Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Mer Keeps a Secret from Derek, and Arizona Is Not Amused

This Thursday on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Mer will seek the counsel of her person Cristina as she resolves to shield Derek from her tales of surgical stardom. Meanwhile, Arizona braces to take the first step in her new life as an amputee.

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In this first clip below, Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo) apparently is in line to become “Mrs. Impossible Tumor” with a wowsers bit of surgical derring-do, yet when Derek comes home she keeps it on the QT, all while trying to bolster his enthusiasm for teaching. Also: Zola and the carrots!

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Elsewhere in the episode, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) continues to struggle to accept her fate. The first step, as it were, involves meeting the physical therapist (Brotherhood’s Ethan Embry) who will be with her “until one of us dies, or your leg grows back” — a joke that does not go over well with the new amputee.

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  1. Lea says:

    Wow, MerDer are so beautiful. Love them so much.

  2. Kathie says:

    Jessica Capshaw is a wonderful actress. No doubts to why she was the actress given such an intense story to portray. It will be sad/difficult to watch but I am looking forward to it. Finally something with some depth on Grey’s.

    • chris says:

      JCap is a great actress, too bad the story isn’t being told from her characters point of view. Rather, its being told from Callies POV. The past three episodes Callie has gotten over 10′ per ep of screen time while AZ has gotten little to none (less than a minute in the first and less than 3 in the third). Az got cut down and Callie gets the spot light/its all about how Callie is suffering – what else isn’t new.

      • shaberry14 says:

        the reason why they have to tell it this way is because JCap was pregnant when filming this. and i mean obviously pregnant and that is not written in so her screen shots and time on set were limited.

        • grace says:

          Um, No. Thats not true. She had her third child well before they began filming season 9.

          • GaFreak says:

            well yes, but it had been little over a month after she gave birth when season 9 stared filming so her screen time had to be cut down. im guessing we’ll see more of Arizona in latter episodes.

      • JEn says:

        The reason Callie’s POV has had so much more airtime than Arizona’s is that she has been portraying the spouse, mother, and doctor trying to cope with all that comes with those jobs, not to mention Mark Sloan’s death (you know Callie and AZ’a baby’s bio-dad?), then there is the fact that the writer’s and probably Jessica didn’t want to piss and moan the depression out on TV, they wanted her to show HARD Arizona dealing the way she always does… close to the chest and no one else can be let in. Now we get to see what Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) can really do in her acting abilities. Is she going to remain in the poor me depression mode or is she going to fight, train, walk, and get back to the peds ward and be a better doctor than she was. If I were the writer, I would be bringing a child into the storyline that would be in a similar situation as Arizona, who would need her experience as a Doctor and an amputee to get through the ordeal. Oh wait, wasn’t their a girl recently in a boating accident whose leg should have been amputated – gee what a coincidence!
        And yes, I do believe that every person who has lost their limbs (i.e. leg(s) and/or arm(s)) deserves to piss and moan about it, and pity themselves for a grievance period…

        • grace says:

          It was Arizona’s leg but the story is once again being told from Callies POV, they haven’t given AZ any great journey here, the writers have instead degraded her to the point of sitting in her own piss, provided no other regular cast members to interact with her, limited her screen time to less than 4mins total for two episodes (not much acting you can do there) and depicted her as clinically depressed, humilated, and bullied by her spouse. If this is a story of AZ’s journey why didn’t we see her reaction when she woke up without a leg? Why haven’t we heard why callie didn’t go to pick her up from the crash when even julia went for mark and sofia for her parents? If Callie was thinking of anyone but herself (and the writers were really trying to tell a realistic story of amputation) maybe the house/bathroom would have been made handicap accessable before she brough her wife home to sit and stew in it? Maybe she would get her wife into a rehab facility rather than warehouse her in the apt? Maybe she would get her a couselor? Maybe AZ would get a visitor or two so we would actually hear her POV through discussion with them.

          Sorry but this show is all Callie all the time and frankly Callie just comes off as selfish and selfcentered. hec the way Callie has been shown the past 3 eps I would have thought she were Marks wife and AZ’s friend rather than the other way round.

          And to my point – the girl with hurt foot came to hospital, but AZ was not a part of that at all, it was all callie and served what purpose other than to fire up callie to bodily throw her wife into a wall and scream at her? I’ve no sympathy for Callie, she made the decision to disregard her wife’s wishes and place them in this situation so she needs to actually start bucking up and getting on with it for her wife. That is to say she needs to take it on the chin from her wife with a smile and give love and compassion (not verbal and physical assults) in return.

          The fact AZ went septic means Callie and whoever was suppose to be treating her failed at their job. There should have been regular cultures of the wound and bone, proper IV therapy and testing for resistantance, a plan that could have included grafting or other means to save the limb. When AZ fell into sepsis, given it was caught so early had proper and immediate treatment been given she stood better than a 70-80% chance of survival without amputation. Better odds than those AZ bet on for saving Callie and her unborn child back when. Callie did what AZ begged her NOT to do, she gave up on her and took the easy way out by cutting off the leg.

          This story might have some worth if it actually was told in a more balanced manner (50/50 from eachs POV) and brought about discussion of the previous underlying issues gnawing at this couples foundation (africa/kids/mark/trust) for a proper airing, but as written its just a callie showcase once again.

  3. Julie says:

    Thank you for the preview and sneak peeks! :) The two little girls who play “Zola” are just beyond cute and getting up to an age where they will be talking soon, but I do hope the SL gets back to a point where we see Derek operating again. His surgical stories have always been interesting to me and I’m alsoreally enjoying Jessica Capshaw’s story right now as well. Looking forward to the episode!

  4. George says:

    Wow! Was it ever “announced” that Ethan Embry was gonna be guest starring on this show? Maybe it’s just the 90’s film geek in me, but he seems like a big enough name to just pop up with little fan-fare.

  5. Michelle says:

    I love Ethan Embry!

  6. marge says:

    I love Ethan Embry! And Zola is too cute for words :)

  7. Tia says:

    The MerDer sneak is so precious. They are perfect, and Zola is adorable.

  8. I love Ethan E, he brings this huge amount of energy to the screen ANY time he’s on it. Brilliant – wish he’d stayed on Fairly Legal, but, we cant’ have everything, can we :)

  9. Shazz says:

    It’s annoying enough they HAVE to mention on EVERY SINGLE episode how cutie patootie the kid is. Now comments, too? What, have y’all been brainwashed?

    She’s a kid. She IS cute. One time saying that is enough, repeating that over and over actually makes you look retarded.

    Great Capshaw’s performance, although it’s sad seeing happy-go-lucky Arizona clouding up like that.

    • Meg says:

      Being resentful of an (adorable) fictional child makes you look a little less than your best as well, to be honest. Might want to look into that.

      • Shazz says:

        What about Baily’s kid then? What about Callie’s kid? Why isn’t everyone drooling around like an helpless idiot for them as well? Why don’t they have their glorious spotlight in every episode?

        Again, that’s called brainwashing. But I don’t expect you to understand, so don’t overwork your brains.

  10. Liz says:

    Mer & Der… in the dreamhouse! And my God it’s GORGEOUS!!! How could Derek want to leave it (ok, Harvard is great, but still!).

  11. The dreamhouse is so beautiful. Wish that was my place.

  12. Scott says:

    Ethan Embry is Awesome!!

  13. Amlang says:

    Ethan Embry is great and always welcome on my tv. I’m sure he and Jessica Capshaw will be a match made in heaven. Looking forward to their interactions.

  14. Steph says:

    Thank you Matt for the sneak peeks. I get that M/D are are on the back burner but so love the house!

  15. chris says:

    Given the crass joke thrown at AZ, this episode must have been written by Austin Guzman – the ham fisted Greys writer whose scripts read like they are targeted for 13 year old boys.

    Capshaw’s a fantastic actress and I don’t begrudge her getting something to showcase her talents but this story line is just cruel to the nth degree, and frankly poorly written. AZ is what 6-8 weeks out from having her leg cut off against her expressed wishes and all we have gotten by way of her story is 4 mins of screen time consisting of 4 scenes where her wife has either: screamed at her to get the hell out of bed; thrown the ghost of ‘what Mark would want’ in her face (twice); or thrown her into a shower wall telling her she/AZ stinks and she/Callie won’t share a home with her stinking cuz this is her/callies life too. Not much there by way of tenderness, sympathy, caring on Callies part let alone recognition that her wife is a few weeks out from an amputation, clincally depressed and oh yah, she/Az declared she did not consent to amputation under any circumstances (she knew the score and didn’t want to live like this). not one doc from work has visited AZ? not to mention for what its worth, these folks have money, if callie didn’t want to get AZ into a rehab center couldn’t she have had handholds put up in the bathroom for AZ?

    When callie was at deaths door all the docs were there for her, they brought in experts, made a plan, and spent time with her throughout. When AZ was faced with the choice to take the baby prior to steroid treatment (certain death for the kid) in order to give callie a better chance of survival, AZ weighed what Callie would want rather than what she/Az would prefer (and got called NOTHING by Mark in return). AZ however gets no team of experts -just callie (who legally should not be making her care plan) and owen who is NOT an ortho god. AZ was on antibiotics for weeks – weren’t they culturing her wound for infection? drug resistance? why wasn’t she on IV antibiotics? Where was discussion of removal of infected bone/graphing? The boy dancer with bone cancer got more thought and care than AZ! So she went septic, so what – they caught it within the first hr so she had better than a 70% chance of survival if given appropriate treatment! Callie made a decision to cut her leg off without even seeing the patient/AZ -talk about malpractice!

    If Rhimes was trying to really write a story about a disability and overcoming it – why didn’t she do it with Der? He’s the male lead, his arm should have been equally infected if not more so, and the actor wanted a lighter schedule so he could race – why take a character like AZ who already represented a minorty group with little to no visability on the tube, totally degrade her/cut AZ down, and make her into another type of minority? Why write Callie as some crass thoughtless self centered diva off talking about being horny and channeling the ghost of Mark? and don’t get me started on the illogic of this whole airline non settlement — FYI – the hospital charted the plane and the docs were on the hospitals clock – wouldn’t the hospital be sueing the airline it chartered and the employees be dealing with their boss/the hospital – not the airline? I’m sorry but this story is just offensive to ones intelligence let alone the minority community that Rhimes decided needed to be cut down and remade into another minority.

    • zzzzzz says:

      This is not an Arizona spin off.

      • chris says:

        no its not – but Rhimes has decided to make her the center of a storyline that is poorly conceived, and would have been better not written. Its done little else but give tacit approval to those so inclined, to vent their hate for the character.

  16. Marti says:

    This looks like a great episode. Mer/Der in their house and Arizona out of her’s!

  17. Amy says:

    I LOVE Ethan Embry, I have since I was a kid!

    Glad to see him here

  18. Kate says:

    I might be in the minority, but I love them showing more of the at home lives.

  19. Halle says:

    I have to agree that Arizona’s storyline is too important to be told from anyone’s POV but AZ’s. I understand not putting AZ in the forefront but then this character shouldn’t have this storyline.

    The humiliation AZ is going through is devastating to her. She knew that this wasn’t what she wanted and said so yet Callie is surprised by AZ’s reaction. AZ expressed her wishes and I understand that she has a kid but Callie should have brought that up before she promised her not when the deed is already done. AZ trusted Callie to honor her wishes and not only didn’t she do that but she is now surprised and hurt that Arizona feels utterly betrayed and is struggling with her new found imprisonment because to someone as independent as Arizona that is what it equates to. Here’s the deal Callie could leave tomorrow and Arizona would still be disabled. Callie doesn’t HAVE to live with this for the rest of her life. For her it is a choice, for AZ it just is.

  20. Elizabeth Lewis says:

    I understand both sides of the dialogue regarding the SL of Arizona and Callie and how they both have been protrayed. I agree that Arizona should have been given more opportunity to communicate her feelings.

    But, what I don’t agree with is blaming Callie for going against her wishes. It was made very clear earlier in the season that her leg was already badly infected and might need to be amputated. Callie was trying to keep from amputating it and honoring Arizona’s wish for as long as she could. If she wasn’t emotionally attached, as a MD she would have probably tried to convince her alot more to amputate before her medical condition deteriorated. Arizona was being irrational to think it would be better to die of sepsis then to live the rest of her life with an amputated leg. Her quality of life wouldn’t be that dramatically different. I believe Callie reacted as she did, not to be selfish on her part, but because she knew Arizona would get over it and be able to enjoy watching their daughter grow up.

    I actually have been more annoyed with Karev acting like a weenie regarding his relationship with Arizona…