Mad Men Season 6 First Look: Don and Megan's Hawaiian Vacation -- But What Does It Mean?

Even though it’s so tempting, we will not make a joke about Mad Men‘s Don getting lei’d while visiting Hawaii with Megan in an upcoming episode.

Instead, we’ll simply direct your attention below to the first photo from the AMC drama’s sixth season, in which Mr. and Mrs. Draper (played by Jon Hamm and Jessica Paré) reportedly vacation in the Aloha State.

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Despite a scene in the Season 5 finale that seemed to foreshadow Megan and Don’s break-up, here the Drapers look very much together. (Keep in mind that Mad Men mastermind Matt Weiner recently told TVLine that Don “loves [Megan], and he gave her what she wanted… I don’t know that the marriage is over.”)

Give the pic a good look, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the upcoming season.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Eric says:

    Why is Jon Hamm so amazingly attractive???!!! And why has he not been named People’s sexiest man alive yet???!!!

  2. Hmmmm says:

    what’s the premiere date!?

  3. bettyd says:

    I saw another photo on the MadMen facebook page of them with arms around eachother in same bathing suits. Maybe she is working on Hawaii 5-0 original version ;)

  4. Emily H. says:

    Jon Hamm is a good lookin’ man, tha’ts for sure. On a completely different note, it’s interesting that he’s reading ‘The Inferno.’ Perhaps it will have some symbolism in the upcoming season?

  5. Had those b4 says:

    Check out his rug burn!

  6. zxc123 says:

    Nooooooo. I hoped that we had gotten rid of Megan. Losing the Emmy wasn’t enough an indication of the fact that she had to be let go? I can’t stand her.
    In any case, since he’s reading The Inferno, I hope he takes inspiration. I have always believed that the sentence “Qui si va tra la perduta gente” would fit perfectly on the doors of SCDP.

    • Sean C. says:

      Why would the show take Emmy voting results as a sign to change its stories? Bryan Cranston also lost to “Homeland” for the first time — is “Breaking Bad” doing something wrong?

      • Guest says:

        MM had 18 nominations and won not a single award. I think the voters were sending Weiner a message about something, whether it was about Megan or about his infamous ego or something else I don’t know.

        • Sean C. says:

          The key point there being that it had 18 nominations, a huge number. Clearly they still think quite highly of the show. Voters don’t coordinate to send “messages”.

        • suzy wesr says:

          I totally agree. Although Mad Men, is a cut above, it is in essence a continuing drama. Therefore, the show will lose its base if it doesn’t respond to the viewers’ opinions. Weiner may want to do something else but viewers are not invested in Megan nor do they care a fig about her. Viewers like the philandering Don, they love to hate Betty and they can’t get enough of Peggy or the Pete with a little bit of conscience.

          • jahn ghalt says:


            Network shows probably do “respond to viewer’s opinions”. If they don’t reach at least 10-million households they get the axe. Cable and Premium Channel shows can afford to be less concerned with ratings.

            It’s a common sentiment that artists “should give the fans what they want”. This often gets common (mediocre) results. High(er) art is far more concerned with the artist’s own sentiments. Quality comes from elites. This is almost definitional. An “elite” who fails to deliver quality is no longer an elite.

            In the Mad Men context, fans don’t really know what they until Weiner gives it to them.

        • F. Dillinger says:

          Actually it just lost because it had won the last four years’ awards. And just because you don’t like Megan, it doesn’t mean all viewers do as well. I, for one, love Megan, and think she’s a fascinating character, bringing the conflict between old and young generation to fore ground perfectly by her interactions with Don. Keep Megan.

    • Mad Man fan says:

      I agree. I can’t stand the Megan character – spoilt, whiny, flouncing around self-consciously. Any attempt to humanise her fails miserably because she seems so self-absorbed.

      • Susan West says:

        Ditto. I totally agree. Unfortunately, and whether one likes Megan or not… appears that Mad Men is not going to go out on top….it probably will go out with a sputter. I predict that in the show’s, Season 7 if it is continuing on the same path, no one will care that Mad Men is ending.

  7. Jinjeon says:

    Please, get rid of Megan! She’s so damn annoying! And bring back Betty Francis in full mode! I want to see more of this fierce bitch!

  8. Anyone else worried about what happened to Jon Hamm’s poor knee there??

  9. Daniela says:

    Megan’s still there … then this can’t be good. She should just get a gig that puts her out of Don’s life.

  10. DanielleZ says:

    Thanks for the Mad Men S6 news! It’s nice to see Megan is still around. I like her and think she’s been good for the show.

  11. april-ann says:

    Looks like we could be in for another Megan-filled season. I thought she was gone. I actually liked the character of Megan last season but she was given far.too.much.screentime at the expense of other possibly more deserving characters. I know Jon Hamm is the star and the show revolves around Don Draper but it was still way too Megan-heavy.

  12. niks says:

    I had hoped, that a season without even a single Emmy would save me from Megan. Even Glen is more tolerable.

  13. DirtyMouth says:

    Well he’s reading a book about Hell so….

  14. Is that a rug burn on his knee?!

  15. nikki says:

    check out those carpet burns haha

  16. kevin says:

    I think Don is losing interest in Megan. She was fun at first, but she is holding him down too much and at the same time always trying to change Don. Don doesnt like change. The picture deffinately shows this. Notice: Megan smiling and in love with Don. Don’s face very grimace and is more interested in his book than Megan. Oh and we can’t leave out the fact that Don is the book “The Inferno”

  17. Pami Toll says:


    • Pat Graney says:

      Honey, pay attention: Season 5 came and went. Last year. Check your OnDemand? Wait for the DVD???? Season 6 due next – 2014? Google is your friend…

  18. Jodi says:

    Don isn’t wearing a wedding ring and reading a book about hell. None of this can be a good sign for anything!

  19. Uh oh…..Why doesn’t Don have a ring on??

  20. re says:

    I’m going to scream if this season is about Megan as well. Get over her, Weiner!

  21. I like Megan. Hope that 1967 and 68 are more like the New York Sixties (with HIPPIES) I remember.

  22. I’M surprised to see DDraper reading The Inferno. Has he ever read anything that intellectual before?

    • Powerfulbusiness says:

      Yeah, this book is a really dark, heavy choice of reading material for the beach. Shall we start figuring out the allusions?

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I was just trying to rack my brain to think if he ever had. But I believe he thinks very intellectually. That comes out in The Summer Man when you hear his inner thoughts as he writes in his journal throughout the episode. Great stuff.

  23. Powerfulbusiness says:

    Agree with everyone who is afraid of another Megan-centric season ahead. She’s fine as a Cosgrove/Crane-amount-of-screentime-character, but I can’t bear to see Peggy, Joan, and Roger take a backseat to this person.

  24. Bob Beard says:

    Hawaiian vacations are jump the shark warning signs.

  25. Louie says:

    Just because they’re together doesn’t mean that their marriage is still the same. Last season, Don was in a euphoric nothing-but-Megan state. The season finale saw a return to the philandering Don we’ve all come to love and admire (and aspire?). So on the outside it looks like it’s still the perfect marriage, but on the inside…?

  26. Karen says:

    So it’s ok for Megan to wear a bikini….but when Betty had one on (you know, after the Country Club fashion show) Don shamed her saying it was, “Desperate.” Hummmmm.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I forgot about that, that’s a good point. I also have found it interesting that he has allowed Megan to pursue her acting career when he previously manipulated Betty into not returning to her modeling career. He didn’t seem to want a working wife with Betty, just a trophy wife, but now he is a little more okay with it? I’m going to have to think on that some more to figure out what Weiner is saying about Don with that.

      • I feel that after coming to face the truth about his past to Betty, she was really put off by his real story of growing up poor, so his feeling of not being good enough for Betty were very intuitive for him. Megan is, in a certain way, his gateway of getting a fresh start and of being able to live without looking over his shoulders. So, maybe in season 6 after having the “Devil vs Angle” conflict within him, the real Don Draper may appear. All this happening in the ’60’s to a man who grew up with the macho man syndrom of the men of that era…..women stay home and take care of the kids and house while the “man” works….Megan is the “free spirit” of the ’60’s. He admires her truthfulness and acceptance and youth. Looking forward for every season that will become available……LOVE this show for many reasons…..the back story of the women’s movement is very interesting to me, as having grown up in the ’60’s. Joan, Betty and Peggy are the perfect examples of what women had to overcome–Joan and Betty in that they both seem to be stuck where men have allowed them to go…Joan doing most of the work and the men taking the credit and of course MONEY…. Peggy is the pioneer woman of the decade….just look how she has grown!! She has to come back, please :) Love her.

        • Guest says:

          Betty wasn’t put off by his childhood she was put off by him lying to her every single day of their marriage. And nothing excuses the horrible way he treated her.

      • Jen says:

        Don didn’t want Betty to do the modeling job because he knew they were using her to get to him. He was just trying to protect her. Btw, I thought it was sweet how he let her have her dignity when she told him she quit . I kind of miss them.

        • susan says:

          I bet the age difference between Megan and Don is going to begin to show. He will like touch dancing and romantic music. He will miss the connection with his own generation. Maybe will look back at Betty and miss parts of his life with her and regret like he should how he hurt her. He was a stinker and drove her to the brink!

    • anna says:

      Don has always been a hypocritical ass**** to Betty.

    • Yaya says:

      Keep in mind, Don was extremely insecure with Betty. He’s not with Megan. That’s why he was able to tell Megan the truth and kept lying to Betty.

    • Sra says:

      Probably because he was scared of guys hitting on Betty and her leaving him for someone else. Betty is ten times hotter than Megan.

    • jahn ghalt says:

      Commenters are correct that Don wants more of fresh start with marriage #2, so will strive to be less controlling – at least during the honeymoon, which ended in Season Five. But look at how Megan stands up to Don – she gets her way far more than Betty ever dreamed of getting.

      Wives one and two are about ten years apart – with drastically different upbringings.

      Betty is a Main Line girl, one of two children, raised by a traditional woman with a keen sense of traditional ways – one of which was to subordinate her desires in favor of her husband.

      Megan is the youngest of six (?) raised by a Parisian woman who told Roger (in Codfish Ball, paraphrasing) “we should try to get what we want”. Megan has no children (which are energy sinks) so she fills her time taking in the emerging culture, hanging out with actors, and spending a successful ad exec’s money.

      It’s no wonder that this particular double standard has presented itself.

  27. storaro says:

    I like Megan (and Jessica) and look forward to seeing more of her, with that said she should be featured less prominently in s 6. More, much more, Roger. John Slattery is earthshakingly good.

  28. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m just shocked you got any kind of Mad Men spoilers, Kimberly. Good job. Weiner runs a pretty tight ship in the area of spoilers, as we all know. :)

  29. anna says:

    I hope Don and Megan both get eaten by sharks. I miss this show when it was an interesting ensemble not just about their stupid soap opera marriage.

    • Suzy West says:

      I hope that only Megan gets gobbled by a shark. Without her, I think that Don albeit not likable is a fascinating character.

      • Roses C says:

        Megan is real and actually lively. I think she adds a lot to the show. Don Draper, of course, is the real deal and the star. I hope they bring Betty back a lot more, their two characters are so polar opposites, it’s interesting.

  30. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    Groovy threads man. I like Megan’s “Jackie-O” sunglasses. I bet she bought Don those trunks to wear…he doesn’t look very happy wearing them… not allowed to wear his old reliable mens-Jantzens anymore – too old-school, too unhip for Megan. At least he’s still able to choose his sunglasses – the old reliable ray-bans. What is it like to not be able to choose your own cloths anymore? It’s like living in hell – hence, the book to read.

  31. Tammy says:

    My guess is Megan is having a film shooting in Hawaii! And Don is not too happy to be tagging along??

  32. cynthia says:

    don should dump megan and go back to betty and his daughter, betty is beautiful and classy unlike megan and every other hussy don tampered with

    • Jen says:

      Don and Betty do look better together and they have better chemistry. I would not mind seeing an affair between the two.

      • F. Dillinger says:

        Please no affairs, that’s just so soapy and Desperate Housewives-like it’s not even ironic. I can’t believe some “fans” are forgetting how toxic the Don-Betty relationship was. They were both very mean to each other. I really want Betty to have a big storyline this season, but, please, not an affair with Don.

  33. Yaya says:

    It’s not a total shock that they’re still together. He loved Betty and was happily married to her but still cheated on her. But unlike Betty, I want to see Megan get cheated on since she stole Don from Faye who I liked very much.

  34. E. Shaw says:

    Missing wedding rings — in posted photo

  35. Roses C says:

    MAD MEN is a fascinating show. I am old enough to remember the time it depicts. I understand Betty’s anger, but I don’t understand their divorce. I blame Don, not
    Betty. He is incredibly egotistic and self centered. No matter the reasons for this he treated Betty shamefully. She is far from perfect herself, but that is no reason for his emotional abuse. Everyone on the show is wonderful (I love Joan, whose husband raped her in the office) except Peggy, she is so boring, plain and homely, she actually annoys me. I’m glad she dyed her hair light blonde, she really needed to do something.

    • D Ferguson says:

      I see Peggy as the representation of the upcoming women’s liberation movement…..she has come a long way from the good little Catholic girl who could only think of becoming a secretary…her growth is to be commended. I too, remember this time, and I see the show as the coming of age of women and the repercussions it brings to men in how they see the roles of women. If you think back to the beginning, Betty represents the college educated woman who went to college to get a well educated man on the road to fiscal success and social status. Joan represented the working woman who, at the time, was promoted by her “feminine wiles” in the bedroom with the powers that be; she has gotten as far as she could get. Then in comes Peggy, who was just another “worker bee” and to think of anything more was just a dream…..The progress of the show correlates with the progress of women, in their self awareness and realization of their abilities without playing the bedroom games… will be interesting to see the growth of Sally this coming year…..
      .my opinion…..I love this show and am looking forward to the next season…D Ferguson

  36. Dolores Longo says:

    In the photo, it appears that Don is looking at and they’re both reacting to another piece of paper he’s holding on top of the book. It looks to me like it might be a check?! Given the 2 different expressions, I’m thinking it might be a nice size check for work Megan’s done and Don can see how this may be getting out of hand and feel threatened. And I love what Megan adds to the dynamic! As a 64 yr old woman, I remember that time and I can totally relate to her in so many ways. She reminds me of myself. As a struggling artist and feminist woman in my 20’s, I dated a lot of middle aged men. There was always a strong attraction, but they always wanted to control you and the jealousy thing usually drove me away.

    D-Lo in Miami