Recap: Castle Faces a Killer Dilemma

Castle Season 5Monday night’s Castle saw the mystery novelist set up. But this was no blind date. Rather, the 3XK killer had returned and framed Rick for murder.

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The hour begins with the team being called to a crime scene with a twist: The victim is strapped to the ceiling and has a symbol carved into her forehead. Once they begin investigating, CSU finds Castle’s fingerprints on the door knob. Then he’s spotted on video cam footage buying jewelry for the dead woman. While Beckett is hesitant to believe Castle is responsible, a search warrant uncovers a bag at his apartment with the same type of wire used to harness the victim. With all the evidence pointing at  him, Espo is forced to arrest his friend for murder.

In a rare moment of vulnerability, a crying Beckett reveals to Lanie that they found emails on Castle’s computer that expose an affair between him and the deceased, giving him motive. “He is an immature, egotistical, self-centered jackass sometimes, but he’s not this,” Kate says.

As if there was ever any doubt, Castle didn’t do it. The 3XK killer, Tyson, pays him a spooky visit behind bars to explain why he set him up (how considerate!): “I gave up four years of my life planning the perfect vanishing act so that the cops would stop looking for me, so that I could begin killing again. … You ruined it.”

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And for that, he doesn’t want to off Castle. “It’s more fun to destroy you,” he adds. And he’s found the perfect, poetic way to do it that will also break Beckett’s heart. “I’ve got people waiting for you [in central booking]. You will not last the night. And that’ll be her punishment – believing that you were innocent and not being able to stop it. It’ll haunt her for the rest of her life.”

But being the clever man that he is and having somebody handy owe him a favor, Castle manages to orchestrate his escape as he’s being transferred, right after giving Kate a coded message to meet him at the New York Public Library, the spot where she first arrested him. From there, they track down 3XK’s fake Castle from the footage and, ultimately, the serial killer’s “lair.” Unfortunately, he’s not there – he’s outside. While sitting in the car discussing how things have never been easy between them, Becket and Castle are suddenly rear-ended. Tyson grabs Kate, and Rick saves her, shooting him into the waters below. When no body is found, Castle knows this is not the end of the story. It was never about hurting him; orchestrating this entire meticulous charade was the perfect way for Tyson to stop being wanted. Now he’s free.

Castle fans, what did you think of the frame job? Is Castle right about 3XK’s eventual return? And does this episode only solidify Castle and Beckett’s relationship?

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  1. lame says:

    Great writing AWM, you solidified the C/B relationship and you left the door ajar for Jerry Tyson”s return. The best thing you did was to remind us that Castle is an expert with a hand gun. Haven’t really seen that since season one episode seven. That said when does he get his permit to carry. It would make the DD equally lethal.

  2. Skyfan says:

    Castle should put in some firearms practice: AHead Shot would have resolved the matter…

  3. Anna says:

    Question: when he talks about the first time she arrested him in the NY public library because he wouldnt stop investigating the case, was that in any of the episodes, and if so which one? Because the only time I can remember him being arrested was when he came back from the Hamptons and they found him standing over a dead body…twice.
    All-in-all I thought it was an excellent episode!

    • Audrey says:

      He was referring to the pilot episode, after she realized he stole some files from her desk. Although she didn’t cuffed him herself, she did tell the officers who actually put the cuffs on him not to be gentle on him. And now, here in this episode, she was doing it herself as gentle as can be.

  4. jennkyle says:

    This was one of the best castle ever I think the 3xk killer is still a leave like castle said he will be back this episode had me setting on the edge of my seat

  5. Will says:

    I really hated this episode and found the writing to be terribly lazy. None of it actually holds up to any level of examination. The things that 3XK was able to achieve stretched any reasonable suspension of disbelief past the limit. How did he get into the precinct, talk to Castle, and get out without anyone knowing he was there, and then not show up in the security footage. The lampshade of a line where he just indicates that he’s that good just doesn’t hold up. Really, how could he have possibly done that? How could he have altered the security footage and ensured that no one was around to hear Castle when he called for help? How could he have gotten past Castle’s security at his apartment? How could he have manufactured those e-mails? How could he see everything in advance? How could he know every step Castle and Beckett would take up until the very end? This means he also would have had to foresee Castle hiring people to pose as police officers to bust him out. And exactly what moves Castle and Beckett would make, leading up to his falling in the water. Also, seriously, the entire place is wiped down perfectly except for fingerprints on the door, and from the start they don’t notice that that’s a little odd–that if Castle of all people set up this meticulous scene, he wouldn’t have messed up on that one detail?

    Another issue: the fact that this all turns out to have been his scheme for disappearing. Well, if he really wanted to disappear, none of his “revenge” against Castle was necessary, particularly given that he set Castle up only to then later absolve him by all but leading the cops to the evidence that cleared Castle. He simply could have faked his own death and wasted a lot less time and effort that he was just going to undo by manipulating them to that bridge. This episode was a huge mess.

  6. Kristine S. says:

    Very unbelievable episode. Up until the reveal with Laney, never really felt like Beckett was 100% believing Castle’ s innocence. Castle himself never seemed that rattled. A lot of the evidence was too obvious to be done by Castle. Fingerprints left behind, bloody clothes and barbed wire in a bag in plain site in his office? Esposito seemed like he thought Castle was guilty – despite saying that he thought he was innocent. How did 3xk seem completely unfazed by the round Kate put in him? How did Castle get from the passenger seat of the car to a place outside of the car with a gun unnoticed by 3xk in a span of 10 seconds? He’ s a big guy. Would have to climb over seats and such. How did he pull a favor to get fake cops to the precinct to escort him out? How many private phone calls is he allowed anyway? That takes planning. AND they got there seconds before the real cops?? It was just so bad. I couldn’t buy any of it. I love Castle, but not this episode.

  7. Andrea says:

    did anyone else notice Tyson’s name badge? “J. Rook” Lol

    • Mari says:

      When I saw this on tumblr it blew my mind!! So many details… This is way it’s my favorite tv show.

    • Christy says:

      YES!! I noticed that when he walked in they focued on his name badge so I paused. And then screamed or a good 5 minutes! Castle has the best hidden things!!

  8. tvdiva says:

    What bothered me about this episode was that the villain was shot multiple times in a bulletproof vest but was able to jump up and still make trouble. Nobody gets shot that many times and can still walk and talk right away. That, and the fact that Beckett could have shot him in the head (eye preferably), and Castle could have shot him in the leg (thigh preferably). And why shoot him into the water, especially when Castle knew he just wanted to escape to start killing again? This whole episode was just a setup to bring back this particular villain.

    • John says:

      Most, if not all, of Kate’s shots went into the door (which a police issue 9 won’t penetrate) or through the windows as he ducked down. Castle was shooting him off Kate, what was immediately behind him wasn’t all that high a priority. Oh sure even with a high quality plate armor vest Tyson would be very sore or somewhat worse: but the point was for him to get away, not necessarily get away feeling fully chipper.

  9. All of you are over analyzing every little detail

  10. Amber1 says:

    I loved the episode. The relationships between all the characters were wonderful – it was great – although the shooting scene at the end was not as believable as it could have been. A lot of shots went into that vest. Other than that the writing was fantastic as was the acting. The only thing I felt was that it was a little short. A double episode would have allowed some stuff to be fleshed out more. But that’s just my opinion. I obviously wanted more :)

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