Pretty Little Liars Recap: Who Died After Taking a Ride on the Terror-Filled 'A' Train?

Pretty Little Liars HalloweenWarning: Avoid this recap at all costs until you’ve watched this Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars.

“This is going to be the best Halloween ever. I’d bet somebody’s life on that.” So said the ‘A’wesomely ‘A’wful Mona at the start of Pretty Little Liars‘ Halloween special — and man, did she mean it!

The haunting hour followed our four Liars and their respective loved ones (…and enemies) on a thrilling ride aboard a “terror train” — but that was only the beginning. In addition to answering lingering questions (e.g. How was Garrett involved in Alison’s death?) and presenting new ones (Is a parent a member of Team ‘A’?), the installment claimed the life of one of the series’ longtime players.

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Read on for details on who was offed, who became a suspect and who the heck is (possibly) seeing ghosts in Rosewood.

INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY DEAD | Call us crazy, but we are officially buying what Garrett was selling. The acquitted one spent most of the episode apologizing to a distrusting Spencer and attempting to convince her of his innocence. The first instance went down in her kitchen, but Toby walked in and gave G some seriously evil eye, so he left. Later, on the train, Garrett pulled Spenc aside and explained that he always liked her best and was only ever trying to protect her. As he tells it, on the night of Alison’s murder, the soon-to-be-deceased and Jenna had a fight in her backyard while he looked on. Stepping in to protect his then-sightless friend, Garrett faked hitting Ali with a field hockey stick/killing her, and then the two left the scene. Later, he returned and witnessed an incriminating convo between Ali and — gasp! — Aria’s father Byron. It went a little something like this:

Alison: I’m not the one that makes people do these things. If you don’t pay for your mistakes, how can you become a better person?
Byron: You say all of these grown-up things, but you’re still a child.
Alison: Don’t kid yourself. You know what I’m capable of.

Dun-dun-dun! A shocked Spencer orders Garrett to stay put so that she can track down Aria and make her hear this story first-hand. Unfortunately, that never happens because the ex-cop is found dead on the train shortly thereafter. But more on that later…

TRAPPED IN A WOOD CASE OF EMOTION | Bummed to be attending the soiree solo (Ezra cancelled at the last minute, but gave some dumb reason that we all immediately knew was a fake), Aria tried to make the best of it and chit-chatted the night away with guest-star Adam Lambert. Unfortunately, she was so distracted, she didn’t even notice the masked mystery person (maybe Mona, who busted out of Radley again? Though she was later seen donning another costume.) drugging her drink. Next thing she knows, she’s gagged and bound in a crate… which she’s sharing with a very lifeless Garrett. The rest of the Liars are soon on the hunt for their pal after receiving a text about her disappearance from ‘A,’ but it might be too late as the crate is slowly being inched out of the moving train by — if we heard their voices correctly — a guy and a girl.

Fortunately, Aria finds a screwdriver in the box and stabs one of her captors’ hands through a small opening, causing him/her to panic and run. Hanna, Spencer and Emily arrived just in time, saving their pal. And then something really strange happened: Ezra showed up. During the police questioning everyone about Garrett’s murder, Mr. Fitz ran in, a worried mess about his girlfriend. A confused Aria asks why he’s there, to which he responds that he was trying to surprise her, but got stuck in a line outside the train, missed the festivities and was only just able to hop aboard. So, basically, Ezra is officially now a potential member of the ‘A’ Team. (Sob!)

‘A’ BRUTAL ATTACK | The same masked person that abducted Aria came after Spencer, nearly killing her with just his/her hands. Paige, thankfully, was near by and saved the day, though not without receiving a beating of her own. That said, consider the hatchet buried between these two. The baddie in this instance also left behind a clue: a gigantic, stick-on fingernail that looked too large for a lady.

ICED DOWN | The episode ended on the train, with a huge bucket of ice containing sodas breaking open, only to have an occupied body bag roll out. Could it be Ali? Jason’s face certainly suggested as much.

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EVERYTHING ELSE | Is Rosewood filled with ghosts and zombies?! A creepy little girl showed up at Hanna’s house and asked Ashley if she could call her mother. She then proceeds to tell a strange story about a sister she often fights with, particularly when it comes to dolls, and then she vanished when the matriarch left the room; The tag to the episode may have also been supernatural, as it showed a hand rising from the dirt in Ali’s backyard; Hanna and Caleb, as well as Jenna and Noel and Emily and Paige were all still very much together — but was Jenna kinda flirting with the latter?; Jason appeared to following Lucas around on the train rather suspiciously.

BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT | Toby to his no-longer-blind stepsister Jenna, after she asks him if he likes her pirate costume — which included an eyepatch: “It’s very nice, but I liked you a lot better like this…” And then he covered her un-patched peeper with his hand.

RUNNER UP | “Everybody’s messing with us. You can get a varsity letter messing with us!” — Hanna on all of this ‘A’sanity

Hit the comments with your thoughts on Pretty Little Liars‘ Halloween spooktacular!

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  1. Esaul says:

    Eh. The episode was all over the place. Definitely one of the worst ones.

    • Jarrod Mitchell says:

      You’re kidding, right? It finally put things in motion and sets up for an epic return in January.

      • Esaul says:

        For the most part it was more silly than anything else. So many improbable occurrences. Yelled at the TV more than anything else. They’ve had much better episodes in the past with less predictability.

        • Kelly says:

          I think many of the episodes are silly. :) The writing on this show is not the best, that’s for sure. They leave SO many open ended questions that they never fill……I actually think they don’t have answers for them.
          Ezra has an interview at night? Yea right. I’m so sick of him.
          One thing that really bugs me….how many times have these girls been attacked? Do you think maybe it’s time they take some freaking self defense classes! I mean….Spencer barely fought back! Kick or something Spencer! Sheesh.

          • Esaul says:

            Omg thank you! That’s how I felt! Why hasn’t their boyfriends make them take self defense classes either? C’mon ladies!

          • tripoli says:

            I too had the same thought. They never learn. And while we’re at, they should also stop taking of on their own, particularly when surrounded by a bunch of people in masks/costumes. Come on girls, use your heads. Agree with comments above about it not being a great episode. Yeah, there were a few good reveals, which only lead to more questions, but it was something. Could have done without the awful Adm Lambert appearance. Watched that on mute. Dude’s 15 minutes are more than up. Also Lucy Hale’s acting while in the box was horrendous. Not sure what was up with that, but it was damn near painful. She’s usually much better than that.

    • iMember says:

      I officially think you’re crazy. This episode was awesome! Hands down one of the best episodes in the series so far in my opinion.

    • jenn says:

      i find it funny I posted my comment just after yours haha. I disagree, especially considering we got actual plot points, clues and OMG moments.

      • Mélanie says:

        Clues ? OMG moments ? This show is just getting messier and messier. In the end, we’ll learn the whole town is behind Alison’s “murder”, and that they were planning to do the same to the other girls. And it seriously looks like they are going for the book big A, which is just an easy way to end things.
        And its less and less realistic. As if the two people who were pushing Aria’s crate just vanished once the three other girls got into the room. Those are wagons ! It’s not a gymnasium! Anyway, glad for you that you are still enjoying the show !

        • jenn says:

          you have to watch the show with an open mind. It’s guilty pleasure material, a soapy thriller. It’s not always perfectly logical , but I think it delivered tonight. I hope you’ll like the winter premiere better, Mélanie désolée!

          • Esaul says:

            There’s a fine line with a guilty pleasure and just plain ridiculous. Overall, sure it did help further the plot as a whole. The episode as a stand alone was just bleh. Either way, I’m still very excited for January to come. PLL and The Lying Game on the same night is perfection.

    • Elyse says:

      i thought it was amazing.

    • Leo says:

      It definitely is 100% improvement from the last halloween episode (which is like a cheap horror episode for 10 years old). I totally love this year’s halloween special.
      Adam Lambert rocks and how awkward is he when chatting up Aria lol!
      Aria finally gets targeted and I thought Aria has panic attack? How can she act so cool and kiss up Ezra and all that? She just nearly got pushed off the train and is next to a dead body. I thought she’s gonna be more shaken than that.
      And Spencer-Paige-A’s fighting scene is kinda awesome! I wish one of the girls would pull off the mask though.
      Ashley’s ghost story is kinda weird. The ghost goes to Hanna’s room and tell about sisters. Hanna and Alison are sisters maybe? Or it’s just a blazing red herring.

    • denise says:

      you must be kidding! it was epic!! awesome episode, so many questions answered

  2. jenn says:

    God this episode was amazing! I always loved the theory of Byron being the killer and Alison’s corpse showing up in the ice was simply horrible. Plus, poor Garret. Also Megan, Mona was not the person who strangled Spencer, she was the one wearing the Allison mask, dressed as the phantom of the opera like Caleb (we saw the mask next to her bed at the end of the episode). And if horror movies have taught me one thing, it’s never trust a blond cold little girl wearing white. She looked just like the little girl in the halloween story from Alison last season AND she kept dropping hints about twins. All in all , this episode was great!

    • Megan Masters says:

      Noted, though you never know with PLL. Mona could have been donning all sorts of costumes that night.

      • jenn says:

        Yes, but super psycho powerful Mona is a tiny girl and I doubt has strong masculine hands ;)

      • Pearl says:

        Don’t think so. The voices pushing Aria were very, very clear, Mona and Lucas, note how Luca’s camera is abandonned when Jenna tlaks with Paige, and the smile on Jenna’s face, and then, after they find Aria, he is with the camera again.
        Important, notice that Garret don’t let Spencer go after the humming, and close her mouth, so they can go away from it. Well, I think he knew that Mona was on the train ad was trying to be away from her, but, it also explais how he got ded so fast. He also says that “he didn’t even know what the game was truly about” so, he WAS in team A, and he’s not anymore. And for the scene of “Preety Dirt Secrets” and the interaction between Toby and Jenna, it’s very obvious that she STILL is.

        Now the joker… It’s definitely a man, if you stop on his hands when he is open the ring you’ll notice it. But, I don’t think that it’s lucas, cause those are preety grown hands. And I have to say, felt very strange the way Erza said “you’re alive” when he supposed heard “someone” got injured. That said, it doesn’t look he has the same hands from Joker, but the high fits perfectly.

        Now look the scene of the body VERY CAREFUL, you’ll see that, at exactly the same time Noel go to the liars, Lucas, get the camera, like he knew what would go on, and the way Toby go into Noel, like it’s “show time”, the back off, EXACTLY against the drinks cane, look how noel holds the wood and THEN fell pushing it, Lucas take a photo at the exact moment. Now, Noel looks really aterrorized, while Lucas, Tobby and, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Ezra don’t.

        I think Jenna is playing Noel, exactly like he “played” Garret, he’s acting under A’s orders, without even knowing. To him, everything is just a joke.

        Interesting note, someone found very odd the way Spencer look back after she gave instructions to Emm and Hanna? She was going and then she just stopped, and looked back a litle… “guilty”? Or maybe she realized something about the humming she heard coming before seeing Garret?

        Ps.: I think Mona has a thing for blondes, luck Emm and bad luck Cece and, maybe, Allison?

    • I didn’t recognize her but my best friend sent me the link to the opening of last year’s Halloween special and she’s definitely the twin who got killed over a doll in Allison’s ghost story.

      • Kristen says:

        So Ali has/had a twin sister at some point, and Ali killed her? Or maybe Ali was the one who was killed as a little girl, and the twin picked up Ali’s life and pretended to be her from then on. Agh! So good.

  3. Kendall says:

    Ezra didn’t say he got “stuck in a line.” He said he was waiting at the “end of the line” – as in the train line (where the train was going and where the party would ultimately end.) He wanted to surprise her when the party was over. So he drove down the train line to see where the train was.
    I don’t disagree however that the entire exchange was fishy – either he is a part of the “A” team, or he could very well have been with Maggie.

  4. Ashley says:

    Did anyone else notice that after Jenna and Paige spoke, Jenna looked down and saw the old school camera that Ezra bought Aria?? Ezra being part of team A will be as devastating as Toby!!!

    • iMember says:

      Yeah, I was wondering what was up with them focusing on Jenna looking at that camera.

    • Kathryn says:

      Lucas was using that camera.

    • b-rex says:

      Wasn’t that actually the camera that Lucas had been carrying around all night? That’s what I thought when I saw it, but I could be wrong!!

    • Mélanie says:

      It has nothing to do with Aria’s camera. It was Lucas’, remember he was taking picture of everyone when they got to the party.
      I noticed a happy Lucas instead of the depressing version of him we have seen lately

    • Katie says:

      I thought the camera was the one Lucas took a picture of Hanna with when she showed up to the event. That made me think that maybe he was the “guy” voice helping push the crate.

    • Estée says:

      I think I’d be MORE devastated I could handle him lying to her but trying to kill her & her friends I’d be heartbroken

  5. shuayb says:

    Ezra was probably trick or treating with his son and Maggie and didn’t wanna tell Aria just yet. I doubt he is part of the A-Team. Everyone on the A-Team has some sort of history with Alison and the Liars. Nothing we’ve watched so far suggests that Ezra has a history with either of em. I never liked Byron. Does this mean Chad Lowe will be returning for Jan eps? He’s always been a major putz and then sleeping with the woman he cheated on after he got divorced. Skeevy written all over him. Shame Aria is in for a doozy or three… That creepy girl was definately foreshadowing the revelation that Alisson had a crazy angry twin. Winter premiere gonna be A-mazing!

    • Ashley says:

      PLL has a way of shocking us; I feel like no one is on the show just to be on the show, everyone is a part of something!! That little girl was creepy as hell, though.

    • reh says:

      Except one of the writers said that Ezra doesn’t even know about his son yet still.. so that wouldn’t make sense.

  6. Maj says:

    I believe the hand at the end was a flashback, and it Ali’s because she was buried alive. The yard was torn up just like flashback story Garrett told..

  7. k. says:

    To me, the only person off limits for being part of the A team is Caleb as he came later in the series and had no link whatsoever with Alison. He would have to be a major psycho to do this without any sort of explanation.

    • Mélanie says:

      It’s not because you don’t see an explanation that there isnt one. He could have known her from before and he may not have been as homeless as he pretended. That’s the thing with that show, everything is possible in the trickiest ways.

  8. Rrrrrr says:

    The little girl who played the “Ghost” was one of the daughters on Medium. When Medium did the flash-forward in the series finale, the girl was a teenager, and played by the actress who plays Allison. I thought that was a nice little spin.

  9. Brianna says:

    The biggest WTF moment of all was when Aria was writing her name on the glass window and the last ‘a’ in her name had that longer sloppy line through the middle like ‘A’ uses in handwritten notes. I honestly think Ali was having some kind of affair with Byron and got jealous of Meredith, Aria found out and buried her alive. Ali decided to get revenge and formed the ‘A’ with promises to her henchmen that should would destroy all of the group if they helped her. Maybe I’m super off base but I need some new theory to get me through until January.

    • Jon says:

      No I DEFINITELY think Aria is A. If she isn’t I will be so horribly disappointed. There’s no way she isn’t.

    • BL says:

      Oh. My. God. Aria totally wrote two different A’s. I didn’t notice it during the episode, but I did think to myself “Why not leave the last A?”. Well if Aria is in on it, why would they leave it? Of course, they would have to leave the first one. Knowing what we know about Byron and Ali making Aria “A” could work. It may be a red herring but still…

      I am a 27 woman and show scares me lol!!!

    • Elyse says:

      i’ll have to rewatch and see what you;re taking about with the “A”. idk if Aria is A idk why she would risk having them try to kill her? the story just keeps getting more crazy.

  10. angelcake says:

    Ok the twins thing from last year (Ali’s story) and then the kid showing up again this year make more sense I guess if you read the books. In the book, as this show has skewed for the most part from them, Ali had a twin that no one knew about. ‘Evil’ or psychotic and out to kill the other one. Cliche, sure. But makes the whole thing about the twins fit better into the threads. I’ve wondered if that’s where they’ll eventually be going with the show.

    • vendelay says:

      Funny thing, I never read the books but right after seeing this episode I couldn’t help thinking that what you just wrote is the case! Couldn’t shake off the creepy Ali-twin-situation… What if that evil twin killed “the real Ali” way earlier, and “that night when Ali died” was just a way for the twin to go underground? Someone found out about her not being Ali? Hmm.

  11. charissa29 says:

    So does anyone care that none of this makes any sense?

  12. Rissa says:

    When ABC Family released the picture if the 13 characters and said that one of them would die it took me all of 3 seconds to know it was Garrett. And it was even more obvious where it was going within the first few minutes. My solitaire game was more intense than the show tonight. A little less predictable next time please?

    • Elyse says:

      i was thinking Lucas at first but after the first few minutes and how douche Toby looked after Spencer told him that Garrett was going to tell her about the night Ali died and who took Alis body i knew Garrett was going to die.

  13. Diana says:

    This was the show’s most blatant effort yet at throwing every possible red herring at you when the most obvious, uninspired turn of events was clearly what was going to happen anyway. So disappointing.

    Garrett conveniently resurfacing with “dangerous” information made him being the one to die a certainty from the second the episode started, just like Nate being Maya’s stalker and not her cousin was painfully obvious from the immediate start of the fall season.

    The return of the little girl from last year’s Halloween twin story all but seals the deal that, just like in the books, it’ll eventually be revealed that Allison has a twin who’s the big mastermind behind the whole “A” plot. Again, could it be more obvious?

    The two voices heard trying to push Aria and her box off the train were very clearly identifiable as Lucas and Mona, which makes sense, given that they’ve all but outed that collaboration without yet coming close to exploring it.

    • Elyse says:

      for people who haven’t read the books its probably not that obvious.Lucas is probably on the A team but i didn’t think the voices were that obvious. i personally couldn’t tell who they were. and remember the part where Jason sees Lucas and then follows him out of one car and into another? i wonder if Jason is part of the A team too??

      • tripoli says:

        I haven’t read the books and it was terribly obvious to me. The voices sounded very much like Lucas and Mona. It’s like they aren’t even trying. It’s either too much info, leading in a thousand different directions, or something really obvious that does very little to propel the story forward. It will be interesting to see what they do for the upcoming season.

    • denise says:

      i dont think the voices are obvious at all. i say this because, everyone keeps saying lucas, but, if u listen closely, the voice has an accent, which sounds like wren!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Okay I know a few older people like me watch this show but their main viewing audience is teenage girls right? And what teenage girl is going to get any of the costumes the liars wore? I mean Marilyn Monroe sure and Aria explained her’s but our education system sucks so much that I guarantee you more than half the teen audience was like WTF is The Great Gatsby? And seriously what teen alive today has seen To Have and Have Not or Barbarella?

    • fiyero says:

      Actually, I think most people read The Great Gatsby in high school – or will probably see the Leonardo DiCaprio movie soon enough. I think Spencer’s was supposed to be one that we didn’t know – to showcase how intellectual and an soul she is. I googled the “whisper” line and was able to figure it out right away!

    • Elyse says:

      they have a lot of teen viewers but they also have a lot of viewers in their mid to late twenties. i am 23 and so many of my friends my age or close to my age watch too. Teens should know what the Great Gatsby is and if they don’t they should look it up.

    • Brandy says:

      According to a article about season two, 55% of PLLs audience is over 18.Im 31 and love the show.

  15. A says:

    What if the little creepy girl was Ali’s sister, and she was the one who got murdered, not Ali? Maybe Ali killed her sister or something….

  16. Sophoia says:

    I think there was a tattoo around the wrist of the person’s hand that we see at the end of the episode. Holly Marie Combs definitely has one like that so I’m thinking that it could be Ella who’s buried which would not be so surprising if Byron really is involved in all this.

  17. Ryan says:

    Could someone remind me of the Allison twin story? I can’t remember it!

  18. PeterW says:

    it was ok i like the halloween aspect and i liked adam but i think it showed lucy hale as a really bad actress she was trapped in a box with dead body and she screams 2 times ?? and never crys so the had to play a track of her whimpering over her truely poor performance which sucks coz shes been my fav since episode 1 and seriously mona who is smaller then hanna was the one pretending to b caleb ?? that makes no sence at all she is far smaller then him and spencer gets punched and thrown around and dosnt cry and 2 min later she is totally fine ?? bad wrighting i think and was the hand at the end ally ??

  19. Michelle says:

    I thought Ezra didn’t know about his son yet – did I miss something? How could he be trick or treating with him if he doesn’t know about him. And I don’t think Mona was the one tricking Hannah dressed as Caleb – that person was taller than Hannah and Mona is shorter than Hannah.

  20. Brandy says:

    I wonder who was buried alive at the end?Ali reference?She was hit over the head with a shovel thenn buried alive.Flshback?Was the little girl ghost Ali or Courtney?blonde, talking about fighting with her sister over dolls,her sister always does stuff to get her in trouble ect.Was it someone new reccently buried alive?theyre still alive,fighting for life so it cantve been very long since they were buried.

    • Brandy says:

      I also knew Garret would die after he was going to tell Spencer everything.

    • angelcake says:

      Another book reader! Yeah this was my first thought. If they’re keeping the Ali/Courtney thing from the books. And these little scary stories that Ali (or Court as Ali :P) were hints to the LIars that she was a twin.

  21. Alice says:

    I really enjoyed the episode, even if Garrett’s death was predictable. His dead body being in the box with Aria was a nice touch! And I liked the brief moment of honesty he shared with Spencer. Personally, I believe everything he said is true, or else why would he bother talking to her? He could have left town without a word, since he had been freed from all charges, and it’s not like he owed anything to Spencer, since she wasn’t the one to convince her mother to be his lawyer. Even if Spencer had believed him, he wouldn’t really have gained anything from that. The fact that he was killed proves that his informations were dangerous for the A team.
    The two people pushing the box sounded a lot like Mona and Lucas, especially hearing the guy complaining and there’s the fact that they were visibly struggling to move it. Both Mona and Lucas aren’t very tall and Lucas isn’t very muscular, while Toby, Noel and Jason have a strong build. We were all looking for a hand injury in the final scene, but could it be that Aria stabbed an arm instead? There wasn’t really anyone among the guys with a visible wound.
    Jason sneaking around with Lucas might be because Lucas is the one who called him about the reward. We know that Lucas took those pictures of the Liars at Ali’s grave…Maybe that’s the proof he wanted to gave Jason? I think this somehow reconnects with the exchange between Lucas and the baby mask in PDS.
    The fight scene with the Joker costume was quite intense, and seeing how easily that person predominated over Spencer and especially Paige, and the huge fingernail, there’s no doubt that was a man, and most likely the one who visited Mona at the beginning of the episode to get the drug (and the bullets, though it’s not clear if they were used to kill Garrett). If that was Toby, they would have shown his face. I think that was the third, vodka drinking A. I have my theory from earlier episode that this person is Byron, but would he really drug his own daughter and let the team kill her? After what Garrett said, there’s no doubt he’s hiding something though. My other option is Ezra, and even for him hurting Aria seems quite unbelievable, but he’s been acting really suspiciously. He always makes weird, crazy faces, and I don’t know if that’s because he’s not that great of an actor or is intentional, to show that he’s lying.
    I think the only A-team member who didn’t do anything evil in this episode was Toby, except for “maybe” intentionally pushing Noel against the ice bucket with the bodybag. When the girls were looking for Aria, they mentioned that Toby was with Caleb, so probably he didn’t have the chance to go help the A team. And he didn’t risk raising suspicions as well.
    I honestly found Ashley’s meeting with little Ali’s ghost rather unnecessary, as it took time away from the events on the train…it’s either a way to tell us the writers will go with the twins plot, or just a homage to the books like they did last year. And Ali’s hand rising from the ground was definitely another fantasy element, since there’s no way Alison (or anyone else) could still be alive after being buried.

  22. Sop says:

    Maybe after all, the truth is four of them felt so sick of Ali and killed her that night, they are just too afraid to remember it. End of the story.

  23. The ghost was Alison’s twin. Looked like the girl from the flashback of the twins last year, but I’m not certain on that.

    • Milah says:

      If the ghost was Ali’s twin, why Hanna’s mom didn’t know her? she would have known, rite?

      • angelcake says:

        nope. In the books no one knew that Ali had a twin. The twin was locked up in a mental hospital since she was crazier than Mona for most of her life. None of the Liars knew there were two of them. Then again, in the books Ali ( or her twin Courtney) befriended the LIars because they were ‘losers’ who didn’t really know her.

        As I’ve said before, it depends on what they’re taking from the books. It veers alot from them at times. In the books Mona’s long dead but she was A or at least the first A. This is either because the books were written parallel to the series or things just didnt work for the show I’d imagine. Same with The Lying Game. One of the twins in that book series is a ghost.

        • Milah says:

          I mean the fact that if she was Ali’s twin, she looked like Ali when she was that age, not the she knew that Ali had a twin, but they would look the same… like twins, lol.

        • Milah says:

          What? wait… “Same with The Lying Game. One of the twins in that book series is a ghost.” Really? I think that’s better, why did they change that? I’m seriously in need of a show with ghosts, lol

  24. Heather says:

    Ok… I am sad. Toby was my favourite character and it is completely ruined now :( When Spencer kissed him I was yelling at my TV screen to stop. I am going to miss good Toby

  25. The hand at the end of the episode was Ali in a flashback – remember we’ve already found out in season two that she had dirt in her lungs so she was buried alive, I think they more put that there as a way to make the audience ask if someone got to her again afterwards, or if she just suffocated down there.

    The best moments of the episode for me were definitely the body reveal, Aria nearly getting pushed off the train (though why she didnt try and find someone with a screwdriver stab mark through them I have no idea), and Spencer getting attacked. Apart from that, it was kinda meh. Did move on plot, but didn’t have that pace and intensity that season 1/2A episodes had..

    • marieolivia says:

      Well. There was an obvious tattoo on that hand, and Ali didn’t have any. But Ella, Aria’s mother, has one that is quite similar to the one on that hand. ???

      • marieolivia says:

        Actually I take that back. It’s not a tattoo at all. It is the bracelet. Alison wore it that night. So it has to be her hand. And… there were two bracelets with Alison on it right, so maybe this twin thing is right. Oh my, I can’t wait until January!

  26. I definitely thought the hand at the end was Ali’s, which makes sense because like @cmacdonald1990 said, it was revealed she had dirt in her lungs and was therefore buried alive. BUT, it took the authorities a YEAR to find her body after she went missing, and if her hand was out of the ground then why did it take so long? Something doesn’t line up…

  27. FIREWORKLOL says:


  28. Kacey says:

    Hmm….i winder if ezra is being texted by A as well?? What if he was told to stay off the a train because something bad qould happen…and his “friend” who told him something bad had happened on the train to aria was actually A so he went to go check on her…..cnt wait for the new season!!!!

  29. Hi there, I log on to your blogs daily. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep
    doing what you’re doing!

  30. Andrea says:

    Hey! I’m in need of some help! When Aria is in the crate and the “A” in red is opening the door to shove the crate out, they say something and I’ve listened to it over and over and can’t tell what is being said. Does anyone know? Thanks!!

  31. sophie says:

    1) i think that whoever killed garrett did so because he was about to give away important details about ali’s death and if not, her killer.

    2) REMEMBER!!! does anyone remember the first halloween episode when ali is still alive and spencer wins student representer, and ali “suposedly” plays the creepy joke on the littleliars. well at the begining of that episode, ali tells a scary halloween story to a kid hanna is babysitting. It was about two twins who always fight and one badle hurt the other, so the bad twin was sent to a mental hospital. and then she “supposedly’ returned the day before ali told the story??? Well if anyone knows the PLL book. Ali ACTUALLY HAS A TWIN… BUT IN THE BOOK OF COURSE!!

    Well, that is the ghost that hannas mom is seeing. (in my opinion, this whole ghost thing really doesnt suit PLL. I think there should be no mythical happenings, for it will ruin the story! ;(

    AND THAT CREEPY STORY ALI TOLD WAS ABOUT HER AND COURTNEY (twin) who was sent to the mental instutution. Courtney loved pretending to be ali because they were identical and the real alison actually hated the PLL girls. But it was courtney who befriended them and gave them each bracelets

    If this theory is true, courtney ended up having dark brown hair/ or she dyed it and changed her name to Viviene Darkbloom to sneak out of the mental hospital.

    If this theory is true aswell, then my bet is on ali found it soooo annoying that coutney kept pretending to be her and she got sick of it, so she hurt her and accidentally killed her. SHe felt guilty so she hid the body by buring it and went back to the mantal institution and pretended to be coutrney. ALI IS STILL ALIVE, she is A aswell. And all those visions that the girls see of ali are true.

    please reply if you agree/disagree with me and we can arrange more satisfying theories!!! thanks everyone for reading, i hope you understande where im coming from!!!!!!


    • noyer says:

      Omg, ur sooo right. I was thinking the same thing. Like when hanna was knocked down and saw ali, that was acc real and when emily was knocked out and saw ali, that was real as well cuz ali is alive :o

  32. sonika says:

    OMG the little girl that shows up at Hanna house is one of the twin girls from the halloween story Ali tells a boy in the other halloween episode