Tyra Banks Producing Autobiographical Comedy

tyra banks antmFinally, the origins of “smizing” will be revealed!

Tyra Banks and longtime friend Kenya Barris (a producer on Fox’s short-lived I Hate My Teenage Daughter) are teaming up to co-create Fivehead, a comedy that will focus on Banks’ gawky teenage years before she became a noted supermodel and TV host, Deadline is reporting. The duo will co-create the characters and stories for the single-camera comedy, while Barris will write the script.

The America’s Next Top Model host and Barris have known each other since grade school. The title “Fivehead” is a derogatory term that was hurled at Banks as a youngster because of the size of her forehead.

Excited to see Banks’ life in sitcom form? Any ideas for who should play the lead role? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. dude says:

    Shouldn’t it be called fivehead since it’s about one girl?

  2. lonestarjrs says:

    I call fastest show to be cancelled in TV history

    • Marcie says:

      I disagree. Tyra is pretty savvy, and this show sounds like it would be a hit with teens. The only thing that might go against a big audience is if it lands on the CW. But then again, they hold on to shows longer than some other nets.

    • Summer says:

      Faster than Emily’s Reasons Why Not and the recently killed Next Caller?

      Doubt it.

      Doesn’t mean it won’t be the first one cancelled in its season if it makes it to air, though.

  3. Hopefully this means that she’ll have no time for America’s Next Top Model, thus resulting in it finally ending and going away for good.

    • Jackson says:

      Must be a rough life having things you don’t like existing in your world, and you unable to stay away from them.

      I guess watching something else at that time, or going out, or reading, or anything, just can’t keep your mind occupied enough. You have to obsess about something you have no control over.


      There are plenty of shows I don’t like, and you know what? Not only don’t I watch them, but I don’t care if they stay on the air or not. They don’t cause me to go into stories having nothing to do with those shows, and posting my dislike.

      But I guess I have more control over my own life than you do.

      Keep working at it, you’ll get there……maybe…..

      • Christine says:

        You have reacted so much to the comment above that it makes me uncomfortable.

      • Sarah says:

        There’s nothing wrong with people stating their dislikes and opinions. It doesn’t make a person ‘sad’ to have opinions but it is weird to attack a person over it. You’re the one that needs help and obviously you have too much control over your life. Calm down.

        I guess I saw this coming a long time ago. There’s no better subject that Tyra likes to talk about than herself.

      • hollisss says:

        I agree with Jackson. It is annoying just how many haters do this. They find it enjoyable to go on sites of those they hate and post depressing comments.

        Yes they are entitled to their opinion but it is it necessary to be mean just because they disagree? Is there no other way to get their point across without sounding miserable?

        They are fun crushers and they bring down the energy. And yes, it is sad.

        Make your point respectably if you want positive feedback.

        • Josh says:

          Do people post on sites like this for feedback? I don’t feel like they do. I certainly don’t. And the less Tyra on my tv, the better. And Sarah’s right-no one loves Tyra more than Tyra.

        • tripoli says:

          That comment wasn’t sad or disrespectful. That’s about as respectful as a comment gets when it’s in the negative. Chill out. This site is not Tyra Banks specific so Jarrod obviously didn’t specifically search out Tyra in particular. I can’t stand Tyra Banks but I enjoy reading pretty much all the articles posted, and therefore will comment on whatever I choose. Positive or negative. If you don’t like it, stay away from the comments. Oh and this show will be awful.

          • hollisss says:

            “Hopefully this means that she’ll have no time for America’s Next Top Model, thus resulting in it finally ending and going away for good.” Sounds sad to me. But your right I should chill out because why do I care what people think?

  4. Jared says:

    I’d be surprised if this even makes it to pilot stage let alone picked up to series.

  5. Tyra Banks Logic:
    >I was bullied as a child.
    >Let’s make a comedy out of it.

    • Jackson says:

      Gee, Einstein, I guess it never occurred to you that you have successfully survived the situation by being able to laugh about it.

      Maybe someday you’ll get there….but, it doesn’t look like you’ll be doing that anytime soon.

      We’ll pray for you.

      • Grace says:

        Being able to laugh at your own past doesn’t mean we should laugh at bullying. And I seriously doubt that most people who were badly bullied as children look back and laugh about it. There are kids who KILL THEMSELVES because of bullies. We should not be glorifying the behavior.

        • Mitholas says:

          Hold on. The show is yet to even be written and you’re already judging it for glorifying bullying? It’ll probably be a comedy about how to come out of being bullied a stronger person. Tyra Banks is definitely intelligent enough to handle this issue seriously and tastefully.

      • dude says:

        Lets be honest, Tyra Banks was teased no more than any other kid in high school. She was called “fivehead” a few times and decided she knows struggle. Most kids (aside from ones viciously bullied) get over that stuff by the time they graduate.

        • hollisss says:

          You could be wrong about that. A super freaky, skinny, tall girl with a ginormous forehead? She was definitely bullied. Kids can be very cruel when they are pretty and perfect.

  6. nick1372 says:

    This would be a nice fit for the CW. Of course, that’s only if they decide to do sitcoms.

    • dude says:

      Its a single-camera show so if it’s an hour-long comedy, than it may work for The CW but it sounds like a better fit for ABC Family to me.

      • CrimTV says:

        CW have expressed their interests in doing half-hour comedies but they didn’t pick up any this season, but perhaps 2013-14 is the time when they do! Also this would probably be picked up by them, it has Tyra Banks producing it and I can’t imagine they get a lot of comedy pilots to choose from!

  7. Jane says:


  8. Keren says:

    Yay Tyra!! I hope that it’s a successful show.

  9. Danny Levine says:

    Ummm didn’t Tyra fire Kenya from America’s Next Top Model? They developed that together … Kenya is an extraordinarily lazy writer and usually ends up getting fired from all his sitcom gigs except The Game & Girlfriends, good luck having him run that show ABC, i do like the concept, picked the wrong writer though to see it through to series.

  10. A says:

    She just wants to cast herself in this show. Everyone knows If it would be possible she would probable star in the lead role. LOL.

  11. Tara says:

    Of course Tyra wants to create a show about herself. How much more egocentric can this woman get?