Vampire Diaries First Look: Rebekah Seeks Matt's Forgiveness -- Will They Kiss and Make Up?

When The Vampire Diaries‘ Rebekah ran Matt’s car off the road in last season’s finale — killing Elena in the process — she pretty much destroyed any chance she had with him. But that won’t stop her from trying to make amends with Matt in next Thursday’s episode of the CW drama.

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Unfortunately for the Original vamp, it’s going to take a lot more than an explanation and an invite to a party for him to forgive her. Plus, two very important words — “I’m sorry” — seem to be missing from Rebekah’s sort-of apology.

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Mike says:

    She’s crazy hot, he’s a guy. He’ll cave.

  2. Guy says:

    It makes no sense. But I ship it. I ship it so hard.

    • me says:

      My thoughts exactly. NO sense but cannot wait for this to happen.

      • Lauren says:

        This sums up my feelings so well. I was reading the article and remembering how much I ship them, and then trying to remind myself of all the reasons they should never get together. But I can’t help it. It’s the same with Klaroline. In real life if a serial killer was stalking an awesome girl like Caroline I would be horrified, but in TVD it is a hardcore ship. Damn this show and its ability to make me ship anything.

        • Temperence says:

          I love the show, and it’s easy to just buy into some of these couples, but I really cannot get past the problems with the Originals overall. Why would two of the oldest vampires in the world be interested in teenagers? They’ve lived hundreds of years, and though the teens ahre their blush of youth, they couldn’t be even the slightest bit interesting to beings so old. Even if you buy into the doppleganger thing with the Salvatores and their love/maker Catherine and her new reiteration Elena (which I think they sold the audience successfully), but Originals pairing with teens makes zero sense. I can’t see total badazz Elijah dating a kid, so I really shouldn’t be able to see Klaus or Rebekah either. (And that said, I’m still fascinated with the totally sibyl-like Rebeckah and I’d love to see her totally fall for Matt – plus, it’d give him a plotline. Maybe it would even her writing out somewhat, and actually give her an actual reason to stay in the edge-of-nowhere Mystic Falls (because if you could live anywhere, there would be zero reason to stay there)).

    • J says:

      Definitely love them together! Don’t know why they make so much sense to me, but they do.

    • Corey says:

      makes no sense?of course it makes sense.she feels alone with barely anyone in her life and he part of him still feels like he doesn’t fit in with his friends.they both can’t stand their moms.they have siblings with problems Vicki was obsessed with drugs & guys and Klaus is obsessed with Caroline & making hybrids.

  3. George says:

    Wait!?! What is this place this scene takes place at? A school? ;)

  4. gary says:

    Hot Vampire Chick Want To Be Forgotten? Hell ya i would forgive her

  5. Jane says:

    Um, what did you expect, Becky? I mean, she deserves the cold shoulder, and I hope he doesn’t even come close to forgiving her until she really earns it, but… I still ship them. I have issues.

  6. Luli says:

    Claire holt needs to become a regular!!!!!

  7. Poor Rebekah! She is honestly the best character this show has ever had. I love her. I feel so bad that things just never work out for her. I want her to have a friend. Unfortunately, (SPOILER ALERT) if you’ve seen the Canadian promo you know that Matt sells her out to Connor and tries to have her killed.

    • Shaun says:

      yeah….she is having a real rough time lately.Really wanted her and Elena to be friends,but so far things have broken down.

      • Simon says:

        That’s exactly what I thought. Remember that scene in Season 3 where Rebekkah was supposed to help them kill off klaus? Where Elena helped her put on that necklace? I SO felt their chemistry but of course, she had do stab her -.-

        • dan says:

          I love that scene and the character. She’s a fantastic actress. As horrible as she is, I keep rooting for her to find her humanity again. I also liked the way she helped Elena in this season’s premiere. They could almost build a show around her.

          • Simon says:

            Thing is, i never could take her as horrible. She did awful things, but always had her moments where her humanity really showed. She so needs to get more screen time. Also, I could handle a little less we-give-Bonnie-screen time-whenever-we-need-her-to-do-a-spell-to-save-us.

  8. TheDude says:

    Matt should pretend to forgive her, bang her, THEN give her up to Connor. That’s what she deserves. Plus, I dont think Connor has gone up against any originals before. He probably won’t know that normal wood won’t kill them. So she’ll be fine in the long run.

  9. SAM says:

    That was a good example of a bad “apology”.

  10. mike says:

    It would be great if it gave Matt more air time.

  11. Texas45 says:

    I wish they would give Bonnie more scenes and lines.

  12. Texas45 says:

    I wish they would give Bonnie more scenes