Supernatural First Look: When Sammy Met Benny

Two of the most important people in Dean Winchester’s life are about to meet, and we’ve got a sneak peek at Sam coming face-to-face with his brother’s new friend, Benny, in the Oct. 31 episode of Supernatural (The CW, 9/8c).

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After Dean comes to Benny’s rescue following a vampire attack, the two go after the latter’s maker (guest star Patrick Stafford). But things get ugly, and the elder Winchester is forced to call on his bro — who’s reflecting on his old life with ex-girlfriend Amelia — for help. Will he tell Sam the whole truth about his bloodsucking pal?

Check out a preview of the episode (penned by fan favorite Ben Edlund!) below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dilys says:

    Excuse me? That vampire is not 2 of the most important things in Dean’s life. Did you watch the last episode? What about Cas? He has died over and over again for Dean. Man I am SO OVER all this publicity about this vampire.

    • chrome says:

      dude. they said two OF THE most important thInge , not THE most important. chill.

      • Dilys says:

        I for one am tired of the nonstop shove Benny down my throat publicity. He’s a vampire. And the last time I checked the Winchesters killed things like this. I have had to endure nonstop articles about whoa Benny is great, whoa look at Benny and honestly? I’d rather watch stories about Sam and Dean. I’d rather watch stories about Dean and Cas. I am not interested in Benny and I resent the article implying that he’s so important.

        • anotherlucy says:

          What did the Cas fans said to Sam fans in the past? Over and over, they said Dean is allowed to have more friends, Dean’s life shouldn’t revolve around Sam, Castiel is great, etc. Same goes here.

          • Marie says:

            I’m laughing so hard at the hypocrisy. So apparently when all the whining for “more friends” was going on, they really just meant “more Cas.” Should have been more specific in their demands, I guess. :P

          • One Cas fan doesn’t speak for All. I’m fine with Benny. Dean/Cas is my SPN OTP. Don’t generalize.

          • Dilys says:

            Laugh away. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. And if I”m not interested in Benny, then I’m not interested in Benny. It really is as simple as that.

          • oppar says:

            I want more friends for Dean, and Sam too, but if you are going to introduce a friend (or lover in the case of Amelia) character then develop it correctly so they have some freakin weight to them.

            I want Dean, and Sam’s, new friends to be characters that are built up organically within the story. I don’t want them to come in with show claiming new friend!! in blinking neon, I want them to show Dean opening up to a monster and THEN turn on the blinking lights. I wanted them to put Dean and Benny’s flashbacks first before the Castiel reunion because that would have been a good juxtaposition to show just how close Dean and Benny had become. Just like how in season 4 and 5 they used Dean and Castiel getting closer to highlight the distance and strain in Dean and Sam’s relationship just as much as it played into the brother’s strengths together.

            This isn’t about Cas really, for me, it’s about the hype they’ve built up about this dynamic and then they keep not showing it. Benny looked like a third wheel last episode cause he has no weight to his character right now. Was he speaking up cause he sees Dean as a friend or a means to an end? Was he angry with Cas on Dean’s behalf or anxious that Dean would choose to get Cas out over him? Was he stirring the pot or defending a friend? I don’t know. Cause I know jack about his character so his inclusion in that scene was pointless to me, save for the fact that he called Cas “hot wings” which lol.

        • Ezra Moore says:

          Dilys, it’s an article about a tv show. I get that some fans really love the characters but come on guest stars add to the show. Supernatural has progressed and the the characters have evolved and as a viewer I am enjoying it. Misha, Jared and Jensen, Mark Sheppard, Osric Chau, Laura Tom, and Ty Olson are working hard to tell us a good story. Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund have written some of my favorite episodes. I suppose Ty Olson can take it as compliment that you think his character is a threat to the profound bond between Castiel and Dean.

        • Tada says:

          Haha ‘nonstop’? Dude, he’s only been here for two episodes. We’ve only known about him as a character for a few months. I say this as someone who’s a Castiel fan first and foremost – Benny is important. He’s important to Dean and he’s important to the plot. I’m not even sure if I like him yet, but either way doesn’t change the facts. And yes, the Winchesters kill vampires, I would hazard a guess that that’s the obvious root of the conflict with their friendship.
          Reactions like this are why other fans think we Cas fans are crazy. Let’s all take off our Confirmation Bias glasses for a little bit, yeah?

    • Duh. Of course Castiel is VITAL to Dean. What the media/PR people say is what it is… Benny is a storyline this year and he’s an interesting one too, it’s going to include Castiel and it’s going to be about the nuances and complications of Dean and Castiel’s friendship from what I can tell.

      Dean and Cas are higher priority to me too but I sure as hell am intrigued by Benny.

    • Marilyn says:

      Cas fans are hypocritical. You are talking exactly like Sam fans when Castiel came on the scene in season 4. Right now, Benny’s story is more interesting than either Sam or Cas to me.

      • please dont class all Cas fans as the same. As a cas fan i like Benny i think he is going to be an interesting charactor. I just like to see more purgatory scenes in the show where we can see how Dean Castiel and Benny survive purgatory and why Dean hugged Benny in such a passionate way when they were top side. Also how is Sam going to take to Benny.

    • Paula says:

      I am so tired of everyone fighting over who is more important to Dean. The only person that matters to Dean is Sam and I really wish that people will see that. This show is about two brothers not an Angel and Vampire. Sure I don’t mind if Dean is friends with Cas or Benny, but what about Sam. Is he not suppose to have friends too. Everyone has been focusing on Dean more for the past 3 season and I’m getting tired of it. I hate when people get in the middle of Sam and Dean. I began watching this show for the close bond of Sam & Dean and now there is not enough with everybody trying to say that Dean loves everyone else that comes into his life. I believe what Crowly said, that Dean uses people and throw them away when he don’t need them. He left Cas in purgatory to escape with Benny and now he doesn’t want Benny anywhere near Sam. I really hope that Benny turns out bad and is just using Dean like Ruby used Sam. It would be much more exciting to watch then another weird love Bromance between Dean and someone else. I sometimes liked Cas but I think it’s time for him to go for good and I think of Benny being between a Gordon & Ruby character (someone who Dean thinks as a father figure now that Bobby’s dead and someone who is using Dean for his own means). Also I would love to find out more about Sam year off (You know when this stops being the Dean, Cas & Benny show ). I love Supernatural more than anything but if they push Sam off they might as well end the show. So stop all of the arguing and focus on what more important; the PLOT.

  2. Kelly says:

    Um, I really take offense to your wording. Pretty sure Cas is more important to Dean than that vampire. I’m not saying Benny’s not important, but he’s nowhere near as important as Cas.

    So very tired of Benny being shoved down our throats. Hope he’s gone sooner rather than later. This has been such an incredible season so far, and that’s the one thing I don’t like about it.

    • Prena says:

      Lord help me, I would be more than happy if Benny replaced Cas and the show got rid of Cas and his whack annoying fans. Please let this happen!

      • pook says:

        man i am with you prena on that-benny is a fantastic character so far. they are building up his character slowly-bringing us fans in-wanting to see more of just what and why would make dean care so much for this monster. other than helping him get out of purgatory. benny called him brother-so they are very close. its a true bonding. i want sam part of that circle though as well. so hopefully that comes sometime this season. not right off though i am sure.

    • Jon says:

      Benny IS NOT BEING SHOVED DOWN ANYONE’S THROAT, now that we got that settled, with all do respect to everyone and their opinion, if so many of you are this upset about Benny being in 2 episodes whilst Cas has only been in one then you are going to flippin die when they show Dean roll with Benny over Cas. Think about this, Benny is out with Dean, Cas is a memory in a flashback. Im not saying that means Cas is dead but that does say something. As much as I think we all loved seasons 4 and 5, guys that’s gone. I love the Cas character I really do ,and part of me is a little pissed about where they are taking the character but we cant keep doing the same episodes over and over with Sam, Dean, and Cas. Nobody but the most hardcore fans would watch it, and the hardcore fans, who complain the most by the way, are loyal to the show and will , hopefully, stick around no matter where it starts till the freakin end no matter where that is. I got news for you guys if they cant draw new fans the show wont stay on the air. Also you all know that when the show ends Sam and Dean will probably die, right? That is not just my opinion that is how the actors and writers feel is the only way to end supernatural. So if this “Benny has been in 2 and Cas is only in 1” stuff is bothering you maybe you should take some Prozac to watch the finale. P.S Kelly this was not directly aimed at you but the only way to leave my comment was as a reply and I guess I just liked your name the best Luv

  3. Davey says:

    The Cas / Dean ship has sailed, far away and forever, marooned on an island with Gilligan and the Skipper, never to be seen again. Denny (or, if you prefer, Bean) is the future; embrace it!!! :P

  4. Isaac says:

    Semantics. Whatever. Who cares? I care that DAY-UM is Benny sexy.

    • Carrie says:

      Yes, people are taking this way too seriously. We haven’t seen much of Benny thus far and we barely know anything about what happened between him and Dean in purgatory. However, I’m already liking Benny and I’m interested enough to want to know much more about him. It never hurts to add another attractive guy to the show.

  5. Mrs. Peele says:

    I like the idea of Benny but not as one of the two most important people in Dean’s life. Sam is #1, Cas #2 and Benny is a close male friend right now since we don’t know what has happened in Purgatory to form the bond they seem to share at the moment. I believe Dean ‘cares’ about him. Obviously since he is feeding him blood but let’s put our priorities where they should be. Benny is still a vampire and cannot be trusted. If he turned on Sam as a threat or for a snack, Dean would send his soul right back to Purgatory…again!

    I thoroughly enjoy this season so far and also Benny, in his place. He’s a tease as to Dean’s darker nature right now and whatever hold Benny has him will be explained I’m sure. Benny doesn’t need to be around Dean at this point. He is free and he can go wherever he wants so why is he hanging around? Does he want to insert himself between the brothers and lure Dean to join him in his undead existence?

  6. Alan says:

    really enjoying benny’s presence on the show at the minute and how it allows us to see a different side to dean. so far the purgatory scenes have been the most memorable ones that dont feature crowley, im very interested about what was going on down there (is it down there? because technically thats hell, what do we call it?). cant wait to see how sam reacts to him. also really want to see more of what happened to sam during the year, convinced sam is hiding something, he seems a little more cagey than usual.

  7. Shavonne says:

    Man this episode looks crazy good. Benny is my new obsession! HOT HOT HOT!

  8. Kay says:

    I am looking forward to Sam finding out that Dean has another very important being in his life — and who he is! It’s no longer just Sammy and perhaps Bobby; it’s Cas and Benny too! That sure is gonna shake up Sam’s worldview.

  9. Rrrrrr says:

    Ugh this is why I can’t stand this show anymore. Not because its bad- it’s been really good this season- but because of moronic “fans” like this. Who gives a damn how the article is phrased? Benny is a really important part of Deans life now, and for all we know, Castiel is DEAD. GET OVER IT. Now I know this is Supernatural and Castiel probably (read: definiently) is not dead, but Dea sure as hell thinks so. So yeah, I think Dean is putting Benny just a little bit ahead Of Castiel right now.

    Damn idiotic fan girls complaining about absolute HORSE S#IT.

  10. Speaking as a Castiel fan, I don’t see why there isn’t room for Castiel and Benny. SPN’s recurrings bring a lot more layers to the show, and Benny intrigues me. I always want more Castiel, and I hope he has a meaty role in the season, but I’ve loved many of the supporting characters the show has had over the seasons. Am looking forward to this ep.

    • MIndy says:

      I agree. I remember many of us Cas fans advocating for more characters on the show. Well we have are wish and everyone is more miserable than ever. Benny is awesome so far. I don’t understand why he’s getting so much hate.

    • Kay says:

      I agree also. Cas got Dean out of Hell, Benny helped him escape Purgatory. I think they can both have a place in Dean’s life. I am quite certain that Cas is very high up in the list of Dean’s nearest and dearest – we have seen irrefutable evidence of this already in the flashbacks. I am ready for Benny in Dean’s life too. I would rather that Benny stayed a problematic friend – I would hate to see him be another Ruby, perhaps the worst recurring character is the show. That leads to good drama. When Cas is back, I am sure his place will be as secure as ever.

  11. I’m so torn over Benny. I like the idea of Dean having someone other than Sam he can depend on, and ‘not an angel’ is always, always a good thing. But I’m worried Sam isn’t going to see it that way (I’m having horrible Ruby flashbacks sigh). I really hope Benny isn’t going to come between Sam and Dean and cause even more conflict…guess only time will tell.

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      Sam is going to look like a jerk if he insists that the only brother who can have monster friends is Sam. He ditched Dean for Ruby after insisting that Dean not immediately gank her, talked him into not killing the Anti-Christ, had a huge tantrum about Amy. If he now gets angry about monster friends after season after season about how being mean to monsters was just like being mean to Sam, Sam can stuff it.

      • ruby says:

        No worries, I’m sure a big bucket of white paint is headed Dean’s way. Dean will always be right. The writers wouldn’t have it any other way. Benny will be awesome.

      • Interesting you’re mentioning Amy. I vote for Sam going around behind Dean’s back and killing the monster, because, as Dean said, he had to clean up Sam’s mess because Sam wouldn’t. Oh, I think he should lie about it, and then when Sam feels that Dean has been mad long enough, he should call him a b*tch and tell him to get over it.

        Sam told Dean he was right to kill Amy, I don’t know why, it was OOC, but Sam said that. So, no, he would not look like a jerk if he were mad about the vampire. He seems to have come around to the black and white way.

  12. That esculated quickly.

    People need to chill out, I love the idea of Benny. And i don’t see why everyone is so against him. Dean as a character will evolve and make new friends. Personally I would be bored to death if he had come back with Cas. Last season was disgusting. The writing, the storyline and the characters were just plain BAD and now this season looks like it’s picking up again and heading back in the right direction. I want the show to evolve past what it’s become. If we watch the same thing over and over again it’s boring. After all, has your life remained the same over the last 9 + years? I highly doubt it and lets be honest, you probably dont work in an industry with a high death rate.

    Dean went to purgatory and found someone he can rely on and call brother. I agree with the article calling Benny one of the most important things in his life, because lets not live inside a rose coloured vase people, Benny saved his damn life and got him out, while Sam dated a vet and forgot about him. Moved on as it were. I’d pick the Vamp over Sam too, at least the Vamp has proven to be faithful so far.

    • ruby says:

      I hope Sam and Benny can be brothers as well.

      • skepticalinquirer says:

        yeah, they can talk about the deliciousness of blood drinking. Yum, yum. Maybe Benny should just turn Sam so Sam can go back to drinking it.

        • STFU says:

          lol shut up with your OTT Sam hate. JFC is not that serious, it’s a just a crappy CW show with pretty boys. Jared needs to stay to provide crucial eyecandy. I really don’t care about your massive hateboner, go crawl back to your basement dwelling hole and wank there

        • ruby says:

          So it is wrong for Sam and Benny to be friends but not Dean and Benny? How petty of you.

    • pook says:

      everyone is NOT agains benny-the only ones who are belly aching are the destiel fans. everyone else is excited about benny.

    • rowan77 says:

      THANK YOU. Every time I read a story here on TVline about Supernatural I keep feeling like I need to brace myself because I know that the comments will be mostly with people with zero imagination complaining about ridiculous things. Dean can’t have a friendship with anyone but Cas? His world is to consist of a brother and one friend? Good grief, people! Then we’ve got people with no storytelling ability trying to tell Carver what he SHOULD be showing. Linear storytelling. My, how original. And boring.

      We are two episodes in and already this is better than season 7 and 6. Does it bother me that Dean is almost unable to stop being Rambo-like in his behavior? It does – because I’ve grown to care about the character. This is what great storytelling does – it makes you feel something for the characters, about the story. I’m not happy with Sam’s choices, I’m worried about what happens to Cas, so I’m excited about this season. So far it’s been great and the ratings for the second episode went up about 25%. I feel like the fans and show are getting a win-win.

  13. miscplinks says:

    So far I’ve enjoyed Benny, and I’m quite pleased to see Dean brought away from his black and white view. But PLEASE don’t turn this into another arc where every monster will always stay evil! And more importantly: do not shorten or drop other important story lines for it. Funny as Benny is, I want to know what happened to Cas and Dean, I want to know how their stories go on, respectively and together. Please don’t let them make the mistake of trying to force us to like another character through over exposure. I’ve yet to see an example where that actually works for me. That said, I’m pretty happy with S8 so far. It feels good to be excited about Supernatural again!

  14. A boat behind them says Star Wars… LMAO

  15. Sherry says:

    I absolutely love this season, Benny is interesting! I can’t wait to see how all this plays out! Sam is going to be mad. This is going to be soo much fun..

  16. I can entertain Benny as a plot excursion for some of the season, but what’s been tiresome is the hard sell he’s received even way before the premiere. Now he’s one of the most important in Dean’s life ?! Good job if this was intended to make us weary already of the awesome Benny hype and as wary of his character as Cas.
    I’ll be looking forward to more profound bond with the angel and less bff with the vamp.

  17. as a sane Cas fan i have no problems with Benny I find him interesting.People just need to chill. Carver wont side line Castiel in favour of Benny.They both have a story to tell which i find more interesting then Sams love life flash backs.Im looking for ward to seeing how Dean Castiel and Bennys time in pugatory plays out i just wish the purgatory scenes are going to be longer. I just wish some fans learnt to share this show is for everyone to enjoy not just for them This goes to all the haters of Sam Dean Castiel Benny and Kevin. STFU no one wants to readabout who you hate.

  18. I am a huge fan of Castiel, but I’m also really excited about Benny and that storyline. People need to calm down. I am slightly nervous about this episode because I’m anticipating Sam’s reaction. Hopefully Dean is open with him about Purgatory and Benny’s help there, instead of being how Dean normally is. Lol. I’m also excited to see more of Sam’s life with Amelia.

  19. Niamh says:

    Chillax, Casfen. Bask in the reflected glory of the hug. And, “I need you.” Let Benny play matchmaker in Purgatory. :-)

  20. Kathy says:

    Seems to me like this Benny is coming between the boys if those pictures are anything to go by. I’ve no use for him in that case.

  21. trina says:

    All I can say it that I am very happy about the scruff on Sam. Yum.

  22. MatildaLouise says:

    As a huge Castiel fan, I admit I had a knee jerk reaction when I read about Benny being described as one of the most important people in Dean’s life, but then I calmed down a bit. Like it or not it is true. Benny is important to Dean, and I think he’s potentially an interesting character. I don’t trust Benny, and I think Dean’s choice to help him will eventually come back to bite him in the ass (or bite him somewhere else ;) ), but I’m curious to see where this storyline goes. If by some chance Benny does turn out to be a good guy and remains a steadfast friend/ally of the Winchesters, I won’t care as long as Castiel remains an important part of the picture too and remains a close friend of Dean’s. Both Sam and Dean can have more than one friend. I kind of wish the show would give Sam an interesting friend or ally. Dean has his angel and now he has this vampire, and Sam gets a bitchy veterinarian. LOL I say Sam got the short end of the stick here. Well, at least his dog is cute.

  23. Dan says:

    Most people think Sam will know Benny and start complaining about Dean’s friendship with a vampire, but what if Dean doesn’t let Sam know he’s a Vampire, what if Benny doesn’t show his vamp teeth in front of Sam? That could happen, it would make it more intense.

  24. Yanez says:

    Where was the recap for episode 2? I didn’t see one this week.

  25. tigersmurfette says:

    sam’s girlfriend needs a hairbrush. seriously. thats the only/first thought that came to mind. i’m so shallow. oh well.

  26. KC says:

    Does Sam have any storyline this year at all?

  27. slc says:

    Oh man, what ever happened the idea that Dean’s BFF was SAM. Sam certainly has never been giving a guy to bond with other than Dean. I am sooo sick of Castiel. Why is Dean allowed to have best buds and guys to bond with, but Sam never gets that. He just gets women who are either demons or ones the fans don’t like. I miss the days when the boys were co-dependent and alone in the world with only each other. I love the irony of Castiel fans complaining that Benny is replacing Cas in Dean’s heart – how do you think fans of the brothers felt when Cas replaced SAM in that role for the past 4 freaking years? Well, karma is a bitch and I can’t wait til they get back to what they claim the show is about- the boys. I’m sick of the producers and writers always saying that is the heart of the show when they clearly like playing with Dean and his whole group of friends other than Sam.

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      I think you lose BFF status when you abandon someone in Purgatory for a year and prefer to sniff flowers with a really annoying vet and openly say you didn’t even try. Maybe that says something about Sam that he sucks at making friends because I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone like that either.

      When it comes to friends, the more the merrier for Dean. After all, Sam made his choices.

      • slc says:

        Oh please, the show abandoned the idea of Sam being Dean’s BFF long before last season. As soon as Cas hit the show, the DeanJensengirls went ballistic with orgasmic glory and finally had a reason to let their hate for Sam and Jared show. It’s sickening and the writers and producers listened to them and pandered to their taste by having woobie Dean and Cas staring at each other and having heartfelt moments. That’s when I knew the show went to hell for me- no more about Dean and Sam, but now the loud obnoxious part of fandom was going to get their wish -Dean and Cas, Dean and Benny, Dean and Bobby,…Dean everything. And don’t forget Sam didn’t know where Dean was this time and he did say in the first episode that he drove around for a while not knowing what to do. He didn’t just watch Dean disappear and poof -out the door and find a woman and go to a movie. Remember when Sam was in hell – Dean knew where he was and he still stayed with Lisa because he promised, like they had both promised each other that they would do if the other one died/went to hell, etc.But no one damned Dean for not trying to get Sam out of hell. Because this fandom, or I should I say the loud ones, all clearly love only Dean and all his friends/co-stars, etc. Nothing he does is ever wrong. Yeah, right. Sam gets dragged thru the mud by the show and by the fans, but let them call Dean a dick, even obtusely, and the freaking creator of the show has to go public to apologize for offending the massive DEAN FOLLOWING. Give me a break. I’m sick to death of it.
        You are clearly delusional and not watching the same show – Sam sacrificed himself to save the world after not wanting to even be a hunter and he only killed Lillith because he thought he was avenging what she did to Dean. Don’t forget either – Dean opened the first gate and started the apocalypse, not Sam.

        • Dean says:

          All that is irrelevant since it didn’t affect any of the fans who weren’t obsessed with the leads, but rather loved the story for what it was. Season 4 and 5 were some of the best seasons on tv in the last decade.

          • Claire says:


          • Mary says:

            How ironic that someone called/calling himself “Dean” would feel the need to reply to someone criticizing the show’s/fandom’s bias towards Dean after being provoked by a well-known Sam basher (who doesn’t even stop at actor hate), while there are way more objectionable and hateful comment to find here from EDGs or Benny haters, which you don’t seem to mind at all.
            And about the last sentence – you really need to watch more TV then O_o

          • Deab says:

            @Mary: You think I shouldn’t use my name? I thought repeating myself is simply redundant. I wouldn’t want to post the same comment everywhere. I love Sam and Dean both equally like my own brothers. I am excited for Benny’s storyline and I think Cas is the best. All this hate is simply annoying.
            I have a wide range in my love for shows. From Firefly, Fringe to Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad (I’ve seen almost all of the critically acclaimed and most of the regular ones, except for comedies). Of all of them, I consider Supernatural seasons 4-5 to be in the higher echelons of tv. Just because it exists on a subpar network, has a rabid, scary fan base doesn’t reduce its greatness in any way or form.

          • Dean says:

            Oops! Dean*

        • Dee says:

          I agree completely, sic.

          The hate for Jared/Sam is so completely obvious its ridiculous. Let the Cas fans dig their own grave. I’m thinking that at some point in time, the TWO lead actors might become sick of the extreme fanatacism of some segments of fandom and might ask for changes to occur. I would like to think that after 8 years they can have some say in how things are run. Especially because of the Jared/Sam bashing.

          I am loving the Benny character. He is incredibly attractive and I laugh at the outrage over the importance that his character is being given at the expense of that other 3rd wheel.

      • trina says:

        I think the extreme Dean girls are going to be doing some backtracking in the coming episodes when it’s revealed that Dean abandoned Cas in Purgatory. After all we know he’s not dead which means Dean didn’t see him die. And yet he’s doing jack squat now to try and get him back.

      • rojoverde says:

        Whatever, skepticalinquirer..err, mobiusklein. Go spew your venom somewhere else.

    • ruby says:

      Sam needs to bond with more people. I want to see that. I’m not interested in Dean’s new friends. Those who aren’t blinded with hate see Sam as a good and wonderful person who deserves all the love in the world.

    • GK says:

      Those who aren’t blinded by hate actually love both the guys and everybody on the show. Of course everyone has favorites, but hating is just stupid. I eagerly anticipate new characters and developments in the plot even if it puts our leads in peril. I am all for bringing in new blood to the show. Fanboys/girls be damned.

  28. Dean says:

    I’m so glad the writers aren’t pandering to the obnoxious demands of the fans anymore. Really loving this season so far.

    • Sally says:

      Really??? Have you seen the first two episodes?
      Right, no pandering and fan service at all.

      • oppar says:

        honestly asking, where is the pandering? i’m seriously asking because i’m not seeing who they could possibly be pandering to with the stories i’ve seen so far.

        it sure as hell isn’t shippers as both the brothers and dean and cas are separated. dean as of now is being set up as if he let go of cas in purgatory even after all that happened this episode. sam didn’t look for dean and is only with him hunting now because of guilt over the kevin situation. dean is lying to sam and being a hypocrite about trusting monsters with benny. kevin and linda were the focus of last episode instead of the brothers and within the next 3 episodes you have one with barely any sam and dean, a benny centric ep, and a lead into eps 7-8 which are kevin/cas/purgatory centric so it’s probably a brothers light ep still tied to benny since the title is southern comfort. that plus they would need to introduce i think it’s two new reocurring characters all within that time who are not linked directly to the brothers (like say amelia is to sam).

        so who are they pandering to and with what?

  29. Tina says:

    I wonder why people, reporters and the show alike, are pushing Benny so hard. Personally I don’t see his appeal at all and hope he’s used to show that for once Dean is wrong (in trusting Benny) and not that Sam and Castiel are wrong AGAIN (in not trusting Benny). Dean’s moral high ground and him always being right about something is grating on my nerves. I also think Benny is a tool to create conflict between the brothers and not to be trusted. In short, I have no problem with him being around for a while, but I don’t want him to become a permanent fixture.

    • DennyForever says:

      I like the character and actor who plays Benny more than Cas already. He can stay. It’s time we have new blood instead of the same overrated tired character that his been shoehorned in the show way past his expiration date or use on the show.

    • lizbet says:

      Yeah, I agree. Ish. I don’t get the hype, but I’m waiting to see more Cas and Kevin, so to each their own.

  30. Marie says:

    I’m so looking forward to Sam’s flashbacks with Amelia. We haven’t ever really seen Sam truly out of the hunting life, apart from the pilot, and I can’t wait to see happy, domesticated Sam. It will also be really interesting to see how Benny and Sam react to meeting each other.

  31. Wynne says:

    I clicked on these pictures because of the ‘Sam meets Bennie’ thing, and am amused that instead of addressing that, the vast majority of the comments are Dean is Great, Sam is Not or Sam is Great, Dean is not. In looking at the pictures, it bothers me that in that introduction, Dean is standing next to Bennie, not Sam. I don’t like it, because it makes me think he’s taking sides which makes me sad for Sam. But I believe it will be a compelling story line, so let it roll.

  32. Melanie Desi says:

    Good — I’m glad Sam is meeting Benny. That will be interesting.
    Obviously Cas is important to Dean. Doesn’t mean Dean can’t have other friends. Doesn’t mean that no one can ever mean more to Dean than Castiel.
    We don’t know what Benny means to Dean yet. But, yes, we do know that he IS important to Dean.
    I think seeing Sam and Dean deal with that will be fun.

  33. So much Dean Sam Cas Benny hate in these comments. I some times wonder about this fandom , its obvious that the age rating is very low .Most probably young teanage girls bitching that their charractor is better then anyones .FYI Dean SamCastiel and Benny are NOT REAL PEOPLE. Its Just a show !

    • the guy says:

      Its more like women in 18-49 group who whine mostly. Don’t think many teen girls watch the show. This is one of the most macho shows I have seen which has a vocal female fanbase who drive away the fanboys. Lol

  34. Not too crazy about the wording but…the more pressing question is how did a vampire come to become one of the most important people in Dean Winchester’s life? I’m interested in Benny definitely. I think he’s going to prove more trouble than he’s worth..and I see him causing some real tension this season which is always good on Supernatural! There is room for more than just Castiel in the lives of the brothers. I’ll bite..and see where it goes. Of course, I’m most interested in what happens with Cas and Dean in purgatory but that’s just me. As for Sam, I hope whoever was stalking him in the premiere has something to do with his OOCness this season. Hate to say it but his storyline is boring so I hope we get more depth there. Really not very interested in the Amelia thing thus far..but hopefully that will change.

    Also, people need to quit being so darn hateful. It can’t be much fun to watch a show with characters you hate. Guess I’m just lucky that I enjoy them all. There are some serious nut jobs in this fandom. Just sayin!

  35. Victoria says:

    The heart of the show is Sam & Dean… brothers…..fighting evils together……not fighting each other! I am so scared the writers have lost sight of what the fans fell in love with……Sam & Dean! I don’t mind new characters from time to time, but I do mind losing sight of the heart of the show. It’s like the writers don’t even know the characters – both boys are so out of character right now…..I’m holding on to hope this is part of the new story line and they will come around and we will see that strong brotherly bond again soon!

  36. I don’t understand the need for viciousness in this fandom, or why some fans feel like they have to put other fans down for having different preferences. Dean, Sam, Castiel and now Benny are all interesting characters, and I look forward to seeing their stories unfold this season. Castiel may be my favorite, and I may be more invested than the Dean/Cas friendship than I am the others, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care anything for the other characters, nor do I have no interest in their stories. I’m not impressed with Sam’s story so far, but the season is just starting, so I’m hopeful it’ll get more interesting as it goes along.

  37. SupernaturalFan says:

    I don’t understand all the hate coming from a hundred different directions. For Dean, for Sam, for Cas, for Benny. Personally I love this season so far. I never liked either Dean or Sam more – they were both the main characters, Jensen and Jared are amazing actors and I always loved both roles. So when Cas appeared, it didn’t took me four episodes and I loved him too. Mostly his friendship with Dean, but I think we all could see that Sam cares for him too. Lines like “We’re gonna get you better, no matter what it takes.” showed that at least for me. Well, now there’s Benny and I don’t know what to think of him yet, but I like him so far – he seemed pretty amused about the closeness between Dean and Cas which made him somehow symphatic – so can we just enjoy this great show and don’t count the friends Sam and Dean made over the years? I think this season is gonna be much better than the last and I’m excited for that.