Walking Dead Post Mortem: Is [Spoiler]'s Death Inevitable? Romance For Andrea and Michonne?

Warning: The following story contains major spoilers about the season premiere of The Walking Dead, so proceed with the utmost caution…

You’ve just watched The Walking Dead‘s riveting, relentless Season 3 premiere and, let me guess, you have a few burning questions. Is Hershel a goner? Are Daryl and Carol on the verge of doing it? Is Michonne crushing on Andrea? What’s up with Carl and Beth?

Below, executive producer Robert Kirkman tackles all of those nagging Qs and then some.

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TVLINE | I think the premiere set a new record for number of zombie deaths in a single episode. Did you use up your entire Season 3 budget?
We have a raised budget this season, but I’m pretty sure all episodes this season have a pretty similar budget. This is a premiere, so it was definitely a little bit higher than some of the other episodes. But I don’t think it’s so much higher that you’ll notice any kind of real difference. This is a very big season. There are a lot of really cool, big moments coming up. The premiere episode is a good example of the kind of high-octane thrill ride you’re going to get out of this season. We hit the ground running and we don’t really stop for a good long time. It’s going to be a pretty intense season of television.

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TVLINE | Last season ended with Lori pissed at Rick for killing Shane. But when we pick up in the premiere, he’s pissed at her. What happened during the intervening months to cause the shift?
Honestly, not a lot happened during the break. These are two people that definitely have some serious issues. The apocalypse makes relationships quite difficult. Lori and Rick haven’t really had time to themselves to really work through their issues — they’re being pursued by zombies and there’s danger around every corner. They don’t really have the time to deal with that kind of a personal issue right now. Things are not going very well for them in their marriage and that’s going to be a big part of Season 3.

TVLINE | What’s the driving force behind Rick’s hatred towards Lori? Is it the affair? Shane’s death?
Both of them blame themselves and blame each other for quite a bit. They have a lot of conflicting emotions that we’ll be dealing with a lot moving forward. But there is that sense of, “My wife betrayed me.”

TVLINE | Daryl seemed more open to Carol’s flirty advances. Is she slowly wearing him down?
[Laughs] That remains to be seen. The scene you’re referring to [in the premiere] is much more of a representation of just how comfortable they’ve gotten with each other as friends. They do share a bond. That was some playful banter between friends. Whether or not that grows into a romantic relationship remains to be seen.

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TVLINE | What is holding Daryl back from going there?
Daryl has a lot of issues from his past that will be coming into play this season. There’s some darkness to him. He’s lived through some stuff and we’ll be peeling back some of his layers. He also has a tremendous responsibility to this group. With the absence of Shane, Daryl has really stepped up into that role. He’s dealing with a lot.

TVLINE | The premiere was 95 percent prison and 5 percent Andrea and Michonne. Talk to me about the decision to focus almost entirely on the prison? And what will the balance be like moving forward?
Rick and Carol and Lori and Carl and Glenn and Maggie — they’ve become our core cast. Coming into this season we felt it was more important to catch the viewer up on those characters and their situations, and just kind of hint at the different things that are going on with Michonne and Andrea. We have a lot planned for them. It ends up being almost two entirely separate casts and two entirely separate shows — we’ve got the Governor and Woodbury, and we have Rick and everyone at the prison. So we sort of start balancing the episodes out. Sometimes it’s 50/50, sometimes it’s 80/20, sometimes it’s a very Woodbury-heavy episode, sometimes it’s a very prison-heavy episode. It’s been a fun juggling act. And I think it moves the story along at a very quick pace.

TVLINE | Andrea and Michonne forged a pretty strong bond during their time together. How would you describe their dynamic?
One thing I wanted viewers to key in on is the fact that Andrea and Michonne have been together quite a bit longer than Rick and Andrea and that group was together in Seasons 1 and 2. More time has passed in the gap between Seasons 2 and 3 than passed in the entirety of Seasons 1 and 2. They’ve developed an incredible bond. These are two people that are at the edge of death together. It’s almost like they’ve gone to war together. They’ve been in foxholes together for months. They’re very close.

TVLINE | Was I picking up on some sexual tension?
There’s certainly not any indication of that thus far, but that remains to be seen. You never know.

TVLINE | Carl’s got a little crush on Beth.
That’s something [we’re doing] to bring some lightheartedness [to the show] — a little bit of a break from the unrelenting darkness. Carl is hitting puberty and he has no outlet for that. While they’re very far apart in age, she is the female closest in age to him, so he has developed quite an infatuation with her.

TVLINE | Why’d you have to go and chop off Hershel’s leg? 
Scott Wilson is an absolutely fantastic actor that we’re thrilled to have on the show. We love that character. Hershel is a good example of why it’s not a great thing to have the writers on The Walking Dead like your character, because we love doing things with them. And those things end up being pretty horrible. We really wanted to end the premiere with a big punch. Dealing with these ailments and these kind of things that would happen in this world, like handicapping characters and characters getting sick, is something we’re having a lot of fun dealing with this season.

TVLINE | So much of the survivors’ existence involves running — is there any way he can realistically survive in this world?
It’s definitely something that is going to be a burden on the group moving forward. We don’t know if they’re going to stay in this prison. And if they do stay, how long are they going to be hanging around? Hershel’s situation is something that’s definitely going to come into play if there’s ever any discussion of leaving. It’s something that will hold them back.

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  1. Pete V says:

    Abso-friggin-brilliant episode tonight! Awesome, simply awesome.

  2. Edward says:

    The premiere was like an early Christmas gift.I really enjoy the group’s bond in fighting the walkers it seems everyone is more involved killing. I can’t wait till Andrea and Michonne join the group.

  3. tvaddict says:

    I LOVED that the first part had no talking! I already think season 3 is 100% better than season 2!

  4. Britta Unfiltered says:

    What was the deal with Andrea? Why was she so ill? How could Carol’s hair barely grow in that length of a time? I did scream twice during the episode. I screamed at the idea of a zombie baby living inside a person, and the leg scene. It was a good episode.

    • Debbie Bitz says:

      Maybe Carol found a nice, surviving hairdresser… lol

    • bethany says:

      I thought the same thing about Carol’s hair. For some reason it really bugged me. I think Andrea had the flu or something.

    • Miley's hair stylist says:

      Sharp objects such as blades and knives can cut hair. One of the few weapons they have. So she used to that to keep her hair short. You guys act so puzzled, to such an extent that you brought it online. As if you couldn’t fathom the possiblility of short hair. I’m not walking around the apocalypse with some long flowing locks or dirty-knotted up hillbilly hair. There is no running water. So the best idea is to keep it short and manageable.

    • Brigitte says:

      Interesting that you noticed that Carol’s hair is still short but didn’t notice all of the men have short hair and are reasonably well shaven. ;-)

    • vdofan says:

      Not everyone’s hair grows at that same rate as others.

  5. Amanda says:

    So good. I think they are having Hershel take over bits of the Dale plot line too. (Since Dale was the one who lost his leg in the comic.) I really loved this episode and I can’t wait to see more.

    • Teag says:

      Allen, actually.

      • Angela says:

        Actually Dale & Allen lost their legs. Allen by the hands of Rick and Dale by the hunters.

        • Salvatore says:

          ACTUALLY…. Allen has his leg bit by the lurker in the prison while trying to clear it out, and died a few issues later. Dale had his leg bit in the showdown with the Woodbury crew, and Rick chopped it off, saving him and earning him a peg leg.

          • Salvatore says:

            PS – Rick did try to chop Allen’s leg off, too, but the effort failed…

          • Angela says:

            ACTUALLY….Dale was not attacked by the woodbury crew. He lost his right leg the night the baby was born. He got bit while trying to get gas for the generator with Billy outside the gate. Rick had to then chop that one off. Then he lost his left leg when the HUNTERS kidnapped him and ate his leg.

            Allen did get bit in the comic, as Hershel did in the series, while doing a sweep of the prison to kill the walkers. Both got their legs cut off by Rick. You are correct on that.

  6. Colleen says:

    It was awesome. I am soo estatic about season 3. What a great cast and show.

  7. Brian says:

    I have to be honest and say that I thought that was the worst season premiere of the show yet. 9 months go by before they found the prison that was just over the horizon from them in the season 2 finale? Highly doubt that would’ve happened in real life. Absolutely no answers and more questions. Rick and Lori thing was horrible. In the finale it was the opposite. Lori was mad at Rick. Now Rick’s mad at Lori and Lori’s the one feeling bad for it? Worst of all it was probably the slowest episode yet! Season 1 was my favorite so far because every episode was fast paced and told a lot of story. Nothing was filler, due to only having six episodes. Yet when they double it the next season and then even go further with 16 episodes in the following season, it’s supposed to tell more story, not drag it out! Everything that happened in that episode could’ve taken 30 minutes. There must’ve been a dozen commercial breaks. This is certainly not The Walking Dead TV series I became hooked on in season 1.

    • Dierdre says:

      The cheese stands alone on that one, Brian

    • kram says:

      Ah, quit being such a crybaby!

    • ron says:

      you did watch the walking dead tonite? dont know what show your describing. but the walking dead it AINT

    • SyFy has what you need says:

      That opinion is weak. Except for the 940 commercial break. They were not out of the ordinary and actually short breaks. The action was faster than shows or movies with bigger budgets….. I’m not gonna waste time justifying what we all know is factual. You almost got me brian “troll”. Next time get a buzz or be in a better mood. But if you went into the premiere bitter, with a pre-occupied brain, or a sucky life/wife that a premiere of The Walking Dead couldn’t help, than this might not be your show.

    • nate p says:

      You sir are an absolute ass. Yeah 9 months past but they made it clear that they had been jumping around from house to house for that time. Thhe zombies are in groups and they where preventing the group from getting close to the prison. That’s why they didn’t see it. And go back and see how far it was in thed finally. It wasn’t like it was right around the corner it was way off in the horizon. And why wouldn’t ric be mad at lori, she got mad at him for killing shane when she was the one that told him that it needed to be done.

      There are where the same amount of commercial breaks last year. If you don’t like it don’t watch it.its that simple. Dickhead

    • Jenna says:

      You need a better watch, the episode was over 42 minutes long excluding commercial breaks and even without the 20-30 second recap right before which is technically part of the episode. That is the standard running time for an hour long show.

  8. Angela says:

    Enjoyed the first episode. i wish it was an hour and a 1/2 like the other season premiers were. I wish Michonne and Andrea were in it more. But that just builds the suspense. Surprisingly Carl has started growing on me. This was the first episode I didn’t hope a walker got him. I am having a hard time separating the series from the comic book though. I knew someone was gonna lose a leg….just wasn’t expecting it to be Hershel and so soon. Bring on next week already…This new season will be awesome.

    • nate p says:

      Same here about carl. Last season I wanted him to die so much. Only because he just kept getting in the way. Now he seems to be finding a place and I’m actually looking forward to see what he brings to the show

  9. Juli says:

    You increased the budget; but, could find a believable fake baby bump for Lori? LoL.

    Anyways, the premiere was fantastic.

    • Angela says:

      It jiggled when she ran. Obviously Lori wasn’t eating her required amount during the pregnancy due to lack of food. It was small enough to portray a possible malnourished mother and baby, yet big enough to show the progression of her pregnancy.

    • Babybop says:

      I agree! Ha ha. Loved the premiere, hated how fake the baby bump looked. I think I saw it squish when she was holding it once. Ha ha!

    • Ava says:

      My thoughts exactly. They couldn’t shell out the cash for a good prosthetic? It wsa bumping all around, it was up then down then left then right.

    • vdofan says:

      It also looked like she had to hold it in place. Pregnant women hold their belly, but not like they’re trying to keep it from falling out of their shirt!

  10. WalkerTina says:

    Does anyone know if they r breaking up the season again? 8 now 8 next year? Seems like the thing to do at amc now. Loved it great fast paced episode.

  11. lola says:

    You know its bad when I start feeling for Lori just because I hate Rick and her ungrateful, whiny son so much. I like so many aspects of this show (even though I still think it writes women terribly) but that little family just makes me nuts. More andrea, herschel, beth, carol, daryl, maggie and glen and michonne. Less of the worst tv family ever. Please tv gods?

    • Dee Dee says:

      Really? Now I was the exact opposite. I’ve been hating Carl up til now and thought Rick was a wuss. After this ep I find myself flipping and am longing for Lori to get bit! Lol!

  12. Tim says:

    T-Dog had more lines and things to do in this episode than in the past two seasons combined. This can only mean one thing….their getting ready to kill him off! I hope the writers have something more imaginative in mind than having him die at the hands Merle.

  13. Constance says:

    Yes I’m with the herd on this…tense gory and the character progression made sense to me. I’m glad the tables turned on Lori Karmas a bitch , but noone deserves the thought of being eaten alive by a baby zombie!!

  14. ann says:

    Question: In “show” time, how long has all this been going on? How long, say, between when Rick woke up in the hospital and last night? Thanks!

    • AT says:

      From when Rick woke up to now… about 10 months. The time it took for him to get to Atlanta and then the 9 months of Lori’s pregnancy. The first two seasons only covered a time span of a few months.

  15. Ed says:

    The premiere was awesome! THE ONLY thing I am going to complain about is I wish Rick would get a haircut LOL, he looked so much better in Season 1. But I guess when you’re fighting off Walkers in the post apocalyptic world, basic hair care is out. :( LOL

  16. I am concerned about the grave in the 2nd episode preview (Sick)..Daryl is walking to a grave with a cross…It is one of the group i am sure….Please not Carol..Carol & Daryl have a bond that keeps eachother going…It would be very sad to take their friendship away..

  17. nate p says:

    Great episode and way to kick off this season of the walking dead. Action packed episode and I’m hoping they can keep it up. I don’t really want any of the group to die except lori. But I know that others will go. Wouldn’t be upset if carol gets eating either. I love how maggie and beth have come to terms with what’s going on. Carl also grew on me in this episode.

    Can’t wait until next weeks episode. My only complaint is that there is only 8 episodes then we gotta wait for the next 8 episodes. Wish they would give the show a normal length season. Maybe 20 episodes but I guess it would be to much and it could take away from the show. Anyways great series, love it as much as breaking bad. Thanks amc

  18. James says:

    so awesome. Rick is a total badass now, finally taking charge. I loved that we finally get to see some zombies getting chopped up. Damn you Robert Kirkmen for doing that to Hershal Damn you good. I totally saw it coming, but damn you just the same :)

  19. Bea says:

    I still want Lory’s head to get bitten off but not while she’s pregnant. I loved the premier eps..I miss Shane though. I also love Darel and I hope he finds a younger and better looking girl than Carol!! She’s too old for his hot self!

  20. Deb says:

    This premiere had everything i wanted and then some with the exception of Lori still being alive lol…

    and while i really REALLY don’t want Daryl and Carol getting together(i just always saw them as the best of friends, or maybe brother/sister) i have to admit my mom and i busted a gut laughing at that scene… i didn’t think that Carol was serious about it. it seemed like she made the ‘romantic’ comment as a joke and when Daryl got uncomfortable, she just had to keep going…lol i was amazed i went from wanting her dead last season to totally praying she sticks around. she learned to shoot a gun so she’s actually useful and she getting a sense of humor back….i think she needs to stay(NEVER thought i’d say that!!!)

  21. April says:

    The walker that bit Hershel, did anyone notice that it was “playing” dead? Since when do they come up with a plan? Maybe I saw it wrong but it looked like one moment its laying on the floor not moving and then boom poor ol hershie’s leg is coming off.

  22. eurroz says:

    The walkers will stay still, in a sleep until fresh meat walks by. Gershal shouldn’t have stood on him long enough, or should have at least checked him. I know he was in a panick to find Maggie, but he could have been more aware.

    I loved the idea of the baby eating its way out if Lori. They can’t have a baby. It’s took loud. It’s ok now that they are at the prison, but out in the open it would attract too many zombies,

  23. Kelsey says:

    I absolutely LOVED the premiere! I laughed when Rick kicked the one zombie. Can’t wait to see more of Daryl. Walking Dead Lover! :D

  24. San says:

    Totally agree with the ambushing lurker, maybe if it had been passed by Herschel in his hurry and then grabbed him when he stopped that is understandable but the ridiculous, almosy comical, way he chowed down on him after pretending to be asleep. Outcome is fine, just why ruin a solid episode and plot with that farce. Also surely whilst in the field they would constantly be up against the fence instead of milling around???

  25. natalie says:

    The Walking Dead is the best!!!

  26. Katie says:

    Why is Carol’s hair so short? I find it very distracting. Did she have chemo or something? There has to be some reason. Nobody keeps their hair THAT short. I don’t know why I can’t get past that. Also, she is a complete whiny A-hole and I hope she gets killed off.

    • Choo-choo says:

      I totally agree with you about the hair–and I LOVE short hair! But, it doesn’t go with her character and for that reason I, too, find it distractingly “off.” In my experience, white women who choose to cut their hair that short are dripping with self-confidence–and rarely southern. It makes no sense that a simpering, witless, gumptionless woman who lets everyone else search for her daughter while she whimpers in safety has a courageous, self-assured woman’s hair cut. The cut may fit her better now than in the beginning, but it was a careless hair/make-up mistake at the outset.

      • purpmust says:

        What does Carrol’s hair have to do with anything? At this point, Carrol is a certified badass. She survived an abusive husband, lost him, watched her undead daughter get shot down by grown men, managed to fight her way through the prison, and stayed alive locked in a prison basement. I hated her in the first season, but low self esteem makes sense. She was constantly put down by her husband. Beat into submission. He controlled the clothes she wore, one time she said she wasn’t slowed to own pretty clothing.So why would he allow her to have anything but short, utilitarian hair?. Now that she has lost everything, she is learning to live as her own person. There is more important development happening for this character, let’s stop questioning her freaking hair. Also, anyone saying that she’s not pretty enough for Daryll… just… ugh. You suck.

        • purpmust says:

          Also, excuse misspelled names, t9 does its thing and I just kinda roll with it.

        • Marybeth says:

          Ugh, thank you. The hate she gets for having short hair is really quite disturbing to me. I’d love to know what Andrea and Lori thought they were doing with long, unmanageable hair.

  27. Matthew Bartley says:

    Is it just me or are the commercial breaks getting longer? I’m at a frustrated point where I just want to wait for the series to come out and watch it on DVD.

  28. Why does Rick seem mad a hershel? In hounded hershel calls out ricks name as Rick goes back into boiler room for more phone calls
    Rick slams the jail door on him, hershel comes down to the boiler room Rick gets a chair for him but acts like he doesn’t want him around.

  29. The title walking dead refers to the living not the walkers.

  30. mike says:

    Best show on t.v. by far but they need to stop killing off strong leads shame, Lori, T dog sucked.

  31. mike says:

    Does anyone know the time frame from when season 2 ended and 3 started?????????
    Sept-march or Oct- may I just remember the last episode of S2 they were camped next to the prison and it seemed cold, in S3 its like early spring march or April it appers. It never answers the Q about if walkers slow down at winter time Rick from 18 miles out .

  32. mike says:

    When walking dead end in 2019 the only ones left will be.

    Judith (baby)

  33. perry says:



  34. Non ur buisness says:

    Hey I really want Beth and carl to hook up Agg I think it would be soo great if they were like Maggie and glen

    • Angie says:

      Loving how the show is falling together. alot different than the comic. not sure who is coming or going. love the chemistry btw Carl and Beth and carol and darryl. can’t wait for part 2 of season 3. i just hope Andrea stops being lovestruck and starts killing and kicking ass. and i hope that Michonne and tyreese become bigger characters like in the comic.

  35. Nightwing1 says:

    I hope the Whinney Andrea with her “I’ve got a hell of a lot of experience” ends up having her gun jam because she didn’t clean it….and then gets eaten by Walkers. She’s attractive and nice to look at but DAMN! Can Merle or the Govenor PLEASE JUST SLAP THAT BITCH one time when she’s mouthing off. I can’t take it no more. Now, If they kill off Glenn, Maggie, Carl, Rick, Beth, Herschel, or Darryl before they kill off Andrea……I WILL SCREAM BLOODY MURDER AND STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW FOREVER…….or at least until I hear a spoiler that has Andrea dying a slow and painful Death by Hungry Walkers. I will pay real money to see that. Oh yeah, round of drinks for everybody : ) I know that’s evil, but let’s face it…..Andrea’s a Whinney Bitch.

    Oh, and I’d like to see Glenn do a city run where he has to escape on Motorcycle……His Steve Mcqueen moment so to speak. That would be awesome.

  36. John says:

    Too many and too frequency of commercial breaks. Lose interest in attention.