Exclusive Once Upon a Time Video: Snow Introduces Emma to the Real Queen of Mean

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), Emma (played by Jennifer Morrison) is in for the mother of all surprises when she realizes with whom she and Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) are being held captive — and TVLine has a first look at the introductions.

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Of course, with Emma’s own mom still unconscious there in “the pit” — aka their confines in the fairytale land that is — Cora (Barbara Hershey) does her best to “snow” her new cell mate. But when Snow White comes to and promptly swings into protective mama bear mode, all bets are off.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | Once Upon a Time‘s Jennifer Morrison Previews Emma’s Fairytale Nightmare

It’s a very fun scene, and it’s yours for the viewing just by hitting the play button here.

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  1. CA says:

    “The apple fell very far from the tree” — love it and love this show!

  2. xav says:

    Oh Emma, you big lovable moron. Did you not just hear her tell you not to talk to Cora? And you just offer up information about a kid you share with the daughter she abused?

  3. D says:

    Sunday? Where are you?

  4. harry says:

    Amazing! Can’t wait for Sunday! I really missed Snow and Emma last episode.

  5. Ck says:

    Grrrr…. Why can’t tvline use a video player that is iPad friendly?

  6. Lilo says:

    I love Jen and Emma but why do they have to write her that dumb? It annoyed me last season and they continue. Isn`t she supposed to be the heroine of the story? Wisen her up, please!

    • Josh says:

      Emma doesn’t know what we know about Cora. That’s not being dumb, she’s just uninformed. And she’s not used to having to listen to a parental figure. And Cora isn’t stupid. She knows what she is doing.

      • Lilo says:

        For someone who was hurt and disappointed a lot in her past life, she is a bit too gullible and trust strangers easily, remember the Mirror/Sydney last season. Btw, Look below, i´ve allready admitted that I can understand that she is a bit flummoxed what can cloud her judgement. She thinks probably that this is all a very strange dream or is stuck in the Twillight Zone, Lol.

      • xav says:

        Yet she’s also supposed to be a street smart bounty hunter who doesn’t trust anyone. So even ignoring Snow flat out telling her that Cora is horrible and not to talk to her, she spilled personal details about herself and Regina.

      • But she knows that Snow White is Snow White. And her mother. And from this land. You think some of this would have built up some trust, at least enough to make her proceed with caution.

    • Butters says:

      I so agree with that statement. The problem lies with the writers on this one. They had the same problem with Kate on Lost. They seem to have difficulty writing a strong heroine.

      • jcy says:

        i agree that she’s a wee too quick on offering answers to Cora’s questions. Thought Emma would play it more like trading answers to each others questions more. I mean lost in an unknown world with no idea about what is going on? I say play nice for now and find out as much as you can! I wouldn’t trust Cora 100% but doubt she could lie much about the current situation – since she’s probably magicless and wants to escape.

  7. Hanna says:

    Oh my gosh that was, like, the best sneak peek ever. Cora is hilarious. “The apple fell very far from the tree”, yeah right. *lol* I love Barbara Hershey in this role. I wish they would add her to cast permanently. But why, oh why, can’t Emma keep her big mouth shut? Telling Cora about Henry is beyond stupid. She doesn’t know Cora and what she’s like, alright, but doesn’t Snow’s reaction to Cora say something about how trustworthy she is?

  8. dednberried says:

    Gah! Emma, you don’t know Cora from Adam so please shut up! Did none of your foster parents or teachers ever talk to you about Stranger Danger???

  9. Piper says:

    Ok, I’ve replayed this scene like 5x now. I just love everything about it! Sooo pumped for Sunday!!

  10. Akemi says:

    Damn. Go Snow. I seriously love how she sprung into mama action. Seriously, but to be fair. Emma is still adjusting to the fact that her mother is the same age as her and her own son is in another world and she doesn’t know how to get back. I think Emma is beyond confused right now but she should really take into account the reaction her own mother has to Cora and listen to her about how bad Cora is compared to Regina.

  11. Romy says:

    ‘The apple fell very far from the tree’ :D
    Anyway am I the only one wishing for Graham/The Huntsman to magically appear in this AC (after curse) Fairytale Land? I want my Huntsman!!!!!!

    • Stormy says:

      I fear you are in for disappointment. That was then Fairytale, this is now Fairytale. Graham can’t be seen except in flashbacks unless the writers invent a Miracle Max.

    • John says:

      Since the hat can go back to the past, I think that’s the best bet for the huntsman showing up in the present but he wouldn’t remember emma or storybrooke which could be cool. I’m still waiting for the whistle he gave Snow White to come into play.

    • Cris says:

      Don’t worry, you are not the only one, we are a lot to want Graham/theHuntsman back and there are many way to do it, it all depends on if the writers (producers) are willing to do it and if Jamie Dornan is willing to be back on a regular basis, but like you I really miss Graham/theHuntsman, he is such a noble character, his backstory was so touching and he totally deserved a happy-ending for all what he did (sparing Snow, giving up his heart, being abused by Regina for years, helping Charming and so on), where is the ‘hope’ the show is supposed to be about when the ‘hero’ dies and the evil wins?!
      By the way, as John, I’m still waiting for that whistle to come into play…

  12. Nathalie says:

    Geez Emma. Smarten up already. And keep your mouth shut around Cora until you do. You’re lucky you got your mom with you. Otherwise Regina’s mommy dearest would make short work of you. Bet Cora didn’t think it would be THIS easy to gather useful information.

  13. gingerboy says:

    ‘The apple fell very far from the tree’ haha All these sneak peeks make me wish it was Sunday already!

  14. Zuza says:

    Oh I hope Snow White mentions Daniel and what Cora did to him and to Regina. :( Cora will deny it, but as long as Noah Bean cannot come back I will take anything and every mention of Daniel I can get.

  15. j says:

    Anyone else think Cora will manipulate herself into the role of Big Bad this season, and the series casts a Ben Linus/Arvin Sloane-esque series-long battle for the soul of Regina? It’ll be interesting to watch if she can ever truly redeem herself.

    • Hanna says:

      I would like that very much. I am sure the writers want to bring Cora to Storybrooke. And although it was done in a way that doesn’t cast the most favorable light on Emma, who really needs to learn to listen to Snow while they’re in her homeland, they didn’t give Cora the information that Regina has a son for no reason. I am now sure Cora will try to come back with them to our world and then she will try to use Henry to manipulate Regina.

      • Anna says:

        I agree! As soon as Emma mentioned Henry and Cora asked who that was I thought that she would go after Henry to get back at Regina. Which will hopefully force Emma and Regina to work together – a dynamic which is always very interesting!

    • John says:

      They always say evil is created not born or something like that. They’ve shown redeeming qualitiies to Regina and Rumplestilstskin but so far none to Cora or King George. So I wonder if those two and Hook will be the ones they do final battle with and both Regina and Rumples get redeemed.

      • Mike says:

        We have yet to see a single scene of Hook, and he is a regular I doubt he will stay completely evil, and will have some redeeming qualities, and I’m also wondering who Emma will be facing in this final battle.

        • Starbuck says:

          I think the “final battle” is an on-going struggle to fight for what is good and against villainy in our world. I don’t think it is a “classic” battle against an army of evil on a battle field. But I could be wrong.

        • Stormy says:

          I’m kind of hoping that Hook isn’t a bad guy. More like Wesley/Dread Pirate Roberts than Blackbeard. Since we lost Graham and Pinocchio is unlikely, I’m hoping Hook will be a romantic interest for Emma.

          • Mike says:

            I think Hook will be an anti hero type, not exactly the villain, but not working for the hero either, I think he will have his own agenda.

      • BelleRumpleFan says:

        I agree with you. I totally think that Regina and Rumple will be redeemed. The show has gone out of its way to make us sympathize with them and show there is still some humanity in them. Not too sure about Hook though.

  16. CA says:

    What’s with all the Emma hate on this board. She isn’t dumb — she has been, as she was last season, thrown into a situation where normal isn’t. Not to mention all of the emotions running through her — first her son finds her, then she goes to Storybrooke and finds it unlike any town, then finds out her parents are fairy tale prince and princess, and now she is in a fairy tale world. I think she’s done ok considering her circumstances.

  17. Rissa says:

    I don’t blame Emma for acting that way at all! She has taken in A LOT in the last 24 hrs and still doesn’t fully understand everything. And she’s doing the exact same thing Snow is. She recently found her child and went into full mommy mode! So right now she’s not thinking about herself she’s thinking about Henry and the fact that he’s stuck with evil Regina. It doesn’t matter how she gets back she just wants to get back. And if Cora seems like her only option then why wouldn’t she take it to get to her son?

    • Hanna says:

      That’s all nice and well, but if Snow tells you that woman is worse than Regina it’s gotta count for something, right? Snow knows what she’s talking about. This is her homeland, this is her former stepmother’s mother. So telling said woman about the son you’re sharing with her daughter is not the smartest aproach, no matter how desperate you are to get back home.

  18. Mica says:

    I cannot express how much I love this. Emma isn’t being dumb she is being Emma from Storybrooke, the woman who takes care of everyone and solves everyones problem. She is not used to NOT having control. Her first instinct is put her badge on and be in charge. And let’s remember she is also not used to being parented. It WOULD be weird if she sat on a corner and cried while waiting for someone to take charge. I love how Snow is full out protective and the nudge she gives Emma while saying “Don’t talk to her” is the greatest! I am so glad she’s not going to be JUST Emma’s best friend and will actually treat her like a mother too. I was thinking Snow was going to go easy on her because of Emma’s resentment and all but clearly she isn’t. I can’t wait to see how Emma and Snows relationship will transition and how Emma is going to accept that she has parents now and both of them will go out of their way for her. Once Upon a Time…where have you been all my life?

    • Aoife says:

      Totally agree with you about Emma being out of her comfort zone and just acting the way she normally would even if she is in FTL. And it’s gotta be weird seeing her best friend become all assertive and motherly all of a sudden! Haha I’m really looking forward to seeing how their relationship develops over the coming episodes – such an interesting situation for us viewers.

    • Agreed! Emma is from a world where information like that isn’t really a “weapon”. In most ways Fairy Tale Land is more primitive and dangerous than our world and Emma doesn’t understand that danger. Snow does of course and that is why this season is going to be amazing watching Snow schooling Emma on how they do things in the wilds of the FTL. Not to mention Emma wrapping her brains around the fact that mild mannered Mary Margaret is now bad ass warrior princess/momma Snow. I foresee many hilarious interactions between these two very similar headstrong women. That “girl, shut your mouth or I will SMACK you” look that Snow gave Emma when she kept talking was priceless!

  19. Rissa says:

    Plus if you were dragged around by a horse all day you wouldn’t be in the clearest frame of mind either!

  20. Mikael says:

    I hope they don’t stay prisoners for too long. It will get old very fast. Just like season 3 of Lost. And I can’t wait to see a massive Cora vs. Regina fight!

  21. Taddy says:

    LOL @ Snow’s annoyed “Damn it, what did I just tell you??” face when Emma gives away that she and Regina have a son together.

  22. John says:

    Yeah Emma was pretty dumb her and with Sidney/Magic Mirror. For someone with the super power to tell when someone is lying and someone with lots of trust issues/walls, this was a stupid move.

  23. Mike says:

    I love so many things about this scene, and I agree Emma is being dumb, she is just acting naive, she doesn’t know the power of magic yet, she is in a strange place with even stranger people, I think I would act the same way, and as awesome as it was seeing Snow act like a parent, Emma was an orphan for 28 years, and hasn’t had much parental guidance, and I don’t know if she is ready to listen to someone who she was practically being the big sister to throughout season 1. I’m so happy Cora is alive, should make things very interesting.

    • xav says:

      You’d think that the lack of parenting would actually make her LESS likely to share intimate details of her life. Or to listen when others say someone is dangerous.

      • Mike says:

        Yeah maybe in storybrooke, but in FTL I don’t think she know anything anymore and the first two people they met chained them up to horses and dragged them who knows how far.

        • xav says:

          yeah, so after being chained to horses and dragged who knows how far, DON’T TRUST ANYONE.

          • Mike says:

            Emma always been lacking in the common sense department, at times she’s smart than at other times she’s just dumb.

          • Lilo says:

            I have the feeling she is acting dumb everytime when she is emotionally intimitated. She is emotionally not well advanced that in these situation she literally doesn`t know anymore where is left and right or can`t distinguish between right and wrong. It was her problem last season and she still has to learn to adjust and to control her emotions. It will be a bumpy ride, methinks ;)

  24. Jason says:

    Dear Producers:
    PLEASE MAKE BARBARA HERSHEY A CAST REGULAR! She’s the most intriguing character on the show. Real star power!

  25. madhatter360 says:

    Snow, this is what happens when you aren’t there to teach your kid not to talk to strangers.

  26. Starbuck says:

    “I kind of share him with Regina. It’s complicated.” So far every episode in season 2 had at least one Emma/Regina fanfiction come true moment. I love it! :P

  27. next episode seems so great..cant wait!

  28. GingerSnap101 says:

    This is one of my all time favorite shows, and it’s only in Season 2. Can’t wait till Sunday.

  29. AL says:

    OK, here’s the part I don’t get. 10-year-old Snow (or 8 or 12 or however old she was) gets duped by Cora, and thinks that she’s this wonderful, understanding mother. After Cora kills Daniel, Young Regina tells Young Snow that Daniel left. Shortly after, Young Regina pushes Cora through a Looking-Glass to some other world and presumably isn’t spotted in FTL again for decades.

    It’s not until she’s an adult that Snow learns that Cora killed Daniel. She’s had very limited interaction with her. So how does she know enough about Cora to be able to say that Cora is worse than Regina?

    • GingerSnap101 says:

      I’m guessing we are about to find out.

    • xav says:

      Probably because being able to murder your daughter’s boyfriend in front of her shows a certain lack of regard.

    • Karla says:

      I’m not Snow. ;) But for me Cora is worse too. The things she did to her own husband and daughter… If I were Snow -with her knowledge, experience, etc- I would say the same. Snow knew young innocent Regina and they were friends. Then Cora ruined it all for power. She killed Daniel! She destroyed true love and the innocence of Regina forever. She manipulated all of them. Young Regina, Daniel, Leopold, Snow White… She has her own story, I understand. I will wait for it. But I don’t sympathize with her now. Not at all.

      • Templar says:

        Say what? Regina pulled her father’s heart out and threw it in a fire. I’d hate to have to live on the difference between her and Cora.

    • bigby_wolf says:

      Uh, I’d say knowing that Cora killed Daniel right in front of Regina is proof enough for Snow.

    • Rachel says:

      Because Snow knows that she’s the one who helped make Regina like she is today. Anyone that could aid in making Regina like that is worse than her.

  30. Megan says:

    Emma isn’t used to MM being motherly… she doesn’t like that sudden role change, so she’s doing her best to disregard it and act as she normally would. Would you adjust to having your best friend turn out to be your mother in a day? No? Didn’t think so.

    • xav says:

      So you wouldn’t listen to another person tell you that someone in a dungeon is dangerous and not to share information with them? That’s not acting normally, that’s stupid. Unless Emma also gave out her home details to the bail jumpers she was trying to track down.

    • GingerSnap101 says:

      In a world she’s not used to, why is Emma so unguarded with her private life? Snow/MM is the one with experience. Somehow, in a nonmagical place like Storybrooke, I don’t think Emma would be so unguarded. Here she is, in unknown territory, with unknown dangers and she just blabs to Cora? She’s gonna have to listen to her Mom!

  31. When Cora betrays them, will Snow say “I told you so?”

  32. Frivolouswhim says:

    Gah, I love Cora being manipulative. I hope she makes her way back to Storybrooke, I badly want her and Regina to meet again. That said, all understandable reasons aside, Ginny Goodwin’s face when Emma revealed all totally mirrored mine.

  33. Walt says:

    I want Storybrooke sneak peeks, I’m way more interested in what’s going on there. So far this FTL storyline has bored me.

    I’ve watched all the sneak peeks, Emma’s kinda being a dumb ass. Not surprising, she was the same way as sheriff in SB.

  34. Juzzash says:

    I had theorized last season that Cora became the queen of hearts in wonderland as we never got to see the queen of hearts face, and she stole something Regina loved as a personal vendetta (Regina’s father). In that same episode, mad hatter was caught by the red queen who cut off his head until he could make a hat back to fairy tale land.
    This episode gave the information that Regina pushed Cora through the looking glass into Wonderland.

    Clearly mad hatter/Jefferson was successful in making the hat to escape wonderland as both him and Cora ended back in fairy tale land, and mad hatter was then brought into our world via the curse.

    • Juzzash says:

      Remembering that the book “Through the looking glass” is the sequel to Alice in wonderland where the evil red queen of hearts takes over and destroys wonderland – this fits in that Cora has now been thrust into this land.

      • Juzzash says:

        ….and on the cover of Regina’s book of spells is a Red Heart.

      • Singingal says:

        Um, what story did you read? Queen of hearts doesn’t take over and destroy wonderland! She’s not even in the story! In Through the Looking Glass, the plot is based on a chess game. There really isn’t an evil character in the book, though the Jabberwocky in the poem isn’t a nice creature.

    • Mike says:

      I also think it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that Regina made sure that Cora was in the land that was unaffected by the curse.

    • I thing you’re about to be proven correct. I definitely get the Queen of Hearts vibe from Cora. Particularly because Cora always maintained that she did everything because she loved Regina and she wanted to give Regina a wonderful life. I think Wonderland is definitely going to be part of Cora’s back story.

    • Mike says:

      I think we’re in for a Cora backstory sometime in the future, don’t know if it will be soon, but for the most part Cora’s life past being pushed through the looking glass is a mystery.

  35. Angel says:

    I love this show! But my questions lead more towards the who. Who wrote the book Henry got from Mary Margaret? I am going to assume it is August since he was able to write and add his story to it, plus he knew about it period.. Also who gave it to Mary Margaret? Was there a plan all along? Who is really controlling the game?

    • Templar says:

      The Wizard of Oz? Rumpelstiltskin? Merlin? The Goblin King [cameo by David Bowie]?

    • A.B. says:

      I believe Rumple is the one controlling everything. I think ever since he lost Belfire everything he has done, every deal every move has been to get to SB and find his son. He has been 50 moves in front of everyone. For example getting a hair from Charming and I believe it was a hair or tear from Snow to make a love potion that he used in SB to bring back magic.

  36. BelleRumpleFan says:

    I love that Snow is shielding Emma.

    Cora is nuts lol

  37. Rachel says:

    Omg in this case Emma needs to listen to her mother as hard as that may be. She has NO IDEA what she’s up against

  38. MA says:

    Listen to Mommy, Emma. Seriously.

  39. Alex says:

    Already I can tell this storyline is going to piss me off. Emma isn’t going to listen, she’s going to trust the wicked mother, and then it’s all going to blow up in their face later on. I HATE those plotlines when the ignorant character doesn’t listen to someone who knows better, simply because they’re stubborn and use to doing things their own way. It’s beyond infuriating.

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