Is Amputation TV's Hot Trend? Is Victoria the True Evil Queen? Supernatural Filler? And More Qs

RevengeWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Revenge, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy and Homeland!

1 | Who knew Nikita could be so, so, so romantic?

2 | Can we all agree that Revenge‘s Victoria Grayson needs to throw more baby showers? And does Queen Vicky’s part in Amanda’s fall almost make her a Once Upon a Time-level villainess? What’s that brakes-screeching sound we hear when the show cuts to the Jack’s Bar storyline? Finally, is anyone ever going to notice the British stranger who’s always visiting Emily’s home at night?

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3 | Was the latest Good Wife so much better than this season’s previous episodes because there was not a lick of Nick?

Homeland4 | Homeland‘s Carrie is so going to have sex with the awesome and internal censor-deprived new agent played by Rupert Friend, right?

5 | Which Switched at Birth scene tugged on your heartstrings more: Bay’s reconciliation with her dad, or her and Emmett’s moment by the car?

6 | Is Rufus’ storyline on Gossip Girl so out of character that you actually found yourself rooting for Dan this week?

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7 | Sexy hobos on a train, Zoe’s Lion King reference, Lavon’s pregnant alligator, George’s sandwich problem…. Was that Hart of Dixie‘s funniest episode yet?

8 | After Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23‘s season opener, does ABC realize they now need to develop a sitcom where Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays an off-kilter version of himself? Plus: Does ABC have some kind of deal for the song “Baker Street”? Or is it just a weird coincidence that Apartment 23 used the same tune that its new neighbor Happy Endings prominently featured last season?

9 | Did the “return” of Ryan’s wife on Go On make you realize that you’d have watched A Gifted Man if it starred Matthew Perry and Christine Woods?

10 | Didn’t New Girl pretty much just recycle Friends‘ old Monica jokes — and fall into predictable fat-suit gags — when it flashed back to Nick and Schmidt’s first meeting?

11 | Has Parenthood established why Kristina’s family (mom, dad, possible siblings) have been completely MIA during her cancer fight? How exactly did Amber restrain herself from jumping Ryan’s bones on their first date? And if establishing Mark as not being a cable-TV subscriber (!) isn’t heavy-handed character assassination, what is?

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12 | Can there please be more General Hospital scenes in which Todd A) doesn’t wear a shirt, B) bodily removes Connie from his place, or C) some combination of the two? And doesn’t it seem odd that the PCPD called off the search for Jason’s body after just a few hours?

Nashville13 | This week’s Supernatural: A fun standalone, or a filler episode with not nearly enough Dean and Sam?

14 | Was Modern Family man Phil’s phobia of “monkeys in little people clothes” TV’s latest dig at NBC’s Animal Practice?

15 | Which version of Nashville‘s “Telescope” did you prefer: Juliette’s fully-produced one, or the adorable talent-show take by Rayna’s daughters?

16 | Chloe Sevigny’s American Horror Story psycho nymph is a hoot — but how exactly is she (ahem) “servicing” the central plot? And did you find Dr. Arden’s sexual proclivities to be even scarier than the terrifying exorcism?

17 | On the heels of this week’s Criminal Minds, can we all agree that limb amputation is this fall’s big TV trend? There’s been Grey’s Anatomy, Walking Dead, Chicago Fire, American Horror Story….

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18 | Really, Big Bang Theory? Leonard tumbles out of the TARDIS after an impetuous romp with Penny and doesn’t say, “It’s bigger on the inside”?

19 | Um, is Vampire Diaries‘ April — who’s underage — living on her own with no guardian?!

Grey's Anatomy20 | Could Cristina and Dr. Thomas be any more adorable together on Grey’s Anatomy?

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21 | The way that “cabal” assembled at the end of Scandal, was anyone half-expecting Flattop or Black Manta to take a chair?

22 | Was 30 Rock‘s version of Kellan Lutz exactly as you’d imagined the Twilight star in real life?

23 | Is it safe to assume that, after Andy’s latest immature and out-of-character stunt on The Office, we’re all quickly becoming Team Erin and New Jim?

24 | So, what say you: Does Watson’s hair on Elementary look better up or down?

25 | We hate to say it, but wouldn’t Abel — and probably even Thomas — be safer in Wendy’s custody on Sons of Anarchy?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Carol C says:

    Loved: Nick-less Good Wife, daughter’s version of Telescope, and Watson’s hair down.

  2. Girl in MD says:

    #6-yes I am glad dan’s first piece put Rufus in his place I wonder how long til he realizes ivy is in it to take down lily

  3. Brandon Rowe says:

    Not to mention they almost amputated Jeffrey Demunn’s character’s leg on Chicago Fire last week.

  4. Jamie says:

    Hasn’t it been stated that Kristina has zero relationship with her family?

  5. MDEP says:

    13 – While I love that Supernatural tries different things, this ep was really boring for me, It was not Awesome. The only significant thing that happened is they let a monster go, which they do not do often. Unless the girl comes back in a big way this season, definitely a filler ep.
    3 – I too have hated the Nick story line on the Good Wife. But in real life, you do wonder why women stay with abusive men. Maybe that is the story they are trying to tell.

    • mco says:

      very Short and oversimplifying answer : abuse don’t start with physical violence but with sick psychological dominance and it start very gradually. People being abuse already think they deseved it or had no way to run before physical violence start.
      (Again it’s way more complicated than that. Let’s say it’s a very basic explanation)
      TGW try to show that…but fail. Nick doesn’t seem to have that much power over Kalinda.

  6. Mina says:

    Re: 11, Kristina has made rare, offhand comments about her childhood throughout the series that led me to believe she had an unpleasant upbringing. Something I always thought they’d explore but never did.

    • Mina says:

      And I’m a little bored by Matt Lauria’s character on the show. At least within the first few episodes of his FNL stint, he showed an emotion other than stiff lip quirk.
      25. Sadly, I’m Team Wendy at this point

    • Kim R says:

      That is what I have understood about Kristina as well. I wondered if they were ever going to explore it further. Maybe this will be the storyline they do that in? :)

  7. GeoDiva says:

    2. The bar storyline just needs to go.
    5. Bay & Emmett at the car was so heartbreaking. My 15-yr old daughter just about melted into the couch.
    11. Can someone please tell me what Mark & Sarah have in common? Ugh! It was so mean what she did to Drew. More Amber & Ryan please!
    15. The daughters were so cute!

  8. Alan says:

    this week’s supernatural was definitely not filler, it was brilliant and this is coming from someone who was dreading this found footage episode, i really despise the found footage genre because it’s so contrived but the workarounds they had such as the characters being keen amature filmmakers and setting up static cameras early on avoided those problems. plus it was nice to see both the investigation and sam and dean’s relationship from an outsider’s point of view, it gave a different spin on stuff we take for granted after 7 years.
    big bang theory would never make that reference because it’s not a show for nerds, it’s a show that makes fun of nerds so that reference wouldn’t have served one of their nerd bashing moments

    • kat says:

      your comment about the big bang theory is exactly how I felt when I tried to watch the show. I have tried repeatedly to watch this show because of how much my friends rave about it. I’m sick of being told “oh you would love it” because I’m the geek friend. I just find it more annoying than funny.

      • tvfan says:

        I am geek and have to ask — what happened to your sense of humor? It must drive you crazy always being the smartest person in the room.

        • kat says:

          Im considered the geek more because of my interests. I prefer shows like how i met your mother,happy endings, the inbetweeners (uk), friday night dinner and apt 23 to the big bang theory.
          I just dont find it funny like the other shows, the same goes for friends i could watch it if it was the only thing on but i would never actually tune in to watch it.

          • Alan says:

            im glad someone agrees with me over the crapfest that big bang became after season 2. you clearly like smart comedy so ive got to ask do you watch community? because if you dont you are missing out on the best comedy for geeks and nerds out there at the minute

          • nick1372 says:

            Alan, please tell me, in what alternate Fringe universe are HIMYM, Happy Endings, and Don’t Trust the B in Aprtment 23 “smart comedy”?

  9. Patricia says:

    Yes for number 4

  10. Sarah says:

    5) Emmett’s
    8) Wouldn’t that seem like he was making fun of the girl who played Lisa who it seems really has gone a little of into her own world?
    15) The girls
    16) Sure she does…The good doctor likes them “pure and innocent” She…is not.
    19) i am wondering how old this girl was when she was being read bedtime stories and being tucked in by Elena. because now she is old enough to be in high school with her and drink beer (even underaged) with her. Isn’t that kind of weird? Would someone only 2 or 3 years younger need to be tucked in or have bed time stories? And how old was elena when she was doing this? 12?
    20) the perfect odd couple partnership

  11. Drew says:

    I wonder if Peter Berg is going to issue a letter to Dean Winchester for his “clear eyes, clogged arteries” comment.

    Good episode of Supernatural, but Vampire Diaries just gets stupider by the week.

  12. Rrrrrr says:

    Supernatural was awful this week

    The reason they called off the search for Jason so soon was because the water was way too cold / too harsh. There was no way he could have survived in that (but this being GH…)

    That American Horror Story exorcism was scary as hell. *shivers*

    Kell an Lutz on 30 R

    • Rrrrrr says:

      *Kellan Lutz

    • Russ says:

      I’m taking a EMT basic class right now and we just covered people that fall into cold water get extreme hypothermia and essentially dead, but cold keeps their body in a like limbo state were if someone has been found in the water even after a few hours the can bring them back.
      Though Jason would probably bleed out unless found within a certain time frame.

  13. Daisy says:

    21. I had to google Flattop and Black Manta. So the answer is no. Although it wasn’t as big a shocker as ABC promos tried to make me believe.

    23. Yes. A little animosity in the beginning was okay. Now he’s even more unlikable than season one Michael.

  14. Kristina says:

    #7: Gotta be in the top 3, at least
    #13: Definitely the latter. Totally wasn’t into the whole Blair Witch-theme.

    • Kristina says:

      Also, I’m not really finding Rufus any worse than the rest of the series. The only good decision he’s made in 6 seasons was marrying Lily (and now even that’s not looking so smart).

  15. Kim R says:

    3. So much better.
    4. Okay! :)
    11. I thought I remembered somewhere that Kristina has not had an easy upbringing. Loving Amber and Ryan and I’m glad they didn’t “get right on it”. Amber does not have the best pattern so it would be nice for this to not just look like the same old thing. As far as Mark not having cable, I think it fits right in to his character so I guess I don’t agree that it was an assassination :) Sarah moving herself and Drew in with him is right up there with the Kalinda/Nick storyline in my humble opinion. Stupid.

  16. leah says:

    #3 YES!!!!!!!!

  17. StupidPeopleShutUp says:

    We on several soap boards would like to say hell to the yeah and amen for #12.

  18. Ashlee says:

    19. How is April living together any worse than Matt and Vicki? Their mom skipped town multiple times, and both of those minors had to get jobs to pay for rent/food/etc. April at least was probably left with money.

  19. Chuck Gorman says:

    Really, Big Bang Theory? Leonard tumbles out of the TARDIS after an impetuous romp with Penny and doesn’t say, “It’s bigger on the inside”?

    Love it!! Love it!! I bet the writers seeing this wish they thought of it.

    • Templar says:

      Please. The writers can’t even give the hot beverage king [Sheldon] a list of instructions on how to brew tea. Non boiling water poured over tea bags and sipped immediately by Amy? As if!

  20. adam says:

    Supernatural this week was great!

  21. pilo says:

    25 The Kids would probably be safer anywhere else than Charming.

    • Angela says:

      Ha. Agreed. Truer words were never spoken.
      #23: This was the first episode of this season of “The Office” I’ve seen, so I don’t know enough about “new Jim” to really think about the shipping aspect of it all. But I definitely was on Erin’s side the whole show-I sympathized with her so much.
      Also, I was kind of thinking Stephen Colbert’s cameo would be a bit more than what it was. I thought he’d actually show up at the office in person and he and Andy would have some sing off battle or something. It was fun to see him-it always is when he pops up on TV, and he was entertaining in the bits he did do, but…not quite what I was expecting.

  22. Drewer says:

    Yes I kind of was rooting for Dan, until he double crossed Nate, but I still do not feel sorry for Rufus. Yeah, it was weird that Mark didn’t have cable, but hi line, “I’m never reading a book again, there’s not time,” was worth it. …and next week Dr. Whales arm gets ripped off. And the social workers in Mystic Falls are really backed up dealing with everyone’s death all the time. There is probably one who’s only job is to find guardians for Jeremy. But if the next TVD episode is a Halloween episode, does that mean that last seasons story lines only covered the end of summer up until mid October (so like 2 months)? And at this point if anything happens to Tara, Wendy really should get custody. I don’t think Wendy’s even fighting for full custody anymore she just wants to know Able, but now I feel like it would be a good idea for the boys to have different guardians.

  23. John says:

    13 – Supernatural had a fun standalone. By the show’s stanrds, it was below par, but if it was marketed as a PA movie, it’d be getting rave reviews by now.
    16 – AHS is seriously turning me off. What’s the necessity of so much unnecessary nudity! Its like they know they have a crappy story this season. The old guy is definitely the creepiest part of the show. The exorcism would have been cool if you hadn’t seen The Exorcist or the countless other derivatives.
    24 – ROFL!! Watson’s hairstyle!! Only thing to talk about in that boring show!

    REVOLUTION deserves a shout out! It went from my meh shows to MUST-WATCH in the last two episodes! Awesome action-adventure show!

  24. nick1372 says:

    12. I’d change B, I want lots of people bodily remove Connie from the room. ;-)
    18. lol

  25. Alice says:

    #21 I was half-expecting Bad Horse. That looked like the scene at the end of Dr. Horrible.

  26. Obvious says:

    #23: Man, he Office is bumming me out, not a great way to go out at all. Andy now has all of the annoying parts of Michael Scott without any of HIS redeeming qualities AND they left behind most of the good qualities of old Andy too. He’s just a huge jerk now, and its uncomfortable to watch.

  27. Mimi says:

    #3 YESSS! this is the first storyline that failed on that show.

    #6 Lily & Rufus were the endgame! what happened?!?!

    #20 This is the only thing I like about Cristina and the MC storyline

  28. kavyn says:

    When you said Victoria should throw more baby showers, did you mean Victoria should throw more babies off of balconies? :)

  29. C says:

    #5 both scenes where great, but i have to say Emmett and Bay’s top the night. Best part of the ep.
    #11 Cristina MIA family is weird, there has to be someone apart from the Bravermans, Amber story i think is was quite good how they are doing that love story, i hope it last
    Mark, well i say he doesnt fit there, too needy or something, i think that relationship is off
    #20 I know right, i love the two of them together, is a super adorable friendship

  30. hello says:

    Am i the only one who felt some sexual tension between Rebecca and April on Vampire Diaries?

  31. Nancy says:

    15. Am I the only one who didn’t think it was appropriate for the girls to sing “You left your secrets in my bed”? And why wouldn’t Rayna be at least a little upset that they were singing a Juliette Barnes song?

  32. Sheldon W. says:

    13. Supernatural’s met-ep just came early this year. Deal with it and move on.
    17. Definitely a trend – no doubt soon to be overdone…
    20. No
    24. Yes. (It’s Lucy Liu! Either is spectacular!)

  33. gailer says:

    #12 Roger Howarth aka Todd Manning #GH is hot and a good actor

  34. Ana says:

    3. Yes! No more Nick. Yuk!
    5. I don’t like Emmett so I’ll go with the ‘dad reunion’.
    9. Love Go On. Finally something good for Matthew Perry to star in. Unlike the horrible Mr. Sunshine.
    20. I think I might be the only not digging Cristina’s ‘friendship’ with Mr. Feeney. There are some aspects that I like but the way she’s now telling jokes feels bizarre to me and completely OOC.
    21. Almost fell of my chair on that last scene of Scandal. When I saw Olivia walked into the room I was all like, ‘WTH????’ It just keeps getting better and better. And yes, Olivia and Fitz’ chemistry is like off the charts. it’s not only sweet, but it’s hot.

  35. Meem says:

    Gotta go with “no” on #9. Patrick Wilson makes everything better. He wasn’t the problem with “Gifted Man.”

  36. Nate says:

    Supernatural was AWESOME this week, a brilliant hour of television. SHUT UP to those who have cried all week not seeing enough Sam and Dean.

  37. Maggie says:

    #4 No, she is not! Carrie is going to have lots of sex with Nicholas Brody! They have incredible chemistry! They are hot together!

  38. Alex says:

    I don’t know what queen is out there contributing to these posts but it’s pretty hysterical! Love the Revenge questions!

  39. Roni says:

    #9 – As much as I like Christine Woods (loved her on Flash Forward), and as nice as the writing and chemistry between the actors has been, I find the people having ‘normal’ conversations with their dead loved ones trope kind of annoying. But I’m loving the show. It’s gotten better every week. And how awesome is Julie White?

    #20 – Am I the only one who says “Fee-ney!” in my head whenever Dr. Thomas comes on screen?

  40. Stacy says:

    3– Ugh. Nick needs to go and they need to clean up this storyline & Kalinda’s character ASAP.
    7&8 — Great. Just when I think I’m done with HoD & Apt23, you pull me back in…

  41. luli says:

    20- they are just great together… the only reason why i love cristina on mayo.

  42. Britta Unfiltered says:

    #4. Oh, she is absolutely going to do him! I actually am starting to wonder if this guy is going to end up being the mole, and Carrie will end up falling for another terrorist. Poor Carrie, she has the worst luck with men. I’ve been thinking about possible directions the show could go. Brody is forced to work for the CIA, finds out the new guy is a mole, finds out Carrie is sleeping with him, and has this whole jealousy thing going on…possibly beats the crap out of the guy for Carrie’s honor. I’ve been thinking too about what you guys said about maybe this show is a romance. I’m thinking you could be right. That would be an interesting angle for the show. I’ve got the final Carrie/Brody moment really stuck in my head, the kiss her or kill her moment. I really think he was going to kiss her, that the revelation she loved him kind of woke something up in him. Man, Damian Lewis killed in those bar and hotel room scenes this week. I think he actually managed to out-act Claire Danes with all those subtle facial expressions he was doing.
    #16. I think Chloe’s character is going to seduce the priest, and it’s going to freak Jessica Lange’s character the hell out. She will go mental on Chloe’s ass. James Cromwell was icky scary in that episode. In a good way.
    #17. But Walking Dead did it the best.
    #25. I’ve thought that ever since Abel was kidnapped by the Irish guy. Jax’s lifestyle does not exactly create an environment of safety for his kids.

  43. Tash says:

    4. NEEDS TO HAPPEN – As much as I loved her and Brody in the first season, there is no way that they can ever get together after everything he did (nor do I want them to). Is it weird that I’m already shipping Carrie and Peter? He’s mysterious and I really liked his frankness. And just him in general.
    24. Watson’s hair was nice up

  44. Juan says:

    8. I’d much prefer him staying on Franklin and Bash.
    10. Cue Zoe Deschanel: “Did I do that?”
    16. That exorcism was better than any exorcism movie I’ve seen in the last few decades.
    The Arden scene really was still creepier. Is he the real Bloody Face? Hmmm.
    And how about adding onto those questions, do you now all of a sudden really hate Lana?
    18. One of the many reasons I stopped watching that show, ruining great characters for cheap laughs and making it less inclusive for real geeks, using nerd things as props and turning it into more of a “omg look at how weird the ppl are for being like this” deal.

  45. maxine says:

    And did you find Dr. Arden’s sexual proclivities to be even scarier than the terrifying exorcism?