New Spoiler Alert!: Gossip Girl Going Out With a Whimper? Plus: Scoop on Dead, New GirlAsylum

You could tune in to this week’s edition of Spoiler Alert! to catch Matt Mitovich’s review of American Horror Story: Asylum. Or you could watch to find out why, if you ask me, this final season of Gossip Girl is “running on fumes.” Or you could check it out to catch Megan Masters’ interviews with the Grimes clan from The Walking Dead, or to join in Matt and my discussion of the show’s “new version of zombie.”

But who are we kidding?

The real reason you’re going to press PLAY below is to see how startlingly off-topic my Q&A with New Girl‘s Max Greenfield goes before he finally previews Rob Riggle’s Thanksgiving-episode guest gig as Schmidt’s cousin, aka “the wild, savage Schmidt.”

Go ahead — do it. We both know you want to. Then hit the comments with, you know, your comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Leigh says:

    Poor Ausiello didn’t get his Dair BS on Gossipgirl . You’re pathetic and so glad they are ending GG with Chuck and Blair married with a kid

    • westie says:

      Chair fans, Dair fans some of you need to chill. Y’all look like fools when you attack people who don’t like your favourite couples.

    • Kira says:

      Why do you feel the need to call him pathetic? Most of my friends are disappointed with this season and they’re Chair fans. The writing is recycled and most of the storylines are ridiculous!! ex. Nate dating a 17 year old (gross!!!), Bart having an affair (again), Blair acting juvenile with her scheming (again), Chuck vowing to take his father down (again), Rufus & Ivy (gag!!!) We should all expect more than this crap they’re giving us.

    • Rob says:

      No1curr about Chuck and Blair. It’s been the same will they won’t they plot every season. Dair was actually fun and refreshing when it happened. Georgina should’ve been cast as a regular at least 2 or 3 seasons ago. An they definitely should keep focussing on Serena vs. Blair.

    • Chris says:

      Anyone who uses the phrase Dair or Chair in comments is automatically invalidated.

    • Svenja says:

      Attacking Michael is not cool. I agree with him and Matt. The first two eps were weak for a final season. I hope it gets better. It used to be such a great show but now it is just …weird.

    • Daniela says:

      Pretty immature. Don’t you think?

    • Canadian_JBS says:

      When someone is telling the truth, like Michael Ausiello is, he is not being pathetic; he is simply stating the obvious. Now when you call him pathetic for telling the truth as it is, that automatically makes you more pathetic than Ausiello will ever be.

    • Sandrine says:

      Even I, a GG fan who stuck with the show thru 5 seasons, think that this season is shaping up to be a disappointment. Episode 2 was bad.

    • It has nothing to do with Dair or Chair. I’m a huge Dair fan and I thought last season sucked and this season is just as bad. They have wasted through two episodes already and nothing has happened. This is what sets a part shippers from real fans. Fans actually care about the quality of the writing while shippers just want their couple together.

    • Sarah says:

      You’re pathetic and look at the ratings. People so love this season? It is going out with a boring ass wimper

    • Ben says:

      The ratings say all that’s needed.

  2. I’m so happy that someone is expressing how disappointing this final season of Gossip Girl is so far. They are almost just recycling the exact same storylines without paying any attention to previous drama that has unfolded. Why is Blair apologizing to Serena when Serena went out of her way to sleep with Dan? Also, there is no way that my parents or my friends would let me go 4 months without wondering where I had run off to. Serena actually OD’d in the first FEW DAYS she had left and no one had any idea.

    I just feel like there are zero real stakes and almost all of the characters on the show are just downright unlikeable. Even Blair, who used to be one of my favorite female characters because she was strong and intelligent. But for the writers to have Chuck mistreat her in these terrible TERRIBLE ways only to have her end up waiting FOR HIM is absolutely ridiculous. I used to love Chuck and Blair together, until the writers decided it would be fun to turn it into an emotionally damaging relationship. Wrong message targeted to such a young audience.

    I will be so happy when this show is over and Leighton Meester can move on and start her real career.

    Also… college? No one cares that not a single one of these kids finished college. Once again, great message.

    • jaja says:

      You and Ausiello can use my napkin to dry your bitter tears with. There are MUCH worse things on television these days, and you are complaining about GG’s last season? lol It’s a TV show, get over it.

      • Well i’m so glad you pointed out that this is just a tv show because I have spent this whole time thinking it was real life.

        I am aware that there is worse television. I am just expressing my disappointment that the writers didnt try a little harder on the very last season

        • Liz says:

          Sorry but certain tv shows are an investment. And this one is not paying off. Anyone agree with me. I’ve watched it for 6 seasons now & loved it and hates it with the possibility of getting a good ending. But instead I’m get recycle bits and peices with no losse end tieing up

      • westie says:

        Take your own advice. You attacked someone personally over a tv show.

    • murley says:

      gossip girl has never been and should never be a message to kids. this show campaigned on the premise that the parents television council hated it and thought it was totally inappropriate. say whatever legitimate criticism you might have about writing or plotting but the complaint that it sets a bad example is completely absurd. it’s about the scandalous lives about manhattan’s elite and by its very nature a totally inappropriate, bad example. that’s the point.

    • Jane says:

      To be fair, Blair’s done some pretty awful things to Chuck as well. And this BS that supposedly there was this great love story between Dan and Blair and that he obviously still loves her… He slept with Serena after merely assuming (although it was later shown to be a correct assumption) that Blair wasn’t going to show up. Yeah, he loves Blair so much that he nails her best friend based on an assumption.

  3. Kira says:

    Completely agree about Gossip Girl!!! So far this season is a let down.

  4. westie says:

    I thought Dair had zero chemistry and I love Chuck, but I don’t understand the gloating and ungracious behaviour. If you got what you wanted, be happy. If you didn’t go ahead and vent at the writers. But please stop attacking each other.

    • westie says:

      It’s no secret this show has been going downhill. I’m not a,Dair fan and I can see it. The talented cast want out and who can blame them.

    • jaja says:

      Dair fans have and are still attacking chair fans on other sites. They act like they’re completely innocent.

  5. Ava says:

    Hey guys, I like the videos and all but would it be possible to release a transcript? The Youtube captions are extremely disappointing and frequently make little sense.

    • Linda says:

      I agree. I always enjoyed reading the spoilers. Youtube is blocked here at work and I forget to go back and watch the videos later at home. What’s wrong with providing both?

  6. I think we need a “bad lip reading” of what you two talk about during the credits : )

  7. Emily says:

    I agree that nothing much has happened in the final season of GG. With only ten episodes, they should be packing the drama in. I love that CB are on their way to a happy ending, but it’s not like I get to see them together – at least not yet. And the biggest problem is definitely that they promised it would be focused on Serena and Blair’s friendship, and that’s just not happening. When Nate/Sage have more focus than the core relationship of the show, that’s a problem.

    I hope they are just off to a slow start because they are trying to pace appropriately, but it really shouldn’t have been too hard to get a little more excitement – with a little less guest stars – into the first two episodes.

  8. Hojana says:

    Why even waste the segment on Gossip Girl Ausiello? The show is just plain bad and written by people who shouldn’t be writing anymore. Maybe in your next episode you can mention the recycled storylines that go through over and over and over and over.

  9. Amanda says:

    Monday’s episode killed it for me. I’m done with the abysmal writing, the paper thin plot lines, rehashing the same damn plot line, and the show making a mockery of my favorite characters. And would someone tell me where the Chair chemistry went? They were intense the first few seasons and now Leighton looks like she is thinking about the snack cart anytime they have a scene.Too many guest stars, too much pandering. It’s not a wonder at all why the ratings are dropping. I don’t think it’s going to get better… it’s not going to even go out with a whimper.. it’s just going to go. I just want it to be over with so I never have to hear about it ever again.

    • Amanda says:

      Okay I take it back for a second because I have liked the music this season and seriously got obsessed with the XX after hearing it in the season premier.

  10. Mikael says:

    They’ve ruined all of the characters, especially Georgina. She is nothing like she was in Season 1. Back then, she was very dangerous and a serious threat. Now she’s just funny. And I agree about the final season being so slow considering they only have 10 episodes. If they got a whole 22 episode season, I could see them taking their time. But this should be a nonstop ride to the end, which is has not been.

  11. Canadian_JBS says:

    You know that GG is on its last legs when Dan is the voice of reason & the only character staying true to who he is (even if he comes off as a jerk sometimes.)
    Here’s to hoping that Dan gets the happy ending that he truly deserves.

  12. zed says:

    A wedding and a Baby bass, wow,I dont really care for Chuck and Blair , but this is nice for them and I just love to see some Dair fans suffer, those fans are lunatic and horrible people, (next to the Bonnie Bennett fandom,you cant have what you want because you want it, lets the story unfold as it should be. Chair is endgame, suck it up. I hope this will teach those fan who just like to “rebel” nd hate against whats meant to be. You saw this coming you did this to yourselves.

    • Canadian_JBS says:

      Calling those fans who supported Dan/Blair “lunatic & horrible people” (your words, not mine) really paints a bad light on the “Chair” “fandom.” IMHO, “Chair” “fans” are a hell of a lot worse.

      • Nora says:

        Some Chair fans are just as bad as some Dair fans… but Zed comes off like an ignorant child by pointing at the entire fandom. The loud assholes don’t represent the whole. There are some Chair fans that are badass, and the same goes for Dair fans. I just wish people would calm their tits and stop sticking their fingers in the ears like the stupidest kid on the play ground going ‘my fandom dick is bigger than yours.’

      • grow up says:

        Oh stop acting like dair fans are sweet innocent angels. Dair fans did nothing but attack chair fans all last season and were completely hypocritical, like now. If you don’t like the show: STOP WATCHING IT. It’s not that hard to do. XOXO, Get Over It

    • Nora says:

      Go be a hateful asshole somewhere else please. XOXO.

  13. gdv says:

    Ausiello–Did I miss something on The Walking Dead? You guys say that you only turn into a Walker if you die, but I thought that once you get bit you can contract the fever and die from it, then return as a Walker. So I don’t think the rules are now “You don’t turn if you get bit, only if you die.” They are: “You turn once you die regardless of being bit, but if you DO get bit, you will most likely get the fever and then die.” Am I wrong?

    • Amanda says:

      It’s in the penultimate episode of the walking dead when Shane dies that the reveal that if you die you come back irregardless of bite. Shane is shot without getting bitten and he rises again. Rick finally reveals that in the season 2 finale to the rest of the gang that they are all infected. That is what Jenner whispered in his ear in the Season 1 Finale… I’m way too obsessed with this show/comic. XD

      • bethany says:

        Since you are obsessed Amanda, maybe you can answer a question that has been bugging me since Sunday – since when did getting rid of the infected appendage prevent you from turning? Because Rick whacked off Hershel’s leg and the infected area is he just going to be a-ok? I don’t expect him to be long for this world echoing what Michael and Matt said, running is a necessity in the zombie apocalypse, but he will not be zombified from the bite? Color me confused. Thanks in advance!

        • Amanda says:

          The bite themselves cause fever and eventual death quicker than a normal infection. What Rick did was extremely Risky (this is also a plot line that is brought up later in the comics with Dale.. but given the show has already offed Dale I think this is how they are covering it.) The thought is if they can catch it before it spreads by amputating the leg they may save him from turning. Better no leg and alive than a walker. Then again if Hershel bleeds out and dies he’ll just turn. Depending on how much of the bite got into his blood stream may just make him turn slowly and eventually they will have to kill him. We’ll see how the show handles it. In the comics Dale survives the amputation for a bit. The show may handle it a bit differently than the comics and Hershel could be turned by Sunday :)

  14. So, there are scenes set in the present day that serve as a wraparound for the second season of AHS.


    What if what happens in the past is a story one person tells another or one person reads off a diary or something and, like in The Simpsons or something, the people in the past look like the ones from the first season because the person imagining the story is familiar with Constance, et all?

    Like when on The Simpsons Bart is Hamlet or something like that? It be a cool way to connect the two seasons and make them part of one story, less of an anthology.

  15. amy says:

    Sadly I have to agree with everything they said about Gossip Girl, I thought 6×02 was boring, but the premiere was pretty good. I so hope they’ll get better as we get towards the end. I want more Blair and Serena scenes and of course more focus on Chuck and Blair pls! Nobody cares about the guest stars and they get like half of the air time while the main cast gets ONE SCENE…

  16. K says:

    Yeah, the latest episode of GG kind of sucked for me, too. The only saving grace was that cute little scene between Chuck and Blair and I kind of liked the fact that Nelly Yuki’s back. I have high hopes for the third episode, though, because we get to see a lot of Serena/Blair interactions. Not too happy about the focus on guest stars. Anyway, don’t write the show off just yet – we never know what they might pull at the last minute to surprise us. ;)

  17. Anna says:

    I’m huge a fan of Chair, but I also did not like this episode :( it was not good, but not so bad, season 5 episodes have been much worse, but then not was so many negative comments. it is only 2 episode and all ahead. Despite this, I continue to watch episodes for Chair, they have great chemistry and I hope the writers use it. I remind you that the season 1 and 2 were the best and in that much of the credit Chair. sorry for bad English, I hope you understand me.

  18. Tee says:

    I agree GG is just not doing it for me this season and I have love this show HARD for 5 seasons…I just think the writers are all out of ideas I mean what twist could they show us they we haven’t already seen on GG