Did Mockingbird Lane Scare Up Your Interest?

Now that you’ve trick-or-treated on Mockingbird Lane, would you consider a longer visit?

NBC’s long-time-in-the-works Munsters reboot aired Friday night as a standalone Halloween special instead of as the series pilot it was intended to be. And we want to know what you thought: Was it scary good or frightfully bad?

First, a brief recap: Pushing DaisiesBryan Fuller was behind the hour-long drama, which introduced us to a modernized Munster family: Herman (The DefendersJerry O’Connell) and his wife Lily (Arrested Development‘s Portia de Rossi), their son Eddie (Spy Kids: All The Time in the World 4D‘s Mason Cook), cousin Marilyn (British actress Charity Wakefield) and Grandpa (The Riches‘ Eddie Izzard).

Mockingbird sure looked spiffy – we particularly liked Grandpa forming himself out of a swarm of rats and Lily’s smoky way of getting around – but we’re not sure that the ’60s-era comedy translates well to a 2012 drama. After all, part of the campy fun of the original was its schlock factor.

Enough about what we thought. NBC, Fuller and director Bryan Singer (X-Men) reportedly had different expectations for the project – but depending on how viewers respond, there’s a chance the network will move forward with the series. So grade Mockingbird Lane via the poll below, then hit the comments: Would you tune in to the new Munster family every week?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. JB says:

    Maybe Bryan Fuller needs to learn that a lot of people don’t find death that entertaining.
    Pick a new subject.

  2. GinaActress says:

    I love Bryan Fuller and the cast (though I read that Lee Pace may have been the original choice for Herman, which makes sense), and since I didn’t love “The Munsters” that much to begin with, a reboot, much though I hate that word, may have been exactly the way to go. But then, NBC doesn’t like spending money on something chancy when it can keep producing really mediocre cheap programming.

  3. Mark Dempsey says:

    Love,Love,Love!!!!!!! I Hope NBC will pick this up and great with Grimm Night.

  4. Mark says:

    GREAT CAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please NBC pick this up.

  5. Jr says:

    I personally loved this pilot, halloween speacial or whatever nbc is calling it, i would watch it even tho i beileve they will not make it in to a full blown series. I can have a small hope that they might, but they wont just cause i like it their are so many boring stupid crap TV shows that ppl seem to love but something that someon elike me can actually get into, no way kinda blows…..anywho all ranting aside i dont care if NBC changes some of the things just whatever gets this series made would be really awesome…….

  6. Betsy Ewing says:

    My mother and I Loved it. Please make it a series!

  7. lisa says:

    would hvae been great as a two-hour made for tv movie. i defintiely wanted more, but i dont think there’s enough to make a series work.

  8. Karen A. says:

    I loved it! They paid great homage to the original series, Spot, the staircase and all. This was wickedly good. I don’t see it as a young kids show like the original, more for an older teen and adult audience. It’s so off kilter and darkly funny and the dry dark humor fits Izzard perfectly. What made me mad was just as Grandpa starts to look good again, we hardly get to see him. I loved it when he didn’t shake hands and just said “I have a disease”. Love that humor. Seems like more of an FX or USA show. I say make it a permanent show!

  9. cassie says:

    Me & my husband thought it was really good. Kinda has a weird sense of humor, but we like it! I really hope they keep it on! There’s not really anything good on t.v. anymore. It’s all reality, soaps, & talk shows. I don’t watch t.v. very often….but I’d deffinately watch this…& if we wasn’t home…that’s why we pay for dvr!!!

  10. Jessica says:

    I really enjoyed Mockingbird Lane! I can definitely see that it was a pilot episode, but it really did leave me wanting more! I liked the characters and the actors a whole lot. I hope NBC decides to order at least a few more episodes of this show!!! <3

  11. Bev says:

    Loved the show. Brought back fun memories.

  12. It was awesome i would love to see this as a series. i would watch every week the effects and story were great

  13. roger ackison says:

    it,s a win win situation for n.b.c all monsters arent all scary looking sometimes they blend in.it’s more beleveable than the 1960’s monsters not to say it was not right for it’s time.this one is right for it’s time rougher than the 1960’s one but i think everyone was cheering grandpa it was time too show a realistic vympire. the pefect cast was found.

  14. Ellen Minturn says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show! I hope it continues. It was definitely above other TV series as far as special effects, setting, etc. It appeared more like it was intended to be a movie. I was a big fan of the original series The Munsters. Of course the remake has differences, but that is understandable. Especially knowing younger viewers may have been the target. It was an enjoyable new take on an old classics. Loved it!!!

  15. Tatiana says:

    I liked it so much that I’ve watched the Pilot episode 3 times since my first glance at it, and I’m about to watch it, again. There has to be more of this! Eddie Izzard is brilliant, and all of the characters are so beautifully re-imagined and portrayed. I would watch this religiously every week (possibly more than once, as with episode one) if there was more.

  16. dawyn hoskins says:

    We loved it but we thought it was a new tv series andset it to record and come Friday we where disapointed when it did not come on. My mom calledand asked what happened too. So please hurry up and make more. Thanks dawyn n family.

  17. dawyn hoskins says:

    The kids 11 and 6 loved it as well.

  18. dawyn hoskins says:

    We loved it but we thought it was a new tv series andset it to record and come Friday we where disapointed when it did not come on. My mom calledand asked what happened too. So please hurry up and make more. Thanks dawyn n family.
    Kids age 11 n 6 loved it too plus my mom a munsters fan.

  19. John says:

    I thought the pilot was great. There is so much the writers could do with this classic fish out of water story, and the potential for this series to become a commentary on the contemporary mores of American society is incredible. But, I fear NBC will most likely pass on this opportunity in favor of some cheaper reality fashion or cooking disaster that will send the average IQ level of its watchers plunging to depths the likes of which we haven’t seen since Caroline in the City.

  20. Monica says:

    I LOVED IT!!!!!! What’s not to love!!!!! Please make more!!!!!!!

  21. Inna says:

    so much fun! I really hope they take this show on… for everyone who loved the original Munsters but hated the campy re-make, this is a refreshing fun, visually-pleasing take that does the original justice and in some cases (such as Eddie Izzard playing Grampa) it is even better than the original.

  22. Andre says:

    I thought it was great! I was a little skeptical with the more human look of Herman Munster(Jerry O’Conell), but it made it more believable that they could live in normal society.The “My Grand-fathers going to eat you” did it for me, I wanted to see more.

  23. Michelle Wise says:

    I thought it was great!! I loved the original Munster’s, and Mockingbird Lane was a great take on the original family. Even though Herman Munster didn’t look like Frankenstein, today’s vampires and werewolves don’t look like Dracula or the Wolfman. I hope they show more, my family loved it.

  24. candi says:

    I want more Mockingbird Lane. I’m not one for reboots they usually screw up and don’t do justice to the originals but I truly enjoyed this one. Bring back Mockingbird Lane

  25. kosia says:

    i would defiantly watch this every week, i have been looking for it every week since Halloween and then found this on the net and was very sad to hear that it was not going to be on :( please fix this for me :( please

  26. Sean Godsil says:

    Me being a child of the seventies I loved the orginial show. This reboot was interesting to me and I very much enjoyed what I saw. So yes I would like to see more so fingers crossed that there is a network out there that will pick this show up and turn it into a series!

  27. Mundy says:

    I didn’t get to catch the original airing of the pilot, but I just watched it on iTunes and all I can say is it was perfect! Slightly reminiscent of the original Munsters but so different and fun! Perfect casting, I honestly had my doubts about the show before I watched it, now all I can say is I want more please! This show would be completely different then anything else that is currently on television right now and I truly feel that this show has what it takes to compete, I think it deserves a chance!

  28. Danielle Andre says:

    They keep the stupid shows and always cancel the good ones. I hope we will see more of this show. It’s different than any other show I thought the premiere was great.

  29. Sherrie G says:

    I loved it! Aside from the obvious twist in the original Munster story and bad script but it was indeed a pilot. I thought it was creative for being a twist on an old show which most are really bad lol. NBC should definitely pick this up a a series at least for one season to see what people really think of it. I hate that they cancel so many good shows! If you don’t pick this up NBC please being bac THE RIVER it was so awesome and had so many viewers evey week so I’m not sure why it was even cancelled it had me on the edge every episode!! Either way LET THE MUNSTERS LIVE ON!!! I think it would be great for kids now to see what I watched as a kid you know the people who look weird and love weird but are super great people lol. It’s a good show keep it!!

  30. bambam says:

    I loved it, too bad there wont be more! If they pick this up, I wouldn’t miss a episode! :)