Blue Bloods' Jennifer Esposito Departs Show, Slams CBS For Its 'Shameful Behavior'

Jennifer Esposito Leaving Blue BloodsJennifer Esposito is temporarily turning in her badge on Blue Bloods amid a contentious behind-the-scenes dispute with CBS.

On Saturday, CBS released a statement to our sister site Deadline saying the actress, who plays Det. Jackie Curatola on the Friday night procedural, “informed us that she is only available to work on a very limited part-time schedule. As a result, she’s unable to perform the demands of her role and we regretfully had to put her character on a leave of absence.”

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Esposito, who has been very public about her battle with Celiac Disease, quickly shot back on Twitter that “CBS put me on unpaid leave and has blocked me from working anywhere else after my doctor said you needed a reduced schedule due to Celiac. CBS didn’t listen to my doc and I collapsed on set. Which everyone saw! After a week off my doc said I could return to work but CBS implied that I was not truly ill and this was a scheme to get a raise! It’s been almost two months without bringing me back to work + keeping Me from working anywhere else!… Absolutely shameful behavior.”

Esposito’s “final” Blue Bloods episode will air Nov. 2. In the meantime, Deadline reports that the show will bring in guest stars to fill the void. First up: Relative newcomer Megan Ketch, who will serve as Danny’s temporary partner in at least four episodes.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is for the all of the naysayers and just plain rude folks – including CBS.

    You cannot “get over ” either Celiac Disease or non-Celiac gluten intolerance. The only “cure” is to go completely gluten free. This includes medications, food – everything. (The FDA did not require food manufacturers to list “allergens” on foods until 2006.) The cost of many of these items is more than twice of “normal” food. Since autoimmune disorders like Celiac are the most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions in the United Sates, it may be 5, 10, or even 20 years before a diagnosis is made. I began to show symptoms in my teens, yet was not diagnosed until I was 40. These disorders literally attack most of the body’s symptoms, leaving long-term damage and lasting health effects. Until you experience these conditions, either yourself or someone you care for, it is difficult to understand. Gluten-Free is not a “diet.”Iit is medically necessary, life-altering course of treatment.

    Jennifer Esposito has not only adapted her entire lifestyle due to Celiac, she has created allergy/intolerance friendly food for others. I admire her courage and the way she is helping others through her GFree foods.

    To CBS and other employers: Medical conditions like Celiac are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other Federal laws. Do not expect those who suffer from these conditions to go “quietly into the good night.”

  2. N. says:

    They need to get her back and do the right thing. She’s a big reason I watch the show.

  3. Tina B. says:

    This is appalling behaviour from CBS and I believe it. I love Jennifer Esposito as Jackie and will only accept her as Danny’s partner, bring her back and get over yourselves, surely you can oblige her schedule

  4. flipped100 says:

    Some of these comments are absolutely vicious. Just because you have your disease “under control” does not mean you are NOT prone to go off the wagon. It also is NOT okay for one person to generalize a person’s well being condition base on another individual since everyone lives his/her life differently from another. It also is NOT okay to say that just because her disease isn’t as grave to cancer (seriously, you’re going there?), that it is not okay for Jennifer to take a break and make a big deal about it, because it is a big deal about it for her. You people are disgusting!

  5. Gigi says:

    Why can’t Jennifer work part-time & give more time to Tom Selleck? I see no problem with this.

  6. Gigi says:

    If CBS has a twitter account, go over there and let them know how you feel. You can also go to and leave a comment or feedback.

  7. Warren says:

    CBS are pathetic. That’s not how you treat people.Your losing a tremendous actress from a brilliant show.I hope Jennifer gets away from you guys and is able to continue her career elsewhere. I hope CBS gets what’s coming to them…a massive lawsuit that they can’t win.

  8. Arlene says:

    Twitter @BlueBloods_CBS & there seem to be more accounts connected with the show & of course CBS itself. The ‘Criminal Minds’ campaign worked out eventually. We got AJ back.

    Re the disease — I’ve got MS, another auto-immune disease — & admit being biased on those grounds. But am mostly just a huge ‘Blue Bloods’ fan who wants to see this show be as good as it can be. And that means allowing Jennifer Esposito a little space if she’s feeling ill and letting her work when she can. How did Michael J. Fox’s people manage to work around his Parkinson’s? It can be done, CBS. Stand up for the right thing, and fix this.

  9. Elisa Gomez says:

    I will miss you Jennifer on blue bloods you do great work on blue bloods what is CBS going to do was out you you are a great actress on blue bloods love you Jennifer.

  10. Leah Rodriguez says:

    I usually don’t write comments on any site but I have to say something about this. I agree with most comments above. I have epilesy and I have lost jobs due to it. No I never had a seizure on the job and I am controlled through medicine however, once your boss finds out most not all you have a debiliating disease especially with no cure they will find a reason to either fire or lay you off. Through the grace of God I haven’t had one in 4yrs. However, my last one which was the worst I ever had left me with cervical and lumbar ridiculitus. I am in pain everyday some days more severe than others. I have had to go to PT 3x’s a week which prevented me for a while from working. There are levels of epilesy and I have grand-mal which is the highest form. I know about being discriminated against especially being a woman. The questions here is would they have done that if that was a man? I don’t think so!!!! Plus, will their ratings drop from this!! Jennifer, remember your health is everything so take care of yourself, stay in prayer and think of it like this God has something bigger and better for you. He is using you as his vessel for greater things. I love you with Danny Reagan! You two compliment each other and make a good team. You can’t be replaced and will be sorely missed despite who they put in to take your role.

  11. Minnie says:

    All Jennifer needs to to is have an EGD done. If she still isn’t absorbing nutrients her villi will still show atrophy. Blood work will still be elevated to correlate with the bad biopsy…by that I mean an elevated tTg and EMA. All of her vitamin and mineral levels will be low, as well as her total cholesterol. She will be low in vitamins A, D, folic acid, B12, and most likely iron. Her electrolytes will be low also. Particularly potassium, phosphorus and most likely sodium. Like I said before, she should have the genetic testing done to prove she has the genes to develop cd.

    Been through it myself. I’ll never be 100%, but I function well enough.

    If these tests come back bad, she’s got them! If not, I don’t know. She shouldn’t be this kind of sick 4 years into the diet…unless she has developed some kind of a complication. I know! I have celiac disease. Diagnosed by biopsy and blood work. In fact I’ve had it since before anyone had even heard of it! I darn near died of malnutrition. I spent quite awhile in the hospital for it. It took about 2 years to be really better. I wouldn’t have even considered working outside my home at my worst point. I’ve become quite antisocial because of the disease.

  12. A. says:

    Ohh NOOO! Jennifer is my favourite actress!!! And i adore how she plays on Blue Bloods. But if Jennifer Esposito leaves Blue Bloods the rating will decrease abruptly! And these people who watch this show will stop! The Blue Bloods show won’t be the same without Jennifer!

  13. vicky blackfoot says:

    Esposito is excellent in this show. She is one of the reasons I watch Blue Bloods. Are you kidding me? CBS is crazy!!!!! I think Esposito should file a lawsuit due to disability or whatever….. Vicky

  14. MickiP65 says:

    Though I do not have Celiac Disease itself, I, too, have a mimicking disease and am intolerant (like an allergy, but different body systems) to gluten, and had been for years before identifying what was wrong with me. As a result of the years, my body became intolerant to more things like Cane Sugar products and grew many devastating symptoms like arthritis, bleeding, TIAs, and terrible headaches. Such diseases wreck havoc on the body, without others knowing your pain and suffering. I used to watch Blue Bloods, but will no longer do so.

  15. M.T.LUMPKINS says:


  16. Mike Hunt says:

    Screw CBS and Blue Bloods

  17. Lou says:

    Celiac disease may seem like a minor problem given the way some people seem to portray it, but like almost every medical condition there is a spectrum ranging from mild to severe, in the vast majority of cases a strict gluten free diet is all that is needed to manage celiac disease, but there are a minority of people who despite maintaining a strict diet still experience difficulties, there are a subset whose disease doesn’t respond to a gluten free diet and require more extensive treatments.
    Whatever the disease, I think that the main point here seems to have been lost, If CBS effectively fired her (unpaided leave with little prospect of a return) because she is unwell this should be taken very seriously, there are numerous people in different jobs who hide serious medical conditions out of a fear that they will be discriminated against, if someone with a long-term medical condition has a relapse as it appears that Jennifer is claiming she had, even when the acute phase has been dealt with there is usually a period of time needed after to return to full strength. For example if you break your leg and are in a cast for 8weeks you generally don’t start running straight after getting the cast off, usually takes a few weeks to get back to full activity. Most people with long-term medical conditions don’t want to be unwell,very few will do activities that they know will lead to a worsening of their illness, on the whole after a relapse they usually want to get back to “normal” life as soon as possible.

  18. Jason says:

    Nice going, Moonves, you shrimp.

    That said, Tom Selleck certainly has the clout to step up and go to bat for his co-star. This is one of the most unprofessional things I’ve heard of. Only CBS. Yeah…only CBS.

  19. Judi Ward says:

    This is again despicable behaviour by CBS who we all know is not know for they people skills at all. Two actors from Criminal Minds were treated extremely unfairly in past years and only after so much flak from the public was the situation sore of rectified. Maybe that is what Jennifer needs, the viewing public up in arms for the shoddy way that the network has behaved. I for one back her 100%. She deserves so much better. Her condition is REAL. I have several friends with the condition & it is not fun. CBS give your head a shake!!!

  20. Corie says:

    That is kind of wrong, at least let her get work somewhere else!

  21. liz says:

    If Jennifer or someone else in the cast needed rehab they would have lauded her getting help & held the character open for her return. Truly despicable. Come on BlueBlood cast-show up for her. Actors union-step in!!!!!

  22. Yago says:

    CBS: The coward only threatens when he is safe.
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  23. peveteaux says:

    Interesting how many of you seem to have medical degrees and specialize in autoimmune disorders. Seriously, everyone who has celiac disease has different degrees of severity in their symptoms. It sounds like Jennifer is trying to take care of herself, but CBS is not accommodating her health needs. Not cool. Boycott Blue Bloods until they make things right for Jennifer!

  24. Bob says:

    Sad,So Sad. Celiac disease is real. What few people know is “avoiding glutens” is not a cure for Celiac. Many patients with this disease suffer even on a gluten free diet. Passing out because of a lack of nutrients is just one of the side effects of this disease. Doctors and patients work very hard to improve thier success with treating Celiac and many times have little to no success.

  25. Marissa says:

    I dont claim to know anything about celiac, but some of the responses on here are astounding. Ignorance really is an awful thing. I like watching blue bloods, but without the Danny and Jackie scenes i will find it quite boring – and now after hearing about the reasons for Jennifers departure, i wont watch at all. Best of luck to you Jennifer!

  26. Frank says:

    I think the character was shallow and pointless anyways. Shame on Esposito for manipulating CBS into an undeserved pay raise which she clearly doesn’t deserve. Maybe now an up and coming actress who appreciates the role more will be forthcoming. hooray for CBS!!!

  27. Jenny Esposito says:

    How do u people live with urselves. Like u really know about my life and my health. Let me live the way I want.

    • Jim F. says:

      I don’t normally read or reply to these posts but I am really struck by the way we treat celebrities as if they are not real people or have no feelings. We should not use these posts to postulate on things we know nothing about. Just because you watch Jennifer or any celebrity on TV or the movies don’t assume you know them or anything about their lives. “A wise man holds his tongue, but a foolish man speaks in ignorance.”

    • crisper12 says:

      Jennifer i sure hope you notice the overwhelming support you’re getting from most everyone. there are a lot of negative people in the world. to hell w/ them.
      best wishes & god be w/ you

  28. I don’t have Celiac’s Disease, however I have to eat as if I do. I have a gluten intolerance, as well as an intolerance to any and all processed foods. My niece DOES have Celiac’s and if not for her, I’d have not known what to ask to be tested for and even though I’m not diagnosed with Celiac’s, she got me pointed in the right direction . The only reason why we found out my allergies to food is because I kept getting sick on the job (I used to travel for a living) and they couldn’t pin point a root cause. There’s no “cure” for the disease, but there are ways to live with it. I’m lucky in that now that I know HOW to eat and my employer is understanding, I can live with the knowledge of what to do and not do.
    It’s too bad that CBS took this route with Jennifer; she is an amazing actress. My only hope is that with the amount of publicity this has garnered, there will be changes made. My money’s on Jennifer! Good luck to you and I wish you all the very best!

  29. Freedom101 says:

    Very sad to see Jennifer leave the show and very sad to hear of her struggle with Celiac. My friend’s father came close to dying before he was diagnosed with it.

  30. Dawn Skinner says:

    Jennifer I will miss you…. I will keep you in my prayers….God be with you

  31. greg says:

    blue boods has an all star cast, losing her won’t mean a thing, she’s forgettable

    & with the stunt she’s puling, causing problem with the production, i’m happy she’s off the show

  32. Alan says:

    Good Afternoon, Miss Esposito, I am very sorry to hear about your condition and hope for the best in the future.

    I agree with all that posted pointing out that you are a valuable member of Blue Bloods and it will not be the same without you.

    I am sure you have council that will help you deal with CBS and their shameful behavior.

    As far as Blue Bloods. There are other cast members that are employed and 150 other members in charge of sound, lighting etc. It is a good show.. The entire cast and members all need these jobs just as much as anyone else in the US and I would like to continue to support them. I watch Blue Bloods and really get into it. I do not think that the show should be punished for what CBS has done. Again, everyone needs to think about all that are involved in this production and all those that wait every Friday to watch it.

    I wish you the best in all to come and I am sure that you will have no problem landing another role for someone else. You are a fabulous actress and a very beautiful one at that. Good luck to you and I look forward to your next work.

  33. Renee says:

    I am so glad other lives are perfect and have no problems. I am lucky enough not to suffer as Jennifer, but do currently exist with a broken lower back, which is not surgical until they can strengthen up the bone with daily injections, you would not believe how often I hear the remark ” You couldnt walk if your back was broke” including at times the frustration from my own spouse when hes in a bad mood. Thank God for the majority he listens to the Dr. Yes, it will get fixed and I will go back to working two jobs plus taking care of farm stuff. My point is, just because a disability, visable or hidden, is no reason for ANYONE to use that as an excuse to condemn. As guess what folks, its not a matter of if, it is a matter of when, as no one maintains perfect health forever, get with it, have the compassion we should have, as someday you may be the one who needs it, what goes around, comes around

  34. Okay then – bye Blue Bloods. Danny & Jackie was the best part of the show. I’m dropping BB if Jackie’s gone.

  35. Juan E Mauricio (junior) says:

    Blue blood without Jennifer isn’t Blue blood and CBS be more serious

  36. Sandra says:

    I am through with Blue Bloods, as much as I love Tom Selleck, until Jennifer comes back.

  37. Jeff says:

    Jennifer you are such an integral part of Blue Bloods. I am so sorry that CBS is treating you so poorly. You are a wonderful actress and deserve better. It seems illegal for them to remove you from the show due to a disease which can be controlled. I wish you the best and pray you have many healthy days and years ahead. Sue CBS for discrimination. Jeff

  38. kathleen says:

    I love the Jackie/Danny duo. Best part of the show. I did not like the bland blonde that was teamed up with Danny tonight. No chemistry whatsoever. CBS better find a way to bring Jennifer back and get off their “Hollywood high horse”. Its appalling they are treating her with no respect. What is wrong with those people that they can’t understand her disease and work with her. Hollywood is a dirty business and CBS and their producers are showing their true colors. I don’t watch that much TV anyway, but I do enjoy Blue Bloods and it won’t be the same without Jackie and Danny together. I am surprised at how upset I am about this casting change. I have never made a comment ever in regards to a TV show. I am an RN and understand her struggles. It hurts my heart that she is being punished for having a disease she would give anything not to have. One of these days the people who make these decisions will get sick themselves and then they will realize what they did to her. When you do harm to others it has a way of coming back to you.

  39. Ann F says:

    Jennifer, hope that CBS “sees”the light! I’ve always loved your work & wish you the very best. I have an autoimmune disease besides Hashimoto’s and after 22+ years they have yet to figure out set triggers. You often can’t see my Angioedema flares so I’m often accused of many various things by ignorant people. My heart goes out to you with this immensely difficult situation. I try to remember that opinions are like a**holes -everybody has one. The humor is that the a**holes are the ones to run their mouths!! Please, Don’t let CBS get away with any crap as you represent all of those in our boat!!

  40. Dawn says:

    So what is CBS supposed to do? Shut down production until Ms. Esposito feels up to working? This is a BUSINESS – they can’t shut down for one person and a minor character at that! I liked her character too, but this truly isn’t CBS’s problem that she can’t fulfill her end of her contract. CBS is in the right and Ms. Esposito is in the wrong.

  41. Elaine says:

    I sure hope she returns. I knew something was up this on this weeks Blue Bloods and sure enough at the end of the night;s episode she gave her leave of absence papers. I love her character and love the way she interacted with Danny. She will be missed and hope that CBS does bring her back soon. Please.

  42. Charlee says:

    CBS you are not being very smart! Just put her back on in a limited capacity. I would prefer to see Jackie and Danny when I can vs not at all. There is no replacing Jennifer Esposito as partner. She is ‘that’ good and ‘they’ are ‘that’ good together! They are why I watch the show (sorry rest of you), but it’s true. Blue Bloods NEEDS ‘them’…truly!

  43. chris says:

    man. it sure is nice to see all these responses to this bullcrap. looks like you’ve got quite a following JENNIFER!!! i’m rootin’ 4 ya all the way, personally & in a suing their asses off kind of way. gl J.E.

    CBS Cares??!? Ya, that’s obvious.
    not locally OR nationally. just sick

  44. Mike says:

    I really sympathize with Jennifer Esposito and everyone else who suffers from a chronic disease — while I don’t have Celiac, I do suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and it’s a daily worry about ‘if I eat this, will it send me running to the bathroom;’ as a matter of fact, just worrying about it (and I really try not to do that but it’s really hard sometimes) can trigger it. Some attacks are so bad that I’ve run to the bathroom 5 or 6 times within two hours, I’ve had to run out of meetings, get-togethers with friends and family. Whenever I go out to eat or the movies, I always have to make sure where the bathroom is. Finding food in restaurants which won’t trigger an attack is extremely difficult because almost every entree has a cream sauce or gobs of cheese or almost everything is fried — no wonder 30+% of the American population is obese (including me) but that’s another discussion. Of course, something which seems benign to eat has triggered an attack. I tell people who don’t have this condition that it’s like walking through a minefield with a blindfold on.

    I have always liked Jennifer’s work and will miss her and hope that she DOES come back — we paisani have to stick together!

  45. Mark Behan says:

    Jennifer………has… Her-Life……written…on her face…& ….in her eyes…She belongs on the screen……its THAT simple……sooooo….. Come-on… Les Moonves…..don’t be a : Typical-Corporate-Pussy….with no-backbone…….. fix-this-situation !

  46. Fifi says:

    I realize that tv is big businness and its all about the bottom line. Which is pretty much the story of all our lives! But i must say when we have a catastrophe all these big businnesses jump on the bandwagon we are here to help we gave to the red cross blah blah blah its all for show!! Cbs has a very talented actor (Jennifer Esposito)that may need them to make some small sacrifices to adjust to her health care and they throw her to the curb. I love blue bloods and find this very disturbing does CBS realize that without their patrons they don’t exist!!! Jennifer I hope you feel better very soon so we can see you on another smarter network!!!!

  47. Dallas says:

    I love Jennifer’s character on Blue Bloods!! I have IBS and sometimes I get flare ups but no one knows but me how miserable I feel !!! It can make life so stressful on a daily basis when that happens . I have had stressful jobs all my life and many times my tummy was not happy but I had to just do my job. I know Jennifer is a trooper and has done the same thing as I have. CBS get a clue and give her time to rest up or let her go work whoever she can!! Hang in there Jennifer !!! We love you!!! Praying for you to get better and manage this disease so you can enjoy life to the fullest!!!

  48. Richard & Barbara Peterson says:

    Jennifer Esposito is UNreplaceable. Sureoy you can cut her some slack. The Next gal doesn’t cut it. Don’t mess up the program….she is an indespensible part.

  49. She should be accommodated – sometimes less is more and I think her character is important enough to keep in the show, even if less often!

  50. kathy says:

    I am a true fan of Blue Bloods, but knowing that CBS would treat there people so unfarely especially when there is a medical issue really makes me wonder. I would like to see one of those decision makers suffer with a serious illness like ciliacs u and see how they feel with no pay and suffering everyday. SHAME ON THEM. My thirty plus family members will now decide whether or not we will continue to watch it. We wish you well Jennifer. One more thing, SHAME ON CBS for not working with Jennifer, SHAME ON CBS for not letting her get work elesware, SHAME ON CBS for not paying her while she is sick with a debilitating desease. Hang in there Jennifer, good things are coming soon, and don’t let these negative fools upset you, no one knows how painful and sick one is with celiacs than someone who suffers everyday of there lives.