It's Official: Glee Casts American Idol's Jessica Sanchez - Who Will She Be Playing?

Jessica Sanchez GleeIt’s a done deal: Jessica Sanchez, whose monster pipes and near-perfect pitch carried her all the way to a second-place finish on Season 11 of American Idol, has closed a deal to recur on Glee, TVLine has learned exclusively.

There are no details on what role Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy might have in store for the 16-year-old California native or when she will first appear on screen. (Might she be the much-buzzed-about new love interest for Finn?!)

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During her Idol run, Sanchez became an early front-runner on the strength of scorching Vegas-round renditions of “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” and “The Prayer,” followed by a spot-on rendition of “I Will Always Love You” on Whitney Houston night. Later, in a Top 7 week shocker, Ryan Seacrest revealed the girl who sometimes performed as her alter-ego Bebe Chez was the lowest vote getter, but the judges promptly vetoed America’s decision by using their sole “save” of the season. Sanchez then went on to steal the show during the Idol finale by virtue of a jaw-dropping duet with Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday on the Dreamgirls classic “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

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This marks Sanchez’s third time at the primetime rodeo. Back in 2006, she appeared as a contestant on the inaugural season NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

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  1. Lime says:

    Well, how can anyone say she can’t act? Have they seen her act before. Not. We can’t say she can’t act if you never saw her act. Haters are insecure people. Why do some people always think they know everything. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. Are you really that concern for the show? Give Jessica a chance. Or maybe you try to audition for glee or AI.

    • jessicas man says:

      they said will smith could NOT act and look at him today

    • marsy says:

      They Say Good Vocal Singer Can’t Act! are you sure!
      Whitney Houston, Jennifer Holiday, Beyonce…ect! their Voice is Beautiful & they are very good in Acting.
      Before you judge a person you better watch Jessica’s Cricket Commercial!

  2. joyowon says:

    Yes! Jessica Sanchez on Glee. Too bad for haters. All they can do is whine.

  3. joyowon says:

    Its showtime! :-)

  4. nelia cuando says:

    Casting her in Glee wud interest me, ’cause I love Jessica Sanchez and i believe she puts her heart in whatever gets into.So I’m 1 viewer added. I love watching her sing,love watching interviews, a lot of us love and care for her. I wud even be much thrilled to see her in a full length movie.Glee sure knows she got what it takes. Haters back off. all you
    need is love.

  5. Diana says:

    Can’t wait to see Jessica on Glee along with Lea. :) Awesome talents = powerhouse.

  6. Holly says:

    I have no idea who Jessica is so I can not comment on people flipping over her acting or singing. I do agree with the other Glee fans that this cast is too bloated already and story lines are falling to the wayside because of it. If she is there for 1 episode to lead a rival choir group, fine. But giving her an actual story line when characters from the pilot still don’t get to speak, is crazy. I assume she will be 10x better than some of these Glee Project cast offs though (cough Unique, Dreads, etc)… I just hope she can act. Not saying she can’t since we don’t know, but Glee USED to cast triple threats- singers, ACTORS and dancers. Have we seen that much from any of the newcomers of season 3? Damian? Samuel? Unique?… all terrible actors. I don’t think she will be huge in any episode though just because the fact that she is under 18 and they have labor laws on how many hours she can work and Glee people put in 18 hour days sometimes. But that’s my opinion.

  7. nelia cuando says:

    This a reply to Sadie
    Sadie your as Sadie-stic as your name,a lot of us CARE so much for Jessica Sanchez.Do some counting.

  8. Kris says:

    Here’s hoping she’s a better actor that the Glee Project rejects. That’s all I hope. Almost all the recent additions to the cast have been completely flat (Marley, Unique, Kitty, guy with long hair, Brody).. Jake is the only decent character. So I’m excited to see her to see if she soars or fails in this cast. If she’s in the high school side, she’s already better than 80% of the actors in the choir room!

    • Marley’s the best. That is all.

      • Tammy says:

        I question your tastes if you think Marley is the best. Her voice was horrible in comparison with Lea’s on the duets, and her Everytime solo was painful. And her acting?? Could she flutter those eyes anymore when trying to make eye contact? I think she is one of the lamest characters to come on board. Such a Mary Sue.

        • Christina says:

          What??? Marley is a terrible singer????? She kept up with Lea on New York State of Mind beautifully. Everytime was terrific. I believe it was the top Glee download on itunes that week. I think that Jake and Marley are great additions with great voices (especially Jake, best male voice Glee has had yet), BUT their acting does need A LOT of work. They will get the hang of it with time. Experience does matter in acting…timing is key.

  9. Tiff says:

    “(Might she be the much-buzzed-about new love interest for Finn?!)”

    Firstly… gross.

    Secondly… she should be at McKinley, Carmel or something, just at a high school at least, ’cause she’s like the perfect age.

    Thirdly… I highly doubt they’ll cast her as a love interest for Finn.

    Fourthly… stop dissing her, she’s awesome, and in my opinion (emphasises on the ‘my’), could sing circles around Phillip Phillips (lol, I’m never gonna get over that name)

    Fifthly… yea, it’d be cool if she were the new Vocal Adrenaline (is that how you spell it?) lead, but it’d be so much better if she went to McKinley.

    Sixth… it’d be cool if she were Ryder’s love interest, as though from what we can tell, he may like Marley, I just feel her and Jake will end up together, meaning he needs someone. And who better than JSanchez? Like seriously… Jessica.

    Seventh… that’s all I have to say, so yea.

    • Terri says:

      She is a great singer…so we’ll see how she does. I agree with you in regards to Finn though. It would be NOT GOOD!

  10. dan says:

    They should have done this a long time ago. Isn’t it called synergy? I’m shocked they didn’t cast someone from American Idol a long time ago, like Lauren Alaina. Jessica is a great singer, I only hope they actually put her on the show for more than one or two episodes as the latest Vocal Adrenaline power vocalist. Then again, Unique turned it into a full time gig, so maybe she can too.

  11. Ew. She’s half Cory Monteith’s age. Can she please not be Finn’s new love interest? That would look disgusting. Lea gets a hot new guy and Cory gets stuck with babysitting duty. Hopefully she’s Santana’s sister or something.

    • Terri says:

      “Cory gets stuck with babysitting duty,” BEST. COMMENT. EVER!!!!! I wish I would have thought of that. Send some of your writing to RIB…they need it.

  12. Laurie says:

    If she can act I think she’d be good as the new lead of of VA. I just hope they made sure she can act. Her voice isn’t my taste, but she’s a good singer. However they’ve hired good singers before and found out too late they can’t act.

  13. Jhon says:

    WOW. With the way this post has generated comments like these, it can’t be denied how popular Jessica Sanchez is. As they say, a celebrity’s success can be also measured by the amount of hates and loves. Looks like you are on your sure way to stardom, girl. Go Jessica!

  14. Jen says:

    Very excited about this! Loved Jessica on Idol and can’t wait to see her on Glee. She’ll blow those remaining New Directions members out of the water. The NYC side has been great so far and the Lima side has been lacking so hopefully Jessica will add a much needed energy boost!

  15. babyJessie says:

    WOW! this is what i have always waited fooooor! Jessica for glee? this is going to boooosst glee’s ratings swear!!! like 200%

  16. Bellamy says:

    No, to this girl being Finn’s love interest. I don’t have any opposition to Finn getting someone while Rachel is doing her thing, but this girl is much too young to play opposite Cory. Dear Glee writers, please cast a legitimately good actress to play off Cory, he’ll be awesome with someone who can act. I loved watching Finchel because Lea and Cory were just SO good with each other. Preferably a famous guest star who can come in to do multiple episodes!

  17. vicki says:

    LOVED her on American Idol, no one could sing like this young lady could.. I have lost touch with Glee this season, but now that Jessica is joining I am going to schedule the DVR to record all of it and I will watch again! Thank you Glee for bringing some amazing young talent to the show!!

  18. TAMARA :D says:

    Ok im a huge gleek and i love Jessica. It would be an amazing opportunity for her to be on the show, but… NOT AS FINNS LOVE INTEREST!!! Not that I’m a huge lover of finchel but this pairing would be SO WRONG. Cory is 30 and Jessica is 16 even though they would be acting its still would be GROSS. But thats just my opinion.

  19. jireh says:

    Glee’s rating is going down. maybe adding Jessica Sanchez will make Jessica’s fans watch this show and maybe who knows, I’ll start watching again. I stop after Season 3 episode 1.

  20. ryan says:

    I honestly think that she’s too good for glee. :))

  21. Ashley says:

    I am excited to see this I am a big fan of Jessica Sanchez.

  22. Ashley says:

    I am excited to see this

  23. Nea says:

    OMG!! some comments is so hateful.. this people is bully. You must not believe in god.
    Jessica Sanchez is a sweetheart can really sing.

  24. stef says:

    shes a perfect fit for glee, with loads of autotune she might be able to hit the notes instead of jelling and growling like she always does hahahaha

  25. Olivia says:

    My condolences Murphy, another Charice. Time to learn to say no to FOX when they demand cross promotion if they are going to make you take on things like these. Well at least you’ll be able to dump her after a few episodes easily.

    • May says:


  26. Angela says:

    For her to be Finns love interest is no bueno considering she’s only 16 and him, well according to his character role, only 18?19? Either way real life, he’s way older and that would just be a wrong match up.

    I most honestly believe that she will be a new Rachel type of character when she first started off. Just, much less of a bitch. But they will break her out of her shell in due time. Just, let her live her role.

    This hate for her is terrible. Ryan had already warned and stated that things will change, that the old crew will only be there much longer. Glee club is high school only, remember?

    • LoveGlee says:

      Actually, most of the comments for her singing ability have been good. The negative comments center around her lack of acting experience (none) and the possible casting of her as Finn’s new girlfriend (REALLY BAD PLAN if true). Experience is key with acting…even some of the best actors on the show, like Cory and Lea, when you look at their early work, they were not great…they were still learning. What most people are saying, is that the people on Glee should be great actors first, then great singers. After all, the song lasts 2 minutes; acting in the show is a lot longer. One can forgive imperfect singing, but poor acting kills ones ability to get lost in the story. So I hope she can act, because I would hate to have to fastforward through her screen time.

  27. Amber says:

    haha. there is always that someone who says hateful stuff on here lol. I hope jessica gets a part but not for the new love interest because Jessica is 16 and cory is 30. That’s kind of perdifileish.

  28. stef says:

    she’s here because FOX pulls the strings that’s all .

  29. Ashley says:

    I’m not sure that will be appropriate to have a 16 year old girl kissing Corey Monteith who is 30 yrs old on camera? Lol but who knows, maybe she will be his new love interest?

  30. Ashley says:

    Not saying she isn’t beautiful and I’m sure she has a fantastic voice! I just think that’s a huge age gap even for acting

  31. Liam says:

    No formal training? Haven’t we heard that story before? Is Glee becoming a training center? Question, can she act?
    Being on Glee means more than being cute or able to sing!
    I really think we do not need another castmember on Glee. Is she going to sing on Vocal Adrenaline? No way she is fit to be Finn’s new love interest…that’s like criminal given the age difference!

  32. Lisa says:

    What kind of message are they sending out to kids? This is not appropiate! If Ryan’s only goal is to be shocking this season, he should go for it and let them have a love affair…but this is not the new normal!

  33. intelliwoman says:

    PLEASE cancel this show already. iT JUMPED THE sHARK AFTER SEASON ONE AND NEEDS TO BE GONE. It makes me gag, its so stupid

    • joyowon says:

      So stop watching it if u dont like. Take it or leave it. Just like that. Simple.

    • LoveGlee says:

      It still has a hugh following, and its fans love it. So, you know what I do when I don’t want to watch a show anymore? I turn the channel. And I certainly don’t waste my time going in search of articles, spend time reading them, spend time commenting on shows I don’t like. Either you secretly like the show, or have a serious agenda against it. Either way you are not making any noteworthy criticisms. Your post sounds just like my 7 year old when she whines about being forced to eat her vegetables. Especially the “it makes me gag” part. LOL!

    • May says:


  34. jsanchezfanhehehe says:

    yay I GUESS I’LL WATCH THE LAST 2 EPISODES I FORGOT TO WATCH THEN. <3 and get back on track with the season :3

  35. steve says:

    The Glee ratings will SKYROCKET with Jessica Sanchez aboard. The same CLOWNS that hate on Jessica here are the same CLOWNS that voted for Bush not only once but TWICE.

  36. lee says:

    I’m a huge glee fan, Im not really a fan of jessica, thats just me. You can’t critisize someone for their opinion, we all have different ones for a reason.

  37. rebeckann says:

    Ugh. If she ends up being a love interest for Finn, I might die. I am NOT ok with the Finn/Rachel break-up! :( I don’t mind if she’s on the show, I guess. But NOT with Finn!!

  38. Phil says:

    Haters of JS? Duh..haters are supporters in denial. Good luck Jessica.

    • May says:


  39. Ardee says:

    Great choice! Another reason to watched Glee.

  40. mars says:

    wow awesome! To all the haters out there, mind your own business…whatever glee wants to do let them do it… its their show.. unless you guys want to be the writers and producers of the show… stop saying she cant act nor sing..question is can anyone of you even sing nor act? before yiu judge the others make sure you are way better than them..c’mon stop being so imature, racist, judgemental and all u guys are not perfect nobody os perfect

  41. The comments here are more amusing and entertaining than Glee itself. LOL…..

  42. eso Nii ThU peThaa madre selO cree says:

    beby :O

  43. eso Nii ThU peThaa madre selO cree says:


  44. j says:

    Best news ever!

  45. Lynn says:

    I love Jessica, i will start watching the “Glee” show now, havent seen that show before!

  46. Lynn says:

    I love Jessica Sanchez, more power to you girl, I will start watching Glee once you start appearing on the show.

  47. Johi says:

    Some people here are just irritated coz there idol is not the choice for this show and they pick jessica instead!! You all saying negative things about jessica you will all have a bad karma believe it or not!!! Give her a break yah all small minded!!!!

  48. Jessica Sanchez FANBOY says:

    If Jessica could do her job on Glee very well, then she’s good to go. It doesn’t matter if she might be Finn’s new love interest or whatever as long as she could PULL IT OFF AMAZINGLY or if not then just being BELIEVABLE to her given role. Why set your minds to ignorant mode for things like that? It is acting, you are playing a role and all you have to do is do you your character JUSTICE whether it is applicable to you in real life or not.

    • Tentoes says:

      You have to do more than ” justice” to a role in acting. You have to make people believe in that character. The only way is though GREAT acting. I really hope she is a GREAT actress, although I haven’t seen her in any movies or shows. And I don’t count American Idol…there she is just being herself.

  49. everlyn nabwile says:

    jessica is a very good actor

  50. jessica is a good fun ilv her