Fox X-Pands This Tuesday's Slate to Serve Up Sitcoms Plus Postponed X Factor

Fox, now that it has had time to further survey this past Wednesday’s X Factor snafu as well as its plan to reschedule the singing show’s “missing” episode for this coming Tuesday, has found a way to have its cake and Schmidt it too.

Per a new line-up just released by the network, Raising Hope, Ben and Kate and New Girl will air this Tuesday as originally scheduled, starting at 8/7c. But come 9:30 pm, a special hour-long edit of the preempted two-hour X Factor installment will air through to 10:30 — a rare instance of Fox running programming into the 10 o’clock hour.

The X Factor edit will couple a brief recap of the hour that aired in some markets this past Wednesday (in which Britney and L.A. Reid selected their respective four finalists) with the second hour of the Judges’ Homes episode (which never aired anywhere in the States, due to Fox’s obligation to cover the rain-delayed National League Championship baseball game).

The Mindy Project, however, remains preempted for Oct. 23, and will next air Oct. 30.

So, once again, in visual form:
8 pm Raising Hope
8:30 pm Ben and Kate
9 pm New Girl
9:30 – 10:30 pm The X Factor

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  1. Lincoln says:

    effing sports and their overruns. grrrr

  2. sammy says:

    All this rearranging for a game nobody cares about. Gotta love fox.

    • murley says:

      says you. life long giants far here who absolutely cares about the playoff games. and i am pretty certain i am not the only one. try to remember your opinions aren’t facts. i know that distinction can be difficult. personally i don’t really care about an xfactor scheduling problem but am not so self involved as to beleive that just because i feel that way that means everyone does.

      • Christian says:

        Have you seen the ratings? They bear it out that only you and a couple of your friends care about the game. Too bad, so sad!

        • P says:

          I don’t watch any baseball, so I don’t care about any teams, but the ratings that get reported every day for TV Shows are only based on what Nielsen families watch so they aren’t really accurate. There are less than 26,000 homes in the US with a Nielsen box.

          • Sg.Grant says:

            I have one, so I guess I should be taking bribes as to what shows to watch? :)

            I wonder how much 1 person watching something can actually change the overall numbers.

      • Mike says:

        Hey, coming from a Phillies fan who was glued to fox in 2008 as we took down the Tampa Bay Rays, I was fully aware that the greater Philadelphia area and Tampa were the only people who cared about watching that game. (the next year against the Yankees was a different story) But, geez murley, there’s no need to get all defensive by giving lectures on life and passing out accusations of self involvement. Clearly, Sammy was exaggerating by saying “nobody”. Obviously, even though the ratings are extremely low for the series, there are still millions of people watching it. But, I’m sure you feel better about yourself having said what you said and will laugh about it with your fellow Giants fans. So, enjoy that!

        Signed – A bigger 49ers fan than Eagles fan. :-)

        • murley says:

          yeah, I don’t make comments on the Internet to make myself feel better about anything. That would be really pathetic. Can’t I express my annoyance about the way people tend to put forth their option as fact (whether or not they are “just exaggerating”)? Me, my fellow giants fans, the cardinals fans and a handful of other baseball fans care. That’s all I am saying and I don’t feel the need to put down the fact that others like the x-factor in the process. I also get irritated with the way people choose to communicate via comment sections. Case in point. But I really need to accept that as a losing battle.

  3. Matt says:

    I’m fine with this. 2 hours to reveal 16 acts is excessive anyway.

  4. lali says:

    I thought The Mindy Project is a Tuesday show. Is it another day or is it not on Fox?

    • Balaji K says:

      It’s on Tuesday on FOX but will be pre-empted next week according to the info.

    • Garrett says:

      It is. It’s the only one of the 4 Tuesday comedies not airing that night. That’s not exactly the best of news for it.

      • lali says:

        Thanks for clearing that up! I DVR all my shows so it’s hard to remember which show comes on which night on which network. I think Mindy Project already got a full-season pick up so maybe it’s not the worst of things that they’re being skipped.

  5. Michael says:

    we don’t even get the full episodes? Just a bad cut and paste edit job of two crucial episodes? DAMN fox.

  6. JKR says:

    XF getting cut down in half on their most significant episode to date. I’m sure Simon is thrilled.

  7. Dizzle says:

    At least 50% of each X Factor episode is uninformative padding anyway so this will probably be its tightest, best-edited episode yet!

  8. Forwarddad says:

    And they don’t air against the Voice now.

  9. ATB says:

    No offense to the sports fans, but seriously sports should not affect regularly scheduled programming. There has to be a way for everyone to get what they want and it’s SAD that it’s 2012 and the networks are still doing the same thing they did in the 90s. I understand that if you’ve been watching a game it would absolutely suck to have it cut off, so the overruns ARE necessary, but the problem is that the networks don’t allow their programming to account for it. If they could just PLAN AHEAD for these things and have the television guides (on dvrs, etc) update accordingly, no one would be confused and people wouldn’t miss their shows. I honestly wouldn’t care what was going on if my dvr could record properly. With all the technology we have, it’s just tragic that the television industry hasn’t caught up yet.

    • Dizzle says:

      The thing is, here in the UK we have Sky Plus, which is BSkyB DVR tech, and it does all that, so if a show starts late/gets rescheduled or runs over it is automatically adjusted. so I don’t understand why Murdoch can’t just release that in the US?

  10. Chrissy says:

    So what about the last Thursday night show where there was no XF? Are they going to air that? Or is it delayed also?

  11. Allyson says:

    I love X-Factor, but I love baseball even more! It is our nation’s past time. While I understand not everyone is not a baseball fan, millions and millions of people watch the sport and the playoffs. Still a bitter Braves fan myself, hope the Giants can come back and beat the Cardinals. Rain delays have to be expected and yes mother nature can be cruel and upset a lot of people, deal with it. It isn’t like X-Factors have started their live shows.

  12. P says:

    Happy to see the sitcoms are still airing tuesday, otherwise it would have thrown off the Halloween themed episodes that were set to air on the 30th.

  13. Vetle says:

    Don’t they have like a FOX sports channel dedicated to this? I love that in Norway we only have football, which you generally have to pay for to watch.

  14. Allyson says:

    yea, but the thing is baseball playoffs, world series, and superbowl air on networks b/c not everyone subscribes to fox sports or Espn, which is why you never see sport championships air on those networks. You have to air major sporting events on channels that everyone gets. Its also when advertisers pay big money to air during these times.

  15. greysfan says:


  16. GingerSnap says:

    Note To The Execs at Fox: Every October, I don’t know when I will actually get to see my Favorite shows, like Fringe, The Simpsons, Family Guy, etc because of effing baseball, the most boring sport to watch on TV!