Wednesday's X Factor to Re-Air Tuesday, In Full; Simon Calls Scheduling Snafu a 'Total F Up'

This Wednesday’s scheduling-impaired installment of The X Factor will air in full next Tuesday, Oct. 23, Fox announced.

For East Coast viewers, X Factor started 40 minutes late, as Fox waited out a rain delay of Game 3 of the National League Championship Series, which had an afternoon start time. Later, as Fox got word that the baseball game was about to resume, the singing contest’s final 15 minutes were abruptly cut off in the U.S. (in favor of the remainder of a Mindy Project encore).

As X Factor boss man Simon Cowell summed it all up on Twitter: “It’s what’s known as a total f up.” (In fact, due a technical snafu on top of everything else, a portion of the East Coast feed was accidentally distributed to the West Coast prior to 8 pm PST. Even Britney would say, “Oops” to that.)

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West Coast viewers in the U.S. will get an X Factor repeat, while Canada’s CTV reportedly carried Wednesday’s X Factor in full for everyone — so beware of spoilers from the Great White North.

This Thursday’s X Factor is already preempted by Game 4 of the NCLS.

With X Factor re-airing on Tuesday — opposite NBC’s The Voice — Fox’s regularly scheduled comedy line-up will be bumped a week.

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  1. Sam says:

    Canada for some reason stopped with 15 minutes left, 3 groups were left for 2 spots.

    • Gorm says:

      CTV needed to show some spine and respect their viewers. I would have told Fox to cram it. As its not like XFac is even doing monster ratings. And CTV dosent even bother to air the Thursday show, they air BBT and boot Xfac’s second night to a channel broadcast from the boonies that many do not get.

      It was spineless and dishonest of them. And worse still they have yet to apologize, which is the most un-Canadian thing about their mistake.

      • jabbathewocket says:

        Just an FYI it was not a CTV decision, they cannot force the live feed to continue when it is turned off..

        In other words .. they stopped the show live, turned off the transmission and went to sleep…

        No matter what level of spines or balls or whatever CTV has or does not have.. they cannot force someone sitting in LA to turn the cameras back on once they are off.

        • @jabbathewocket: You seriously think this was a live show? That it happened to be broad daylight in Miami at 8 pm? This was filmed weeks if not months ago. CTV would have had the complete program for probably a week (since they created their own promos.)

        • Shaun says:

          it’s not live until the voting shows I think….and maybe not even that.

    • sara says:

      CTV didn’t show the ep at all on the west coast. FOX is airing a repeat from last week. What the???

  2. Sky Lark says:

    Xfactor aired on the west coast at its regular time. Don’t know how much we will see as it’s only 8:20 now. What a mess for scheduling.

  3. Alex says:

    Matt will the episode scheduled to air tomorrow still air? Need to know what to Tivo!

  4. What does this mean for tomorrow’s ep of Xfactor?

  5. Kristen says:

    Whoa wait. So the comedy line-up that was already bumped a week for the Presidential Debate is going to be bumped ANOTHER week for X Factor? That’s BS. Fox needs to get it together. It’s not like baseball is a new thing this year.

    • CJ says:

      That just means there’ll be one less rerun later. That is the most bizarre picture (above) I’ve seen in a long time. It looks like they stuck Britney Spears’s face on a 50-year old woman’s body. And they look like they’re standing in front of a cardboard cut-out of Simon Cow.

  6. BOOOO says:

    BOO! who watches this crap? So this pre-empts NEW GIRL!? LAME!

  7. LeslieB says:

    The show for us East Coasters was horribly edited, too. We saw the 2nd yes for Demi’s team, show went to commercial, and then itt was the Mindy show! Shame on FOX!! A true wtf moment!

  8. Lauri says:

    I’m upset about the baseball thing, but I’m even angrier about who Demi didn’t put through. I won’t spoil it for those who don’t know, but I am pissed.

    • CAM says:

      Yeah, if what i heard is true, I agree. Isn’t there going to be a wild card brought back though, turning into a Top 17? Fingers crossed.

  9. Christine says:

    I agree Lauri 😢I hope they do a wild card or something to bring her back!!!!! And as far as the whole baseball thing – it’s so ridiculous – who’s in charge over there? They sure don’t know what they are doing!!!!

  10. Rob says:

    This F up is only gonna ruin their ratings even more.

  11. Sheena says:

    Screw up? Heck no, it’s a sign that the network does not value the show enough to care. That wouldn’t have happened to Idol in it’s heyday, and if had, Simon wouldn’t have needed to open his mouth to convince us that we should care.

    • Tess says:

      It wouldn’t happen to Idol because baseball playoffs would never conflict with Idol since it airs in the Spring and not the Fall.

      It’s an epic fail by FOX – no other way to put it. Definitely going to effect ratings going forward, not just for the re-airing on Tuesday but the live shows which will not even happen till November 1st, if they’re lucky enough to not get bumped for baseball again. FOX really needs to reconsider when they air this show come next year….perhaps it would be better to start it mid-summer so they can be crowning their winner by mid-October during sweeps and be done by the time the network airs baseball. That way there’s no pre-emptions and no one griping about these scheduling issues happening anymore.

  12. effie says:

    soo annoyed this means another week without New Girl and Mindy Project. boo XFactor, baseball, and debates. :(

  13. Leah says:

    Did they forget that Happy Endings and B in 23 are new next Tuesday? I won’t be at Fox at all next week, as the only thing I watch there are the Tues. comedies.

  14. Yaztromo says:

    Looks like CTV chickened out here on the west coast of Canada (BC), instead showing reruns of The Big Bang Theory (at least for the first hour — switched to something else for the second, but I don’t recall what), filling my PVR with over an hour of crap before I noticed and stopped it (we were out). The Fox affiliate in Seattle is showing one of last weeks episodes instead. So it seems only part of Canada got part of the episode. Way to go CTV [::slow clap::].

  15. dawn says:

    I will be watching Tuesday! I love XFactor love Simon! And mad at Fox for mess up!

  16. Blinged Up says:

    I agree with Simon. What a complete fail by Fox. The episode where they name their Top 16 is one of the most fun and they sucked the life out of it this season. I am trying to avoid the spoilers, but see that it’s going to be impossible. :( Boo Fox.

  17. Katy says:

    Lets be real at this point Baseball brings better ratings to FOX than there actual programming they care more about it than there tv shows. Why else would they preempt Glee for 5 weeks, preempt there comedies, and something like this now has happened they like the amount of viewers and advertising dollars Baseball brings.

    • CJ says:

      Let’s also be real that you should learn how to spell “their.”

      • G says:


      • Sarah says:

        I’m all for correct grammar but what was the point in saying that here? Katy is absolutely right. Fox shows baseball EVERY YEAR and the ratings are what they want. They get that with the playoffs. Nothing is new here. It was just bad the way they handled the programming due to the rain delay.

  18. Tblond says:

    I was wondering where Glee went. Major mess on Fox tonite

  19. jessica says:

    Life sucks. I wanna die. I was seriously just rewatching the episode in the fetal position think my life’s over.

  20. Demi Lovato says:

    They showed Britneys teens first because that is the only portion of the show anybody cares about.

    LA Reid himself doesnt care about his oldies. Zero marketability.

    Simon cant win , bands never win, XFUK 8 seasons show this.

    Demi had an excellent chance but sadly Cece is very unlikable, and rest are meh. I prefer Demi but its not to be.

    So its blatantly obvious to anybody with an iota of common sense Britney will win this show. That is the reason for the category switch they did for her. The producers & Simon have already made up their mind just like last year.

    The only question is who – Carly [favorite] , Diamond [dark horse] or Beatrice [come-from-behind upset]. Arin is fodder.

    It doesnt matter if you vote or not, in this show, the judges have the FINAL say EVERY week. So even if nobody votes Carly and she is in bottom 2, she will be saved by judges till finals.

    • Dindi says:

      Actually a band just won the last season of X Factor UK. Not that I liked them, but Little Mix did win. (A girl band)

  21. Venus says:

    So why schedule a show during the neverending baseball season. Baseball should be on ESPN, or wait till their neverensing season is over to schedule a regular broadcast show. Fox and baseball = barf. who really prefers baseball anyway?

  22. Christina says:

    Last nights airing of the x-factor was one of the biggest broadcasting f’ups I’ve ever seen. They’ve got a baseball rain delay and they’ve got a commitment to baseball but its looking like a long rain delay. So lets put on Ana episode of Ben and Kate instead of the scheduled programming, but then we will go to the scheduled programming and air 2/3’s of it but then we will go to a rerun of the Mindy Project until baseball is ready again. If they just went with the airing of the x- factor from the get go of the rain delay they would have fit the whole thing in!

    And I don’t know what happened with CTV. They continued to air the episode after Fox cut out, only tomcutnto a rerun of an audition episode with 15minutes left. We got the result of everyone but 3 of the groups!

  23. Venus says:

    Forgot to say Fox never used to pre-empt their shows. Great reason why their shows tank now. Baseball isn’t very important to anyone, other than those citizens of playoff teams, Why is their season going on so long?

    • lol at stuff u made up says:

      Stop making stuff up. I watch sport even if my home team isn’t in it. So the Super Bowl gets over 100 million viewer and those are just from the two cities invovled, yeah right. Fox has always preempted for major sporting events.

  24. anon says:

    Seriously ? Bumping next weeks shows to air this again? And fyi baseball playoffs get triple the viewers of this program so i think to FOX the revenue they make from the ads is slightly more important. Why not just put the program online and move forward? I want The Mindy Project! Lol

  25. Rodan says:

    I don’t understand why a recap is up without any spoiler warnings when most of the country didn’t get any x-factor last night.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      To be clear: You’re upset that something labeled a recap contains spoilers…?

      • Tom says:

        Usually I agree with Matt, but I gotta agree with the above commenter…why post a recap for a show no one saw? It’s not so much the spoiler factor as it is the timing…reviewers get to see shows weeks in advance of the public, but you still don’t post a recap till after it airs, just strange that’s all.

        • Lindsey says:

          Ummm recap means summary which would mean a summarization of the show, you don’t want to know what happened…DON’T CLICK THE LINK!

  26. Chance says:

    Another week without Mindy? Ugh.

  27. James says:

    It’d probably ruin everything (not that I care though- sports suck), but they should just tape a game, and then put it on TV. At that point, you know how long it is and how to fit it into your schedule so that it doesn’t upset viewers who actually care about your scripted programming. OR put sports on ESPN or some other sports channel- isn’t that what they’re there for?

    • really? says:

      sorry that is the silliest thing I have ever heard.

      Baseball will get them more adverting money than the X factor.

      Sports are the ultimate reality show.

      • James says:

        Sports are boring; reality shows are actually interesting (well, for the most part). Nothing happens in them! It’s just a bunch of people running around playing with a ball. But anyway, I understand sports brings them lots of money (which is still a complete mystery to me how anyone can even stand watching sports), but they’re given more than enough time to complete a game and most of the time, they can’t do it. Football’s the worst, which doesn’t make sense to me since most of the time the clock is running while no one’s doing anything. The total time for a football game is an hour yet they take up four+ hours of programming (and technically more if you include pre-game and post-game, both of which are unnecessary, especially post-game. What’s to discuss? The losers need to get better. The winners shouldn’t get cocky. End of story.) HOW?! I also read a story that there’s only about 10 minutes of action in a typical football game while there’s like 2 hours of commercials (slight exaggeration, but not by much, I’m sure).

        Anyway, sports need to stick to the times they’re given. I don’t even care that much about the X Factor- didn’t even tape it the other night cuz I had better things to tape- but I care about REAL programming in general and how it needs to be given more priority over the idiotic nature of sports.

  28. gt says:

    Who cares the Cardinals won!!!!!

  29. GV says:

    Last night (tuesday) X FACTOR WAS NOT ON. I have it set to record, and it was not even on scheduled programming. I am in Arizona. I thought maybe there were more than one other shows recording and so it got cancelled, so I assumed it would be on ONDEMAND by today (as it has been in previous weeks) and its not on… so therefore it was not on. WHAT IS GOING ON

    • James says:

      It did air on the 23rd- it started at 9:30pm after the comedies and ran for an hour. I have it still on my DVR, so not sure what happened in your area.