Ryan Hurst Spies First Post-Sons of Anarchy Gig

Ryan Hurst TNT PilotTNT is resurrecting Opie!

Fresh off his horrific Sons of Anarchy exit, Ryan Hurst has joined the cabler’s drama pilot King & Maxwell, our sister site Deadline reports.

Based on author David Baldacci’s popular Sean King and Michelle Maxwell book series, the project follows two secret service agents-turned-private eyes.

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Hurst — whose beloved Sons character, Opie, was offed in brutal fashion at the start of the FX drama’s current fifth season — will play a high-functioning autistic savant serving a prison term for murder. The felon, who has the ability to see patterns and numerical sequences, forms a bond with King (played by the previously cast Jon Tenney) and helps make a major breakthrough in the P.I. team’s case.

Thoughts on Hurst’s new gig? Hit the comments!

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  1. Superhero says:

    Is this a regular role for him or just a guest-starring thing? I’d rather it be the latter; he’s too good to be stuck on a procedural.

  2. Isabelle says:

    I’m there, whatever he does will be amazing.

    • Kybele says:

      Glad to see Ryan has been offered work quickly after his character demise on SOA. Although Opie will be missed, its nice to know the guy has something new to move onto. Good luck to you.

  3. Lh says:

    Now that should be tv worth watching! Baldacci is a great writer Hurst is a gifted actor. Will be watching! Go get ’em Ryan :)

  4. Ari says:

    Oh Ope. I’m still not over your death. I’ve never been so devastated by the death of a fictional character, not even when Dumbledore died.

    • missy says:

      I agree….I still cry. Opie was why I watched SOA

      • Little Deb says:

        That was my man!!!!! Just ask my Husband!!!!!!!!!!” Opie!!!!!!!! Unbelievable… Remember The TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maria says:

      I agree dumbledore was sad but I wept for opie for two weeks. I cried less when my dog died.

      • Martha says:

        I thought I was the only one crying for opie weeks after he died lol I’m so happy he’s doing a new show what a talented actor .I loved opie

    • Haleigh says:

      I didn’t even realize I was sobbing uncontrollably when Opie was killed until my friend paused the tv to ask if I was going to be okay. I am not over this fictional character’s death either, still pissed actually! Really think it should have been Clay’s character that died, he deserves it after all the horrible things he has done. I just feel that Opie’s character was very important to the show. I haven’t watched an episode since… (silly, it’s just a tv show, but I fell in love with Opie’s character)

    • Shelly says:

      I quit watching Sons of Anarchy because they killed off Opie. I will definitely watch his new show. When is it on?

  5. VICKIE B. says:


  6. Becky says:

    will be watching anything Ryan Hurst is in! amazing actor!

  7. Randy says:

    I posted it before but for those who did not see I recommend watching ” Lone Star State Of Mind”. You will not believe his acting chops.

  8. Rebecca says:

    When I saw that tnt was resurrecting Opie I got so excited till I realized it was for another show, now sadly dissappointed again…I love Opie!!! Hey Sutter could you imagine your ratings if somehow Opie could be ressurected back to SONS…. I and many others could only wish!!!

    • missy says:

      Bring in Opies estranged twin brother that was never talked of. Of course Ryan must okay the twin. Just a thought…incase Sutter is listening. Opies kids do need him. And, let’s NOT kill anymore of Opies family off.

    • Chris Parman says:

      oh ya they could bring him back as a zombie and they could create a zombie charter lol.

    • Wilfred says:

      Most likely, not Opie but I’m sure they an conjour up something about a twin brother and make him more brutal…and make this series much longer.. Wouldn’t that be great!

  9. Sherry Stone says:

    I am super excited to see him in another series… I am still devastated that he was taken off SOA… Could of offed Tara’s and had the same effect on propelling Jax the next level …

  10. Jeff says:

    His dad used to play “Cletus” on “Dukes of Hazzard”.

  11. Erica Shimp says:

    Ryan Hurst was AMAZING in “Remember the Titans”, and Sons of Anarchy. I’m sure he was in other movies and/or shows between 2000 and 2008. He is very talented and and versatile. He will be AWESOME at whatever he chooses to do.

    • He also played in We Were Soldiers

    • joe hall says:

      there was a show called wanted about a team of bounty hunter agents made up of people from different law enforcement agencies…Hurst played on it and it only lasted a season on TNT… he played a cop with a lot of demons just like Opie had…. he was awesome in it as well… i’m a big fan of his work all the way back to saved by the bell the next class… bet many of you didn’t remember him playing a nerd on that show…

  12. Lisa says:

    I don’t think a show has ever made me cry like that he will be missed and im glad we will be seeing him on something else miss u opie.

  13. Lisa says:

    I don’t think a show has ever made me cry like that he will be missed but im glad we will be seeing him on something else.

  14. Kasper F. Nielsen says:

    Thanks for spoiling Opies death in an completely unrelated news item, TV Line. Thanks a lot!

    • Rebecca says:

      Ummmm…Opie died aprroximately 3 weeks ago. No offense, but if you are that far behind on shows that you watch, you REALLY shouldn’t be perusing TV Spoiler websites. I don’t understand people who read these sites and then get all p****d when they find out what happens. It’s your own fault.

    • Sherece says:

      I’m thinking your post has to be a joke. If you seriously are unaware that Opie was killed, you are not a true SOA fan. Ryan has tweeted about it, he was on BRANDX – Russell Brand’s talk show – where they discussed it in detail, and the internet blew up the night it happened. I bet there are at least a dozen Facebook pages devoted/dedicated to Opie/Ryan. So, word of advice – if you don’t want to know about “spoilers,” maybe stay off the tv, radio and internet until you get a chance to watch. ESPECIALLY steer clear of titles stating something about an actor’s “post gig.” That either means he left the show for one reason or another and maybe, just maybe, the writer might write about that. Now listen, if you haven’t watched, do it. Even if you know what’s going to happen, you will not be prepared for what you see. I still have to turn away when they show clips from the 9/25 episode. I got physically ill that night and sobbed uncontrollably. Know what real grief feels like? You’ll feel like that. That’s good acting. Good writing. As sorry as I am to see Ryan Hurst gone, I will purposely seek him out to find other shows he’s a part of for a long time to come! Good luck to him!

    • The Rock'n'Roll Elitist says:

      “Sons” is appointment television. No DVR, no “I’ll catch it later”. Real fans can’t go to bed until the completion of each week’s episode. It’s been THREE WEEKS, Kasper. Stick to “Dancing With The Stars”.

  15. Anna says:

    Whatever he does IM THERE!!!!!

  16. Bree says:

    Yeah sorry Kasper but if you are that much of a fan you would be up to date.you can’t go on a page that talks about SOA and expect people not to talk about episode you haven’t yet watched

  17. hillary says:

    Still upset that SONS is missing the best Character of the Show!!! I will definately be watching Ryan on his new gig.. Go get em!!!

  18. Sam says:

    I am in the middle of a divorce and I swear the next person I meet/date has to be an “Ope” look alike. Lol love Ryan hurst and eveything he has done so far in his career!

  19. Christie Hilton says:

    Im so excited. I don’t ever remember being so emotionally devestaded about losing a fictional person. Can’t wait fot this show. Baldicci is a great writer and Hurst is Omg.

  20. Diane Hawkins Hradsky says:

    when and where?? and will I be able to watch it on the computer if I miss it?? thats the only way I keep up with NCIS :) I also was shocked to see Opie killed off!! Miss you Opie!! :( look forward to more movies out of you for sure.

  21. Andy says:

    That book was amazing. Baldacci is the only fiction author I read. The show should be amazing with or without Opie. He’ll just make it that much better.

  22. Can’t wait to see Ryan Hurst in his new series, but I’ll always love Opie.

  23. dina says:

    Opie I miss u greatly on SOA. I want to see you back there if only as a ghost. Opie please come home!

  24. Sharon says:

    Push your limits Mr. Hurst. Don’t let them sterio -type you into any one particular kind of roles, and grow, please. It’s been a pleasure to watch many actors become more than they dreamed they would be by growing their craft and pushing their roles to the limit. What about the guy that takes that little bit part and it becomes one of the key characters because of the delivery and the understanding and depth they give that character. Look at Jack Nicholson and the changes since “One Flew Over The Coockoos Nest” and the piece role he made phenomenal in “Batman” as the “Joker”. Look at Jack Palance, an old timer and Tom Hanks who started as a Stand up Comedian and has become so much more, even John Travolta. Dustin Hoffman, the list goes on. Mr.Hurst, show us what you’re made of, how deep can you be? Surprise us all!

  25. I got to do a movie with him in Savannah Georgia this past summer called “CBGB” about an iconic bar in the Bowery district of Manhattan….we met when he was smoking a cig outside Meddin Studios…nicest guy ever!!! He was impressed that I knew he was shooting in 52 days for SOA, little did I know he would be dead. I’m proud to say I got you meet you Ryan, best of luck my friend. ~Mike Trumphour

  26. Felker says:

    He’s the only All-American you got!

  27. Amber says:

    when is it on?

  28. Tj says:

    Excited to see him in this show! Hope he’s just as bad ass in this show!! I love you, Opie!!

  29. Altyrell says:

    So, Ryan’s basically going to be playing an Autistic version of Opie…. I wonder if he’s going to have to shave & get a haircut for the show, I kind of hope that he doesn’t shave or get a hair cut.

  30. Heather Grismer says:

    I’m still missing Op from Sons…I wish they would have had Op just ride off into the Sunset so he could come back later. I loved his charecter

  31. Lisa says:

    Love it, go get Ryan. I’ll be watching :-)

  32. Sarah says:

    Love Ryan Hurst and will be watching him in his new adventure. He is an amazing and talented actor. I do miss him on SOA!

  33. Rusty Nailz says:

    Im still in denial, and at first thought they could have faked his death to make Pope think he won that round, even after the ‘coffin’ scene, i still think it could be written in, because samcro would have the money and connections to make it as real as possible

  34. Rhonda says:

    First off, Good luck Ryan with your future jobs in life, I will be watching.

    Second..Can I ask a question? Am I the only one who seriously SEES or SEEN the big picture when Opie’s tragic death happened? They needed something to make Jax snap and decend into the depths of his character and hell where he is now and where he is going. How better to do it then to kill off his best friend he grew up with, went through hell with in front of him?
    Opie was looking for a way out and had been since Donna was murdered. Yes, he had his kids but Opie wasn’t really there after that. The show is only scheduled to run for two more seasons now.
    I have boycotted SONS in my house because of Opie’s death. Stupid of me but still, they could have killed someone else like, oh Gemma.

    Now please people, this board isn’t for Opie, it’s for Ryan’s new job. Stop throwing Sons up in his face. I have said my peace. Let’s support him for what he is doing now.

    • Sherece says:

      First off, maybe you could re-read your post to see how sanctimonious and derogatory you sound. Secondly, may I ask a question? Where in the posts above do you see anyone not supporting Ryan for what he’s doing now. Of course others see why Sutter wrote Season five this way. If you’ve read or heard other interviews, many other deaths will occur as the storyline evolves. Most also know his writing of this series is influenced by Hamlet. SPOILER ALERT – for anyone who has never read Hamlet: (Yes, it was written in the 1600s, but covering my bases because of the earlier comment about spoiling an episode from weeks ago!) — it’s about a man trying to uncover the truth about his father’s death and the revenge he inflicts on those responsible. So, most of us know – we get it – but what you don’t seem to get is that the role Ryan played in SOA, touched people very deeply. We felt real pain when his character took his last breaths in *that scene*. People have posted how they were so moved that they sobbed uncontrollably, cried and turned away when watching recaps, and loved Opie like a brother and a friend. Most shows don’t do that to viewers. I didn’t cry like that when Mark Sloan died on Grey’s last week. Or when Pete died on Private Practice this past week. Or when Emily “died” on Criminal Minds last year. The list goes on and on. It undoubtedly has something to do with the way Sutter writes, but primarily Ryan’s interpretation and characterization who brought Opie to life on this series. I seriously doubt he’d think any of these comments were “throwing Sons up in his face.” He’s still friends with cast members and makes appearances with them. Even though his new path will take him places that stretch past Samcro, it will always be a part of who he is (just like his father still being associated with Dukes of Hazzard from the 70s!). Nearly every post above stated they wished Ryan well and will be watching for him. I think you should step back and realize that people here read an article with SOA in the title, so they may talk about the role he played on SOA. Years from now, people will remember the impact Ryan made in his portrayal of Opie. That’s not to hold him back or discourage him, it’s merely a tribute to him. As much as his fans love him, I cannot imagine Ryan not respecting the way we mourn the loss of his character. It’s too bad you can’t do the same. We miss him, we love the show, and we’ll all look forward to seeing what’s next in his career. You go ahead and mourn your way by boycotting the show, but let the rest of us mourn our way. We look forward to whatever Ryan does next, too. Now, like you, I have said my piece.

  35. joan says:

    Well miss u Ryan on SOA. But the best to u .

  36. Jamie says:

    Yes we all loved opie, and were Devastated by what happened to him,but Sutter is a awsome writer and just like Ryan said on brandx they all are going to die. There a drug smuggling , gun selling ,and now getting into bed with basicly the mob which is Pope, yes there gonna die but Sutter is going to take us there and make us feel it when each one dies, cause he is that good. And if you boycott SOA for kiling of a character even one as good as Ryan then you shouldn’t be watching tv in the first place.Sutter you are the man.

    • karie says:

      What hr said was, “We’re all gonna die..” meaning people in general.. not just the characters in the show. Death is inevitable. Just wanted to clear that up.

  37. mongbum says:

    I agree Opie’s death was hard to swallow…but I’m excited to hear that we may see Ryan again. He is an extremely talented actor! SOA fans will have to deal with character deaths. They often set up how what other characters become and, I think, ultimately set up the final season. Lets face it, SOA won’t be on forever. All series end at some point. Opie’s death was a huge turning point for SOA and for Jax. Good luck to Ryan and look forward to seeing him again soon!

  38. CarreiB says:

    I too was devastated by Opie’s death. The show this past week helped because it was awesome to see Jax beat that guard to death. I swear I am not a violent person. No other reason but sweet revenge that I liked seeing the guard’s death as much as I hated seeing Opie’s. His character was special because the show is special and Ryan is a great actor . I wish him well in his new gigs and hope to see him in something soon

  39. adriana says:

    Amo sons !mas quando opie morreu falei pra mim acabou sons !

  40. adriana says:

    amo sons de paixão !,mas quando opie morreu falei pra mim mesma acabou sons …

  41. brandon says:

    Still pissed they killed Ryan off SOA. Thought he was one of the top three.character’s that made the show (next to Jax, and Gibs). Think he will do awsome in upcoming role….I will definitely be tuned in. Good luck to you in your future roles, I know you’ll own them as well……..

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  43. ian broom says:

    all us uk fans loved opie i still think he could be in intensive care for a season…concussion and metal plate in head…. and comes back to wipe most of em out……u cant try a dead man walking…..heres hoping….all credit to ryan hurst first class dude….!!

  44. Laura says:

    I am glad Jon Tenney will be on something after having enjoyed him as FBI agent/ Fritz on The Closer. HE is the reason I will be giving this new show a try. I wonder if he is still going to make guest appearances on Major Crimes. He did last season.

  45. Angela says:

    I like the cast ,I like the show , I will be watching !! :o))) Opie was awesome ,Fritz was awesome! ;o)

  46. Pat says:

    Very versatile actor loved him as Opie and is missed but this new role shows what acting he can do didn’t even know it was him till 3rd epsoide

  47. Lisa woodall says:

    Mr. Rayan Hurst, i just wanted to drop you a line and say you are an awsome actor, and a awsome entertainer. You seem to truely live your parts make the characters real and truely deserve to be acknowledged.