Exclusive: Pretty Little Liars Boss Answers 16 Burning Qs About the Killer Halloween Special!

Are Ezra and Byron (!) on the “A” team? Who was in that body bag? Is Toby really that evil? Those are just a few of the countless questions raised by ABC Family‘s Pretty Little Liars Halloween special — and we’ve got answers to all of them!

Here, executive producer Oliver Goldstick breaks down the standalone installment, and, leaving no (grave)stone unturned, reveals what’s ahead for every dastardly Rosewood denizen in Season 3b (launching Jan. 8).

IS ARIA “A”? | “I can’t confirm that. You know that. I would lose my own life! [Laughs] I will say to you that people are very perceptive, and that ‘A’ might be closer to her than she thinks.”

WHY FINALLY “GO THERE” AND MAKE IT SEEM LIKE EZRA IS ON “TEAM A”? | “You saw his face. Weren’t you a little suspicious? It’s a new world, and it’s time for things to change. The 3b of it all is about some unlikely suspects. Maybe all along there were some things about this character, and they’ll really come to light this season; they come to fruition. Aria’s father is another one that will make you go, ‘Oh my! Wow.'”

ANY TRUTH TO THE THEORY THAT EZRA WAS WITH HIS SON AND MAGGIE ON HALLOWEEN? | “I have to deny that. In [the finale], Maggie hadn’t told him about the son, so that wouldn’t make sense at all.”

WHAT IS BRYON’S CONNECTION TO ALISON? | “You’re going to like the season opener — and by no means is this a red herring. We are definitely going down this path. I’m sorry to tell you, but even the adults in Rosewood have been doing some lying — and they’ve got some real stuff to hide! You’re going to find out a lot more about his relationship to Alison in the first couple episodes… A parent may have killed one of his daughter’s friends. This is a huge secret that’s been swept beneath the rug. What does it do to any family in this town if, in fact, one of those parents goes to jail?”

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WILL ARIA STRUGGLE WITH RUMORS ABOUT HER FATHER? | “Oh, the whole season opener is Aria in complete denial about this. There’s absolutely no way that her father could be involved with Alison.”

WILL WE LEARN WHOSE VOICES WE HEARD OUTSIDE OF THE CRATE? | “You’ll have an idea of it in the Season 3b opener. Remember, Aria stabbed somebody. She hit flesh with that screwdriver, and there’s a payoff in the premiere.”


WAS THE HAND RISING FROM ALI’S DIRT GRAVE A FLASHBACK? | “I can definitely confirm that. We’re kind of upset about that one, to be honest. We always do the whoosh effect to make it look like a flashback, and it didn’t work on the dirt [in that scene]. This was never intended to confuse people. That is from the past and was never meant to be present-day Halloween. That [setting was] the gazebo’s perimeter.”

WAS JENNA FLIRTING WITH PAIGE ON THE TRAIN? | “If she was flirting with her, it would only be for manipulative reasons. We’ve pretty much confirmed that Jenna is a very heterosexual girl, who is there with Noel. We also know her interest in Toby.”

WHO WAS IN THE BODY BAG? | “I don’t think it needs to be a secret that those are Alison’s remains.”

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HOW PROMINENT WILL AN INVESTIGATION INTO GARRETT’S MURDER BE? | “It’s not as prominent as you would think. It’s discussed in the first couple of episodes, but it goes away for a little bit and then will come back… You’ll hear Emily’s father say in our premiere that it looks like an act of vigilantism… The girls definitely want an answer, and they have no leads when they start the season, but they’ll start getting some. It doesn’t overpower or dominate the storylines in 3b, though.”

WAS JASON FOLLOWING LUCAS AROUND THE TRAIN RATHER SUSPICIOUSLY? | “You weren’t imagining things. I promise you’ll see more of that.”

LUCAS NO LONGER SEEMS BAD — WHY? | “That’s a really good question and you’re going to see that in the season opener, too. Lucas sort of cracks in 3b.”

WAS ASHLEY SEEING THAT GHOST MERELY A FUN HALLOWEEN TWIST? | “Yeah, but it’s also paying homage to the books. As you know, the twin theme is very big in the book series, so it’s our nod to that.”

ANY PLANS TO EXPLORE ALI’S TWIN ON THE SHOW? | “We haven’t committed to that, but we’ll continue to pay tribute to the books.”

IS TOBY AS EVIL AS HE NOW SEEMS? | “Yes. Yes. You’re going to see things in 3b and understand where he’s coming from. You’re going to realize that Toby’s axe to grind is not a small hatchet — it might actually be quite large. You know why he hated Alison, but he may have a reason to dislike her entire posse.”

How do you feel about Bad Toby? Are you shocked that Bryon may have killed Alison? Hit the comments!

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  1. Jackie says:

    I think Spencer could be A, like it would make sense with the whole spoby thing. When Toby says to her in 03×12 “It’s ok Spencer I know who you are” when they are hugging in the street, that was a little suspicious. And she is a really smart girl who I think could be capable of it. Like the whole obsessive act of finding out who A is could just be her cover up. Similar to the book she refers to (where someone wrote a murder story about a crime they were about to commit) and Spencer says it is “genius”. And in the very first episode when Spencer was the first one to go looking for Alison and came back as the others woke up, that never got fully explained. Like if she woke up and Ali was gone you’d think she would of woken up the others not gone out looking for her alone. I don’t know, just a thought. Could be a huge twist that no one expects.

    • Michelle says:

      Maybe you’re right, i hope not because i like spencer but yeah she’s a little mysterious.

    • Traci Audino says:

      Jackie – That’s a really interesting theory. I definitely think you brought up a good point. Spencer was the one to go looking for Alison, and it was never explained! In the end, when Alison’s killer is revealed, it will lead up to her initial disappearance that night at Spencer’s house. Your post really got me thinking….

    • Clare says:

      In the Halloween episode Spencer and Toby were dressed as (correct me if I’m wrong) Bonnie and Clyde. Which could be a hint that they’re working together as A. Spencer is by-far the smartest out of all the girls and could definitely pull it off. This could be interesting.

      • Niki says:

        They’re not – coincidentally, in season 2, Melissa and Ian were Bonnie and Clyde. Spencer and Toby are some other movie characters…not sure, but not B & C.

        • Ebony says:

          I think they were Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart in the movie To Have or Have Not. Something like that. I looked up the line where she says just whistle. U do know how to whistle don’t u. Lol

    • Andie says:

      Ali and spencer were fighting. Thats why spence was outside.

    • Anna says:

      And Spencer was the one to get up to look for Emily when she went missing.

    • Sometimes when I watch the show, I have the same theory that Spencer is in the A team. But I love her character so much that I just wipe it out my mind sometimes. Her being the only one looking for Ali that night when all the other PLL was sleep doesnt sit well with me either. Ugh this show is going to have some ppl with grey hairs bout time season 4 hits. I was thinking the person with the Jester mask that attacked Spencer could be Lucas. Remember how Paige throw him and the way the person was fighting it couldve been Lucas b/c im sure he doesnt have any fighting skills. Honestly I trust none of them!

    • No, actually, Mona asked Spencer in the Season 2 finale if she wanted to join the A-team, and Spencer said no.

  2. Michelle says:

    How can aria be A? why would she almost kill herself? and why would she treat the other girls bad, i still think Allison is A cause we don’t know for sure that she is dead. She likes to trick people and that person who dressed like caleb looked like Alli if you ask me.

    • Traci Audino says:

      I think the person who dressed like Caleb was Mona though. At the end of the episode they showed Mona lying in bed, and on the floor was the mask that was underneath the mask that Hannah pulled off the person imitating Caleb. Unless I’m getting my details mixed up…there are so many things that happened in this episode! haha

      Also, even if it doesn’t seem logical that Aria is part of the A Team because she wouldn’t end up in that box and almost thrown off the train, it seems that really anyone who was around on the night of Ali’s disappearance (anyone who is a “pretty little liar”) is safe (even A Team members).

    • Caley says:

      The girl that looked like ali was mona in a wig and mask.

  3. Veronica says:

    I really hope this season is going to be better than last, i was very disappointed by last season it was really cheesy and there was barely any exciting parts in it.

  4. Clare says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe one of the girls will be apart of the A team? I think that would be really interesting… who better to get at the other three girls than one of their own?

  5. Sarah says:

    Really good article!! :) thanks!

  6. amber says:

    Everyone is jumping to the fact that Ezra is “A” now because she said that “A” is closer than she thinks… But no one seems to be assuming its her dad instead? That’s closer to her than Ezra.. just food for thought

  7. Karen says:

    I have no doubt Ezra!

  8. Brianna says:

    I think Ezra is either on the A team or cheating on aria. Either way I won’t be surprised. He’s been suspicious lately…

  9. Kayy says:

    I really hope Ezra isn’t A. Aria and Ezra are such a cute couple. As for Toby, I hope Spencer finds out soon (only for her sake.) Caleb and Hanna are such a cute couple also. I really hope he doesn’t have a part on the A team. As for Mona, How does she get out of the mental institute? I mean she dresses up like a nurse, but seriously. How does she get out!? For Garrett’s murder case, I hope they get something out of it. For Emily and Paige, I really hope there is a twist in the story, and Paige turns out to be on the A team! Great Job to all you Pretty Little Liar Producers! I love your show! Its addicting! January 8th is sooooooo long away!

  10. TobysGirl says:

    I’m super bummed.. Ever since Day 1 im like, “This guy cant be evil. He looks like such a sweetie pie.” He saved Em from being rapped by her ex-bf. He took her to the hospital street she got hurt. The part that broke my heart the most was when he went into the ally crying.. </3 I was hoping he's only on The A Team to find out whose hurting his girlfriend and her best friends. But i was wrong.. Boooo.. I still have hope for Toby.

  11. Jalynn says:

    I can’t believe this is happening but I like really like how they played like twist with Toby and I feel so bad for Jason seeing the dead body.

    And I didn’t know if it was just me but Toby being bad is kinda HOT

  12. dev says:

    How can A be Aria? That clearly doesn’t make sense. What, she would put herlsed in a box with dead garett and purposely hurt someones hand? She looked genuinely scared. Plus we’ve seen many times that A has attacked or sent sms’s to aria alone. Definantly not one of the four girls. And toby- take one look at him.. He’s not evil.. I rekon the writers want us to believe he is.

  13. Summer says:

    Who was dead in the crate with aria??

  14. Ali says:

    I wish Toby wasn’t bad, to me he had seemed like the big protective boyfriend with a rough past. Now he’s the dangerous bad boy and I prefer him being the protective boy friend. Either way, I still love him and he is still my favourite character!! <3

  15. Sarah says:

    So do you guys think Alison is alive?

  16. laura says:

    When on the train, Garret was telling Spencer about his interaction with Ali and clearly Spencer knew he was afraid of someone, why didn’t Spencer ask him clear out, who he was afraid of!?! That would have brought some clarity!

  17. I miss the old Toby! And feel really bad for Spencer! If she finds out he’s -A I hope she punches him right in the face!!

  18. To Me The Leader Of -A Is An Adult Who Has Alot Of Time And who Says There Going To Work But Probably isn’t Now After Ali Went Missing Aria’s Family Moved For A While So Ither Her Mom Or Dad Had Something To Do With That Toby Always Hated Those Girls Everyone Thought He Was Guilty At One Time Emily befriended Him And Made the Girls Feel As If He Wasnt That Bad then He Befriended Hanna Then Got closer To Spencer There Was No Need To Be Friends With Aria Because He’s a bf automatically in with no suspicion in him So The Police Probably Always Had The Killer From The Beginning and it’s Someone Who Travels Alot So Toby is always out of town So Is Byron But The Person Who Killed Alison Won’t Be The Shock But The People Or Person Behinde The Gloves And Anomatronic Voice

  19. Kenzie says:

    I agree with above comments that Ezra does seem very suspucious and could be on the A-Team, but then again why would he be apart of it? He has no connection to Ali or the other girls besides aria. So im alittle confused there. Also, how could Aria be a part of the A-Team? She almost got killed that night on the train & she looked scared for her life. I dont think Aria has anything to do with A.

  20. kelly says:

    Maybe Arias mom is “A” o.O

  21. Kaelee says:

    When they say A is closer to Aria than she thinks doesn’t that make you wonder about her brother????-.-

  22. Emma says:

    I think that Toby is evil, but IDK about Ezra…he seems so sweet! But then again, so was Toby. BTW, did anyone else notice that Adam Lambert was the singer? Lol! :D

  23. Martin says:

    Anyone notice how tobya face wasnt shown on the repeat of the premier during the marathon

  24. tia says:

    Will aria tell ezra about a

  25. Nichelle says:

    Nooo…. :( Not Toby!! I had hopes for him!! As long as they leave Caleb and Hanna ALONE I may be able to handle Toby being evil… Just maybe…. :'( So sad…

  26. Ali says:

    I had my suspisions of Aria from the very start (the whole “I’m back b*itches” text they got in the first episode [Aria had litterally just got back]) but this episode threw me off. I honestly thought Ezra and Aria were in on it together. Does anyone remember the letter Aria’s mom got hinting her in on Byron’s affair? It was a typed letter (from a typewriter). I’m not sure if anyone caught this but Ezra does have a typewriter in his apartment, could be coinsidence but who knows? I’ve caught other things here in there but maybe I’m just looking too much into it. I don’t even know what to think, the story keeps changing! I can’t wait for the next episode though, I’m so addicted!!

  27. Victoria says:

    I seriously hope Ezra won’t be apart of the A-team. I mean it seems like everyone they get close to betrays them. If Ezra is, watch the next be Caleb or Paige. I’m curious with how much longer the season will be going on for as well. It’s such a good show but a lot of the plot that has been used is being reused and it’s all become very predictable.

  28. Keila says:

    Has anyone ever suspected ARias mom , think about it what if Byron liked Alison or something and she found out . And I loved the Halloween episode and Toby ugh y does he have to be evil, I love that their making him more mysterious but dammit makes me just wanna figure out what’s going on.

  29. alyssa says:

    Well I think Toby is pretending to be bad to protect the girls. Also Toby doesn’t have an A in his name so I don’t think he’s on the A team.

  30. Andie says:

    I think it’s someone in spencer family. They all have something to hide and they all hated alison in one way or another.

  31. Monkey2478 says:

    I heard that Spencer is joining the A team is that true?

  32. -A says:

    I really wish for the tv show to follow who A is in the books and more of the events that happened in the books. I thought that season 3 was lacking a bit.

  33. Jordan says:

    I think the cast and crew are doing a great job!!!!!!!!yall are definitely keeping me on my toes wanting more!!!!every episode has been that way!!!!:) on a scale of 1 to 10 y’all get an 11!:)

  34. Nique says:

    I always suspected that one of the parents was A. It would just be a very good twist. I also think that it could possibly be one of the girls. I don’t believe Ezra could be on the A team but who knows. He’s been lying quite a bit. Did they ever say where he really got the 50 k from? Also…i don’t believe Ali is really dead. That may just be one of their many twists to the story. And when did it come about ali having a twin?? Was it because of the story she told about the little girl who killed her twin sister? I’m confused.

    • sara says:

      In the books Ali has a twin named Courtney, that’s where all the twin talk comes from.

      • miki says:

        Also, if the first Halloween episode, there is a picture of Jason and two Ali’s when he comes into her room and she’s on her bed. Could this possibly be Ali’s twin in the picture? This caused some speculation as well…

        • Katie says:

          I don’t remember the exact scene or picture (gonna go look that up now!), but is it possible that it was a picture of Jason, Ali, and *Cece*? Maybe..

          • Katie says:

            Okay, just went to check that out – the picture has two girls, though it looks like the 2 girl images could just be mirror images of Ali. However, the plaque hanging beneath the picture frame is supposed to be a French saying about twins, so there you go! Thanks for pointing that out!!

  35. Britni says:

    Does ABC Family need a new writer for their website, or what? I could barely read this article because there are SO MANY misspellings and grammatical errors. Some people may not mind, or even notice, but some people do. I could barely read it. It’s such a let down for such a big network. And for Lord’s sake!!! Aria’s dad’s name is BYRON! NOT BRYON!

  36. Rachel says:

    I don’t know about you but I’m pretty damn pissed that Toby is A.

  37. alyssa says:

    I think Spencer needs to get back with Alex from the tennis club. And where was Melissa or CeCi? And where was Mike arias brother or nolh brother?? And maybe Simon was part of it like she loved to make bracelets ans stuff and the earring that was placed in the casket with Ali or the name bracelets the girls had. Or the bracelet Spenser found in the store…

  38. Pickles says:

    I hope Ezra is on a team because he is soooo suspicious to me

  39. Ebony says:

    I’m confused about Byron being A because didn’t A text him that night when Aria and Ezra secretly went out to dinner so he would catch her? And Im not sure if Ezra is A or not but he is acting weird. I also remember Jason offering a reward for any information on Ali’s remains and then Ezra pops up with all that money in his drawer. And where is Melissa and Cece? I don’t know but I can’t wait till January for some more answers :)

  40. Js8787 says:

    Who was the girl looking into Mona’s room ? She keeps Popping up .

  41. tamera says:

    i will not miss the season 3b opener for anything it will be over my dead body.

  42. Maggie says:

    I don’t understand how Toby’s A? Because if he was A they would of figured it out the first season when he was a “suspect” to them before hand!!!

  43. Maggie says:

    I also don’t think Ezra or Caleb could be A!!! Because they didn’t even know Alison so how could they want anything to do with that?

  44. Ashlee says:

    It is going to be really dumb if they make all of the PLLs significant others on the A team. That is why I do not think Ezra or Paige will be on the A team. It would be too cheesy IMO. And plus, Emily has already lost a GF. Emily needs a break. If any of the PLL are on the A team, it is either Aria or Spencer. Most likely Spencer. I am totally excited for season 3!! I hope everything comes together in a totally awesome and unexpected way!! <3

  45. Christy says:

    I think there os an “A” for each of the girls. For Hannah it was Mona, for Spencer it’s Toby (and maybe he sister?). For Aria I

  46. Christy says:

    I think there os an “A” for each of the girls. For Hannah it was Mona, for Spencer it’s Toby (and maybe he sister?). For Aria I think it’s her brother. I dont know why but he has always seemed like a possible “A” to me. I dont know who it could be for Emily.. Paige? (It just doesn’t go well to me :p).

    The most important thing… Did anyone else think that the small fight between Toby and Noel looked rehersed? I think it was all planned up.
    Also i think it was Lucas and maybe Jenna or Mona who were trying to throw Aria out of the train. :p

  47. Christy says:

    Also, Aria could be A. After all, it has been proven a lot of times that she’s great at lying.

    • Katie says:

      Very true but she was attached and getting pushed of the train it just doesnt make any since and everyone who’s watched heard voices outside of the box

      • Christy says:

        Thats true. Maybe things got out of hand? There’s also another thing that bothers me. If Aria wasnt A -which its probably true-, then there’s Spencer. I read some comments and got me thinking. Why didnt Spencer ask Garret who he was afraid of? And wasnt Spencer the only one who knew Garret was on that train? :p She

      • Christy says:

        Thats true. Maybe things got out of hand? There’s also another thing that bothers me. If Aria wasnt A -which its probably true-, then there’s Spencer. I read some comments and got me thinking. Why didnt Spencer ask Garret who he was afraid of? And wasnt Spencer the only one who knew Garret was on that train? :p She could be A because she is incredibly smart but it would suck cause she’s my favorite character. :p At the same time I dont think ots her cause she has been through more than the other girls. What do you think? D:

  48. pooop says:

    If the A-TEAM is closest to the girls then…

    Emily – Alison, Paige
    Spencer – Toby
    Aria – Ezra, Byron, Mike
    Hanna – Mona


  49. Vivian says:

    I really hope that toby is one the team to help the girls cause he really loves spencer. & didn’t ali kill her twin? Remember last year’s halloween special where she was telling that creepy twin story?! I think ali is just trying to trick the girls that she’s dead & is getting their loved ones involved. Omg PLL can be so entertaining but so frustrating cause you don’t know what can happen!!!!!!! LOL

  50. Katie says:

    I think Toby is bad and I think bryon had something to do with the death of Ali and what about Mona I mean she went to a cycatric home because she was supposedly ‘A’ so who knows who’s involved and whose not