Exclusive Walking Dead Photos: Andrea and Michonne Banished to Suburgatory?

What could be scarier than the zombies that The Walking Dead‘s Andrea and Michonne encounter every other day? The answer, it would seem, is a visit to the sticks!

As you can see in the first of these two exclusive behind-the-scenes images from the AMC hit’s Oct. 28 episode, the post-apocalyptic Thelma and Louise are (apparently) invading the Governor-run town of Mayberry Woodbury.

The second image is even more chilling, it’s so quaint: Andrea looks like she’s hanging out at the local library — or perhaps someone’s study? All that’s missing are doilies and a cuppa tea!

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While you take a gander and hit the comments with your speculations, I’ll take this moment to remind you that The Walking Dead‘s third season kicks off this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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  1. S says:

    I am so excited about Andrea’s storyline in season 3! I can’t wait to see what will happen.

  2. Ryan says:

    Andrea sucks!

  3. Dillon says:

    Andrea is gay! Pathetic character

  4. mike says:

    Do does this mean they are not cutting off Rick’s arm?

    • I doubt it. Doubt any of the extreme violent stuff from the comic happens.

    • lex says:

      YEAH I KNOW!! I don’t think the Governor in the show is as crazy as the character in the comic. I think maybe Merle will cut off Rick’s hand as payback. Or maybe Merle will be the only 1 handed character. But I have an idea that TDawg will be the first character to die in season 3. Now that Michonne is here, there’s really no need for the random token black dude that does nothing.

  5. Jessica says:

    Super excited!!! Been waiting forever for season 3!!! Yay!!!

  6. Julie says:

    Andrea is awful…

  7. spec says:

    wish they would off rick’s wife

    • lex says:

      Read the comic you will be pleased.

    • Sam says:

      Keep watching a bit longer ;)

      • Mike says:

        You’re assuming they keep to the comic script. Remember what happened to Daryl in the comic? Nope, me neither – he wasn’t IN the comic! They have changed a lot so far; I won’t be surprised if they pull a True Blood and go completely askew with the TV series compared to the books…

        • lex says:

          Wanna put money on it?

          They are only going to do 1 season of the Governor. If it’s more than one season, the show would be drawn out and boring, kinda like how season 2 was getting at Hershel’s farm. The show has surprisingly been pretty on point with the comic – but obviously a lot of adding and subtracting. Now they are going to be in the prison and soon meeting the Governor, don’t see the similarities? Season 3 will end with the Governor destroying the prison and killing Lori.

          Season 4 will start – they will probably stop briefly at Stokes Church, meet the priest and canibals then end up in DC at Alexandria Safe-Zone. By the end of season 4 they will meet Jesus and find the Hilltop Colony, and run into Negan where he will kill Glen for the season 4 finale.

    • Tony Tenold says:

      I bet you that they can’t kill her…her unborn kid will somehow be the saving grace and immune to the disease….that or they will go all “Claire From Lost” on us and make the kid meaningless…also…am i the only one thats noted that Ricks wife somehow became WAYYYYY more preggers than she was in the season finale? WTF?

    • Julie says:

      ditto…she’s a lieing whore….

  8. chez says:

    I think Darrells brother is going to cut ricks arm off instead of the governor. And andrea better shape up and turn into her books badass persona already, or ship outt

  9. Mara Yaya says:

    I love you guys your program is awesome i can’t wait im so exited :)

  10. deansmistress22 says:

    Andrea is by far one of my favorite characters on the show (the other being Daryl) I just wish she were more like her comic character. A lot more bad ass. Here’s to hoping this season she isn’t so needy!

  11. Dan says:

    I wish she would of died at the end of season 2 but thats just me.

  12. Liliveth says:

    I really can’t wait for Sunday. Come fast Sunday.

  13. Diana cowan says:

    I love every single character on the show, they all have they’re own personality!!!!

  14. Becca says:

    My day was just made when i read that other people hate Rick’s wife too! Now i wish i had read the comics.

  15. JCamp says:

    “cuppa tea?” Really?

  16. Rickroll says:

    Should of killed Andrea when she shot Daryl in the head

  17. Alan C says:

    Anyone see Carl!? Lori needs to become lunch. Won’t keep an eye on call. Plays Rick against Shane and gets mad when Shane loses. I didn’t like Andrea at first. She was siding with Shane. Then she came around. I like her now. Darryl is the man. May kill his brother later.

  18. Brad says:

    From what I heard they are going to make the prison last two seasons. I don’t know if its true but it makes sense concidering they were only at hershels farm for three issues of the comic and made a whole season out of it. They were at the prison for 36 issues. If they start blowing through that many issues in one season they will catch up with the comics in no time.

  19. dostiguy says:

    Anybody here familiar with the concept of the “spoiler alert”? I’m glad I’m up to date with the comics, if I hadn’t the show would’ve just been ruined. Not everyone has read the comic, and I’m sure that the majority of those watching the show even haven’t.

  20. adam says:

    You really think they’re going to get to the Alexandria safe zone by season 4? Deluded much??

  21. Loni Johnson says:

    She is awesome in the show…..that’s probably why everyone hates her. She does a great job as her character. Everyone is amazing on the show. LOVE IT :)

  22. Matt says:

    i kinda hate tv Andrea, in the comics she is awesome but ever since the scene when she shoots Daryl thinking he was a walker when everyone told her not too I’ve just hated her. She is a whiny entitled bitch. Here’s hoping Michonne out shines her in every way.

  23. zombielovinsteph says:

    I kinda think it’s cool if the show strays from the comics. It’s kinda like getting 2 different stories for characters you really love…or love to hate! Love the show, love the comics.

  24. Crystal says:

    Love the show sooo ready for some action lol love zombies

  25. twisterfandunn says:

    Yeah I definitely did not like the spoilers. Wish I had been warned.

  26. Dawson says:

    Haha I don’t really like Andrea but she’s still ok to me I like rick and Carl hate Shane and rick wife >:( adulterous pair

  27. Djmomma says:

    I agree about Lori, somebody needs to off her Olive Oil skinny bitch ass. Love Daryl! I don’t care he wasn’t in the comics, he’s awesome!!

  28. Chic83 says:

    Thank You! Too much of an “And they lived happily ever after”. How is the whole family still intact?

  29. I relly love the walking dead thay rock!!!

  30. victoria says:

    Rick and Darrell
    Are my favorite characters they can’t die

  31. nikki says:

    I love Darrel and rick.glen also rules.I didn’t like the fact that Sophia turned into a walker and rick had to kill her.season 3 at the end who the hell were those other men and did they know Darrel?can’t wait for Sunday…whoop whoop.:)

  32. michonnes pet says:

    michonne and rick need to hook up

  33. Dakota Cates says:

    I love the show so much. I rlly hope they go on to the Alexandria Safe Zone by Season 4 because theres so much more to cover. Lookz like carol will die with judith when it comez back Feb 10th. And from what it lookz like the governor will attack the prison at the end of season 3 and from that the prison will be long gone and wont have to be used again. Season 4 take us somewhere new. KEEP US MOVING….FORWARD. Dont stay at the prison because it WILL get extremely OLD and very BORING. Nuff said. Oh and keep everyone but kill off Axel and the governor soon. Andrea iz turning into a badass just be patient. Shes turning into another Michonne lol.