New Spoiler Alert!: Debating Polarizing Twists on Good Wife, Revenge, Scandal and More!

The presidential debates are over, but the Spoiler Alert! debates are just getting underway!

This week, Matt Mitovich and I welcome back Community cut-up Yvette Nicole Brown to dicker over the Good Wife “spinoff” that nobody wanted, look at Revenge’s big flip-flop from a “cultural perspective,” and settle on what kind of a show Homeland REALLY is. (Hint: It’s not a romcom… but close.)

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Brown also teases what we can expect of Community’s “Halloween at Valentine’s Day” episode and cops to — at least where Scandal’s adulterous lovers are concerned — pulling a Romney.

So go ahead and press PLAY below to take it all in, then vote for our most out-there observation in the comments. While you do that, I’m going to go be amazed that somehow Spoiler Alert! has taken to offering “cultural perspectives” on things. Who knew?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. L says:

    Well, at least Matt Mitovich gets it right. But everyone else… pfft. Does no one pay attention to the shows they watch? Nolan stated he was a 3 on the Kinsey scale last season which flat out means he’s bisexual. Not gay. Not straight. Bisexual. I personally love that there is a bisexual character on TV whose sexuality isn’t a gimmick or even being made a big deal. It just is what it is, and Nolan can have a relationship with a guy and then he can have a relationship with a girl and NO ONE on the show has made an issue out of his sexuality. It’s refreshing. I just wish the viewers and the people writing about the show would pay attention and remember that there are more than two sexualities in this world.

    • dude says:

      Yeah but he seemed extremely gay last year. This season not so much and I do like him with Rebecca Logan but he’s definitely received a personality makeover which is risky given that he was such a fan favourite last year.

      • Robert Taylor says:

        You can’t “seem” gay. You can appear masculine or feminine.

      • L says:

        I’m glad Robert said it before I had to. The only thing that makes a person “seem” gay is having sex with people of their same gender exclusively. That’s it! Please take your stereotyping elsewhere.

    • fiyero says:

      THANK YOU! There’s a reason that the show established from the START that he was smack in the middle of the sexuality scale. It’s fine if you think that him and Padma don’t have chemistry, or if you think that he’s a softer character this season (both true), but it has nothing to do with him being attracted to women.

    • moobear says:

      Yes, thanks for pointing this out, again, it seems like people forget it all the time.

      For me, I really don’t care where they take the character, I love Nolan and Gabriel Mann (sp?). I can see Nolan as straight, bi, gay, Emily’s brother, friend, love interest, however they want to write him, I’m sure GM will do a great job and wardrobe will out do themselves in every scene with some new concoction of preppy chic.

      Padme the character has me on edge, because I think she’s a corporate spy at the very least, so I’m not enjoying his scenes with her. Seriously from everything that was shown to her she should of assumed Nolan was at least breaking up with Emily (cohabitation, she’s my Emily) and now she’s throwing herself at him which to any outsider observer would look like mid breakup?? She has an agenda and it isn’t free trips to Paris.

      Finally Yvette seems like the nicest person and I found myself agreeing with her on a bunch of things.

    • tvdiva says:

      You should watch Lost Girl. Bo is bisexual and almost every episode she enjoys sex with either men and women and sometimes both. It is part of her makeup as a succubus. The show also showcases all couples – gay, bisexual, straight etc.

  2. lilys87 says:

    I love that woman ! She’s just said precisely what I would have said about every show (except scandal that I don’t watch).

  3. In the first season, didn’t Nolan say that he’s a solid 3 on the Kinsey scale? If so, then he’s bi–he likes men and women equally. While it may be rare, there are 3s out there. Why not let Nolan be great and be with Padma if he finds her attractive? If one has followed the show (and can google the Kinsey scale) then they shouldn’t have a problem.

  4. tinypplrock says:

    I love Yvette Nicole Brown. awesome that she is in this. I totally agree with her opinion on Olivia and Fitz. they have such great chemistry, but sorry Yvette, Tony Goldwyn is married. I like Mellie too! She is awesome… now Homeland! omg! such a crazy episode last week, Carrie was just too upset not to yell at him. I actually liked the episode that year where they went to the cabin together, and I can see why they would pair them up on the show. But after everything he did to her, I didn’t expect them to be working together so soon. a 15 minute uninterrupted scene? wow. not many of those on tv. can’t wait! thanks for the Spoiler video.

    • Alichat says:

      I agree with her as well on Scandal. The chemistry between Olivia and Fitz is so palpable. And Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have done a great job of having those two characters so in sync. One thing tho……Yvette, dear…’s Mellie….not Millie.

    • moobear says:

      Yup Washington and Goldwyn have crazy chemistry but so do Dane and Lewis over on Homeland, I feel bad but I’m rooting for their characters….again the characters to wind up together (I’m pretty sure most of these actors are in happy relationships, heck Claire Danes is about to give birth). Ok well I feel less bad for the one on Scandal, because let’s face his marriage was over way before Olivia entered the picture (re watch the episode The Trail) as for Homeland, he wanted to kill Americans, he’s married, he’s….dang sexy and has great chemistry with Dane. As he said on the red carpet don’t act surprised if the Dane’s baby comes out a ginger…it was a total total joke :)

  5. Joe says:

    I’m not liking the Alias feel of the new season of Revenge even though I loved Alias , but like Yevette , I’m along for the ride

  6. Tammy says:

    Can we get a transcript….. Can’t watch on the iPad

  7. Keren says:

    Good critiques!! Yvette had some good insights!!

  8. James says:

    This segment is such a misnomer. They mostly talk about what has already aired. Not a spoiler alert.

  9. paula says:

    Bring community back! sexseasonsandamovie

  10. Lucy says:

    I’ve already enough of NIck. They have plenty of awesome characters in “The Good Wife”. And the last thing the show needed was a spin-off. Especially because that storyline is a mess and it’s totally disconnected from the rest: it’s hurting Kalinda’s character and it’s hurting the show because it’s taking a lot away from other storylines and characters (we care about).

  11. stella says:

    Couldn’t agree more with everything Yvette said. The Kalinda thing has backfired spectacularly. NOT GOOD. Agree about Nolan, they are softening him up and it’s taking away from the character a bit. And Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn do have ridiculous chemistry. He’s married though, so there goes that idea.

  12. Saint Alicia says:

    Ugh, the Good Wife, it’s so painful I can barely discuss it. All I can say is they better fix this mess with Nick (i.e. give their “relationship” some context/depth/explanation or give him the boot) before they irrevocably damage Kalinda’s character.
    Homeland is so amazing it’s filling the place in my heart TGW used to occupy; can’t wait for that 15 min Carrie/Brody scene–I ship them so much. As for Scandal, looks like I need to start watching that! Good lawd…

    • Sam says:

      I agree with all of these comments! Stop ruining Kalinda!! TGW has blessed us with a great series thus far, but fix this mess pronto!

    • KRISTEN says:

      Here’s what I just read online from the producer: “Responding to viewer and critic backlash, Kalinda’s ex-husband Nick is getting an early exit. I wasn’t sure what to think about the storyline, until I read producer Robert King say, ” I think a) people just don’t want Kalinda to go there, which I think is a worthy response that I never thought of and b) I think that it was pushing buttons that are not really healthy buttons to push, which are about domestic violence and dominating men and things like that. I thought it would come across as Kalinda was giving as good as she got, but it’s not coming across that way.” Just because Kalinda’s a formidable opponent, that didn’t make Nick any less disturbing to watch.”

      I just have to say 1.) I don’t find it disturbing – it was just BORING AS HELL!!!!!; 2.) I’m glad they are doing away with it

  13. Drewer says:

    I like Padma, she and Nolan’s story line is lighter and I need a chance to breath in the middle of those episodes, between Jack’s boring but stressful money problems and the craziness that is everything else it’s nice to have some lightness, and Tyler was the opposite of lightness last season, plus between Jack and Daniel, Aiden and possibly Conrad’s son from his first marriage entering at some point, I feel like adding another new guy might have tipped the gender balancing scales just a bit, I mean it was always a little weird, when Veronica Mars had like 3-5 guys to every girl in the cast. I really like Padma’s character but once someone dies on the boat (Declen!) if she gets boring they can replace her. I never got the sense season one that Nolan wasn’t bi anyway, I sort of got that vibe from the beginning. But I don’t know why everyone thinks Emily’s mom didn’t try to kill her, I definitely think she did, and I don’t see a single sign that would point to her trying to save her, I think the story would be less exciting if it turned out she was just trying to save her.

  14. Karen says:

    I LOVE Yvette! Makes me miss ‘Community’ even more!

  15. Justin says:

    DO you mean “dicker” or “bicker,” Michael?

  16. dessy111 says:

    Yvette Nicole Brown seems to be really awesome. And she’s a brilliant tv addict like the rest of us!! I miss Community a lot. And I totally agree with Matt, I do like the Nolan/Padma storyline very much.

  17. Katherine says:

    Bring Yvette back whenever you get a chance (like next season or so) because she’s great in this! Funny and some interesting insights

  18. dude says:


  19. cjeffery7 says:

    can you just have an entire episode all about Alias? k thanx.

  20. cjeffery7 says:

    if Homeland is ultimately going to be a love story, this has gotta be a love/hate relationship at it’s purest.

  21. Marc says:

    I would guess that The Good Wife is planning something big with the Kalinda story but won’t pull the trigger until pater in the season because 1) they need Kalinda to do her thing for the case of the week and, now, the campaign; and 2) because they need to devote most of several episodes to playing out the something big and don’t have the screen time while dealing with the case-of-the-week, the campaign drama, and the receivership backstory. In other words, we will get out payoff but will have to wait for it. My guess is that the husband will kill the fed, frame Kalinda, and ransom exonerating evidence for the money she took from him.

    • Lucy says:

      Too bad that while we’re waiting for a payoff other MAIN characters, like Cary, are getting no lines, no storylines and absolutely no appropriate screentime and I’m wondering if we’ll get a payoff for this too.

  22. Britta Unfiltered says:

    WTF, Carrie, indeed. I’m still re-watching that last scene, I just re-watched it last night about three or four times. Okay, maybe five. There’s just something about the way Brody advances on her in that “Not friends” menacing way and Saul instantly becoming so protective of Carrie with his totally awesome, “Keep the f— away from her” line that just gets my heart going. And then there’s the whole, “I liked you, Carrie”, “I loved you!” exchange and his last advance towards her before the CIA breaks the door down…it’s just all very exciting. And the whole element of danger between Carrie and Brody was kind of a turn-on too. Perhaps I just revealed too much about myself.
    I’m so sad Yvette didn’t like The Weekend, that is pretty much my favorite episode of the series so far. I will never my whole life forget the “I want to live here” line that turned me into a puddle. I kinda root for those two crazy kids, but “if only the circumstances had been wildly different” is such a true statement for their relationship. But the next episode sounds like it’s going to be really great. That show is never so good as when those two are trying to work each other.
    These spoiler videos are a lot of fun. And I totally want that Britta is a B t-shirt. I’m going to start looking around online for it!

  23. fiyero says:

    Wasn’t Ausiello totally hyping Kalinda/husband in his spoilers? It’s said b/c it made me really excited and it’s been AWFUL. Awkward, weird, and FF worthy.

    • ben says:

      Well he was hyping Marc Warren, and deservedly so, the guy has done so much very good work. The casting wasn’t at fault, the plot was.

      • fiyero says:

        Well, I guess we can agree to disagree. I think he’s a good actor, but I also don’t think that he has the ability (physical and otherwise) to convey a character that was so dangerous that Kalinda had to literally everything about her to get away from him. He comes off as a silly, bitter, jealous ex-husband. And, I do think that writing is mostly responsible (what were they thinking with the egg fight?), but I also think that a different actor might have made it a bit more believable.

        Also, I’m pretty sure Ausiello ALSO hyped their scenes – I only found this one, but I just remember a lot during the summer about how their scenes were worth the wait.

        The Good Wife needs to return yesterday. Please give me a scoop to cling on until the premiere! —Jennifer Ausiello: The introduction of Kalinda’s husband in the Sept. 30 season premiere is masterful.

        • Lucy says:

          I think TV Line comments were based on what writers said about that storyline. I think TV Line got screeners just a week or 2 before the premiere. Also Nick and Kalinda storyline in the season premiere was already Over the top but IMO it really became ridicolous around episode 2 and 3 so probably they just changed their mind about it after watching all those 3 episodes.

      • Ana says:

        He probably has but he’s totally wrong for this part. His physicality, his stance, his behavior it’s all wrong. Kalinda is super tough, they needed to cast someone that is physically compatible with her. And she’s super hot too and he’s not. IMO. But I will add that the writing was just awful, awful. It’s like they wanted to bring in this mysterious part of Kalinda’s life but they had no idea how to deliver it.

  24. madhatter360 says:

    Is anyone else sort of spazzing out from the flashing green screen?

  25. Angela says:

    Damn, I need to catch up on and start watching some of these shows! This discussion has me very intrigued. I want to sit and watch TV shows with Yvette now and discuss them together, she’s great with her analysis and stuff.
    Yvette seems like such a sweetheart, I love her. I loved her comments on “Community”, too, she is so spot on with her thoughts. Whatever happens with the show, whenever it finally returns, whatever night it airs, any of that…I don’t care. I will be there and watching and continuing to root for it. I can’t wait to see the Halloween episode. And it totally never occurred to me that she and Donald haven’t had a storyline together! I look forward to that, too-I love it when the show pairs Shirley and one of the other characters together. They need to do that more often.
    Also, love the Britta shirt being pointed out. Ha. Anywho, great video, and I’ll shut up with my rambling now.

  26. Dana says:

    I really don’t understand the bisexual hate going on regarding Nolan. :-/

    • Ana says:

      Bisexuals always get a lot of flack. I guess because straight and gays think that they should make up their minds? I don’t get it either. I like that Nolan is bi. It gives his character more substance, IMO.

  27. partisan says:

    Just a quick comment. They mentioned the secret service reaction on Scandal and thought it was unrealistic. Truth is it was totally realistic. The protections detail is to protect the President from threats exclusively. In a situaton like the one on the show (however unlikely that is) they would ignore what was happening and keep it quiet. It’s called the “secret” service for a reason.

  28. Ana says:

    Since Yvette politicized Scandal and Michael agrees with her, I have to wonder why is it that when a Republican changes their views to reflect evolving realities is flip-flopping but when a non-Republican does it is cute and is ‘etch-a-sketch’. I really, really prefer that entertainers would stay away from the political fray because more often than not it makes them look like morons. And that includes Madonna saying that we “have a m..f..g Muslim for a President”, which is inaccurate, and Clint Eastwood and his bizarre performance at the RNC convention. I mean, you can’t try to belittle Romney one second and the next do the same thing that you are demeaning him for because it shows you clearly have a double standard and it makes you look kind of silly…Just sayin’…