How I Met Your Mother Hot Shots: Are Barney and Robin Getting Back Together?

How I Met Your Mother Cobie Smulders Neil Patrick HarrisBreak-up fever is in full swing on How I Met Your Mother.

Quinn and Barney are officially kaput, so that means there are two splits still to come — Ted/Victoria and Robin/Nick. While the former couple is MIA in the following sneak peek, the latter pair is very well represented.

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In the Oct. 29 episode (CBS, 8/7c), Robin becomes concerned when Barney picks a dog as his wingman — they are man’s best friend. Meanwhile, her current squeeze, Nick (Michael Trucco), finds himself in the middle of what looks like a Motown-themed music video holding an ear of corn. (Your guess is as good as ours about what’s going on there.)

Closing out the photo gallery are Barnman and Robin. When our favorite Canadian can’t pull the trigger and end her relationship with her onetime secret crush in the Nov. 5 outing, Barney takes matters into his own hands. But will his plot bring the former couple back together — is that an almost-smooch, we spy?! — or drive them further apart?

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Ashleah Youn says:

    The pictures with Nick make me think of Little Shop of Horrors (the do-wop girls and the motorcycle, mostly).

  2. mac says:

    the pics with Barney and Robin could be from scenes set in their future, I personally enjoy Nick. He seems to be a cool enough character to stick around longer, I’d rather say byebye to Victoria sooner than him…

    • Ari says:

      I’ve never really understood what people found so great about Victoria. She is the most likeable of Ted’s girlfriends (excluding Robin who I do not think of as Ted’s ex because we know her so well at this point) but that really isn’t saying much. She beats out Stella, Karen, and Zooey. Good riddance.

    • Mike says:

      Thats my feeling too, looks like a flash forward, but i do think splitsville, is the first episode of them reinvigorating their relationship.

    • Jellymoff says:

      Victoria is horrible, no offense to the actress, I’m sure she’s great in other things. I couldn’t stand the Ted/Victoria courting the first time. Romance is cool and all but they were just so freaking cheesy!

      Oh, and “Brover”-LOL!

  3. Allison says:

    I think they’re singing “he’s a rebel”

  4. The Nick pictures DEFINITELY look like a nod to Little Shop of Horrors. It has to be.

  5. Aricka says:

    That scene looks like the little shop of horror scene with Nick as the dentist.

  6. Jo says:

    A freaking dog?! Good God, is Barney pathetic this season! It’s no wonder he ends it by getting married.

  7. Billy bob says:

    Barney and robin <33

  8. Mel says:

    Seriously this show should have ended last year. I was a dedicated viewer but I watched the first episode and went ehhh, and then yesterday watched most of the second episode and just deleted it. I has now been taken off my season pass. It was just more of Barney being the same D bag he always is, BORING! I’ll tune in at the end to see who the mother is, but I just can’t care any more.

  9. justsomegirl says:

    I’ve been enjoying this season so far. I think it’s heaps better than the episodes I’ve seen in season 7. I love how the writers throw in little B/R moments/interactions in every episode. The one in “Nannies” when she’s rubbing his back after he got beat up by the nannies he slept with was so sweet. I can’t wait to see these two episodes, and see Barney and Robin FINALLY end up together. And I have to say, which I think is pretty funny. Viewers complained that Barney was un-legendary whenever he was in a relationship and that he’s better off single, well now that Barney is single and he’s back to his old tricks, now ppl are saying it’s boring. Man, can’t please everyone I guess lol.

    • Amanda says:

      I hate to generalize, but honestly I tend to find it’s the male viewers of the show who don’t like the romantic focus the HIMYM has had for the past two seasons, and don’t want Barney to grow at all as a character, and certainly don’t want him to end up married. I think it’s a very short-sighted (and boring) view, especially as we’re nearing the end of the series. I for one have loved this season so far. It’s a vast improvement over Season 7. I feel like HIMYM has it’s groove back. Season 8 is reminding me of my other two favorite seasons (4 and 6) so I’m very much enjoying it.

      • justsomegirl says:

        I agree with you Amanda. My brother in law was the one who got me hooked on this show and I started watching it on Netflix. I fell in love with it and went online just to see what I should expect and I was SO happy to read that Barney and Robin fall in love, date, and end up getting married. I told him this and he wasn’t at all happy. He even said “I really don’t think Barney will marry Robin.” I told him the producers said he would marry her and he’s like, “Barney shouldn’t get married. It’ll ruin the show.” I tried to bring up that this could very well be the last season, so why not do something completely unexpected with his character and his response was, “But it’s BARNEY. He just can’t get married.” Smh. I don’t care what all you B/R haters or T/R delusioners or single-Barney fans say or think, Robin and Barney BELONG together and they WILL end up together. Anyways, I too am enjoying this season so far. I loved the fourth episode, it was silly and funny at the beginning, then it changed to serious at the drop of a dime. My fave kind of HIMYM episode.

        • Amanda says:

          The people who only want Barney to be single confuse me the most. Barney’s character has evolved to a place where he himself no longer enjoys being single or womanizing and actually WANTS love and marriage (though honestly that was at the heart of his character since Season 1 it just took Robin and meeting his father to bring it fully out) and he even REQUIRES it to feel happy and fulfilled. So if you are truly a fan of the character you shouldn’t want him to end up single and alone forever because that also means he’ll be miserable forever.

      • Ethan says:

        “Barney grow as a character”?? LMAO Right…that pre-nup was such a MATURE move. Give me a break. His character became so cartoonish in these past seasons.

        • Amanda says:

          That’s because you missed the entire point. Barney knew he didn’t want to marry Quinn. That’s why he was sabotaging the marriage by putting outlandish, insulting things into the prenup that he knew full well she’d never agree to. Barney is not an idiot. And Quinn was doing the same thing too. That’s why they finally ended up admitting that they didn’t actually trust each other and calling the wedding off.

          • justsomegirl says:

            couldn’t have said it better myself. Really wish viewers would watch the show on a deeper level rather than surface view. Obviously, Barney and Quinn did not trust each other and for good reasons too. Why ppl liked them together is beyond me. I’m glad she’s gone, I feel the show is getting so much better without the hurricane that is Quinn Garvey hanging around. Now, to get rid of Hurricane Nick, because that guy is just pointless. Robin clearly isn’t happy with him, why do we have to sit thru two more episodes of these two?

          • Ethan says:

            Your reasoning doesn’t even make sense. No, he was NOT sabotaging the marriage. There was never anything in the episode that suggest Barney did NOT believe in those pre-nup conditions. He truly believe in them which just show how offensive he has become (and not even funny).

            Also even IF he did make up those pre-nup clauses, that also shows how immature he is. You are engaged to someone and you found out you don’t really want belong together so you want to call it off. So instead of TALKING HONESTLY with your partner, you make up these stupid clauses in hopes of breaking it off. Yeah, real mature….how can people still defend this character is beyond me.

          • A says:

            completely agree Amanda. Ethan and I must be watching different shows

        • justsomegirl says:

          Ethan, did you even watch the premiere and paid attention to it? Robin discusses to Barney about the possibility of Quinn finding out the two dated and he said he was going to keep it a secret from her. She says, “Okay listen, do you really want to spend the rest of your life with Quinn..” And he interrupts with a rather panicked face and says, “Oh God you have a point.” That kind of implies he doesn’t want to marry Quinn and was obviously looking for a way out. That scene foreshadows the pre-nup episode. And, he revealed at the end of the pre-nup that he didn’t trust Quinn. And come on, you really think a character like Barney wants to talk about his feelings. Remember when Robin and Barney dated and how instead of talking honestly to each other that they wanted out of the relationship, they decided to keep playing relationship chicken. And whenever Robin would bring up “the talk” he ends up kissing her to avoid “the talk”. So do you really think Barney’s just going to go up to Quinn and say, “Hey, I don’t want to marry you because I don’t trust you after you’ve taken all my money and my grandfather’s watch and blah blah.” No, he’s going to find the easy way out, and that was through the pre-nup. And Quinn even revealed at the end that she didn’t trust Barney enough either to get rid of her own pre-nup. So what that episode really showed was that the Quinn/Barney relationship was false on every level, there was no love between the characters, and really, just a HUGE waste of our time to watch.

  10. A says:

    It’s hilarious how people can always put down a good show. If you don’t like it then why are you watching or even on this page, discussing how ”bad” the show is?
    I have loved HIMYM from the very start, and I still do. This show has a lot of heart. That is what I truly love about it.The start of the season is just great, especially the first 2 ep’s. There are people who desperately want to know who The Mother is. The show’s called ”How I Met Your Mother”, and you do realize when they’ll reveal the mom, the show will probably end. For me, The Mother isn’t the important part, it’s the jorney what matters to me. So far, so good. :) Really looking forward to these 2 ep’s and the rest of the season, just hoping, that this ain’t gonna be the last one, because… it’s one of the great shows left on TV nowdays.
    AND who ever says s**t about Barney, don’t you forget who you’re dissin’. :D

    • Jenny says:

      I totally agree with everything you had to say!!! I love HIMYM!!! All of it!!! I love the silly stuff and the relationship stuff and the mother stuff!!! Stop complaining people! It’s a great show! I’ll be sad when it’s over!

    • justsomegirl says:

      Agree, why do ppl want to meet the mother soon? Why can’t they just enjoy the characters and what they go through in life? And really, ppl who keep complaining just makes me want to pull my hair out. If the show bothers you that much, DON’T WATCH IT! It’s no skin off their backs. HIMYM has a very strong and loyal fanbase, they can get by without you complainers ;)

      • justsomegirl says:

        Oh yeah, just another thing I wanted to say. The complainers who are all like, “I’ve invested too much of my time to the show that now I have to see it through to the end even tho I’m really bitter about it and I hate it so much and all I really do in my free time is just go online to complain about it. God, will this show end already!” That’s a load of bull. Just stop watching. The reason why you watch the show is because you enjoy it, not because you’ve invested too much of your time in it. Why watch something you don’t enjoy?

      • Duexis says:

        “Why do ppl want to meet the mother soon?” What are you talking about? It’s been 8 Seasons, we passed “soon” about 5 seasons ago. Most of the ppl “complaining” as you say, have been loyal viewers and have loved the show, and watched even though every year we thought it would be cancelled. The point is that a lot of people now think it’s time to sh*t or get off the pot. Barney has not grown at all. He’s exactly who he was since the first episode despite everyone being at Barney and Robins wedding AT THE END OF SEASON 6. Same with Ted. I’m not interested in waiting another 20 or so episodes for yellow umbrella to show up. The only people who have advanced in their lives are Marshall and Lilly, Come on! I don’t need immediate gratification, but I need some gratification.

        • Duexis says:

          continued. which is why I am stopped watching after the second episode, so you are right justcomegirl, it is definitely time to stop watching the same thing week in and week out. Buh bye.

          • justsomegirl says:

            Barney has not grown at all? What on earth are you talking about? At the start of season 1 he was anti-kids, never wanted to get married, and swore he would never fall in love. In season 3 he fell in love with Robin, in season 5 he gave up on banging J-Lo’s character and gave the super date to Robin and Don. He even threw himself over a bridge to keep from giving in to sex. He waited at a freaking diner for a long ime in hopes of Nora meeting up with him. He jumped through relationship hoops with Quinn that he couldn’t even do for Robin. And how can you not see how miserable he is now that he’s back to womanizing. He’s sleeping with women who aren’t even the girls he normally go for like that 6 girl, the old nanny, and I heard a spoiler he would be dating Patrice. Its obvious he’s not happy with his womanizing, but its the only thing he knows how to do to bounce back from a recent break-up. Soon, he’ll be with Robin and marry her in the end so Barney definitely has grown at all and if you can’t see that, then your loss. This show will continue to be awesom even without your viewership ;)
            Also, I still don’t understand why ppl are so impatient to meet the mother. You do realize that is the show’s ending right? They’re not going to show the mother, show how they integrate her into the group and show how her and Ted fall in love get married, blah blah. No, that is the ending. The Ted/mother relationship is not the whole point of the show, its watching Ted get his dream job and become ready to meet the love of his life, its about Robin’s journey to choosing love over career and finally settling down, its about Barney letting go of his womanizing ways and marry the woman he loves, and its about Marshall and Lilly evolving from two engaged young adults to married and parents. Their journeys are not over an until they are, we won’t meet the mother and I can happily watch 20+ episodes of watching these characters journeys to the very end.

      • april-ann says:

        Please don’t pull your hair out justsomegirl! I’m a fan of this show too, but I do understand why some fans would want to meet the mother already. Many fans, including you and me, are satisfied knowing that this show was never a sitcom; rather, it is a romantic comedy, an extended one at that, but it is a romantic comedy nonetheless (which could explain why it is not “must see tv” for most men). And it was never about meeting the mother; rather, it was about five friends navigating their way through their lives in NYC. It’s cute, it’s funny, well written and well acted. But, and this is a big but, let’s face it: the show has indisputably and purposely injected a mystery with countless clues about the mother (ie. the love of Ted’s life) and it is only natural that fans would want to reach that outcome sooner rather than later. The fans who are interested in this story moving forward do have a point here (and they have a right to watch and complain if there is something about it they don’t like – after all, they’re fans too, just like us). After all, the show has gone on for years and both the story and the characters are starting to appear a little worn, a little worse for wear. The high ratings of course mean the show will continue regardless of an end result and fans like you and me don’t mind a bit (but the producers could be a little more mindful of how this might play out in syndication), but I can see why it bothers other fans because after all this time, they would like a payoff.

        • justsomegirl says:

          Sorry april-ann if I came off as rude or harsh. You have to admit though, it’s really frustrating to see people get online and say this show needs to end, it should be cancelled and blah blah. I don’t mind if people complain about the plot or characters or pairings or whatever. That is being a fan. But saying the show needs to end and they’re only watching it because they “invested too much of their time into it.” that’s not really being a fan. If you can’t stand the show, don’t watch it. It’s that simple. And I know the creators have integrated this mother mystery and some people are done watching that mystery unfold and want them to show the mother, but that would mean the end. I really don’t think the writers are going to show how the mother fits in with the group, show Ted proposing, etc. I could be wrong and maybe they would surprise us in season 9 by showing that (if it gets renewed) but I really don’t think they won’t. The show was never about Ted/Mother, it was about these five friends evolving over time. And like I said before, these characters’ journeys are not over yet. They still have some more essential character growth to go through, and when they do, then the mother can be introduced. But as of now, I want the mother to remain a mystery at least until Barney and Robin say their “I do’s”.

  11. april-ann says:

    No need to apologize, justsomegirl! You didn’t come off as rude or harsh. I enjoy enthusiastic posts by knowledgeable fans of shows defending their positions (even if I’m not a part of the discussion), as long as no one is being personally attacked, and you certainly did not personally attack anyone with whom you disagreed. I will admit that a few seasons ago I too would have been frustrated if fans had rallied for its ending, but I’m not so much so now. For me, the show does seem to have dragged out a little these past few seasons. I agree with you that people always have the choice to watch or not; and I myself of course do not watch shows I can’t stand. But viewers who have watched are genuinely interested in meeting or at least seeing the mother, and I can’t blame them for that. They are getting a little weary of continuing to tune in now to a tired show that at times seems to be barely limping along to the point where sometimes the show is not funny or even charming anymore. But it doesn’t mean they are not interested in where the show is leading. Fans of this show are hooked, hooked not only on the characters we see, but also on that one elusive character we don’t see. She has been somewhat of a character on the show since day one. About the characters we do see, I believe their journeys on the show should be wrapping up sometime soon, as some aspects of their “journeys” do appear to have been recycled alot (Ted loves Robin, Robin loves someone else, Robin loves Ted, Ted loves someone else, Ted and Robin are in love, Ted and Robin break up, Ted and Robin sleep together but are not in love and on and on…) and I don’t know that there is anymore essential character growth we need to see (these characters are mid to late 30’s by now!) Back to the mother. I realize the show must end after Ted meets her, we agree that the show was never really about Ted meeting the mother. But it’s there and it’s a part of the show and I don’t mind that loyal viewers have reached the point now where they’d like to see this happen.

  12. Ryan says:

    Does anyone realize what happens to shows if they get to their “end game” and then continue after? Look at Scrubs season 9. The finale of Season 8 should have been the series finale…They flashed forward and showed JD’s final fantasy and ended with the perfect line: “As for the future, thanks to Dan it didn’t seem so scary any more. It could be whatever I want it to be. And who’s to say this isn’t what happens? Who can tell me that my fantasies won’t come true just…this…once…”

    If there is a show after they introduce the mother, I just feel like it’ll be like Scrubs season 9, the crappy show that basically was a spin-off. Just let them introduce the mother in due course people, it will be a beautiful thing (hopefully).