Report: Teen Wolf's Colton Haynes Not Returning for Season 3; MTV Refutes Exit Talk

Colton HaynesIt appears that Teen Wolf may be down a man next season.

Colton Haynes is not returning to the MTV series for Season 3, E! Online reported on Thursday evening.

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Haynes, whose lacrosse player character Jackson Whittemore went from reptilian Kanima to werewolf last season, hinted at his exit on Twitter, saying: “These past few years have been the best of my life. I’m sad that this chapter has ended, but excited for a new one to begin. Thx for the love.”.

E! Online says that despite the reported change in Haynes’ status, which they say is a result of failed contract negotiations, the actor could come back to the show at some point.

Meanwhile, an MTV spokesperson issued the following statement to TVLine: “Absolutely no truth that Colton is being pushed out or that he, or any cast member, is being replaced [as reported by US Weekly]. We love Colton and look forward to his returning with the entire cast for Season 3 of Teen Wolf.”

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  1. Nina says:

    RIP Jackson-Lydia – forever sad… u.u

    • dude says:

      But hello Lydia/Stiles!

      • Nina says:

        I kinda like the idea of Stiles and Lydia in season 1, but after season 2 I really don’t want him to be a replacement for Jackson. They can at least give them 1-2 more seasons before that happens.

      • Leo says:

        Nope. Derek/Stiles is happening in Season 3. Lydia needs to find another guy. Maybe Lydia/Peter? Haha.
        But seriously, they’re hinting at Derek/Stiles indeed lol. Thanks to the hardcore ‘Sterek’ shippers.

        • Light says:

          I think that at the beginning it will be stiles/lydia simply because lydia knows how much stiles cares for her and he will comfort her. However I think that at some point in their relationship they will realize that they are not meant to be with each other and will just remain really good friends. After this stiles will be (in my opinion) paired with Derek….this willl probably happen at the end of the season 3. So it will end with sterek, hopefully. This way both fans will be happy. Those who support stiles/lydia and stiles/derek. Of course during the entire season 3 it will be implied that derek’s and stiles’ feelings have began to change and as the season 3 progresses they will grow fonder of each other.

  2. kyle says:


  3. Omar says:

    What? Why? Finally gets some interesting storyline and he leaves the show !
    But… Replace him? Auch! That sounds… awful!

  4. Keenan says:

    In all honest he’s not the world’s greatest actor. He should of stayed. Unless he has some big role up his sleeve.

    • Elle says:

      None of the young actors in Teen Wolf are good actors. Except maybe for Dylan O’brien. They’re picked because they’re pretty and hot, that’s all, and I’m not complaining.

      • Michael says:

        They are all fairly serviceable but Colton is pretty terrible. He’s smokin’ hot but he makes the other actors on the show look like an Academy Awards nominee list. I don’t mind him on the show but I’m not sure that I’d miss him.

        • Mitholas says:

          Oh, I’d say Tyler Posey is definitely the worst in the bunch. Every other line he says – and I hate to use the word – just makes me cringe. But is he ever attractive. I don’t think anyone on this show is exactly a stellar actor, but at least Colton seemed to stick to the things he’s best at. I could see him get better over time.

          • Josh says:

            Yeah Colton and Tyler are the worst of the bunch, with Lydia not falling to far behind. I don’t think the girl who plays Alison is so bad.

      • cookiemonster says:

        Agree, Dylan O’Brien stands out because he’s actually a good actor. Holland Roden is also decent. The rest range from meh (Crystal Reed) to terrible (the Tylers — it’s a good thing they’re nice to look at).

        • Josh says:

          You know above I might have called Lydia one of the worst but I change my mind..I’d put her more in “meh”…high meh even(as in almost okay). She really improved this season.

    • Dean says:

      The only decent actors are Stiles and Lydia. But they still managed to make season 2 awesome. Colton was always the weakest actor in the cast imo.

      • Adam says:

        I strongly disagree. I think Colton is a much stronger actor than either of the Tylers, particularly Posey. Dylan O’Brien is the strongest of the cast, for sure, but Colton is strong.

  5. J says:

    Replacing him would be hard – that boy is hot!

  6. DL says:

    Am I alone in wishing they’d aired the version of the finale where they killed Jackson off? I’m kind of neutral on his character, but I thought it would’ve been amazing dramatically and shown that Teen Wolf isn’t afraid to do the unexpected. Also would have paved the way for Stiles/Lydia (finally).

  7. TheDude says:

    I love TW, and he does a decent enough job as Jackson…but he is far from irreplaceable. Haynes is not a big enough star to make any kind of demands on his contract. Seems kinda ridiculous to me.

  8. sarah birkin says:

    Whattttt?? Noooooo this can’t be?? Jackson is definitely irriplacable :((( he’s awesome :( MTV are just ludicriss if they don’t bring him back :( and replace? How *knifetwist* :/ NOOOO to this!!

  9. lala says:

    I agree..this kids no star and his role isn’t big enough to warrant any sort of contract demand. Hopefully he has another project set up that warrants him leaving a hit show.

  10. Josh says:

    Doesn’t bother me Jackson was an ass anyway i want Stiles to be with lydia i think she’s sexy

  11. Will Crystal Reed still be on the show? Cuz that’s all that really matters to me.

  12. tvaddict says:

    The hotness factor for the show just went down slightly

  13. Ram510 says:

    When does this show even come back?

  14. Russ says:

    So MTV is saying that Colton is not leaving while, other sources are. So now we are stuck in this horrible limbo of not knowing whats going on and fearing that Colton might not be on Teen Wolf’s next season. UGH

  15. Brock says:

    Pity! Not the greatest character, but he has been so crucial to the show that to write him out without a proper exit will be rather grating. I’ll be interested to see how the producers deal with his exit….

    • Ace says:

      I hope they write it well. If they do, it could end up being a pretty awesome story arc. If they don’t, it’ll just feel like a big hole in the cast.

  16. Ewa says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of panic over under 140 characters :P Apparently the tweet is about him moving out of his house, soooo… don’t get your paties in a twist just yet ;)

  17. Elyse says:

    aww RIP Jackson. glad it makes things easier for Stiles and Lydia though.

  18. Kim says:

    He can’t leave! After Stiles he is my favorite character!

  19. Jason says:

    I’d watch a show with Colton Haynes just sitting, half-naked, smiling for an hour. Big mistake to let him escape.

  20. Geo says:

    I’m sure there are a lot of other half-naked hotties sitting around shirtless in an Abercrombie catalog somewhere just waiting to be cast in various roles. And Haynes’ character, who ran the gamut from brooding to… more brooding, could surely be replaced by someone more interesting.

  21. Kristhian says:

    NO NO NO!!! Lydia/Stiles Nooooooo! Hmm! Lydia/Peter, Lydia/Isaac or Lydia/To another guy out of the blue! Better yet, she decides to stay single. Sterek fan 4ever!!! <3

  22. A says:

    Is he not under contract…? Weird. The CW would never allow their man candy to slip away like this.

  23. Mary says:

    I’m really angry that he left the show and I wonder what the next season will be about considering that the ending for season 2 was Jackson being transformed into a different creature. But the thing that I’m most angry about is that now I don’t know what will happen to Jackson and Lydia’s relationship. Gosh I ship them so hard :( I guess colton was too fab to stay on the show……

  24. Eman says:

    I think at the end of season 3 that Scott should become an alpha but his eyes would be a light puprle relating back to his dad and styles become a part of Derek’s group and then going in to season 4 they should Scott as the alpha of the whole group then there is a wolf thang like the twilight a wolf porgotore something like that and they fight for power in season 5 the last season

  25. Jenna says:

    I’m just in season 1 of teenwolf but.. Would shipping for Jackson and Allison be considered as bad??

  26. Paige (PNC)B-) says:

    That’s stupid and I can’t wait 4 season 3 and I can’t believe he is leaving the show it just won’t be the same and sterek really why are people saying that stiles and derek should be 2toether they aren’t gay or are they oh and jackson is not cute or hot at all none of them are but I have 2 admit scott is kinda man candy and their shouldn’t be 5 seasons by the way it should just go on 4ever cause I’m a huge fan and that will suck so comment if u may kk hope y’all got what I said :-P

  27. Nickrose says:


  28. kennedi says:

    What’s going to happen if he leaves? And Alison is the worst actress. This is ridiculous he was just becoming a big part on the show but he showed them bcuz he’s on a different show now

  29. cjlove says:

    Stiles issss soooooooooooooooooo hot

  30. mary says:

    When is teen wolf coming back on

  31. Kayla says:


  32. DudePancakesAreTheBest says:

    It doesn’t make sense that Jackson/colton would just leave like that, he just became a werewolf :/

  33. DudePancakesAreTheBest says:

    I hope he comes back xP

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