Exclusive SVU Sneak Peek: Benson Is on the Case for the Drama's Landmark 300th Episode

NBC’s Law & Order: SVU will celebrate its landmark 300th episode this coming Wednesday at 9/8c, and we have your exclusive first look at the special installment, which finds Benson doing what she’s done for 14 seasons straight: solving the damn crime!

The milestone hour, titled “Manhattan Vigil,” takes Mariska Hargitay‘s beloved sex crimes detective full-circle when the case at hand — that of a young boy who was kidnapped while in his father’s care — reminds her of a similar, unsolved investigation from 13 years prior (aka SVU‘s pilot episode).

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Get a glimpse of Benson in action in the sneak peek below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on 300 installments of SVU goodness.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CBMN says:

    I love Mariska Hargitay. Beautiful, talented and a great character. It makes for a great series SVU.

  2. Jamie says:

    This show needs to go away and stop taking up space on Wednesday nights

    • Girl in MD says:

      If you dont like it then why take the time to comment on the article? You obviously care enough to read the article…..

      As a 13year watcher of SVU i am glad it has made it this far. I am looking froward to this episode and the season although at first I missed when Chris Meloni left I am really liking the new additions and the change it has brought to the SVU team also glad the Kragen is back.

      • Jo B. says:

        I think SVU should step up because it has sucked since Chris Meloni left. And the its identity is fading as well as their audience and ratings. SVU without Chris and with Warren Leight sucks. NBC needs to figure something out otherwise this will probably be the last season. Ratings are worsening eack. From 2.1 during the season premiere to 1.8 in the next episode and to 1.6 during last Wednesday’s episode. Damn. I miss the old SVU. SVU 2.0 sucks. I miss Chris. Give the man what he wants NBC and get hjm back!!

        • Jamie says:

          Bless you for pointing out the horrible numbers/ how people think this is a top quality show is beyond me since it hasn’t been that way in at least 7 or 8 years

        • icywinter2 says:

          @Jo B- Chris left because he wanted to, he doesn’t want to come back. Get over it already. NBC has nothing to do with this, it’s his choice. SVU DOESN’T SUCK, Meloni certainly did not make the show what is is.

          Chris wanted to move on to pursue other acting projects. what you said isn’t even true, the audience isn’t fading, Warren Leigh doesn’t suck because of Meloni being gone. I wish people like you would understand that it’s a team work that makes a shwo good not one actor.

          if you don’t like then don’t watch it, stop complaining. He’s not coming back, deal with it and move on.

    • u wake up at 7am to read this article and post a comment either no life are desperate for attention either way soooo sad j/s

    • Madey Sperber says:

      Why don’t you just use your remote if you don’t lik the show??? the rest of us look forward to each new episode!!!

  3. GEO says:

    SVU has improved a lot in recent seasons. Now the team works in harmony. Mariska Hargitay, beautiful and talented actress is exceptional. See this woman gives pleasure working. In the last episode, along with Eames, she was fantastic.

    • Tim Wilson says:

      “See this woman gives pleasure working”?

      OK, I admit I’ve got a few typos in my post but what the hell does this mean?

  4. TMW says:

    Mariska is a medocre actress who happened to connect with the right role and the right acting partner. Meloni’s gone now, though, and the show was under the mistaken impression that we actually gave a f**k about Cragen. The nunbers, as a result, are now horrible. Put it out of its misery, let it play out 13 episodes and get Meloni to return for the series finale. Maybe even air it the same week as 30 Rock’s series finale?

    • Pat D. says:

      Maybe if they made Cragen anybody but a character whose “direct orders” are constantly ignored and walked all over by his underlings (with little or no repercussions), he’d be a more rootable character. Really, Adam Baldwin’s character showed more backbone in like 2 episodes than Cragen has in the entire SVU run. Dann Florek is a terrific actor; I just wish his character wasnt a 10 year running joke on SVU.

    • M says:

      TMW I agree with EVERY word in your post. The show was going down hill for years, even when Chris was still on, as the writing deteriorated. Now that he has moved on, the show has lost its spark and is now a second rate Criminal Intent. The whole style of the show has changed, and not in a good way. If they wanted to bring back long term fans of the show for thsi episode then they would have Stabler appear one last time in this landmark episode. Obviously the showrunner is incapable of swallowing his pride long enough to actually make the show interesting for the fans.

      • JB says:

        Um, you do realize that “Stabler” isn’t a real person, right? That Meloni’s not going to come back for a single episode in the middle of the season? That he’s already on record saying he would *consider coming back for an eventual series finale? That if HE really wanted to be on the show (instead of holding them up for more money), he would be?

        • M says:

          I’m perfectly well aware that Stabler was the character that Chris played. I said that a lot of fans would have loved to have seen the ‘character’ of Stabler appear in this episode. Chris has not been asked to appear since the end of season 12 which would have been reasonable for a few episodes to write the character off properly instead of the pathetic way it was done. If TPTB want to have people reminiscing about their first season, which is what they have empathised in their promotion thus far, then it would seem logical that they have some mention/presence of the main character at that time. The showrunner has made perfectly clear that he has no time for Chris, his fans, or those who followed the show for 12 years who enjoyed the show because of Stabler. Regardless of how poor the ratings become it is unlikely, as I said, that Warren Leight will swallow his pride and ask Chris back to come back even for one episode. The 300th episode really needed something interesting like this to make in remarkable.

          • Silk says:

            for a showrunner who doesn’t give a damn about meloni or his fans he sure has liv moping around and halfway declaring her love for stabler quite often

    • ALBN says:

      Mariska is a mediocre actress?

      She has an Emmy, a Golden Globe and eight Emmy nominations followed. Received 3 nominations for the Golden Globe. And 6 nominations for SAG. Imagine if she was not mediocre.
      And most importantly: the episodes in which she won awards, not with the presence of Meloni. She does not need him to excel.

      What was that Meloni won? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

      You must be part of the club resentful. You should be ashamed of being so unfair.

    • icywinter2 says:

      Get over the fact that Meloni is never going to return.. Stop putting the show down because he’s gone, enough already. Don’t watch it then, but stop ruining it the rest of the loyal fans

  5. Courtney says:

    I think something that could make this show better without Meloni (&Huang, liked him) is to bring Dean Winters (Brian Cassidy) back full time. Liv could get her happy ending, and when it ends, Meloni could return for the finale, and it could end like it started. Stabler, Benson, Munch, Cassidy, Cragen. I do think the show should end soon. It’s going on too long. Why do they want to keep going until officially noone cares? I loved this show and it’s just sad to see that happen.

    • Pat D. says:

      I’d be up for Dean joining the crew, but I also rather like the new additions Pino and Giddish. I think at that point it would start getting to be a little crowded in the squadroom. Also, bring back an ADA we actually give a damn about like Steph March or Diane.

      • Courtney says:

        Agreed! I really want one of them back (ADAs). As for the newbies, I like Rollins but Amaro just pisses me off. Especially after the season 14 premiere. I just don’t like him. Maybe that’s just me though… I dunno.

        • TMW says:

          I think Giddish’s performances have ranged from bland to just plain bad. Her facial expressions and hand movements during the last episode were laughable. And her blonde, soap opera TV cookie cutter looks are jarring and all wrong for this show. An Asian-American actress would have been a better choice. I think Pino is fine-he’s just not Meloni and so he’ll never really be accepted.

          • Courtney says:

            I don’t really have any feelings about Giddish. I’m just okay with her character, where as Pino may be okay, but that character is annoying and infuriating. So it’s hard. Good actor- bad character. Okay actor- okay character.

          • Pat D. says:

            Don’t get me wrong—I don’t think she’ll be winning any Emmys anytime soon, but I never complain when Giddish is in a scene.

  6. sarah says:

    This show has been an inspiration for me and made me continue to make my life better. I don’t try to see the actor, I see who they are playing. Olivia is my role model, and I was heartbroken when Stabler left but things do change in normal life too. I’ve never been able to find another actress that plays something worth so much meaning and is naturally beautiful and not a size 00! Everything else out there is garbage and no other show even deals with sex crimes. I’ve watched all the episodes and can’t wait for this one. Awesome show.

  7. chloe says:

    hmm am i the only one who remembers that the pilot episode was about two women murdering a man b/c he raped them in their native country? nothing about a kidnapping :/

  8. PS says:

    I love SVU, however it is not the same without Stabler and Huang. I think they should’ve canned Liv and kept Stabler. That’s just my opinion though…

  9. Mae says:

    I got bored with the show around the end of the 11th season and have only watched it occasionally since. The best part was rooting for El and Liv to become a couple and when he left without even having a farewell episode I basically gave up on the series. How they soul have a character on for eleven years and not give him and his partner a proper goodbye is absurd. This may be a landmark episode but it won’t be monumental until the viewers get to see that.

  10. TMW says:

    I’d love them to bring back Linus Roache as Michael Cutter and have him be an adversary to the unit.

    • Pat D. says:

      +1, I didn’t think anybody could have succeeded Waterston on the mothership (as the principal star ADA), but Linus did it admirably well. Too bad it got canned, and he’s only shown up like once after its ending on other shows in the franchise.

  11. davd says:

    mariska puts her all into her character on Law & Order SVU, if she ever leaves the show that will be the end of SVU

  12. ALBN says:

    Love, SVU. The show lost viewers after the departure of Meloni, true. But the main reason for the decline is the proper wear of time. Every show former, despite being good, ends up tiring. Many boycotted after leaving SVU Meloni. And they say the show sucks now. Even without ever seen him more. The truth is that the passionate fans Meloni are resentful with Mariska. They say she is mediocre and put most other defects. Pure jealousy. Jealousy of the prizes she won, the success she did.
    Meloni I think a good actor. But the talent was eclipsed by Mariska. That’s what fans do not forgive him. And many macho men too. See a woman stand out among so many men.
    I hope SVU still continue for some time. It is a fantastic series that addresses an important issue. I love the whole cast. All are talented. But Olivia Benson is my favorite character. In my country SVU is very successful. And Mariska is adored by fans.

    Sorry for my English. I’m latina and I do not read or write the English language correctly.

  13. emil says:

    Yikes….Ya’ll got a lot of time on your hands.

  14. Nikki :) says:

    I agree that the show’s signature style was left in the dust around season 9 or so… I mean, it hasn’t been the same since they couldn’t turn it into a “soap opera” with EO but give Elliot ANOTHER KID in s9. S13 was a step in the right direction but there’s something still missing. The s14 premiere had distinction but again, the next two eps were blah. I don’t know if Meloni is the answer, I just think he’d always be a bonus if HE decided to come back. I mean the showrunners aren’t going to beg him to come back when he left on his own to do different things. The old writers were destroying his amazing character. And to who pointed out he never won anything….. HE should’ve won more awards than Mariska and I love her. He’s one of the most underrated actors I’ve ever seen. The new crew are alright. I love Amaro’s drive and feistiness right now. It’s about the most interesting thing happening on the show at this point. Liv/Cassidy ever becoming anything more than friends is blah. She’s way mature to be desperate. I like the fact she realized she didn’t handle their one night stand very well in season 1 with him and the closure in the hospital room but yea… Just.. desperate is never how I’ve seen her. As for the show in general, the cases once again are getting repetitive unfortunately. Rollins is just a pointless character to me, though I don’t hate her. IF they were going for the pretty factor, then they got it but that’s all they got because it was more dynamic with Olivia as the only woman and the only others being the ADAs. I don’t know, I keep watching for Mariska but it’s getting harder. It’s hard seeing a show you loved try to find its footing again when everything is kind of going against it.

    • ALBN says:

      Never said that Meloni is bad actor. I admire him. And I think he has talent. But do not tell me that he deserved more awards than Mariska. She has 22 nominations for best actress in a drama. He has only one. Olivia Benson is impressive. Mariska confers credibility and sensitivity to the character. Olivia Benson fascinated and passionate fans worldwide. The problem here, I repeat is only one: the irrational fans Meloni not accept that he has been overshadowed. But he was. Indeed, in this respect, I admire how he handles this. Mariska and Chris are great friends respect each other, admire each other. Sincerely regretted his departure, but I’m not whining or asking for its return. He wanted to breathe fresh air. It is his right. Many fans Meloni are fair and reasonable. And recognize the talent of Mariska. And respect. I’m a big fan of Mariska. And respect and recognize the talent of Meloni. It is this behavior that I expect. On the part of the fas Meloni.
      And SVU is great. Stories written well with the team working in perfect harmony. You bet it will be renewed.

  15. Nikki :) says:

    And I AM a little anxious to see Manhattan Vigil, being that it’s the 300th episode. They used some of the same actors from the Pilot Payback in this ep as well though they aren’t the same characters as before. Maybe the kidnapping plot has to do with their new characters and not the pilot ones?? I don’t know, that is a little confusing.. guess we’ll find out this Wednesday.

  16. icywinter2 says:

    Enough whining about Meloni there’s nothing NBC can do about getting him back. He wanted to move on to pursue other acting projects. Stop putting the show down because he’s gone, it’s ruining it for the loyal fans. Second, if your not happy then don’t watch it, no one is telling you have to. Why be unhappy and feel the need to put down the show.. Just don’t watch it then..

    The fact is, the show has gotten better. I wish people would move on with their lives and stop whining about wanting Meloni to come back. He made his choice, he wasn’t happy and wanted to move on actors do that. It’s almost two years, He’s not coming back..

  17. Madey Sperber says:

    Let’s all move on…. If you enjoy the show, watch it! If not, change the channel! I’m a fan… and never looked at these comments before, and probably never will again! People need to get a life in the real world! These actors have jobs…they have fans and followers. Most viewers aren’t qualified to be such critics! The arrogance is incredible!! I miss Stabler too; but get over it!! Can’t you just take a tv series for what it is….entertainment???? (This one, with good acting and current – though upsetting – stories, is a winner for many of us. )

  18. im confused, i wanna rewatch the old ep thats gunna be refered to in this new one, but it CANT be the pilot, i remember that being about tourtured women castrating a man.. nothing to do with a kidnapping.. does anyone know which episode is actually going to be refered back to, everything ive seen says the pilot and that can not be right..

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