Sons of Anarchy Recaplet: Has [Spoiler] Finally Hit Rock Bottom? Weigh in Here!

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SpoilersWarning: If you’ve yet to watch this Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…

Note to Tara: The next time Jax tells you to trust your mother-in-law, don’t.

Sons of Anarchy‘s Gemma has fallen further and further from grace during the FX drama’s current fifth season, but it was her potentially fatal actions at the end of this week’s episode that had us wondering: Has the SAMCRO matriarch finally hit rock bottom?

After being robbed by Joel McHale’s con-man character, a desperate Gemma turned to Nero — who turned to Jax & Co. — for help. Disgusted by his mom’s increasingly out-of-character behavior, Jax hissed, “Who are you?” — a question that peeved the fallen queen’s sometime-bed buddy. A well-meaning Nero advised Jax to go easy on Gemma, who, while troubled, would only begin to make better choices with the support of her family.

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The SAMCRO boss took those words of wisdom to heart and later consoled his mother, telling her that they, Tara included, would get through this tough time. And in that moment, all seemed as well as can be in the world of Sons. But Spoiler Alert — that would not end up being the case.

Shortly thereafter, Jax and Tara were prepping to leave town for a brief vacay when their babysitter bailed. The couple reluctantly used this opportunity to extend an olive branch to Gemma — who, unbeknownst to them, was getting stoned with Unser — and asked that she stay with Abel and Thomas for a few days. Katey Sagal’s alter ego pounced at the opportunity, and was soon in possession of the tots.

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Off balance and fighting to remain conscious, Gemma attempted to drive her grandsons home. Unfortunately, she veered into the opposite lane and, in order to avoid colliding with an oncoming big rig, swerved her SUV down a ravine and into a tree.

The episode’s haunting closing shot explored the wreckage, which consisted of a knocked-out Gemma, an hysterical Thomas and a seemingly injured and unconscious Abel.

While we’d like to assure you that Gemma couldn’t possibly sink any lower, we’ve seen next week’s installment and that’s not looking very likely — at least not initially.

But what say you, TVLiners? Has Gemma made her worst misstep yet? Is this her version of rock bottom? Can she ever be redeemed? Hit the comments with all of your thoughts and predictions!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. alonso says:

    I think Clay is behind the two attacks. Why would he tell Jax that its Pope who’s after him and his family and next thing we see Jax and Chibs are attacked by black men and Gemma driving off the road which I also think its not like her to be high and drive with her grandkids in the car. Before these incidents Clay is suspiciously looking into the marriage license and you can tell he was plotting or already plotted something agaisnt Gemma.

  2. Debra says:

    I’m loving it!! I don’t think Abel will die, I don’t think Gemma will die (this season, anyway.) Clay is one nasty dude and bad will come to him in time!!

  3. Kristina says:

    As a parent of two toddlers, nearly impossible to watch the final scene, made me about sick. (And maybe that’s the difference for people who don’t think it was any more dramatic than the other big moments so far in the season) Too much led up to it though, so can’t say it was a surprise, the blood on the little animal though, ugh………..

  4. James says:

    Wow Sutter really? Oppie wasn’t enough now you gotta go after Jax’s Kids wholly crap man you’re gonna run out of boddies soon. Tara is going to flip the frick out next epp Gemma might be going the way of the dodo bird.

  5. Jorge says:

    Looks likes there is going to be alot of killings next epidode. And abel doesn’t have to do with the story Who cares. U are not a true fan if u stop watching it. I am a 13 year old and i will never stop watching soa. Ive been watching it since day 1 season . And juice is the snitchat the table. I think they throw frankie of the building. But we will have to wait and see.

    • Greasergal says:

      No offense, but you’re 13 years old. Of course the death of a child doesn’t affect you. I would have said the same thing until I had a son who happens to be the exact same age as Abel’s character. That would be why such a thing was a big deal and why you are reading the reactions you are now.

      With that said, yes, I agree that it would be asinine to stop watching the show because of the death of a fictional character. This is a show that has a course to run and if it wasn’t such a good story, we wouldn’t be this invested in it to have such strong reactions when there is the death (or possible death) of a character we have come to care for. His birth started the entire course of the show, after all.

    • S says:

      Jorge, If you have been watching this show since day 1 of season 1 you would have been 9 years old at that time. I really hope a kid of 9 hasn’t been watching a graphic show with adult content like this, but I have a feeling you probably have.
      A kid would not get that Abel is VERY important to the SoA story line. His life has been the axle that, in many ways, the main three (now 4 including Tara) characters’ wheel of life has always rotated. His birth in season 1, his care in season 2, his abduction in season 3…Abel is important. He is what they call “the tie that binds”

  6. Baz says:

    Was there not a blind item on here a few weeks ago about a major female cast member dying from a car accident?? the last few mins of this episode i was thinking Auseillo was talking about gemma!!

  7. Chad Mutt says:

    Abel won’t die. The writers of this show seem to be obsessed with making Jax’s life full of stress. Taras hand is healing well, and she has gone thru too much over the seasons to make something happen to her again, so they will probably make poor little Abel go thru some recovery process or give him some disablement. With Abel they have the whole “Wendy thing” happening too, and the season will probably end with her getting or filing for custody. Clay needs to go, but i just know he wont, :( , his charcter is a writers dream. It needs to be said tho, it has turned into a soap opera.

  8. Steve says:

    I believe it is ok to love or hate a character or story line. Having someone to cheer for or against makes great tv. This is season 5 of a 7 season series, and only Kurt knows how it will play out. I don’t think the motives of Kurt should be questioned until you have a complete work to judge. People are saying Clay should be dead already, or Opie should not have died. We do not know the end game, or how these choices will influence it. I wanted agent Stahl dead a lot sooner than she died, but after seeing the end of that season I would not change a thing. It was worth the wait. Best season finale of any show I have ever seen.

  9. DesiD says:

    I am with those who say Im done with the show if Able Dies. Too much is too much! Poor kid has been through enough! PLEASE DO NOT KILL ABLE! I am still crying!

  10. Eddie says:

    Why would you guys stop watching just because Abel MIGHT be dead? He wasn’t even a major character. Why didn’t you stop watching when Roosevelt’s wife AND baby got killed by the nomads? If you can’t take the violence, blood, and death then go watch twilight.

  11. Kathleen says:

    U can handle a 9months pregnant woman getting shot In the stomach but will stop watching if Abel dies?? No difference, if ur a soft cock prolly not the show to be watching… Hope Tara dies she’s a terrible actor and character just constant whinging lol

  12. noura khoury says:

    Ohhh the drama! Every single word out of Clay’s craggy mouth are lies, do any if the members besides Jax know that he planned to kill Opie? That will be Jax’s ace if Clay tries to throw him under the presidental bus. Why does anyone still let him participate in SAMCRO! Juice & Jax have both already turned rat, Jax being involved with the Gliendo Cartel/ Danny Trejo’s influence, which avoided a hefty RICO charge but still will bring so much fury to the table. Redemption isn’t in the cards for Gemma, Jax will never forgive her after all the trauma Able has already been throught. Honestly, really not suprised with Gemma, her literal trainwreck of a life is pretty obvious & Tara should have followed her maternal instincts, but Tara was also blazing weed & beating down Carla (RIP). Gemma is a terrible influence on everyone around her.Uncer even called Gemma out saying that she no longer had friends or even alliences. I do think that he is smarter than he plays- keeping the shotgun pointed directly at Clay, was a wise descision. Where’s Frankie and did Pope set up SAMCRO to murder them?

  13. Dave says:

    I think the Gemma/Tara power struggle has been taking away from an otherwise tense, tense season. I wonder where the attack on Jax and Chibs came from. Can’t see Pope having anything to do with it after his deal with Jaz. I also wonder when is Juice gonna say something? Just stands around looking worried all the time. I’ve never wanted someone dead like i want Pope dead, want him to get his even more than Clay


  15. Azita says:

    Clay and Gemma’s relationship is not cute, it’s not interesting, it’s effing boring. The both of them are making the show boring lol, they should have swapped Gemma for Opie in the show… I miss Opie…Gemma is just an effing manipulator and Clay is ten times worse.