happy with Zoe and Wade this episode. They’re friggin adorable.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    Good for Vegas!

    • filmex2000 says:

      Like “Vegas” but I really wish Quaid would play it more John Wayne like, tough with a smile, rather than his acid-reflux portrayal where he always seems PO’d at the world.

  8. Patricia says:

    Emily Owens is getting more viewers than Nikita that is scary

  9. Angie says:

    No ratings released for Monday night?

  10. Jared says:

    Hart of Dixie has been great this season. Its really a cute little show that seems to stay very steady ratings wise with the CW audience. Hopefully the CW can pair it with something better than Emily Owens for next season.

  11. jojo says:

    I wish I lived in Bluebell :)

  12. jojo says:

    its no surprise that The Mindy Project is tanking..even though I personally like it. FOX..theres NO WAY you can launch a new series than take it off the air for a month and expect to hold an audience.

  13. Michael says:

    guess I am the only one who thinks New Girl is more entertaining this year, and the writing on Hart of Dixie is getting better and better with each episode. Hope they get at least 1.5mil…

  14. Quinn Mallory says:

    Not sure that it matters but both Happy Endings and Apt. 23 are aired earlier in the week in Canada (meaning that it exists on the internet prior to the US debut). Both show are on my watch when have time list (when I generally just watch it on ABC.com). Apt. 23 actually referred to HE this week.

  15. AJ says:

    I love Hart of Dixie. It just keeps getting better. Wade and Zoe are great. Hoping for season 3’n

  16. Jill says:

    I love APT 23. I get how it wouldn’t have a broad appeal, but for me it’s one of the funniest shows on television.

  17. Probably doesn’t help that both of the season premiers of HE and DTTB were dreadful. HE was much better this week. DTTB marginally so.

  18. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    Somewhere along the way, one of the three networks (NBC, ABC, FOX) is going to need to blink and move their Tuesday-9pm tandem of comedies to another night. I think all three tandems (six comedies) are dividing the viewers to an extent of damaging all involved. f they leave all six comedies in place, at least two or three of the six won’t be back next fall.

    Just my opinion, but if I were ABC, I’d make a move soon. Both HappyEnd and Apt23 are not as sharp as they have been last season, but both shows are worth saving, although I think Apt23 has some charater-development issues (as noted in the prior posts) that may sink that show by May anyway. I’d move both out of the Tuesday 9/9:30 slots pronto. HEnd can and should be protected elsewhere on the schedule to try to keep that show growing into next fall. Apt23?

    NBC can probably hold on for now – both Go On and NNormal look pretty good ratings wise, but once Voice goes into winter hiatus, we’ll know more about the numbers. I think a Betty White sketch-comedy show is coming back for the winter until Voice returns this spring. That move could kill off Go On and NNormal by the time Voice returns – gotta hope NBC has a ‘plan B’ in place until Voice returns.

    Fox is probably in a better position to hold out and keep New Girl and Mindy in their current slots. The Mindy show last night (Halloween) was not that great, but that prior episode (the one at the dance club with the NBA stars Davis, Amare, etc.) was surprisingly good – if they can keep the show at that level each week, there’s potential there. I like the structure of the show – almost a ‘dramedy’ [in a good way] in style and writing. The show is far better than I had anticipated.

  19. Glad Raising Hope is holding steady!

  20. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I really liked Happy Endings. The whole storyline with Jane being a possible witch was pretty funny. And somewhat believable, haha. Don’t Trust the B…meh. Haven’t gotten around to watching Mindy or New Girl yet as my stupid DVR crapped out on me last night and I’ve been having to watch everything online today. I’m assuming my dumb cable box keeps crapping out on me is because it’s made by Motorola. I assume their cable boxes are as crappy as their phones. And that was a weird tangent. I’m a little punchy off a Halloween candy sugar high.

  21. Nicole says:

    I liked HE and the mindy project much better this week but I am LOVING Raising Hope this year. Each episode this season has been awesome! I have been laughing so hard each week. People should give it a try!

  22. sarah says:

    I love Ben and Kate! It is good that HOD rose,eventhough I was not a huge fan of the episode.

  23. b says:

    I watched Emily Owen’s for the first time this week and was surprised by the quality of the writing and acting it’s definitely better than most shows that air on the cw

  24. b says:

    I also watched HoD and found Zoe and her I can’t be with you because I don’t want to be your rebound relationship but I love you and want to be with you someday until then though you should be with someone that you have feelings for speech a bit upsetting it makes her indecisive it’s like the writers planned for her to be with George but then the fans reacted strongly to Zoe with Wade so they decided to find a way to postpone Zoes inevitable realization that Wade isn’t right for her it’s a cop out